Some Shaldag Mk.II Fast Patrol Craft of the Nigerian Navy, commissioned into service in Feb 2013

Some Shaldag Mk.II Fast Patrol Craft of the Nigerian Navy, commissioned into service in Feb 2013

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  1. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz, do we have enough of these vessels to ensure that each of our FOBs have at least one for maritime patrol/enforcement activities?

  2. jimmy says:

    oga yagazie
    So far we have between 4 and 6 depending on whom is counting. Conservatively we have 4 .What we actually need based on what i have seen and the real LETHALITY of the Shaldags is 10 ( $125 million). They have already proved their worth in two documented cases ( see you tube video)
    Mr PRESIDENT is going on pilgrimage to JERUSALEM another first for the Nigerian President. My hope is that his J.C.O.S . who is very familiar with trips to their Naval Shipyards when he was a C.O.N. will use the opportunity to meet with his counterpart.He is not going for the pilgrimage.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy, Thank you so much for the update- much appreciated. Hopefully apart from the ‘spiritual revival ‘ some millitary/naval acquisitions should also result from this trip.

    The Isrealis are looking at producing a new class of OPV or Corvette – the SAAR72 -Corvette, which will be 800 tonnes and can carry a helicopter, a crew of 50 and will have a 21 day mission endurance capability. Range is about 3000NM.

    Check it out at:

    Maybe we should give give serious consideration to partnering with the Isreali’s to build/purchase this boat. What do you think?

    Another article that might be of interest to our fellow cyber-generals can be found at:

    This has to do with the IMDEX 2013 Exhibition recently held in Singapore. Interesting pictures of various naval vessels!

  4. jimmy says:

    you are welcome o we dey wait as the immortal FELA would say

  5. beegeagle says:

    At the moment, Mighty Yagz, there are 4 units of 25 metre Shaldag FPCs, with one unit from the 2012 order slated for delivery later this year. So let’s say five. There are also three units of similar-sized OCEA FPB 72 MK.IIs which have been photographed together at a FOB in the Niger Delta. That makes eight of those 24m/25m patrol craft – 75% of those delivered in 2013. There are six coastal FOBs, and if they so desire, the NN can deploy one unit to each of the FOBs.

    There are also a minimum of eight units of 20 metre Raidco Marine, P2000 Watercraft and Swiftships patrol craft. I do not know about their precise states of operational readiness.

    But there are indications to suggest that even bigger vessels have operated from some of the FOBs. For instance, NNS Zaria, a Sea Eagle Mk.II Offshore Patrol Craft was launched from FOB Bonny last year and it seized a Belgian-flagged oil tanker which had been spotted by the coastal radar array, going back and forth between the coast and the high seas around Akassa, as she engaged in dubious business.

    The NN also own a total of eight 31 metre/32 metre Coastal Patrol Craft, acquired in the 1970s, at least three of which have been spotted on TV and pictured in operations on this blog since 2012 – NNS Yola, Argungu and Makurdi. Added to those is the 31 metre Made-in-Nigeria NNS Andoni, which was involved in sensational counterpiracy operations this month, even as it remains to be seen if she sailed from a coastal FOB or a major naval base in the Niger Delta. Last year, she was mostly engaged in anti-piracy patrols off the Lagos waters. That is documented on this blog. So she is probably now homeported elsewhere in the CENTCOM or EASTCOM AORs.

    The NN shall take delivery of a second Made-in-Nigeria 31m vessel and a new 32 metre FPB 98 Mk.II vessel from OCEA of France within the next six months max. In addition, anywhere between four and five 35 metre Sentinel FPVs are believed to be on order.

    With a potential upward deployable limit (by end 2014) of eleven units of 31m-33m ships, seven units of 35-38m ships, sixteen 20-25m ships and six FOBs, the NN shall from that pool of over 30 small ships, in a bit be able to decide whether to make 35-38 metre platforms, 31-33m platforms or 20-25m platforms, the leadships at the coastal FOBs and would be able to actually toy with the idea of having one unit of each of these aforementioned vessel categories deployed at the said FOBs. They only need to maintain 90% serviceability on the 35-38m class and 70% serviceability on the 20-25m and 31-33m categories to achieve this array. Then, they can also deploy two units each of the 21 units of 17 metre Manta Mk.II ASD Littoral Interceptors to the six FOBs.

    FOBs well resourced, the remaining units can then be deployed to major bases for the purpose of serving as escort vessels to big oceangoing ships and as allied patrol platforms.

    For the major bases, we need to do something decisive about the six 400 ton 58 metre missile vessels. Since there are three Lurssen and three Combattante III types, we should think of cannibalising one each to keep two sister ships afloat. That would mean having two Lurssen and two Combattante III vessels but the advantage would be full, all year round serviceability.

    The fact that two units of long laid-up and comparatively fresh 700 ton MCMVs are being reconfigured as midshore patrol vessels should give us the courage to act on the 58 metre Lurssen/Combattante ships. If we can get another ten years of service off them, that would be fine.All of these would be deployed to the major bases and fleet command HQs.

    In closing, I have seen the Sa’ar 72 and we have discussed this with Admiral Max Montero. My clear preference is that we ENSURE that ALL OPVs and corvettes are over 1,500 tons large. Deep sea operations in view. An 800 ton Sa’ar 72 corvette is adequate for Israel’s compact territorial waters. For our needs, an 800-tonner would soon enough necessitate the quest for larger replacement ships. Given our tardy approach to big vessel acquisition, I would humbly suggest that the Sa’ar corvette, beautiful as she is, would ultimately be found wanting – unable to undertake intercontinental voyages on flag showing trips or comfortably intercept pirates hundreds of miles in international waters offshore the Gulf of Guinea.

    The absolute bottomline which we must not go below, with interoperability, good seakeeping and panoply of armaments carried as key determinants, are

    – used units of the 1,300 ton Pohang class corvettes..Korean-made

    – new units of 1,440 ton Type 056 corvette.

    • tim says:

      If you have seen the FAC’s and MCMV’s you would understand why the MCMV’s can’t be given the courage of the FAC, design and layouts…… The FAC’s have lots of space to place missiles, and Guns, but the MCMV, are clustered.

  6. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz, a concise and brilliant analysis as usual. I respectfully concur. Meanwhile any news /pictures from the OPV Africa conference that finished recently (29th August ) in Lagos?

  7. jimmy says:

    oga beeg
    HOPE EVERYTHING IS OKAY O? I have not seen the September issue you know I set my clock and day by these issues.

  8. Henry says:

    Photos of OPV africa conference in the link below.

    • peccavi says:

      I wish Nigerian military PR would realise no one wants to see pictures of big man sitting around, we want to see hardware and kit in use

      • Henry says:

        Oga peccavi, in that area, I envy the americans, brits, turks, Israelis, poles, russians, saudi’s, pakistanis, indians, mexicans and south africans etc etc…….. In each of these cases, their various PR agencies give each of their militaries, a larger than life posture.

        I’ve seen many documentaries of american and british soldiers in afghanistan. I’ve got at least 15 british afghan counter-insurgency documentaries in my laptop, from one video(including commando regiment) to another, apart from the fact that the brits have better gear, rifle and heavy equipment( including choppers), when compared to the snippets of the nigerian military we see once in a ‘blue moon’ on NTA or channels, their is absolutely no difference between the two(nigeria & Britain) in fighting or prosecuting a mission.

        I especially like the poles (polish soldiers), those guys always look well decked out in gear. However, take nothing from the nigerian navy’s SBS though, a fully kitted navy SBS, as seen in the photos oga beeg released to us last year, can compete favourably with a polish special forces soldier, that I can guarantee. For nigeria’s army, they still got a long way to go.

        That been said, kudos must be given to the navy’s PR team. Those guys are doing a good job. They presented us with beautiful images of well decked out troops during exercise obangame earlier in the year. I’m sure if it( the conference) were an exercise, we would have seen ‘badass’ guys in gear. I trust the navy to deliver.

  9. tim says:

    I think it is time, we start probing using our connections to find out who has oga beeg….. It is like 5 days now, and he is quiet!!

  10. Henry says:

    With beegs incessant disappearances, I want to suggest that he creates a forum. A forum that would be able to run itself when the founder(beeg) is indisposed.

    Over the last 3 months, OGA beeg has dis appeared 4 times, leaving bloggers stranded and the fate of nigeria’s media defence open to attacks from ignorant foreigners and nigerians alike.

    So it’s imperative that this medium is able to run itself, anytime the founder needs to check on other pressing issues or is in-disposed.

    This is my sincere opinion.

  11. makanaky says:

    If he is hail and hearthy then i am cool ! may be just gathering some very new exclusive, i guess the JH-17 Thunder has arrived as i dreamnt about them yesterday night flying over Nigeria skies.

  12. Yagazie says:

    Oga Henry, thanks for the OPV Africa conference update. They have talked the talk – now they should walk the talk. For Nigeria, Its a question of acquiring the necessary platforms/assets to effectively police our territorial waters/EEZ and prosecuting the ‘big wigs’ involved in the illegal bunkering business.

    • Henry says:

      With nigeria hosting this conference, I’m pretty sure we would be getting additional platforms. The exhibitors at the event, are some of the worlds largest in defence shipbuilding.

      Our major problem in nigeria is prosecution of cases. The nigerian judiciary should reform itself.

      • eyimola says:

        There is clearly a lack of political will when it comes to the prosecutions of this sort of offences. If the civilian authorities cannot prosecute, what is wrong with setting up special security courts (part military) to prosecute this cases?

  13. Yagazie says:

    Oga Henry, I am not sure the problem lies with the Nigerian Judiciary as they can only act on the evidence placed before them. It thus begs the question – Have any of these big wigs been charged and if so have the prosecution (i.e EFCC) been dilligent in the presentation of evidence/prosecution of the case- it is only when all these questions are answered in the affirmative – and we then get ‘weird’ judicial decisions, that we can then turn our spotlight to the Judiciary.

