Nigerian soldiers in an Otokar Cobra APC stand ready to defend Muslim worshippers with a RPG and a GPMG during the August 2013 Eid festivities


28 August, 2013

The new Nigerian Army Division (7 Div), which was recently created to maintain a permanent security presence in the North-east and enforce emergency rule in the region, has been ordered to unearth evidence on the killing of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, in order to lay to rest the controversy surrounding his death.

A top military source revealed that there is currently a massive hunt with the collaboration of local and international intelligence agencies to unearth any clues that can confirm that Shekau is actually dead.

The source said: “The new division has been tasked with solving the mystery surrounding Shekau’s death without also jeopardising the major work of maintaining the peace and stabilising the North-east. “You know that with the new division, a whole strategic,operational and tactical aspect has been restructured. The brigades, armoured and tactical are in operation, and more than 8,000 troops including those already on ground with JTF (Joint Task Force). Our special forces, the air force and other agencies are still involved; just that the structure has changed.”

“First of all, however, the division has been mandated to get the remains of Shekau’s body or any clue to lay to rest once and for all the existing doubts about his death,” the source added.

Further investigation also revealed that the military authorities are not happy with the manner the JTF announced the death of the Boko Haram leader without due clearance from Defence Headquarters (DHQ).Another top military source said the action smacked of indiscipline as it has caused them sufficient embarrassment that needed explaining.

THISDAY also gathered that the authorities are still divided on whether to mete out sanctions to the erring officers of the JTF who released the information of Shekau’s death.However, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, has decided to remain silent on the issue for the time being.

Some officers in DHQ, nonetheless, are quite bitter that JTF nearly messed up the whole operation against Boko Haram in the Northeast, and have blamed the taskforce for antagonising the local population before emergency rule was declared. “It was the troops and special forces that were sent after the declaration of the emergency rule that saved the day by winning the trust and friendship of the local population.

“If you are observant, you will realise that the communities were asking for the withdrawal of the JTF troops until the arrival of the troops and special forces reversed that,” the DHQ source said.

Another source also noted that it was an act of indiscipline for JTF to have issued the statement on Shekau’s death without first getting clearance from DHQ. “I cannot imagine the new army division making an announcement of a serious and weighty issue like Shekau’s death without getting clearance from the Army Headquarters,” he said.


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  1. Obix says:

    I quote- “Further investigation also revealed that the military authorities are not happy with the manner the JTF announced the death of the Boko Haram leader without due clearance from Defence Headquarters (DHQ).Another top military source said the action smacked of indiscipline as it has caused them sufficient embarrassment that needed explaining.” My ogas, i think it is also an act of indiscipline to make public plans to search for Shekau’s body. This should be a secret operation, the result of which can be made public after the mission is accomplished. Don’t they understand that BH can hide the body in order to make him invincible and to maintain morale high. This all shows that there is a problem with information management in the system.

  2. jimmy says:

    oga obix much respect for your comments i think that search has been on going for a quite a while now before these statements were released to the press. How long ago? think back to when those special forces were rerouted from Mali to Maiduguri, the firefight where the bh number two was killed, this is when the real ” hunger games began”
    I think even to the most die hard people against coin “WE ARE BEGINNINGTO SEE THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABORS” The statement is credited with the rapport that now exists with the civilian populace it very doubtful I.M.H.O. that the top hierarchy of b.h. will wiped out in a two week period August has proved very deadly for the hierarchy of bh the key is sustenance of momentum.
    This division (7th) must be given the correct tools , experienced officers, up- to -date-communication and less interference because of” my ogas on top” who want to be recognized for all the wrong reasons in short let us trust them to do the work they are trained to do.

  3. Solorex says:

    It is all about twisting information to your advantage Sir; information as the capacity to psychologically wane your opponent when properly managed as an instrument of warfare. The announcement appears to be a calculated effort to wane the bravado of his foot soldiers physiologically; if he would now have to prove to them that he is alive and able to personally coordinate the groups activities; this makes him prone to errors. The fact that Shekau has not been able to convince us or them that he is alive till date, is already an advantage to the anti-terror campaign.

    My only grouse is the fact the tactics is not properly managed by the military as a whole( JTF,NA HQ and MOD) by now, nobody should be announcing the search for the body, we should do that quietly while we are driving home we are sure he is dead.

  4. Obix says:

    The fact that the MOD pointed out that the august video of Shekau was fake was enough to wane the bravado of the BH foot soldiers. But i don’t see the sense in announcing the search for his body unless they have discovered it already and have a game plan on hand. During the Chechnya war, the notorious mercenary Emir Khattab was eliminated by the FSB through a poisoned letter delivered by his courier/russian mole in a spectacular operation.The Russians announced his death and showed the video of his burial. There wasn’t any announcement made prior to that because there had been many false announcements of his death. I pray the people in our MOD know what they are doing.

  5. peccavi says:

    OP RESTORE ORDER SITREP- Week Ending 31 August 2013
    Situation Friendly Forces:
    26 August: 4000 civilians have been displaced from DUMBA to BAGA following last weeks attack. The IDPs are being catered for by the Nigerian Red Cross
    Situation Enemy Forces:
    25 August: 6 civilians were killed in DAMASAK, BORNO State on the NIGERIA/ NIGER border by suspected insurgents
    30 August: Insurgents allegedly killed a 20 civilians in DAMBOA and NGANZA after killing CJTF around MONGUNO
    14 nomadic herders killed in an unspecified village in BORNO State by gunmen
    Situation Other Forces
    25 August: 14 vigilantes killed and 9 wounded in an attack by insurgents in BAMA, the insurgents were allegedly dressed in military uniform and called the youths away for a meeting. The attackers used knives and cutlasses
    27 August: attacks by insurgents in DAWASHI, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State has resulted in 5 CJTF and 20 civilians dead and 12 wounded. The CJTF came from MAIDUGURI and were attacked by the insurgents
    30 August: a group of 100 vigilantes from the CJTF on an unsupported clearance operation around KALERI, SHUWARI and NANNARI villages were attacked by insurgents allegedly dressed in military uniform and mounted in 3 vehicles resulting in 24 dead and 34 missing near MONGUNO, BORNO State.
    Table 1 Casualties
    Killed Wounded Missing/ Detained
    NPF 0 0 0
    NA 0 0 0
    Total NSF 0 0 0
    CJTF 57 9 34
    Insurgents 0 0 Male: Female:
    Civilian 40 12 0

    Table 2 Captured insurgent equipment
    Pistol 9mm 7.62 Ammo IEDs Vehicles Motorcycles RPGs Cash

    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Table 3 Insurgent incidents
    Insurgent Incidents
    IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping
    0 0 0 3 0 2 0 0

    Improvise, Adapt and overcome: the insurgents have reacted to the military pressure and change in dynamics by adopting new tactics and procedures.
    The insurgents went from mob action with crude weapons, to an armed insurrection and then to Vehicle borne and suicide IEDs. As they scored more successes and defined more and more ‘no go’ areas coupled with an influx of weapons and trained personnel from Mali/ Libya were able to engage in large scale vehicle mounted attacks against urban areas and most importantly withdraw from these attacks in relatively good order to fight again.
    In response to the Op Boyona offensive the insurgents have now dispersed and modified their tactics as follows
    Infiltration tactics: it can be presumed that the insurgents used women, children and other ruses to spy on and infiltrate target areas. However in the wake of this offensive with the restrictions to freedom of movement, the use of women (and men disguised as women) has become more and more apparent. The use of vigilantes has increased the capture rate of these individuals. Their motivations have been reported to be as varied as payment (N5,000.00), as duty to their husbands or relatives who are insurgents, blackmail/ coercion, revenge for dead husbands or relatives.
    Tricks and Ruses: the insurgency has shown its resilience and intelligence by adapting to the adversity of its current position and by using circumstances that are familiar to their victims they have been able to undermine their victims’ security measures. Thus dressing up in uniform and arriving with civilians and claiming to be a combined military/ vigilante patrol to lure vigilante members into an ambush or turning up in a village announcing that they had captured Boko Haram members and shooting anyone who came out to observe. This obviously has the advantage of allowing insurgents to get as close as possible to their targets or even take them away to secluded areas for attack but also puts a certain level of friction between civilians and vigilantes, vigilantes and the military etc.
    Attacks on civilians/ soft targets: the majority of the targets of insurgent attacks have been civilians, either vigilantes or ordinary villagers. Attacks on vigilantes are understandable as they are clearly aligned with the security forces, easy to reach targets and are giving the security forces a marked advantage with their local knowledge and ability to move without the huge logistics of a military force.
    Attacks on ordinary civilians are slightly more difficult to fathom other than as a punitive measures against locals thought to be pro government or anti insurgent. The deliberate barbarity of some attacks and symbolism of attacking people at prayer and mutilating them should be indicative of the deliberate messaging by the attackers that the victims are apostates and subhuman. It is very typical of all extremist movements particularly at the stage where they are on the back foot.
    Cordon sanitaire- attacks in and around their safe areas Bama and the axis from Lake Chad to the villages south east of Maiduguri in the vicinity of the Sambisa Forest Reserve. The attacks on military targets can be viewed as an attempt to keep the security forces on the defensive and compel them to devote men and resources towards force protection and away from offensive operations or protecting civilians. Attacks on civilians in this area can be seen as an attempt to impose their will on the civilian population, to either force their compliance with the insurgents and non cooperation with the security forces or to drive them from their homes in a combined punitive measure and to put pressure on the security forces to support and protect them
    Second front: arrests and seizures in areas such as Benue, Lagos etc are open to an ambiguous interpretation (local political or criminal elements, fleeing non operational insurgents etc) however arrests and seizures in Sokoto can only indicate a concerted effort to begin a sustained campaign in the North West. This is operationally sound as such a campaign would achieve the necessary shock effect on the civilian population and the political and military leadership and would also force the security forces to dedicate significant resources to force protection, protecting key infrastructure, high value personnel and the civilian population as well as shutting down the insurgent cells. Considering containing the insurgency in the North East after 4 years has led to the generation of an entire division, the drain on manpower is self evident.
    The geo-sectarian implications of a second front in the North West is again pertinent as this would be a direct challenge to the primacy and power of the Hausa- Fulani/ Sokoto Caliphate in Northern Nigeria by the majority Kanuri/ Borno based Boko Haram.
    This fault line is obviously slightly more opaque and subtle to outsiders than the obvious North/ South, Christian/ Muslim, North/ Middle Belt one but is as fundamental to northern Nigeria as the Shia/ Sunni split and it is extremely interesting to see what the outlook will be following a sustained campaign in North Western Nigeria
    The insurgent’s intent is quite clearly to maintain pressure on the security forces, reduce or eliminate civilian support for the security forces and maintain sufficient safe areas in order to regain the initiative. If successful they could once again build up sufficient men and materiel to once again pose a major threat.
    The Price of liberty: vigilantes throughout history have always turned out to be more harm than good. The fact that a civilian population voluntarily turns against an insurgency to support the security forces without any inducement, training or equipment is an overwhelming measure of success for the security forces, a sign of failure for the insurgents and desperation by the civilians.
    However the chickens will come home to roost and are doing so with a vengeance. These are soft targets against a ruthless enemy.
    They are untrained, undisciplined, ill equipped and other than local knowledge and force of numbers have absolutely no tactical advantage against the insurgents except possibly when working with the security forces.
    And once the crisis is over will these unemployed, unskilled youth return to unemployment or conveniently morph their services to the highest bidder in time for the next elections?
    In other words the advantages of the vigilantes in their current form are rapidly becoming ineffective.
    The vigilantes should be formed into legal law enforcement auxiliary
    • Given rudimentary training in law/ rules of engagement, vehicle check points, searching, counter IED, basic force protection and so on.
    • They should be regularised, registered and given identifiable uniforms and ID cards
    • They should be given pay and benefits on fixed full time or part time contracts, with the option of skills acquisition or formal education scholarships on completion of successful full or part time service
    • They should be equipped with anti riot gear, batons, stab vest, etc
    • They should be given a command structure and embedded/ attached to a police/ military unit and can only be used or deployed in conjunction with the police or army
    If the vigilantes are not brought into line all they will do is provide the insurgents with an easy supply of victims in the short term and give us a brand new militant group in the long term

  6. jake z. says:

    About 1 minute into this top BH video called “statement” is “Abu Mansur” who looks like the shekau imposter (http://jihadology.net/category/other-groups/buku-boko-%E1%B8%A5aram/). Did I identify the imposter here?

  7. jimmy says:

    Methinks if the rest of the CYBER can mull on this maybe we should post army related threads here OGA YAGAZIE, GBASH, OPTIMUS PRIME, PECCAVI, AKIN OGES, TIM, ACTING MAJOR , OBIX, GT8, DOZIEX, what say yea about posting ARMY related threads here?

  8. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy, I hail thee!! Yes I agree- army related matters should be posted here. May I also suggest that for not, Airforce related matters could possibly be posted to the NAF/NIMASA thread and naval related matters to the thread on the Nigerian Navy capturing/taking out Pirates.

