NNS Andoni P100, crafted with pride in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

NNS Andoni P100, a 31 metre patrol ship crafted with pride in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Nigerian Navy SBS commandos on the deck of a naval warship

Nigerian Navy SBS commandos on the deck of a naval warship

20 August, 2013

THE Nigerian Navy, NN, Sunday, killed 12 suspected pirates who allegedly hijacked an oceangoing vessel,
MT Notre, carrying 17,000 metric tonne of petrol motor spirit, PMS, in the Gulf of Guinea, last Thursday. Four of the suspects were captured alive and are currently being detained at NNS Delta in Warri, Delta State.

Flag Officer Commanding, FOC, Central
Naval Command, Rear Admiral Sidi-Ali
Hassan told newsmen in Warri that the
vessel with the product was recovered by naval personnel after a 30-minute gun battle with the oil thieves along the Forcados flank of the western Niger

The Nigerian Navy sent an emergency
signal through the Flag Officer
Commanding, FOC, Western Naval
Command, Rear Admiral I.E. Ibas as soon
as report of the hijack was made.

A security alarm was immediately declared and NNS ANDONI and NNS IKOT
ABASI were dispatched to engage the
bandits. Also deployed were six other gunboats and NN vessels increment from NNS Delta in Warri and the Navy Forward Operations Base in Egwuema, Brass Island.

According to Rear Admiral Hassan, “8 NN
vessels were used in pursuit of the
hijacked MT Norte with 16 suspected
pirates on board. The participating ships
eventually shadowed the hijacked vessel
and forced her back into Nigerian waters.”

“An agreed drop point was reached but
the suspected militants refused to
disembark as earlier agreed. They
obviously were playing for time and
darkness to set in. They finally agreed to
disembark from MT Norte at 2045hrs on 17th of August 2013 on condition that
only one NN vessel would remain in the
vicinity of the MT Norte.

“A total of 16 militants disembarked from the MT Norte instead of 20 that were earlier claimed to be on board. The
captain also confirmed that no other
militant was left on board and no
crewmember from MT Norte was taken hostage. After disembarking from the ship, the hijackers made a fast move towards the coastline,” he said. Hassan added,

“Accordingly, NNS BADAGRY immediately engaged the boat in hot pursuit. Efforts to get the hijackers to stop and surrender proved abortive as they engaged NNS Badagry in a gun battle.” He disclosed that the gun battle lasted for about 30 minutes after which the pirates were overpowered by the NN gunboat.

“On taking over the speedboat, four of
the militants were alive and unhurt while the rest of the pirates were killed in the crossfire. The four survivors, their
belongings and three AK 47 rifles were
recovered and brought on board NNS Badagry,” he said.

Rear Admiral Usman said the survivors
currently detained at the NNS Delta have
made useful confession to the Navy in its
investigation. He said that the corpses of the sea pirates were not recovered, as their boat sank because of the damage inflicted on it.

The FOC commended the coordinated
nature of the response by the various
participating units and commands of the
Nigerian Navy as well as the outstanding performance of the Maritime Patrol Aircraft from the Nigerian Air Force, which gave impetus to efforts to keep the hijacked vessel under constant watch.


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  1. Obix says:

    Sounds like music to my ears. Kudos NN!

  2. beegeagle says:

    This is a monumentally significant one, gentlemen. Reason why I made the effort to break it down to ‘barrel equivalence’ – hangover from a stint in petroleum marketing and logistics.

    To situate this properly, the projected daily output for a new oil producer in West Africa is 90,000 barrels per day. So the NN just saved us the loss of cargo which exceeds some nation’s entire daily output.

    We can only say ‘well done’. SBS commandos no doubt – attacking terrorists in the Northeast, attacking pirates offshore and showing their class.

    Make your best efforts, even better. Onward Together, NN.

  3. beegeagle says:

    General Obix on the Urals and Caucasus. This looks AWOL o :). We have been building up to the new 7 Infantry Division and you have been missing in action. Wetin hapun?

