Nigerian Army Special Forces commandos and a BTR-3 APC seen for the first time in Nigerian service

Nigerian Army Special Forces commandos and a BTR-3 APC seen for the first time in Nigerian service

18 August, 2013
by Kingsley Omonobi


* General Ethnan tipped as pioneer GOC

* 8,000 troops to form the NUCLEUS of the new division, deploying into the AOR

President Goodluck Jonathan appears set to boost the strength of the military in the insurgency infested Northeast after indications emerged that about 8,000 troops are being sent there. The troops,according to security sources, will form the nucleus of an army division to be established in Maiduguri, Borno State capital.

Sunday Vanguard was made to understand at the weekend that the need to establish the new army division in the stronghold of the Boko Haram Islamist group is to firm up the successes recorded by special forces of the Joint Task Force (JTF) which have reportedly dislodged the insurgents from the forests and mountains of the Northeast.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the new army division to be domiciled in Maiduguri is tagged 7th Infantry Division and may have one General Etnan as the General Officer Commanding (GOC). The 8,000 troops to be deployed there, according to sources, are made up of
7,000 troops from army headquarters brigade in Yola, Adamawa State, the army headquarters brigade (Monguno) in Maiduguri, the battalion in Yobe and the army headquarters brigade in Sokoto as well as the about 1,000 troops recalled from operations in Mali.

Sunday Vanguard was told that the new army division will take over operations of securing the entire Northeast and seal off the border axis between Nigeria and Niger, Chad and Cameroon where
intelligence has shown that terrorists get their training and launch bombing attacks on Nigeria.

Before the establishment of the division which Sunday Vanguard gathered was on the recommendation of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika, parts of the Area of
Responsibility (AOR) were under the 1st Infantry Division of the army in Kaduna, which has Major General Garba Wahab as GOC and 3rd Armoured Division in Jos which has Major General Awala as GOC.

Asked about the fate of the Major General Ewansiha-led JTF in Maiduguri, with the establishment of the new division, a source said the JTF will work hand in hand with the new division, adding, however, that it (JTF) is an interim force which most likely will be scaled down after the first phase (6 months) of the state of emergency had achieved its objectives.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Elsewhere, VICTOR wrote the first documented snippets pertaining to this development anywhere on the planet,right here on Beegeagle’s Blog:


    “Victor says: August 15, 2013 at 8:20 pm Breaking……. a new Div with HQ in
    Maiduguri on the way with a new GOC”

    End of Quote

    Assured of the integrity and real clout of Oga Victor, Beegeagle averred


    ” beegeagle says: August 16, 2013 at 6:24 am

    If Oga Victor said it, believe me, it is 99% likely to be SPOT ON. He does not talk a lot – probably taciturn by nature – and might not respond to your prodding BUT he surely never talks nonsense. Do not forget that a new division, an Army Aviation Corps and a full brigade of
    Special Forces are encapsulated in the
    NA’s ORBAT 2010. Beyond that, my interaction with him since he joined us this year assure me that his offerings are uncannily accurate.

    Take this example for instance. During
    this year’s gale of retirements, he told me days in advance of any official statement to that effect, that the Presidential Coordinator of Counterterrorism and the Commander of the JTF (Niger Delta), Major Generals Sarkin-Yaki Bello and Johnson Ochoga were going into retirement. It was bang on target. So were the three other names he gave me, including the immediate past AHQ Garrison Commander.

    Take it for granted that the the NA have a new division. Oga Victor is tested and
    very PRECISE, almost certainly a topmost
    level insider. We know them by the
    deskside manners which come through in their posts.

    There are many chaps in here who occupy very strategic perches in local and foreign defence and security architecure. You have heard Mighty Yagz and Peccavi allude to their own personal encounters with ‘unseen readers’. Regardless, the confidentiality which should surround their identities, lest their personal views be taken for official institutional positions, is mine to keep..diligently and most faithfully.

    We appreciate their presence here. ”

    End of Quote

    So Oga Victor reconfirms his pedigree.BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG – precision guaranteed

  2. beegeagle says:

    So the greatly respected opinions of Beegeagle’s Bloggers uncannily and ‘coincidentally’ win through yet again.We do have a new INFANTRY division and it is HQed at MAIDUGURI as recommended.

    That is in sync with our history of inexplicably always seeming to be on the same page with those who swing these strategic decisions. We make sense.

    EXAMPLE 1.




    The opinions of Beegeagle’s Bloggers are so mainstream it is no joke. For real.


