23 August, 2013

The Nigerian Army requires more funds if it is to effectively tackle security challenges, Maj.-Gen. Abdullahi Muraina, the Chief of Accounts and Budgets (CAB), has said.

Muraina said in Jos on Friday that the
budgetary allocations were inadequate
and must be improved to help the armed forces to meet contemporary realities of the country. He spoke at a two-day finance training session for officers and soldiers of the 3 Armoured Division, Nigerian Army, Jos.

“The sustenance of various military
operations requires higher capabilities to maintain the required level and duration of operations to achieve the planned results. “However, doing that requires more resources, training and mission readiness, which requires adequate funding,’’ he said.

Represented by Col. Jeremiah Faransa, his Chief of Staff, Muraina, however said that the army must use the available
resources the best way it could, so as to
achieve set goals. He said the theme, “Meeting Contemporary Nigerian Army Challenges through Effective and Efficient Utilisation of Resources’’, was apt, given the situation that army had found itself.

“The environment, which we live in
today, demands prudent and wise
management of funds and resources held in trust by us for the Nigerian Army. “This is because, given the dwindling
financial allocation, making wrong choices can threaten the very survival goals of the army,’’ he said. He advised the Army Finance staff to be tactful in resource management so that goals could be achieved at minimum costs.

The General Officer Commanding the
Division, Maj.-Gen. Ebibowei Awala,
enjoined participants to continue to update their knowledge in the management of Nigerian Army Finances. Awala explained that the creation of
another division out of the 3 Armoured
Division was to bring the force closer to
the people and also tackle security
challenges in North-Eastern Nigeria.

The Commander, 3 Armoured Division
Finance and Accounts, Col. Abiodun
Oladele, said the training was aimed at
preparing the finance staff for the
challenges of the rapidly changing
financial environment. “We are doing this in line with the mission of the CAB, which is to manage the core finance operations of the Nigerian Army effectively and efficiently in ensuring that resources are utilised in the most cost effective manner.

“In line with this, several finance
personnel have attended training
workshops abroad in addition to the local training,’’ Oladele said.


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  1. jimmy says:

    As recently as last month to be specific the C.O.A.S. asked for more funds directly from the N.A.S.S. now we are also hearing from one of his immediate subordinates Maj.-Gen. Abdullahi Muraina, the Chief of Accounts and Budgets (CAB), who as the No.1 person in charges of the overall day to day finance operations of the army will know.
    The defence of any nation is a sacred duty entrusted to the men and women of the armed forces. The F.G. must realize this important duty can only be achieved if the necessary funds are made available. Nigeria has recently added a 6th army division adequate funds must be made available for this very important COIN BASED division for it to stand on it’s own two feet.

    • beegeagle says:

      The setting up of the division was on the cards as long ago as 2010. It is not a spur of the moment thing. There is something called ORBAT 2010, just like the NN stipulated a 10 Year Strategic Acquisition Plan.

      Among other things, an Army Aviation Corps and a SF brigade was stipulated in that plan. If the 40 pilots for the NA and a new SF battalion went on stream in 2012 seemingly “on the spur of the moment”, there is nothing to suggest that this was unplanned. That was sprung as a surprise on Nigerians since the “projects” had been concluded before we knew the specifics.

      Even at that, is there any year in which the FG have not operated a supplementary budget either to respond to exigencies or complete projects?

      We run an unaudited expense account (security vote) and a Contingency Fund running into the hundreds of millions of dollars which also goes towards giving concrete backing to ‘snap decisions’, assuming that the formation of a new division can be described as that.

      Add to that, supplementary budgeting which amounts to mainstay practice at the state and federal levels




  2. Tunde Olayinka says:

    True, the whole army needs to be re-equipped in view of the ongoing restructuring, the re-equipment and modernisation of existing formations will require substantial funding. It is imperative that modern equipment be procured for the army to give it the cutting edge required to execute operations in various theatres.

    By virtue of the current security challenges which the country is facing mostly in the North- Eastern parts, the army will require sufficient disbursement of funds to maintain ongoing mop- up operations against the insurgents in order to avoid any resurgence.

    The army also needs to be rightly positioned going forward, the key objectives should be how to empower the army to carry out effective patrolling of the porous border areas and greatly improve existing surveillance and intelligence gathering capacities within and outside the borders.

    All in all, after this experience the army cannot afford to remain the same. It should be proactively and strategically positioned to overcome the foreseeable challenges of the future. The bottom-line is that for Nigeria to have a well equipped highly mobile army required for the modern day task of defending the country both from within and without, the government has to release the funds required to enable the army increase in its size, acquire required equipment, improve personnel training and overall effectiveness of the force.

  3. jimmy says:

    oga BEEGS
    Begging your pardon I know this is not a defence RELATED ISSUE but you i nkow you are very big on financial security of Nigeria please indulge me on this topic if i have offended in away please feel free if not please indulge me. i believe this is important.

    • Solorex says:

      Oga Jimmy, I think its a welcome digression, I look forward to a day when we will have Dangote Defence Company or Dangote Shipyards that will syndicate a loan of a billion dollars to acquire license and competency to build Howitzers,Frigates and Aircrafts in conjunction with foreign partners for Nigeria and West African Countries. Its nice we are getting new platforms, but its also shameful we buy from South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam e.t.c these are countries that use to be of similar standing to us in the early eighties but have successfully restructured their defense industry to become major regional and international players.
      We need to discard the Sino Soviet model completely and embrace the western model for our defense industry. Without private investors, in 10 years to come we will still be test flying lab drones and test building workshop APC’s; local capacities will never develop.

  4. Solorex says:

    I am kind of sick and tired of the talk of Gen Beegeagle been heart broken by not been given equal access with foreign journalist to information and been disrespected by the military; thus abandoning all his dedicated bloggers and his much beloved forum with impunity and utter disregard for camaraderie. While this may certainly be true( given the “bushmanic”Antecedent of Nigerian military), i think the someone is a bit uncomfortable with procurement and strategy been opened up for criticism to everybody online. I believe the the heart break story is a soft landing an easily believable tale with no depth;designed to bamboozle an undiscerning mind. I thinks its cheap! I think this forum is been technically shutdown to prevent military procurement ,response to crisis and strategy from been scrutinized!
    I think Gen beegs should send us a little note on this.We should also take this out with the Local press while waiting for his note.

  5. jimmy says:

    oh boy! oh boy!! oh boy!!!

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