    Any episode of ‘force majeure’, contact me immediately at

  4. beegeagle says:

    Wow – master class. Very well executed..almost like a movie :). Now, here is what appears to have happened.

    Patrol craft and gunboats (probably Manta Interceptors) set sail from three bases of the Central Naval Command to ambush the hijacked vessel while a NAF Alenia Surveyor plane shadowed the vessel to provide live intelligence feed. Great coordination.

    This was launched, ambush-style from FOB Escravos, NNS Delta base and FOB Egwuema, all in the estuarine precincts of Delta and Bayelsa States. Brass and Escravos Islands indeed boast ocean inlets which explains their capacity to receive super tankers into their communities for oil loading and offloading operations.

    The patrol craft involved were

    – the Made-in-Nigeria NNS Andoni, a 31 metre vessel inducted in June 2012

    – NNS Badagry P177, an Israeli-built 25 metre Shaldag Fast Patrol Craft inducted in April 2009

    – NNS Ikot Abasi P255, an Israeli-built 25 metre Shaldag Fast Patrol Craft inducted in February 2013

    🙂 Thank you, NN, for this ‘commando movie’. Una hand dey show. Keep it up. Yes, we can. We only need the tools.

  5. beegeagle says:

    More grease, C-in-C. Your government provided two of those three ships and established this Central Command, we know. Do not relent, Mr President. We might holler a lot in our utter exasperation (better to holler than to take up arms :)) but we also know which President does what and we never fail to acknowledge any efforts.

    More ships..bigger, oceangoing ones, sir. We acknowledge the FACT that the FG under your watch has since 2010 acquired

    – fifteen 17m Manta Littoral Interceptors
    – three 24m OCEA FPB 72 Mk.II FPCs
    – two 25m Shaldag FPCs
    – a Made-in-Nigeria 31m NNS Andoni
    – a 3,250 ton NNS Thunder
    – four more naval helicopters

    expected soon;

    – another 25 metre Shaldag FPC
    – another Made-in-Nigeria 31 metre CPC
    – a 32 metre FPB 98 Mk.II CPC
    – a 2,051 ton ex-USNS ship
    – another 3,250 ton ex-USCGC ship
    – two new Chinese-built 1,800 ton stealth OPVs

    So we surely know what your government is doing, sir. Do not relent and please, more oceangoing ships ASAP. That is where the really consequential illegal bunkering and piracy occurs – far out to sea. More new and used corvettes from China and Korea, LPDs from Korea to give us floating triservice bases in the deep blue sea, more used frigates from Germany.

  6. camouflage1984 says:

    There is this ”rumour” making the rounds in a particular defence thread that Nigeria Navy is making palns to acquire mini aircraft (Helicopter i presume) carrier. Dont know how true this is cause i have not been able to verify from any credible source!

  7. beegeagle says:

    It should not be a rumour. It is contained in the 10 Year Strategic Acquisition Plan of the Nigerian Navy.4 years into that plan period and with the Makassar LPD available for US$50 million, there is no reason why they should not have started on that by now.The major platforms itemised for acquisition are LPDs, OPVs, frigates and submarines.

    As we speak, there was a flurry centred on the Makassar LPD on this blog yesterday which could be indicative of the fact that there is increased focus on the platform at this time. This is the reality.

    Again, there is another question which is trending on the blog now – “WHICH FIGHTER AIRCRAFT SHOULD NIGERIA ACQUIRE?”

    So it is possible that Nigeria are indeed looking to acquire LPDs and fighter jets at this time.

    Mind you, the Bangladesh Navy which articulated its 10 Year Acquisition Plan at the same time as the Nigerian Navy did, have achieved over 60% of their stated targets – in signed contracts and actual deliveries. What is left for them to do now is conclude possible contracts for F22B frigates and submarines.

    For the Nigerian Navy, we have probably only achieved 25% of our roadmap, since the contracts for light frigates, OPVs, LPDs and submarines are still pending. We are also supposed to sign contracts for 42 helicopters and 20 OPVs..never mind light frigates and LPDs. Where we have possibly achieved our targets completely and even overshot is in the realm of coastal patrol craft with confirmed contracts for a pair of stealth OPVs and two used Hamilton-class WHECs netted from the USA .