  9. jimmy says:

    cyber generals . This is getting bigger can any of our cyber generals from this part tell us the unblemished

  10. jimmy says:

    Please tell us the unblemished facts , please no taking sides or derogatory language just the facts i.e. the genesis of the problem.

  11. giles says:

    pls could dis b true ,40 Soldiers Killed, 65 Missing In Boko-Haram http://premiumtimesng.com/news/144803-

    • jimmy says:

      I don’t know whether. It is true or not but in the past premium has proved unreliable let us wait till either photos or other news sources like the vanguard confirm. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  12. jimmy says:

    I Believe this news MEDIA IS MORE CREDIBLE as to the battle that went on last week Thursday.
    The job of the DEFENSE headquarters should be to be proactive not reactive because it puts them on the defensive. If they wait for other organizations who in the past have a very spotty and unreliable record of reporting news like premium times ( The Mali Fiasco) , then they will be reacting to events afterwards like we are seeing now..The battle took place last week Thursday , 48 HOURS- 72 HOURS is sufficient enough to get a thorough grasp of the situation also bearing in mind that this battle lasted several hours. reports started filtering out late Tuesday.
    With the death of Abba Goroma, it might begin to dawn on the rest of the rapidly depleted boko haram leadership that this sorry chapter is coming to an end. KUDOS must be given to the military for what is becoming increasingly apparent as boko haram leadership is being wiped out in the urban cities and even rural villages they are resorting to staying in inhospitable areas like forests which inevitably makes casualties more inevitable.
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless the men women of the armed forces of Nigeria.

  13. Tunde Olayinka says:

    15 soldiers dead, 9 MIA, 150 militants KIA!!! well, well that must have been some serious battle carried on in the jungle.
    Firstly i must commend the Nigerian Army for their tenacity and commitment to the cause. They have given good account of themselves. This is a war and sometimes there are collateral damages to be dealt with. The NA has suffered losses, my condolences to the army and the family of the deceased. The losses of the NA are also quite minimal when compared with what was suffered by the enemy.
    Since this campaign started the Army has announced losses at its officer’s cadre which shows the NA is under good leadership and it officers lead from the front rather than behind the lines. I recall that we lost 2 Majors sometime in July and now a Lieutenant in the recent battle.
    There are lessons to be learnt here as in every other battle. I hope the leadership of the NA would scrutinize the events that occurred in the jungle with the perspective of learning lessons which would be helpful for future operations and which would be included in their operations manual for the benefit of the army
    It was reported that the NA assaulted a heavily fortified militant camp in the jungle where AAA guns were generously deployed against the army by the militants in a flat trajectory in defence of their position. The NA stated that the militants were shooting wildly in the jungle when the heat was turned on them.
    One of the lessons the IDF learnt during the 2nd Lebanon war was that it is not wise to carry out a frontal assault against a fortified militant position or camp because the losses resulting from such an engagement can be immense.
    Fortifications of such nature though not necessarily set up to win a battle are designed to inflict the highest level of casualty of the attacking force or enemy. A lesson that was well learnt by the IDF in the hands of Hezbollah. The Israelis’ compensated adequately for this during the Isreal-Gaza conflict of 2011. The Gaza militants had more or less the same strategy planned, however rather than attempt frontal assault of their positions this time around, the Israelis utilized precision guided munitions i.e artillery, bombs and missiles to break up the fortifications before carrying out their assault. All hell was let loose. This was warfare carried out in urban areas and of course there were high civilian casualties. However the IDF achieved its aim as it losses were greatly reduced in comparison with the 2nd Lebanon war.
    The NA needs to replicate the same procedure when assaulting the militants’ fortifications in the jungle. They need to deplore their superior equipment to provide immense advantage in the battle front, no reason for man to man battle here. What the Americans call the “shock and awe” tactics i.e. rapid dominance of the battlefield based on the use of overwhelming power and awareness of the battlefield situation. The NA needs to deployment mobile artillery pieces to generously soften up the militants fortified positions before sending in the boys to carry out mop up operations. This is the jungle we are talking about here, i’m pretty sure there will be little or next to nothing civilian casualties if that is our fear. It will also give the soldiers comparative edge on the battlefield arena and will take the fight out of the militants whenever NA deploys its assets against them. We don’t want Boko Haram increasing in confidence when pitched in battle against our soldiers.
    Also the NA needs to improve its PR and media relationships. It should have a social media and press unit which regularly updates the press and the general public on their activities. This is the only way to stop misinformation by media platforms and the way to put accurate accounts of events in the public domain. Every modern army now has social media accounts like twitter, facebook etc for disseminating accurate information regarding their activities and to forestall misrepresentation.
    And lastly where is our GENERAL BEEGEAGLE????????????

  14. gbash10 says:

    My opinion on the lost of 15 soldiers is a consequence of bad planning.
    For the NA to attack a heavily fortified camp in the jungle without artillery or air support was a big blunder by operation planner.Haba! 15 casualties on well trained NA soldiers by Boko Haram in battle is unacceptable,gaskiya.

  15. gbash10 says:

    Why did the NA 7 Div not involve the NAF with their Mi-24/35 attack helicopters or the Alpha jets to bomb those BH bloodsuckers to HELL before using ground forces to achieve their objectives?
    May the souls of our gallant warriors rest in peace!

  16. Yagazie says:

    gbash10 – I agree with you. 15 soldiers and 1 officer lost as against 150 insurgents killed. This represents a kill ratio of about 1:10, which is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, considering the fact that we are supposed to have Sattellites, UAVs, Armoured attack helicopters- Mi-24/35, Artillery and Armoured Vehicles which could have been deployed in this battle. My guess is that there has been a serious intelligence failure and someone’s head must roll for this unforgivable lapse. Weren’t we supposed to have HUMINT and ELLINT assets deployed and their raw data analysed before deploying these brave troops into battle. Why wasn’t the camp ‘softend’ with an artillery barrage or rocket/gun fire from our attack helos prior to the assault by our troops. It’s avoidable cock-ups like this that saps the morale of our troops. From a PR point of view, why did the Army HQ wait until foreign media were reporting their own version of events (40 soldiers killed in a BH ambush) before comming out with their own version of events. Why does our millitary PR dept in this day and age of 24 hour news, sattelite TV, mobile telephony communciation and internet coverage still behave as if they are living/operating in the 1990s era when there was news blackout concerning the activities of our troops in Liberia and Sierra Leone during the conflicts there? I don tire for these popole!!!

  17. jimmy says:

    We have to await further details on this.

  18. jimmy says:

    I guess NIGERIA is not immune to such diseases

  19. Yagazie says:

    Oga Tunde, nice write up, concise and well articulated. I couldn’t agree with your conclusions more.

    On the area of PR, It seems that our military is yet to realise the importance of having/conducting a well run media campaign, which (with all due respect) it seems they are woefully ill-equipped to do. Our millitary should get on board media savvy outfits like BEAGLEBLOG etc to put out a true and concise story from our (i.e. Nigeria’s) perspective.

    What will it cost the DHQ to give this blog press releases, give excluives to serious defence media correspondents and engage serious PR firms/News media (like BEAGLEBLOG OR CHANNELS TV or AIT to put out our storey to the foreign press like France 24, BBC, VOA, Al-Jazeera, CCTV etc. Currently the Ngerian millitary is LOSING THE MEDIA/PR WAR simply because they reufse to get expert help in this area. Jeez!!!

  20. gbash10 says:

    From the statement of the NSA,it is clear that the NA storm that BH fortified camp on without collaborating with sister armed services.The era of the army can do it alone is over,jointery is the order of the day especially in counter-terrorism.
    It was this kind of rivalry that created a huge gap in the American intelligence community leading to the september 11,2001 terrorist attack on the twin tower in New York city.

  21. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, I think we are confusing incidents here.

    Firstly, the army attack on a “camp” took place in Abuja, in a bid to evict squatters.

    secondly, the attack on the town of beninshere on the outskirts of maidugiri . According to BBCs account, it was BH that was on the offensive, not NA.

    The account said that BH stormed the town in 20 technicals overwhelming the NA presence there, and killing civillians. ( Boy, I wonder who it was on this blog that predicted this very scenario, more than a year ago )

    I said a while ago, that NA tanks and Apcs should not be far away from the theatre of operations. Some on this blog cried “collateral damage”

    It has been my assertion, that NA is not reacting fast enough to BH’s change in tactics. NA is continuing to employ soldiers equipped with ONLY assault rifles, even as BH launches massed attacks in technicals.

    In neighbouring mali, and in southern Somalia, the French and the KDF overwhelmed technicals(pick up trucks mounted with anti aircraft guns ) with precision air strikes. Before the technical could be brought to bare.

    Since Nigeria would not invest in sufficient air platforms to do likewise, then soldiers on the ground have to be armed to the teeth with rpgs, gpmgs, and tanks in order to slug it out with a massed BH in technicals, without the danger of being over run.

    Unfortunately collateral damage will be a consequence of deploying NA units at full strength.

    But I think it’s too late in the game to worry about that now.

  22. Makanaky says:

    @Doziex i did not realise you still remember ? like i said before it was Potiskum, Bennisheikh, Dikwa etc because of the terrain and escape route into the desert, without air asset you cannot track the enemy.

  23. agee says:

    please what has happened to Gen. beeg?

  24. xnur44 says:

    Well well well! this has surely stirred up interest by ductile citizens on false sense of security they read in the typical Nigerian press.

  25. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen, please go to the airforce thread entitled ‘NIGERIAN AIRFORCE TRAINS 47 OFFICERS AND MEN IN ADVANCED INTEL GATHERING TO BOOST COIN OPERATIONS’ . I have just posted an entry that will be of immense interest to us all.

  26. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/

    When are we also going to see our forces in action on cam?
    My condolences to all victims of killings in the name of GOD and they of the Nairobi attack in particular!

    • doziex says:

      Oga camouflage1984, I don’t think NDA and Jaji offers any courses in military propaganda.

      If they did, NA would know to document and display the heroics of their own.

      They would use pictures and video footage to project an aura of invincibility world wide.

  27. wocon45 says:

    Gentlemen I saw this on facebook, it is said to be written by a Nigerian Army soldier on NairaLand.
    Can anyone confirm this?
    Dear Nigerians, I write this so all who had the love of the Nigerian military would know what we are going through as our lives are willing wasted because of inadequate platform procurement, OPERATION BOYONA currently going on in Maiduguri.

    We operate in a terrian full of IED’s, Ambushes, RGP’s and Anti aircraft guns in summary a war zone and yet we are given hilux to patrol these hot beds,for every police van you see ridden with bullets know it that brave soliders died,even bullet proof vest for most policemen and soldiers are denied from them in a volatile environment like borno state, if these can not be provided for our gallant men who stand on guard be it under the sun or rain to keep watch against Boko haram at let us be well armed. How can you fight a man who is ready to die armed with IED’s,RGPKs and GPMG with an AK47 not even an AK74 Nigerians is it possible?,

    The recent attack in Beniserk which is about 80KM’s from Maiduguri Boko haram came with light Armour tanks, RGP, GPMG, ROCKET LAUNCHERS,and about 20 trucks full of harden combatants yet we stood our ground for some time on just our AK’s waiting air support but where was it? We had none! They raided our base, took an APC, and and some military trucks, killed our colleague, wounded many even I. Nigerians please stand with us on this we are ready to die fighting to make sure our father’s land remains but please ring the bell of change so our politicians would hear, we need MRAP to patrol hot spots,we need air support,govt should as a matter of urgency acquire more armed helicopters, our alpha jet is old and unreliable,please share this,our lives are taken for granted!

    • giles says:

      if dis is true den dis con3 is doomed

    • Obix says:

      This is a little reality mixed with fiction!!!

    • Obix says:

      I have analyzed this write up and understood that it was written by a concerned citizen-military blogger, who out of frustration decided to make his views known this way. As a soldier, let him first explain to us the type of the so called “light armour tanks” that BH used in the attack. For me that question is enough…..i don’t want to go further. This person is not alone in his frustration. We have been screaming for months now for the FG to provide the necessary platforms needed for the operation in the NE!

  28. Henry says:

    The person who wrote that thing is a beegeagle’s blogger, and not a soldier. He was only trying to push on our sentiments as regards to the use of light-skinned pick-up trucks. You should know oga cutevilk ( I didn’t spell his name correctly). He was the person who made that post on nairaland.

    *I don’t think oga beeg is coming back oh.

    • Obix says:

      Hahahaha! Oga Henry, are we using the same brain??? I hail you, you noticed what i noticed too. 🙂 I carefully analyzed the terms used and the manner of writting to reach my conclusions!

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Henry
      Please do not speculate on OGA BEEGS NOT COMING BACK .This blog needs him to come back. I know you can contact him backstage. As I said earlier on my premonition is that he is alright.This has been confirmed by OGA ACTING MAJOR.
      Meanwhile do we know anything happening for OCT 1ST?