    Oga eyimola – please lets leave the millitary out of prosecutions. We have a functioning democracy in which the rule of law previals (LOL!!!)- so lets have trust in the judicial process. It may be that the political will to prosecute the big-wigs is lacking.

    With regard to platform acquisitions, well lets wait and see…..

    • Henry says:

      Oga yagz, you’ve raised valid points. My fingers are crossed on acquisitions. I believe that with the navy hosting an OPV conference and with major, I mean major manufacturers in defence attending, we would get at least 2 acquisitions.

  14. Yagazie says:

    Prophet Makanaky (lol!!) – provided the JF -17 you saw in your dreams is the block II version (with in-flight refuelling capabiilites) then no problems. I also hope that you ‘saw’ SU-27/30s operated by the NAF flying over Nigeria as well!!!

    • Henry says:

      The JF-17 block II and the swedish gripen jet are of the same class. If the airforce are getting the block II jet, I’d be glad. It’s an impressive fighter, forget about all the “bad mouth” and bad press from the western media. I’ve seen this jet fly, and to be honest it gave a good account of herself.

      Someone pasted images of nigerian airforce personnel checking out the JF-17 and some other chinese jets at some airshow. however, I cannot recall were I saw the images. It was a dated photo. I think, that was the period the rumours first started of nigeria’s interest in the platforms.

  15. gbash10 says:

    @Makanaky and fellow cyber-generals, a fighter jet flew over makurdi HQs of NAF TAC and today again with a thundrous speed(maybe mach 1.5) closer to roof-top heading towards Abuja.I was in a meeting with my superiors so i could not come out to identify that jet.
    I suspect that jet to be a supersonic fighter from its sonic boom which i strongly believe is not the delta-wing F-7NI Airguard that has been grounded,also the Alpha jet can not fly with that type of speed.That particular sound from this unknown fighter jet is reminiscent to the old good days when the NAF Jaguar jets used to thrill the people of Makurdi town with their roof-top flight and aerobatic displays.
    Please fellow compatriots, we should all be on the watch out before the end of this month some one may surely identify that jet.
    I can identify all the fighter jets in NAF inventory from the MiG-21s,Jaguar jets,Alpha jets,Aermacchi MB-339 and the Albatros L-39 trainer jets,even the JF-17 Thunder and the L-15 trainer jet.
    Lets keep our figers cross!

    • jimmy says:

      what ‘s going on?
      Beegeagle AWOL
      SONIC booms CRISSCROSSING one of our most sensitive air bases ( markudi)
      GEJ off to the States t for the u.n meeting and to meet his ” compadre” B.H.O.
      Nah wah! oh well never a dull moment.
      Anyway let us keep the frigate sailing till beegs gets back

    • Anas says:

      Oga gbash welcm bak

  16. gbash10 says:

    By the time General Beeg is off the grid,we should know that he is up to something big and good.
    NAF weda una hide dat jet we go stil see am so which one chief no wan tel us, say til october,haba rankadede Sir!we are very anxious to see our fly-boys drive those new airframes at supersonic speed as their predecessors during the 1970s to late 80s.
    Victory from the wings,willing and able!

    • Henry says:

      Oga gbash10, na you we dey hold oh. I just hope say na new planes oh. Wetin happen to our F-7’s naah? Have those planes ever seen action at all? We have over-worked our alpha jets, those planes go done they beg for mercy by now.

  17. gbash10 says:

    @Henry,the our F-7NI have seen should be the bombardment of a mountainous cave in kogi state,a Boko bomb factory.
    It is very sad that since the crash of an FT-7NI trainer version in Yandev near Gboko,those damn birds were grounded.
    O boy na inside hagar all of dem de cool off,what a waste of resources.Those birds are dragging space with our beautiful Jaguar jets and the MiG-21s aka ‘widow-maker’.

  18. giles says:

    abeg wer oga beeg go?hop his fin

  19. gbash10 says:

    Before the FT-7NI crashed,the 2 pilot successfully ejected and they spent about 3 months at 45 NAF Hospital Makurdi,do not know whether they have been cleared and winged again to fly.

  20. makanaky says:

    I shall go to my dream land very soon ! i will come back tomorrow probably Oga Beeg will be here with some info if any about the JH-17 i saw and probably if i can get any spec as requested by Oga Yagazie, Kai if its just a dream nobody should wake me up.

  21. gbash10 says:

    Even if the FG should acquire the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet,it would still serve as a stop-gap fighter jet before the introduction of a high-performance airsuperiority fighter jet for the NAF which should be no other jet but the Sukhoi Su-30/35 BM Flanker E+.
    Please oh! My ogas,i do not subscribe to tokumbo Su-27SM/SK Flanker B+ at all,brand-new variants with Nigerian identity Su-30MKN(the N for Nigeria) or the Su-35BMN for NAF!
    Fellow compatriot,please go to Youtube and watch Su-27 the best fighter in the world part 1-4,and Su-35-Most advanced Russian fighter,and see the supermanouvrability of the Su-30MKI,-35BM and the technology demonstrator Su-37 flanker, then you would all agree with me.
    Please note that the Su-30MKI for the Indian AF is different from the Su-30MKK/MK2&3 for the Chinese PLAAF/PLANAF.
    This is because the Su-30MKI has the ff:
    *very powerful radar,the N011M BARs
    *powerful TVC(thrust vector control)2* Al-31FU turbofan engines that makes it perform extreme manouvres
    *possession of canards or fore-wings
    *clearance to launch 14 diferent Russian/Indian air-to-air,air-to-ground missiles,2 types of rockets,lasar guided bombs and dumb bombs.

  22. Tope says:

    Oga Gbash Oga Henry Oga jimmy, this Sightings of Unnamed jets and Dreams of JF 17 is like a drawing on the Wall.
    Today is September 3rd we cannot wait till October 1st when i suspect the NAF will release the Hot Gist, im very sure Oga Beeg has been contacted not to release any info yet, refer to his last post and den da Link which Categorically gave strong impressions of Nigeria’s Partnership with Pakistan, so its likely a JF 17 is in town and is undergoing trials at Markudi, how many the numbers are is still a mystery.

    Oga Gbash please keep a look out ooo…we would soon be hearing more Sonic Booms :).

    Lets Wait the Generals Return…..till den we can only speculate.

  23. Yagazie says:

    Oga Henry- yep I agree with you- the JF17 block II Thunder multi role fighter is a damn good plane that costs 1/3rd the cost of a similar build plane from the West. It does compare favourably with the Saab Grippen (operated by the SAAF) and the F-16. The advantage for us in purchasing this plane is that we will not be tied/held hostage to Western sanctions/threats of sanctions, coupled with the fact that upgrades can easily be added to the aircraft. This plane (JF17) is also the only fighter aircraft in the world which right from inception had fighter pilot input in the design (i.e. – cock-pit layout). If indeed we are getting the block II variant (which has in-flight refueling capabilities and better avionics than the block 1 model) then the NAF will be getting a good deal. It’s a queston of purchasing them in sufficient numbers e.g. to equip 2 squadrans. The F-7 can then be used as a point fighter using ground control intercept whilst some of the Alpha jets can be reconfigured for use in a maritime strike role/ advanced trainers. Having said that, we would still need to get the Su-30MK2 for use as an air-superiority fighter. Algeria and Uganda operate these aircraft and from the southern most reaches of the Algerian Desert, the plane has the ability (with external conformal fuel tanks) to reach our Northern f
    rontiers . Thus we shuld give serious thought to acquiring these jets.

  24. Yagazie says:

    Still on the issue of millitary acquistions from Pakistan, our navy should give serious thought to acquiring or at least in the first instance leasing long term (with an option to purchase) the Augosta B submarine – which is a french submarine built under licence in Pakistan. If my memory serves me correctly, I beileve that we had some naval personnel in Pakistan, training as submariners a few years ago when Vice Admiral Adekeye was the CNS. I wonder what became of this programme? Moving back to the airforce, we should also think of getting aerial -refueling tankers (maybe reconfiguring one of our C-130s for this role) so that our figher pilots can practice and become proficient in air-air refueling tasks. The aparthied era SADF airforce pilots were doing this with their Mirage F1s as far back as the 1970s/80s!! Then comes the question of having regular Air Combat /bombing excercises. I presume our airforce has a bombing range where this can be done. Am not sure but does the NAF have any aircraft on QRA (quick reaction alert) duties so as to intercept any intruders in our airspace?- that is of course assuming that we have a comprehensive millitary radar system (separate from the civll avaition TRACON) that effectively covers our airspace. I am fairly certain that the Algerians, Eygptians and South Africans will have such a system in place.

  25. Yagazie says:

    Oga eyimola, I believe that during the nigerian civil war, the NAF purchased second hand Mig 15/17 fighters as well as Iluyushin bombers from Russia (then the Soviet Union) , which had to pressed quickly into service using mercenary pilots. Thus provided the airframes are still in good condition with a lot of ‘flying hours’ left on them, I see nothing wrong in our airforce purchasing second hand ugraded SU-27 fighters, so as to enable our pilots familiarise themselves on the airframe pending the eventual purchase of SU-30MK2 air superiority fighters. PROVIDED WE PURCHASE WISELY (and herein lies the potetnial problem with our dear MOD and corruption), The SU-27 will represent good value for money and will immeadiately provide our airforce and fighter pilots with an air-superiority fighter that has a decent combat range (over 3000km!!). It will thus gives our millitary, the ability to conduct air operations anywhere within the west african subregion and to some extent the central african subregion, operating from airbases within Nigeria, without the need to deploy to Foward operating bases outside the country. In my humble opinion, we can’t go wrong in purchasing this aircraft.

    • eyimola says:

      PROVIDED WE PURCHASE WISELY (and herein lies the potential problem with our dear MOD and corruption),

      Gen Yagazie You have clearly identified one of the issues which make the purchase of second hand fighters problematic. It is much more difficult to engage in subterfuge with new aircraft. The last fighters purchased by the Air force were F-7s which ere clearly brand new. However I have always been confused about the two seater (trainer) variant of this aircraft, because I know that Chengdu don’t manufacture those. The trainers were built in Guizhou until 2003, and I don’t believe that the Chinese (or anybody else) will reopen a production line just order to build a half a dozen aircraft which is what the Chinese have sold since the NAF order. As far as I am concerned the F-7s are new, the FT-7s are not.

