Nigerian Navy SBS commandos and a U.S Navy SEAL onboard a 1,041 ton logistics ship/patrol vessel

Nigerian Navy SBS commandos and a U.S Navy SEAL onboard a 1,041 ton logistics ship/patrol vessel

August 22, 2013

In line with the promise it made last week that it will assist Nigeria to tackle the security challenge posed by the Boko Haram sect, the United States government has stated that it will offer more training to military personnel and other security agencies in the country.

The US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman who led the US delegation to the ninth meeting of the US-Nigerian Bi-National Commission in Abuja on August 15, 2013 disclosed this in a statement by the public affairs department of the US Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria and made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday.

The statement reads in part: “The Under Secretary met with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and other Nigerian ministers during her visit. She called upon the working group to meet the challenge of implementing the many concepts agreed upon, and turning them into concrete, realizable steps that the Nigerian people could experience and feel, specifically:

“Provide more training to the Nigerian military and other services of the Nigerian government to address the challenges it faces, particularly with the insurgency in the North and Northeast. The Under Secretary noted the inclusiveness of all voices in Nigerian society, Police, Intelligence, Military, Civil Society and State Government, in creating a comprehensive plan to deal with this challenge”.

Sherman further noted that the meeting acknowledged the need for greater public diplomacy: “specifically the need to communicate that justice and accountability takes place, that training is ongoing, and that the many things that are happening on the ground, provide hope to people and reduce the recruitment of additional extremists.”


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  1. eyimola says:

    Not particularly interested in their training. There is no evidence that US training benefits African militaries, What I would like however is a more significant input into the on-going retooling of the Nigeria Navy.

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    Well even with the retooling effort u proposed @ eyimola, I just cant understand the media brouhaha whenever US is about to do something whereas on ground the opposite is evident. I have lost confidence in the US. All these response is to play the fool since GEJ matched his economic team to China. Nigeria is a potential market and loosing Nigeria along with Iran, Venezuela and probable market in the middle east is not an option. Their wicked interest is evident with the situation in Liberia coupled with outright support to rebel groups in Syria. I wonder if a rebel group can be sponsored by UK against Obama and what form of legitimacy confirms such move, so why encourage wars in other areas of the world? if Obama is yet to see a male dog mating a fellow male dog then he should send his parliament for training in Nigeria. In the past, Nigerians were not known to be servant of the west, therefore we must stand up against ill policies of the US. After all, their media agencies have nothing good to offer Nigerians. After damaging the reputation of the Nigeiran military suddenly u want to train them. DONT BE DECIEVED.

    • eyimola says:

      Well I know how incompetent the media is, so I am not surprised at their over enthusiasm for the visit. Hopefully the Government will remain sceptical regarding US interests. This is not because I feel rabid anti Americanism is the cool thing, but because I believe the country needs to preserve its independent foreign policy forged and implemented by different Ngr governments over the decades.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga eyimola much respect for your comments.
        While I do not drool over everything the U.S. does and there are many a time, i shake my head in frustration there are certain irrevocable facts on the ground that unless you have another country in mind that can willingly do those things then please let us know.
        I have read and respected everyone’s comments on this blog and even in the past i have tried to give a balanced perspective but methinks sometimes oga eyimola the anti bias you haave seems to cloud your well respected objective judgement inthe last ten years when most of the European built Nigerian ships were laid the us has supplied the Nigerian Navy with:
        NNS KYANWA A501
        NNS OLOGBO A502
        NNS NWAMBA A503
        NNS OBULA A504
        NNS THUNDER F90
        The US and the UK have been very instrumental and increasingly important in training our special forces in
        SBS (NAVY)
        Nigerian ARMY special forces ( we have two highly trained battalions ) + a desert force battallion . quite a few have been trained inthe u.s and we have seen the results in MALI , NE AND THE NIGER DELTA.THIS HAS LED TO A SIGNIFICANT DECREASE IN COLLATERAL DAMAGE.
        Nigerian AIR FORCE
        Our C-130 S have been refitted where our govt refused to put hand for pocket to repair it themselves they did
        Bomb detection EQUIPMENT
        At the recent NADCEL Celebration
        ARMY engineers were wearing the same equipment used by us servicemen used in IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN
        Hundred of k9 teams have been used to track DOWN B.H in the N.E. k9 training is one of the most expensive things to do if done properly this was done with help from the U.S.
        Each country has its role to play let us try to stay objective and please let us not degenerate into let us constantly bashing the U.S. TWO MORE SHIPS that are specifically designed for Nigeria’s waters and problems are coming our way.
        Sometimes it seems as soon as an article on America or the UK comes out the frothing literally begins even when sometimes the facts on the ground ( One our most sensitive planes in terms of intelligence gathering just returned from the uk after a long over due maintenance) actually tell a completely different story. NO TWO FRIENDS DON’T HAVE DIFFERENCES.
        The other day you wrote Nigeria lists America as one of their top three TRADE PARTNERS you did not quite understand what is there to understand? we have been there no 1 destination in AFRICA period. There are over 1 million Nigerians living inthe US and over 30,000 Americans living in Nigeria. Love the competition aspects from the Chinese but in terms of hard core assets alone America is No 1. OVER 100,000 CARS alone will be shipped from the US TO Nigeria this year alone
        Please let us be balanced there are quite a few things that the U.S. and the U.K. have done and do especially with the navy that will remain classified due to its sensitive nature let us not be all non objective in our views.
        IF GEJ receives a personal letter of invitation it should not be a frothing at the mouth moment .Let us see what he can get out of it. If BARAK OBAMA decides to come to NIGERIA fine we will show our well known and respected hospitality let us see what we can get out of it.

