Dead or alive: the 'Shekau' pictured to the right in an August 2013 video appears to be an impostor

Dead or alive: the ‘Shekau’ pictured to the right in an August 2013 video appears to be an impostor



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  1. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, what do you see? I think the guy on the right looks darker, lacks composure, looks hungrier as a result of having less money :), has a broader face and is apparently trying not to look too keenly into the camera to avoid intense scrutiny by the not-so-gullible.

    Well, I do not think that the guy pictured to the right of your screen is the real McCoy. He is clearly an impostor..even his body language shows it.

    So where is the real Imam Shekau? DEAD for real?

    Many talking points guaranteed. Your thoughts?

  2. peccavi says:

    This video is the August one

    This is a previous one

    I bow and tremble in the general direction of Oga Henry because he is correct. They are 2 different people.

    Face, body type and body language are different.
    If there is anyone who understands the local dialects who could tell us if they are speaking the same dialects it would be helpful.

    Does it prove Shekau is dead? No but it proves something strange is happening.
    Why would they not just put someone else instead of Shekau? Why use Shekau or will they claim it is a nom de guerre that anyone uses like their spokesman Abu Qaqa. But note they did the same thing then, when he was captured produced another one and then killed the original ones father.

    So we have 4 options
    1) Shekau is dead and Boko Harams wondering how to deal with it
    2) Shekau has been deposed and the remnants of his faction are trying to keep the faith going
    3) Shekau is alive but injured and unable to appear on camera
    4) Shekau is alive and this is a ruse to buy time for an escape or further actions

    Oga Henry abeg take one cold stout on our behalf

  3. beegeagle says:

    Well, I had NO DOUBT at first sight that the guy on the right is an impostor. I mean, he even looks like he is wary about being found out!

    My people, the only reason why Shekau would use a double and BH try to sell a dummy is because their leader is either totally out of action or he is outrightly DEAD.

    We are inching closer to the truth. Nigeria always God we do. Shekau put out of action or even dead?

  4. beegeagle says:

    They tried to keep it going and severally fooled the amenable global media with that Qaqa gaffe.

    One was caught at Kaduna, they said that is Abu Dardar. Another was killed at Kano, they put a spin on it yet again. Well, they suddenly cannot keep up the ruse any longer and Abu Qaqa has not issued any statement in a year or so. Therefore, Abu Qaqa was merely a generic nom de guerre used by any BH spokesman.

    They appear to be playing at something similar with this latest Shekau impostor maneouvre but I BELIEVE he is now either clinically dead or critically incapacitated. The ouster bit is somewhat unlikely because those who would oust him want to accede to the FG’s Peace Process. So it does not make sense that they would continue with these belligerent antics – making such a hostile video as was the case in this August outing where the speaker was threatening Nigeria and writing off America

  5. Henry says:

    Once I saw that video on CNN and again, last night on aljazeera, I had no doubts whatsoever that the terrorist was an impostor. It was apparent to me.

    Like I stated in the previous thread, the fact that this man is a fraud isn’t in doubt. What the army needs to prove now, is infact, he is actually dead. Like Oga peccavi has listed, there are 4 clear possibilities as to the reason boko-haram chose to use an impostor( see peccavi’s post).

    It is now left for the army to assembly a black ops team( if they haven’t done so already) to verify with conviction that he is actually dead. Like we all know, in intelligence, there is never a 100% certainty. 65% is actually an A.

    Like most nigerians, we do hope he is infact dead.

  6. Henry says:

    Oga peccavi, stout wey dey bitter any how. Give very chilled harp, anytime, any-day, at dawn or dusk, 5am – 1:30 am. Now, that na better beer for men.

    • beegeagle says:

      GBOSA! Here comes the Oracle 🙂

      Ol’boy, leave Harp and suya. Try Guinness Stout (24 volts) with point-and-kill. If you nuh stagger, your initiation is complete.

  7. beegeagle says:

    BTW, thanks Gen Peccavi for the video footage. They serve to drive home the moot point.

    Hmn, this could yet turn out be a massive CTCOIN accomplishment that is unprecedented. Killing the BH leader and deputy leader within a space of five weeks??? Wow..

    • peccavi says:

      No shaking.
      I’ve said it before at the operational level the Nigeria army is beating many other forces in terms of actually defeating the enemy.
      The question is how do we exploit this? How do we prevent them going to ground and re emerging?

      • doziex says:

        Yeah soldier, you are asked the 100 billion dollar question, how to we effectively track, hunt, capture and kill the scattered BH fighters.


  8. Hope the story is true…Very good analysis Oga Henry…Nice comparison with the vids Oga peccavi…lets hope it turns out to be true

  9. Tobey says:

    Tune to nta now guys!

  10. beegeagle says:

    What happened on NTA? I was responding to email and did not see this alert soon enough.

    Mek una gist we abeg.

  11. asorockweb says:

    The ‘impostor’ video may be related to the August 3rd raid on the MOPOL camp in Bama.

    The 2IC died in the Bama raid.
    The ‘impostor’ video was made after the 2IC died.

