A triad of L39 Albatros advanced trainer/light attack jets fly past in tight formation at the Air Expo 2012

August 26, 2013

One hundred and forty-seven members of Direct Short Service Course 22 (DSSC) have been commissioned into the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) as Flying Officers. The Flying Officers went through rigorous cadet in Kaduna training for 6 months in various fields of endeavors.

In his address to the graduating cadets in Kaduna at the weekend, the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Alex S. Badeh called on them to key into the force strive to secure the nation, saying that, Nigeria deserves peace, adding that as an officer the responsibilities are demanding.

The Air Chief therefore charged the officers to contribute their best to the fight against ‘a few misguided elements amongst Nigerians’. According to Badeh, “as an officer, your responsibilities are many and demanding but the military training you have just received has provided you the fundamentals of the military profession. It has inculcated in you, basic leadership qualities,command awareness as well as physical attributes to enable you function as an officer and a junior commander.
“You will also be involved in joint training with sister services in order to be fully integrated into the overall national security architecture. In all this, you will apply yourselves maximally bearing in mind the need for precision and excellence which are the hallmarks of a highly technical and sophisticated organisation.

“You have the rare opportunity of joining the Nigerian Air Force at a crucial period in the history our country. I therefore charge you to contribute your very best in sustaining the tempo and gains recorded in the fight against a few misguided elements amongst us.

“Our country deserves peace so that the much needed development that would create employment opportunities for our unemployed youths could be achieved”, the Air Chief stressed.

Commenting on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) displayed during the passing out, Air Marshal Badeh said that the Nigerian Air Force(NAF)was working towards producing the (UAVs) for other security agencies in the country to help in their fight against terrorism.


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  1. cutievik says:

    congrats to our brave eagles!,i guess this spells some good news coming from the UAV’s direction,i watched a documentary on NTA which was a mock war in which the NA fought between enemy lines and the NAF provided air support using our urgent needed replacing alpha’s,sadly NTA poor coverage didn’t make it fun to watch since i guess they lack the equipment to to bring the fun into our homes with high tech capabilities,the Alpha jet gave them a tough time to capture as it flew past dropping ‘imaginary bombs’ on enemy targets,watching the US marines doc made so much sense as life ammo was freely used nd even Abram tanks freely used it’s payload to take out targets,helo’s where also deploy to give a firepower support and it was all jst a training drill,urban warfare where carried out,conventional and asymetric warfare drills where freely praticed………….why won’t a US citizen feel so proud knowing it’s military got the might to protect it’s soverity,I earnestly expect a massive procurement by the the MOD in all facets of the armed forces and a silimar drill carried out under proper media coverage even if it mean a joint high tech media sharing agreement between media houses and music record labels who have noticed have better video quality than most nigerian media houses,all these done in other to give Nigerians a jaw dropping documentary that would silence negtive snd selfish political critics who would always pour poo from their mouths seeing the massive acquiring of platforms,since the doc would win the hearts of all Nigerians.and i asked why wasn’t there a free use of firepower exibited? Pratice the say makes prefect.

  2. doziex says:

    HMMM, 147 new pilots, no planes to fly.

    Is something in the offing ? or do our leaders just have a cruel sense of humor.

    • CHYDE says:

      @ Doziex, i personally don’t think that all the flying officers are actually going to end up pilots.

      • jimmy says:

        Without the emotion or taking sides you do not train these number of pilots per se even if some of them might be assigned other roles SF/ SATELLITE/ MISSILE…..unless you have a shipment of planes in the offing

      • CHYDE says:

        Oga beegs pointed out what i was trying to say, Doctors, Nurses, Architects, Vets, Teachers, lawyers, etc etc, yes there are cases of pilots, like in the Blessing Liman case, But Basically, these are ‘specialist’. Unless otherwise

  3. (@lordfej) says:

    nicely put something in the making.

  4. wocon45 says:

    Is this a record breaking event?

  5. Obix says:

    My ogas, i don’t mean to derail this thread, but i can’t keep quiet anymore. Let’s cheer others while we wait for ours! http://theaviationist.com/2013/08/19/sudan-su-24/#.Uh4VpH_4JYI

  6. beegeagle says:

    Almost without exception, these Direct Short Service intake is about bringing specialists into the service..doctors, dentists, pharmacists, architects, surveyors, estate valuers, lawyers, educationists etc. The NDA do not offer these courses of study and the DSSC officers are trained in civil universities before they undergo a 6 month-long officer training programme and get commissioned on the second rung of the ladder – Flying Officer. An officer such as Blessing Liman obviously came through the DSSC because at the time, the NDA were not running Regular Combatant Commission courses for females. That has since changed.

    Otherwise and almost all the time, NAF pilots come through the 5-year Regular Combatant Course of military training and academic instruction. Those start out from the first rung – Pilot Officer.

  7. doziex says:

    Oga Obix, those SU-24 fencers are devastating long range strike jets.

    The south sudan military is in trouble. These planes can carry enough payload to wreck their armored formations.

    In modern warfare, an army without air cover or an integrated air defense system is useless against a foe with significant strike and attack jets.

    Again, this showcases the wisdom and fore sight of president Yoweri Museveni, in his expensive but timely acquisition of su-30 mk2 multirole jets and S-200 SAMs.

  8. Obix says:

    Oga Doziex, you are right. Those birds are all-weather, round the clock killers. I call them “sucker punchers”. Russia is withdrawing them from service and will upgrade a few. I saw some of the Ukraine’s over 50 conserved SU24s. Good buy by Sudan!

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    Well, what happens when the south induct their spyder based integrated air-defence system? We saw what Buks and Tors did to some Russian planes in 2008 in Georgia. There is a reason why the Russians are choosing to off load these platforms in their numbers.

  10. freeegulf says:

    its still shocking how the russians manage to lose those planes to georgian air defence. giving that these SAMs were off soviet and russian origin. one would expect that they would totally render them useless against russian aircraft. it goes to show that the russians still have a long way to go with regards to network-centric warfare.

    these are the areas where the IDF and USAAF excel. it is their bread and butter, and would be near impossible for them to lose aircraft to own weapons sold to the other side coming under attack. even if such weapons have gone through upgrades and modifications (well, turkey now has the F-16 code, lets see how much they can change in the weapons system.) these forces are still reasonably superior enough to completely render such weapons ineffective against their fighter jets.

    to be fair to the russians, they did same against the chechens, in the first chechen war. losses where averted due to the fact that they countered the chechen defense system. why they where unable to completely neutralize the georgian air defense is still a hot issue.

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