      • eyimola says:

        Your points are valid and are not in contrary to any of the points I have made. I just don’t think its appropriate for Nigerian military to be trained by people who do not have any experience in the environment and culture they operate. I also believe that the US has a shaky experience (to put it lightly) in fighting terrorism.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Oga Eyimola, with all due respect to you and your views, I am with Oga Jimmy on this one.

    Fact 1 – No nation owes us anything.

    Fact 2- All nations act in their strategic interest.

    That said America for all its faults has been a relatively reliable partner when it comes to providing equipment/training to our armed forces. Examples of what they (and to a lesser extent the UK) have done for our armed forces have already been very well documented in previous postings on this blog and as such need not be repeated.

    Remember that we are a rich nation and can easily buy our millitary equipment brand new (like Algeria) but for some strange reasons choose not to do so. Thus the Americans are under no obligation whatsoever to provide/offer us their Excess Defence Articles and neither are they under any obligation to provide our millitary /security forces with training – but they choose to do so anyway.

    When it comes to fighting terrorism, the UK and the USA are the only nations (western or otherwise) with recent and relevant experience of successfully fighting terrorism, whether in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan or Iraq (the last two of which have an environment and culture (islamic) similar to what we are currently facing in northeastern Nigeria. They also have arguably the best special forces troops (SEALS, SBS, SAS, DELTA FORCE etc) in the world.

    If we choose not to act in our own strategic interest at all times then that’s our own doing.

    • eyimola says:

      I don’t consider myself anti American. I just want Nigeria to go back to the days of an independent foreign policy. And as far as I am concerned the recent events in North Africa has greatly harmed Nigeria’s security. Most of all, I am really frustrated at the fact that individual political interests in the US can disproportionately affect the foreign policy of the country. I was in the US when Charles Taylor ‘escaped’ from Calabar, and was shocked how so many of Obasanjos friends in congress turned against him.

      More importantly, I have also read in depth the Wikileaks docs pertaining to Nigeria, so yes I think caution is needed with that relationship. I guarantee that the meeting between Jonathan and Obama is going to be used as another Nigeria bashing jamboree.

      • eyimola says:

        I don’t think we need to have a military relationship to justify our friendship (funny enough, there are probably people at State that agree with me). What I admire most about the US is not their military, but that which used to be referred to as the American dream.

      • jimmy says:

        Much respect for your comments about the love hate relationship between America and Nigeria not to parrot OGA YAGAZIE but the reality in 2013 is that no NATION be it the US , CHINA RUSSIA or Nigeria is truly independent ANYMORE.
        Every Country acts in its own STRATEGIC INTERESTS if Russia has the best special FORCES and are the ones in Afghanistan by GOD. I will be shouting myself silly.
        If the Chinese had had committed three brigades and a a tank battalion/ brigade and had a gut wrenching COIN BATTLE IN A GOD FORSAKEN PLACE CALLED FALLOUJAH THAT LASTED 36 HOURS with all the mistakes cataloged that did not make it to the TV screen or made into a movie then I would say let’s us call the Chinese. The facts are the facts a blind man cannot lead me across street.
        America for political as well as heavy domestic and financial reasons cannot put troops willy nilly on the ground in AFRICA. NIGERIA needs a well trained highly professional coin based army division(s) . Nigeria cannot just flatten ODI or turn Maiduguri into a parking lot ANYMORE nor can they in the pursuit of pirates turn a Niger delta area into into a ghost town. They need to spend money and they need all the friends and freenimes they can get.
        And it is an immature that constantly thrown temper tantrums without looking at the much bigger picture.
        LASTLY OGA EYIMOLA I RESPECT YOUR INCISIVE COMMENTS BECAUSE THEY ARE BASED ON FACTS. You wanted to know the benefits of the special forces this is the grim one in special forces you tend to see like in AMERICA, ISRAEL AND THE UK THE SENIOR OFFICER TENDS tends to get killed or wounded IN ACTION.because they tend/are expected to lead . This is happening in the Niger DELTA ( LT COL.) AND IN THE NE ( AT LEAST ONE MAJOR) .

