ABUJA, Aug. 14

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and U.S. President Barack Obama will meet in Washington DC on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in September in New York, a visiting U.S. official said Wednesday in Abuja.

U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs
Wendy Sherman disclosed this to
reporters shortly after a closed door
meeting with President Jonathan.Sherman, who led a delegation to the
U.S.-Nigeria Bi-national Commission
meeting starting Thursday, said she
delivered a letter from the U.S. president
to his Nigerian counterpart.

The U.S. official reiterated the pivotal role of Nigeria in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and in peacekeeping missions all around the world. She said the U.S.-Nigeria Bi-National Commission is an invaluable tool for the two countries to work together for a strong relationship between them.

Sherman said the commission would
support Nigeria as it moves forward to
meet all the challenges before it. She told reporters that the issues before the commission ranged from security to
governance, education and agriculture.


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  1. BlackRev says:

    hehehehe.. do i smell someone finally feeling sorry for what he should have done? like my friend likes to say; “the fear of the Chinese is the beginning of wisdom”.
    so far, disobeying the US in the case of boko haram has worked out well for us. so other than supplying us arms at affordable price and a win-win economic partnership between both countries, President Jonathan should just leave the other ear open for Obama’s sweet talks to pass through. lol

    • beegeagle says:

      Well, President Obama ought to know that diplomacy is the business of the amoral. So if any country chooses to engage in moral grandstanding, there will always be that temptation to look to the unobtrusive. That was what happened in 2009 when he went to deliver his Sermon on the Mount from Accra. At about that time, President Medvedev visited Nigeria. He has come again and bypassed corrupt, abusive Nigeria and off we went to China. Real politik.

      At a time when China are emerging as counterweight to end the unipolarity of our world such as has sufficed since the collapse of the Soviet behemoth, it would be ill-advisable for these spates of showboating to go on as if nations do not have options. Fact is, they do.

      With over US$8.5 billion in Chinese investments and US$28.1 billion in ongoing engineering construction projects across the federation, anyone who seeks to ignore the potential and established trajectory of Sino-Nigerian relations does so at his own peril.

      Nobody feeds on good intentions.Nigeria means big business in a way which the entirety of many an African sub-region, never mind individual countries therein, cannot dream of. Life is about making choices and dealing with the consequences entailed.

  2. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen lets not read too much meaning into this ‘meeting’- America ALWAYS acts in it’s strategic national interests and so it’s high time we do the same. Fact remains that Obama came on a 7 day visit to Africa and by-passed Nigeria. No amount of smiles or sweet talking on his part can disguise/hide the fact that he deliberately chose to snub us. Do we really care? No. However our Presido GEJ when meeting with Obama should simply act in our National Strategic Interest – period.

    • beegeagle says:

      For real, bro.

      As we speak, the much-maligned President Uhuru Kenyatta is gearing up for a trip to China and Russia. Seems like a long way from the days of an unabashed, even glamorised pro-Western outlook on all things.

      Trust Britain to overdo things when they pontificate and moralise. Those chaps do not realise that their empire crumbled half-a-century ago and as such, are still posturing in delusions of grandeur. They insinuated that they would not recognise the man’s government over the ICC issue. This was coming not so long after trying to stampede donor aid recipients into allowing same sex marriages – a move which was rebuffed across Africa, to Britain’s utmost surprise.

      Well, Uhuru’s compatriots chose him and his equally villified deputy, William Ruto regardless and now, the humble pies are being dished out in all directions. For all we know, Uhuru Kenyatta is out to redefine his strategic alliances for the long term, given the fickleness and established traditions of playing to the gallery entailed in Western politics.

      How would that work out? Well, look how stoutly China have stood behind Sudan and how China+Russia have stood behind Syria in the face of Western bullying and prescription. Actions have consequences.

