Tavor rifle-wielding ground troops of the Nigerian Air Force board a G222 plane enroute Niamey

Tavor rifle-wielding ground troops of the Nigerian Air Force board a G222 plane enroute Niamey

25 August, 2013

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has trained 47 officers and men of the force,including 12 females, in various courses on advanced intelligence gathering to review and checkmate the heinous activities of insurgents in some parts of the country. The courses were designed to develop and implement agile security related information communication technology in the force.

They are on basic intelligence and documentary security for safeguarding classified information, storage, distribution and transmittal to circumvent the security challenges being faced by the country. The courses, which cover almost all aspects of intelligence and security education and operation, are also aimed at upgrading and consolidating the skills and knowledge of the operators in order to prevent further insurgencies.

The graduation ceremony for the NAF officers was first held in June, and another in August 2013 at NAF Base, Makurdi, Benue State.

The exercise was performed by the Chief of Air Staff, Alex Badeh, who presented certificates and awards of performance to the graduating officers. The events were a clear indication of the high premium the force placed on curbing the insurgence of suicide bombers.

However, the commandant of the Nigerian Air Force School of Air Intelligence (NAFSAINT), Group Captain Benson Adeniyi Omoyungbo said the development was in cognisance of the fact that there must be preparation by the force to defend the nation against threats in espionage and in cyberspace. Omoyungbo, while conducting the ceremony at NAF Base, Makurdi, explained that the students were in the school for a 16-week course and that the training was critical in the achievement of a purposeful operational effectiveness.

“In today’s world, organisations including the armed forces of Nigeria must be prepared to defend against threats in espionage and in cyberspace. Reminiscently, we are all witnesses to leaked documents from the diplomatic cables and explosive US national security agency document deluge by Wikileaks founder in 2010. With hindsight, NAFSAINT deems it necessary having drawn inspiration from the chief of the Air staff’s vision to develop and implement agile security related information communication technology curriculum.”

He added that, “the intelligence community in Nigeria, especially the NAF intelligence directorate is committed everyday to providing the nuanced and multidisciplinary intelligence to all and sundry. It was on this note that the school has been organising document security courses for personnel of the Force. He noted that with the current global security threats, there was the need for governments and Force commands to focus attention on social media intelligence which he pointed out was successfully experimented and tested and by the United Kingdom police during the riots in the United Kingdom in 2011.

The commandant further charged the graduates to utilise properly the knowledge acquired during the course and that they should always have the vision of their service chiefs at the back of their minds in order to enhance unity and cooperation.

The special guest, Commander of 325 GTG Kaduna, Group Captain Christopher Dola, explained that the courses were aimed at introducing fresh entrants into the Air Force’s intelligence specialty with basic rudiments of information gathering and security duties. He charged the graduating officers to quickly key into the initiative of transforming NAF through security objection and rapid intelligence gathering and urged them to be proud operatives, as well maintain the image of the Force.

Dola, however, urged the graduates to always display honesty and strong moral principles in the conduct of their duties and advised them to strive to build ethos of cooperation and collaboration to facilitate widest possible understanding of intelligence requirements.


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  1. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen – who has the best fighter aircraft in Africa? AIRFORCES MONTHLY magazine October 2013 edition has answered this queston. This magazine is the ‘bible’ on fighter aircraft and airforces worldwide. In the October 2013 edition, tIt has an over 20 page spread with a special focus on Africa and at pages 60-63 in an article entitled ‘Africa’s Top Guns’ it lists the following NINE Airforces with a potent combat capability.

    They are: NORTH AFRICA (i) Algeria – SU -30MKA Flanker C (ii) Eygpt – Lockheed F-16Block 52/Mirage 2000 (iii) Morroco- Lockheed F16 Block 52 .

    EAST AFRICA (iv) Ethopia – SU-27 Flanker B (v) Eritrea – SU-27 Flanker B (vi) Sudan- Mig 29 Fulcrum C (vii) Uganda- SU-30 MK2

    SOUTHERN AFRICA: (viiI) Angola- SU-27 Flander B and (viii) South Africa – Saab Grippen JAS 39 C/D.

    The Nigerian Airforce with no 4th Generation Frontline Fighter Aircraft is of course not mentioned. Thus the sooner the NAF stops deceiving itself that it has fighter aircraft (in the form of the F-7 Chengdu Airgaurd) capable of defending our airspace – the better. Food for thought guys!!!