    • giles says:

      y did u say so

  29. Henry says:

    Na so naah. Normally I would disagree with blackmailing the government, but if this method would bring us the much needed change we so desire and have been screaming out for years for, so be it. I’m in full support of his drastic measure.

  30. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings gents, I have a question, if the kenyan attack were to happen in Lag or Abj, how would we respond? Pls while analyzing, pay attention to our forces, experience, hardware, doctrine and leadership across the board.

    • Deway says:

      Its not just about how the security services reacted, notice how ambulances were at the scene immediately, fire service trucks and tents already set up for blood donation, police, regular army, special units. Though it took them 4 days, kinda long though, they did well.

      • jimmy says:

        I read you loud and clear however owning to the sensitivity of this subject and because this is still an ongoing situation .Control of the mall still in dispute I will delay my response for now.

    • tim says:

      Not lagos or Abuja…..that would be tactically stupid,but knews savvy,what if that happened in a mall in Ekiti, or Ibadan or in Osun state, or in Benin city, where security touch light hardly ever points at? Not big cities like PH,Lag or Abj, what would the outcome be?

  31. gbash10 says:

    It is very fun that,in all the dailies and tabloid we have in Nigeria,none has seen it fit to write or publish a special edition on ‘Defence Acquisition for the Armed Forces of Nigeria’.
    Our journalists, politicians,top government advisers and even the technocrats in MoD Abuja do not know much about modern weapon systems that are operational in the 21st Century,no bad feelings at all!
    If any body can get the data on the amount of money spent on expensive vehicles for the Federal Executive council members and the Legislators from 1999-to date,you will be shock,however,no body is ever telling Mr President that Nigeria needs to re-arm its armed forces urgently.No wonder a member of the NASS once said the NAF are having MiG-21 fighter jets in Makurdi! He did not care to enquire when those MiG-21 fighter were purchased,when they were grounded and whether it is economically,militarily and strategical wise to reactivate and upgrade the with modern avionics and powerplant? Kai ignorance is a big disease for our elites in Nigeria.

  32. gbash10 says:

    Please fellow cyber generals,lets call spade a spade,it has taken the KDF too long to retake that shopping mall from those terrorists,already the casualty is too high!

  33. gbash10 says:

    Mallam Nasir El-Rufai did write that the NAF has Mirage 35P helicopter in PH and Mirage 34 helicopter in Enugu instead of Mi-35P attack helicopters and Mi-34 helicopter used for flying training.This comment was written in the article ‘ Nigeria 2012 Budget: Analyzing Defence Spending’ it was posted by the Editor of Nigeria Intel on Feb.17,2012.

    • doziex says:

      Nigerians, with the right appreciation of military power and logistics are not allowed to come to the fore. Our current crop of politicians are shockingly ignorant about defense spending and acquisition issues.
      If they were not so ignorant, they would be threatening to impeach GEJ for his slow pace of military spending, and the corresponding danger that has put the nation in.

      Having said that, I nominate Senator Chrys Anyanwu for Defense minister.

      She would do wonders in making the CIC appreciate the expenditure needed to revive our armed forces, and save our nation.

      Hearing her talk, she reminds me of members of this blog. That is, Nigerians that had an interest in military affairs prior to entering politics.

      • CHYDE says:

        I don’t call it ignorance oga Doziex, i call it greed, People in Politics these days are only after what they can grab from govt coffers, the way some talk you get the impression that they think every Nigerian is dull. Once a NATIONALISTIC SPIRIT can be imbibed, i tell you things will change

  34. ifiok umoeka says:

    I notice that this ops was a media ops (I.e. It was where the media quickly got wind of and dully reported). That said the Kenyan even twitted often thought the info was not always accurate (it was an on going ops with it fluid and sensitive nature).
    Also, the Israelis had a role to play quite early in the game later joined by the SAS and Scotland yard as well as the CIA.
    I most pause to offer condolences with Kenya (and all those who lost love ones) in this hour of grief. I can say, we understand ur pains.

  35. doziex says:

    This is messy stuff, and very difficult to contain. The Mumbai attack took even longer to contain.

    I ll have to say, I am impressed with the overall civil and military response of the Kenyans.

    And in the areas, were they may lack expertise, such as hostage rescue and close quarter combat, they are not ashamed to consult with the best in the business.

    To answer Oga Ifiok’s question about how Nigeria would fare in a similar situation.

    Due to the prevailing situation in Nigeria and recent bombings/ attacks by book haram, I believe that our civil and military units would more than rise to the occasion.

    The isreal training, US, UK , Pakistan training of our SSS and SBS outfits would be put on display.

    And these elite Nigerian units would not be hampered by heli borne mobility issues as in maidugiri because the location is fixed.

    You see modern elite forces have to be experts in hostage rescue and close quarters combat shooting, as well as the longer range counterinsurgency, behind enemy lines requirements.

  36. ifiok umoeka says:

    I also noticed that there were two Kenyan forces in ops. One was better kitted and were armed with what looked like the FN SCAR while the other is dressed in a different camo shade armed with what looks like FN FAL.

  37. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Jimmy, if you’re thinking that these are the Israeli ‘crack team’ then I would disagree.
    1. Kenya has a sizable white population who are actively involve in the Kenyan society. They could be Kenyan police.
    2. There’s a lot of diplomatic and intl presence in Nairobi as Kenya is a regional hub. They could be diplomatic protection units or Body guards. Remember that the mall is a premier outlet where the elite(foreign and local) frequent, why it was attacked in the 1st place.
    Israel has a no. of crack team, really world class and sending a couple of guys in civilian clothes into a terror/hostage situation would be both foolish and proud especially if the opp actor are alqaeda affiliates. Israelis are not SUICIDAL. They would send one of their sarayet teams for sure. Remember that Israeli civilians were in the mall too.
    Still on the Israeli involvement, I remember that Israel has a black jewish population! Remember the ex Ethiopian falashas? They have been integrated into Israeli society and a crack unit composed exclusively with these dude wouldn’t come as a surprise. If these guys showed up in Kenya, they would successfully elude prying eyes (those expecting white tavor clutching alpha males ).
    Question, could those well kitted, SCAR clutching dudes be sarayet? I don’t know. I do know that Israeli are masters in the russian art of maskarava and they regularly use weapons that are foreign if it will help disguise or fool observers

    • Obix says:

      Ogas Jimmy and Ifiok, russian press quoting Isaeli sources claim that an Israeli Spec Op team is taking part in the operation in Kenya. Let’s see, but that’s if we’ll ever know.

      • jimmy says:

        Well the speculation is rampant that ISRAEL whom have always had good relations with KENYA going back to the 70″s have been providing assistance also there are a lot of Israeli owned businesses in the mall. OGA ifiok umoeka away from the scene at a command posts I would suspect a team of advisers.
        Out of respect for the dead and owning to the sensitivity associated with the massacre . I have held of my comments tomorrow I will give my views on what / if the KDF could of done anything.

    • jimmy says:



      Israeli Special Forces aiding Kenya operations
      Let us just say they have boots on the ground.
      To my ogas on top this is further proof that the Israelis are involved.
      Kenya has always had a strategic and an emotional relationship with ISRAEL unlike a lot of African nations during the early 70s allowed Kenyan airspace to be used most likely for the raid on ENTEBBE UGANDA and most definitley on the bombing run of IRAQ’S NUCLEAR STATION in return ISRAEL has regarded Kenya as a dependable ally that goes beyond the normal diplomatic niceties. Interesting to note, it appears Nigeria has started to follow that dimension regardless of who is in power IBB is credited with restoring relations but YARADUA I.M.H.O took this relationship to another level.

  38. Strong indications have emerged that Islamic militants from some North African countries are coordinating attacks against the Nigerian military in the North Eastern part of the country.

    A military source told one of our correspondents in Abuja that security operatives came to this conclusion when they discovered that many Arabs of Shuwa descent and fair-skinned people from Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria and Niger, were among those whose bodies were found after some of the recent encounters with the militants.

    The source said, “We strongly believe that the foreign militants under the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb are coordinating the attacks against our men in the troubled North Eastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

    “We have seen fairs-skinned corpses and those of Arabs of Shuwa descent. We believe they are from countries like Algeria, Mauritania, Niger, Sudan and Somalia. It is very possible they are helping the Nigerian insurgents like those in Boko Haram in coordinating attacks against our men.”

    Our correspondent learnt that there were strong feelings in the military that the militants who still have several bases in the thick forests of the northern part of Borno State, were among those chased out of Mali by the French and the West African troops led by Nigeria.

    The militants are said be be armed with Rocket Propelled Grenades and General Purpose Machine Guns which are more sophisticated than the AK 47 used by the Nigerian troops.

    Another security source told our correspondent that the RPG released to the Nigerian troops were obsolete compared to those being wielded by the militants from North Africa and their Boko Haram allies.

    Findings indicated that the level of preparedness and calibre of arms in possession of the militants were responsible for ‘the high casualty on the Nigerian side.’

    The Director of Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen Ibrahim Attahiru, had said during a press conference a week ago that the Army lost 15 soldiers with nine others missing during the attack by militants in the Kasiya Forest in Ngazai Local Government Area of Borno State.

    Last Sunday and Monday morning, the insurgents launched another rounds of attacks on the Nigerian troops, necessitating the deployment of more fighter jets in the troubled states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

    It was learnt that the fighter jets immediately commenced monitoring the activities of the insurgents in the three states which are under emergency rule.

    The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, is said to be personally supervising the use of fighter jets and the Air Force personnel supporting the Army in the fight against the insurgents.

    It was also gathered that a major offensive planned by the Army with aerial back up from the Air Force resulted in the killing of a good number of the insurgents on Monday night.

    Our source couldn’t give the casualty figure in the latest attack.

    The Director of Air Information, Air Commodore Yusuf Anas, confirmed the deployment of Alpha jets as well as M1, 35 and M1,34 helicopters in the operational areas.

    Anas also confirmed that Badeh was in Maiduguri to supervise the latest deployment and the personnel of the Air Force assisting the the Army in the campaign against terrorism.

    He said, “It is true; we have deployed M1, 35 and M1,34 helicopters and Alpha jet aircraft. They are there to support the Nigerian Army in curtailing the security situation in the North-East.

    “I cannot give you the exact number but the figure is adequate to perform the role for which they were deployed. I know that in the past nine months, we have always had NAF helicopters there; they are engaged in patrol purposes, medical services, medical evacuation and also offensive roles; that is, they are also used for attacks.

    “In addition to that, the Air Force has deployed Alpha jets aircraft to participate in the operation. I can also confirm that the Chief of Air staff was in Maiduguri to monitor the deployment and supervise our personnel who are involved in the operation.”

    • Deway says:

      Well I’m thinking the NAF leadership was hammered by powers that be since we learned of their failure to provide aerial support during the last assault. Honestly, the CAS doesn’t have to be in Maiduguri to take charge of less than a squadron of air assets, I’m sure there are competent ranking officers that can handle this.

  39. jimmy says:

    Why the u.s has not taken the legal steps to ban/ declare boko haram a terrorists organization is beyond me.

  40. Yagazie says:

    Oga Ifiok Umoeka, – Oga Jimmy is right in his analysis that the Isrealis have a crack team operating in Nairobi.



    Oga Deway- the Kenyans had a lot of help from their ‘Oyibo’ friends so please don’t ‘big’ them up too much.


    Finally, I believe that if this type of incident happened in Nigeria, our special forces/security operatives would rise to the challenge. Hopefully we won’t have to see a demonstration of their capabilities in this type of situation.

    • Deway says:

      May God not allow this to happen in Nigeria, we’ve seen enough blood already. Our guys will surely handle the situation in less than 4 days never mind that we don’t possess flashy gear but we have the men. Tried the link, its not going, kindly resend.

    • jimmy says:

      I hereby break my silence and I pray the souls of those where innocent that were murdered should finally rest in peace.
      This is Kenya’s second go around this is their second 9/11 If we may recall the bombings of the US embassy a couple of years back.When KENYA went into Somalia , we cyber generals said KENYA should expect that fringe elements in the KENYAN/ SOMALIAN would look for weaknesses.
      Al Shabbab should be worrisome to all concerned they do not even hide their agenda cooperation with AL-QAEDA check, recruitment of specifically Americans and British citizens with easy access to travel, check.
      I do not want to speculate b/w 10- 15 terrorists were said to be involved so far 5 are confirmed dead where are the remaining are they buried in the rubble?
      The reason why it took the KDF 4 DAYS ( 96 HOURS) is because of their lack of experience in dealing unfortunately in coin specific , coin intense operations .When the same type of operation happened in Mumbai which was even more complex and more dangerous the operation went to a specific component of their SPECIAL FORCES from start to finish. Kenya is being trained by the Israelis but they are not there yet nor are they ready for the true costs to be paid for in blood money and equipment.
      I am going to say some controversial stuff in the past a lot has been said about the inability of the KDF to absorb heavy casualties this played out here we only saw six casualties and 11 wounded the toll really considering the civilian casualties should of been much higher if they (kdf) had stormed the mall earlier this confirms some of our worst fears about the KDF why was this allowed to fester on so long ? were the soldiers who were killed ( r.i.p) mere sentry guards? or were they killed in the line of duty right now or were the orders given to stand down? I am not questioning the bravery of the Kenyan soldier it is the mindset of those who were responsible for bringing this to a close that I find truly troubling even with the help of “oyinbo ” we will never know,
      The ” pancaking” ( structural engineering term used to describe the sudden floor to floor collapse ) of the three floors is also troubling considering the number of hostages involved the collapse of these three floors is now being speculated to of come from the explosives the KDF used why wasn’t the area stormed on at least two fronts with the killing zone in between for the avoidance of FRIENDLY FIRE?.
      In answer to the question TERRORISM can happen in Boston one of the oldest cities in AMERICA or Nigeria however because fortunately and unfortunately Nigeria and the US have had extensive experience this firefight would not of lasted more than 24 hours.
      Also the mindset of the officers in charge NA or USA special forces is very much different than those of their KDF counterparts.

