(with additional reporting by the NEWS AGENCY OF NIGERIA)
August 29, 2013
LAGOS, Nigeria

Nigeria’s navy killed six pirates and injured one other in its latest attack to try to stop the outlaws from expanding their territory in the Gulf of Guinea, a navy official said Wednesday. The pirates engaged the navy in a gun
battle late Sunday off the coast of Calabar in Nigerian and Cameroonian
waters, said Delta state navy spokesman Lt. Delightsome Yohana.

Nigeria’s navy fired back, killing the six pirates, he said. The other attacker is
getting treatment for injuries while in
custody, he said.

The operation is the latest in a string of
victories for the Nigerian navy that has
amped up its presence offshore and
bolstered it with support from its air
forces. In the last two weeks the navy
has killed 18 pirates in battles and arrested five, Yohana said. “We’ve been building our efforts for a long time. We are putting all our time, effort and resources to ensure the pirates are captured,” Yohana said.

Two days after an Aug. 15 hijacking in
Nigerian waters, a joint team of ships
and aircraft convinced the pirates to
disembark from the tanker. During that
time, however, the navy said that a
gunfight ensued and 12 of the 16 pirates were killed. The other four are in custody, Yohana said.

In July, the agency that monitors piracy
said that well-armed pirates are
widening their area of operations and
using new strategies in West Africa’s
oil-rich Gulf of Guinea. It said that while
piracy is down in the rest of the world, the Gulf of Guinea has overtaken Somalia as the world’s new hotspot,
according to figures for the first six
months of the year from the London-
based International Maritime Bureau.

There are calls for a coalition of naval
forces to patrol the strategic area, but
naval forces from other countries in the
Gulf of Guinea have said they don’t have
the same capacity as Nigeria to fight

In a related report, the News Agency of Nigeria quoted the the Commander, NNS Jubilee, Akwa Ibom, Commodore Isaac Ogbole as having said on Tuesday that “the joint patrol teams of Nigerian Navy – NNS Jubilee and NNS Victory, Calabar killed six pirates and injured one .

“Ogbole said this in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom while briefing newsmen on the activities of the command. He said that local fishermen in Ibaka, Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom, briefed the naval officers about the operations of the pirates in the area.”

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  1. Russeellinfinity says:

    The navy never fails to impress. Weldone boys. This is just the tip of the ice berg. FG please equip the navy with the requisite platforms and airframes and watch piracy in our waters become a thing of the past.

  2. jimmy says:

    One of our fellow bloggers has a you tube video hopefully it can be reproduced here.
    Mr PRESIDENT we respectfully call upon you about the rates of PIRACY it will surely come down if as you see the very platforms that your own administration is buying continues to buy at a more accelerated pace we need those two German frigates to act as floating bases in the ATLANTIC OCEAN now not later.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Oga eyimola,
    Much Respect!! – The event was actually covered by NTA in their news bulletin yesterday. I saw and heard (on TV) the Hon. Minister of State for Defence (Mrs. Erelu Obada) delivering part of her welcoming speech in which she categorically spoke of the need for more platforms to be purchased for the Nigerian Navy.

    On another point – well done Naija navy – pirates will soon steer clear of our waters and our Hon Minister of Finance (as per her earlier speech during the commissioning of the 17 metre Mantra CPCs in Lagos )will now hopefully release funds to buy more vessels!!!

    Finally on a lighter note, the Defence Web website has an article on the visit of NNS Thunder to Cape Town and two bloggers made a couple of silly comments about our naval personnel. Yours truly put them in their proper place. ONWARD TOGETHER!!!

  4. Yagazie says:

    NNS Thunder has now arrived in Australia two days ahead of schedule. Well done to our gallant sailors. I know that thy will do us proud at the International Fleet Review scheduled for October 2013. ONWARD TOGETHER !!

