Appreciative Nigerians wave to a soldier inside an Otokar Cobra APC

Appreciative Nigerians wave to a soldier inside an Otokar Cobra APC

14 August, 2013

Residents of Mubi in Adamawa on
Wednesday commended military
authorities for commencing work on a
new barracks in the town.

A cross section of the residents told the
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Mubi
that the development would further
enhance security in the commercial
border town. Malam Buba Idris said the establishment of the barracks would consolidate the peace that had returned to the town.

“We are enjoying the presence of the military and will like to have them permanently here”, Idris said. Alhaji Mohammed Nuru, the Chairman of
Mubi Bureau de Change, lauded the
setting up of the barracks in the area,
saying that his members had every cause to thank God and the military for
recovering money looted from them recently by suspected Boko Haram

On their part, Rita Joseph, Maryam Wakili and Pius Zira said they were excited over the new barracks and called for public support for government in its efforts to provide them with security.

The Commanding Officer of Special
Operations Battalion in Mubi, Lt.-Col.
Beyidi Martins, said the Chief of Army
Staff approved the barracks in view of the strategic position of the town.Martins said work had commenced in
earnest on the project with contractors
on site.

He lauded the support and cooperation
being enjoyed by the military in Mubi,
saying that most of the successes so far
recorded in the area was due to public
support. The commanding officer said the battalion, with the support of 23
Armoured Brigade, Yola, had embarked
on series of military-civil support projects in border communities to boost people’s confidence in the military.

“We want them to know that we are not just here to attack, attack and attack”, Martins stressed.


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  1. Number one says:

    Special operations battalion ?

    • beegeagle says:

      That might not be the precise designation of the unit. But it fathomably could become that as a matter of a strictly Nigerian context.

      Mubi is in the Mandara Mountains and is insurgency-impacted. It might be that with the NA having trained about 10,000 troops in sasic CTCOIN and more importantly, extensively deployed them in battle, they might have plans (and we have said this before) of forming several battalions of combat-seasoned CTCOIN troops poised to work in sync with full spectrum SF units.

      They might choose to designate those as “special operations battalions” as against the full spectrum “Special Forces Battalions”

      Certainly, Mubi and Serti, where we know that some of the eleven new battalions in the works at this time shall be situated, require CTCOIN and highland warfare savvy troops.

      Mubi plays host to the biggest cattle and kolanut market in West Africa. Kolanuts sourced from as far away as Nzerekore in Guinea and landed by trucks at Atan Ota and Ondo in SW Nigeria end up at Sokoto and Kano for local distribution in our North, and regionally, at Mubi for onward distribution to Chad, Sudan, Niger, Cameroon and the Central African Republic.

      Being right next to Cameroon where many BH insurgents converge to take a breather, the strategic value of towns such as Mubi, Banki, Belel and Gamboru-Ngala in the far Northeast cannot nearly be over-emphasized.

      • jimmy says:

        “The Commanding Officer of Special Operations Battalion in Mubi, Lt.-Col.
        Beyidi Martins”, oga beegeagle please give us some more info on this chap he has been in the news quite a lot.

    • Cryptologist says:

      Aint these the BATT of the 81 Div deployed from odongunyan barracks ikorodu?

    • eyimola says:

      That’s going to come back to bite Mali is the @ss

    • Deway says:

      Quite laughable. A 4-star general from the level of captain? Interesting.

      • beegeagle says:

        Naa, he was promoted from Captain to Brigadier General. He skipped the ranks of Commandant(Major), Lt Colonel and Colonel…even as he did not partake in the CTCOIN campaigns in the “promoting country” and should be facing trial for high treason, cowardice and desertion.

        Sanogo does not qualify for elevation by even one rank to Commandant, never mind going from Captain to Brigadier General.

  2. jimmy says:

    Nigeria needs to leave MALI IN A DIGNIFIED MANNER let FRANCE expend more money and manpower Captain Amodou Sanogo err General Sanogo with the remaining of his fellow Captains err So sorry Brigadier Generals will not sit still eventually they will stage a comeback .

  3. freeegulf says:

    oga jimmy, no be brigadier general o. dem promote from captain to lieutenant general!! see army!!! so what happens to the cols and gens in the army? to be fair, this has always been the way things where done in these lil republics. maada bio promoted himself from LT to Brigadier. same with other coupists.

    this is why i always say nay nay nay whenever oga doziex comes up with his controversial policy of employment of mercenaries for NA tasks. these private armies are good in the short term for banana republics like Mali and Angola (the Angola of the 90s), but Nigeria was never, and has never been in that state! even when the very existent of the nation was at stake (CIVIL WAR), the army was cohesive enough to maintain a fair degree of command and control and did not employ foreign ‘tactical experts’ to prosecute the war. NAF did because she was still a toddler then without any ORBAT.
    these mercs can get jobs in other african countries, fine. but putting the likes of Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, into these sphere is an insult to these powerful nations.