      Secondly, Nigeria can afford brand new air superiority aircraft. It baffles me how a nation can aspire to leadership without being willing to invest in the tools needed to achieve this goal.

      One of the stated advantages of buying Russian aircraft, is the fact that they are generally robust and fairly easy to maintain. This however turns into a disadvantage when you are the second or third country to inherit the fighter. No matter what the logs and maintenance documentation say, there will always be doubt.

      I have always assumed the fighters from the USSR were brand new and donated rather than purchased. I don’t have any specific knowledge of the matter, so will defer to you on that.

  26. Henry says:

    Oga yagz, what would you consider as a considerable amount? For me, 18 jets should do. I.e, 16 fighters and 2 trainers. Then we could throw in 9 SU-30mk2 into the mix.

    That been said, my problem now is, all these things are speculation’s. We’ve been speculating for a long time, without any actual solid evidence to hold on to. Until there is a solid evidence shown, the chances on the odds of us acquiring any of these jets is 30/70. 30 because we have been mentioned multiple times as been interested.

    • eyimola says:

      What is the criteria used in the Nigerian Armed Forces for this scenarios? . In the US my understanding is that once an individual has achieved 1 Star they MUST be promoted to the next General rank every 3 years or be forcibly retired under law.

      If this is the case in Nigeria, then what is probably happening is that individuals are reaching the mandatory retirement age before they have spent 3 years as LT-Generals.

      Your proposed solution will probably resolve the problem you highlighted, but is this really an issue?
      I would rather know that when an individual is eventually given the 4 stars,that he was judged by the same standards as his predecessors.

  27. Yagazie says:

    Oga Eyimola, you may be right on the fact that the Nigerian Govt has never purchased second hand warplanes before. I will have to check before confirming categorically that the planes (Mig15/17s fighters and Iluyushin bombers) purchased/donated to the Fed Govt during the civil war were not brand new. Whilst I agree with you that our Govt can purchase brand new aircraft (and indeed should do so), the fact remains that brand new war planes cannot be purchased ‘of the shelf’. They have to built from scratch and have to incoporate any ‘peculiar’ requirments of the purchaser. The pilots also have to be trained to fly the new jets. All this takes time. The only reason why I would advocate getting ‘second new’ jets in this instance is because of (a) the particular capabiilty of this plane- Su-27/30 (ii) the fact that a lot of them have recently been upgraded by the Russian Airforce (iii) the low purchase cost due to the fact that a lot of them are now being withdrawn from service (purely on costs grounds) and being placed in storage pending the re-equipping with SU-30/35. Thus we can get a number of these used jets at a bargain price that our pilots can familiarise themselves with (and get real practical flying experience as opposed to using simulators which while cost effective are not the real thing) – pending the purchase of new SU-30MK jets.

  28. Yagazie says:

    Oga Eyimola, still on the point of getting second hand equipment, whilst I agree its not ideal, untill our politicians get the political will to purchase new equipment, our millitary need to have equipment on with which to practice their craft. For instance look at our Navy. The NNS Thunder is a former US Coast Guard cutter, that was given to Nigeria. The ship is over 40 years old, albeit it had gone through various equipment upgrades prior to being handed over to us. Now this is the same vessel that is enabling our Navy to ‘represent Africa’ at the IFR in sydney Australia later this year. Our naval personnel now have the opportunity to practice/enhance their sea faring/ocean crossing skills using this vessel as well as ‘show the flag’ by way of making various port calls on the way to and from Australia. Meanwhile we know that the Govt has placed orders for brand new ocean going platforms (OPV’s) that are currently being built in China and India. By the time these vessels arrive, thanks to the various ‘kpako USCGC vessels’ that were handed down to our navy by the United States (NNS Thunder, Nwamba, Obula etc) , our sailors would have honed their sea-faring /fighting skills and would thus be in a position to hit the ground running with the new vessels. The same with our pilots. Meanwhile are you sure that we now have the L_15 HOongdu trainer jet in our inventory?

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga Yagazie which vessels are being contructed in INDIA? I dont think there is any RELAIBLE confirmation to that.

  29. Yagazie says:

    Oga Henry, in my humble opinion (and i defer to those with more knowledge on these matters) I would think that we should purchase enough JF-17 block II jets to equip 2 sqaudrons (i.e. at least 24 aircraft plus 6 trainers) a total of 30 trainers.

    We could then get about 6-12 SU-27s/30. Gen Beegz had in an earlier posting advocated stationing 2 in Lagos ( to enable us reach as far west as Senegal), 2 in Calabar (to enable us reach Cameroun/Gabon), 2 in Sokoto (to cover our North West Flank), 2 in Maiduguri (to cover our North East Flank) and then have maybe about 6 stationed in Makurdi – our main ‘fighter base Naija.’

    Whilst I agree that for now this is all speculation, remember that you have to ‘speculate to accumulate’. We don’t hold the purse strings and neither do we work in the MOD/Airforce/Navy/Army HQs. However there is nothing wrong in banging on about the necessity (based on facts, figures, geo- political/strategic considerations, and logic) of having these jets/platforms/assests in our inventory.

    Let’s also not forget that this blog is read by a lot of people in the right places. Oga Henry/fellow cyber generals – lets keep the faith (which is the evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for) – things will only get better – and as I have said in the past , lets not doubt the capacity of our officials to be ‘consistently inconsistent’ and pull ‘pleasant surprises’ when least expected.

    • CHYDE says:

      Pastor Yagazie lol

    • eyimola says:

      Agreed the NAF should be looking at the JF-17 (block 2) especially if it involves a degree of technology transfer. They should also be looking at the Chinese J-10 and the Russian SU-30MKI. this are the standards

      I also understand that there are competing demands from other sectors of society, but I don’t think anybody would expect a full payment on a 2.5Billion dollar contract (for example).

    • Henry says:


  30. Yagazie says:

    Oga Henry- also remember that for quite a while, fellow cyber gens (including your good self) had been advocating on this blog for (a) the establishment of a new full flegded division as well as battalions/regiments and the expansion of personnel for the army, (b) a new operational naval command as well as addtional forward operating bases and mfore naval airstations for the navy and and (c) an airlift command for the airforce. These have now ALL come to pass.

    Consequently, please let’s trust that the same will happen with equipment purchase. Ours is to as much as possible – bring to the attention of the decision makers the wide range/mix of equipment that is out there and why we in our (informed) opinion feel that the same is necessary to have in our millitary’s inventory. KEEP THE FAITH!!!

  31. jimmy says:

    Well done you guys, I was going to say that i was shocked about the retirements of the MAJOR Generals. Until I looked up and found out we are three months from December wow!
    I guess we will start getting used to seeing our senior Two star generals retire inthe ARMY, NAVY AND AIR FORCE as something routine. This in turn brings in fresh blood from the Brig Generals who are not termed out.
    The only problem I have with this is the Logic not of the retirement but of the rank of LT. Gen
    Currently it is only the C.O.A.S who holds that rank as the most senior officer in the ARMY.
    Historically we have had C.O.A.S @ LT.GEN so that is not the problem no C.O.A.S. has been a General ( 4 star) they have all been stopped at LT.GEN. This by implication has created two problems for the President the only way a person can become a General is if he becomes a C.O.A.S and then like Gen OWOYE AZAZI ( R.I.P.) he becomes a J.C.O.S.
    This becomes very unlikely in the scheme of current thinking because it is unlikely to happen frequently more likely the opposite this in turn means theoretically someone who enters the army realistically with brilliance and hard work will attain the rank of Major General and ” Senior Major General”
    This problem needs to be addressed and eliminated the C.O.A.S. should become like their contemporaries in America, United Kingdom, and France all of which currently hold the title of a 4 STAR ( General) this technically means our C.O.A.S is junior in rank to all three.If it can be done inthese countries the question is why cannot it not be done in Nigeria? This then trickles down to the other senior officers when bilateral meetings are held the likelihood of seniority will always be against the Nigerian army officers. To solve this problem.The six officers directly under the C.O.A.S who are already Chiefs in their own right should be promoted to LT .Gen( Three stars).

    • eyimola says:

      What is the criteria used in the Nigerian Armed Forces for this scenarios? . In the US my understanding is that once an individual has achieved 1 Star they MUST be promoted to the next General rank every 3 years or be forcibly retired under law.

      If this is the case in Nigeria, then what is probably happening is that individuals are reaching the mandatory retirement age before they have spent 3 years as LT-Generals.

      Your proposed solution will probably resolve the problem you highlighted, but is this really an issue?
      I would rather know that when an individual is eventually given the 4 stars,that he was judged by the same standards as his predecessors.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA EYIMOLA thank you for your comments. Right now it is becoming an issue. Both at the National level and International level and it has very little to ( none at all actually with competence or Merit) what is causing this problem is the removal of the rank of LT.GEN.Let me explain my first cousin ‘s husband through merit and battle ( s/l and liberia) in the last promotional exercise got promoted to BRIG GEN ( say last year) .
        So this year he is not eligible for promotion at least until 2.5 to 3.5 years max from now.
        When he does get promoted in three years to Maj Gen. HURRAY congrats, this is not the end of the story 5 YEARS after that he is still a MAJ GEN or even his peers, they are now joined by their junior class mates ( 5 years their junior) they are now on the same rank waiting for their 35 year mark to hit. This is not a good situation.
        Mathematically we know only one can be C.O.A.S. i am not quibbling about that what i am quibbling about is with for example the Chief of INFANTRY or LOGISTICS SHOULD BE A LT. GEN not a Maj Gen. We have six divisions all headed by MAJ GEN. when they are reassigned to h.q they should be promoted to LT .GEN.
        Also and more importantly where rank plays a powerful in perception and thinking in the modern world . Nigeria currently does not have A 4- STAR GENERAL yes OBJ tweaked the system AS PART OF HIS HIDDEN REFORMS however what has now has been created is two classes of MAJ GENs one LT .GEN and no GEN – This is despite the fact now the way to the top is based on Merit / Education and battlefield experience .

