(Photo: Chantell Biachi, Navy Imagery
Unit, RAN)





Nigeria’s NNS Thunder F90 was officially invested with the honour that is “Hero of the International Fleet Review” on account of having sailed all of 15,000 miles and halfway across the world to join other friendly navies in Australia. The Nigerian Navy were also the sole African service at the event.

NNS Thunder F90, commissioned into Nigerian naval service in January 2012, is a 115 metre long ship and weighs in at 3,250 tonnes. She is the second biggest ship of the Nigerian Navy and served in the United States Coast Guard as the USCGC Chase prior to being decommissioned in 2011. A sister ship of hers, the USCGC Gallatin which belongs to the same Hamilton class of cutters, is similarly expected to be transferred to the Nigerian Navy sometime in 2014.

The extremely long-ranged NNS Thunder, capable of handling a voyage of 26,000 kms at ‘economic speeds’, is the only naval ship in Africa today which is able to execute a total circumnavigation of the continent’s 26,000km coastline on one full tank – without the need for refuelling, that is. It underscores her deserved status as an EEZ patrol asset of the highest value in Nigerian naval service.


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  1. Akin Oges says:

    All the pictures are breathtaking; however, the first picture takes her place in the iconic league. Just beautiful…

  2. peccavi says:

    Oga, e be like you follow them go Australia. Welcome back

  3. Obix says:

    The Beageagle has landed! 21 gbosas to that!

  4. Obix says:

    Great pics, infact i took great interest in NNS THUNDER’s visit to Australia. I had to send a friend of mine living there to visit the crew. I too have great (personal) pics. The crew did us proud.

  5. eyimola says:

    Welcome back BEEG.

  6. Blackrev says:

    Welcome back beeg. You had me worried o. Good to have you back

  7. CHYDE says:

    Welcome back General . Nice pictures

  8. Deway says:

    Beegeagle is back!!!!! Welcome my Chairman, happy to see this!

  9. Deway says:

    I have tears in my eyes right now!

  10. Colonel says:

    Oga Beeg, i was seriously beginning to get worried about you. Infact, i had contracted some lawyers to prepare missives to the MOD and C-in-C.
    Welcome back!!

  11. Eeben says:

    Welcome back, Beegeagle! I am happy to see that you have landed again. Like so many others, I was fearing the worst and just when I thought something must be done – there you popped your head over the parapet.
    Good to have you back again.

  12. henry says:

    Generallissimo beegeagle. Welcome back chief. We are all pleased to have you back.

  13. welcome back sir, the Beeg One!

  14. giles says:

    Is this a dream or it’s happenin for real?

  15. giles says:

    welcom back sir,but sir least our ship can now sail onward together for victory is from God alone.welcom back my general(5 star)

  16. camouflage1984 says:

    The first pic of NNS thunder just proved to me that, apart from her main gun, she has no other formidable armament like a SAM….I stand corrected

  17. gbash10 says:

    Welcome back Gen Beeg,I am speechless!
    What do you expect from the US Navy,@camouflage?The NNS Thunder is just a damned coastal patrol ship,it is not a real warship like the NNS Aradu.

    • Blackrev says:

      True. That’s why I’m one of those that are not excited about the 2 stripped down ships coming from our not so close friend next year.

    • Deway says:

      As true as it seems Gbash, the Filipinos are are in the process of arming theirs with a sophisticated radar system capable of detecting and tracking surface threats, a Harpoon anti-ship missile system, and torpedo decoy systems. Though these will be purchased from the US.

      • doziex says:

        @Deway, this boggles the mind. Why the insulting double standards by the US ?

        I.E if they stipulated that NN not upgrade NNS Thunder.

      • American Friend says:

        The Filipinos are spending their own money, albeit with a lot of help from the US Navy, to uparm their assets. And they got theirs WITH the MK 92 fire control system, due to their long standing relationship with the US. US/Nigerian defense cooperation is a pretty new thing, and at the time the THUNDER was transferred, the MK 92 stayed on shore. Watch carefully when USCGC GALLATIN transfers.

        Once the asset has transferred, there are no strings. The Bangladeshi’s have plans to uparm with mostly Chinese goods; Nigeria can do the same if they wish.

        Having said that, the conclusion that this is NOT a warship is both fair and understandable. This whole class has only fired 2 missiles on a range, probably no more than a handful of torpedos in training, and now BOTH those capabilities are gone from the entire US fleet of this class. The torpedo decoy noisemakers once fitted – gone for decades. The hull mounted active sonar – long gone. They were designed nearly 50 years ago to be austere escort frigates and to sit on the Ocean Stations, waiting for propeller driven airliners to ditch, and they have served as OPVs with long legs for most of their career, after some time in a shore bombardment role in Vietnam.

        One or more may return to Vietnam before the last is retired!