    ELSEWHERE (see hyperlink below), BEEGEAGLE WROTE:

    “I agree with you, Number One. I have never been an advocate of tepid PKOs where there is no peace to be kept. What is required in Mali STILL is peace ENFORCEMENT.

    There are many parade ground armies in the world which have nothing to do everyday, so we who have unfinished battles to fight at home can pull out. We cannot have chaps fighting in deserts and mountains at home while others are wearing some blue helmet on account of a jamboree in Mali.

    If Mali is now so peaceful as to warrant a PKO, we should come back home and go to the Northeast where Adamawa, Borno and Yobe have 1,400km of mountain and desert frontiers to keep an eye on for insurgents trying to slip through.

    Six battalions in Darfur and Liberia are enough for a show of goodwill already.”



    Another recommendation inexplicably gains currency. BEEGEAGLE’S BLOGGERS say ‘NIGERIA SHOULD PULL BACK 2 BATTALIONS FROM DARFUR’

    Somehow, it is happening as we write this.



    There goes another reason why you always need to come back to your most authoritative Beegeagle’s Blog. Our views command respect.



    “Methinks we could conveniently pull back two battalions from UNAMID and one battalion UNMIL and in their places send a Construction Squadron, a Signals
    Squadron and three 140-man Formed
    Police Units to Darfur and another two FPUs to Liberia. Let’s keep a total of 2,000 troops in Darfur for a maximum.

    Liberia has by and large stabilized and
    there is unlikely to be any spike in
    tensions before the next polls in 2016.
    One battalion good enough for Liberia as things stand.

    That frees up three battalions for military operations at home.The borders are vast and porous, the frontlines extended and the communities, legion. There is a critical requirement for liberated areas to be garrisoned. No makeshift arrangements. If we pull out too soon from liberated areas,insurgents will attempt to move back in. We have to secure communities, patrol borders and keep an eye on footpaths in desert and mountain precincts. The only deterrence is to have boots on the ground since BH, on the evidence of what are seeing now, are apparently gutless lemons.

    Countries which, alongside Nigeria, are
    the major troop contributing countries in Darfur include Rwanda and South Africa. They do not have any very serious military situations to handle elsewhere and should send in a battalion each as Nigerian troops pull back to go and fight
    the insurgents at home.”

    End of Quote

    Beegeagle’s Blog – those who really matter greatly respect our well-meaning views.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, the deed is DONE. Congratulations to our Nigerian Army – VICTORY IS FROM GOD ALONE.

    As of yesterday, we told readers about eleven battalions and regiments currently being formed across the divisions and right across our federation. That trend is set to escalate.

    For one, we have a new 35 Artillery Brigade within 81 Division AOR. Expect a new artillery regiment to be formed to bring that brigade up to full strength. Another artillery regiment is also sure to be established in the 32 Field Artillery Brigade from which 35 Artillery Brigade was excised. So we are likely to have two new artillery regiments from that realignment while two infantry battalions are also sure to follow in its wake. All about ensuring the full complement of units. One of them is most probably that new infantry battalion located at Ibodi-Ilesha in SW Nigeria.

    Almost certainly, we shall have a total of four new battalions and regiments for 81 Division and 2 Mechanised Division. That would take the tally to FOURTEEN battalions and regiments in the process of being formed nationwide.

    NOW, this new 7 Infantry Division. By convention, every Nigerian Army division is supported by an Engineers Brigade, an Artillery Brigade, a Recce Battalion, Provost Battalion, a S+T Battalion, among others.

    Therefore, in addition to the four battalions itemised earlier on, expect to see the formation of a minimum of four artillery and engineers regiments and one mechanised battalion to bring those artillery and engineers brigades to full strength. There shall also be S+T, Provost and Recce battalions, a Signals Regiment, a Base Ammunition Depot, EME, an Intelligence Group etc. That goes with the implication of a minimum of ten battalions drawn from combat and combat support arms supporting 7 Infantry Division.

    That means, we could complete the formation of 24 new battalions and regiments in the lead up to 2015. That is aside from the CORE infantry component of an infantry division which would see the formation of a minimum of two infantry brigades in the 7 Infantry Division AOR.

    In closing, the NA could fathomably find themselves establishing THIRTY battalion-sized formations to bring all formed divisions to full complement..including s a possible two new special forces battalions to form the Special Forces brigade as itemised in the NA’s ORBAT 2010. The Aviation Corps, for which forty pilots have been trained by the NAF, can be expected to kickstart operations within the same timeframe.