  41. jimmy says:

    We do not have a link for finance as it relates to security,however like i previously notedlet us be pragmatic in our thinking.

  42. ifiok umoeka says:

    Mighty yagz, of course there are Israelis operation in Nairobi. My response was based on the pics on the link Gen Jimmy posted. My response his request for comment. If you see my earlier post, you’d see that I said that the Israelis where involved very early in the game.
    Bottom line, Israeli SO type are involve most likely in advisory role (remember GSG9 and the SAS in Mogadishu in 1977), but I doubt that the guys on the pics represent this presence.

  43. jimmy says:

    While this is speculation at this point there is no real hard verifiable evidence, The worrisome issue is that an organization like boko haram can legally use Western resources to conduct LEGAL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS in America. The pretense that boko haram is fighting for anything more that the total imposition of Sharia law is false
    The writer of this op ed piece also needs to do more research on the persona of Col Dasuki Sambo (rtd) it has nothing to do with him being a Northern or A Muslim.Dasuki Sambo is well known in the north, south and east When he was being hunted down by ABACHA’S henchmen did ABACHA not know he was the Muslim or a member of the SOKOTO royal family?. Col Sambo was appointed not to mollify anybody but to do a job secure Nigeria and TELL -IT- LIKE- IT -IS- TO- THE- PRESIDENT. He is also well known critically in the Nigerian security circles amongst his peers. He has THE CREDIBILITY.
    The former NSA GEN AZAZI m.h.r.i.p.) was considered too much of a Gentle Giant, it had nothing to do with him being from the South – South. Like wise LT GEN IHEJIRIKA who has forced some of his juniors MAJ GENs ISA , OWOWONIBI who were found wanting into retirement it has nothing zilch with him being from the South East that is completely irrelevant at this stage.

  44. jimmy says:

    THIS IS SOBERING, an Anti TANK missile was fired into a confined space of a shopping mall.
    The shock waves will cause the building to collapse..

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      I remember hearing the Kenyan authorities saying that the fire was started by the terrs who set fire on mattresses to smoke screen them from the Kenya SF

  45. (@lordfej) says:

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=eee_1335377434 chinese army survival training. am sure our boys r better

  46. gbash10 says:

    I saw a report by that imposter for Abubakar Shakau that he is still alive,he insulted alot of world leaders including our President,please somebody should verify this info.

  47. jimmy says:

    Something troubling is going on in Kaduna.

  48. jimmy says:

    ALL pictures ARE ACKNOWLEDGED FROM huffington post
    The failure of the state and federal govt in this regard of PROTECTING SCHOOLS OF LEARNING IS VERY TROUBLING.

  49. ifiok umoeka says:

    Happy independence countrymen and friend. May we grow stronger and get better to the point where we earn the love of our people and the respect of others

  50. demola says:

    Now that its already independence day, where is beegeagle

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Oga denial,
      Happy Independence Day to you and other ogas who post on this day. There is an old Jewish proverb that states that after a certain age a person is responsible for the way their face looks. Nigeria is 53 years old today. And it feels like we just went from childhood into senility. It is also a bit sad that Beeg has not answered our calls for him to show up on the plate and bat. I’m sure he has his reasons but whatever those reasons are I do not think they are sufficient to keep him away from the struggle he began, to give the Nigerian security and military organizations, the means to secure our (true) independence and provide the country and its leaders the capacity for independent decisions that advance the interest of Nigerians. It also possible, given our lamentations on this board, that oga Beeg is protesting the Nigerian government failure to equip our military by choosing to embrace silence. If true as oga Henry may have revealed, the decision appears tedious and pointless to me. Certainly, we understand that we are trying to change a mindset that seems to have dominated the passions of our leaders, to surrender Nigeria and also in many ways, the black race to a life of a long defeat. It will be a long struggle I assure all. And better to get used to that and toughen up. Our opponents are primitives who are choosing to not participate in history.

      • Acting Major Benbella says:

        I had addressed Oga demola (and others) in my post. My spellchecker concluded it knew what I wanted and came up with daniel. Who says there is not a god in Google and other “mind reading”programs

      • Acting Major Benbella says:

        On this day of Nigeria’s Independence Day remembrance, it is also wise to remember too, that Israel could have eked out a few more years by groveling under Babylon but it had the good sense to disappear in the time of Jeremiah and for which we have “Lamentations”. Our prayer on this day is for the disappearance of the disease that has infested the country and its leadership of living lives that are mainly predicated on satisfying their mere animal like desires and passions for food, wine, debauchery, the corruption and misuse of office. And when life is lived only at these levels, self disgust will set in and manifest themselves in governance of the nation. We pray for leaders who who are dedicated to serving, who long for a place in history and have a sense of the eternal. That we never again be bequeathed with leaders with a love of the abyss.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Acting Major Benbella
        Well done i appreciate your comments because your comments are from the heart and they show deep down your love for Nigeria. i remember reading the bible and Elijah had fled because the corrupt leadership especially both King and Queen wanted him dead , He at one point asked GOD to take his life because he felt like the whole Country ( ISRAEL) was a morass of evil and Corruption
        At this point point God spoke to him and told him that he should rise up and appoint Elisha as his successor and even at this very depressing point in time there are seven thousand souls who every day do the right thing by now praying to false gods.
        My point is this you are not alone there are honest to goodness Nigerians who everyday pray for better leadership and security in NIGERIA who also work very hard as best as they know how to make those things happen.
        I have no choice but to believe it will happen in my lifetime.
        OGA BEEGEAGLE will be back he started something and the rest of us including yourself have to keep this blog going till he comes back so far we have been equal to the task, We have kept the gold standard so far so good .

  51. beeyee says:

    Oga jimmy, do you have any knowledge of military hardware and particularly airsuperiority fighter unveiled during the independence celebrations

    • jimmy says:

      No I do not have any information, at the moment I am still checking. oga xnur do you have any information?

      • xnur44 says:

        No fighters this year, maybe next; we need trained crews first then fighters will come, no sense to buy now and have them seated in crates.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you very much for your reply.Much respect for your comments. SMH as to why the f.g will not purchase the MI-17. SMH when gej says he is depressed about the killing but not depressed enough to buy the task specific equipment at the right time and at the right place and the right price. GOD dey

  52. jimmy says:

    this is very interesting that the f.g finally comes to our way of thinking after the horse has left the STABLE.
    The F.G. NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF SOME OF THEIR ACTIONS , ATTACKING ONE SCHOOL speaks volumes it means the f.g. will not spend money on its most prized possessions it’s citizens studying. THIS ARTICLE IS A WAKE UP CALL..

  53. jimmy says:

    Kenya’s Wake up call.
    This is sobering it is hoped that there will not be a witch hunt , that eventually a comprehensive analysis as to why this too so long, why the mall was not completely surrounded on all four sides ,and why percussion grenades were not used instead of anti tank shells that contributed to the building collapse will be answered .
    May their souls rest in peace.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Good Lord, have u guys read this. I knew that it was bad but not this bad! Couldn’t secure the perimeter, waited for US to fly in NVG, flew in troops from Somalia! I’m sure we would have responded better if Abuja was hit but we need to pay close attention @ the Kenyan review when it becomes available so we could change what we need to change in our contingency, assuming there’s one! I hope our police ATS and army and navy SF type can cross train not only to exchange know how but to foster the proper working relationship for inter-operatability (hope I got that right) sake.
      Remember those pics, I was pretty sure that they were not Israeli Sarayet. Now I think that they where gun club members who responded first.

  54. jimmy says:

    It would help if the NA handled it’s p.r. aspect of this campaign much better. However congratulations are in order. This is confirmation that Satellite imagery is being used in this particular campaign.
    The armed FORCES P.R needs to win the hearts and minds of this very sensitive area that it is an inherent birth right to have an education, this is a crucial step that they have to take now! OGA FREEGULF recently spoke on the need for the f.g to be pro active not reactive. i have added my two kobos to those remarks.

  55. doziex says:

    Kudos to Oga jimmy, Major Benbella, Oga Ifiok, General Freeegulf, air marshall Xnurr and the rest of you gentlemen still holding out hope, and holding down this blog.

    Gentlemen, we need to start thinking long term, and strategize how to move this blog and it’s mission further.

    Let’s start throwing out ideas, and see which one we can reach a consensus on.

    Oga jimmy, I have been pondering your idea about phone and email contact amongst some of us, but I don’t know how I can do that without compromising my identity.

    And with all the harsh language aimed at the powers that be in Nigeria, one has to be mindful of the potential dangers in revealing one’s true identity.

    • agee says:

      Oga doziex greetings, on how to get your contacts without compromising your identity, what do you think about setting up a new email account, posting the address here; to avoid identity theft, the guys you would want on the group would then send u a code which they would later paste here with their usernames,this is to ensure that oga peccavi is actually the one mailing you for instance.

    • jimmy says:

      I agree with what you are saying the non compromise of one’s identity is what allows us to truly speak our minds. I will have to ponder what you have said since i am not as computer savvy I will talk to some people. OGA BEEGEAGLE will/ shall return this is my fervent hope/ prayer and i know it has been over a month.
      Let us keep the light gleaming we are not doing to badly are we? THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Jimmy, other reports have it that adequate air and artillery support have been sent (i hope they sent enough helos). Together with the “state-of-the-art satellite surveillance equipment” i believe it’s time to pound the hell out of the BH ! By the way, my ogas check out the thread “Nigeria Navy kills 6 pirates…” i have links to the NNS Thunder’s visit to Australia.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you for your reply nodoubt as you can tell.The angle I am coming from is the fact of what happened the last two weeks.oga freegulf mentioned this in that whilst this is good news the concept of being proactive has to be ingrained into the doctrines of the coin operations.We have the helios. And the arty pieces and the mortars they should of been there two weeks ago this is my beef.I want to however commend the coas for his tough talk this week and also maybe the synergy between the armed forces but we need those 9 helicopters in Nigeria now! T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  56. Henry says:

    Oga jimmy, thank you for your efforts at keeping this blog alive. However, Oga beeg is not coming back. Trust me when I say he isn’t coming back. I know. This behaviour from beeg is sickening, and utterly childish. He didn’t even deem it necessary to tell the members of this blog that this platform is winding to an end.

  57. cutievik says:

    Oga henry,u seem so sure about your conclusion that beeg’s isn’t coming back,it’s so sad and painful that the blog where our veiws are projected worldwide is slowly shutting down,No matter what the case might be I have chosen for sometime now not to comment but sadly watch from the side lines the events unfolding on this blog nd the NE,hoping and praying beeg comes back to give us some positive news in spite of so much negativity,I sincerely hope his okay and he proves us all right by coming back,though when he does he would find this blog messy.abeg my Oga’s any idea about the state of the art Saat wey the army dey use now? And oga henry abeg give us fact Ooooo! Make man knw wetin u and beeg discuss last.I knw say u be him P.A that year.”Lol!

  58. freeegulf says:

    good thinking oga jimmy. with some brain storming, we will be able to keep marshal beegs project sailing. the waters might be currently stormy, but hey, no one was ever promised a smooth ride in dis our country. we will achieve smooth sailing eventually, just a bit of diligence.
    we used to have loads of tech gurus on this blog, what happened to these wiz kids.

    concerning exposure, this blog is well known in the defence circle. however, our paranoid system we never lift a hand to acknowledge the hard work. for some of us with backroom channels, i think now is the time to really focus NA gaze on the blog.
    this platform is matured enough as a medium for DEFSEC affairs. the privileges that are granted to news outlets have to henceforth be extended to this blog also. its about time the ogas at the top change their outlook regarding defence reports and correspondence. gentlemen, we have to really push this agenda to the very top. this platform is military bias, and there is need for reciprocity.

  59. gbash10 says:

    Few CYBER GENERALS, I believe that if must of the us could reason with Gen. BEEG at back stage,he would definitely come back,please do not ask me or him, why he went Awol,I know this blog is a place he finds pleasure with liked-minds from within and outside our shores! Though we could not get that opportunity to join the Nigerian military ,as a barrack boy growing up in Bori Camp,PH and the Brig Maimalari cantoment in Maiduguri,i love the NA,NN.NAF,DSS and the NIA!
    Please you just have to break radio silance,for the love of our country,NIGERIA.