      • Max Montero says:

        Hi Deway, yes, the Philippine Navy is spending of large amount of sum to upgrade the 2 ships to frigate standards. From what I got, they are just awaiting the final design and fit of their 2 new frigates being bid-out to 4 shipbuilders and see if it can also be extended to the 2 older ships. This is to simplify logistics by having similar systems for 2 classes of frigates. The PN already announced an incoming SLEP program for the 2 ships that will include these upgrades.

        Max (

  18. rka says:

    As a non-commenting follower of this blog for quite a while, I say welcome back Beeg.
    Great photos of NNS Thunder and I am quite happy with her and her sister ship when she arrives next year being OPVs.
    We don’t need armed ships necessarily at this stage, just long endurance ships that can tackle the piracy and oil theft.
    With local ship building capacity increasing, weapons can always be fitted when necessary .

  19. gbash10 says:

    If the NNS Thunder is not re-armed to combat surface,air and anti-submarine threat,then I beg to say it is not a fighting ship!

  20. gbash10 says:

    Good news from the NN. The Naval Air Arm is to put its Lynx helicopters back in the air, 3-4 months from now!

  21. gbash10 says:

    Sorry I meant good news

  22. cutievik says:

    General Beeg,words have failed me in trying to express how relieved we all are to have you back with us,in your absence other online media were awash with the news of your sudden disappearance and questions filled all our minds of which we had little answers for.I for one would like to humbly thank you for reconsidering your earlier stance in the interest of the greater good of all also would like to commend all our patriotic bloggers who in spite of the gruesome three months plus of random hazard blogging stood by for what they believed is right,on a final note I hereby call on all who in course of our rough sailing abandoned the beegeagle’s ship to please come on-board as the sea I strongly believe is calm and all is set for a smooth sail,my shout out to great men who brought great ideals such as Gen(Jimmy,Henry,Obix,Camouflage,Wocon,Deway,Giles,Akins,Ifouk) and all bloggers whose name you would permit me to acknowledge because of how prominent they are in the special too numerous to mention group.Thank you all

  23. beegeagle says:

    WESTLAND LYNX Mk89 (03)

    Pictured here on July 25th, 1984 at the RNAS Culdrose in the UK, this anti-submarine warfare helicopter is one of three Westland Lynx airframes with which the Nigerian Navy Air Arm eventually commenced operations in 1985.

    Crew: 2 or 3

    Capacity: 8 troops

    Payload: 1,480 kg

    Length: 15.241 m (50 ft)

    Rotor diameter: 12.80 m (42 ft)

    Height: 3.734 m for mk7; 3.785 m for mk9 (12.25 ft for mk7; 12.41 ft
    for mk9)

    Disc area: 128.71 m² (1,385 ft²)

    Empty weight: 3,291 kg (7,255 lb)

    Max. takeoff weight: 5,330 kg (11,750 lb)

    Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Gem turboshaft, 835 kW (1,120 shp) each

    Maximum speed: 324 km/h (201 mph)

    Range: 528 km (328 miles) with standard tanks

    Armament Naval: 2 x torpedoes or 4x Sea Skua missiles or 2 x depth charges.

    Browning AN/M3M .50 calibre heavy machine gun

  24. gbash10 says:

    That is a real naval combat chopper.
    Thanks Gen Beeg!

  25. demola says:

    wellcome back, beegeagle.

  26. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, gentlemen, for the warm welcome. Generals OptimusPrime007, Deway and OriginalPato..keep still 🙂 !!

    Let me start by saying that even for a DEFSEC blog where most know and appreciate the value of loyalty, I have never quite met people as single-minded, undaunted, loyal and devoted to a cause and mission as you all are. Your exertions here while I was away are truly sobering. The very best of men are indeed gathered here in this elevated crowd. Speechless.

    Indeed, HOW can I forget the cascade of emails which you sent our way backstage, nudging and prodding one to reconsider? Daily checks by the likes of Ogas Jimmy, Mighty Yagz, Freeegulf, Obix and Henry the inimitable?

    By January, we shall be counting down to the fifth year since we took on this lofty assignment on behalf of our fatherland – from CE Forum to Skyscrapercity and on to Military Photos before we deployed here, tired of the disarray which characterizes many a web forum.

    All through these years, it has been quite alarming that the service which we should be getting from the principal beneficiaries of what we have tried to do, has simply not been forthcoming. My zeal for the mission expectedly waned. One simply could not be bothered any longer. We thought to save our time, money and energy for more self-centred pursuits since selfless exertions appear to mean nothing in our country.