  2. Yagazie says:

    Guys – Further to my earlier posting on ‘Africa’s Top Guns’ above, please forgive my poor geographical knowledge. Sudan should have been listed under North Africa and not East Africa (I was thinking of South Sudan) and South Africa should be entry no. (ix) and not (viii).

    IF the NAF do not induct 4th Generaton combat capable fighters into their arsenel before the 2014 Air Expo, the same should be cancelled (in my humble opinion). What would be the point in inviting the public and Air Force Chiefs from other African Countries to see our L-39s/Alpha Jets/ Chengu F-7s when NINE AFRIAN COUNTRIES have combat capable ‘Top Gun’ Aircraft? We would simply be the laughing stock of the continent!

    Of the NINE countries listed only South Africa has a larger economy than Nigeria (and that might change after the GDP rebase scheduled to take place in December 2013). Algeria, Eygpt, Eritrea, Ethopia, Morroco, Angola, Uganda, Sudan and South Africa all have their problems and ‘competing demands’ – yet they all know the importance attached to having an airforce with a potent strike capability.

    Well maybe when the JF-17 is inducted into our Airforce, then the NAF will join the ‘African Top Guns’. Let’s wait and see.

  3. xnur44 says:

    That is correct, NAF is not on the grid.

  4. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen, I recall that in past threads on this matter, Oga Beegz had harped on the need for the NAF to phase in Russian upgraded SU-27 Flanker Bs into its arsenal.

    Re-reading the threads he had stated (and I quote) that (i) for an initial outlay of $150million we could get 12 SU-27s (comprising eight air superiority fighters and four trainer variants) to enable our pilots get familiar with this aircraft at a minimal cost. Thereafter come 2015, we could place an order for 8 units of SU-30MKI’s to be delivered in 2016, and then come 2017 we place a further order for 4 SU-30MKIs to be delivered in 2018.

    Thus by 2018 the NAF would have EIGHT SU-27s, FOUR SU-27 trainers and TWELVE SU-30MKIs in its inventory. For force multiplier effect, the NAF in 2015 could purchase 24 units of the JF-17 block II Thunder aircraft, using a $500million loan from China Exim bank.

    This can be done – afterall we spent $251million in 2005 on purchasing 15 Chengu F-7 Airguards, of which 3 have crashed and the rest have been grounded!! In the light of this AIRFOCES MONTHLY article on Africa’s Top Guns, this purchase plan as suggested by Oga Beegz becomes even more imperative. Food for thought.

  5. Yagazie says:

    Continuing on this subject, recall that Oga Beegz had stated that Ethopia had in 1998 purchased EIGHT refurbished SU-27s for $160million – they are still aloft today. Sudan had in 2002/3 purchased TWELVE units of Mig 29s for $100million. These planes are still flying today. In 2005, we wasted $251million on 15 UNITS of the Chengdu F-7 Airguards which in any event are all grounded after the loss of 3 units in crashes/accidents.

    Uganda, Sudan, Ethopia and Eritrea (all listed in the ‘Top Gun’ category) have a combined GDP that is less than that of Nigeria. Yet they all operate 4th generation combat capable fighter aircraft- acknowledged by AIRFORCES MONTHLY magazine.

    We continue to delude ourselves that because our surrounding neighbours (Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroun) have no combat aircraft capability of note- we can get away with operating the Chengdu F-7 Airguard, which is a ‘souped – up’ version of the Mig 21 fighter aircraft.

    Yet we forget that from the Southern reaches of Algeria to Ilela in Northern Nigeria is a distance of only 850 miles, whilst from the southern reaches of Sudan to Gamboru-Ngala in Bornu State is a distance of about 950 miles. Both are well within the combat range of the SU-30MKA Flanker C (operated by Algeria) and the Mig 29 Fulcrum C (operated by Sudan). Both of these aircraft can thus strike Nigeria and return without the need for refuelling. Food for thought for our short sighted NAF plannerss.

  6. Yagazie says:

    According to AIRFORCES MONTHLY October 2013 edition, the Algerian Airforce with it’s 28 Su-30MKA Flanker C aircraft (with another 16 currently on order) has the most potent fighter aircraft in Africa. These fighters are equipped with BVR capable missiles and ‘passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radars- ditto the Ugandan Airforce SU-30MK2s.

    No fighter in service with an African Airforce is equipped with the ‘Active electronically scanned-array (AESA) radar.

    The Ethopian Airforce is the only airforce in Africa which has the ability to carry out local -in depth overhauls on the SU-27. Only Russia, Ukraine and China previously had this capability.