  60. gbash10 says:

    Sorry i meant fellow cyber generals

  61. jimmy says:

    i wrote about the legal and FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS OF boko haram being able to conduct legitimate biz in the u.s. APPARENTLY the U.S. does not believe that will happen anytime soon WITH THE U.K. already proscribing boko haram as a terrorists organization , the U.S.. is set to proscribe boko haram as a terrorists organization.
    Better late than never for an organization that kills teenagers both Muslim and Christian in their sleep their is no justification for their sponsors to be able to travel outside Nigeria eithier to Britain or the U.S those who have murdered sleep shall sleep more.
    @ OGA HENRY I read your blog late yesterday. Please let us have a mature outlook on things with regards to oga beegeagle . This blog was started march 2010 and has continued till October 2013. AS OGA FREEGULF said and i will say also oga beegeagle has his reasons for not communicating at this stage. When he returns and he will he will explain his actions as to the why and the what. There is is lot going on behind the backstage that you may not be aware about however this blog Ican assure you as long as i and the other have anything to do with it is not winding time anytime soon WE HAVE JUST HIT A ROUGH PATCH THAT IS ALL.

    • Akin Oges says:

      I am with you Oga jimmy, and the other Ogas here. This Blog will not die, it is too forward looking and unique in been entirely Nigeria interest focused to die. I pray Oga Beeg will return promptly and continue the good work he was doing with this Blog. Lastly, it is good the military guys are taking seriously the suggestions on this Blog – as seen with the recent successful attacks on BH’s camps in the NE; it was classic operational strategies as were extensively fleshed out here, which highlighted or emphasized the tactical imperatives of aerial platforms in this war. I hope they sustain the momentum. Be Blessed.

      • Bigbrovar says:

        Ever hour I keep hitting refresh hoping to see a new post or at least an update. I just can’t help but feel beeg won’t come back. I just hope he is safe and healthy where ever he is. If it’s a case of burn out.. It happens to the best of us. What is important is how we can move on.. We need to, what we all have started in this place has to be continued.. We most never let it die.. Not long ago we were discussing here on the need to extend beegeagle to a bigger even more befitting platform.. Guess we have to continue with such discussion.. A platform what is open and not under the central control of one person but managed by a core group with contributions allowed from others in a properly structured framework that would allow people come and go while others continue to fly the flag.. I am a system administrator with some experience with Web and database administration I have a server I can host and can wipe up a platform in a couple of days.. We just need to reach each other back stage and work out the modalities.. How it is managed and the people who would be in charge. What beeg started here is most noble and his shoe would be very large to fill.. I hope it won’t come to that and the eagle will be back.. But whatever happens we have to continue this work and continue to fly this flag.. Even if it’s the least we can do for our great nation. Am not hard to find.. Just Google bigbrovar u will see how to reach me

      • jimmy says:

        l hear you loud and clear let us for now keep this going and try and reach beegs backstage.I believe what you are saying is true but because we are doing a good job we need to stay here. I will try to reach you backstage if you send your email address

        T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Bigbrovar says:

        What is vexing me in all this is why wait before remembering u have one of the most powerful imagine satellite in orbit, why wait before u knew to deploy jets in Yobe.. It’s not today that BH has been attacking schools in Yobe.. In fact that has been their MO yet why wasn’t major schools garrisoned, why doing this now? And why now holding commanders responsible for security breaches that result in lost of lives. . Why wait for such a serious massacre before doing the right thing. I can’t help but feel someone in MOD wants to sustain the insurgency.. After the initial gra gra things just return to routine activities and BH allowed to regroup and go on the offensive.. It’s sad smells and bleeds like ECOMOG ops in sierra Leone

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you very much.I am with all of you we know the military brass reads this blog we also know that the brass needs sustained air coverage over borno this is a must. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  62. Obix says:

    Ogas Bigbrovar, Jimmy, Henry, Akin Oges, Gbash and others , i strongly agree that this platform should not be allowed to die. But for us to decide on what to do best, we need to ask ourselves some questions……..like what’s our aim? Whom are we addressing? Any due recognition for our efforts? Who doesn’t like what we are doing? Do we realize the security risks we are facing? Are the risks worth it? Can we ever be allowed to actively take part in the lacking PR efforts by the MOD? Are we not tired of giving warnings way before tragedy strikes? Is anyone listening? Again, is it worth it at the end of the day?…….I can go on and on! We need to understand that in a few years we as a group have taken this blog to different level. It’s gone beyond a blog or forum and has gotten to the level of a real think tank or even a spin doctors group………..Time for a rethink!

  63. Henry says:

    After Oga Beeg’s last disappearance, and the subsequent state of helplessness that followed that event, there was a concerted effort on my part to look for OGA Beeg. I really wanted to look for the general, and as such I pulled all the resources I could foster to for him. When he saw I was dead serious about searching for him (OGA Beeg), he replied my messages.

    Although he made me promise “not to share the conversation we had privately”, on this blog, at this point in time, I have no choice, but to break that promise.

    I would not paste the emailed message on this blog. However I would rather summarise in a few words his grouse for quitting the blog when he did.

    In the email to me, he said this blog has wound down to a close. He had lost the drive to continue posting on this blog, as he has virtually received little, to ‘NO’ support from the government and military authorities in particular for the selfless ,insightful campaign he has carried out on behalf of the military and nigeria at large. He said, he doesn’t need their financial contribution. He only wants the same treatment the military has been giving to foreign racist journalists who have continually dragged the name of our beloved country through mud and pits. The first class treatment they get despite painting this nation bad. He wants that same treatment for the selfless service he has giving this nation and his tremendous work in changing how nigeria is perceived, in a more positive or objective light by the Nigerian public and many foreign journalists/ contributors/analysts etc. Despite the campaign of lies and half truths some elements of foreign media continue to portray.

    The last straw for him was when the military took foreign and local journalists in june to borno to see how well the state of emergency has gone, leaving him out. He felt disappointed beyond belief that the military could do this to him. He said despite his many posts on this blog to the military, urging the authorities to take him to Mali or the SOE areas to give an indepth report based on facts on the progress of their various missions, he was ignored, left in the rain, while the people who had in the past/ continuously to this day, report Nigeria in a bad and totally untrue manner were given bulletproof vests, C-130 transport plane and transported to Borno to cover the state of emergency. He could not believe it, the feeling of outrage was unbearable. This despite members of the Ministry of Defence being regular visitors of this blog.

    He told me he had lost the zeal to post anymore, and he was quitting that June/July. So my pleading began. I pleaded, begged and begged him to please rethink his stance about quitting the blog. If not for anything, but for our(bloggers) sake. I told him the nation depends on this blog. We truly depend on him.

    I suggested to him that he should instead create a forum. He said it was a bad idea, he didn’t want the blog to turn into nairaland.com teeming with tribalists. After so much pleading and begging, he agreed to return to posting, but he made it categorically clear to me, that the days of this blog were numbered. He said, he was going to quit the blog before the year ends. He was done. For me at the time, I was only happy that he had agreed to return to posting.

    When September began, after the first 4 days of his absence, I knew he might have taken his decision for good. However like everyone else I kept hope, I genuinely believed that he was going to get us juicy exclusives. However, lo and behold, after 11 days of his absence, I knew for sure that our time on this blog had come to an end. OGA Beeg wasn’t going to return.

    I’m deeply disappointed he did not tell the house that he was winding up the blog. However I respect his position and fully understand why he has taken this decision.

    He talked about many other things in the email, however for the sake of his privacy, I can only share this.

    My OGAS, this blog is over. This is the way our society continues to alienate citizens who want to positively contribute to the growth of Nigeria. It is indeed shameful.

    Anyway, we must continue to persevere and hope that Oga Beeg changes his mind and returns. At this point however, I think that is, highly unlikely. I am completely saddened by it.

    I have learnt a lot from this blog, and also have contributed my fair share to the growth of this blog. I am forever grateful to Oga Beeg for giving me this platform to share whatever military knowledge or photos I have. Thank you.

    * I still post images on the foreign affairs section of nairaland. However that place can never replace this blog.

    I still want to use this medium to plead with OGA Beeg to reconsider his stance.

    • Deway says:

      This is very sad news. This blog has been an eye opener on military issues for me. I made some contributions, though usually critical of our government and military, I also loved to hear and learn from cyber generals. Again, seeing the high level of articulated, intelligent and insightful strategic military inputs/contributions from Nigerians (and mostly from civilians) brought back some level of pride for me as a Nigerian. I actually thought something bad had happened to Oga Beeg, at least Oga Henry’s post has assured he is hale and hearty (important). However, his decision is understandable considering how he has continuously shed positive light on the capacity and capability of our military and indigenous nascent defense industry. But notwithstanding this forward movement, no one in government/MoD/military has given his work or this blog any recognition. I understand and respect his decision, but for many of us that visit this blog every morning for “our early morning coffee”, he should kindly reconsider his decision and also see it as a national image building effort. All in all, I say a big thank you to Beeg Eagle. You shall soar and never fall.

    • giles says:

      oga beeg u fall hands o,big tym.hw u go jst quit lik dat u no even com tel any body,u realy insult person

    • igbi says:

      Sorry for breaking my word, but I had to say this: Beegeagle’s problem is that he is a megalomaniac. Did he even consider what many of the bloggers sacrificed to post on his blog ? I don’t like to hit a man when he is down, and that is why I will stop here. I wish beegeagle and his bloggers the best

      • doziex says:

        Oga Igbi na wah for you O !

        So the painstaking, thorough, diligent, well researched work Mr. Beegeagle put in on this blog for no financial gain over many years for the benefit of all nigerians, and military enthusiats, can be equated to the actions of a megalomaniac ??

      • jimmy says:

        Oga doziex. Thank you for your timely comments. I will restrain myself from speaking further.well dr hobert keep up the good fight. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • igbi says:

        One thing one must learn in life is that a good work, a good deed is it’s own reward. How many people on this earth have produced master pieces and were only recognized after their deaths. Not getting what you deserve is part of life, but you should know that you are surrounded by people who didn’t get what they deserved. Here, you have someone who was about to make history and suddenly gave up because…History take no excuses.
        My advice: don’t quit, fight to move forward.

  64. CHYDE says:

    Good morning sir, how was your night? how is work? Hope all is okay with you. First of all, I want to state without flattering you that , you are indeed a PATRIOT. Painful as it may be for you, are you going to allow the failings of our system make you a laughing stock?Think of what the likes of Afua Hirsch et al would be doing,you started a blog based on SACRIFCE, pls hold on to it.

    I personally have now become an authority on military affairs because of this blog. A lot of people are learning from this blog. This seems to be your passion…your dream. DON’T LET ANYONE KILL IT, Abraham Lincoln as we know lost EVERY election he ever contested in, but he became the US President eventually. You are getting somewhere and it’s only natural that you encounter some form of RESISTANCE.

    I may not have all the details but in your case our system has fallen victim to people who have what I call COLONIAL mentality, but our generation is gradually making its mark and you are a part of that generation.

    Watch and see where you’ll be in a couple of years from now. Please, please and please do not quit. God bless you.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Don’t know what 2 say… Yet! Still socking this in

    • Akin Oges says:

      Great words Sir. You have said all that should be said. And I join my voice to yours. Oga Beeg (I know you are reading this), please ignore all the negatives/setbacks in this journey of grace and hold on to your vision of making a difference. I have followed your efforts here quietly for years until I gate crashed my way in; even with the heavy baggage of been a complete novice at Defsec (tired of playing the fence I told myself). I marvelled at the intimidating calibre of experts/pros, and their insightful clever views (Peccavi, Eben, doziex, Jimmy, Acting Major Benbella, CHYDE, Henry, Obix, giles, jakes, Solorex, Bigbrovar, cutievik, Tunde Olayinka, gbash10, agee, xnur44, camouflage1984, Yagazie, jimmy, ifiok umoeka etc etc etc etc), you guys made complex and esoteric subject as Defsec easy to follow and completely elementarily obvious. If only you know what you have accomplished by way of education in your area of authority; and the huge body of people that have benefited from that education? You will have a big smile of contentment plastered on your face right now. Sir, Great men have a date with history, and affect the trajectory of history. You are clearly making history with this Blog, and tactical postulations as advanced on this Blog was felt in the North East recently with the successful outing of our military boys (they hammered back the front teeth of the enemy). You can’t afford to quit now Sir; not when your tomorrow holds such tangible promise. You can’t afford to quit now Sir, not when Nigeria is soo vulnerable and needs Her best 11 in the vanguard. Please reconsider. A General never abandons his troops at the heat of battle. I wish you well. Be Blessed.

      • camouflage1984 says:

        Oga Akin you have said the hearts and minds of many of US…..however, i am glad to knw Oga beeg is fine but would be happier say he returns sooner!