      • eyimola says:

        Thanks Brothers. The Internet is a strange [lace. Sometimes we say too much or too little. I know both of you share similar worldview as I do. The details are irrelevant

  4. beegeagle says:


    Simple thing – armed scout helicopters to chase after and knock out these cowardly killers. The borders might never be safely sealed. Not even the US-Mexican frontier is water-tight with all the illegal activities along that frontier.

    Less talk, FG and USA please. I discovered earlier on today that ever before Angola began exporting oil, they had the good sense to acquire 36 armed scout helics to chase down UNITA rebels.That is what is needed now..not rhetoric. FG, pay money. USA follow through concretely.

    How many scout helicopters from the Iraqi expedition are lying around idling away across America? How many can be sold to Nigeria? All these meetings are beside the point and are long-term strategies. In the here and now, terrorists need to be kept out of these vulnerable and outlying communities.

  5. beegeagle says:

    THESE WOULD DO NICELY. Less talk,people

    – 24 units delivered to the Iraqi Army, Jan 2011-May 2013.


    – the Dillon 7.62mm M134T minigun
    – M260 2.75in seven shot rocket launcher


    – nose mounted Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera for night vision

    Prior to the emergence of the armed Bell 407GT variant in 2013, the drive towards the militarisation of the Bell 407 single-engined light helicopter had commenced in 2011 with a unique order for 24 units of the Bell IA-407 armed scout helicopter (IA = Iraqi Armed), configured to meet Iraqi mission requirements for CTCOIN operations.That order for 24 units of the Bell IA-407, an ideal variant which would suit Nigeria’s needs very well, was fulfilled in May 2013.

    The Bell IA-407 of the Iraqi Army Air Corps are used for SURVEILLANCE and ANTI TERRORISM operations. Their absolute relevance to Nigerian CTCOIN needs no elucidation. The price is just right as well. These are simple, effective and laden with COTS accessories.

    The Bell 407 was developed from the Bell Jet Ranger.


  6. beegeagle says:

    @Gen Eyimola. We saw through Shehu’s chaff and decoy an eon ago. A ruthless and egotistic manipulator of persons and situations to suit his personal interests, he merely pretended to be a progressive, so as to climb on the backs of NADECO into reckoning. Mission accomplished, he has since bared his fangs.


    Concerning the flailing attempts at interpreting developments as they pertain to the Boko Haram insurgency,the West missed the mark as a fallout of their own preferences. The average Westerner appears to come to Nigeria with a mindset which is slanted towards excessive fraternisation with opposition politicians, dissidents, activists and with an inclination towards digging up dirt…so much insidious and perfidious designs from the get-go.

    Before they realise it, they either get sold a dud or are too far gone to ever steer the middle course which should have afforded them clear perspectives.

    Personally, I put all of these jaundiced interpretations floating around Washington to the antics of a badly-compromised civil rights activist based in the North who started out normally, earned the trust of the Western diplomatic community in Nigeria through his dog-in-a-manger exertions and the expatriates quickly positioned him as the “respected go-to” person on all matters concerning the North – such as Boko Haram.

    How did he achieve this feat and attain such a position of influence? Well, in fairness to him, alongside Balarabe Musa and Abubakar Umar, he was a lone vocal dissenter as the establishment upcountry moved to consolidate the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential elections. He was about the only civil rights activist in the North at the time and he stood firmly on the side of the NADECO big hitters of yesteryears. An appreciative NADECO, using their formidable clout in the Western diplomatic community, positioned the northern-based activist and his reputation was firmly established.

    Having gained the trust of the US, UK and Canadian ambassadors, they in turn opened doors to big things in the international NGO community for him, consolidating his position by referring all Nigeria scholars, analysts and ‘experts’ from their home countries to him. As ambassadors came and went, they pointed him out as a “traditional friend” to be consulted so he never fell out of reckoning.

    Unfortunately, Nigerians are activists and progressives until their ethnoreligious ox is gored. With the unexpected emergence of President GEJ as acting President, the micronationalist and hardline religionist in our otherwise urbane activist emerged. His open alignment with the CPC presidential candidate and advertised friendship with Boko Haram only served to reveal his new inclinations, unknown to his naive Western patrons.