      • eyimola says:

        well you make a very convincing argument. I have always felt that the Nigerian Army should be doubled in size. My understanding is that there is an on-going reorganisation that should have the effect of increasing the numbers of boots on the ground. In most Armies, this would present an issue, due to the lack of command level leadership. With the scenario you have laid out, my instincts is that more officers are going to be moved around to fill the positions that are made available, and should receive the ranks appropriate for their postings. I fully agree that Nigeria should have more than one LT General.

  32. Yagazie says:

    Oga Chyde – I no be pastor i beg!!! Remember even the devil quotes the good book to suit his purpose (LOL!).

    Oga Jimmy, you have raised a very important point. Yes I agree that it is high time that all our service chiefs (COAS, CAS, CNS) are elevated to the rank of full 4* generals. With the army this could possibly be solved by creating 2 Army Corps each headed by a LT. Gen. Each Army corp will then comprise of 3 Army Divisions (each headed by a major general as is the case now) with the COAS in charge of the whole show as a full fledged General. We can also have some LT. Gens posted out of the army to the Defence HQ. That way some of the very experienced officers whose skills and expertise is still required are still retained by the Army, whilst creating an opportunity for ‘new blood’ to move up the ranks. With the Navy, we should have a Flag Officer for Naval Aviation (comprising of fixed and rotary wing), the Flag Oficers for the current Western, Central, and Eastern Commands, Training Command, Logistics Command we and (when established) a Flag Officer for for the Submarine Command who all together with the Chief of Naval Operations should be Vice Admirals. The CNS should then be a 4* General. Some Naval oficers deplyed to Defence HQ could also be Vice Admirals/Rear Admirals. Ditto the Airforce.

  33. Yagazie says:

    (Part 2) – Ditto the Airforce,- the AOC Tactical, Mobility, Logistics and Training Commands should (together with the Chief of Air Operations- if that post exists?) all be Air Marshalls, whilst the CAS should be an Air Chief Marshall. Some Airforce officers deployed to the Defence HQ could also be Air Marshalls/Air vice Marshalls. The Chief of Defence Staff will then be the most senior officer in service at the time who though a 4* General, will be senior to all the other service chiefs. That way our service chiefs will be on par (rank wise)with their counterparts from other parts of the developed millitary world (USA, China, Russia, India, Brazil France, UK, Germany, Italy, Isreal, Eygpt etc).

    If my memory is correct, in South Africa (which has one of the best miiitaries on the African Continent), the services (Army, Navy, Aiforce and Medical Services) are all headed by 3* Generals or their equivalents. However having said that, their personnel numbers are much smaller than Nigeria’s.

  34. Yagazie says:

    Oga Camouflage1984, yes you are correct that there is no RELIABLE confirmation on the India OPV order.
    Please see:
    The article is entitled ‘West African customer buying two offshore patrol vessels from India’

  35. Henry says:

    And the statements raised then was, which west african customer could afford the purchase of 2 OPV’s. Nigerian and equatorial guinea. Both nations suffer piracy attacks off their coast, however nigerian seemed the obvious buyer, considering the number of pirate attacks of her coast. Also at that time, guinea had only recently received 2 light frigates and as such un likely that she was going to be the recipient.

    In any way, like all things nigeria, let us wait and see.

  36. Henry says:

    “Nigeria may be the source of the order as Strategic Defence Intelligence in February this year reported that Nigeria was undertaking an offshore patrol vessels contract for two vessels, to be finalised in the third quarter of this year. It is assumed that the two OPVs are in addition to the two 1 800 ton OPVs ordered by the Nigerian Navy from China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Limited on April 18 this year.”

    The above is the key point of the article.

    • beeyee says:

      Oga henry, morning and thanks for your insightful posts on the blog pls sir do you have any updates about the epe missile project? is it totally a nigerian project or are we in partnership with a foreign country

  37. gbash10 says:

    Thanks @ eyimola,you have almost said it all,hower, i still want to state categorically that the Su-30MKI is superior and different from the Su-30MK2 sold to the Chinese,and Ugandans.
    So @ oga Yagazie,if Nigeria is to acquire the Sukhoi Flanker,then it should be either the Su-30MKI or the Su-35 but not the Su-30MK2.

  38. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, while we got little or no news coming out of nigeria and west africa. Significant Military campaigns and procurements are occurring thru out the continent.

    In the DRC, the SANDF and Tanzanian led SADC force operating under a UN mandate have launched their long expected offensive with DRC troops to clear the M23 rebels from their strategic strong holds around Goma.

    SANDF and Tanzanian units are said to be in the lead alongside DRC units.

    In response, Rwanda has massed troops along it’s border with the DRC. As some shells have landed across the border in rwanda.

    A SANDF general is asserting/ boasting that his troops are well equipped and trained, and this would not be a repeat of the CAR debacle.

    A Sandf has deployed only a mechanized force of 1300 troops. The UN has requested that SA deploy artillery batteries and the Rooivalk attack helicopter.

    But SA is awaiting assurances of reimbursements 1st.

    SANDF is lobbying for AMISOM type funding from the UN, before deploying their main assets.

    If I were to be advising president Zuma, I wouldn’t be playing around the border of Rwanda without my heavy hitters.

    Rwanda has long denied supporting the M23 rebels. However, a senior official said that it would be no secret if their troops are provoked to crossing into the DRC. In otherwords, they intend to make their presence felt.

    Would a clash between SANDF and RDF troops spark off africas world war II ?

  39. Yagazie says:

    Oga Doziex, without meaning to sound racist, if this had been the SADF of old (under the aparthied regime) Ruwanda would not have DARED to threatened to send troops over the border and risk a clash with South African troops. But well in the post aparthied era, affirmative action and budget cuts have taken their toll on the capabilites of the SANDF troops. With all due respect President Zuma should get real. He wants to postion South Africa as one of the heavy hitters on the continent (trying to emulate Nigeria) as far as UN troop deployments are concerend. He should however learn from Nigeria – which deploys troops and equipment first and then seeks re-imbursement from the UN later. SA is rich enough to do the same – besides why send your troops into a combat zone without adequate back-up?

    • Obix says:

      Oga Yags, you are right. It’s like the SA government is naive by risking the lives of their troops while awaiting assurances of reimbursements. It’s like they didn’t learn their lessons in CAF. If the rebels with the help of Rwanda launch serious attacks on them now, they will end up sending a lot of body bags home. Lives of soldiers can’t be reimbursed! Apart from the points you mentioned, it’s a fact that SADF hasn’t had any post apartheid battle field experience. The Tanzanians came to the DR Congo battle ready and already flexing muscles while the SA press is giving their people exciting made up news about the exploits of their troops. It’s unimaginable.

    • eyimola says:

      Generals, I have always felt that all was not well with the Rwandan government, but I must admit, having some sympathy with them on this issue.

      First and foremost, I totally disagree with the concept of a UN intervention brigade. It completely defeats the concept of the UN as the principal independent arbitrator of world peace. The UN is not equipped to carry out this sorts of missions.

      Secondly. they knew Kagame was not happy about this deployments, but rather than ensure Rwandan support (and participation) in the mission they decided to ignore his views and proceed anyway. Sending potential hostile troops to the border of any self respecting country will always generate a response. This is not about the morality of the issues at stake in the DRC.

      It should also be pointed out that South Africa’s involvement is not altruistic. They are in the DRC to protect South Africa’s economic interests. Simple and straight.

      • jimmy says:

        “BAD BOY PAUL KAGAME” has put it into his D.N.A that the eastern part of the DRC is the buffer zone for Rwanda. I believe all along RWANDA ala CHINA in 1953 once the U.N. forces crossed the yellow ( yalu) river through their lot with the North Koreans I believe the Rwandans will do the same.
        With the tit for tat expulsions going on between Tanzania Rwanda things are likely to go from bad to worse. The key I.M.H.O is not Tanzania. The key IS UGANDA W.W.U.D .
        What will Uganda do? will they offer formidable AIR SUPPORT to the M23 REBELS err Rwanda expeditionary force or will they play the role of peacemaker as Tanzania wants them to?
        I do not want to go there because I want to honestly refrain from bashing S/AFRICA Lord knows that is not hard to do. S/ AFRICA has to very, very careful here these are not the rag tag rebels of Central Africa. These M23 guys as they say are spoiling for a fight which they will be pitted against the S/ Africans. The S/ Africans had better bring their heavy artillery, Planes and Helios,AND THEIR “A “GAME if they are waiting on the U.N. to pay first before transportation they should contact their Nigerian counterparts.
        S/ Africa cannot and should not go into Soul searching ANGST once the inevitable body bags start to come home it will only confirm our worst fears either they are in it to stay or they should stay home and someone should honestly get that S/ AFRICAN general a p.r. /spokesperson so he can learn how to temper his comments.

  40. Obix says:

    My Ogas, here’s more on the OPV Africa conference

    • Henry says:

      Oga obix, nice photos. I wonder what’s up with oga beeg. He’s been off air for almost a week now, I hope he is fine. In other news, There are new photos of amisom nigerian FPU in somalia I’d like to share, however since OGA beeg has gone AWOL, there is no way of sharing the pictures. 11 photos in all.

      Anytime he returns, I’d send the photos to him so he can share on the blog.

      • Henry says:

        Still on the OPV matter, there is no way we aren’t getting additional OPV’s/ light frigates after this conference. It’s just impossible to host a conference of this magnitude without penning down new deals.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA OBIX
      Thank you for the pictures.

      • Obix says:

        Oga Henry, Oga Jimmy and other Generals, i greet una! We have to keep the ship sailing till Beag is through with another of his disappearing acts! Let’s pray all is fine with him. I hope he pulls something good out of the hat when he comes back.