    Gentlemen, the expansion of the Nigerian Army is in full swing.

  4. freeegulf says:

    NA need an optimum numerical strength of 130,000. the build up has started, of course, the army being a bureaucracy does things at its own pace. it is definitely a commendable move. the new Div should be COIN biased with highly mobile composite units to include armour and artillery.

    next would be the army aviation command. to be fully operational with LUH, LAH, and UAVs
    well done COAS

  5. Victor says:

    Well done to the COAS, CDS and the C-in-C. New Div confirmed in the news. I understand that the JTF commander is expected to hand over to new GOC this week pronto. Good luck to the new GOC Gen Ethan and well done to Gen Ewansiha for a job well done

    • beegeagle says:

      🙂 🙂 Whooaaa..who goes there? My very own Oga VICTOR!! In short, man don dey fear you o and I am keeping still here, my Oga. Tell me when to ‘azwaya’. Your snippets are always so precise.

      For real, men such as yourself, Ogas Asorock, Xnur44, Eyimola and Gbash10…mek I nor tok. One is hit or miss.

      Keep it up, my Oga at the TOP. Come back more often with the bombshells.

      • beegeagle says:

        Gentlemen, ref the formation of the 7 Division.

        I have been asked if the 7 Infantry Division can be brought up to full-strength quickly enough. The answer is an absolute YES. First of all, these 8,000 troops deploying to the new AOR would be joined by some of the JSTF battalions on ground in places where 7 Division formations are sure to spring up but which already have adhoc JSTF formations in place. Damaturu and Potiskum come to mind.

        When I was a boy during the Babangida years, we had a 255 Tank Battalion at Potiskum. Potiskum garrison was later stood down but the barracks remains there. So like the old Medium Artillery Regiment at Ohafia was stood down and the barracks abandoned for 19 years until 2011 when 14 Infantry Brigade took off from there, I expect that Potiskum barracks shall bounce back as a permanent garrison for 7 Infantry Division.

        The emphasized word in this news story is “NUCLEUS”. That means foundational units – a means to the attainment of an end, not an end itself. These are merely start-up deployments.

        81 Division was formed on the back of 9 Motorised Brigade’s excision from 2 Mechanised Division. They have since taken on other formations including 45 Division Engineers and 35 Field Artillery Brigade, among others.

        From where they are, a Nigerian Army Depot which trains two 3,600-3,800 men in two batches annually, can fathomably provide the 7,000+ plus men necessary to bring the division up to strength in only one year…never mind the options of ancillary training at Jaji, the Nigerian Army Base Camp and the Nigerian Army Training Centre at Kontagora which in combination, can train 8,000 troops annually & in tandem.
        There is no way else that new divisions have been formed in Nigeria. They have to take off on the backs of existing units and from some formations barracks/cantonments. Even during the Civil War, a pre-war 10,500-man NA formed 1 Division from 1 Brigade and 2 Division from 2 Brigade. It did not stop them, alongside 3 Marine Commando Division, from fielding 120,000 men within two years.

        The plan on ground is self-evident for anyone who takes a close look at it. We know which states coincide with each division’s AOR. Any unit in Niger, Kaduna or Sokoto states can only be a 1 Division formation; any in Plateau, Bauchi or Gombe will almost certainly be a 3 Div formation while any in Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo or Osun would be a 2 Div formation. There is no way around that.

        Concommitantly, we can already see the replacement units for those formations which have been removed from 1 Div and 3 Div AORs, taking shape as it is.

        For instance, if they excise 241 Recce Bn at Nguru for 7 Division, there are new battalions being formed for the ‘depleted’ 1 Division at Hadejia and Kafanchan; whichever units get removed from 3 Div AOR, battalions are being formed in Doma and Azare to replace them – not to mention new battalions for the 7 Infantry Division in Potiskum and Mubi etc.

        It is observable that since 81 Division took over the Abeokuta garrison and the artillery brigade there, a new artillery brigade has been formed at Akure. So 2 Mechanised Division has not been depleted. Neither will 1 Div or 3 Div.

        Let us wait and see.

    • BishopOfSapele says:

      Nice one!! Oga Victor, Gen Beegs can you tell us anything about the new GOC Gen Ethan…? Which set is he? Any insights as to his past military experiences and how that has prepared him for this new role??