  5. Hi Peeps i guess this is the post for Naval things. FYI…….Do u guys think this is meant for the navy?

    • jimmy says:

      oga optimus prime
      I read the article very carefully. The area of concern is the lack of speedy ( lawful of course) prosecution, I do not have a clue on how this money is being spent, however evidence points to International pressure being put on Nigeria with her fire brigade approach with oil @ current bench mark prices of$100+ per barrel. illicit oil seeping out of Nigeria is no doubt ,pissing the OPEC and non OPEC countries alike. This i believe is what is causing this “new s100m additional funds.
      While I am not the f.g. is lying I AM SAYING THE F.G SHOULD SHOW US THE MERCHANDISE.
      The f.g. is not serious at this stage somehow instead of facing square on ( more mobile helios ( marine adapted , more prosecutions especially for oil bunkering. They do everything except the things that are very important to the success of ensuring oil piracy goes away.

  6. Yagazie says:

    Gen Optimus, my guess is that this sum of N15bn, might not be allocated to the navy alone. It could be that it is disbursed amongst all the security services (i,e – army, navy, airfoce, civil defence corp, Police) that are involved in trying to stem the oil theft.

  7. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, we all no that 100 million usd where new platforms are concerned, is pocket change.

    It would however go much farther, if we focus on used ships like the retiring us Oliver perry hazard frigates, the south korean pohang corvettes, or the many chinese and german ships beeg has showed us pictures of.

    Speaking of Beegeagle, I appeal to proforce to please look into the whereabouts of beeg, and send us word.
    Of course, with beegeagle’s consent.

    We know Beegeagle’s blog and the company, were on the verge of a great partnership.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      A poster by the name of Azuka on a different forum told another poster, that oga Beeg is fine and that he recently spoke with him. I guess this finding supports the feelings and premonitions of ogas Jimmy and Obix in the Caucasus. I do feel much better now than I have had these past weeks regarding Beegs. The thoughts and worries that crossed my mind can now begin to be set aside. Cheers, my fellow Nigerians. Please keep up your call for us to give to our boys and girls in the armed forces the best weapon systems and platforms we can afford because their lives matter and victory in war does not only come from God.

      • Obix says:

        @Honourable acting Major Benbella, thanks for that piece of good news about Beag. I look at oga Beag is a die-hard spec Op specialist, who carefully executes his moves. There must be rational reasons for his absence. I’m happy my premonition didn’t miss 🙂 Concerning our call for the provision of adequate platforms for our boys and girls, it’s still hard to understand why the FG is not in a hurry to do that when we are in a war situation in the NE. What will it take for them to realize that the lives of our troops are worth more than the “metals” that are supposed to keep them alive and help them get the job done fast and efficiently??? It is getting to a point where some of us here have lost hope. We are now resorting to prayers only! Jeeeeez! 😦

      • doziex says:

        Oga Major, thanks for the great news. To God be the glory.

      • tim says:

        Please what forum is that?

  8. Acting Major Benbella says:

    Oga Tim,
    It is on cybereagles that I read Azuka’s comment on Beeg. Beeg used to participate on that forum before he started this one.

  9. Yagazie says:

    Oga Obix, as they say ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’ – ‘Seeing is believing’. KUDOS to the Nigerian Navy, and in particular the officers, women and men of the NNS Thunder for this marvellous feat of navigation/seamanship. lets not forget that they sailed over 24,000KM from Calabar to Sydney Australia and arrived 2 days ahead of schedule!! We THANK GOD for journey’s mercies.
    see: http//

    This feat is also reported on the South African Defence Web website.

    Once again our millitary have shown that given the tools they are more than capable of mixing it with the best of them out there. They will surely do Nigerian and indeeed AFRICA proud at the International Fleet Review – ONWARD TOGETHER!!

  10. jimmy says:

    congrats to the Nigerian Navy.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Congrats to the navy. Still wished they had done this trip with our own bought/co-manufactured destroyer or frigate with a support ship rather than a 40 years old donated OPV. The navy has done the best with the tools it’s been given. That what is given to them does even begin to address the threat says a lot about our leaderships today and in years past. And what it says is and has been our collective tragedy that we are and have been governed by people who do not give a hoot about Nigeria, its peoples and its place in history.

  11. beeyee says:

    gentlemen happy independence, gen beegs has bin awol for a while now wats rily happening? hope he’s good?

