One of six security checkpoints on the 36 mile road leading from Roberts International Airport to Monrovia, Liberia. The checkpoint was manned by Nigerian ECOMOG troops.

At the time, the airport was being used by the United States Military during Operation ASSURED LIFT. The airport runway is 2-mile long airport runway was used by United States Air Force C-130E Hercules aircraft from the 86th Air Wing out of Ramstein Air Base, Germany. ASSURED LIFT was Joint Task Force Operation to provide airlift and other logistical support to West African states that are deploying more than 600 troops to Liberia as part of the regional peace enforcement mission, mostly ferrying inbound West African forces from Mali, with the Ivory Coast and Ghana also expected to contribute troops.

Date 17 February 1997
Author SSGT Paul R. Caron, USAF


Nigerian ECOMOG soldier on patrol in Liberia, 1996

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  1. Originalpato says:

    Back in the days when the FN FAL was standard issue.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Yes ooo.

    There is this stunning photo of a street battle which I saw. It just won’t register on this page, try as I may.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Nigerian ECOMOG troops wielding FN-FAL rifles in a Monrovia street battle, 1997

  4. giles says:

    y did nigerian army den go from fn fal to ak-47,or is dere no better rifle than dis ak-47

    • peccavi says:

      The FN FAL has better range and accuracy but the AK 47 is a better all round weapon, much lighter as a weapon, lighter ammo as well, easy to use maintain and repair.
      Good for assault and stuff. It is still my preferred choice over more modern weapons, even with iron sights

  5. tim says:

    I know there was a time,nigerian made fn fal’s had rapid overheating problems.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Brother Giles, I have not heard any soldier describe the increasingly jettisoned FN-FAL or G3 which the NA mostly fielded in the 1980s and 1990s, as being as reliable or powerful as an AK47.

    Even if there are better rifles, it is not nearly the FN-FAL. Let’s not glorify Giffen goods beyond their real value. The AK47 is better. Many objective US soldiers would tell you that in Vietnam, they found out to devastating effect, that the AK47 is better than the M16 which was so prone to jamming.

    Sink an AK47 in mud, brine or brackish, pull it out after three days and it releases its bullets at the first pull of the trigger. It is still about the most reliable rifle if your very life depends on it.

    If they have to go for any new rifles, it should still be AK family options – such as the AK103 and AK74. What we need from Fabrique Nationale is the F2000, such as the SSS use, for Close Quarter Battles. Goodbye to the FN-FAL.

  7. giles says:

    ok sir,oga beeg d problem is dat i jst hate dat rifle

  8. beegeagle says:

    Hmm..tis August. The NAF are supposed to receive a Boeing 737-400 troop carrier to complement the Boeing 737-500 which they acquired earlier in the year.

    So they can use C130s and G222s for cargo transport while the troops get flown in the Boeings. A boost for our long-range deployment capabilities which was last showcased during the AFISMA deployment in January 2013.

  9. to4shizzle says:

    Dear Beeg, It would interest you to note that NNS Thunder is about leaving South Africa to Mauritius my friend serving on the ship let me know that, the issue is Network is terrible i would hv loved for him to send me some pictures which i know he has but maybe when they are back to Nigeria i can introduce him to the blog and he can share them, keep up the Good work sir. Onward Together
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Etisalat. Enjoy high speed mobile broadband on any of our Easyblaze plans. Visit for details.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Thanks, To4Shizzle.

    Do keep us informed as the real voyage – the sail across continents beyond Mauritius commences. That is the real test of seamanship and navigational prowess. They probably have 5,000 miles of open ocean to cross beyond that point.

    Godspeed to our diligent compatriots holding aloft the flag. Victoria ascerta.

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