  6. giles says:

    dis good news and God pls touch d heart of our policy maker to also know dat new div= modern hardware and total overhaul of d entire military.long live d nigeria army and God bless nigeria

  7. jimmy says:

    OGA V-I-C-T-O-R wooo!! you chose that name very well. we have now placed you on the same pedestal as oga XNUR , EYIMOLA, TIM, HENRY that is the Gold standard.
    In 2010 I was frustrated ,angry and to me very passionate about what was going on, It had taken the tri services one hour GOVT TEMPOLO’S HOME BASE and we seemed to be dithering with boko haram, AND AFTERWARDS THE navy set up a F.O.B. right there.
    i then started the conversation for a new division w/ OGA BEEGEAGLE about the need for a new division i called it the “6th division” to be headquartered in MAIDUGURI right in the heartlands.As we can now see it is very sobering decision makers both in the Nigerian ARMY/ NAVY/ AIR FORCE read this blog as well as the heavily critcised MOD, NSA, AND EVEN OFFICIALS FROM ASO ROCK.
    It is truly humbling to know that some the things we have shouted ourselves hoarse on this blog have come to fruition to the most important ones are:
    1) The establishment of the Central command @ Bayelsea
    2) The establishment of the 7th division based especially at Maiduguri.
    3) The tactical retraining and orientation to wards coin awareness and so far the establishment of a special forces battalion in the Nigerian army.
    In conclusion No nation has become great that has not placed the security and territorial integrity of itself as a high priority. This is the best news I will hear Sunday.

  8. beegeagle says:

    That is what it is obviously going to be. The AOR, with frontiers on three neighbouring countries, makes that imperative.

    The geography – mountain and desert; the challenge – asymmetric warfare. I expect to see desert warfare, mountain warfare and special warfare battalions.

    Gentlemen, based on geographical factors and threat matrices, here is how I think the 7 Infantry Division can be most effectively deployed as of today.

    * 7 Division Garrison – with her recce battalion maintaining its poise at Monguno and an infantry battalion with urban warfare bias and all the support elements entailed – ST Bn, Provost Bn, Div Signals, Int Group etc. This will be anchored at Maiduguri.

    * An Artillery Brigade likely to feature a brigade garrison at Maiduguri, a self-propelled artillery regiment with Palmaria 155mm SP at Biu, a field artillery regiment with 130mm long-range guns for strategic strike at Kukawa (poised behind the MJTF at Baga)and a tank battalion at Bama.

    * there are sure to be two infantry brigades formed from battle-seasoned troops savvy in CTCOIN and urban operations.

    + one infantry brigade would have its brigade garrison at Yola, a mountain battalion at Madagali – with a detached 250-strong FOB stationed at Ganye, a special forces battalion based at Mubi and an artillery regiment with ideal 105mm pack howitzers at Numan.

    + the other infantry brigade would have its brigade garrison at Damaturu; a desert warfare battalion at Geidam – with three detached 150-strong FOBs at Yusufari, Gashua and Damasak under command; a mixed infantry battalion with airborne+desert warfare+amphibious companies poised at Nguru (between the desert dunes and the wetlands ecosystem there – training there to dominate the Lake Chad districts) and an armoured battalion at Potiskum.

    * Engineers Brigade (Div Engrs) HQed of course at Maiduguri with the 26 Support Engrs Regt there while the 16 Field Engrs Regiment could be stationed at Shelleng.

    In effect, gentlemen, I have drawn up an ORBAT which situates all of the formations of the 7 Infantry Division in BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA with an AOR spanning 155,000 sq kms – effectively, the combined land area of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    In view of the heavily forested mountains in the southerly reaches of the AOR facing Cameroon (such as Serti, Gembu, Bissaula…spanning hundreds of kilometres), all mountain warfare units should be specially drilled in jungle warfare for ancillary skill sets.

    Next, what to do about the REJIGGED 3 ARMOURED DIVISION. Not at all.. 3 Armoured Division are not nearly disbanding. The NA are expanding, not delineating new AORs. The disbandment of any division is entirely out of the question. In 2011, the NAF formed the Air Mobility Command while in 2012, the NN formed the Central Naval Command.

    So this is part of a planned, all-round military expansion. An army with 533 light+main battle tanks and 241 units of 90mm gun-armed AFVs cannot but have an armoured division.

    Indeed, if the COAS has his way and we are going to witness a spike to his preferred 150,000-man strength, we should actually be expecting a seventh division in a year or two.

    Stay tuned.