    Seriously, what would you have done if you were me? Continue to reproduce half-baked newspaper reports on DEFSEC whereas you demonstrably can do a lot better if given the needed back-up? Our country is a difficult place to operate in. This blog has been introduced to one of the Top 6 citizens and more recently, one of the TOP 3 Nigerians. The said TOP 3 Oga was reportedly so pleased with the effort which we make to stymie ignorance about the real essence of Nigeria’s defence and security forces that he solemnly pledged to raise the bar for us. Guess who is blocking now and making follow-up visits difficult? The bigman’s over-zealous security details and protocol officers! Exasperating? Very much so. The Oga was not a bit irritated about the fact that people who should know, seemingly do not realise the strategic value of what we do here.

    Okay, two encumberances continue to stand in our way – access and funding. By access I mean that even if someone steps forward to sponsor our planned exploratory trips to the Northeast, Mali and Darfur, we still need to get clearance from DHQ and shall need security details and guides which only our intelligence and military PR bigwigs can facilitate. That has not been forthcoming and I do not know why.

    Concerning finance, one of the more forward-looking DEFSEC PR units have given us a carte blanche and indicated their readiness to facilitate our attendance at training events and exercises. Heartwarming as that offer is and assuming a minimum of ten major events per year, costing US$600 for 2-3 day missions, who bears the US$6,000 overhang? Yours truly? Come on..I need support.

    So I have been thinking about all of these and more. The apex leaders in the sector know about our work. What would it take to nudge the likes of Poly Technologies, Modant Marine, Suncraft, Marom Dolphin and other players to invite us for sponsored exploratory trips? How does that compromise national security or our independence? Do CNN not take sponsored ads from our FG, state governments and banks and still slag off everyday?

    Anyway, the end of the year is traditionally a happy time in Nigeria. For your impeccable solidarity, I had to come back and serve you what you love and deserve for the rest of the year. I cannot allow myself to be the reason why you are unhapy cos you guys are too good. That is why I have come back here.

    For the sake of our collective interest and given the quantum of big hitters in our midst who are able to make things happen, I humbly urge us all to redouble our efforts towards seeing that things are done properly. I cannot vouch for my continued functionality on this turf in 2014. The energy levels are at an all-time low and that has to do with the real and contrived obstacles in our way. Five years, I have given it my all. I do not want to leave but that is what is being forced on me continually. It has taken legendary depths of self-motivation to soldier on this way for nearly five years. Surely, we could do with enablers and the time to make the difference, for anyone who values what we do, has to be now.

    May God bless you for your kindness, forebearance and faithfulness to the cause and mission. You shall never lack solidarity when you need it. It is good to be back in your midst – hopefully, we never have to part ways again. We only need to get the right kind of service and we shall make our best, even better.

    I thank you all for your time and effort.

  27. cutievik says:

    Words at this point in time do not fail me but my in depth anger for the ever nose diving politicking in Nigeria has made me speechless,no doubt been honest and patriotic in this country called Nigeria does not pay,it’s a fact not a myth from every honest man’s story, this indication brings to light patriotism in Nigeria doesn’t pay. General beeg, I truly understand how you feel and your effort you have sunk into this blog is indeed worth recognising by all and sundry am appalled whenever I hear of that word called ‘Dialogue’ and ‘National honour’,because our leaders am sorry to say are most times there only for own selfish interest to the detriment of peace,unity and the stability of our ever dear nation Nigeria,which is ever visible in most heart shattering Mou’s they sign with foreign partners,and their shameful conducts within and outside our shores. General beeg I use this medium to reiterate my unflinching patriotism for this blog and my greatest thanks for dis proving the ever hating thrash reportage of the West through your dynamic,steadfast and patriotic reports of events,I am ever proud of you,with full assurance I was ever privilege to have crossed your path in the course of my life time. Thank you Sir.

  28. Donspony says:

    Welcome back The Beeg one!

  29. julius says:

    It will be an understatement to say the least that your absence have not been felt all over the world by your loyal readers of this blog.I was in doha and i could not get to read updated news for a week i almost fell sick.Please i will implore general Beeg that even though things might be rough now and not encouraging,remember perseverance is the reason why great men achieved alot.
    Please dont be discouraged,the right people with the right energy will come and appreciate your efforts.
    We on this blog say a big Welcome back to you and please you are family,2014 will be big for you.We are looking forward to the day most of us will be able to report for you for free.
    I remember the last army day celebrations in abuja,i went there and i was asked who i am and i proudly told them am a passionate follower of the biggest military blog in Nigeria.
    And we need pictures and also i will love to see all i see on the blog live.
    General Beeg please dont leave us here once again.You are family and also this is a complete shoutout
    to General Obix,General Doziex,General Jimmy and even the military Igbi,you all made the site great by your updated news and information.
    I pray the good lord will give us all good health,long life and great achievements.