      • Scouse Naija says:

        General Akin has taken the words right out of my mouth. Oga Beeg achieved something that the Nigerian establishment has tried(very few times) and failed at, which is creating an authoritative and largely unbiased platform to showcase the country, in this case from a military standpoint. It’s a terrible shame that our own government failed to see the value this blog has, as well as its still frightening potential as a tool for positive change. If you do change your mind sir, we, your loyal readers and contributors will always support you on this blog, government recognition or not. And if you do not, we all pray that God will guide and bless your future endeavours. I believe I’ve spoken the mind of the house on this one. Over and out

      • Number one says:

        Too sad but where do we go from here.

  65. Obix says:

    My thoughts, PART ONE _ My ogas, in as much as i share your disappointment with the abrupt end to this blog, i still believe Beag has a strong point. Since Oga Henry has spilled the beans, it’s now proper for us to address those issues.

    After hearing from Beag, I took time to digest his complains and personal disappointments and I realized it took him time to make this decision. He conceived this blog (in our Acting Major Benbella’s words) with a view to give the Nigerian security and military organizations, the means to secure our (true) independence and provide the country and its leaders the capacity for independent decisions that advance the interest of Nigerians. Beag is tired of the neglect and by the authorities and the preference given to biased journalists.

    Our top brass should realize that there’s a difference when an insider looks out and when an outsider looks in with doubts and accusations. Who can tell our story better than we can? We know the kind of ground breaking result that can be achieved if the PR dept of the DHQ had taken professionals like Beag and Ken Iwelumo on a mission to report on the exploits of our troops in Mali and now in the NE?


  66. Solorex says:

    It is very unusual for Gen Beegs not to be around for this long and not to make any contact. He has ever been very dedicated than this.

    We are very reasonable people and are not quick to judge and draw conclusions. I do sincerely hope that the blog is not been technically forced to shut down by people not to comfortable with the free spirit of comments ,criticism and suggestions of this forum.

    This forum is the best “e-thing” that ever happened to Nigerian Armed Forces since the return of democracy.

    I do hope he is away on some official trip and have no access to the web or he is recovering well from some personal matters that has kept him away.

    However, if we do not see him or hear from him soon; we will have to ask our friends at the press to help us out!

  67. Obix says:

    Oga Solarex, please carefully read general Henry’s long post. It’s official, Beag is fine and has decided backed out of the blog. We are now thinking of the way forward.

  68. Henry says:

    I respect and fully understand OGA beeg’s decision. I mean, who would not be frustrated. It is virtually impossible to serve your nation as much as beeg has, get left out by the same authorities you serve, and still continue serving them.

    I mean, body no be firewood. We require that quarterly encouragement to continue to give that 100% In whatever job we do. When beeg told me he was going to quit in that june, my heart sank. He has given his time, money and whatever resources he has to benefit not only the nigerian military, but the nation at large. We cannot as nigerians repay that servitude. It is priceless. However, motivation is critical in nation building.

    When john F kennedy said, “think not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country”, he knew that without the right dose of encouragement and motivation, that statement would have been a mere empty/ valueless talk.

    I still do hope that oga beeg returns. It is imperative that he does, for the sake of our nation. However, if he decides not to, I would like to thank him for all his years of selfless service. My emotions are all over the place, it has really saddened me.

    Moving forward, I think the way to go is that of a forum. It is the only viable, self sustaining option. However, how we go about it, is unknown to me.

  69. jimmy says:

    It is hoped PROSECUTIONS are more timely however prosecution within the law is STILL ACCEPTABLE.

    • jimmy says:

      Not bad there were somethings left out
      1) The 7th division
      2) The central command.
      3) The fact they did not disclose that all three branches now have special forces.
      Overall it was credible.

    • Akin Oges says:

      The good news is we should be getting two units of the formidable Su-25 any time this year says the info. But some of the details grossly underestimates the Army’s fire power, I think.

  70. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen, I have been reading the postings regarding General Beegz decision to discontinue with this blog. The general consensus is shock, together wtih an appeal to General Beegz to change his mind. It is really soul-destroying to put in the time, effort and resources to ensure that our Millitary has a credible independent platform that projects its image, only to have such effort callously ignored by the powers that be. For example- what would it have cost our Navy to invite Oga Beegz to cover the OPV Africa conference that held recently in Lagos? We don’t value our own. That is the price once pays for being a Nigerian Patriot. Anyway moving forward, I would want to use this medium to appeal to Oga Beegz to please reconsider his postion. He has a passion for this blog which shines through in his postings. From a practical point of view- we all know it costs money to run/maintain this blog e.g. paying the yearly $850 subscription to wordPress.com just to host this blog. Seriously my fellow cyber generals, I am respectfully of the view that we should all agree to chip in and assist him shoulder this onerous financial burden. On my part i am quite prepared to make such a financial contribution- if only to keep this wonderful and insightful blog running. Your thoughts guys?

    • jimmy says:

      I have said it many a time,and I am more than willing to chip in to pay the fee. I amin the middle of work right now but once I finish I will relay my thoughts.

  71. Obix says:

    @oga Yags and oga Jimmy, i made the same offer to Beag for us to pick up the bills, but he made it clear to me that the primary issue is not the yearly subscription and other expenses but the neglect and disrespect he receives from the same authorities that benefit from his and our efforts. In as much as his patriotism is very intact, he doesn’t understand why he has to stress himself and beg at the same time while the same foreign journalists who trash talk our armed forces get VIP treatment. @Oga Yagz, concerning the OPV conference, you asked a good question, but i don’t think the ogas at the top cared for the conference to have good coverage, check out the official website http://www.offshorepatrolvesselsafrica.com/Default.aspx The event has come and gone but the site is not updated. No pictures, no details……NNS Thunder is in Australia, no pictures , no details (but you can see my video and photo links on that in the thread “Nigeria navy kills 6 sea pirates….”) During the warship open day, i sent a friend who lives in Australia to visit the ship and snap with the crew 🙂 ……. Generals, i really understand Beag’s decision to quit the blog. I think he’ll come back only if he sees a step in the right by those that matter.

  72. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy and Oga Obix thanks for your prompt response. Well since we seem to be on the same page on this matter (financial contributions) – it is simply a question of waiting and applying ‘behind the scene’ persuasion to get Oga Beegz to have a rethink of his decision.

  73. doziex says:

    Firstly, I have to thank Oga Henry for risking his friendship with Oga beegeagle to inform us of what is happening.

    I have always said that the tragedy of Nigeria is that it refuses to put it’s best foot forward, inspite of the easy availability of willing talent at it’s disposal.

    Beegeagle is such a rare talent, and rather than relishing the opportunity to support him, the Nigerian armed forces just frustrated his efforts.

    I am singling out our armed forces, because they couldn’t have found a better, more thorough and knowledgeable cheerleader than beegeagle.

    I for one had many of the concerns about the atrocious media savvy of the NA. For a decade, I watched the BBC and british interest play the NA like a fiddle.

    They branded NA troops as losers and criminals, when in reality the soldiers without adequate military gear and equipment, demonstrated rare bravery and selfless sacrifice for our fellow african brethren.

    I had these concerns, but wasn’t motivated or talented enough to do something about it.

    However, NA as an institution stood by clueless, and let this happen. The Nigerian press and the government of the day, only demonstrated callous indifference.

    So when a citizen like Beegeagle takes the initiative to change the portrayal of the NA, generals, admirals, the CAS,COAS and CNS should have been contacting him, asking, ” How can we help you help us ? ”

    Beeg, first and foremost, I know you are a patriot. Nigeria as is can frustrate and demoralized even it’s most patriotic citizens.

    Please don’t give up on the dreams you had for this blog. As other bloggers are saying, lets us formalize the responsibilities of running this blog, financial and otherwise.

    We of like minds, can help you shoulder this immense responsibility and deal with the inevitable disappointment that it entails.

    Don’t go silent, don’t let ’em win. Gives us our marching orders, and I guarantee you would not be disappointed.

    I am glad you are alive and kicking, I had feared the worst.

    • giles says:

      God bless u,beeg hav to undastand dat som tym u jst hav to do it even if he who u ar helpin dos’not appreciate.even d wikipedia knw u exist cos d write up on igirigi apc was gotten frm dis blog.forget d govt beeg and jst add u own quota to d development of our armed forces.so one who dose investigative journalism should not wait fr appluse not mostly from dis hell of a country n it’s secretive forces

  74. freeegulf says:

    gentlemen, we have all shown concern for the safety and well being of marshal beegs. the patriotism of fellow bloggers and love for the nation is extremely admirable.
    as colonel general obix mentioned earlier, the fiscal aspect is not the problem, rather, it is the retarded behavior of those subordinates around the OGAs at the top that is really repulsive and a handicap to successful liaison with NA HQ and Defence HQ.

    most of these subordinates re overzealot aids and spend more time piling up the bureaucratic nonsense by simply creating bottleneck than being efficient. its unfortunate that the army is being served on a platter and still decide to carry on with their counterproductive ways.

  75. ifiok umoeka says:

    As a matter of fact, I had to spend some time off to clear my head. I now have a little to say. It may take a while. Sir, if I had your contact, I would have sent this to you personally! But I don’t and I must send it anyway.

    I must say that I thank all Beegeagle bloggers. My best time online has been with you under the able leadership of Beegs the Marshal. I have no other online presence except here because I couldn’t stand the hate which quickly degenerates any discussion about our country to religious or/and ethnic battle. I’m not even on facebook, 2go or any other platform (and I consider myself tech savvy), what do people talk about there, really? Then I found this blog!
    I’ve been a military enthusiast since I was a little kid. Uncle was a flyboy (now retired). Almost joined the military but @ the time, we had one Abacha, everyone hated him. My heart was air force but what would I fly as most of the assets weren’t going to leave the ground. Ours was just air with no force. A couple of friends went USAF but I was too patriotic to even consider the thought, still am. So I became an adult, informed. However, this power only led to frustration and misery; you know the latest birds and what they can do… yet you know that u can’t have it (have u been to a toy shop as a kid, seen the latest Voltron model but Dad can’t or won’t buy it for you?). Thought of writing techno- thrillers but struggled with it. It made no sense that the last war stories that involved Nigeria was Biafra. What about Namibia, Angola, Bakassi, Liberia, Sierra leone, Chad, Somalia, Yugoslavia etc. I witness the NigerDelta crisis bewildered. Didn’t these guys know that you need attack copters, drones and spec Ops boys for this kind of war? Then Boko haram and the same thing all over! It was a @ this time that I came across Beegeagle. I would pier for a while and leave. Then, I made up my mind. I had found a place where gents, pros discussed security related issue that concerned our country. They addressed each other and issues with respect, courtesy, level headed and open minded (what my brother didn’t understand or chose to ignore). Unlike others who would smear and take down on others, we addressed issues and most importantly proffered SOLUTIONS. Though many were ignored, some where taken and we got the satisfaction of haven contributed, made an impact.
    When the military wins, we celebrate, when they blunder we tell them. When a soldier falls we morn, when the media attacks with half truths, we defend with fact, figures and world class analysis. They may or may not see it, but we are their last line of defence. Because of love for country.
    We are family, a family of like minds who argue but willing to learn. When one of us announced himself a father, we all felt like uncles, we are uncle because we are family. All of this happened through your leadership.

    You see, my Gen Beegs, u gave me that. You gave us that. I don’t know if that is what you set out to achieve (I think you surpassed you expectation) I know that you know that Beegeagle respectfully is bigger than you now. I ask MOST RESPECTFULLY that you reconsider. God bless you

    • CHYDE says:

      Amen, Beegeagles email ad is beegeaglesblog@ovi.com . Oga Beegs, pls you can see that you’ve really touched the lives of your fellow bloggers, rest assured that your works are not in vain, from this little group i assure you that the message will keep spreading . Please re-consider

    • I TOO Sir, i never tot there was anything on the Nigeria military online not until i stumbled on this blog and it was a very fortunate stumbling!

  76. cutievik says:

    With all due respect and greetings to all cyber Generals,in this our trying time when the bracelet of our ship is rocking we have stood together in one voice proffering solution to avert an imminent sinking of our ship,I must humbly confess ‘I have found a home here’ and if it means defending it with all I got then the show is on,because every time I hit the reload button I can’t help but brace up for some qualitative information,analysis or argument a symposium of pros and mature minded individuals,Where else can we get such? When all around we find tribal enclaves,religious bigotry,societal decadence and juvenile comprehensions whenever discussions come on board,of which a definite epitome is Nairaland, I remember a clear scenario when a soldier in the NE code named 13volts posted some images of the raging battle ground in MDGR and it’s environs,then one of our brave hero’s of this blog posted some pictures of Bullet proofed APC’s of which he suggested should be acquired and deployed immediately to hot spots to save lives of our gallant men and what did he get as thanks ‘Juvenile Bashing and senseless criticism’, his name I choose not to mention,So generals for this same reason I for one would slightly oppose the evolution of this blog into a forum,Because the respect and immense disciple we all uphold would be thrown to the dust for this same reason I could not find my feet out there except on these blog,I would provided a Bill to the floor of this house,a proposal actually on the way forward which would require the veto of this honorable house,in conclusion,I lend my voice in an ernest appeal to our mentor and General to reconsider his stand on. His decision,because this blog has people whose savor of online media revolves only around this blog,know him full well that challenges are only there to make us,look on a brighter side Gen! For we are with you all the way!