    • jimmy says:

      I just wanted to add something extra to this. This year i believe there were two battalions that were added , one at okitipupa ( coastal) and the other somewhere in ONDO. I believe the next division will come out of the CALABAR/ PORT HARCOURT/ BAYELSEA AXIS. I personally would like to see a new MARINE component based on the Royal Marines of Britain or the MARINES of America concept. incorporated into this Division. With a special LAND/ AIR/ AND SEA COMPONENT .firmly entrenched into their method of operations.
      This is not to take away from the enforcement component of the Navy rather to be a hybrid of both ARMY AND NAVY PERSONNEL. due to the terrain they will be operating on.

  9. beegeagle says:

    As for 3 Armoured Division which will now be poised in the AOR directly behind the 7 Division, it is imperative that the armoured formations are deployed in geographical areas which most closely replicate the operating conditions in the Far Northeast where they are pulling back from.

    3 Armoured Division will now probably be deployed in PLATEAU, BAUCHI, GOMBE, TARABA and NASARAWA.

    + 3 Div HQ Garrison and support elements remain on the glorious highland city of Jos.

    + 21 Armoured Brigade redeployed to GOMBE with brigade garrison at Gombe; a tank battalion at Gombe; an armoured battalion at Ashaka and a mechanised battalion at the highland town of Biliri.

    + 23 Armoured Brigade redeployed to BAUCHI with brigade garrison at Bauchi; a tank battalion at Bauchi; an armoured battalion at Wukari and a self-propelled artillery regiment at Azare

    + 33 Field Artillery Brigade garrison relocated from Bauchi to Jalingo; a medium artillery regiment at Doma; a heavy artillery regiment at Shendam and a mountain battalion at Serti, including two 125-man FOBs stationed at Gembu and Bissaula.

    + Engineers Brigade (43 Div Engrs) stays as is.

  10. gbash10 says:

    With the creation of the 7 Infantry Division in Maiduguri,it would be strategically wise for the FG to acquire brand-new MBTs,IFV/APCs,long-range artillery pieces,dedicated attack and medium/heavy-lift helicopters,medium/heavy-lift transport planes as well as Chinese HummV vehicles to enhance quick mobility and fire-power.
    Please those who are having strong reservations about chinese weapons,should do more research on modern weapon systems built by china,and then discover that they are very competitive against US,EU,Isreali and Russian weapons!

  11. jimmy says:

    Sorry GUYS but events are moving quick fast and in a hurry and as General BEEGS would say ” be here or be square”
    Even as we rejoice some newspapers are linking the visit of the under secretary of state to the formation of the 7th division this how yellow bellied some of our journalists are. I have waited for a while to discuss the impending visit of our PRESIDENT GEJ to PRESIDENT OBAMA @ the personal invitation of President OBAMA . i also wanted to give a while and not react while the cooker is still hot well folks the cooker has now cooled down The now concluded BI – National conference between the U.S.and Nigeria wrapped up on Thursday.
    “The issues before the bi-national commission range from security to governance, education and agriculture. Nigeria is a very important country, not only here on the continent, but around the world. Nigeria has served on the Security Council of the UN and it is likely to do so again in future.
    Wendy Sherman”
    I believe Ms Sherman chose her words very carefully after the regrettable outburst by her overall boss Sec of State Kerry.M Y OGAS ON TOP OGA FREEGULF , DOZIEX BEEGEAGLE I bow down I dey ground ( prostrating) make una tell me make I stand up.
    I am hoping just like when obama first contested his very first election and lost way back in chicago that personal beliefs only go so far, just like when a deputy gov ” who was not supposed to be there” had to abandon his mentor ( ALAMS) and become the Gov of Bayelsea Loyalty only goes so far.
    President OBAMA made a big mistake by bypassing Nigeria hence the personal invite and events spiralling out of country in what is now evidently a MILITARY ruled Egypt is showing why he really should of come to Nigeria , you cannot influence events while being on the sidelines . I said in my blog like , love it or lump it even Nigeria’s friends as well as her enemies or fr enemies look to the steps that NIGERIA takes before reacting Nigeria snubbed by Obama no problem $3billion dollars and multiple infrastructure agreements later the implications keep coming next up KENYA will follow Nigeria’s lead and visit ……… yup China and Russia.
    I hope to GOD this is not a finger wagging , human rights, gay rights or non lethal aids session . . I had posted in the blog present in that room on the sidelines should be the NSA OF BOTH COUNTRIES ( SAMBO AND RICE) also present should be the chairman of G.E. as well as the minster of power.Nigeria needs power turbines the big ones. America needs to recognize just like she has strategic interests so does Nigeria. Nigeria will be pulling out of United Nations peacekeeping activities because it is not in her interests regardless of what MS SHERMAN being on the security may look good on paper Nigerians do not see the benefits and they speaking bring the boys home give the money to someone else.
    By his invitation OBAMA IS PUTTING HIMSELF OUT THERE that he is going to visit Nigeria . i hope so, however if this does not happen i predict with almost sheer 100% probability G.E.J will visit Russia to acquire amongst LETHAL AID comprising of M35s/ su27S and APCs .African nations have seen how Russia is frustrating the u.s in Syria and supplying heavy NO – HOLDS BARRED EQUIPMENT TO ASSAD while AMERICA just like Nigeria did in Mali dithered..
    GEJ also has made/COMPOUNDED his fair share of mistakes by this rationale of somewhere else is going to solve/ pay for your problems security wise because you have” competing demands” it makes NIGERIA VERY VULNERABLE .America looks at NIGERIA and scratches their collective head and say ” you mean to tell mean this country will not spend one billion dollars to protect it’s major assets but will come crawling for a stripped down (jarvis) ship that our coast guard is about to scrap? .This should be the last thing we get from the U.S. free We NEED TO PAY OUR OWN FOR OWN PROTECTION & the AMERICAN NEED TO TELL US NO BUY IT! YOU CAN AFFORD IT IN LIFE NOTHING IS FREE. The AMERICANS also need to be told just like what happened in the NIGER DELTA we do not need NON LETHAL AID. Boko haram is V. happy when non lethal aid is supplied to our armed forces sell it to us or we go next door ( RUSSIA OR CHINA IT REALLY MAKES NO DIFFERENCE HECK ON OR WAY BACK THEY CAN STOP IN ISRAEL) the same plane that bought G.E.J to Washington probably with refueling in can land in Moscow within 24 hours.
    NEXT UP PART 2 “The MALAWI complex”

