These details are contained in the weblink above, graciously translated for us by the Beegeagle’s Blogger, Oga Obix who is based in the CIS orbit and is fluent in Russian.

The article shows two photos of the BTR-3 which were taken from this blog, in Nigerian military service. Yes, Beegeagle’s Blog is monitored in Russia and Ukraine as well.

Moving on, the article puts the date of shipment at February 2013 (never mind the erroneous date shown on some photos which has to do with the camera’s settings).

So it is official. The Nigeria Police Force also now field BTR-3 APCs and they were acquired from The Ukraine. The Police Counter Terrorist Unit and the Police Mobile Force also use sturdy and rugged AutoKraz lorries manufactured in the east European country.

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  1. peccavi says:

    Whats the main armament? The article doesn’t specify, it just says turrets for 12.7mm HMGs

  2. Alibo says:

    Welcome back Beegeagle. Hope you are fine? Was worried about your disappearance.

  3. Solorex says:

    Dear Peccavi: It is most unlikely the NPF will procure BTR APC, APC of South African origin are more like it. The original write up in Russian says “Federal Police Force /characteristic Bright Blue Colour” the Armament here is 12.7NVST Gun only. “Federal police/………” in Russian most likely refers to specially constituted force.

    What I really don’t understand is the bright Blue Colour thing

  4. Obix says:

    Oga Solarex, first of all, concerning the armament you are right. Secondly, in the article, the term “federal police” was used because if you translate Nigeria Police Force to russian it wont have any meaning in russian (because the words ‘police’ and ‘force’ don’t go together), so that’s why they chose the simple term ‘federal police of Nigeria’ . I suspect the bright blue colour will serve a base on which the final colour choice will be painted here in Nigeria. It’s possible they were part of the APC’s that were commissioned by the president at the 2013 NPF week parade.

    Full translation to the link: In 2013, the contract for the supply of BTR-3 to Nigeria was successfully implemented.
    In February 2013 the Federal Police for Nigeria received four BTR-3E manufactured by GP “Kyiv Repair and Mechanical Plant” , reports Tsenzor.NET citing
    These machines are equipped with a single tower with a 12.7- mm machine gun NSVT-12,7 (same as in the BTR-3UN that were previously supplied to the Nigerian Army) , and have a characteristic bright blue color .
    Pictures 1 & 2: Illichevsk port. 03.02.2013 .
    Earlier, Nigeria became the first major customer of Ukrainian BTR -3 series – the Nigerian Army in 2006-2007 received 47 units.
    Among the 47 units were 30 BTR- linear 3UN ( with single tower with a NSVT12.7- mm machine gun) , 6 BTR- 3UK command and staff vehicles , 4 BTR- 3UR armored recovery vehicles and 7 BTR- 3E ( armed with KPVT 14.5-mm machine guns ) .
    Pictures 3 & 4: BTR-3E for the Federal Police of Nigeria in the hold of the ship prior to shipment from the port of Illichevsk . 27.02.2013 (the date of the photo is not correct) .
    Picture 5: A BTR-3UN of the armed forces of Nigeria delivered between 2006-2007. Clearly visible are the differences in the rear of the hull as compared to the 4 BTR- 3E suplied in 2013, and carrying weapons , too .
    Picture 6: A BTR-3UR armoured recovery vehicle of the Nigerian contingent of the UN peacekeeping force in Sudan’s Darfur (UNAMID)

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