    the ibb regime and abacha regime where totally diabolical towards the armed forces. in spite of these anti progressive forces, the military did not disintegrate. it takes a lot to attain that level of refinement. it does not happen by simply throwing money or mercs at it, it comes from deep dynamic sense of duty and cohesiveness that political agenda, shortchanging and neglect can hardly exterminate. during the battle of freetown, when some officers where openly dashing for the guinean border (desertion, punishable by death!) gallant men knew that their backs where towards the sea and they fought to the last gunpowder. God bless gen gabriel kpamber, RIP major D (khobe’s aide), RIP brig gen maxwell khobe. when techkiess and hi-tech warfare fail, you showed that sheer grit and bravery still wins modern battles!!

    • doziex says:

      Yeah man, na we mighty pass the US armed forces, that employ PMCs for specialized trainings and to execute some specialized task.

      Also, NA troops named their counter offensive in the battle for freetown Operation Death before Dishonor.

      That was the closest NA had ever come to such dishonor or shall we say military defeat.

      Major Tanko and other nameless officers and men turned the situation around.

      The british ambassador kept telling every one that NA had just lost 700 men.

      The rebels had taken control of all of eastern freetown.

      Ex SAS Fijian Fred Marafano and his 3 merc collegues had the only chopper in town. This MI-17 hovered over cockerel barracks in western freetown, repulsing rebel approaches to this main ecomog installation.

      I too, remember those days, like it was yesterday.

      And for all the heart and courage showed by NA, we fought the wrong kind of war. Our high casualty rate and our disputable victory, will remain a testament to this fact.

      However, EO in their various stints in sierra leone, Showed how this sort of war ought to be waged and some how, NA was none the wiser.

      NA did not need 19,000 men. We did not need all of NA’s armoury, we just needed what was effective.

      The srilankan military fought a similar war against the tamil tigers. They took instruction , they took correction , they became the experts, and ultimately crushed the tigers to the chagrin of many in the west.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, the expansion of the NA has commenced and there shall be no turning back. Off the top of my head, I have enumerated ELEVEN NEW BATTALIONS since October 1, 2012….176 Bn, 101 Reserve Bn, 344 Artillery Regt at Ezillo, new battalions slated for Yobe and Ekiti states and more at Ibodi-Ilesha, Azare, Kafanchan, Mubi, Doma and Serti.

  5. beegeagle says:

    And we are on the cusp of unleashing a new army division to be HQed at Maiduguri. Some of us – Freegulf, Eyimola, RussellInfinity, Ocelot2006 have been brain-storming about that elsewhere since 2009.

    Looks like we figured right

  6. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz- if we do get a new army division to be HQed at Maiduguri – that would be the best news that O’v heard today!! New army formations in the form of battalions/regimens and now a new army divison. Let’s hope the next step will be the creation of 2 Army Groups/Corps (?) each headed by a Lt. Gen ( with 3 arrmy divisions in each Group/Corp) and then a 4* General as the COAS.

  7. freeegulf says:

    yes, ECOMOG started tentatively and was beset by poor funding and local politics, both in nigeria and the affected countries. however, it would be unfair to write off operations in LBR and SRL as below par. the major problem with ECOMOG PSOs was that it was too low tech. in some situations, there where hardly any differences between ECOMOG forces and the rebels. in fact, the rebels even became better with SIGINT than pro govt forces.

    @oga doziex, one cant really compare ECOMOG with EO. they had parallel goals and both went there with different mission objectives. SRL for instance, was not really high on Nigerian list is in early 90s. we only went there to fulfill the bilateral defence agreement between Nigeria and SRL. Nigcon wasn’t there initially to go head to head with the RUF. other than protecting lungi (NAF base), their mission was to assist the RSLMF, not to fight their own parallel war. and it remained so until the coup of ’97.

    EO on the other hand had a specific mission and they where not short on precision and target goal. their task was clear and their execution equally brilliant. but this is where it stops. laying both missions side by side is misleading. yes, our generals should have been a little more generous in terms of weapons acquisition from eastern Europe, and again, NAF seemed to forget the use of their rotary wing. in general, one word can categorically describe ECOMOG in LBR and SRL; Ambiguity

    ECOMOG was never proactive, and this was because they where peacekeepers, it was only when the rebels acted out of line that ECOMOG switched to peace enforcement. and yes, with a little more seriousness on the part of lagos (defence HQ), and assertiveness, we should have rapped up the LBR mission in good time. and that irritant, taylor, should have been bumped earlier. but like i said, with a little bit of seriousness from the top brass (they where too comfortable skimming off ECOMOG funds and kept dragging their feet in order to keep the goodies coming) the LBR mission would have been ideally completed in 3-4 yrs.

    SRL and the mishaps of 98/99 is a topic for another day.

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