Nigerian troops in bullish mood get set for a trip into repossessed northern Borno


LAGOS, Nov. 17 (Xinhua)

The Nigerian Army on Saturday said its troops killed 20 Boko Haram suspects in a raid on the insurgents’ camp in northeastern Borno State, and destroyed scores of vehicles and 50 motorcycles.The offensive came in response to a series of attacks by the insurgents on
unarmed civilians around the Nigeria-
Cameroon-Niger border communities in
the state since last week.

The army authority said it subsequently
deployed troops to the area to flush out
the Boko Haram men in a fierce offensive targeted against the sect camp at Bita town, a stronghold of Boko Haram insurgents from where they launched attacks on isolated villages and motorists along the road to Gwoza and Damboa.

Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Dole, the
spokesman of the 7 Division of the
Nigerian Army, said that a soldier died in the encounter, three others were
wounded. He said in the late hours of Friday, troops of the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, supported by the Air Force, launched an offensive operation along Gwoza-Bita-Damboa road, and aggressively pursued the fleeing insurgents in the general areas of Bita and Sambisa Forest, where they were flushed out.

Founded in 2001, Boko Haram is an
Islamic militant organization operating in northeastern Nigeria, north of Cameroon and Niger. The sect poses the biggest security threat in the West African country. Hundreds of people have been killed since it launched the insurgency in 2009.


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  1. Akin Oges says:

    Good Jesus! The Great One is back!! God is a Nigerian!!! My aneurism is gone. I have circulation to my little ticker again. Bless you Mighty God.

  2. niger delta boi says:

    O goodness the king is back. thank you oga beegeagle

  3. johnbest1 says:

    oga beeg u r welcome back,we have missed or presence dearly,what happened?why did u disappeae ?hope there were no problems.

  4. wocon45 says:

    As soon as I saw a wordpress alert on my phone I knew the mighty one is back, Oga beeaegle, welcome back. The most important news of today is that you are back, I suppose explanations will come latter. 🙂

    • jimmy says:

      The ranking official is just playing a fool’s game/errand. One does not need to b e a brain surgeon to understand what is really going on and Cameroon is playing a very DANGEROUS and DIRTY GAME. Cameroon has virtually no experience or COIN forces of note to talk about and relying on papa france can be both a blessing and a curse ask Ivory Coast and Chad.Cameroon has been indicted in two main incidents concerning the two main groups boko haram and ANSARU
      Incident #1 concerns the french family of seven that was kidnapped from all independent sources in Cameroon and with or without the Security forces of Cameroon DOING THEIR VERY BEST THIS FAMILY was brought into Nigeria.
      Incident #2 The recent abduction of the french priest who based on all credible sources was kidnapped in Northern Cameroon and just like before the Cameroonians did their “very best” to stop the abductors and the priest from being taken to Nigeria he is now believed to be in Nigeria.
      Bonus incident#3 unlike boko haram ANSARU believes there is value in kidnapping French( read white Europeans) because the french will pay. The recent escape of the Frenchman in Zaria a city not known for being a hot bed of bh confirms this.
      Cameroon has to also decide what it wants to be known as a safe haven/ run for the border bh stronghold or a friend of Nigeria.
      Nigeria on the other hand needs to stop the fire brigade approach .
      1) Where there is clear evidence of run for the border bh the recognized border crossing should be closed in that area.
      2) Special forces should be moved to the border areas between Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroon.
      3) The French AMBASSADOR/French Military attache should be told if there is clear undisputed evidence of COLLUSION between the security forces and the abductors , then it is inevitable there will be collateral damage. This is not Mali there will be no french dominated conferences.

      • igbi says:

        More than six months ago, I said that our counterinsurgency plan would not be complete without plans to invade northern Cameroon, and it seems I was right on the money. It is safe to say that more than 60% of boko haram attacks happened near the border with Cameroon and we never hear of any boko haram terrorist being arrested in Cameroon since the liberation of that french family, I think that was one of the conditions boko haram put forward to Cameroon for the liberation of that family. By the way, no prove has been provided to suggest that the french family was not being detained by a boko haram cell in Cameroon. Indeed the presence of boko haram on Cameroonian soil doesn’t spell good fortunes for tourism in Cameroon and the popularity of the Cameroonian dictator Biya, therefor as you may have noticed in both kidnappings, before any investigations, it was alleged by the Cameroonians government and the french government (for whom the Cameroonian government work) that the hostages were taken to Nigeria. The aim by doing that is to give the sentiment that there is no boko haram camp in Cameroon and that those kidnappings are isolated cases of boko haram crossing the border to perform the kidnapping and rushing back into Nigeria afterwards.
        I seriously think special ops must be conducted in Cameroon.

  5. doziex says:

    This I why Nigeria needs to invest in military assets of strategic importance.

    The SU-30MKI has the deep penetration strike capability to neutralize any bh safe havens in cameroun.

    Violating cameroun’s air space, and destroying any safe havens within it’s territory is the perfect response to their nonchalance, about these safe havens from which BH attack and devastate Nigerian communities.

    • CHYDE says:

      @Igbi and Doziex, one has to weigh the Advantages and disadvantages of such actions. Is it worth it? Why not establish a Military base with the mandate of patrolling the borders with Cameroon, if the BH guys escape into Cameroon, they can remain there and any attempt to cross over into Nigeria will have it’s consequences

    • doziex says:

      Deputy Governor Zanna Mustapha is right

      In addition to several heavily defended forward operating bases along our border with cameroun, the Army aviation should now acquire air assets, as they have been planning and training pilots for.

      Assets optimized for border patrols and counterinsurgency warfare are as follows:

      (1) Tucano turbo prop: Nigeria could manufacture these under license from brazil. They can provide ab initio training for NAF pilots, in addition to patrol and COIN duties.

      (2) Drones, Drones Drones …….. Nuff said.

      (3) NA should start off it’s aviation unit, with the available BO-105 stocks in Germany.

      (4) NO need to let NAF monopolize the mi-24/35 series, NA should acquire many of these from the 500 recently retired Russian stock.
      In fact, NAF should give up their mi-24/35s altogether and focus on their main job of securing our skies, and projecting our power.

      Buying the SU-30MKI would help them do just that.

      (5) Finally, NAF buying the AC-130 spectre gunship from the US would be a game changer for border patrols, and counterinsurgency.

      In all these, Nigeria should purchase the initial batch to fill our emergency need.
      Then subsequent batches, can be assembled, then manufactured under license in Nigeria.

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