  12. (@lordfej) says: video on bbc where it was mentiond Nigeria sent a warship to Australia

  13. Obix says:

    In this video, you’ll see her from 2.30-2.40 minutes and from 12.14-12.28 minutes God bless our men and women of the NN! Onward together! Have a nice weekend!

  14. jimmy says:
    Some more patrol boats have been acquired, again this is not is required, right now the piracy and big business is on the high seas.Those OPV are needed there just outside the maritime corridor of LAGOS , PORT HARCOURT AND CALABAR.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Jimmy, the pictures spoke for themselves. The SBS chaps looked menacing. No doubt they impressed the counterparts from other countries.

  15. eyimola says:

    Details of NN OPV plans

    The Nigerian Navy (NN) is moving ahead with plans to build naval vessels locally by collaborating with foreign partners. “The Nigerian Navy is extremely keen to have their own in-house shipbuilding capacity and has opened the floor to constructive partnerships in that regard,” Dr Karen Sumser-Lupson, the chair and commissioner of the African Maritime Safety & Security Agency (AMSSA), told the inaugural IQPC OPV Africa conference, which was held in Lagos from 27-29 August 2013.

    The drive to develop a shipbuilding capability stems partly from the Nigerian government’s ‘Vision 2020’ self-reliance drive and also a desire to create an industrial base that is capable of maintaining the naval vessels, which typically suffer from poor operational availability.

    “Localising building of naval vessels in Nigeria will make more naval ships available for patrol and protection of critical offshore infrastructure in Nigeria’s maritime domain for the benefit of all,” Rear Admiral Emanuel Ogbor, the NN’s chief of policy and plans, told the conference.

    Leveraging its experience gained from building the 31 m-long NNS Andoni (P 100), the first Seaward Defence Boat (SDB) to emerge from the Nigerian Naval Dockyard in Lagos, the NN is proceeding with the construction of a larger, 38 m SDB.

    More importantly, the Nigerian Naval Shipyard (NNSY) in Port Harcourt (formerly the Witt & Busch shipyard) is being upgraded and modernised with Chinese assistance so that it can build offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) and carry out maintenance on vessels of up to 10,000 dwt.

    China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Company (CSOC), which signed a contract with the NN in April 2012 to build two 95 m P18N OPVs, is upgrading the NNSY so that it will be able to complete the construction of the second vessel. Around 50-70% of the OPV will be carried out at Port Harcourt, suggesting that some construction and the majority of the outfitting will take place at the NNSY.

    The OPV project is a major step up for the shipyard, which built a 90-passenger naval ferry, Sauka Lafiya (A 483), in 2009 and is currently building a 16.56 m, 92 ton naval tug.

    Speaking at the IQPC OPV Africa Conference, Xu Ziqui of CSOC revealed the scope of the dockyard upgrade. A new jetty and “auxiliary facilities” capable of repairing 5,000 dwt vessels and offshore projects will be built in Phase 1. A new dry dock and auxiliary facilities to build and repair OPVs and 5,000 dwt ships will be constructed in Phase 2. Phase 3 calls for a fully modernised shipyard that is “able to build and repair OPVs, and up to 10,000 dwt sea-going vessels and offshore projects”, said Xu.

    Industry sources say the first OPV, which is being built at Wuchang shipyard in Wuhan, is expected to be delivered in mid-2014. The second will also arrive in Nigeria in 2014 and is expected to be completed later that year or in early 2015. Photographs posted on the NN’s website in October showed that the chief of naval staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba, recently attended a “hull formation ceremony” for the first OPV in Wuhan.

    Suncraft presented this concept for a 90 m OPV during the IQPC OPV Africa conference. (Suncraft)Suncraft presented this concept for a 90 m OPV during the IQPC OPV Africa conference. (Suncraft)

    Despite the growing Chinese influence in Nigeria, a number of non-Chinese companies are trying hard to sell OPVs and patrol vessel to the NN. Singapore-based Suncraft International is pushing two new ‘low-cost’ OPV designs: one for a 60 m vessel with a helicopter pad, the other for a 90 m vessel that has an integral hangar. To date, Suncraft has supplied more than a dozen 17 m Manta and two 38 m patrol craft to the NN.

