Mi-35P(front,30mm cannons on right side) and Mi-24V(behind,23mm cannons in the nose) at the AIR EXPO

Mi-35P(front,30mm cannons on right side) and Mi-24V(behind,23mm cannons in the nose) at the AIR EXPO

18 August, 2013


Sunday Vanguard gathered, also at the weekend, that the Nigerian Airforce Strike Group with headquarters in Yola, Adamawa State, where some attack aircraft of the Tactical Air Command are stationed, is to be upgraded with the injection of more fighter and patrol aircraft as well as helicopter gunships.

The upgrade became necessary,according to sources, to provide air cover and patrols over the vast and dense forests of the Northeast where Boko Haram insurgents held sway for months, hoisting their flags, claiming territories and collecting taxes from Nigerians.

Towards this end, it was gathered that
the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal
Alex Sabundu Badeh, has directed the
relocation of some patrol and surveillance aircraft from the 81 Air Maritime Group in Benin, and the Special Operations Group in Port Harcourt to Yola. Some Alpha jets will also leave Kainji for Yola.

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  1. freeegulf says:

    this should be a key indication of NAF shortfall. every single action and they call Kainji for help. as a Fighter Conversion Unit, it is of course good for their gunnery skills. however, these tasks should be the job of actual combat squadrons.

    75 strike group, Yola, should be bristling with dedicated ground attack jets, but no, what we have on hand is fire brigade tactics of bringing in 99 Weapons school whenever NAF attention is needed.
    the air force arsenal is dismal. after 14 years of uninterrupted civilian rule, we still do not operate even a single contemporary combat squadron. pilot training is painfully slow, acquisition is lethargic. without the alpha jets, who knows, we might just have blow pipes and roland SAMs.

  2. tim says:

    What’s up with our glorified mig’s? Can’t they be put to use?

  3. doziex says:

    Hehehe ……Oga Freeegulf, you are right on the money.

    These guys, cannibalized existing divisions, to form new divisions. I understand, you grow a new division out of existing brigades and battalions, but is any real infusion and replacement taking place ?

    And how thin can they keep spreading our handful of alpha jets and mi-24s ?. And I literally mean handful.

    A beg, mr president please consider temporary stop gap measures, if you have not made up your mind on a strategic purchase for NAF.

    Analysis seems to have paralyzed the progress of acquisition in the NAF. That is the best case explanation for the current inertia. ( The worst case explanation is that our president and law makers are engaged in more pressing pursuits)

    If that is the case, please pick up a dozen SU-25s and Mi-35s/17s, so NAF does not get embarrassed out of existence. ( Chad, ivory coast and many other poorer African states have done so in times of emergency) They are affordable, effective and readily available on the market.

    We are spending $2 million USD per head to train our pilots in the best air forces around the world, yet we refuse to invest in any platforms.

    In niger, one of the 2 pilots we lost, was trained in a top air force program in Greece.

    His greek or Hellenic airforce mates went on to fly F-16C/Ds, Mirage 2000-5 etc. And all oil rich Nigeria could present our late hero was the overworked airframe of the alpha jet, refurbished for a mere 600,000 usd.

  4. jimmy says:

    I don’t want to get frustrated this morning at some point we have kainji @ some point we have to realize we need , sorry we demand more airframes as in su27s and helios as in m17s and m35.

  5. johnbest1 says:

    My oga’s in my opinion what the naf and navy and airforce should do is to appeal to well meaning nigerians and companies for help since the fg has refused to perform its constitutional duties,my recomendation is
    (1) To avoid coersion of the military by politicians to their benefits they should open 3 accounts in a bank(1for the army,navy and airforce) so that the money isn’t directly given to them and contact is avoided,and access to the acc is in the hands of the coas and equivalent in each service,
    (2)This would no how serve a dual purpose of forcing the fg into doing their duty and achieving some of their objectives no matter how limited,
    (3)We and other nigerians ho have always advocated and asked and begged for better platforms and equipment for our countries military can actually do something to help.
    Abi my oga’s what are your thoughts on this.oga beeg sef fit organise am.