    Like someone acting out a pre-determined gameplan, he began to lampoon the efforts of the JSTF as soon as they set foot in Borno. Every arrest, even of people caught bearing arms, he passed off as the arrest of an innocent person. Ditto every terrorist felled in a firefight. To him, cordon-and-search operations were archaic and would never work. It did not matter that such cordons put innocent civilians,who could have been killed by stray bullets or unexploded IEDs, out of harm’s way. There is no military solution to the problem, he said. What does this man want, some of us asked? Have the terrorists asked him to protect their interest, we wondered, knowing the existing synergies which bind intellectuals,journalists,terrorists and activists upcountry?

    Well, the JSTF are steadily decimating the ranks of the terrorists. Dig up my archives going back to the November attacks in Damaturu, Potiskum and Geidam and COUNT! Hundreds of insurgents have been liquidated, many more arrested, hundreds of rifles and thousands of IEDs impounded. The JSTF are making REMARKABLE progress yet this activist man just would not allow them to do their jobs, espousing at every twist and turn the futility and ineffectual nature of a military response.

    Now, the clearest indication that he is the hand behind the panic button is that all the neoliberal and purported Nigeria specialists such as Paul Lubeck, Jean Herskovits and Jon Campbell who have been misrepresenting the reality in Nigeria to the US Government ALL seem to think very highly of their “respected” Nigerian contact and quote him effusively. COINCIDENTALLY, all of those who have a clear idea of what is going on such as Peter Pham, Deirdre LaPin and General Carter Ham NEVER quote or defer to the activist Mallam in Kaduna!

    The ball is in the court of the US State Dept. If they choose to be misled or to attempt to ingratiate themselves to the establishment upcountry, that is their own lookout. What they need to know is that as long as the Arab-Israeli contention drags on, they can never expect to gain anything more than 33% approval ratings in the North.

    There are people in the Middle Belt and the South where the USA enjoy perhaps 75% approval ratings who are keenly watching this dalliance with folly. Are they willing to jeopardise all of that by supporting terrorists who the activist Mallam has confused them into thinking are angry poor men rather than the evil hegemons and religious supremacists that they are?

    The military are not interested in any form of dialogue while online polls conducted by ThisDay newspapers and the Africa Independent Television in January 2012 suggest that 77% and 91% of respondents are totally opposed to the idea of a dialogue with Boko Haram.


    Any campaign of calumny against the security forces, local or external, is the handiwork of the bigoted micronationalist in Kaduna called Malam Shehu, the respected activist. He is ably assisted in this effort by upcountry journalists working for local media outlets and BBC Hausa.

    That fella, a champion tribalist, has been hoping to jumpstart his political career through the resolution of the Boko Haram crisis. That is why every solution which does not have his imprint has to be thoroughly discredited.

    It does not matter whether the drivel was mouthed by Herskovits, Campbell, Afua Hirsch or HRW

  7. tim says:

    Oga beeg, the ogs’s at the top won’t listen…we really need this armed heli’s….and a couple of citizens should be given wireless radio and taught to use it, to call in SF’s on standy by with armed heli’s to take them to troubles spots…when there are attacks like this going on….it is not easy for men with knives to attack and kill lots of people….personnaly if someone attacks me with a knife….I will leave his body with punture holes, or worst, I have my own knife, I will show the clown how good I am at throwing knives over a distance.. By the way the navy SBS has been rated as the best SF in nigeria, and are pulling more missions than army SF in NE.

  8. beegeagle says:

    The FG themselves should move a bit faster and act like we are in a state of war – which we are in for real.

    We have been yelling since 2011 for armed scout helics. The German Army have many dozens of useable Bo-105 armed scout helic – buy them and buy them in consequential numbers…not this stingy, self-defeatist and horrendous latter-day practice of buying mere helicopters in threes and fours. The Emergency Rule AOR, I repeat, is equal in size to the combined land area of Liberia and Sierra Leone. We have to set this straight before someone comes and dumps a mere twelve scout helicopters there and thinks that a lot has been done. The stretch of border in that AOR alone is 1,400km long. It is that border through which terrorists are infiltrating from Chad, Niger and mostly, Cameroon(Fotokol, Kousseri, Amchide etc)

    Look, gentlemen, the Nigerian Civil War started in July 1967. By September 1967, seven weeks later, and from a position of having no combat aircraft whatsoever, the FG under a comparatively naive 33 year old Gowon brought in refurbished MiG 15 (six), MiG 17 (twelve), Il-28 Beagle (six) and L29 Delfin (six).

    What Nigerians heard were the steady drone of Antonov planes ferrying in jets non-stop into Kano where they were assembled from kit form.