  30. Yagazie says:

    ‘Two encumberances seem to stand in the way of the continuation of this blog- Access and Finance. ‘

    On the Finance side – Oga Beegz has stated clearly that he needs support. Gentlemen and fellow cyber-gens- if we TRULY believe in the work that is being done on this blog, then it behoves us to assist financially. Agreed? I for one am willing to assist. This blog cannot be allowed to die because Beegz bears the financial strain alone. As our people say ‘betta soup na money make am’ – Oga Beegz spell out how we can assist in this regard.

    With regards to access- those of us who can help in this regard, HAVE A DUTY to do so. A lot of us know someone OR know someone who knows someone in the Nigerian millitary firmanent. Speak to that some-one. Introduce them to the blog. Lets be persistent. THIS BLOG CANNOT DIE- It must continue well into 2014 and beyond.

  31. Colonel says:

    Oga beeg, u should create a dedicated bank account or western union access point where bloggers who so which can make anonymous donations to the cause.
    This is not a blog that should be allowed to die.
    It is critical to counter the negative narratives against the nigerian people and its military by the loathed western press…who will never see anything good coming out of africa.

    • Eeben says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Colonel’s comment. This blog must survive – against all odds. It MUST counter the negativity we encounter on a daily basis that is aimed at causing further misery in Africa and in your great country. After all, we are believed to be unable to solve our own problems – problems we seldom started ourselves but we carry the label of being “the problem”.
      Having recently been “blacklisted” by the US Dept of State because we assist African governments, we will continue our quest as long as African governments want us to help them. Similarly, Beegeagle, you too must soldier on and carry the load upon your shoulders of informing as opposed to misinforming.
      If not for men such as you and your dedicated followers, who will do that if you cease to inform? That gap will be rapidly filled by someone who will probably wish to negate your good work. You must NOT allow that to happen.
      I will continue to hope that you walk that path – and I know your followers will be there to assist you when the load because too much to bear.
      My very best as always.

    • Deltaman says:

      Agree with Colonel, I’m sure we’d be more than happy to chip in.

  32. rka says:

    Just let us know when and how. It is the least we can.

  33. gbash10 says:


  34. doziex says:

    Yeah, Guys, this is great. We can commit to a set amount monthly, or raise money quickly to support a specific trip.

  35. Anas says:

    Welcome back general beeg honestly I’m short of words to describe hw I feel ,as for the issue of support trust me all hands will be on deck to ensure that this great blog doesn’t die anyway gen beeg honestly at one stage I arrived at d conclusion that somethin bad happened to u thnk God u r fyn ,I’m so elated !!!

  36. Anas says:

    This ship lacks a CIWS makin vulnerable to anti ship missile, hw much wil it cost our navy to install atleast 2 units of the reliable ak 360 on this ship

  37. beegeagle says:

    Thank you for your offers of support which we can use.

    Please permit me to engage in consultations so that I may get proper guidance on how funds can best be remitted and receipt properly acknowledged. I am also open to your suggestions. I shall revert to you within a few days.

    Those who by their own admission are amenable to the idea include

    Mighty Yagz
    Egbon Jimmy

  38. cryptologist says:

    Welcome back General. Please i also support the Colonel’s idea. Do let us know the process of chipping in financially sir

  39. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz, regarding our offer of financial contributions, do your ‘consultations’ and ‘seek proper guidance’- nothing spoil- we await your ‘directions’. However this blog MUST continue with you having full/sole editorial responsibility for the contents of the blog.

  40. henry says:

    Oga beeg, I’m 100% in support of whatever decision you take. However, I believe we must move forward based on realistic targets rather than emotions.

  41. adickmish says:

    I am in support 100%. Your good work in ensuring that we all get properly informed cannot be allowed to stop. Lets know the details.

  42. ocelot2006 says:

    Hurray!!!!!!!! Marshal Beegs is back!!!! *skelewu*

  43. Max Montero says:

    Nice photos there General Beeg to mark your return!


  44. beegeagle says:


    Good morning, gentlemen. The NNS Thunder F90 is coasting home and has sailed into African waters as we speak to mark the closing stages of its historic 30,000 mile return voyage to Australia.

    She was reportedly at the Port of Durban in South Africa during the course of these past 72 hours where South Africa’s Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Mudimu, visited the crew to express solidarity with them and to applaud them for making Africa proud.

  45. beegeagle says:


    25 November, 2013

    Nigeria has been commended for its good showing at the centenary fleet review organized by the Royal Australian Navy in Sydney.

    Speaking aboard Nigeria’s NNS THUNDER which docked at Durban Port on its return route from the fleet review
    exercise, the Chief of South African Navy,
    Admiral Refiloe Mudimu, said Nigeria has lived up to expectation and has done Africa proud.

    He said being the only African Navy in
    attendance at the exercise, Nigeria has
    shown that just one African nation can
    hold and take on any navy elsewhere in
    the world. He said it was necessary for Africa to look inward and begin to get serious with protecting its waterfront from the acts of terrorism which often paints the continent in bad light.