    • CHYDE says:

      Abeg, do we really need Obama’s visit, Abeg lets do Chinese and Russian, these are gradually becoming ‘major languages’ in Africa hope you catch my drift.

  12. beegeagle says:

    As you can see, Oga Gbash10, I am not AT ALL uptight about Chinese weapons. I believe that we have a fair idea of the vetted systems which have since proven their worth in places such as Pakistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Morocco, Algeria, Iran, Indonesia, Cambodia and Peru where the military have deployed them extensively and/or fielded them in battle.

    To be sure, I do not subscribe to those sweeping. broadsides launched by Western commercial propagandists and their hirelings in the media. Those sweeping generalisations have no effect on me since we have the necessary preparation and have carried out our own independent assessments based on what has transpired in the field through the decades.

    We must bear in mind that this is our CORE and first-line division for asymmetric warfare which should be imbued with enough firepower in terms of artillery and armour to also be able to hold off any conventional challenge before 3 Armoured Div nextdoor appear to charge through the threat with tremendous firepower.

    So I say, given the overhang of campaigns of calumny championed by activists and media hirelings alike, let us ENSURE that, barrring existing Oto Melara Palmaria SP and Field Arty for the 155mm and 105mm-armed regiments, all the weapons for this division come from Singapore, Turkey, Israel, China, Russia and Ukraine. We have seen that AP, HRW and AI would not mind crippling the division so that BH can have their way. We do not need any weaponry from activism-driven countries. Not at all, lest we fight again under a cloud of arms embargoes as was the case during the ECOMOG years.

    For each of the three brigades, what we need do is

    – bring up 18 units of Oto Melara 105mm guns to Numan

    – bring up 16 units of Oto Melara Palmaria 155mm to the SP unit at MDGR

    – ACQUIRE 36 units of 130mm long-range artillery with 18 units going to the Field Arty Regt suggested for Kukawa and 18 units to replace the 105mm guns moved to Numan (gaps plugged). We can get these M46 130mm guns or for standardisation, we can get those from Russian surplus stocks for about US$9 million.

    – ACQUIRE 100 units of 60mm mortars from China for counterinsurgency action.

    – ACQUIRE 60 new units of Otokar Cobra APCs for standardisation. This would cost about US$15m

    – ACQUIRE 48 new units of GILA MRAPs for about US$24million and about 60 factory-refurbished Casspir MRAPs for US$12 million

    – ACQUIRE about 48 modernised T72 tanks with ERA Kontakt for about US$25 million from Ukraine. Push 16 units to the tank battalion and hand over the rest 32 units to 3 Armoured Div. (Commence talks with Rosoboronexport for the supply of 100 units of new T90 tanks for 3 Armoured Division.)