    Please, we are talking too much and doing too little in comparison. Let us get started already. It is a war ongoing – not a national dialogue. Haba.

  9. G8T Nigeria says:

    The relationship between Beijing and Islamabad, Russia and Damascus in dire situations have never seen weakness. When we puase and make cautious evaluation of US activities over the years, oppression and intimidation remains a conclusion. In terms of preserving the interest of Nigeria and its good image is offcourse near zero.
    The delivery of ships and pockets of training units to assist our armed forces remains commendable but also note that Isreali commando units were the first to train our NSF squad at Jaji, the Mossad have been the bone behind major successes recorded by SSS but how do we regard israel and other helpful nations.
    More worrisome is the media, If u spend more time reading abt nigeria in the US, u might weep sometimes. Every nation has its woes and i refuse to admit our situation is so bad as dey say.
    The CIA is another issue of concern, u rather hear on news time after time dat US citizens are warned to stay clear of Abuja or lagos as d case maybe. Was dis how the world treated them during the attack on WTC, pentagon etc.
    Remember also we were told to our faces that our existences as a nation ends 2015. dat position wasnt difft from what Gadaffi said “Nigeria shd brk up along religious lines”. Nigeria condemned him and supported the rebels. I expect suchs persons reflect the wishes of his govt therefore banned from entry our territory for life.
    When a man tell u ur end is near, damage ur reputation in ur very house, embarrass ur commitment to attain success and suddenly wants to train ur sons is a liar. Enough of this misplaced loyalty. Painfully, Nigerians are quick to defend the US bt spend years condemning our dear nation. I think its high time we call a spade a spade before a drone missile lands on me. The negatives are far too much to ignore that is if u have a difft opinion.

    • igbi says:

      I was chased out of this blog by its owner beegeagle and one eyimola for expressing just this. They said I was anti-american. It seems the american lobby is in the heart of many Nigerians. Sometimes, defending Nigeria seems pointless since that would prop up some Nigerians into a fight with you, they will call you names, they will say you represent some ideology, etc…To tell you the truth, I mistook this blog for a Nigerian patriotic blog.
      But as the owner beegeagle stated to me in verry clear words: this is his blog, and what he says goes, I would be surprised if beegeagle responded positively to anybody exposing the clear attempts the US government have made to distroy Nigeria.
      What Nigeria needs the most is patriots.
      By the way have you people noticed that Turaki (who seems more interested in freeing the boko haram inmates than in convincing boko haram to stop their mass killings of Nigerian citizens) has propped up a new stunt:
      He declared that he made a peace deal with boko haram and he come with a video as proof, but the problem is: the people he made his peace deal with are inmates, now I am waiting to see how gullible Nigerians are. Turaki is taking Nigerians for fools and I am just waiting to see if he is right or not, I still don’t understand why he wasn’t fired long ago given that he has been involved in many frauds which could have distracted our soldiers and caused their deaths. It is this same committy that had all boko haram women freed (because to the committy, a woman must be innocent), now those women are transporting weapons for their husbands the terrorists and have starting taking an active role in boko haram killings and we have starting arresting them in the act again.
      If I weren’t a Nigerian I would be laughing at such decision making, nursery school children could do better than that.
      This is my last message on this blog.
      Good luck Nigeria.
      Goodluck patriots
      Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  10. Makanaky says:

    @Igbi u dey make me laugh ! Why should you leave a blog like this if you truly love Nigeria.
    We all are very different on how we perceive, process and react to situations but the fundamental truth is that our expression and choice of words should be in such a way we are not offensive but still make our point.
    I have read several of your piece on this blog and i love them,down to earth and truthful but the tone a little bit harsh no vex i beg.
    I will love to see you continue to put up more piece as there is strength in numbers and diversity, if we all are thesame it becomes very boring, Igbi i dey beg you no run you be soldier and Big Brother Beegeagle did not chase you away as i have not read anything like that, my brother biko !

  11. tim says:

    What do you all think about giving a couple of individuals portable communication radios,to alert the military if there is an attack near them,since the telecommunication has been cut off, they have dedicated channel, set up for just this purpose.

    • beegeagle says:

      Oga Tim, it is not a bad idea.

      Unfortunately, the best allied national institution which we could have used at this time, is an unpaid Citizens Reserve Militia which would be under the Interior Ministry and which would immediately be brought under the control of the Defence Ministry whenever there is armed conflict anywhere inside Nigeria. When the cry was on for that, the military governments of yore actively decapitated the idea.