    In another development, IHS Jane’s understands that the Nigerians rejected an offer of one or more second-hand Israeli warships, most likely ageing Saar-class missile vessels.

    OCEA is set to deliver the first of two 31.8 m FPB 98 patrol craft, NNS Dorina (P 101), to Nigeria. The company delivered three 24 m FPB 72 patrol craft to the NN in 2012.

    The NN is also interested in acquiring a second Hamilton-class cutter, USCGC Gallatin (WHEC 721), from the Unites States. The transfer is expected to go through in mid-April 2015.

  16. Yagazie says:

    Oga Eyimola thanks for the heads up and posting on NN’s OPV plans – interesting reading. Let’s hope it comes through to fruition without any hiccups. I am particularly impressed that the NN was able to reject the Isreali second hand Saar boats as they are not suitable for patroling our EEZ and in any event we have enough small OPC and inshore craft. It shows that we won’t accept just anything.

    The emphasis now should be on ocean going platforms – OPVs, Frigates and Corvettes es well as LPDs. I was under the impression tha tthe transfer of the second Hamilton=class cutter USCGC Gallatin (WHEC 721) was due to go thorugh in April 2014 and not April 2015 as stated in the article?

    Oga Jimmy – The kidnapping of 2 American Sailors from an American Flagged vessel within our territorial waters might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Now maybe with the latent threat of direct US Navel involvement in policing our territorial waters, our politicians will get serious and equip the navy with the requisite platorms (new and second hand) that are needed to deal with this piracy menace.

    • eyimola says:

      The Security situation in the Gulf of Guinea is blatantly unsustainable. It is obvious that someone WILL eventually step up to the plate and do something about the problem. Nothing will be achieved without first dealing with the so called militants in the Niger Delta (including those in the amnesty programme), because they are also the pirates and kidnappers. I hope the US goes after this particular group

    • jimmy says:

      This is getting bigger and bigger by the minute in the U.S.
      The Nigerian Military IS UNDER PRESSURE TO LOCATE AND RESCUE THE Chief Engineer and the Captain of this Ship.
      This ship is U.S. flagged meaning they were not BAHAMAS, LIBERIA or one of those notorious Countries. This does not come at a good time , to add to the perfect storm( where is OGA DOZIEX WHEN YOU NEED HIM?) The exercise that is on going includes u.s , uk, spain and Nigerian amphibious special forces. they might actually as we literally speak have to use all their skills to get these two Americans back.
      The rooster is coming roost now no expense will be spared we have said this repeatedly We need more quick reaction marine time helicopters something that the Russians could sell us but alas the foot dragging continues.
      I WOULD LIKE TO CELEBERATE THE ACQUISTION as we predicted god willing we shall have one brand new opv and one brand new 38 m SDB come OCTOBER 1, 2014.

      • eyimola says:

        OGA JIMMY
        Yeah I share the frustration of the International community on this. The nation should be embarrassed at the 30% increase in Piracy off its shores. The argument that they don’t have enough resources to police the entire area falls short when you consider the fact that the risk of being attacked by Pirates actually gets higher the closer you are to the coast.

    • eyimola says:

      You echoed my thoughts regarding the rejected Israeli boats. The Navy has enough of those vessels.

  17. ifiok umoeka says:

    May be

  18. jimmy says:

    Sorry typo Celebrate

  19. doziex says:

    I keep losing my content before I click the post button.

    Anyway, in a nutshell, we need to ramp up NN platforms, as cheaply and as rapidly as possible.

    We could grab 12 Pohangs from ROK. 8 Perry class frigates, LPDs,LSTs from the US. the Chinese and the germans would show us favor if we take the initiative, and make our case.

    This does not replace new ship purchases or building, it’s just an adjunct.

    With enough ships, we can patrol our EEZ in quadrants, and maintain a round the clock presence.

    Aerial patrols and heliborne boardings by our SBS is also a must.