    The SAAF Grippen JAS-39C/D is arguably the world’s best light fighter though it’s lack of BVR capability makes it vulnerable. However few African Airforces have fighters with a high level of BVR capability and none bordering South Africa.

    Morroco’s 24 F-16 Block 52s are about the best armed fighters in Africa equipped with AIM-9x and AIM-120 missiles to counter the Algerian Airforce’s SU-30MKA Flanker Cs.

    The Sudanese Airforce has the most advanced Mig 29 variant (Fulcrum C) in Africa and the first in Africa with BVRAAM (Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air missile capability), the second being Algeria (Su-30MKA0 and the third being Uganda (.SU-30MK2).

    Eygpt has 8 Block 52 ‘C’ models and 4 Block 52 ‘D’ models from the 20 on order. The earlier models have limited BVR capabilities.

  7. Yagazie says:

    From all the forgoing, the NAF really needs to pull its socks up and stop deluding itself into thinking that with it’s Chengu F-7 Airgaurd fighter, it has one of the most combat capable /potent airforces on the African Continent.
    IT CLEARLY DOES NOT and considering the fact that Nigeria prides itself as one of the most important countries (economically, military and stragecially) on the African continent, this lack of a formidable combat capable airforce is a huge let-down.

    To quote a good friend ‘on the area of defence aquistions, given our economic strength and huge material wealth, Nigeria are a disgrace in retrogression and the NAF glorifies in mediocrity’

    For example look at the inability of the NAF to support the army COIN operations against the BH terrorists in the North, because it lacks light surveillance/armed helos like the MB-105s (which are languishing in a state of disrepair in storage) and compare this with the operations of Philipines Air Force which in its recent counter-terrorist operations against the islamist MNLF terrorists seige on Zamboanga deployed armed scout MD-520 MG helos and drones to support (provide surveillance, reconnaisance and light attack capabilites) the police, marines and army personnel involved in the operations.

    Thus, UNLESS 4th generation combat capable mult-role fighters with BVR/BVRAAM capabilites are inducted into service I am not looking forward to the NAF 2014 expo

  8. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen, what worries/concerns me most about this matter (leaving aside the very shameful fact that the NAF is not rated as having one of the combat capable ‘Top Gun’ fighter airforces in Africa) is the fact that the AIRFORCE MONTHLY magazine October 2013 edition did a comprehensive special report on Africa (pages 50- 67) and the NAF did not even get a mention at all!!.

    What for goodness sake are the NAF Public Relations department or DHQ Public Relations department for that matter doing? Was it that they weren’t aware of the fact that this special supplement was going to be published or that they were aware but decided (with the usual secrecy of the nigerian millitary in defence matters) not to engage?

    Whatever the reason it does not paint us in good light – and surely the NAF has platforms/capabilities(e.g.- millitary airlift) that would at least warrant a mention.

  9. Deway says:

    Oga Yagazie, as far as I’m concerned, there has been no value to the NAF Air Expos right from the onset! I don’t remember seeing the Egyptians, Algerians or Ethiopians doing fanfare events over their worthy air assets not to mentioned our celebrations over what we have in our inventory?! Something tells me the NAF expo is just one of those ways our people do what they do best ……….. The other day there was fanfare over reactivation of 9 alpha jets but we really do not know the detail of this reactivation except they fly and carry bombs (that’s all)! Though I praise in-house capacity development, I was amazed at the high level of euphoria over a few outdated “trainer/light attack” aircrafts.

  10. Yagazie says:

    Oga Deway- yes you do have a point.

    However i guess the reason for having an Air Expo is to show to the public the platforms in the airforces inventory and to let members of the public get close-up to such platforms. I thus don’t have a problem with Air Expos, provided they are showing us something worth seeing. Eygpt, Algeria and Ethopia are (with all due respect) non-democracies and ‘militarized’ societies and thus i won’t be surprised that they don’t have Air Expos.

    Ethopia carries out local indepth overhauls of their SU-27s so the NAF carrying out in-house overhauls of a few outdated Alpha Jets is really no cause for celebration. The problem is that in Nigeria we celebrate mediocrity. With an airforce established in 1958 i.e over 53 years agos, we should by now be carrying out a comprehensive in-country maintenance of all the platforms in our inventory. So we should put things in perspective and not get carried away – celebration of mediocrity at work once again.