    • beegeagle says:

      Well, earlier today we told you about a flurry of activities centred around chaps who were checking to know “WHICH FIGHTER AIRCRAFT SHOULD NIGERIA ACQUIRE?”

      As it is, something was really going on yesterday. Look what these excerpts from “THE GUARDIAN” have to say today



      (…)The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Alexander Sabundu Badeh, said that the Federal Government would soon purchase new fighter jets for border

      According to Badeh, purchasing the new
      fighter jets is to properly secure the
      borders of the country in line with the
      directives of President Goodluck Jonathan that the Air Force must ensure that the country’s borders are under tight security, especially in the North-East region, the home base of Boko Haram.


      Perhaps we should make that a thread for tomorrow so that everyone airs their views – from the perspective of the power and potency of the airframe, the reliability of the country of origin, long-term sustainability etc.

  8. G8T Nigeria says:

    @camourflag, I also saw a similar info on the acquisition of a helo carrier. I guess the recent MOU between the navy and Chinese building firm where a prototype vessel was handled to the CNS. I pray my dream come true but it only takes the imminent delivery of a minimum of 8 helos to strengthen the rumours around.

    • beegeagle says:

      A quiet Beegeagle’s Blogger who does his thing for one of the A-List global defence publications also told me about a MoU signed between Nigeria and Korea about 6 months ago.

      Since Korea produce the most right-priced LPD (helicopter carrier)on the planet at this time – built by a most reputable less, my mind tells me that with no one else able to match their +/-US$50 million offering, it is probably going to be Daewoo’s Makassar-class LPD that we are getting.

  9. G8T Nigeria says:

    The info is on nairaland. Nigerian Navy expecting two mini aircraft carrier. one codenamed NNS AMANDA and expected to carry 6 x fighter jets and 12 x Helo. The NN seems to have signed various MOU this period but as usual, the issue of funding remains our setback.

    • beegeagle says:

      If the NN are expecting new helicopter carriers, that would not be unheard of. Algeria are expecting on as well.

      However, it would not nearly carry one fighter jet – never mind six jets. It would be able to carry any type of helicopter in Nigerian military service though – A109e, A109 LUH, Bell Jet Ranger, Super Puma, AW 139, Mi-24V/Mi-35P etc – as many as twelve Jet Ranger OR eight A109s or six Mi-24s.

      In its belly, it should be able to carry a Shaldag and a Manta ASD Interceptor out to sea as far as 200 miles and is the seas be calm, they can wrap up a CTP operation in an hour. Of course, it should be able to carry as many RHIBs as there are amphibious and special forces personnel on board.

      • eyimola says:

        Where did this story of a mini aircraft carrier come from? HMS ocean which is the largest example of this class of vessels cannot launch fixed wing aircraft,. It used to be able to launch Harriers, but that’s about it. Unless Obama is planning to hand Nigeria some of the Harriers that the Us bought from the UK (to stop them from being melted down) 2 yrs ago

      • beegeagle says:

        Hehehe, they even have a name for the big lady – NNS Armada. Funky.

        Be that as it may, we can only be lined up to receive a LPD. That is itemised in the plans and that is what is priced within our known spending proclivities. Aircraft carrier for fixed wing aircraft? That amounts to stretching it.

        That said, I just had a flashback. Methinks we have an article here which I posted last year and it talks about a Malaysian firm trying to sell a multipurpose ship with LPD capabilities to Nigeria. I shall rummage through the archives and see if I can find it.

        At the time, I merely hissed since it was six times more expensive than a Daewoo LPD without any decipherable added-on capabilities to warrant that.

        So we need to keep an eye on Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and China – the ONLY probable sources of a right-priced LPD. Surely, our old LSTs have reached the runout dates and it is not at all in doubt why Nigeria are in the hunt for LPDs – stepping up from the LSTs of yore.