  41. Obix says:

    The vist of NNS Thunder to Angola and S. Africa.

  42. Henry says:

    Thank you oga beeyee for the kind words. No, I do not have any updates on the EPE project .it is a classified project and information from the site never gets out( except if NASDRA wants to brief nigeria). It is a nigerian project, however we cannot rule out inputs of more experienced expatriate partners.

  43. triggah says:

    What NAF should get to cover all aspect of aerial warfare.
    15 unit of F-7NI (1 squadron) for air defence
    24 unit of JH-17 (2 squadron) for strike e.g anti-ship, anti-radar, anti-ship and against command & control.
    12 unit of SU-27/30 for multi role
    6 unit of SU-25 + 6 unit Alpha jet for ground attack and CAS role.
    Total 63 frontline aircraft.

  44. jimmy says:

    Sorry I meant the Chinese threw their lot with the North Koreans

  45. jimmy says:

    More news and the beat goes on
    Confirmed as we wanted we have a new G.O.C. for the 7th division.

  46. jimmy says:

    Someone in the upper echelons appears to be reading your comments OGA PECCAVI

  47. (@lordfej) says:

    Hope all is well with oga beegs

  48. (@lordfej) says:

    just in case our ogas at the top dont know the platforms to get for air surveillance please humor me sirs and have a look

  49. (@lordfej) says: if you look at the pictures of the opv conference we would find a model of this patrol boats there. i like this boats because they can b used for littoral warfare. just worried about its lack of main armaments. I hope the navy gives specifications or we can arm them ere

  50. freeegulf says:

    ogas yagz and jimmy, wrt the UN intervention brigade, there is a limit to what they can achieve. how long will they be deployed for? even after the neutralization of M23 will there still be boots on ground, or are they going to leave the FAC to fend for themselves? these are important questions that the bureaucrats in NY need to answer wrt to this intervention force.

    moreover, peace talks has already resumed with M7 playing peacemaker. with regards to rwanda, no self respecting nation will allow foreign troops to congregate at close to her border without amassing troops of her own in readiness for incursion, so her actions do not come as a surprise.

    @oga yagz, yes the SADF of old was far more combative and experienced than the present SANDF. however, they where more of a destabilizing force on the continent than peace enforcers. one thing you should understand about the rwandans is that they are highly disciplined. this plays a significant role in their battlefield prowess. so even if SANDF comes in heavy, they have to factor in the bush experience of the RDF.

    the tanzanians seems to be spoiling for a fight. they haven’t done much since they kicked amin back in the late 70s, so its quite understandable that they want to assert themselves in east african community.
    as for artillery, the tanzanians would be providing them, except the UN agree to pay SANDF to deploy their heavy cannons.

    from the orbat, it seems the intervention brigade are acting more as support forces, backing the congolese. so the ground fighting will still be the job of FAC. this will only change if the UN gives the contributing countries freedom of action. this is unlikely given the sensitivity of the rwandan factor. the combat is just too close to the rwandans and their ‘deserting troops’ will inevitably join M23 on the frontline, ala chinese ‘volunteers’ in korea.

    DRC is a mess, and it is only fair that a buffer exist to safeguard rwandan interests. don’t forget also that rwanda is a very small country with teeming population, so directional movement towards the congo should not surprise anyone.
    until congo gets her acts together, she will forever suffer the envy and invasion of neighbors both far and near. kabila have had a decade to transform and overhaul his army, why are they still a rag tag force? the crisis there need a political and economic solution, in addition to a military conclusion to guarantee the peace and security of the people.

  51. Tobey says:

    Hey guys…i stay in ibadan and today i spotted a fighter jet flying at surprisingly low altitudes…i would have taken pictures but could not due to obvious reasons…it looked like it was painted navy blue and war glimming beautifully in the african sun…more suprising was the fact that it was spotted in ibadan..could this be the alpha jets that the air force is using for nimasa operations or the new thunderbirds ?…either way…it was a beautiful sight ..

  52. Yagazie says:

    Oga freegulf, I agree with most of your comments. The present day SANDF even with adequate back-up (artillery/rooivalk attack helos) would be hard pressed to take on the Rwandan army- which is indeed well trained and battle-hardened. However I still maintain that even they would be no match for the aparthied era – SADF troops, who were also very well trained, operated as mechanised infantary units and had vast combat/bush warfare experience obtained in Namibia and Angola. They took on the cuban troops sent to assist the MPLA fighters in Angola and gave a very good account of themselves – and remember that they operating hundreds of miles away from their bases in South Africa. Yes they were a destabilising force to their neighbouring African countries then – but I am fairly confident that if they were ‘transported’ into this present era, to operate as peace -enforcers, they would have done a much better job than the present SANDF. For start the debacle in the CAR would not have happened as there is no way they would have gone in without adequate back-up in the form of armoured vehicles, artillery, helicopters and of course their dreaded airforce Mirage F1s configured for ground attack sorties. We may not agree with their racial policies (and very rightly so ) – but you can’t take it away from them as a military thery were very good.

    Oga Eyimola- have made some enquiries/research and I am now quite certain that the NAF have purchased/used second hand warplanes before. As I said in an earlier posting on this thread, during the nigerian/biafran civil war , the Federal Govt led by Gen. Yakubu Gowon purchased second hand warplanes (L-29s from Czechoslovakia, Mig15/17s from East Germany and Iluyushin bombers from Russia) and had them airfreighted to Nigeria within 60 days and they were flown by mostly mercenary Eygptian pilots. You definitely can’t buy new planes off- the shelf or have them built within 60 days!! So there is nothing wrong in our airforce purchasing second hand Su-27/30 aircraft pending the decision to purchase new airsuperiority/multi-role fighters.

  53. asorockweb says:

    I see a lot of comparisons between SANDF and SADF.
    I am not sure that the engagements that the SADF undertook and the current engagements that the SANDF are undertaking can be compared.

    The SADF thought it was fighting for the very survival of South Africa as they knew it, and the SANDF are mostly fighting “other people’s wars”.

    The gap in motivation cannot be very emphasized.

    many of us seem to view the SADF as a fantastic fighting force, but from the strategic perspective, the SADF lost to the Cubans in Namibia/Angola.

  54. Henry says:

    The colour scheme of all our alpha jets is grey. Grey maritime camo. If 4 of our up-graded alpha jets were all deployed to mali as reported, and all our F-7 jets currently grounded, it begs the question of which fighter jets were used in the bombing raids against boko-haram terrorists in sambisa The colour scheme of all our alpha jets is grey. Grey maritimeThe colour scheme of all our alpha jets is grey. Grey maritime camo. If 4 of our up-graded alpha jets were all deployed to mali as reported, and all our F-7 jets currently grounded, it begs the question of which fighter jets were used in the bombing raids against boko-haram terrorists in sambisa The colour scheme of all our alpha jets is grey. Grey maritime camo. I

  55. Henry says:

    The colour scheme of all our alpha jets is grey. Grey maritime camo. If 4 of our up-graded alpha jets were all deployed to mali as reported, and all our F-7 jets currently grounded, it begs the question of which fighter jets were used in the bombing raids against boko-haram terrorists in sambisa forest?

    @oga tobey none of our alpha jets wear a navy blue colour.

    • Tobey says:

      Very true…but am sure it was not grey..or maybe it was..if its part of the nimasa operation then its definately an alpha jet

    • Nnamdi says:

      I don’t think that the mentioned jet is a new acquisition. I know the Alpha jets (have seen them before ), and I can also remember seeing these jets with blue fuselage in Lagod during Exercise Takute Ekpe in 2004. A pair flew in tight formation, taking off from Ar Force wing of the airport and turned towards Abeokuta/Ibadan/Minna direction while maintaining tight formation.

      The fuselage is gleaming blue, cant remember shape of their wings. But sire they are not SEPECAT Jaguars either.

  56. tim says:

    There is really something wrong with beeg, and this is not that he went to bring us sweet pics……this is something serious.

  57. Russellinfinity says:

    September 6 2013 and no sign of Gen. Beeg!!! This is becoming uncomfortable.

  58. Donspony says:

    Unusual for General Beeg to be away for so long.

  59. tope says:

    Guys! We. Are getting worried, no one knows how to reach him, if he gave his mobile no to any of you or bank account so we can hola him somehow to find out how he is doing healthwise or not.

    Also on Channels today : JTF Kills 50 Boko Haram members after chasing them for 2days with im sure Mil Helicopters.

    This uncommon sightings of Fast moving Jets from Gbash 10 and now this oda guy at Ibadan shows the NAF has acquired new Airframes, We are waiting till October, till then let us find a way to share news….. Maybe someone should open a blogpost n send us a link lets keep the referral alive cos as it is dis Thread has over 101 comments so far.

  60. freeegulf says:

    oga yagz, yes your take on SADF v SANDF is quite correct, but like oga asorock mentioned, the motivation for both forces are quite different.

    regarding the apartheid era SADF, yes they where good, arguably the best fighting force in Africa then (their C3 skills was far more advanced than anything NA had then). however, they had their flaws. like all combat forces around the globe they had their own flaws. their Achilles heel was the lack of numerical superiority. they depended on draft and national service, and this system was getting really strained in by the late 80s. this made them over sensitive to casualties.

    moreover, most of the armies they met on the battlefield (with the exception of cuban armed forces) where still quite young and barely toddlers. take the Angolan military for example (FAPLA then), they where formed in the battlefield. independence hadn’t even been declared before factional fighting started and SADF invaded. they where really not an army then. and this disorganized trend continued to plague the armed forces well into the 90s.

    the sadf on the other hand, deployed in a very dodgy manner. whenever they faced SAS trained Mozambican SF, things where not as rosy. they went out of their way to avoid the east germans too. moreover, their operations in 87-88 was not as straightforward as you would expect. they had UNITA deploy up front with headlong attack on FAPLA positions (leading to devastating UNITA casualties). with FAPLA busy containing the UNITA frontline onslaught, the SADF where hitting them on the flanks. well, if both UNITA and SADF belonged to the same military I don’t think such cunnyman tactics would be permitted by the A’HQ.