    After 3 decades of neglect, we no longer have the luxury of time.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    No perrys please

    • eyimola says:

      Why not? The Oliver Perry class is still one of the more formidable assets in the US Navy. If we were to get a couple under the FMS programme at a knock down price (a bit like spending 8million USD on a Hamilton) I would be relatively pleased

      • CHYDE says:

        But must we keep on going for Used equipments?

      • eyimola says:

        That’s a completely separate argument. Having said that, more powerful and successful Navies than the NN have and are still purchasing second hand kit, If Nigeria wants to build up its Naval Assets quickly, then its going to be mix of New and Old.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Oga jimmy, I have just come off reading that news item on the kidnapped Americans, and also read through the reactions at the bottom. Men…!!! My eyes were assaulted by the concentration of ignorance and thuggish behaviour in that forum. Na wah Oooo… Though few contributors were quite ‘jammed up’, and they did put right the narrow mindedness with some degree of informed details. On a frank note, our Navy urgently needs OPV platforms to police our EEZ and put the madness called piracy out of business for good.

  21. ifiok umoeka says:

    Check this out
    2day exercise, 2moro patrols?
    @ Enyimola, brother, we’ve been over the good old Perrys in the past, the fact still remains that they are very specialized ASW cans with almost no AAD and ASUW capability (they lost that capacity @ the turn of the millennium). In ASW, its dependent on it 2(for LAMPS III program) seahawks (which will be the 1st 2 go off the ships if they were 2 be given us – 2 sensitive and expensive). As for air defense and surface combat, remember that these vessels operate in groups or task forces so they will always get cover from the carriers and the Burkes.
    Most importantly, with a $16m annul fueling cost, I think we would be foolish to accept it for free (there’s a reason why the Greeks retired their after a couple of years and many other navies refused it even as gift – Taiwan is a different ball game). I remember making the same point with the Brithis type 22 only that a T22 is a virgin and the Perry a whore (forgive me for lack of a better expression) when it come to fueling. That is the curse of COGAG propulsion configuration. I’ll take the F122 over it any day. By the way, Admiral Max did a neat write up on it here

  22. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- on this blog some time ago there was a thread on the possbile purchase of an Irish naval vessel (L.E. Emer) by the Nigerian Navy to be used as an OPV. Remember?

    Well the vessel was decommissioned about a month ago (after about 36 years of service) and then auctioned. It was bought by a …NIGERIAN BUSINESSMAN…for E320,000 euros. I won’t be surprised if he now leases it to the Nigerian Navy or sets up a security outfit and uses it as a private armed patrol boat escorting oil servicing vessels in the Niger Delta. Smart chap.

    Once again our Govt/MOD has been caught napping. This vessel could have been purchased on the cheap, refurbished for a minimal amount and then pressed into naval service as an OPV ( being 65.2m long, with a 1,020 tonnes displacement and armed with a bofors L40/70 40mm [which could be upgraded to a 76mm naval gun] and two 20mm cannons- it would have been an ideal ‘stop-gap’ platform. However I guess the opportunities for ‘egunje’ was non-existent or very minimal- hence the lacke of interest on the part of our Govt officials. A missed opportunity. ‘

  23. ifiok umoeka says:

    Ha ha

  24. jimmy says:

    Just read the piece if it was stripped it will be interesting to see what the ship will be come.

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Jimmy, it will be just like a ferry boat. SInce the bidders were all “civillians” it’s clear the boat was stripped naked.

      • eyimola says:

        I remember having a conversation with BEEG regarding the vessel. It is a rust bucket, and totally unsuitable for the NN. We need to ensure that this ‘businessman’ does not end up selling the ship to Nigeria…especially since we know how much it cost