    – ACQUIRE 100 units of Proforce PF2 Leopard FAVs for about US$15 million

    – ACQUIRE 150 units each (300 in total) of CIS-50 12.7mm and DShK 12.7mm HMGs from Singapore and China to be mounted on Landcruiser gun-trucks and Proforce Leopard FAVs, Otokar Cobra APCs and MRAPs. Standardisation in view. We already use those as our lead HMGs.

    For about US$100 million, we have a formidable and effective asset base that goes beyond a mere wish list for the new division.

  13. peccavi says:

    This is good an interesting news,
    Do we know the Order of Battle yet?
    I’m guessing they will form HQ’s from other formations and build the new Brigades and Battalions around them. considering the JSTF is an ad hoc joint formation does that mean some units will be permanently attached? Or as the new 7 Div stands up they will be replaced?

    • beegeagle says:

      Oga Peccavi, 1,600 troops able to form two battalions have just completed two months of basic CTCOIN training at Kontagora. These days, right after they conclude their six months of conventiona military training at the Recruit Training Depot in Zaria, they are moved straight to either the Nigerian Army Base Camp at Kachia or the Nigerian Army Training Centre at Kontagora for basic CTCOIN training in lieu of possible deployment to the battlefront.

      Add to those, 8000 troops from the realignment of divisions and AORs plus others in the ‘sector commands’ of the JSTF on ground at the frontlines – in effect, adhoc battalions formed by troops drafted from across the divisions around the federation.

      Before the insurgency commenced, a peaceful Yobe, with the old tank battalion garrison at Potiskum having been stood down in the early 1990s or thereabouts, had only one battalion garrison at Damaturu. That for a state with a varied geographical backdrop and twice the size of Rwanda.

      As was the case during the ECOMOG operations, troops were drafted from formations across Nigeria to form adhoc brigades in Liberia and Sierra Leone – such as the ECOMOG 7 Brigade which did not exist back home in Nigeria.

      Prior to the proclamation of Emergency Rule in Yobe, the NA had already whipped round and formed two battalion-sized contingents which were deployed in the erstwhile MAJOR flashpoint cities of Damaturu and Potiskum, with others manning the no less volatile town of Gaidam.

      Those could fathomably now become the pioneer troops of 7 Infantry Division since it is almost certain that there shall be two or three battalions formed in Yobe State where the geographical diversity, volatility and size of the entity make that imperative. Almost certainly, Damaturu and Potiskum shall be playing host to two battalions.

      Indeed, at the peak of the violence in Yobe (November 2011-November 2012), three-day gunbattles in Damaturu and Potiskum were not unheard of as people spent as many as five days indoors in the face of round-the-clock curfews as BH insurgents invaded whole cities while troops beat back the offensive in all-out, citywide urban warfare such as has not even been experienced in Maiduguri.
      In Borno, all the existing garrisons are sure to become 7 Infantry Div formations. Those which do not precisely fit into the division’s optimum orbat would probably pulled back while those which are deemed to be relevant to its operations, formed.

      However and realistically, given the fact of having frontiers with three countries, I foresee a situation whereby all the recce, arty, armoured and tank battalions in Borno bar one in a particular cantonment in that state which plays host to two battalions(location withheld), shall remain where they are. This was why I tipped Borno to host the artillery brigade.

      In the said unnamed cantonment, one of the units might be pulled back and replaced with an infantry battalion while a second infantry battalion, possibly urban warfare specialists, could be formed and deployed as a formation under the Div HQ Garrison.

      • beegeagle says:

        By the way, Nigerian military history just repeated itself here. For at this time in 1967, the Nigerian Army formed its first three divisions to fight in the Civil War.

        These were 1 Infantry Division (now 1 Mechanised Infantry Division), 2 Infantry Division (now 2 Mechanised Infantry Division) and 3 Marine Commando Division (now 3 Armoured Division) led by (their precise substantive ranks on the day) Lt. Colonel Mohammed Shuwa, Lt. Colonel Murtala Muhammed and Colonel Benjamin Adekunle (Black Scorpion), in that order.

        In his memoirs, Major General Joseph Garba of blessed memory recalls that the formation of the divisions was announced by General Gowon at an informal meeting with senior officers in his living room at his official Dodan Barracks residence. He recalled that Murtala was lying on the rug carpet and purring over a large map.

        Brigade Commanders for the divisions such as TY Danjuma, ID Bissalla, Godwin Ally, Alani Akinrinade etc were also selected on the spot

      • peccavi says:

        Makes sense.
        Do you think they will move a few experienced battalions from other divisions to stiffen up the new boys?