    Of course, working up the enemy flanks and rolling them up is a brilliant field tactics, but not at the cost of throwing friendly forces onto a meat grinder. this was only possible because UNITA was not part of the SADF and so called support they the SADF provided was at the great cost of UNITA troops.

    like i mentioned earlier, these frontline states just attained independence and had to build their armies from grounds up. which explains why a 14 ton cannon could keep oppo forces at bay without the air force destroying these howitzers. with a more professional armed forces, no amount of skill by the artillery crew could have hidden these howitzers for long. ground radars and air assets would have located them and annihilated them. do not forget that the number of batteries deployed wasn’t much, so even keeping the barrels for a sustained combat ops would have depreciated their effectiveness.
    FAPLA was more or less a mob on steroid; soviet weapons and bombastic marxist speeches.

    even with all these, one cant take anything away from the apartheid era SADF. they where well organised with good NCO leadership (what NA obviously lacked. our officers are distrustful of the sergeants and corporals. and you cant blame them, given what happened in july ’66) and extremely aggressive ala Wehrmacht.

  61. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings bros, been away 4 far 2 long! Hope all is well with the gen.
    We must remember that the SADF as I was called then had an active history spanning over a hundred years! They took part in WWII, Korea etc. Moreso, they had former Rhodesian SF (argueable the best SF type of the 20th century) spot their jersey. Then there was the close relationship with the IDF making cross training natural. Anything short of gold from these guys would have been ludicrous.

  62. ifiok umoeka says:

    The UN strike force have a field day depending on the effectiveness of their C4SI, availability of attack and assault asset and the discipline of the Congolese to interpret the supports into gains (if they can grow above ethnic sentiment). However, if the M23 can lay their hands on the Ingla-S, then I doubt the UN SF can succeed!

  63. ifiok umoeka says:

    However, until the. Solve the eastern congo underlying problem and get them to see themselves as part of Congo, then it doesn’t matter who wins this round as another m23 will come up. This issue started before Nigeria gain her Independence in one form or another!

  64. ifiok umoeka says:

    As fore the Thunder besting the Gripen, come on. There is bases for that. From the airframe and the flight xteristics to the system (sensors and weapons) there is no way the Thunder can claim topdog. But then, the most important factors will be the support system and the capability of the pilot of either side. That’s why we need to think beyond the individual platform alone to the team or network if u like.

  65. ifiok umoeka says:

    On the flanker, we must remember that Su 27 are mid – late 1980s build as the russian hardly built any military equipment in meaningful manner in the 90s and no matter how impressive or cheap a plane is, if it is old, it is old and there is no cheating physics. When we cite the Ethiopians and Eritreans, we must remember that they got theirs over 12yrs ago. We must admit that we lost a golden opportunity when we didn’t pick up those ex Indian 30s. I have advocated for either the Thunder and the super fulcrum or the vigorous dragon (j10) and the super flanker. The reason is simple, logistics! That’s why every meaningful airforce has a high/low mix for it platforms. If we can get a simplified version of the dragon (kind of a mirage V to the mirage III) then we go for the super flanker. Other wise we wait for the super fulcrum as it will be out say 2016 (sooner if someone others it).
    Moreso, we must ask ourselves why western politics and policies are an issue with us and not with the indians and perhaps learn a thing or two.
    That said, I think that we must ask ourselves what we really want and perhaps the why will help us get the right answer. Remember, if we get to spend a billion dollars on assets, we may have to wait another 25 yrs min to get another chance.

  66. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry, I meant ‘ there is no bases’ on the gripen/ thunder mix

  67. demola says:

    could all these high low altitude speed jets be the su-25 frogfoot?

  68. Ademolahunter2,1 says:

    As anybody seen the mig-35, its a very nice fighter, its almost as good as the su-35 only that it has lower range of 2000km but can be increased to 3100km with three external fuel tanks. I read somewhere that its price is $30million.

  69. Where is Oga Beeg? Hope all is well!

  70. Henry says:

    I’ve sent him 3 email already, and gotten no response. That’s why I had earlier advocated that Oga beeg create a forum instead of the continued usage of a blog. A forum which can be able to run itself if oga beeg had other pressing issues to attend to. He is human, and a nigerian for that matter, and as such he cannot be on call 24/7.

    This is the 3rd time in 4 months that beeg has virtually dis-appeared. It takes a lot of courage to do what he has done with this blog over the past years, and we appreciate him for that and all his efforts.

    However, at this point in time, this blog has grown in such a way that it is nigeria’s “first stop shop” for defence and security matters. It is bigger than the founder himself, and without this blog the whole nation is vulnerable to misinformation as was the case with nigeria before the blog was set-up. We all beegeagles bloggers have contributed immensely to the success of this blog, That is why I believe this community should be set-up in a manner that allows it to run itself.

    I do hope that beeg is fine and in good health.

  71. ifiok umoeka says:

    I would think that one of us I close enough to the Gen to have a phone no. Or house address. Gen, where ever u are, we all wish u well.
    As 4 the super fulcrum, its a reborn mig 29 with digital fly by wire flight control system with new engines, sensors (AESA radar)etc and a digital cockpit. It also is about 30% larger and benefits from the upgrade package of the mig 29m2 and OVT demo. Its small size compared to the flanker series and stealth coating should give it some advantage over the flanker in a 1st look 1st shoot scenario. Most importantly, it can be integrated with western weapons and system (israel) comes to mind. But, since they lost out in the India MRCA tender, it was abandoned and later pick up for redevelopment. However, one will need to wait for 3 to 4 yrs to get one if the order is placed now

  72. giles says:

    wot is happenin

    • Russellinfinity says:

      Gile’s I have been asking the same question. It’s 9th Sept already and no smoke, heat signature or any trace of Beeg. I hope he’s doing great. Perhaps he’s working on some super mind blowing exclusive that will take us by surprise.(new never heard of or seen acquisitions…NAF *winks*)

  73. Deway says:

    Some of us that wake up every morning to silently access this site are becoming worried, and me especially. Is Oga Beeg alright? I mean this is really a while and whatever juicy news he may have been covering should be done by now. Or did he go on a vacation? He should have said something? Anyone with backstage information?

  74. jimmy says:

    Gentlemen , I think we are moving closer to one of our goals of more LT .GENs and also the C.O.A.S. being made a 4 STAR GENERAL
    See below:
    Nigerian Tribune.

  75. JK says:

    Oga Beeg, I hope you are standing well well wherever you be. Stay strong.

  76. (@lordfej) says:

    general beegs we are worried oh

  77. Blackrev says:

    Like “seriously”, am getting very uncomfortable with beeg’s silence. Whatever the form of sabotage he’s facing, MOD should protect that guy. Cos he seems to be a link between the military and us civilians who love the military life. (a link that’s very vital for proper orientation on patriotism)

    Abeg, there’s something wrong. It’s ei
    ther sabotage or physical problems. Any way, i pray to God he comes back from this AWOL ASAP in good health.

  78. Obix says:

    Obix says: My ogas, this is not the first time Beag “disappeared”. I think he is working on something very important and probably urgent. Let’s keep the blog alive and hope he appears with some fantastic news!

    • drhobert says:

      oga beegs disappearance is nw unsettling.hpe he is safe.i no wan hear say him go benin and dem kidnap am for dere.i concur wit oga henry dis blog should now be a forum dat can run even without d owner as d message is now huger than d messenger.anyways hav u guys noticed d way boko haram are nw killing d civillian jtf like rats.worse still our military seem to have neglected dem to own fate as dey no longer show up for planned operation wit d youths dere by putting dem in deaths way

  79. (@lordfej) says: cyber generals though this video is old. its a good watch

  80. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings guys, oga Henry, I would think that u would know what’s up with Gen Beegs. I hope U haven’t gone stealth too. Pls anyone with access to Oga Beegs should just reassure us that he’s ok and we will not worry. Mean while I think we owe Beegs the duty to find a way and keep this blog cracking. Let’s get imaginative, perhaps go back to some uncommented post and wie around it so this one doesn’t get to long. Who knows, maybe Oga Beegs want to test us to see if we can morphe into a forum that is somewhat autonomous need less of his direct control.

    • cutievik says:

      This is so sad,have been extremely concern with his silence for some time,guys what’s up with him? This is seriously not funny,what’s happening to him,if his closest allies on this blog doesn’t know his where about then guys something is definately wrong!,then news have all gone stale and stagnant,this is so unlike him,how do we get in touch with him?how do we located him? I think is high time we all brainstorm on some ideas to get across to him,the thoughts of him been ill,kidnapped,detained by the SSS or army,accident and all stuff should not be ruled out,any idea to help him out should now be explioted,In my humble position I intend to get in touch with the SSS,most forum/blog founders,the police intelligence and etc,so guys I would go this far and share my feed back to some trust Generals on this blog,because we can spot an enemy from among us right now if one of us were responsible for his situation,all hands on deck!,all ideas on the table. I would declare him missing on most blogs through my friend and colleuges.

    • Henry says:

      Beeg is a logistician and as such, he travels around the country a lot. However, like every other person on the blog, I am also stunned by his sudden disappearance. He did not give any clue, he simply just dis appeared. I hope he is fine though.

      • Acting Major Benbella says:


        I think like most of you do that Beegs disappearance is worrying. It is not like him to be gone for this long without letting others know what he is up to or working on. He is just too responsible for that. I can understand him being gone for the weekend or for a few days as he has done in the past but not for this long and especially from a blog that he is very dedicated to. I think this may be the time we move to plan b and use any information that Beeg may have shared with us over the years to find him. I’m now coming to the point of view that Beeg is either ill or being held against his will.
        We begin to narrow the cycle of where to begin our investigation. For example, where in Lagos does he reside? Where is his hometown? I think that he may be from the town of Issele-Ukwu in Delta state. Also, he made references to some people in the armed forces that he knows and possibly hanged with. May require is to dig through some of his old posts on this blog and the forum at Cybereagles. We can start by contacting the navy guys who invited him to some of their events. These are just my thoughts for now.