  25. jimmy says:
    oga Doziex/ Freegulf/Obix/ Eyimola
    Here is an interesting article by the FOC OF THE EASTERN COMMAND. AIKHOMU if you guys are old to remember AIKHOMU if the name sounds familiar is of blue blood heritage, unless I am mistaken is probably directly related to the late Chief of NAVAL STAFF… OGA DOZIEX it appears maybe someone was listening and reading our thoughts and our sense of frustration there you have one of the most senior officers calling for more funding.
    The army being the largest branch and by sheer numbers the most expensive has do a better job of engaging the public social / civilian network, their past history not withstanding we have to move on.
    One of the most senior officers ( retired) needs to call for more funding for more helicopters, for more mraps , for more amour ed ( bmps to be precise)/ scout vessels for more tanks .Communication is going to be key going forward THE COAS to his credit in the past has done this but it has to be refreshed this message has to be respectful but it is a message that has to be done. especially as the budget is about to be presented.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Jimmy, the more we read such articles, the more we weep considering the level of piracy and oil bunkering the country is facing. Is it not funny that a regional naval command with a large AOR has only 5 major ships? How do you expect them to work effectively?

    • eyimola says:

      Sounds like the Admiral was being diplomatic.

  26. Yagazie says:

    The FOC Eastern Command pitched it just about right. “Thanks for the assets you have provided and with these assets (innadequate as they are) we are doing the best we can – but could do much more if we were better funded. ” The fact that the Eastern command has recently had some notable successes against Pirates – and which are in the public domain confirms what he is saying. Let’s hope that the Govt will give the millitary the funding it deserves. That said one must give credit to the President GEJ as the upgrade of the Navy has really received serious attention under his watch.

  27. jimmy says:
    Gentlemen you may recall the on going discussions we have been having with regards to the procurement for the ARMY/ NAVY/ AIR FORCE. Last week we had the F.O.C. OF THE EASTERN NAVAL come out ask directly for more funds. Well this week we have seen our hon Sen. ANYANWUN echo the same thoughts as what we have been saying on this blog.
    Again I ask what is it going to take for this administration ESPECIALLY Madam Finance MINSTER you cannot stop the bleeding/ stealing/ piracy/ Kidnapping if you are not willing to pay for the medicines. No navy in the world has learned to walk on water .
    In AMERICA we have a saying ” if you are not part of the solution it is almost certain that you are part of the problem. Administration officials for reasons best known to them want to penny pinch their way out of this piracy/ oil theft / kidnapping problem let us sit back and see how ell they succeed.

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    The lady’s got balls… and brains too! U DON’T JUDGE A MAN WORK IF U DONT GIVE HIM THE RIGHT TOOLS.
    Like I said b4, these guys @ gov know this and its deliberate! If they wanted the theft stop, they’ll get it done in less than a month! They KNOW what they are DOING!

  29. Solorex says:

    I am kind of sick and tired of the talk of Gen Beegeagle been heart broken by not been given equal access with foreign journalist to information and been disrespected by the military; thus abandoning all his dedicated bloggers and his much beloved forum with impunity and utter disregard for camaraderie. While this may certainly be true( given the “bushmanic”Antecedent of Nigerian military), i think the someone is a bit uncomfortable with procurement and strategy been opened up for criticism to everybody online. I believe the the heart break story is a soft landing an easily believable tale with no depth;designed to bamboozle an undiscerning mind. I thinks its cheap! I think this forum is been technically shutdown to prevent military procurement ,response to crisis and strategy from been scrutinized!
    I think Gen beegs should send us a little note on this.We should also take this out with the Local press while waiting for his note.

  30. eyimola says:

    Marines may put pirates in crosshairs with beefed-up Nigerian missionwaters near you.

    As armed pirates continue to terrorize waters off Africa’s west coast at three times the rate than their Somali counterparts on the continent’s eastern coast, Marine officials are considering expanding its presence in and around the Gulf of Guinea to ward off piracy and other threats. Capt. Eric Flanagan, a Marine Corps spokesman, told the force would be an extension of a larger crisis-response team established earlier this year in Spain to handle emergencies in northern Africa.

    “What we’re doing is looking at potential extension of that same force,” Flanagan said. “With the current fiscal environment, it’s about the Marine Corps maintaining presence without the need for amphibious shipping.”

    The speculative plan, first reported by Foreign Policy, would include the force of about 550 Marines and six MV-22B Ospreys, allowing quick transport for Leathernecks around the globe, Flanagan said.

    “They can take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane,” he said of the aircraft. “We’re looking to have these crisis-response teams to be able to put Marines in various places so we can respond to a lot of high-threat areas.”