  10. makanaky says:

    This is just a microcosm of what to expect when the NN is better equiped, Let the MOD do what is right and expected the rest will be history.
    Thanks to the NN we have been spared of yet another embarassing situation once again.

  11. jimmy says:

    Piracy WILL ALWAYS EXISTS whether it is in Nigeria or DRUG SMUGGLING in the STATES.”The fear of the Shaldag is the beginning of Wisdom” This is the Second instance of the Shaldag using its guns in anger and as we can see the results are sobering 12 dead, boat destroyed and 4 badly shaken and captured pirates with no swagger or boasts for the cnn cameras.
    1) It is hoped that the Video LINK from the ALENIA ATR 42-500 MPA SURVEYOR PLANE is on it’s way to the NSA’s desk onward for the President’s eyes to see, they say seeing is believing MR President , well done.
    Mr President with the greatest amount of respect , I have been one of your most fervent critics some of problems you inherited which are not of your own doing, I AM HOWEVER THANKFUL THAT AT THIS STAGE some of the VERY EQUIPMENT that was procured through your own personal intervention ( NN ANDONI) is bearing fruit.Honestly speaking the NA/ NN/ NAF need your personal procurement intervention, recently the second plane that provided that video link was sent for maintenance. THIS CAPTURES THE ESSENCE OF MY STORY without the valuable equipment we cannot secure our borders, it does not help also when people around you tell you what you want to hear so as not to get you personally upset, I have no need for a job or political appointment, so I will / may get you upset that you need to do more. The need/ request I have is for Nigeria to protect it’s borders and for people who steal our oil/ petroleum products to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law .
    Thank you for your time MR PRESIDENT.
    Yours sincerely

  12. G8T Nigeria says:

    sweet words but I pray to see on our newspapers write ups calling for rapid military procurement. Stating the situation as it was, it is now and the benefits of such procurement in the future. NA DERE OUR POLITICIANS GO HEAR MORE.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Okay, compatriots. Reflect on this.

    Over the course of the past decade, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd have placed orders for and taken delivery of 24 LNG super tankers, almost entirely constructed in Korea during the course of these past ten years. Those supertankers, in terms of contract value, cost between US$8-10bn. They were mostly constructed by Daewoo, Hyundai and Samsung.

    Daewoo Shipbuilding won a contract for offshore oil platforms valued at US$1.94bn and Nigeria are believed to be the customer.

    As we speak, the duo of Samsung and Hyundai are again on the cusp of building six super tankers for Nigeria LNG

    So we are probably looking at contracts with Korean shipbuilders which have exceeded US$12bn and counting. But that is not the news.

    HOW is it possible that with the critical challenge that is sourcing platforms for the Nigerian Navy and the very low cost implication for the said Korean shipbuilders should Nigeria decide to negotiate sweeteners into these deals, that for every deal in excess of US$1 billion, we are seemingly UNABLE to get even two unarmed 85 metre 1,500 ton OPV with a helipad off these Korean shipbuilders and then spend $2 million to have each one upgunned by some Israeli concern? I mean, if Damen of Europe can put 1,500+ ton OPVs constructed offshore in Romania up for sale at US$20 million, there is no way that these Korean shipbuilding giants cannot do the same thing for US$12.5m using economies of scale! For heaven’s sake, we could not get even Daewoo to part with a free LPD which they CAN build for US$30 million and pass on as a gift.

    As I write this, a West African country have a pair of 62 metre 450-ton Korean
    OPVs under construction. The value of that might not exceed US$40-50 million. Yet they managed to get a 37 metre PKM patrol craft off the Koreans for free as sweetener for such a small deal.

    Then, time and time again, we sign multi-billion dollar deals with Daewoo, Hyundai and Samsung and cannot get one simple, unarmed OPV off ANY of these firms?

    Nigeria my is impossible to understand what drives thee 😦

  14. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz,

    Please check your email.