      If we had one, all Nigerian males would be expected to join anytime between the ages of 21 and 49, serve for one year and be demobilised. They would be trained for two months in light infantry drills and most importantly, tactics and weapons handling. The proviso would be that no more than 1 million citizen militiamen would be on duty in any quarter and at any particular time across the nation. When on duty, each reservist would be entitled to a token duty allowance of N1,000 everyday up to a continuing limit of 90 days before he gets stood down. That way, we have an effective and inexpensively run Reserve Militia to call upon. They would be under the command of the military in the particular AOR and subject to martial law during the period when they are on duty. Effortlessly, BH terrorists would be liquidated between a botched attack and an escape attempt.

      At this time, we would have been able to raise a fresh set of 250,000 reservists on a quarterly basis in the three states under Emergency Rule to be placed on duty in community defence units in every community across the AOR.

      There would scarcely have been any vulnerable communities to be exploited by BH insurgents.

      • jimmy says:

        I just thought of one idea the recently acquired Robinson Helios could they be up armored i.e. have thick sheets of metal welded to their under carriage and have to .30 machine guns attached?. i know this will add weight to the HELIO but it is just an idea.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Oga Igbi, your anti-Americanism was a cut above the rest, so quit the ‘persecution story’ already. It was not helped by endless personal affronts and tiffs with everybody. Let us not mix apples and oranges.

    While you were away, nobody fought anybody. They disagreed and moved on without any personal attacks or insults hauled one way or the other. Could you have participated in the foregoing high-octane debate between Ogas Eyimola, Yagazie and Jimmy and not have insulted anyone or riled up the thread with a personal attack? Almost improbable. Has your brief re-entry not again been another focus on Beegeagle and Eyimola?

    You can always make your point without the implied attempt at blackspotting anybody. I made it clear, without equivocation and I REPEAT without prejudice to persuasions, that this blog will only run under editorial direction. That free-for-all which has degenerated many a Nigerian forum into a theatre for personal attacks and lousy ethnic baiting, shall not suffice here under any circumstances.

    There is a need for balance here and that balance shall be protected to the letter. I attack our own FG’s shortcomings but also acknowledge whatever good measures they take. Personally, I am not particularly fond of the UK and the BBC have a lot to do with that because of their media-led siege and endless sanctimony on the ills of Nigerian society to the exclusion of all else. Never mind, in the face of all their hostile and flagrantly undiplomatic antics, that the BBC World Service are an organ of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    Regardless, whatever Britain do as it concerns DEFSEC in Nigeria, I endeavour to acknowledge it – not least, the Joint Maritime Security Training Centre.

    Those are the operable ground rules here. Every forum has terms and conditions. That is why many actually delete offensive content or suspend errant members. You walked away of your own free will. I would rather tell what gives than delete comments.

    Attack ideas, not persons was what I said to you. I urged you to stop telling people stuff such as ‘I am disappointed in you’ simply because they are persuaded differently. They did not come here to seek validation from you or from anyone.

    Even I have just finished ranting against the slow pace of hardware provisioning for CTCOIN operations in the Northeast. I attacked the IDEA of meetings without end..NOT laid on AMERICA or attacked OBAMA.

    We must make the distinction between ideas and approaches which we find objectionable and the brazen projection of wholesale hatred against nations or persons. Part of the terms which I signed up to forbids ‘hate speeches’ which you tended to dwell on too often. I made it clear that t cannot pass muster here.

    In case you have forgotten, when it comes down to culpability, I was the one signed on by WORDPRESS to run Beegeagle’s Blog – the one who is ultimately answerable to them for the content posted here. So why should I bear responsibility for anyone else’s seeming indiscretion?

    THAT was why I made it CLEAR, and unapologetically so, that one sets the ground rules here because I ALONE shall bear responsibility for whatever appears here, if it goes horribly wrong. To that extent, it is not out of order to emphasize my rights to editorial direction since you would not be there to bear the responsibility with me either.

    • igbi says:

      I will congratulate you for one thing only: you make less typing errors than I do and you probably speak a better english than me. The truth is that my english is almost entirely restricted to the words i read in graduate texts in mathematics, and most of the time I speak french. So if I get this correctly, I give hate speeches !
      For your information, I actually have american friends, former class mates and former room mates. You seem to have equalled me with osama benladen.
      And please explain why obama would be off limits ?
      If obama as a president in his country takes the liberty of passing judgements on other presidents and other cultures, then why should he be off limits ?
      What you perceived as my hatred of the USA was actually my efforts at trying to wake Nigerians up, I was trying to make them see things as they are, not as hollywood movies show them. Many Nigerians have idealized the USA so much that to them the USA is an other word for paradise on earth and the US president is a godly figure.
      So I don’t take it very well when people tend to focus on the bone the US just threw at us while forgetting the spirited efforts they had been making to end our cooperative existence. I am not asking you to hate them, I am asking you to use your brain and be aware that they are not angels. The USA is just an other country which pursues US interests and not Nigerian interests, so when they say jump, you better ask yourself why rather than saying: “yes sir”.