    He said “ the example of what happened along the Somalia coast and the joint international naval efforts that has helped to check the activities of pirates there demonstrates what can be achieved through joint efforts”. He extolled the relations which exists
    between Nigeria and South Africa and
    said both nations should be in the forefront of securing the sea borders of Africa so that the era of having foreign navies doing it for the continent would be done away with.

    Common Agenda

    In his address at the occasion, Nigerian
    High Commissioner to South Africa,
    Ambassador Soni Yusuf said Nigeria and
    South Africa has a common agenda in
    ensuring the safety of the continent and
    that NNS THUNDER docked at Durban Port as in furtherance of the relationship.

    Ambassador Yusuf said “in August 2012, Nigeria and South Africa signed a number of joint protocols during the
    visit of President Goodluck Jonathan of
    Nigeria to Pretoria and one of them was
    a defence pact”.

    Devotion to Duty

    Earlier at a pipping ceremony for six
    newly promoted naval officers on board
    NNS Thunder, Ambassador Soni Yusuf
    reminded the officers not to see their
    enlistment in the Nigerian Navy as a
    money making venture but a calling.

    He said “you are not in the Navy to make money but to serve. You must be on
    your feet and keep learning because
    you will need every available knowledge to make a success of your calling and with astute devotion to duty with obedience”.

    The Nigerian Military Adviser to South
    Africa, Commodore Saleh Usman said it
    would be very necessary that the newly
    pipped officers do not engage in frivolity but take their calling serious and begin to build their families early because of the (impact) a good and stable home has on professional success.

    NNS Thunder was in Australia to participate in the centenary anniversary
    of the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet
    appearance at the port of Sydney in
    November, 1913.

    Commanded by Captain Clement Atebi,
    NNS Thunder has a total of 175 officers and men of the Nigerian Navy on board. It leaves the port of Durban back to Nigeria on Tuesday the 26th of November, 2013.

  46. doziex says:

    Damn !!! Beeg, the NNS thunder has way too much range to be armed only with a 76 mm cannon.

    I hope the Obama administration did not gift the philippines and Bangladesh these ships with no strings attached, then turn around and put these unreasonable, insulting restrictions on what Nigeria can do with our ships.

    This is how the US tends to give with one hand, and take away with the other.

    Also, if NN armed the WW2 era buoy tenders to taste, then it follows that the same navy would want to arm these hamiliton class ships to the teeth.

    Anyway, NN should be ready to break any such unreasonable agreements, when NN receives the 2nd ship, and when Obama leaves office.

  47. beegeagle says:


    27 NOVEMBER, 2013

    ABUJA—The Nigerian Navy and Air force
    Councils headed by President Goodluck
    Jonathan, has approved the promotion of six (6) Rear Admirals (2-Star Generals), on the recommendation of the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba and 15 Air Vice Marshals on the recommendation of Air Marshal Alex Badeh, Chief of Air Staff.

    The Nigerian Navy board approved the
    promotion of 130 officers to various ranks including the Rear Admirals, 44
    Commodores, 50 Captains and 30

    The newly promoted Rear Admirals
    include Commodore O.C. Medani,Commodore J.O. Okojie and Commodore
    J.O. Oluwole. Also promoted are Commodore F.D. Bobai, Commodore A.O. Odeh and Commodore S.U. Ahmadu.

    Commodore Shehu Usman Ahmadu is the Commander, Central Pay office, Lagos, Commodore Obiora C. Medani, Director of Training at Naval Headquarters, and Commodore Joseph Okojie, Director of Operations at Naval Headquarters.

    Others are Commodore Ferguson Bobai,
    one time Commander, Naval Unit, Abuja,
    Commodore James Oladipo Oluwole,
    Commanding Officer, NNS Victory, Calabar and Commodore Odeh, an engineering officer.

    Vanguard gathered that the promotion of the Naval officers which came after a
    rigorous screening exercise that involved 70 officers was like the proverbial camel passing through the eye of a needle.

    Before his promotion to Rear Admiral,
    Commodore Obiora Medani had served as Chief Staff Officer, Eastern Naval
    Command and Director of Naval
    Information. Commodore Ferguson Bobai had served as Director of Naval Intelligence and Commander, Naval Unit. Commodore Shehu Ahmadu who was at several times Supply Officer, NNS Aradu, CABO Sea Training Command, Deputy Director Accounts and DONA, has a BSc, MBA and is a Certified National
    Accountant, did his higher strategic course at the South African Defence

  48. chucks says:

    Is this General (Emeritus) Beeg? Professor de Militaire affaires? Haa, my morning is made oo. I’d like to dance skelewu with my daughter unfortunately she is sleeping besides d fear of my landlord is d beginning of wisdom. Sorry for my disappearance,have been in one of the South-South states, playing local politics ahead of 2015. General Sir, I observed serious naval work and presence on a naval facility between ogwashi uku and Ibusa in Delta state. Kindly update if u have any info as to what is going on there.