      Instead of offering partnership, the West are forever waxing paternalistic in a way which most self-respecting Africans find objectionable. For how long will paradigms etched in colonial-era history and dynamics suffice in the West’s dealings with sovereign nations and not elicit a backlash from an exasperated Africa? The West purportedly know which economic models will work, which political systems are ideal, which cultural norms are desirable. They just prescribe, prescribe and PRESCRIBE while their mostly clueless journalists write to sustain stereotypes which date back to the scramble for Africa. Nothing ever changes – doom, gloom, war, famine, poverty, disease, food aid..come on! There are other sides to the story.

      That is why everyone is warming up to China whose contemporary development history presents a more realistic template for any rags-to-riches aspirations. China show respect for the sovereign choices of nations, have boatloads of cash at their disposal and offer low-interest credit which most African nations can use. That represents their leading edge. The West need to take a cue therefrom. They have pontificated for so long as it is and now need to smell the coffee.

      Africans are saying that the old paradigms are now unsustainable and are ready to forge new alliances unless the West cease to be prescriptive and paternalistic in their dealings with Africa.

  3. (@lordfej) says:

    Look how America has also started abandoning Egypt. I am afraid Jonathan Might not know how to act when he gets there. I really hope we would be given the right respect. all we can do is pray and act

  4. Yagazie says:

    Ogo Lordfej – the holy book states ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’ – Nigeria is a country well endowed with abundant human and natural rescources. We have for now the second largest economy in Africa, we have a professional and well motivated millitary that is amongst the strongest on the African Continent (the shenanigans of our politicians nothwithstanding) – simply put Nigeria is a country that CANNOT BE IGNORED -we also have other options in the form of China, Russia, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Belarus and to some extent Germany and France with whom to do business with /acquire millitary equipment etc – as long as our Presido and the Govt officials accompanying him on the US trip recognise and believe this fact, then with all due respect it’s really irrelevant as to whether Obama gives us the right respect or not – in any event, in deliberately choosing to by-pass Nigeria on this last African trip, he has shown the regard in which he holds our country. We should simply approach the meeting from the perspective that there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests and thus act in a manner that advances our core strategic national interests. End of Story,.

  5. jimmy says:

    I am going to hold of from commenting about this issue for now.

  6. G8T Nigeria says:

    nice Yagazie, just to add that Nigeria’s stand on gay right is another issue Obama will seek to persuade GEJ to handle softly. Nigeria is a strong country in international politics just that we sleep mostly during the day. The Americans are fast loosing grounds in the middle east and Africa particularly. At a time when China is engaging its resources providing soft credit facilities and aggressive infrastructure development, the US is busy citing drone units to fire bombs into our lands without warning. The US have failed us with so much years of loyalty and begging for assistance in health and security. What have we got than or bits of military training. Its high time we steer a different course heading to china.

  7. freeegulf says:

    i really don’t know why all this american fascination. obama did not visit Nigeria, so what! gen sani abacha ruled this country for 5 years, and those vulture institutions; world bank and IMF closed their Lagos office. we did not borrow a dime from these blood suckers.

    what do we really need american pampering and back slapping for? we have a reasonably good relationship with Washington which is healthy. there is really no need to start wagging the tail for american attention. we have never been a client state to any power and we are not about to start now. even at the height of the NCW, Britain was unable to do a ‘french afrique’ on us. we retained a robust domestic policy and a focused foreign policy without mortgaging the economy for the prosecution of the war.

    this whole charm offensive is rather embarrassing to say the least. we are fine. there are no arms embargo which is good, and the business relationship between both countries is very cordial. no need becoming Egypt or Pakistan.
    yes, to defence acquisitions, yes to continued MET, yes to continued friendship. that’s just about it! we are not their ally or part of some strategic alliance, its just another word for client. lets remain friends with good working relationship and nothing else.
    if they agree to sell armaments materiel to us, fine. if they say no, fine also. there are several options available and we should not limit anything.

    if these countries decide to withdraw their aid due to this whole diabolic gay agenda, then good riddance, they can go to hell with their unproductive aid.

  8. G8T Nigeria says:


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