    Point of correction – I had in an earlier posting said that the distance between the Southern reaches of Algeria and Ilela in Sokoto – Northern Nigeria was 850 miles. Wrong – it’s 850 Kilometres or 531.25 miles. I had also said that the distance between the Southern reaches of Sudan and Gamboru-Ngala in Borno State was 950 miles – again this was wrong – it’s actually 950 Kilometres or 593.75 miles. Thus you can see that Nigeria is well witihin the striking/bombing range of either the Algerian Airforce’s SU-30MKA Flanker C airfrcaft or the Sudanese Airforces Mig 29 Fulcrum C aircfraft – they can hit us and return on their internal fuel tanks. Nigeria needs to wake up!!

  11. jimmy says:

    Please remind to write the C.N.A.F. THE NEXT TIME THEY WANT TO HOLD AN AIR EXPO.

  12. gbash10 says:

    @Yagazie, you have said it all,how can i get a copy of this AirForce Monthly October 2013 issue?
    The Algerians having the most potent fighter aircraft in Africa! Hmmm …’The Best Fighter in the World ‘ Sukhoi Su-27 and its variants: Su-30,-33,-34,-35 and -37.
    The last NAF AIR EXPO 2012 was a big disgrace from the aeronautical combat point of view.
    This is the time for the NAF to present their wish-list to the FG for advanced Su-30/35 multirole fighters and dedicated attack helicopters,the Mi-28NE Havocs.

  13. doziex says:

    HE HE HE , I had this spat with oga henry awhile ago on this issue.

    My point was that NAF was not worth squat, he pointed out that the glass was half full and our handful of helicopter purchases amounted to something.

    But Airforce monthly should settle this matter once and for all. No mention of NAF ? in an africa issue ?

    NAF has definately fallen out of the top ten in africa, and 2nd tier countries like kenya and zimbabwe have already surpassed the NAF.

    I have consistently made this argument, going on a year now on this blog.

    I too am a proud nigerian, but we can no longer hide from the embarrasment that is NAF.

    As a matter of fact the lack of funding has condemned our entire armed force to junk status. We are fastly becoming the laughing stock of people everywhere.

    Cause only nigerians believe that we can maintain our giant of africa status as a toothless bulldog.

  14. doziex says:

    If folks remember correctly, I blasted the former CAF for attending a fighter conference, and accepting a speaking slot, which allowed him to enlighten other countries of the greatness of NAF’s jet trainers.

    He should have politely declined the speaking slot, and just listened, or better yet he should have been too ashamed to show up for such a conference with serious minded nations.

    Nigerian ineptitude is one thing. However, it is the lack of shame or embarrasment about it that drives me insane with anger for my fellow country men.

    God bless Nigeria.

    • Henry says:

      I remember vividly OGA doziex.

    • Deway says:

      My proposal: Offer the jags to the Indians if they are interested in buying since they are still relatively new. Contact other African countries with tiny or non-existent air force capability e.g. South Sudan, CAR, Mali, Gambia, Togo, Burundi and offer them the F7s, L-39s, MB-339s. we can keep the Alpha jets for advanced training purposes since NAF is in-love with them. but once and if we eventually get at least 2 squadrons of the L-15, we can sell them all. Procure more hinds, reactivate our light attack helics (MBB Bo 105s), or better still, just get rid of them and procure spare MBBs from Germany, should have enough in storage. Then go for real dedicated attack helics like Oga Gbash mentioned, Mi 28 havoc. The Kenyans have 5 presently and another 11 in the pipeline, do they have a bigger defense portfolio than we do? I wont talk about the advanced multirole fighters, that issue has been over-flogged on this blog. (Note to NAF leadership, the alpha jets are not fighter jets and they should stop deceiving Nigerians. We would accept the JF-17 Block II variant as a stop-gap measure only for now). I still do not know the role the Agusta A109 helics are playing. I have been asking about this for a long time, what are these helicopters really doing in NAF inventory? It is my understanding (may be I’m wrong) that the Agustas are very basic light utility helicopters and we just started configuring them to real military helicopters. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with an answer. What armaments do they carry? Air defense is nothing to write home about, some shilkas and a handful of outdated blow pipes, Roland systems and old variants of the SA-7. There were rumours making the rounds a while ago that we were in communication with the Indians to assist us in overhauling/upgrading/replacing our air defense systems and many thought we were going for the Akash system. Nothing since then. Does anyone have info on this?

  15. Henry says:

    Oga yagz, I thought your report was going to show nigerian airforce acquisition. How disappointed I was to see a report ridicule us( nigeria). Rightly so.