      Goodbye, I have maths to do, and there everybody always agree.

  13. Yagazie says:

    Oga Igbi, sorry to see you go . As you have indicated that this is your last message on this blog (and I believe you to be a person of integrity who keeps to his word), I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

  14. beegeagle says:

    Believe me, Oga Jimmy, we would actually be better off shutting our eyes and grabbing 36 units of ex-German Bo-105s..TWIN-ENGINED birds for which upgrades are available and which might not cost us more than US$15 million. If we sustain those aloft for a decade and then begin to phase in replacement aircraft in that role, we would be so good to go as far as situational awareness and search-and-destroy missions are concerned.

    The Angolan example which I cited had to do with ex-Romanian Alouette III helicopters – 36 units delivered in the early 1980s – before they became an oil major. The airframes were armed up in France and moved into place for observation and interdiction roles in Angola.

    Mek we shake body naa. Which kind sleep eye be dis? Haba.

  15. beegeagle says:

    The USA probably own 1,500-2,000 units of OH-6 Cayuse, OH-58 Kiowa and MH-6A Little Bird armed scout helicopters. How many of those can be sold and/or transferred to Nigeria to fight terrorists? These are the more meaningful interventions needed at this time – not a convoluted sequence of meetings over stuff which are applicable to the 3-5 year timeframe.

    The old refrain about ‘could be used to hurt civilians’ and ‘abuses’ is a worn out script. Is it not happening in Pakistan? Have the Egyptian security forces not exceeded all records of abuse set by any African country as we speak? Are they not using infinitely more offensive U.S-made HARDWARE in Pakistan and Egypt?
    HRW do not have an office at the State Department. Sometimes, the USA can afford to ignore them since they are raising alarm all the time anyway.

    My submission is that, on the evidence of what we see in Pakistan and Egypt, the USA will stand with anyone who they choose to stand firmly beside. Let us see that happen with Nigeria if we are truly all together in fighting terrorism.

    The NA and NAF could use some of these
    MH-6A Little Bird helics NOW


    * Light Observation Helicopter
    * Air interdiction
    * Forward Air Control
    * Special Patrol
    * Insertion
    * Extraction


    General characteristics

    Crew: 2

    Powerplant: 1 × One Allison T63- A-5A or T63-A-700 turboshaft, 317 hp (236 kW)


    Maximum speed: 152 knots (175 mph, 282 km/h)

    Cruise speed: 135 knots (155 mph, 250 km/h)

    Range: 232 nm (430 km (267 mi))

    Service ceiling: 15,994 ft (4,875 m)

    Rate of climb: 2,067 ft/min (10.5 m/ s)


    Two M60 or M134 Minigun 7.62mm machine guns; Two .50 cal (12.7 mm) MG pods

    Rockets: Fourteen 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 rockets in two pods


    Four TOW missiles in two pods;
    Four Hellfire missiles in two pods

    PERFECT FIT for the tasks to be performed in Nigeria. Just let us have units armed with .50 cal HMGs and 2.75 inch rockets and no fleeing terrorists shall get past our borders.

    Less talk, more susbstance for CTCOIN operations. 36 off-the-shelf units of the helic pictured above (or the OH-6 Cayuse/OH-58 Kiowa), sold and/or transferred and we shall truly be in business for the specific tasks.

    Thank you.

  16. beegeagle says:

    And please, our FG need to stop this embarrassing habit of going out there and bringing stuff in meaningless trickles. That is why they have to move Mil attack helics from the Niger Delta to the Northeast.

    Direct from Russia and inclusive of decent upgrades, it is possible to walk away with three off-the-shelf units of Mi-24V helics for a token US$10 million. Yet our people go out there to bring back three units with fanfare? How about a rampaging dozen of surplus Mi-24Vs for US$40 million or is that too much to splash on attack helicopters at a time like this?

    If we do not feel the need to fund procurement, we might as well pull the military out of the Emergency Rule areas and replace them with Forest Rangers and Game Wardens. Hopefully, that way the tasks can be achieved as cheaply as possible since they can be given only motorbikes and Mk.IV rifles with which to chase after insurgents.

    We are really getting too cheap for our own good. This was how we choked up the STF and JSTF AORs with Toyota Hilux vans. Are those the ideal for high IED-threat CTCOIN operations or MRAPs and M-LPVs?

    Na siddon look mode man dey now o 😦

    • Obix says:

      True talk oga Beag, Sudan just underlined your point AGAIN!