  6. gbash10 says:

    @Freegulf,the problem of the NAF lies within the service itself,why did i say so,since the NAF was established in April,1964,it has been re-organised and the force structure revied for about 5 times:
    *Post-Civil War years(1970-75);
    *Early 1974;
    *September to generate a short-term plan for the NAF(1975-1980);
    *Air Force Council in 1978 approved the re-organisation of NAF Command Structure(1978-80s);
    *Force Structure Establishment Committee re-organised NAF Command Structure(1981-1990) and was approved by the Air Force Council.
    These were the committee’s terms of reference:
    -Review Air Force concepts,objectives,plans and estimates to determine the desired force structure,equipment and personnel required to meet the threat.
    -Review and annually formulate an objective force sufficient to support current national strategy and foreign policy/military commitments.
    -Evaluate on a continuing basis programme proposals that affect force structure and capabilities.
    From what i have observed,the present state of the NAF is at variance with the last review which is even out-dated! YES, it is,we are in the 21st Century and there is no provision for the acquisition of high-performance airsuperiority fighters or a multirole fighter jets as well as a dedicated attack helicopters.
    So na who we GO blame,NAF HQ abi!

  7. gbash10 says:

    Please follow cybergenerals,find and read this: Air Force Doctrine, Global Engagement,and Air and Space Power Functions-by US Air Force Lt Col David Albert.
    By the time you finish digesting everything in that document,you will come to the same conclusion with me that the HQ NAF is responsible for the retrogression of the Service.
    The CAS is supposed to have presented an Air Combat Capability Modernisation and Transformation Document to the minister of defence and to Mr President,list the needs of the NAF in the short-and long-terms and how to use those assets to achieve our National Security Strategy.
    By the way, Obj’s glorified F-7NI Airguard fighter jets are all grounded for a longtime now!What kind of leaders do we have in this country?
    How are we sure that Mr President has not been misinformed that the Alpha jet is an air superiority/multirole fighter jet instead of a jet trainer/light-attack fighter that does not have radar at all?

  8. freeegulf says:

    oga gbash, u have said it all. and it would not be surprising if they are hailing all correct sir! remember when the ex CAS presented a paper and mentioned the obsolete F-7NI, glorifying it like it was the SU-35.

    the navy at least does dream big, the same cannot be said of NAF. like oga doziex mentioned, NAF does spend top dollar on training, so why is it so hard to ramp up even used SU-25, MI-35, complete with spares, for stop gap measure, until they decide to sleep, wake, yawn and remember to buy a 4G multi-role aircraft.

    there is absolutely nothing wrong in sending pilots to train at the best combat flying schools overseas. however, our training schools here at home need more modernization and investment. the current state of facilities and instructor, re definitely not meeting up with modern demands for combat and utility pilots. in spite of the shortfall in charlie 130s and other medium transport, we still don’t even have enough personnel to crew the few ones that re currently being slowly inducted into the service. when are we going to start doing things boldly?
    NAF shouldn’t be the weakest branch of the armed forces. it is the spear and sword of the military, and should live to contemporary demands.

  9. Manny Aydel says:

    Generals, without prejudice to the comments expressed here, I thought going for the J10 is a done deal? Could this at least be a start? Furthermore, the CoAS was quoted by the press this week as saying the FG is buying some fighter jets soon. Can someone confirm or deny this?

  10. Manny Aydel says:

    Oga Beegz, now that NNS Thunder is sailing the world and showing the flag, what are your thoughts on the FG setting aside funds to send NNS Aradu back to Blohm and Voss in Hamburg for a comprehensive refit? Imagine Aradu, Thunder and the two in-coming OPVs operational! That would be a dream bluewater fleet to for the NN!

  11. beegeagle says:

    Oga Manny, long time no see. Good to have you here again.

    NNS Aradu F89 will most probably be put through a midlife upgrade in Dubai and I do not think that it would be long now before that happens. The business of government grinds slowly but the matter was first made known in Q4 2011 when the Minister of State for Defence visited Lagos to commission some Manta Interceptors into NN service.

    We should go further and acquire the ex-German Type 122A frigates which were also built by Blohm+Voss.

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