  14. beegeagle says:

    Okay Bishop, I understand that General Obidah Ethan is an ECOMOG veteran who attained the rank of Major General last December. He was again on UNMIL assignment in Liberia last year and was until this appointment, the Commander of the Army Headquarters Garrison at Abuja.

    Not too sure about his course intake. If he is of the Regular Combatant stream, he would be Course 27 which would mean that he enrolled in December 1979 – judging from the time of his elevation to the rank of Major General.

  15. beegeagle says:


  16. beegeagle says:


    The combat-experienced guys are going to be in the majority. There cannot be less than 9,000 regular and SF troops in the AOR already and these 8,000 troops are coming in from 1 Div and 3 Div which have been the HUB of CTCOIN operations since 2010-2011 – Kano, Jos, Zaria, Katsina, Sokoto, Kaduna, Zaria come to mind. So the troops coming into 7 Div AOR now are themselves combat-proven.

    Perhaps you have forgotten how hot Kano, Jos and Kaduna were in 2012 with suicide attacks happening ever so often.So with such guys coming into 7 Div area, not to mention the guys who have been on ground fighting in the hottest northern Adamawa-Borno-Yobe axis since 2010….even if some of the troops get stood down and rotated out of the region, there would still be at least 5,000 troops to join up with the equally battle-savvy 8,000 coming in. That makes 13,000.

    For a minimum, you would have 10,000 acutely combat-savvy troops (JSTF, MJTF, QRG, SF, OP BOYONA) available to kickstart 7 Division operations from Day 1. By the time that fresh troops who now compulsorily have to undertake CTCOIN training as their first post-POP course after completing ab initio recruit training begin deploying to 7 Div AOR, they shall arrive there to meet many thousands of battle-hardened troops who have been on ground or have had several tours of duty in those hot zones since the era of daily gun battles, ambushes, suicide bombers and roadside IEDs going back to 2010 and who are now critically aware of the CTCOIN art.

    Frankly, the NA would almost certainly not be looking beyond 1 Div, 3 Div plus the turnover of rookies arriving from post-POP CTCOIN training at the NATRAC. Even those rookies would always be outnumbered 2:1 by the experienced troops as they build up to about 15,000 troops in combat arms, combat support arms and support services.

  17. Manny Aydel says:

    Generals, please enlighten me. My understanding is that we had five divisions viz 1st Mech Div., 2nd Mech Div, 3rd Armd Div., 82 Composite Div., and 81 Div. If I’m right, how come the new Division is being designated as 7th Div. instead of 6th Div?

    • jimmy says:

      DIVISIONS do not have to be named sequentially depending on who gives the go ahead ( P.O.N.) most likely he or the COAS will chose the name and the core functions of the division.There is nothing stopping the next division being names the 10th or the 14 th depending on where it is based and what it’s core functions are.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Manny, Oga Jimmy is there or thereabouts.

    Formations, never mind divisions, are not numbered sequentially anywhere. That is why we had the first four divs as 1,2,3 and 82 divisions! It is not nearly a uniquely Nigerian thing.

    The various corps have their designations. That is the key factor. Allied to that is the discretion of the C-in-C and the Army High Command.Armoured brigades would be “2X” for instance while their battalions be designated “2XX” eg 21 Brigade and 242 Battalion. It does not mean that we have 21 armoured brigades or 200+ battalions.

  19. beegeagle says:

    Manny, Oga Jimmy is there or thereabouts.

    Formations, never mind divisions, are not numbered sequentially anywhere. That is why we had the first four divs as 1,2,3 and 82 divisions! It is not nearly a uniquely Nigerian thing.

    The various corps have their designations. That is the key factor. Allied to that is the discretion of the C-in-C and the Army High Command. Engr brigades would be “4X” for instance 41 Div Engrs while all Field Engr Regiments are “1X” eg 12 Field Engrs Regt and all Support Engr Regts are “2X” eg 24 Support Engrs Regt.It does not mean that we have 41 engineer brigades or 24 support engrs regiments.

    There is a lot that I can tell you but shall go no further on this public board. Hope the foregoing helps though.

  20. Manny Aydel says:

    Oga Jimmy, Oga Beeg, thanks a bunch. Quite explicit now.

  21. julius says:

    Mr Beeg,is everything ok?This site has been dormant for over 2 months.Am worried.Please explain

  22. I too am worried. If anyone has any idea how to contact Oga Beeg, please post here.

  23. Eeben says:

    Where are you my friend??

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