  77. jimmy says:

    I have known that oga beegeagle had decided to quit for a while, and like the rest of us I was stunned beyond belief, I did and I am trying my best to make him reconsider , sometimes he has made contact with me to explain why he did what he did, A lot of it has to do with the negligent, and sheer ignorance of our our armed forces.

    Our Armed forces flew western journalists into MAIDUGURI one whom I remember very well was so lazy and racist he could not even get the rank of the jstf commander right.OGA BEEGEAGLE offered to pay his own way, again to no avail.
    Nigeria hosted the opv conference out of sheer ignorance and malevolence once again beegeagle who has gone out of his way to highlight the truths and wash away the lies was deliberately left of the list of people who could cover the conference, personally this with a LOT of other things which pained him personally, he told me he was going to leave.
    Back and forth I would make contact with him not to quit, at times I was relentless and I GIVE OGA BEEGEAGLE A LOT OF CREDIT HE has always treated me with the utmost of respect in Yoruba culture ( this is important he always called me EGBON meaning big / senior Brother) as such I knew deep down he always held me in high esteem.
    What is the way forward?
    1. Those of us who have friends/ family who are influential above the rank of LT.COL ditto navy and airforce. We need to reach out and touch somebody so that We can get access for oga beegeagle. I AM RESPECTFULLY CALLING ON OUR CYBER GENERALS.
    2. We stay on this blog OGA BEEGEAGLE LAST POSTED ON AUGUST29TH and we have done pretty darn well may I ADD WE HAVE KEPT THE GOLD STANDARD and what has been the downfall and pit of abyss of other blogs has not befallen our blog
    3. We all have to reach out to oga beegeagle and I mean all of us oga xnur, victor, peccavi, big brovar, doziex, max montero, eyimola, henry , chyde, freegulf,obix, giles,akin oges,yagazie, gbash,tim, cutevik, russel infinity, optimusprime,jake, lord eeben not to beg but to explain to him this blog is bigger than he is envisaging we are more than willing to help him carry the load, financially and also when he feels burnt out to act as administrators.
    4.Most importantly if we want to show beegeagle how much he is appreciated we should continue to contribute appropriate material and keep up the gold standard.
    This blog shall not die .

    • cutievik says:

      Oga jimmy,am surely behind u on this one,likewise anyone else who proffer’s a positive solution to this crisis,like I had earlier stated I am compounding a bill which who demand a veto say from our honorable house,Gen Beeg has sacrificed immensely for this blog to have survived to this stage and for this reason my bill would draw all attention to certain issues and bet me,this time our Govt,MOD and the civilian populace must hear!

  78. Sorrow fills my heart to read the comments on this blog about the most commendable work carried out by General Beegs and the fact that the system has once again made another good man to give up the good fight.

    The General was the best thing that could have happened to the Nigerian armed forces, unfortunately he deserved more than this and I hope he realizes that. He has built something that has gone beyond the shores of this country, an international brand. It is a great work, and I hope he knows that and won’t give it up. I got to know about the site from a google search. I remember that day and I have not turned back since.

    I believe that someday, he will surely get what he deserves. Somehow my heart tells me it’s recognition of an international nature, greater than whatever Naija has got to offer. That is what he deserves.

    So far he has done a great job whether with or without any assistance from the powers that be, in the military or otherwise. I pray he should just carry on the good work, that authoritative international class defence blog that he has built here. Someday I believe that eternity will reward him.

    While I also truly respect his wishes, I also join my voice to plead with him not to give it up and hope that he will change his mind.

    Don’t throw the baby away with the water General Beeg.

    • giles says:

      God bless u sir.oga beeg does @ d top may not treat u right but,u jst hav to continue.did d govt buy frm proforce or dicon,d termed dem not upto standard.so weda dey appreciate or no we d ordinally citizen do.Please sir come back

  79. Hmm…Now behind the scene readers are coming out…Gen Beeg, hear our humble cry naaaaaaa!!!!

  80. Come out lets put heads together and find a way to break this jinx

    • doziex says:

      Chief, we only have a handful of soldiers there. About a companies worth, just under 200 men.

      So since we have a token presence there, and our force projection abilities now, is almost non existent, I don’t see what real impact NA can make on the ground.

  81. Donspony says:

    Gen. Beeg.
    I hope you do reconsider your decision. Everyday for the last few years, my browser is pointed to your blog. From bookmark on my phone, to accessing even when on friends pc. I know not of any other blog on the world wide web where detailed and concise info on Nigerian security situation, past and present military deployments and more are given. Your expertise is definitely leaving a huge void currently and do hope you reconsider. Remember your blog is the only one of its kind this side of the waters and surely is a great source of information for others worldwide.

  82. ifiok umoeka says:

    My bro Chyde, thanks for that tip. Amongst the response I got, let me share this “…Never say never..God can bring this to a resolution hopefully.”
    You know what guys, I refuse to say never, I believe that God will (not just can) bring this to a resolution. I’ve got hope.

  83. doziex says:

    But gentlemen, even if by God’s grace, Oga Beeg heeds our pleas for his return, we have to realize that the we are at an impasse.

    How can you cover an institution that doesn’t want to be covered ?

    Does the officer corps of the Nigerian army not know the value of beegeagle’s blog ?

    What has become of the soja magazine ? With Top officers and their wives posing for every available picture, what room is left for the coverage of our fighting men and women ? their training ? deployments?

    What happened to the Nigerian army website that went months on end without any update ?

    Likewise the NAF website, that have not even acknowledged the miniscule improvement NAF has made.

    If anyone reading this blog has access to General Ihejirika, Admiral Ibrahim and the other service chiefs, please bring this to their attention.

    This is the information age, NA’s lack of internet savvy, betrays a doctrine that has placed little value on modern day methods of information warfare.

    What to keep secret, what to expose for discussion and betterment.

    How to proactively shape the story, How the perception of losing, can actually lead to a loss of a war NA might actually be winning on the battlefield.


    This lack of respect for information management, dissemination and propaganda is a serious threat to NA as an organization on many levels.

    Solution : The beegeagle’s blog needs access to the NA. At least as much access NA grants unmotivated Nigerian writers, and the anti Nigerian foreign ones.

    Thanks to the SBS (special boat service), whose leaders saw the value in inviting Mr. Beegeagle to some of their events.

  84. freeegulf says:

    well said oga doziex, you have outlined the real choke point we are currently facing. like i mentioned before, the ogas per se, re quite high handed. but worse, re their aids and underlings, they re unbelievably shortsighted.

    the system is resisting change, the army might have a progressive Chief in the form of Lt Gen Ihejirika, but except you want him to micro manage the entire branches, i say, they still have a long way to go
    . this tradition of complacency towards policy formulation will continue to drag the army backwards. hopefully, we can get some heads to turn. this is a task that fellow bloggers with back channel communications in the army should endeavor to relentlessly pursue till we attain this goal

  85. jimmy says:

    Thank you OGA FREEGULF I believe it is very important that we as fellow bloggers develop a course of action to reach out primarily to three main people.
    1.The director of Army /Civillian Public relations his name escape me now please forgive me Brig ATTHARU ALI?
    2 The Armed forces Director of Public Relations BRIG Chris Kolade.
    3. The Chief of Army Staff .
    Our approach has to be respectful dignified , honest and straightforward and should be in the manner that the army will understand our views as to why the blog wants Beegeagle to be an accredited / credentialed Journalist
    4. We need help as to how to approach these high ranking individuals as to why they should spend the time reading our letter, on behalf of the blog, please for fellow bloggers that our willing who serve or who are experienced and have access to writing these type of things please let us know. this is just my idea , it is not cast in stone anyone else who has better ideas let us know there is too much going on right now for us to be complacent.
    THE NEWS ON TOP IS VERY , VERY INTERESTING, OGA FREEGULF,XNUR, HENRY, DOZIEX ,OPTIMUSPRIME007 what are your views on Cameroon coming out now / what changed their mind?, I am not going to be callous but this represents the first sustained action against boko haram despite repeated discreet attempts by the Nigerian authorities were they really upset about the death of one soldier or the fact that bombing runs and a division was on their doorstep questions , questions.

  86. freeegulf says:

    gen jimmy, u said it all. brilliant piece. reaching out to DDI does need a lot of facilitation but its doable.

    regarding the BH cameroun gendarme clash, why am i not surprised. the country has been a safe harbour for these terrorists for years now. i m a bit curious about the the number of weapons discovered though. while the body count is significant (no surprises here either since cameroun is their rear base) but the number of weapons tells its own story.

  87. drhobert says:

    D news of oga beegs quitting dis blog is depressing,annoying and discouraging.Dis blog has served as my morning cofee for abt a year now.No dey passes by without me logging into dis blog like 5 times.I discovered this blog abt three years ago afta my WAEC exams(no laff say i be 20 years old o)when i was trying to use my new found medium d internet to update myself abt military info which has always fascinated me since i was a small boy playing wit my military uncles.First i used to check a thread dat was running on nairaland then( i think it was pushed by one of d bloggers here)then i became disatisfied and then stumbled on dis blog.It was out of dis world for me as i didnt know nigerians were as smart and knowledgeable as this.It made me an authority when arguing wit my friends at skool.To here dat oga beegs is giving up is sad but this is an instant case study of why brain drain continues in naija nay Africa.We neglect our talents and instead worship those neo colonialism agents called western journalists(wowo yvonne ndege,narcissistic John Gambrell,Ignorant and hateful afua hirsche).I tell u my senior comrades,it is lack of patriotism and lov for naija dat makes our ogas at d top neglect talents like beeg.I once spoke to my lt col uncle abt dis blog and its use to d army.what he told me was”get out from dat blog cos d army hq doesnt recognise it and dey could even trace us and arrest us all”.To him d opportunity it presented wasnt his concern as army wasnt his personal business.I hav tried in my little capacity to talk to d head of d oyo state joint military and police outfit abt d use of dis blog as he is d dad of my bestie but wit no success.All dis non challant attitude is bcos it aint their business.Its a pity.But i would like to advise oga beeg to pls reconsider and cme back.So many pple hav been waitin ur downfall so as to begin their own blogs as dey couldnt compete.U must continue d fight cause sumtin tells me d ogas at d top will soon need dis blog.D army is beginning to feel d heat of bad media coverage from all angles and would soon need this blog to fight back.Oga beeg ur victory is around d corner o.U cnt leave nw when pseudo “bright brains “like omojuwa dem are making a killing from false reportage of our country including d army.Oga beeg e no go mke sense if person cme reap for where u sow o

  88. G8T Nigeria says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNrKGppmV_Q pls watch my friends. Don’t worry beeg will surely come back only if this is what he loves. I bliv so

    • jimmy says:

      We need to ensure that beegeagle is accredited within the sufficient time frame so he can attend this air show has something in the works. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  89. doziex says:

    The camerounian military action is ” Hammer and Anvil tactics ” at it’s best.

    The camerounians finally decided to fully cooperate and provide an “Anvil” for the Nigerian army’s “Hammer”

    This shows that insurgents, inspite of their civilian blending tactics, are not ghosts.

    They can be found, fixed, trapped, then destroyed.

    The cameroonians of course where motivated by the deaths of their own gendermes.

    Notice, the story states that they called the nigerian army to block the BH escape routes when they decided to lunch their offensive.

    The point here, is that a military assault without a carefully laid blocking forces is a waste of time, as the insurgents would only melt away and regroup and attack again at their own convenience.

    NA need not rely wholly on the cooperation of our neighbours to trap these insurgents.

    As I have said many a time, heliborne troops or commandoes can be inserted to block escape routes before any major or minor offensive.

    Merely dislodging insurgents from their base of operation is an exercise in futility.

    Trapping and neutralizing them, is what coumterinsurgency is all about.

    In nigeria, we have the troops, all we need is the transport and attack helicopters and the training.

    NA should be able to trap and destroy BH before they cross the border into possible foreign sanctuaries.

    NAF should also be equipped with long range heavy strike jets such as the SU-30 MKI or the cheaper SU-24 fencer.
    This would give us the long reach to neutralize any foreign rebel sanctuaries, It would also incent our neighbors not to turn a blind eye at rebel rear bases.

  90. doziex says:

    Some might say that the NA knows these tactics, and don’t need anybodies lecture.

    However, I respectfully beg to differ.

    First of all, let me acknowledge that this art of fixing an insurgent base, then quietly inserting special forces to block or ambush escape routes is a very challenging and dangerous tactic.

    The insertion unit can easily be wiped out while deploying behind enemy lines.