  49. beegeagle says:

    Oh that, Chucks? It is a new Nigerian Navy Secondary School in the works there.

    BTW, the Chief of the Naval Staff is a native son of Ibusa.

  50. beegeagle says:


    Please note that we now conduct background checks so as to keep out Nigerian tribalists and secessionists and African trolls and attention seekers, all of whom either want to play up their own national interest and downplay Nigeria’s or just come here to dump their emotional baggage.

    In your own interest, only supply useable email addresses and answer our questions honestly. No need being in London and telling us that you are in Russia. We do our checks and any lies will almost certainly get detected. You know what gives thereafter.

    So if you are “awaiting moderation” still, perhaps you have not been too honest with the information supplied ab initio.

  51. rka says:

    The sad thing is, it has hardly been mentioned in the western press, including WARSHIPS (International Fleet Review) magazine, which is the equivalent of AIR FORCES MONTHLY, about NNS Thunder in Australia.

    It is as if it was airbrushed and they were never there. Plenty of pictures of other navies. To find any evidence, one has to look on the internet.

  52. tope says:

    Glad to have the General back, Its been quite low months when we didn’t have the General give us updates but I’m happy he is back now to the matter at hand.

    We will chip in when the General sends us his details and may I add that he should do it backstage not everyone here wants the same thing, one only needs your Bank Account details these days to make a mess, THE BLOG will and must live on and whatever we have we will surely contribute.

    As for the NNS Thunder I currently have a Friend Serving as a Luietenant there and I do hope when they get Debriefed he can share personal pictures he took of the Review so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Finally Welcome Back Sir, its been an Honour following this Blog and we owe it to our selves to start from here to change the minds of our leaders we owe it to ourselves to change our own minds. Thanks for bringing like minds together.

  53. Yagazie says:

    Oga Rka, much respect – but I humbly beg to differ. NNS Thunder’s trip to Australie for the 2013 Sydney Interantional Fleet Review was mentioned in WARSHIP (Internatinal Fleet Review) magazine. It was in the first part of the article which detailed the challenges some of the navies faced in sending ships to Australia because of the very bad weather/atrocious sea storms.

    The Russian vessel had to turn back. The Canadian vessels suffered a collusion (during a ship to ship transfer) and had to turn back, the Indonesian ship suffered some mast damage due to the terrible sea conditions and the Nigerian navy ship NNS Thunder had to put into an Australian port to weather the strom. However you are right that there was no picture in the magazine of NNS Thunder and being the only naval ship from Africa that sailed over 15,000 miles to get there, it should have got a bigger coverage.

    I for one will be writing to the editor to express my displeasure at this obvious oversight. In any event, this does not detract from the feat our Navy has achieved in sending a ship half-way round the world to participate in an International fleet review.

    Furthermore, this underscores the importance of having a blog like to highlight the achievements and challenges of our millitary and to also act as a reference point for all Nigerian millitary matters.

  54. Yagazie says:

    Oga Doziex, I respectfully disagree with your position on the upgrade of NNS Thunder.

    The NNS Thunder and her sister ship (USGCS Galletin) which will be transferred to the Nigerian Navy next year (2014) were both built as Patrol Cutters and not Warships. Thus we should not really waste time and money converting/upgrading these old platforms.

    In my view, both of these ‘Hamilton Class; vessels together with the 2 in-coming P18N OPVs that are currently being built in China/Nigeria should be deployed as long range OPVs to effectivel monitor our territorial waters/EEZ.

    These 4 vessels (together with the 4 former USCG ‘Cat/Balsam’ Class ships that are currently in service , will enable our navy to maintain a credible ‘Continous-at-Sea Deterrence/Presence’. In line with our country’s rising economic and international profile, the Federal Govt should seize the bull by the horns and provide the finance for the navy to purchase proper ocean going warships.

    As discussed previously on this blog, apart from the refurbishment/upgrade of our beloved flagship- NNS Aradu, the purchases should include at least 2 light frigates (MEKO 200 Class), 1 Destoyer /Multi-purpose Vessel(ABSALOM Class), purchase of 3 Corvettes, at least 2 LPDs, 2 Mine-Counter-Measure -Vessels, 2 Fleet replenishment ships/oilers, and eventuaally 3 conventionai submarines.

  55. rka says:

    Oga Yagazie, thanks for that, I must have skimmed through the magazine and missed that bit (not that it was anything to write home about, excuse the pun). I will look at the November edition again, unless it is in the December issue which I haven’t got round to reading properly yet.

    I couldn’t agree more with your assertion about NNS Thunder being a high endurance patrol cutter and not really a warship. When it was still with the USCGS, it only ever was armed with Harpoon missiles for a short duration most probably to deter the Russians while patrolling around the Alaskan waters. Respect.