    My prayer is the nigerian airforce should acquire a 4.5 GEN jet. Our air force is a flying relic. At this point we can only wait and see what october, january and the air-expo in 2014 would bring for nigeria.

    At this point, I don tire.

    *Any one seen the FN SCAR-H kenyan special forces are wielding………… Sweet.

  16. Henry says:

    Oga yagz, like oga gbash10 has requested, how can we get the magazine here in nigeria?

  17. Yagazie says:

    Ogas Henry and gbash 10, i don’t know if the AIRFORCES MONTHLY magazine is on sale in Nigeria. However if you guys provide me with your email addresses I will email the article (as an attachment) to you both.

    Oga Doziex- yes its official – the NAF is not considered to have one of the Top Gun combat airforces on the Afrrican Continent. What else is there to say that hasn’t been said already?

  18. gbash10 says:

    @Yagazie, my email is,thanks in advance.

  19. Obix says:

    @oga Yags, i’m on the attachment sit oooo!, thanks. I’m dumbfounded by this article, though not surprised.

  20. Tope says:

    Oga Yagazie,

    I mean I pray we can have an open forum in Air Expo 2014 where we really hit da NAF Leadership and da Procurement guys of Ministry of Defence, this idea of MOD buying aircrafts or hardware for military should STOP!! The NAF is supposed to evaluate wat it needs to get seen or unforseen for the year, plan for worst case Scenarios build up dia arsenal and PROCURE !

    Look at the NAF it has turned to a Helo-based Airforce…..apart from Alpha jets all others are either Grounded, in Crates, outdated or Trainer Versions I mean den wat is da use?…….CAF badeh we beg of all of you please do not make us Laughing stocks wen signig Bilateral Agreements ask for Specific Airfighters in at least 3 Sqaudron numbers…….we have been beggin for Sukhoi’s pls get us Sukhoi’s and Nothing more…

    I don’t want to wake up on Independence Day and see upgraded Alpha Jets on my TV Screen I would just scream, let it be wateva NAF has said we should wait for 1st October its worth it and den Beeg Will emerge and give us da Lowdown.

    Please oga Yagazie my email is

    We need to start a massive PR campaign on Twitter or Facebook! Just tired of dis slowpoison movement of da peeps supposed to be incharge of providing da NAF da Funds…..if u ask them why no 4th Gen Fighter dey will say no Funds oya wen Fund comes dey will go and buy Okrika Fighter for us let me not just vent here anymore….

    We on this Blog will only be satisfied wen we see a Sukhoi in Squadrons in our Homesoil till den let us be kidding ourselves.

  21. gbash10 says:

    @Deway,the NAF boss had to be in Maiduguri to see things for himself.
    This is the point where the FG should acquire armed drones either from Isreal or China to deal with those terrorists.
    My yahoomail dey misbehave,i can not reply at all to my good friends,abi na network again?
    Am not happy ooo!

    • jimmy says:

      Oga gbash you took the words out of my mouth.after the embarassment of last week he needs to be there not because someone else cannot do it but inorder toknow first hand that there is an excess of air support with no excuses. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  22. freeegulf says:

    SHAME is a significant missing item in our nationhood. the nigerian factor does not entertain shame nor does it have a room for it. as such, we dont know when to do the right thing since integrity is hardly a currency that we value. how unfortunate.

    its the same story with our military. if after 14 years of democracy we still do not have a 4th gen fighter aircraft, it says a lot about the attitude and mentality of the top brass. they share the blame with the politicians, even more, since their political bosses are mostly dummies in matters relating to defence and security. would not even be surprised if there’s is a no composite national defence strategy.

    there’s is a need for attitudinal change within the military, especially in procurement and troop kits.

    • Deway says:

      That is what happens when you run a padi padi government. Defense contracts are given to their Israeli and Sri Lankan friends who act as middlemen. The initial set of UAVs that were procured by an Israeli middleman never worked, millions were pocketed, heads did not roll. F7 jets purchase, some top brass and defense officials smiled to the bank, heads did not roll. Vickers MBT which the NA couldn’t find a role for during the Liberia years and a useless MBT as far back as 15 years ago and still the major MBT in our arsenal *(without upgrades), heads have not rolled. Procurements are based on “how we go chop from inside” deals and have never been based on national interest apart from during the Shagari regime. Got to Abuja and their villages and see the mansions they are all building. The last engagement of the SSS and suspected boko haram terrorists in Abuja, was inside/around a mansion of a serving army general, which was under construction; My brother, we have no shame.