    Similar crisis-response teams are also being considered for the Middle East and the Caribbean, according to Flanagan, who stressed the plan remains in early stages and likely a year or longer from actual deployment unless conditions in the area decline. But with a Navy ship stationed in or near the Gulf of Guinea, Flanagan said Marines could quickly respond to situations in northwest Africa and beyond.

    “It’s being considered,” Flanagan continued. “At the moment, some of these things are still in the works, but this a potential response that the Marine Corps can provide.”

    Lt. Gen. Richard Tryon detailed the possible extension during an Oct. 30 speech accompanied by a slide that depicted a single ship based in the Gulf of Guinea off Nigeria, where 30 reported piracy incidents have occurred this year, including two hijackings, according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s Maritime Bureau. By comparison, just 11 reported incidents, including two hijackings, have occurred off Somalia. Globally, 206 incidents and 11 hijackings have been tallied this year, according to statistics provided by the organization.

    Separately, the International Maritime Bureau reported last month that attacks in the gulf were up by one-third, with more than 40 piracy attacks this year. A total of 32 crew members were taken off the coast of Nigeria, compared to two off Togo’s coast to the west. About 30 percent of U.S. oil and 40 percent of European crude supplies navigate the treacherous waters, according to The Soufan Group, a global security intelligence firm.

    In October, two U.S. mariners were kidnapped off the coast of Nigeria from an American-flagged oil supply vessel. Rebels in the oil-rich Niger Delta later told The Associated Press that they had been contacted by the kidnappers and said a rescue operation was underway. And while almost all foreigners kidnapped are released once ransoms are paid, U.S. State Department officials told that no new information pertaining to the kidnapping victims was available as of Thursday.

    An email reportedly from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta to The Associated Press late last month indicated that the Americans were captured by a “heavily armed auxiliary outfit” off the town of Brass in the Gulf of Guinea.

    “The Americans will not be handed over for our direct custody but we will have the influence to visit them and ensure that they are well looked after until their subsequent release,” the statement said.

    A U.S. civilian kidnapped last year from Nigeria’s oil-refining city of Warri was freed after a week in captivity. Nigeria’s navy has rescued at least two hostages this year and reported killing several pirates in counterattacks to prevent ship hijackings, The Associated Press reports.

    Piracy, however, would not likely be the “top priority” for the new force ultimately put in place off Africa’s west coast, Flanagan said. Other potential missions could include embassy reinforcement or humanitarian assistance. But by simply being visible in the area, he said, Marines could potentially thwart would-be acts of piracy and serve as a formidable impediment.

    In addition to clamping down on piracy, the forces could theoretically play a role in protecting U.S. and Western interests on Africa’s mainland, where the militant group Boko Haram has clashed with Christians and the oil-rich nation’s government.

    “Not having to fire a shot is probably the best outcome we could hope for,” Flanagan told “But the overall goal would be to have Marines in the region who can act as a deterrent.”

    Max Hoffman, a research associate at the Center for American Progress, questioned whether the potential force deployment is “absolutely necessary” since most of the attacks occur fairly close to shore and are related to the oil production in Nigeria.

    “It would be a pretty big tool for a fairly small nail,” Hoffman told “The question becomes could the resources of a Marine deployment in the region be better utilized building local capabilities to combat these problems.”

    As the Marines now pivot from Iraq and Afghanistan to other parts of the world, Hoffman said Africa is becoming a “major focus” and for good reason. But he also questioned what would follow if Marines do eventually engage with pirates in the Gulf of Guinea or elsewhere off Africa.

    “It would raise questions as to what are the rules of engagement,” Hoffman said. “What happens if a vessel is seized and they go to the territorial waters off Nigeria? Do the Marines follow?”