  15. Yagazie says:

    Fellow Cyber Generals,

    I had to read this article THREE TIMES to make sure that I was actually reading it right! This is FANTASTIC NEWS and it does’nt get much better than this. Winston Churchill once said to the Americans during the darkest days of World War 2 (when Britain stood alone ) ‘Give us the tools and we will do the job’. We can see what our Navy/Airforce can do when given the tools (in the form of adquate assets/platforms) and training to do the job. Imagine what would happen if we had PROPER OCEANGOING PLATFORMS that could enable our Navy maintain a continuous at sea presence for extended periods of time. Pirates would steer clear of our territorial waters. More grease to the elbows of our airmen and seamen (our SBS chaps are some real bad asses who take no prisoners!!) . Please keep up the good work. ONWARD TOGETHER!!

  16. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz- any news yet on the navy’s platform acquisition confirmed FY 2013 orders ?

    • beegeagle says:

      Not yet o. But I am looking outwards rather than on the inside.

      Some interesting emerging orders from “unnamed customers”. I am interested in the Israeli order for six OPVs and six Shaldag FPCs. We have all but broken through the chaff-and-decoy set off in the wake of the other deal for seven 35 metre Sentinel FPVs. What is left is the determination of how many of those will be coming to our NN. My mind tells me FIVE units. Probably destined for some of the FOBs, particularly those situated in the Niger Delta.

  17. Yagazie says:

    No probems – make we siddon dey look. Somehow I have this strong feeling that we are all going to be pleasantly ‘jaw droppingly ‘ (if that word exists) surprised and rendered speechless with the magnitude of the purchases/platform acquisitions that the navy will ‘quietly announce’.

  18. beegeagle says:

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

  19. eyimola says:

    Best Headline of this encounter was found on

    Gulf of Guinea Pirates: What Happens When Pirates Face A Navy? 12 Dead Pirates

    If it were Somalia, the captured ship and its crew would be stashed while awaiting negotiations to begin. But off Nigeria, something a little different happened, as Reuters reports “Nigerian navy says kills 12 pirates in gun battle”:

    Pirates took control of the St. Kitts and Nevis-flagged MT Notre on August 15, but an emergency signal was sent to the navy and several gunships were deployed to recover the vessel, Navy Flag Officer Rear Admiral Sidi-Ali Hassan told reporters.

    Navy gunships caught up with the vessel and forced it into Nigerian waters but while negotiating the ship’s release, the pirates tried to escape on a speed boat. The navy boats pursued but were fired upon by the hijackers.

    “The gun battle lasted for about 30 minutes after which they were overpowered. On taking over the speed boat, four of the militants were alive and unhurt while the rest of the pirates were killed in the crossfire,” Sidi-Ali Hussan said.

    The crew were all rescued unharmed from the MT Notre, which was carrying 17,000 metric tons of gasoline, he said.
    Proving, I suppose, that even a not famously effective government can occasionally stumble into doing something right . . . and even a not famously effective government seems to be better than no government at all.

  20. (@lordfej) says: pictures of Nns Thunder i feel so proud Guys

  21. Yagazie says:

    Oga Lordfej my broda- no be only you wey this thing dey shack!!! We too dey feel am well well!! Translated for our non nigerian readers – @Lordfej, you are not alone in the feeling. We ALL feel the same way.

    I am particularly happy that the Nigerian Navy has updated its website and has a photogallery of naval current events displaying various naval plaftorms/bases. Wish the NAF would borrow a leaf and follow suit on their website, instead of regaling us with boring photos of officers attending golf tournaments, parties with their spouses and the like.

    The photos of NNS Thunder’s trip to Luanda would have been more intresting if their had been written captions under the photos to give us an idea of the event depicted in the photo. The photo of the ceremony in which King Neptune welcomes the sailors as they crossed the equator was quite funny (would’nt want to be the poor sailor in the photo though!!). All in All a good pictorial record. Keep up the good work and we are all looking forward to more photos from the various port calls to and from Australia as well as photos of the main event- the International Fleet Review in Sydney. ONWARD TOGETHER!!!

  22. Manny Aydel says:

    Nice photos… is second Oga Yagazie o, please add captions to the photos subsequently. Bravo Zulu to November November Sierra Tango!

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