  23. tope says:

    So Today is 28th and on tuesday we would see The Display planned by the Airforce…..I would still beg the Airforce pls let it not be da 6 upgraded Alpha jets that will be displayed as the innovation so far on dat day we either see da Much talked about L15 Falcons Jet or da JF-17 and at least they can act as Stop Gap measures till we get 4.5th Gen Fighters like Grippens, F-16s or Sukhoi 27 and 30’s

  24. gbash10 says:

    Fellow cyber generals,it seems the much waiting to see what the CAS has for us may just be the commissioning of an operational UAV,the NAF Amebo drone and maybe something else!

  25. gbash10 says:

    Also,the NAF PR Directorate has now at least,been up-dating the NAF Webpage,however,they can do better than that!

  26. CHYDE says:

    Today is OCTOBER 1, if y’all know what I mean

  27. Deway says:

    Any updates on independence day celeb for the airforce?

  28. K'yall Kelvins says:

    Hello people? I hope a happy Independence Day to you all came knocking yesterday.

    I contacted the blog manager, Beegeagle and he is okay – About to hit ground. Kenya is fine and everything running without much strings. Keep the fire burning here & I wish y’all “Wakati mwema”.

  29. freeegulf says:

    always reactive, never proactive. these sorts of MO should have been a thing of the past for the military. they are doing a very poor job with getting their messages out to the media. obviously the journo that wrote this piece knows little about DEFSEC, and the gen info about the ops is too vague. so where is the PR success and boost that is so badly needed for ISO?

    in spite of the ongoing op boyona, BH still have an air of invincibility with their regrouping and dastardly acts. not because the army is not hitting them, but because their (army) momentum is too slow and unwieldy, thereby giving the terrs enough time to plan, coordinate, and execute another crime against humanity. this air of invincibility do not come simply from slow army momentum (which is a significant problem in this case), lack of comprehensive intel (SIGINT, HUMINT, ELINT), or inability to send out well protected fighting patrols. this fear comes principally from lack of proper media coordination. one hand is not washing the other in this case. this should be standard textbook MO but it seems the military are not as relentless with the bigger picture as enthusiasts were expecting from them.

    with regards to this latest tactical victory, kudos to them. good job and well done. but they need to up the ant. most especially, they have to be more detailed with press release and use the media to their full potential as an advantage rather than sheer paranoia. this blog could have easily covered post ops missions in the tri states, but the ogas at the top cant seem to see the big picture.

    • xnur44 says:

      Lack of air mobility is an impediment to an integrated and mobile fighting force, as anyone can guess, the bulk of JTF active patrols are influenced by urban infrastructure. If the 7 Div must pursue BH in the forest, there must be a change from counterinsurgency to jungle warfare tactics. The absence of Mi-17 terminators is sore gap in the battlespace the authority need to close ASAP.

  30. freeegulf says:

    oga xnurr, i think it is callous that the troops lack the full air assets needed in this theater. mobility is everything in COIN. why are these politicians dragging their foot wrt procurement. seriously, this is getting really annoying. utility copters and attack gunships are badly needed. is it so hard to acquire these platforms and equip the troops out there? our boys need these hardware in order to have complete battlefield superiority against the terrs.

    like oga Jimmy said, GEJ is depressed about the killings but surely, he doesn’t seem depressed that the armed forces lack the the proper gear to combat terrorism in the northeast. quite unfortunate. we have to beg for frontline infantry combat vehicles, we have to plead for contemporary multi role jets, do we also need to beg for copters too?

    • says:

      My Ogas dem,

      I told u I got a Friend who is currently serving on NNS Thunder and he says the International Fleet Review is On, I asked he send da De-classified pics so wen he does I would find a way to send dem to us anyhow since Beeg is Nowhere to be found.

      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Etisalat. Enjoy high speed mobile broadband on our easyblaze and plans for BlackBerry. Visit for details.

  31. gbash10 says:

    Hmmm… a NAF C-130 Hercules flew into TAC this afternoon,flying very low with its under-carriage lowered for landing. The ashe colour painting on most NAF’s aircrafts now,is it a standard painting for the service aircrafts?

    • jimmy says:

      Methinks so you recall the initial color of all these c130s were army camouflage.However once the refurbishment began they all started being painted ASH GREY (NAF 913,917 & 923) and also the serial numbers began to be prominently displayed incidentally did you catch the serial number ? .

  32. CHYDE says:

    House of Reps committee on the Air Force promises NAF more funds in the 2014 budget according to reports on AIT

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