    So this forces many conventional armies to lunch linear assaults, or event pincers maneuvers meant to trap conventional forces, in a futile effort to trap insurgents that are fighters one minute, civilians the next.

    NA combat efforts in liberia, sierra leone, the niger delta and now MDGR has been characterised by such linear assaults.

    Air strikes, artillery bombardment then in comes the troops.

    By then the insurgents that survived the initial attack are long gone.

    NA widespread development of special forces shows a drive to improve in these sophisticated counterinsurgency tactics.
    And as I said, we are just waiting for the helicopters.

    Here is my recollection of NA recent history.

    (1) Operation sandstorm : General Khobe(late) orchestrated a pincer move from the Nigerian JUi base to capture freetown. But blocking maneuvers were not sufficient enough to prevent or block the rebel force from escaping to the hinterland.

    (2) The battle for port loko was linear in nature ( series of assaults and retreats along the road .axis) Likewise battles in bo, kenema and segbema.

    (3) Makeni and kono (koidu diamoned fields where captured, again allowing the enemy to escape after air strikes, and artillery bombardment.

    In all these cases, the rebels regrouped and struck back.

    In the niger delta, the lack of seal type or Royal marine type insertion and ambush of rebel movement, including raids on their hide outs and ambushing the swamp and riverine escape routes, gave MEND the initiative.

    They did the ambushing of NA patrols and countless raids on guarded flow stations.

    Now in MDGR, we again see these assaults that allow BH to escape.

    When NA starts to provided evidence such as that seen in the cameroun operation,( 180 bodies, and a massive haulage of rebel weaponry ), then we will know the rebels are being trapped and are not allowed to escape to go slaughter civillians for revenge.

    There is a way to wage a COIN war, and a way not to do it, Let’s get it right this time and utterly wipe out BH and their sympathizers.

  91. freeegulf says:

    oga doziex, you re on point! wrt the anvil and hammer tactics, you couldn’t have said it better. it was a good call that the camerounians asked for a blocking operation by Nigerian army troops. simply attacking their base without any cutoff or choke point to bottle them up would simply disperse the insurgents even more, to live and fight another day.

    and like you noted, NA could carry out similar ops without the need for pre warning or informing neighbors. they could have their blocking troops wipe out the fleeing insurgents. well stated. thumbs up.
    as for helicopter insertion operations, give them time, they will pick up. yes, the learning curve might seem steep at the moment, but the ideas are there. hopefully, the will power to implement them would no longer be absent.

    they are learning on the job. yes, inserting troops behind enemy lines is quite hazardous, but, they wouldn’t be the first to successfully carry out such precision based missions. the americans where doing these and many more as far back as the 60s. one does not need to be paddy blair mayne to be able to carry out deep recon. what they totally need are; HUMINT (long rang patrol inside enemy territory and informants), ELINT and SIGINT to pinpoint these bases and harbour zones. learning on the job will provide them with invaluable experiences as such, they can design their own doctrine to fit with local theaters.

    long range recon depend more on stealth than on full spectrum firefight. if a 4 man team was inserted in BH controlled territory, they will depend more on their ability to move without enemy notice than the LMGs and 1500 round each that they might be carrying. in the event of a hot exfil (their position compromised, in deep s**t and need copter extraction) NAF can do their best to get them home safe ( that is if NAF agrees to buy more Helos). if after one or two of these hot exfils, and NAF begins to count the bullet holes in their Helos, it wouldn’t take a napoleon to figure out that maybe, just maybe, they need to send in a two ship flight. one ship for exfil, the other, for top cover and keeping the insurgents’ heads down!

    so this is a process that they will continually rehash, learn, innovate and succeed in. my only worry however, is that some of the top brass don’t really show the iron will and efficiency needed to win these conflicts. ECOMOG is a case in point; they had 5 – 6 painful years of liberian jungle fighting to learn. but hell no, they made the same mistakes all over in sierra leaone, and in some cases even worse!

    note, even if they employ the best and most effective combat advisers (mercenaries), without the will to push relentlessly, the result would still be abysmal. except you are hoping for the mercs to carry out the ‘sophisticated missions’ themselves. some of these top brass peeps might see these ISOs as opportunities to keep the security vote funds flowing without interruption. if only these uninterrupted tap could manifest in the form of war materiel and necessary equipment.

  92. Obix says:

    My ogas, check this out: CNS VISIT CHINA FOR OPV HULL FORMATION CEREMONY http://www.navy.mil.ng/Photo-Gallery/44.html

  93. Obix says:

    Oga Chyde, ! Beags put up the picture here on this blog sometime in march. it’s here full time http://www.navy.mil.ng/gallery_images/CVTC%2012.jpg @Oga Enyi, from the formal nature of the meeting, i guess it’s for the first one. I don’t remember a 2013 delivery date for it.

  94. G8T Nigeria says:

    the super structure behind the main gun in the fore is quite different from that of the type 056. Type 056 vessels have a triangular framing close to the front glass screens left and right. I would have settled for a type 054 but for the single mast structure only confirms it to be a model design from the type 056.

  95. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen an intresting article on the Nigerian Navy by a US Naval officer: http://cimsec.org/nigerias-navy-setting-sail-in-stormy-seas/

    Of particular interest is the section entitled -but Avoid the Bait and Switch! – Defence Oversight (especially of corrupt MOD officials) has to be stepped up.

    • eyimola says:

      Great article. Quite balanced. Personally I believe the KNS Jasiri story was a hoax from day one. I believe the builders were trying to put pressure on the Kenyan government who were considering pulling out of the deal.The idea that the Nigeria Navy would sanction the purchase of such a ship is inconceivable and I said so at the time. Having said that, the NN should be embarrassed that they have not got this piracy thing locked down by now. We keep making excuses and pointing fingers at politicians, but there are tanker sized vessels operating illegally in the nations waters EVERYDAY without challenge. If care is not taken, military officers will find themselves taking orders from ex militants and pirates. If that has not already happened.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA YAGAZIE I was unable to access the blog but if it was about the KNS JASIRI this was an article that we went over extensively and in the end there was no evidence even on this blog that Nigeria ever intended to by this wreck of a ship. I believe exactly like what oga eyimola said and owning to Nigeria’s paranoid sensitivity when it comes to procurement (all they had to do was deny it at the time ) The story took on a life of it’s own.

  96. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy, the article was indeed referring to the KNS JASIRI. Your response is noted and I totally agree with same.

    Oga Enyimola – agree with your analysis regarding Nigeria’s ‘purported attempt ‘ to purchase the KNS JASIRI. However with regards to the piracy- one really can’t blame our Navy. Lets face facts, most of the pircacy takes place on the high seas within our EEZ/territorial waters but beyond the reach/range of our inshore Patrol Vessels (Sea Eagle Craft, RBS defenders, Mantras, Shaldags etc). However in most cases, those Pirates that are silly enough to carry out raids within our littoral shores get caught by the Navy . What the Navy needs are OPVs that can operate at the outer limits of our EEZ and beyond. Imagine our neighbour Benin signing a contract with a private US firm for them to police its territorial waters to deter pirates- when the Nigerian Navy is just next door? It’s because the navy does not have the requisite ocean going platforms/maritime helicopters to do the job. This is why we have been shouting ourselves hoarse demanding that the Govt properly equips the Navy with the tools to do the job. However, the Navy depends on the Govt (i.e. politicians) for its budget. The CNS can only make a case for funds to be allocated and then has to work with what he is given. However hopefully when the 2 OPVs being built in China plus the USCGS Galletin (due to be handed over next year) are commissioned into service, the Navy will be in a better position to maintain continuos at sea presence and thus greatly reduce the incidence of piracy within our waters. ONWARD TOGETHER .

    • eyimola says:

      Oga Yagzie as you probably know, I have a really soft spot for the Navy, but this Piracy issue is rally embarrassing. The top brass need to understand that Piracy is not an economic issue, its a national security issue. I know that majority of this crimes are happening just outside our territorial waters, but accepting that as an excuse means that we as Nigerians are comfortable with a situation where Pirates are operating in areas where the navy are incapable. That’s just unacceptable

  97. Obix says:

    My ogas, actually there were official documents showing that Nigeria wanted to buy that ship. When the topic was discussed, here I posted a documents with the budgetary allocations that were intended for that. I guess the proposal fell apart due to the high cost.

  98. doziex says:

    Yeah, Oga Obix is right.

    We had an extensive debate on the KNS Jasiri ordeal on this blog. With some Kenyan posters input also.

    Remember our Budget writers termed the vessel “Kenyan ship” or something to that effect.

    It was when someone exposed the ship to be an overpriced rust bucket that I believe the corrupt MOD officials backed out .

    Our MOD is corrupt.

    The service chiefs are frustrated, but they don’t want to be seen as insubordinate to civilian authorities.

    Senate Anyanwu had said on record, that were it not for corruption, the navy could afford what they need to end piracy in our territorial waters.

    The fish rots from the head, likewise our system is corrupt from the top down.

    Subordinates do not have the clout in our system to render every issue victim to corruption.

    When the oga at the top has had enough, he has the constitutional power to bring all employees in line with the law.

    Problem is Nigeria would be dead and gone, before our leaders have had their fill of corruption.

    And Shame on our MOD if some harsh but truthful criticisms on this blog has led to their decision to sideline Mr. Beegeagle , and prevent his ability to report on our armed forces.

    If this is so, you are merely cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    As for us Beegeagle bloggers, trapped in the vaults of this blog for all time. For all to see, is the ideas, opinions, warnings, predictions of a worried and patriotic group of Nigerians.

    You cannot say you were never warned or that nobody tried to render suggestions on how to strengthen the Nigerian armed forces, and by extension, strengthen the Nigerian nation.

    A weak military, will ultimately lead to Nigeria’s extinction. The handwriting is on the wall. It is like every crises now has to be dealt with by the military and with no emergency or systematic effective investments, the force will only grow weaker and weaker.

    God give our leaders the wisdom to save Nigeria.

  99. kingsley says:

    Generals, I salute. I believe some of our top brass know about this blog. I never knew my dad who is an AVM reads this blog till I got shocked when I heard him & his coursemates who are also AVMs discussing Oga Beeg’s absence. As for me I spread the news to other ex-boy soldiers of the NMS too.

  100. Henry says:

    Oga jimmy, you took the words right out of my mouth. I humbly second you.

  101. gbash10 says:

    Hmmm…atlast Angola has picked the 18 Su-30k from Russia,what a miss for the NAF…

  102. gbash10 says:

    Please,some body should tell Amnesty International to shut the F***ck up,any of their representative that is still in our country should be thrown out of the country immediately.

  103. Number one says:

    @ Oga Jimmy sorry i didn’t reply you on time.the NATC was established on the 28/9/12 to serve as a think – tank for NA security strategies.I believe that given their mission/statement they’ll be more amenable to the ideas expounded on this blog,unfortunately i don’t know how to contact them.

  104. freeegulf says:

    oga jimmy, well said. seconded!

  105. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber-Generals,it seems Obj’s F-7NI Airguard fighter jets are back in the air again,I saw one delta-wing,light blue belly, single engine cruising towards Abuja from Makurdi,TAC.Later on, another one flew towards Kaduna.

  106. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber Gens,this thread is now having more than 207 comments, with your collective could we please migrate to the thread “Nigerian Soldiers on CTCION Ops in NorthEast Nigeria” which is just having 17 comments,what is your response?

    • Obix says:

      Supported! Please ogas, let’s be swift about it.

    • wocon45 says:

      @ Oga gbash10, when I copy and paste ““Nigerian Soldiers on CTCION Ops in NorthEast Nigeria” I get ,……”Sorry, but nothing matched your search criteria. Please try again with some different keywords.” can anyone post the link?? or the date. Thanks

  107. wocon45 says:

    @ Oga Jimmy thanks, target acquired. Commencing observer mode over.

  108. tope says:

    Sorry Cyber Generals for Commenting on an Overstretched Link but I just found this and maybe we can discuss this in the lesser comments pages…… “Kenya Defence forces were allegedly seen breaking into Cash Registers and Looted Jewellries and Wines” wen I saw this I was skeptical but this mornin my contacts in Kenya are saying its true, lots of them are on Facebook insulting the Force now if its true this is an Utter Embarrasment for the force and it sheds a big light on their motive for saving people.

  109. Solorex says:

    I am kind of sick and tired of the talk of Gen Beegeagle been heart broken by not been given equal access with foreign journalist to information and been disrespected by the military; thus abandoning all his dedicated bloggers and his much beloved forum with impunity and utter disregard for camaraderie. While this may certainly be true( given the “bushmanic”Antecedent of Nigerian military), i think the someone is a bit uncomfortable with procurement and strategy been opened up for criticism to everybody online. I believe the the heart break story is a soft landing an easily believable tale with no depth;designed to bamboozle an undiscerning mind. I thinks its cheap! I think this forum is been technically shutdown to prevent military procurement ,response to crisis and strategy from been scrutinized!
    I think Gen beegs should send us a little note on this.We should also take this out with the Local press while waiting for his note.

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