  56. rka says:

    Having now had another look, I have now noticed the pathetic 2 liner that mentioned NNS Thunder in relation to going to port because of bad weather. I most have been so excited in anticipation of reading a more detailed entry on Thunder that I somehow missed it, lol.

    Anyway, good for you writing to the Editor. It may well make them sit up and take sub-Saharan navies a bit more seriously, but I somehow doubt it.

  57. Yagazie says:

    Oga RKa- respect nothing spoil.

    I too was looking forward to the article on the International Fleet Review with a lot of anticipation and like you was disgusted that the only naval presence from Africa did not get a more prominent mention.

    However so as to maintain an even handed approach to reporting matters, it msut be said that Warship (International Fleet Review) magazine did carry an article on the Nigerian Navy and the problems it faced in combating Piracy due to lack of ocean going platforms. The article however went on to give some details about the steps being taken by the Govt to re-activate the navy.

    Warship Magazine has also in the last 2 years run about 2-3 detailed articles on the South African Navy. The simple truth is that until recently,(when Nigeria began to re-equip its Navy), the South Africans had the only navy in sub-saharan africa worth talking or writing about.. Whilst not holding brief for the magazine, I have found them to be quite fair and balanced in their articles .

    • rka says:

      Thanks Yagazie, I also read that article in the magazine about the piracy situation in the Gulf of Guinea as I have dipped into the magazine on and off over the years.

      I know they are quite fair in their reporting, I was just disappointed about the lack of coverage. It should have had a sub-section with a little write-up about the only African Navy to make the trip down under.

      Hopefully with more african navies buying new and used platforms (E Guinea, Ghana spring to mind), there will be more coverage. What would probably make it happen is when Aradu gets a re-fit and more ASW, ASuW & Air Defence platforms come on stream.

      One can dream.

  58. cutievik says:

    My Generals have noticed that for a while the NN Aradu has been off the scene for a while,can I get an update on our front liner ship?
    Whilst during the weekend,an argument ensured between me and some friends also familiar with defense matters both on home soil and aboard,when d issue of inadequate platforms for our tri-services a friend said and I quote ‘#It seems quite shocking that a country such as Nigeria in it’s financial capacity cannot fund it’s military to a super standard level to enable defence it’s territorial capacity and defend others leaves me no option than to say NIGERIA being a former western colony is scared of coming under the deep scrutiny of her national integrity if the becomes a regional military block by the US and her allied nations#”
    This leaves me with some questions and no doubt some incoherent conclusions, Is some atom of truth in this?

  59. Gen Beeg, i also suport the financial contributions. You can count me in.

  60. mayyorrules says:

    When the account is ready how do we get it cos I really like this blog? Also, maybe the workload on Gen Beeg is to large. Is there a way to share the load since there are people of like mind here?

  61. Adino says:

    What annoyance, so BeegEagle is back and nobody told me. I refresh this site on a daily basis on both my phone and pc. Lo and behold Almighty BeegEaglebis back.
    Oga Beeg, may God Bless You.
    Now I will take part of the loot.

  62. Adino says:

    42 Rocket Salute for General Beeg.
    Welcome Back Bro.

  63. beegeagle says:


    Dear esteemed Beegeagle’s Bloggers,

    thank you for your interest in making your financial contributions towards the continued smooth operations of Beegeagle’s Blog. Grateful. It is all made even more fantastic by the fact that the idea of fundraising in support of the operations of this blog came from YOU, esteemed friends.

    After due consultations, the following highpoints appear to represent the way forward as of now.

    * First of all, it is imperative to state that the said contributions are in no way intended to remove the sole responsibility for content and editorial direction from Beegeagle. As is all too obvious, if we have to pander to the whims of every contributor, the blog shall collapse sooner than later on account of the contending interests jostling for ascendancy or to have it swinging their own way. So the status quo ante remains. We cannot afford to derail the efforts which have brought us this far.

    It is pertinent to state this so that donors understand that the spinoffd which shall accrue from their show of good faith are limited to,

    – optimized site administration

    – continued smooth functioning of the blog

    – breaking new grounds in terms of physical attendance at related events and exercises

    – improved content by implication

    The concensus therefore is for me to make explicit the fact that “eventhough some members have volunteered to make a financial contribution to the running costs of the blog, Beegeagle shall maintain COMPLETE and SOLE EDITORIAL control of all the entries/postings on the blog.”

    It is expedient that we therefore make this point at this time before financial backers begin to send in their monies. Those for whom this state of affairs is okay can thereafter proceed with their planned financial support.

    * Secondly and concerning the matter of how donors shall make the funds available, it was decided that since Beegeagle has everyone’s contact details but has since 2010 faithfully ensured that everyone’s identity is vouchsafed, Beegeagle should receive the funds. It is a guided process and close liaison with Beegeagle on this matter is essential. This will ensure that there are no hiccups along the way.