    The plan may have been to carry out a ‘spectacular’ raid, then announce a new commander.
    But, alas, the leader-in-waiting was also killed.

    BH may not have another charismatic person readily available, hence, the ‘impostor’ video.

    The ‘impostor’ video is about buying time – for either fight or flight.

    If BH sympathizers suddenly realize that there’s no authoritative figure in charge, BH will lose a lot of influence.
    BH wants to remain a viable force in the eyes of people, until they can effectively regroup.

    If the government realizes that BH has lost it’s main leaders, BH may believe that they will lose their bargaining chips – fear and violence.
    BH wants to remain a viable force in the eyes of people, until they can secure amnesty.

    If the ‘impostor’ video doesn’t show Shekau, The above would be my analysis of the situation.

    • beegeagle says:

      Hmn, sounds a bit open-ended :). You have not told us what you make of both photos as arrayed.

      What do you, Oga Asorockweb, think is happening here..judging from the clips and photos? Would you say the August chap looks like the guy from July? I would be very interested to know what you see from your end.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga beegs, the mannerism of the shekau in the impostor video is clearly different. It seems like that shekau was determined to entertain the audience.
        The shekau in the impostor video looks different, but that can be explained by the different facial hair pattern.

  12. jz says:

    the August and May videos seem to have the same background carpets. Also, in this most recent video of August 2013

    Shekau looks a little different than the May 2013 image

  13. Thr DHQ packaged a mini documentary on updates on the current fight against BH. Visits were paid to several affected areas to show that life has returned to normal. Many residents were intervuewed and all gave kudos to the JTF. Soldiers morale was sky high and their kitting were off the hook. Some even looked like US Marines.

    • beegeagle says:

      You might recall that I alluded to the fact of having seen two clips from that theatre during the Ramadan and during the Sallah break. I was surprised to see the streets brimming with activity. Not to mention the Maiduguri Stadium which had been deserted for years since BH do not like recreational activities..such idiots.

      Boy, the kind of armoured 4WD vans which I saw in that video, I have never seen elsewhere in Nigeria. Big, black behemoths. You should have seen the config of the SSS vehicles, not to mention their agents kitted to the nines. The troops looked lethal, well-dressed and very business-like.

      War is the source of all development :-). Our troops and security forces, on account of the Gunboat War in the Niger Delta and the Northern Insurgency, have made a lot of gains in terms of training and kitting.

      What is left is the fight-to-finish hardware – MRAPs and armed scout helics come to mind.

  14. BlackRev says:

    oga beeg.. my suspicion started from the way the guy in the new video chewed his stick. he didn’t even chew on it while shekau would be brushing his smelly mouth while bragging. Me and ma sis dey always laugh for that thing. that’s why i observed it.

    This guy in the new video has a broader jaw. unless shekau has been lifting heavy weights( i mean steady and very heavy weights), there’s no way his jaw will grow that wiide within just few weeks.
    the guy’s fake

    • beegeagle says: does a face go from oblong to square in a month? Did he lift the weights using his jaws?

      This guy could be anybody – a brother, a cousin or a lookalike of his but this chap that I see ain’t Shekau. He lacks the practised propagandist airs which Shekau had developed from many months of releasing moronic videos on Youtube.

      I was surprised by his direct challenge to America in his last video. Shekau, mindful of taking on too many enemies at the same time, has never waxed so brazen. That is another giveaway, in my humble opinion.

      The final giveaway is the fact that this underling cum impostor tries too hard
      to look menacing. Shekau was never that way because he knows that BH are a global brand in terrorism whose nasty reputation precedes them. The real Shekau knows he is very bad and does not need to look the part.

      Same studio though.

  15. drhobert says:

    the fakeness was glaring.d second shekau was trying to impress but overacted and gave himself up.nice spotting guys. U fill up for our corrupt old media.

  16. (@lordfej) says:

    the voices are different

  17. tope says:

    Its very clear that it is not Shekau and confirms the SF Report of him being Wounded in Sambisa forest in Borno so he is hiding somewhere and again the Doctor that was caught carrying supplies further points to the fact that Shekau is Gravely injured and needs medical attention, so What the SF chaps and SSS should do is Plant a mole as a doctor to give current location to his whereabouts and flush him out.

  18. eyimola says:

    I have expanded both pictures (pity no hi res available), and cannot verify that the beard of the fellow in the August video is genuine. What is clear however is that they are not the same man.
    As suggested in this thread; There are doubts that either image is genuine.

    • beegeagle says:

      Well, you took that out of my mouth and have just hit on another point which I reflected upon yesterday. I do not think that the beard on the August chap is real. A careful effort at selling a dummy to the world was made.

      For the streetwise, it was a dud. I did not even expand the photo to arrive at the conclusion. There is a glint in that man’s eyes which bespeaks subterfuge. He is a monumental hoax. 🙂

      • eyimola says:

        the reality is that if he was alive, BH would not have wasted time discrediting the military. I must say, I am enjoying the incredulity of the Western media,

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