      • beegeagle says:

        I was not joking, General Obix. There you have it.

        Pre-partition Sudan used to produce about 470,000 bpd of petroleum, starting exports in 1999. Nigeria were producing five times as much for decades longer.

        Between 2003 and 2010, Sudan acquired factory-refurbished MiG 29s (I recall that the first haul of 12 factory-refurbished jets cost US$100m). They also grabbed factory-refurbished Mi-24V and Mi-35P attack helics, Mi-8/Mi-17s and Su-25 Frogfoot COIN jets.

        When I checked an Israeli log at the end of 2010, they had quietly amassed a total of 22 MiG 29s, thirty Mi-24V/Mi-35P, thirty six Mi-8/Mi-17 and fifteen Su-25 Frogfoot, all from surplus stocks in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

        Well, what did you see – 24 Mi-24 Hind attack helics and 14 Mi-8 transport helics for a total of 38 Mil helicopters – at a cost of US$150-200 million, inclusive of spares and upgrades. I was not at all joking when I said that you can pick up three surplus and upgraded units of Mi-24V attack helics for US$10 million. Russia have them by the hundreds. I recall, as a matter of fact that the pair of used Mi-24V attack helics which the Sierra Leoneans picked up during the Abacha years while our leaders were stuffing their bank accounts as gallant ECOMOG troops yelled for air support from attack helics, cost our West African brothers a mere US$2.4 million for both units. They are still in service after 15+ years.

        These MiL airframes remain the most combat-tested, rugged and reliable attack and utility helicopters. So it gnaws at the heart when a Nigeria of all nations goes out to the market and returns with a disgraceful three units of Mi-24 helics from surplus stocks.

        What, for God’s sake is wrong with us? The Sudan which has just placed orders for 24 Mi-24 helics and 14 Mi-8 utility helics for a mere US$150-200 million (including spares and upgrades) would, by 2014, be talking about a minimum of 48 units each of Mi-24V/Mi-35P and Mi-8/Mi-17 attack and utility helicopters ! That is a Sudan which has since lost the three-quarters of its oil revenues to the newly-independent South Sudan. As we speak, Sudan only now produce 115,000 barrels of oil per day..less than Chad.

        Nigeria which produce twenty times as much petroleum and is infinitely less hard-pressed financially PERSIST in hiding behind competing demands at a time of war and would not even be persuaded to quit citing false causes and do what we must to pull the chestnut out of the fire.

        We are just impossible for real.

  17. G8T Nigeria says:

    Oga Igbi, i think u shd find a common ground to agree with oga beeg rather than taking a bow. We all knw everything on the net is never free and could be subject to scrutiny and intel monitoring. It is in light of this that Oga Beeg applies checks from time to time. U could just simply apologise and join forces to make Nigeria a better, bigger nation. Oga beeg spoke in similar way but accomodated the positives as well as the negatives.
    Also note dat this is one of the blogs which shows alot of respect for bloggers. U meet people with sound knowledge on military issues which will benefit u.
    From Oga beeg position, i feel i have bn harsh sometimes and be totally apologetic abt it. Pls come back once more lets interact. U could just express ur apologies like me and dats all. Expecting U.
    Gen Beeg u re the chief Administrator of everyone’s interest here, if i can catch U, eyimola, jimmy and others, i will sack everyone at the MOD and fill it up with u guys. Pls re invite oga igbi once again bcos i believe u all stand for change.

  18. Tope says:

    Hey Beegeagle Bloggers,

    Has anyone heard about the Force Reconnaisance Marine Unit, they are supposed to be the Special Forces of the Marines, Tough as nails and Unknown as the way they like it.

    Heard of them through Discovery Channel on a Programme called “secrets of” we all should keep an eye on it especially this Forces Military Trainings and whatnot.

    On a Final Note, Mr Igbi i think you made your point plenty of times but mr Beeg also has made his point see reason you can criticise but do not insult, and if you still want to go, well its your CHOICE….we are still here and we will still be around.

    • @Tope…i saw the documentary too..they even worked with Nigerian Soldiers in Siera leone..( they came to survey the beach heads in prep of an assault). though dey didnt call the country name (rather they showed moving pics of our soldiers). Them guys are tough!!!

  19. jimmy says:

    Just saw this lots…….of talking……

  20. G8T Nigeria says: @ Jimmy, dats a good one from US but strongly we need a long lasting training structure like that of the NN SBS format. Patiently look through this article because my strong position bother on the US coast guard, are they an international organisation for port inspection? I would rather wish they collaborate with us to strengthen our compliance with the ISPS code rather with this approach.

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