Nigerian Army Special Forces commandos on urban counterinsurgency patrol in Maiduguri.


Soldiers stand guard at the offices of the state-run Nigerian Television Authority in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Thursday, June 6, 2013



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  1. Tunde Olayinka says:

    It’s delightful to see the troops are achieving their mission objectives steadily in the face of overwhelming odds! History has always shown that grit and tenacity has been the hallmark of the Nigerian soldier.

    Check it out, the Americans and most western nations deploy troops against insurgents ably supported by an array of assorted state of the art equipment & weapons systems i.e. armoured fighting vehicles, lightly armoured Humvees, diverse mine & IED resistant vehicles, drones and all sorts of unmanned vehicles, attack helicopters, warplanes, precision guided munitions and smart bombs, top of the shelf range of missiles, body armor, state of the art communications systems (including satellite enabled communications system), assault rifles etc to say the least.

    The Isrealis do the same against Islamic militants with the support of Merkava MBT, drones and unmanned vehicles, F-16 warplanes, attack helicopters, varying degrees of precision guided munitions in the very least.

    Well, in good old Naija, we deploy troops against insurgents and Islamic militants with the support of a sparse number of armoured personnel carriers, large number of Hilux jeeps and assault rifles only and should their rifles fail, we expect them to get the job done with their boots and fists.

    Incredibly, they never fail us!! Insurgents after insurgents they keep bringing down. How more elite can you get? We hail you. Abeg, the people wey sabi sabi….. Job well done

    • beegeagle says:

      Fact of the matter, bro!

      One can only imagine what they can achieve with optimal provisioning – all the scout helics, MRAPs, assault and attack helics.

      FG, abeg now? What is causing the delay? We need to pounce on the tools o.

  2. johnbest1 says:

    If nigerian army soldiers we’re to get the same weapons and equipment and technology that the US army has,I believe the nigerian army would rival America or surpass them,they achieve feats that other countries achive with technology and equipments and they do so with the barest minimum,they are the best and I salute them.

  3. jimmy says:

    Amen my brother. ” The person who has a hat does not have a head and the person who has a head does not have a head”

  4. Victor says:

    Breaking……. a new Div with HQ in Maiduguri on the way with a new GOC

    • jimmy says:

      You have to expand on this.We have about this very sensitive SUBJECT NOW for three years @ the beginning of these dastardly acts the Abuja church bombings GEJ in a very tense speech talked ABOUT THE CREATION OF A BRAND NEW COIN DIVISION AS WELL AS A NEW NAVAL COMMAND which turned out to be the CENTRAL COMMAND.
      Please my heart is beating o You even said they have appointed a GOC . I BEG O FILL US IN.

      • beegeagle says:

        If Oga Victor said it, believe me, it is 99% likely to be SPOT ON. He does not talk a lot – probably taciturn by nature – and might not respond to your prodding BUT he surely never talks nonsense.

        Do not forget that a new division, an Army Aviation Corps and a full brigade of Special Forces are encapsulated in the NA’s ORBAT 2010.

        Beyond that, my interaction with him since he joined us this year assure me that his offerings are uncannily accurate.
        Take this example for instance. During this year’s gale of retirements, he told me days in advance of any official statement to that effect, that the Presidential Coordinator of Counterterrorism and the Commander of the JTF (Niger Delta), Major Generals Sarkin-Yaki Bello and Johnson Ochoga were going into retirement. It was bang on target. So were the three other names he gave me, including the immediate past AHQ Garrison Commander.

        Take it for granted that the the NA have a new division. Oga Victor is tested and very PRECISE, almost certainly a topmost level insider. We know them by the deskside manners which come through in their posts 🙂

        There are many chaps in here who occupy very strategic perches in local and foreign defence and security architecure. You have heard Mighty Yagz and Peccavi allude to their own personal encounters with ‘unseen readers’. Regardless, the confidentiality which should surround their identities, lest their personal views be taken for official institutional positions, is mine to keep..diligently and most faithfully.

        We appreciate their presence here.

  5. jimmy says:

    AMEN I KNOW OGA VICTOR from past experience he alerted to the changing of the guard of the GOCs that is why like OGA XNUR . I know it is true.

  6. freeegulf says:

    Overwhelmed with joy. it has been in the offing for years now. a robust dynamic armed forces is what we pray for everyday. we can never be a successful economic power if our military is weak and underfunded.

  7. freeegulf says:

    82 Div is the pen ultimate composite formation. its AOR is huge and challenging. with marshland, mountains, and creeks.
    a new mountain warfare brig spanning taraba and cross rivers should be part of this new Div in the north east (since 82 already inculcated a new fromation in abia) to be specially honed for mountain and bush combat.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, this thread is APT at this moment as the NA prepare to launch a new division. Make your views known. This is why we have revived and made it a sticky on the front page. Tis now or never.


  9. doziex says:

    New divisions plus an entirely revamped Order of Battle, then I ‘ll start to rejoice.

    I’ll continue with a sad, frustrated, disappointed disposition for now.

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