  81. triggah says:

    Na wa ooo… Red China has really gone far in thought, if they can pull dis off then the U.S of A’s should fear oo. Check this out Cyber G.I’s

  82. jimmy says:

    I have tried to contact Beegs . once and he normally replies within 24 hours he however has not replied . My gut feeling is he is okay, he is also working on something big. Let us not panic , for those in the ” SERVICE” maybe you can use your back channels to locate him, however LIKE OGA HENRY said Beegs travels a lot and again call it premonition , I believe SINCERELY He is okay.

    • obi3000 says:

      Obix says: @Oga Jimmy, I’m with you. I don’t see any reason for panick. Beag is human like all of us and I believe his absence is due to personal or professional reasons. Let’s wait for him to reappear and i’m hoping like everyone else,
      that he returns with mind blowing information to share. All my ogas, like I’ve been saying we should keep this blog rolling.

  83. Henry says:

    That’s a ship right out of an avengers movie. It would be fantastic to see if the chinese can pull this one off.

  84. freeegulf says:

    chinese and their imagination lol. the pacific is going to get real interesting with the resurgence of US navy gaze and the building up of the chinese naval capabilities. japan should start doing same.

  85. Yagazie says:

    Fellow Cyber Gens, – just read on the Defence Web website tha Mozambique has signed a $200million dollar contract with a French firm CMN to build 3 patrol vessels, 3 Patrol craft and some fishing trawlers – all in one fell swoop. This captial expenditure is just for their Navy. Remember that this is an impoverished country tha has only recently discovered large coal/gas deposits. Gives us some food for thought aka – our country’s piece meal acquisition of millitary equipment.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Yagazie, our problem is not the military but the MOD folks. Give the military the funds and you’ll see what they will acquire. I suggest dissolving the MOD procurement unit and establish a department of procurement in each of the HQ of each arm of the armed forces – Army, Air force, Navy, with full responsibility to source and procure equipment for their needs with some level of independence but also with oversight from respective Service Chiefs who report to the CDS. This office should be manned by young intelligent and exposed military officers, (not too many people and certainly not by agbada-wearing politicians who know nothing about military equipment). We’ve had too many missed opportunities and it will continue until someone summons the courage to do something different.

  86. eyimola says:

    Just saw this

    The Nigerian Air Force has successfully serviced its fleet of “fighter jets” within the country with the security challenges facing Nigeria, it was deemed necessary by the Air Force to change the face of the game and will be done periodically henceforth.

    During the hand-over of the six alpha jets and a c-130h jet, the Minister of State for Defence, Olusola Obada, emphasised that the fleet will help in tackling the nation’s security challenges.

    “It’s a great day, not just for Nigeria but for the Nigerian Air Force”

    “For the very first time ever, we have had a successful periodic maintenance of our aircraft in-country without having to carry them out of the country to other countries for maintenance
    “And as you can see, the aircrafts are already in operation, they are flying and it is the start of good things to come along the line with the transformation agenda of Mr. President that we should look inwards, for the benefit of our country

    “Now many of engineers have worked on these aircrafts and they are acquiring knowledge, that means we can now go ahead and maintain and reactivate many other aircrafts that have been more or less moribund, we can bring back to life, we are gaining expertise, we are gaining and saving Nigeria hard-earned foreign exchange and we are all the happier for it, to God be the Glory” she ended. According to report, the next phase for the aircrafts will be utilisation and the pilots couldn’t hide that the joy that the days of redundancy are over.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Eyimola
      May GOD BLESS YOU. AMEN. In the past we have tussled however the respect has always been there . There are certain events in a man’s life or an organization’s life that are called in the U.S game changers i.e They are defining moments.This is one of them
      A while back I was frustrated just like with everything back then we talked about the ATR being shipped to England and we took divergent views, this brings me tears to my eyes. We actually repaired the C130 H NAF 913. I believe if this serves my memory right this was the one that had it’s winged clipped by a not- to- observant Air Arik Pilot.
      The point is this the day we as Nigerians take A TUNNEL VISION view to having a maintenance culture that is the day things really start to change .
      This is a day of days GOD bless Nigeria always.
      OGA XNUR we await comments from you.OGA VICTOR we await comments from you concerning the 7TH DIVISION are they getting more APCS or more coin specific equipment? LT.GEN Ihejirika was hinting about this on his last visit to Maiduguri.

      • eyimola says:

        Yes General. This is more or less the direction that the NAF should be going. A domestic maintenance culture has to be nurtured before you start shelling out for new platforms. In the case of our Alpha Jets, we have a credible formation (I believe there are 20birds, 9or 10 of which are operational) of what is in effect a great ground attack aircraft, so we probably don’t need to buy much more

      • obi3000 says:

        My ogas Jimmy and Eyimola. I think this is the answer to all our complains. Our armed forces have set a goal of having domestic maintainance culture first befire going fir mire platforms. Any contract for acwuization now will come with in-country maintainance agreement. This way we wint have to deoend on fireigners to keep our platforms working!

    • Deway says:

      Oga Eyimola, thanks for bringing this news, I’m always glad to see in-house capacity building. But my question is why its the alpha jets that NAF keeps focusing on all the time? They could have done same with the jaguars (we’re not under sanctions anymore), the MB339s, and the MBB Bo 105 choppers; but we seem stuck on the a-jets all the time. Why?

      • eyimola says:

        The Apha jets are more capable than the 339s, and are still used in reasonable numbers by the country of origin. This means parts are probably still being made for this aircraft.

        With the Jags, its a completely different situation. The company than manufactured them no longer exists, the only other country that uses this aircraft India had to more or less reverse engineer the aircraft, and it is probably not economical for anyone else to attempt that feat. Of course I could be wrong, and we can all be discussing the appearance of revamped NAF jags in the near future.

  87. (@lordfej) says: The new seven division of the Nigerian army with its headquaters in Maiduguri has taken off with a call on personnel of the division to work with reinvigorated zeal. The chief of army staff, Lieutenant General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika stated this during an assessment visit to the division.

  88. Yagazie says:

    Oga Eyimola- yes saw the good news about the PDM for the alpha jets and C-130 (NAF 913) on the AIT and NTA news bulletin. Hope the same can be done for our BO-105 helos (for counter-insurgency ops ) and the Jaguar jets (for ground attack/maritime ops). If we can develop our incountry maintenace capabilities, it would reduce our exposure to sanctions and enchance the availibitiy of these platforms for operations – as well as boost the morale of our pilots and ground-crew. WELL DONE.

    Oga Deway – please reread my write up. I was not criticising our milltary afterall they don’t allocate the budgetary spending themselves. They make do with what they are given. It was more of a rebuke to our politicians/MOD officials.

  89. G8T Nigeria says:

    there re some alpha’s recently delivered after reactivation and upgrade work. I guess they have a different colour scheme and probably what you saw my friend

  90. Henry says:

    ******breaking news from ASO ROCK

    Minister of state defence, Obada fired!!!! Along with 8 others.

    • eyimola says:

      This minister appears to have been quite good at her job. It is my understanding that all of the sacked minsters are from the so called ‘New PDP’ states. Is there anyone here that can confirm the accuracy of this?

    • jimmy says:

      NAH wah THIS MINSTER did a very good job with one hand tied behind her back.

  91. gbash10 says:

    That was a good job by the NAF,the FG should allocate more money for the reactivation other aircraft type fleet by our own Engineers.

  92. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber Generals,my reasoning is that maybe Gen Beeg has been taken to the North-East to observe the military ops there or maybe the NAF want him to observe some mind blowing feat they accomplished pending October 1st,2013 independence day parade.

  93. gbash10 says:

    Amongsts the combat jets in the NAF inventory that should be the next target for reactivation and upgradation is the fairly-used Jaguar jets that are in storage.
    They need new engines, and modern avionics-radars,navigation/targeting pods,laser,ECM/ESM,chaff/flares and plumbing for air-to-air refueling and clearance to launch precision guided munition.
    We can get assistant fron the Indian HAL,which has a considerable expertise in the building,assemblying,upgrading and maitenance of the IAF Jaguar jets. If the sacking of these ministers as a consequence of the in-fighting in the PDP bring peace and good governance for we the teeming masses of Nigeria,then I say let it be!

  94. gbash10 says:

    Oga XNUR,hw about the company that was given the preliminary contract to reactivate one of the early Jaguars for the FG to see their competence before the entire fleet could be reactivated?The company posted an advert online seeking Jaguar jet avionic technicians and engineers who are interested should come to Nigeria after submitting their cv online.
    Any body with an idea about the progress of that contract.

  95. makanaky says:

    Fellow Gens i am very certain Oga Beeg is not in Benin or its environs, my instinct tells me he is Hail and Healthy should be back in just a few days time , i was initially worried but when i woke up today from my sleep the revelation was such that he is coming with fantastic news !

  96. tope says:

    Prophet Makanky has come with his new dream! I wont forget it was you who first talked about fast flying jet before Gbash10 and tobey i tink who spotted one in abuja and ibadan, while we still know da one in ibadan are 6 upgraded Alpha jet da Abuja Mystery jet is what we need to focus on.

    Hmmm dis one snippets of Big news some peeps hv been sayin Beeg is Coming with well Lets wait and see…..We are setting our clocks till October 1st i believe he has gone Radio Dark but all we want is a post that says ” Im goin AWOL For a while be back shortly lets Rest, and as the suggestion goes our Military chaps on here pls try n get peeps like Eben who did an Interview with him or even da Proforce guys to contact him so we know his well being……

    As for Madam Olusola Obada’s Sack im sad…she should have been made Minister…..who is even da Current Minister of Defence? MOD and CDS should work out a modality where all procurement needs is handled by the Military while Admin needs handled by MOD to reduce attrition and dis Begging of Arms….cos if da Military Vex……we all know how Effective they are…we thank God we have the Best Leaders handling affairs right now but what of their successors? We need to make sure The FG takes Security which is their Primary Mission in the Constitution, the Reason for Nigeria Existence DEADLY Serious….meaning taking 3 billion dollars and going for a Splash of StopGap to. Brand new Aircrafts, Tanks and APCs and Ships etc.