    • jimmy says:

      “It would raise questions as to what are the rules of engagement,” Hoffman said. “What happens if a vessel is seized and they go to the territorial waters off Nigeria? Do the Marines follow?”
      @ Oga Eyimola
      In a probable answer to your question and this is not a hypothetical/ rhetorical question because at the moment there are Two Americans being held hostage somewhere of the coast of Nigeria. This is the Nightmare scenario that happened to osama bin laden in Pakistan . If Information is obtained by the U.S. it will be considered Highly sensitive it is very likely it will not be shared due to the fact the F.G.N has shown an unwillingness to protect and invest adequately in it’s own strategic Naval interests despite the President and the Finance minister being from this same coastal area .
      As more piracy attacks occur 2010,2011,2012, 2013 there is a linear relationship. Nigeria can expect more increased pressure from nations like the US ( and indirectly the U.K), France, and ultimately China these are the countries that have the biggest investments in Nigeria whose STRATEGIC INTERESTS is for the GULF OF GUINEA to be pirate free and have a lot to lose.
      A former mafia boss was once asked why do you rob banks his reply was” because that’s where the money is”
      Somalia is a very poor nation even by AFRICAN STANDARDS by contrast Nigeria is very rich with a huge amount of Foreign investment. The F.G.N we continue to warn Big things start from tiny incidents. It is not in their interests to have real warships from Western nation just outside the 200 nautical mile international zone . That will take a nautical fitted APACHE its British Counterpart ( THE LYNX) exactly one hour to be in Nigeria airspace and Marine space.
      These are my thoughts.
      I will get a twitter account this weekend.

      • eyimola says:

        It’s mind boggling that the insecurity in the gulf had been left to deteriorate to this stage.
        I actually feel the Americans have been really restrained so far, and share your view that further pressure on the FGN is inevitable.

  31. jimmy says:
    The NA needs to take notes from their counterparts in the Niger delta as to how the details and how extensive they are that are given as to what they are doing, where they are doing it And how up to date they are in their press briefings.
    This is what is missing in the N.E.. THE N.A needs to engage the young second lieutenants who are socially versed in SOCIAL NETWORKING to understand what is going on. There is some information that i have deliberately left out.

  32. ifiok umoeka says:

    Guys, I hate to say but I remember posting these some time ago
    ifiok umoeka says:
    October 29, 2013 at 12:08 pm
    There’s a reason why the venerable
    Beegs is off the blog he created.
    What if some smartly dressed folks
    came visiting and left a F**kOFF
    message and a lasting impression?
    Because I dare say that this is the
    only thing that offers an insight into
    what’s happening behind this veiled
    village called security sector! Like I’ve
    said b4, the solutions to our issues
    are so obvious that I wonder why
    they’ve not been implemented yet!
    How come they office of the NSA can
    in no time put up a C5IRS center
    (costing a chunk of the budget
    allotted the security sector) yet we
    can’t spare a 1/4 of a $bn to get
    stores to put out a blazing clear and
    present danger (per jimmy or was it
    you freegulf?)! So we try to clear the
    smog and get scared off cos if its
    clearer everyone gets to see The
    TRUTH, we don’t want this war won
    and done with, we want to manage it
    and extract the highest profit from it
    irrespective of the cost and brothers
    what will happen as we get closer to
    THE DATE will bring a new definition
    to the phrase GRAVE COST
    ifiok umoeka says:
    September 13, 2013 at 6:57 am
    …Mean while, down
    south, a camerounian flagged vessel
    is highjacked of Bakassi and the
    Camerounians intervenes and are
    slaughtered by ex MEND pirate. Also
    killed are the French captain and 8
    other European crewmen including 2
    French men. The French quietly
    redirect from off the coast of Libya a
    horizzon class destroyer escorted by
    a La Fayette class frigate. 3 days
    later, a Totalfinaelf vessel is hijacked
    of the coast of Lagos and 80km from
    the French mini task force position
    and 3km within our territorial waters
    and it 2am. On board the French
    ships are a unit of their parachutist
    marine commando and 2 cougar
    copters, the NNS Thunder is some
    where off the Maldives in the Indian
    ocean and the ATR 42 MR asset is
    packed in the air force wing of the
    MMA. Time is ticking…

  33. ifiok umoeka says:

    Another french priest kidnapped by suspected BH, more money to be made by BH. France is a state sponsor of terrorist. Again, Nigeria will stand idle and watch, yet again.

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