    * for the purpose good record-keeping and accountability, please let me know what your pledged financial commitment shall amount to via email. We need to start taking notes now. So do let us know what you are pledging to donate at

    * For the purpose of accountability, process control and good record-keeping, all prospective donors should please forward their pledges from TODAY, 5 December 2013 to the same address.

    * Please note that liaison with institutions has to commence as soon as possible so that we do not miss out on any consequential event planned for 2014 by the said willing service which has most graciously indicated their readiness to facilitate our attendance at events and exercises.

    Thank you so much for your anticipated generous support and show of goodwill. Let me know what else needs to be cleared up


  64. beegeagle says:


    Gentlemen, the first two pledges which are open to being immediately redeemed have come in from Nigeria and the USA.

    * First off the mark was Oga XNur44 from Nigeria who has pledged a five-figure naira-denominated sum and wants to pay up immediately

    * Second was Oga Jimmy, a Nigerian in the USA who has pledged a dollar-denomintaed three-figure sum and also wants to transfer immediately

    We are still doing the reckoning and like I said, working on the offer made by that one service alone, it is clear that the minimum sum which would fly is US$6,000. There is no arguing the fact that if we have to witness the twice yearly tours of formations and facilities of the service chief and his next-rung field commanders, that already exceeds TEN trips. Not to mention the exercises and training events.

    Even so, it is clear that for a 3-day trip between Lagos and ABJ/KD/PHC/CAL for instance, would require return tickets, car hire services, hotel, local travel and upkeep. That is 90-100k naira (about US$600). For sure, it would be marginally more expensive if we need to get to far-flung MDGR, DMTR or YOLA. That was why I said, each outing would averagely cost US$600 just to cover a highly inadequate ten outings for one service alone.

    Ideally, if we have to cover the Service Chief/regional commanders twice-yearly tours of formations under their command, we have exceeded ten trips. Assume five major exercises, not to mention the quarterly conferences and it is clear that this one willing service alone would have no less than 20 newsworthy events in 2014 alone. Multiply that by US$600 per outing and tell me how much that comes to. And that is for one service branch alone. So to put in a DECENT effort and cover about 50% of the newsworthy events of that one willing service, we would be requiring a minimum of US$6,000 (approx 1 million naira)

    Assuming that all three services become interested, it is clear that we would require no less than US$25,000 (4 million naira) to MEANINGFULLY cover the activities of all the services in 2014. That is putting it in a very stark way. The bottomline is that there is no amount which cannot be put to good use to serve you better.

    Steep as the game of numbers might be, we have very many powerful followers of this blog whose daily entertainment allowance at their lofty perches exceeds US$6,000 every single day. Not to mention imprests. The point is, there are people reading this who are able to push either 1 million naira or 4 million naira EN BLOC to us and we can say even today in December 2013, that we are absolutely going to smash the records and upset the form book…not to mention reaching you everyday of 2014. Those are the stakes which suffice and I trust that we shall dig very deep to make things happen.

    So I am going wait a few more days to see if our targets are attainable. I do not want to receive any funds from anywhere IF it looks like our target cannot be met.

    We are still taking your pledges at

    Bear with me for a while yet, Oga XNur and Egbon Jimmy. God bless you, sirs.

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Thank God for the Navy. 31m OCEA boat delivered, repairs on platforms currently undergoing, 3 capital shipscoming. Proud of the NN.


    Specifications :

    -Total displacement = 9000 tons
    -Length = 142.9 meters
    -Width = 21.5 meters
    -Flight deck with two runways and landing pads for heavy-lift helicopters in the extremities and 30-ton lift in the central part of the deck
    -The power plant includes two diesel engines Wärtsilä 12V32 rated at 6000 kW
    -The maximum speed = 20 knots
    -Cruising range = 11,265 km
    -Generation of electricity will be provided by four diesel generators Isotta Fraschini V1716 C2ME capacity of 1300 kW and one emergency V1708 T3 of 600 kW
    -Armament includes MBDA SAAM-ESD (Aster missiles + A50 launcher Sylver) behind the island superstructure + Oto Melara 76/62 Super Rapid + 2 Single 25mm
    -The electronic structure will include Selex Sistemi Integrati EMPAR + AESA radar of CICS Athena-C + navigation radar and flight control by -gosopoznavaniya SIR + Communication system supplied by Selex Elsag + EW systems produced by Elettronica and Thales + two SCLAR-H decoy launchers
    -The Algerian helicopter landing ship dock can accommodate 3 Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) + 3 small Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) + 1 large Landing Craft Personnel (LCP) + 2 semi-rigid boats. The garage can accommodate up to 15 armored vehicles.
    -The crew = 150 people
    -The landing force = 440 people

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