  97. G8T Nigeria says:

    @ gbash 10, I heard of that contract long ago but would be more than happy if that is alive again. Did u read new tenders for upgrade of the jets recently? pls clarify

  98. Yagazie says:

    I am a bit concerned that a sensivtive ministry like the MOD has no minister or minister of state supervising it and the negative picture it sends out about the importance the Govt is attaching to Defence. Having the MOD being supervised by the loud mouthed incopetent Minister for Information? Haba!!! Mrs Obada and the other ministers are victims of the PDP/New PDP powerplay. A pity as she was a competent minister. GEJ should move quickly to appoint a substantive Defence Minister ASAP.

    • Henry says:

      Lol……… Loud mouthed minister….. Now this is funny, but that’s his job now. So we didn’t have a minister of defence? I thought the president recently appointed a minister of defence?

      That been said, with the drive of resuscitation sweeping our airforce, it would be nice, like bloggers before me have discussed, if we can bring our jaguar jets back to life, since we could not get any buyers for them. We maintain a very good relationship with the indian government, and with an indian community of over 70,000 people in nigeria, and I don’t see any reason why this resuscitation would not go through.

  99. wocon45 says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but the “belly” of the serviced Alphas are painted “Navy blue”.
    Could this be one of the earlier sightings?. Wocon45 reporting for duty #operation find BEEGEAGLE

  100. freeegulf says:

    they have been configured for maritime ops

  101. freeegulf says:

    these mothballed aircraft can all be reactivated and upgraded with better avionics and weapons system. why it is taking NAF this long to upgrade these jets? it shows that we do not place priority on air support, in spite of the lessons of the 90s.
    priority needs to be placed on these aircraft and make them air worthy.

    as for the serviced alpha jets, our love affair with these jets is still growing strong. kudos to NAF and the ground crew for a fantastic job well done. with this same initiative, other platforms can get a new lease of life. like ogas Gbash10 and Yagz mentioned earlier, with a little help from HAL, our jaguars can return to frontline role. moreover, RAF has since retired her entire jag stock. we can get these jets for next to nothing and only pay for the upgrade like we did the NNS Thunder.

    • giles says:

      sorry but for me we dont need dos old RAF jets,wot we need is to employ d indian HAL company to upgrade our’s. And who told u britain is ready to giv u der ex-J jets

  102. freeegulf says:

    @giles, they had rather sell them off and dispose of huge costs, than keeping them to rust. a good reason to get ex RAF jets will be to boost the numbers. as it stands, even if we successfully service our mothballed jags, we can only possibly equip a single squadron with the strike version (even though they will definitely spread them thin on ground) so numbers are important also.
    getting some ex RAF jets wouldn’t stop us from upgrading ours.

    • eyimola says:

      There are no mothballed RAF jags. They have been broken up and sold as scrap. If anyone is interested in second hand RAF aircraft, then they need to start looking at the hawk trainer or better still the Tranch 1 Tornado fleet (Eurofighter) which the UK is planning on selling off. This aircraft are 4th Gen fighters, but obviously have the disadvantage of the political crap that comes with this sorts of purchases

      • CHYDE says:

        This oga Eyimola brings us back to our earlier conclusion : Stay away from western military equipment as much as possible. With the British Prime Minister threat’s to African countries on Same Sex rights, it’s better to face the East as far as military acquisitions are concerned. Personally i feel its better to forget the Jags and go for something newer ,better, tested and trusted before one senator wakes up one morning and begins to compare the upgraded Jags with F22 Raptors.

      • eyimola says:

        I completely share your views. The total cost of ownership of a new platform is much lower than buying a twenty year old aircraft which is no longer being developed. The political issues with purchases from untrustworthy sources is also clearly an issue. Personally If I was given a choice, my first choice will be the Su-30MKI, followed by any of the Chinese fighter jets still in production.

  103. freeegulf says:

    the tornadoes will be quite expensive to maintain, dont think NAF can foot such high bills for those jets.
    in another news, it seems NAF is planning to establish an air museum. kudos to them, the broken wings are getting fixed.

    • eyimola says:

      Its a very good idea. Nigeria is actually sitting on quite a decent amount of Kit that is operationally useless, but valuable from a historic/antiquities point of view

  104. gbash10 says:

    @G8T Nigeria,have not seen or heard about any new tenders for upgrading our jaguar jets,but it seems some is in the making concerning them.
    @Xnur44, I totally concur with your idea of crating and shipping the NAF Jaguar jets to India so that HAL would reconstruct them completely to become modern strike fighters as the IAF are doing to their own,no short-cut.That remainds me,how about our MB.339A Aermacchis jet trainers that were crated and flown out of kano to Italy for upgrade to the modern MB.339CD variant,have they been sold?Abeg we need our jets back ooo MoD!
    Learnt that Labaran Maku,present info minister will be over seeing the affairs of the MoD!

  105. freeegulf says:

    oga Chyde, the jaguar jets can still play a vital role in our orbat. there re just too many holes in our arsenal, and these have to be shored up. if it means using old and upgraded jets as stop gap measures, then fine.

    we know this country, maintenance is a problem, if we cant even keep our much loved A-jets air worthy, then begging for acquisition and induction of SU-30s is still a long way to go.

    as for ex RAF jets, its our lack of seriousness that kept these jets grounded.
    it wasn’t sanctions that grounded our jags, it was ibb who broke the wings of NAF and abacha who saw no need of investing in the air force other than striving to keep the A-jets in LBR and SRL.
    with a bit of creativity and room to manoeuvre provided by our ECOMOG deployment, we could have easily asked the indians and israeli for help back then in the 90s. however, for an air force that saw no reason to service its light utility and light attack helicopters, nor did it spend some few million dollars in procuring MIL copters from eastern europe when they where so badly needed on ground during jungle fighting, then it shouldn’t surprise anyone why most of these mothballed aircraft remain grounded to date.

  106. freeegulf says:

    from info minister to defence minister haba!!
    well, if he shows competency in the job, then godspeed. mrs obada was a decent minister. shame that acquisition and procurement is still painfully slow.

  107. gbash10 says:

    I saw a comment on nairaland,that sometime ago last year (2012) the NAF and the MoD settled for the Su-30 as its airsuperiority fighter jet but this info has not been confirm by either parties yet.
    The person that made that comment seems to be knowledgible with modern military fighter jets.
    Please ooo,fellow cyber generals,if it is ok with all of us,lets move to the thread on NAF signed MoU with NIMASA on maritime security.

  108. freeegulf says:

    hmmmmm. SU-30 wow!!!
    this thread seems to be getting longer and stretched. noted!!

  109. eyimola says:

    In the continued absence of BEEG, I suggest we continue to self moderate, and move this topic to the thread Gen Gbash.

  110. jimmy says:

    Agreed we are reaching the PROVERBIAL LIMIT of 200 so say ONE so say all
    NAF signed MoU with NIMASA on maritime security. it is.

  111. ifiok umoeka says:


  112. giles says:

    mr beeg ar u …. Or alive?cos dis blog is gettin borin pls jst communicate in any form,we ar worried and waitin

  113. giles says:

    hop al is fin,today is jst too quiet

  114. Originalpato says:

    14 days have passed by and still no information on the General Himself. We surely live in disturbing times.

  115. Max Montero says:

    It’s already October, is General Beeg still not around? Probably someone who knows him personally needs to check on him.


  116. Solorex says:

    It is very unusual for Gen Beegs not to be around for this long and not to make any contact. He has ever been very dedicated than this.

    We are very reasonable people and are not quick to judge and draw conclusions. I do sincerely hope that the blog is not been technically forced to shut down by people not to comfortable with the free spirit of comments ,criticism and suggestions of this forum.

    This forum is the best “e-thing” that ever happened to Nigerian Armed Forces since the return of democracy.

    I do hope he is away on some official trip and have no access to the web or he is recovering well from some personal matters that has kept him away.

    However, if we do not see him or hear from him soon; we will have to ask our friends at the press to help us out!

  117. Hi Peeps…..Hmmm….Pls go to this page to get up to date info on Gen beeg…We need ur input there asap….operation-boyona-new-7-infantry-division-ordered-to-get-evidence-of-shekaus-killing/

  118. ifiok umoeka says:

    Admiral max, good to hear from you. I hope you’ve followed 007’s prompting. Let me take this time to say thank you (sorry I never did before now) for your coverage of the siege in your country. Happy to know that its all over. My heart goes out to those who lost friend or family. Cheers

    • Max Montero says:

      Hi General Umoeka! Thanks for taking some time to know what’s happening in our country. So far the siege is over, the clearing operations is reported as 70% complete (making sure no IED, booby traps, stragglers, etc remains). Cases are filed on those rebels (who were mostly motivated by promises of money by their leaders), and search is on to arrest the rebellious leaders. Reconstruction of the city is starting. And there are plans to further increase the military upgrade budget.

      I’ll be visiting here from time to time, hopefully General Beeg is back by then. Thanks and best wishes for your country!


  119. EastMan says:

    Seriously, where oga Beeg?

  120. Solorex says:

    I am kind of sick and tired of the talk of Gen Beegeagle been heart broken by not been given equal access with foreign journalist to information and been disrespected by the military; thus abandoning all his dedicated bloggers and his much beloved forum with impunity and utter disregard for camaraderie. While this may certainly be true( given the “bushmanic”Antecedent of Nigerian military), i think the someone is a bit uncomfortable with procurement and strategy been opened up for criticism to everybody online. I believe the the heart break story is a soft landing an easily believable tale with no depth;designed to bamboozle an undiscerning mind. I thinks its cheap! I think this forum is been technically shutdown to prevent military procurement ,response to crisis and strategy from been scrutinized!
    I think Gen beegs should send us a little note on this.We should also take this out with the Local press while waiting for his note.

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