Nigerian Army troops witness the landing of a Nigerian Air Force Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter

Nigerian Army troops witness the landing of a Nigerian Air Force Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter

ABUJA, Aug. 14 (Xinhua)

Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) has ratified a bilateral agreement on defense with Niger and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on defense with
Britain, Minister of Information Labaran Maku said Wednesday. Maku told reporters after a weekly FEC meeting presided over by President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja on Wednesday.

Maku said the council ratified both
agreements following a presentation by
the Minister of State for Defense Erelu
Olusola Obada. The minister said the Defense Cooperation Bilateral Agreement between Nigeria and Niger was aimed at providing mutual military support and security of both nations’ common borders.

“Nigeria and Niger share common
borders and common security challenges.The agreement will enable us to do more joint work in dealing with the issues of terrorism and threat of cross border terrorist activities,” the minister said. “We need closer cooperation in terms of sharing training and activities that will enable us improve in confronting the challenges we are facing in the northern part of the country,” he said.

Maku said the MoU on Bilateral Military
Cooperation between Nigeria and Britain and Northern Ireland is aimed at
establishing a bilateral military
cooperation with the framework of
competent authorities as defined in the national legislation. He said the MoU is also aimed at building an enduring defense relationship that will contribute to the security of each participant. “We are also looking at the area of terrorism, sharing of information, training and cooperating to fight terrorism,” he said.

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  1. eyimola says:

    Not sure how I feel about this so called MOU.

    • beegeagle says:


      The AGREEMENT with Niger does bode well going forward though. I see lots of joint operations inside Niger ahead. Joint training as well – we impart CTCOIN skills and experience and get desert warfare tips from them. So we could have some of our troops going out there for desert warfare field training while they either come here or we send trainers there for basic CTCOIN and full spectrum special warfare training.

  2. Yagazie says:

    Gen Beegz- spot on as usual!!

    One of our longest land borders is with Niger- so it pays to have this sort of Agreement in place for the reasons do eloquently and precisely stated in your write-up. The same Agreements should be signed with Chad (whose army have considerable desert warfare experience) and Cameroun – who have now taken full control of the Bakassi Peninsula which we ceded in line with the ICJ judgment – and so they have no reason not to cooperate with us.

    With regards to the UK, well for all their ‘moralistic posturing’ and sermonising, their military is one of the most capable in the world, especially their special forces (SAS, SBS, Marine Commandos, Para Regiment) and they also have a lot of experience in counter-insurgency operations gained in Northern Ireland and more recently Afghanistan.

    Thus the MOU entered into with the UK is a good thing provided it advances our strategic national interests. In this case I believe that it does.

  3. beegeagle says:


    15 August, 2013

    The Nigerian Government has ratified
    bilateral military agreements with the
    Republic of Niger and the United
    Kingdom. It was among the memos approved and deliberated upon at this week’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting chaired by President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran
    Maku stated this while briefing State
    House correspondents after the meeting.

    He said the Memoranda of Understanding are in the areas of capacity building, training, information sharing, modern strategies at combating terrorism and peacekeeping assistance between both countries.

    “Essentially, they are more in the areas
    of technical co-operation, training, cooperation in terms of sharing of information with the security forces of
    both countries when it comes to
    terrorism and I believe that this country
    is going to benefit significantly from
    the MOU with the UK .

    We believe Nigeria and Niger are sharing similar challenges today particularly terrorism and cross border crimes and we have always cooperated with Niger economically, socially and also in the area of security” he said.

    The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran
    Maku, flanked by the two Ministers of
    education, Professor Ruqayyatu Rufa’i and Mr Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, said that the council after a thorough analysis of the submission by the ministry of Defence ratified the bilateral agreements.

    Both agreements, according to a working document of the FEC are aimed at military cooperation, specifically the defence cooperation with Niger Republic. “It’s aimed at providing mutual military support, security of their common borders, intervention assistance,military assistance, exchange of intelligence on internal and external
    security, joint military exercise and
    operations,”Mr Maku explained.

  4. jimmy says:

    OGA Peccavi where you dey now? No I am just kidding , I am not calling you out.
    Niger and Nigeria share the longest border of all three nations bordering Nigeria (1,500km according to wiki ( BENIN, CHAD AND CAMEROON) and unlike CHAD AND CAMEROON we have not had any significant major military issues. By blood we are related through the HAUSAS / FULANI and I suspect Kanuri .
    This is a good thing for both Countries junior to mid level to senior military officers need to know whom their Nigerien counterparts and whom to call. Recently in terms of OPERATIONS we saw that happen.
    OGA EYIMOLA I also spoke recently about the French making their way back into the West African spheres of countries namely CHAD ( whom Nigeria needs to hold at arms length). They ( France) have sensed Nigeria’s procrastinations and dithering when it comes to Military issues and they have filled that vacuum . MALI ( 1000+ special forces), Chad ( Access to a well built up air force base in the capital + French troops + Chadian troops under their subordination).
    We have troops in Mali, Niger and Benin we are now entrenched in what used to be FRANCHOPHONE COUNTRIES also add to that Ivory coast then you can understand where these two countries ( France and Nigeria) are heading.
    The important thing about Niger and Nigeria is that the Govt of NIGER see it in their mutual security, financial and economic well being to have robust relations with Nigeria more so than with France. Nigeria needs to understand that this is A WIN – WIN SITUATION and they need to reciprocate accordingly by :
    Having joint Military patrols, Military maneuvers, exchange of military personnel like the British and Americans do. and preferential treatment for senior Niger Military officials to enroll/ graduate from JAJI.
    END OF PART 1.

    • eyimola says:

      Another great General Jimmy post which has my full agreement… especially about the increasing influence of France in what is in effect our backyard. However someone needs to let the authorities understand that a country of 200million people needs a 250 0000 man strong military. that MOU’s with the Uk does not mean becoming their regional mouthpiece and that while the government of Niger might be a friend, that border area has got to be treated as a hot zone for the considerable future. I am glad this administration appears to finally be taking its security and regional responsibilities seriously.

  5. jimmy says:

    PART 2 M.O.U. w/ U.K.
    These two nations have had a love/ hate affair since 1914 so I will not bore you with the details. i want to remove the emotional baggage and not point fingers because both sides have enough blame to go around the block.
    The U.K. based on wiki (ACCURATE OR INACCURATE)is the number #4 country in the world when it comes to spending money on defense @ 36billion pounds $58b and are in the process of building two aircraft carriers.@ the height of the insurgency in Northern Ireland they had over 20,000 soldiers and I would tell you having lived there in the late eighties to the early 90s (1988-1992) had a fearsome take no prisoners specials forces ( SAS AND THE SBS) unleashed on the IRA.
    Recently relations have improved with Nigeria to the extent that Nigeria’s SBS has been modeled on the British own SBS with some METHODS also being that of the American Naval SPECIAL forces ( again this is not surprising because U.K. &theU.S. are the only two nations in the world with this unique arrangement).We have also seen the UK sponsored J.T.M.C. CENTER the first of it’s kind in AFRICA.
    The training as far as the Nigerian S.B.S. and now even the N A special forces ( read . U.S. ) has borne fruit in MALI, IVORY COAST and since photos don’t lie N.E. NIGERIA.
    Occupying ASO ROCK is GEJ who became the first president to present a special forces forces battalion and commission their spanking brand new barracks. GEJ like OBAMA lives and breathes special forces because of what happened in his home state ( BAYELSEA UNDER OBJ) he believes rightly that specially trained troops cuts down significantly on collateral damage abu qaqa (The late spokesperson for boko haram) or whatever his bloody name was was shot dead in a moving vehicle with his wife seated next to him .
    I have gone at length to show the benefits of DEFENSE agreements with the U.K. based on their own COIN experience, and what NIGERIA has gotten out of the deal.
    This M.O.U. better have teeth in it , because if it does not it will SURELY FAIL , This better not be a “mosquito alleviation program” or one of those fire training drills if it ( the M.O.U. does have teeth in it will succeed, just like the Nigerian special forces are succeeding, it will also lead to a significant improvement in relations. One very telling indictment of the state of relations between Britain and Nigeria is the very low level exchange of visits between GEJ AND Cameron also when is the last time the minister of defense ERELU traveled to UK ? try never . I do not believe G.E.J. has visited Britain more than once ditto Cameron . G.E.J. has visited America twice he is on his third visit and will be visiting the P.OT.U.S. @ the personal request of Obama himself. For this M.O.U. to change things there has to be visits by both Cameron and G.E.J.
    Sorry I took so long guys.

  6. freeegulf says:

    gen jimmy, another great writeup. well said. nothing to add to these, especially the Niger-Nigeria relations, way to go. our dithering is ludicrous. one cant blame the french for their continued policy in Africa when Africans themselves don’t want to be liberated. its a thing of the mind, and we are fast sinking into the same frenc – afrique soured mental attitude.c

  7. doziex says:

    Nnah men !!!!! I don’t trust the intention of the brits concerning Nigeria.

    The good book says, From an abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Monitor the utterances of official Britain concerning Nigeria, and you would get a clue as to what they really think of Nigeria.

    Anywho, the training and the pedigree of the british armed forces, is truly second to none.

    I guess when you eat with the devil, you use a long spoon.

    • jimmy says:

      I hear you OGA DOZIEX but right now our GOVT’S well earned reputation ( I mean they work very hard at being incompetent when it comes to military matters). For example where a trip to England for you and me might mean a trip to the ultra super secret HEADQUARTERS OF THE SAS for them it will be a trip to Harrods . Where you and i would want to know the finer points of a H&K fully automatic sub machine gun they would take h&k to mean HARRODS and KNIGHTSBRIDGE. HAH SMH.

  8. Manny Aydel says:

    Everyone comes here to ‘train’ Nigerian troops and when we look at recent history, Nigeria seems to be doing better in the theatres it has operated in compared to those ‘training’ its forces. When will Nigeria go and train others? We are even signing ‘training’ agreements with Brazil!

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