According to a NAN report published on October 31st 2013, this air defence artillery weapon type was acquired from Switzerland in 1979 and several of them in the inventory of 31 Artillery Brigade became unserviceable in 2002. Bearing in mind the fact that the GDF-002 variant went into production in 1980, it is clear that this is a GDF-001 variant which was in production as of 1979 when they were acquired by the Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery.


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  1. doziex says:

    This triple A gun and others like it should be towed about on patrols, or stationed at heavy defended FOBs.
    It would be excellent in pummeling insurgent hide outs/ambush positions.

    Also, for repelling bh’s frequent frontal assaults in motorbikes and pick up trucks.

    The serbs in bosnia and NA in ecomog utilized this tactic to great effect.

    Remember , the account of the ecomog NA soldier of his adventures in Liberia and sierra leone, where he extolled the virtues of the Shilka, above all other weapon systems.


  2. Oga beeg I saw on wiki that we operate the GDF-002

  3. freeegulf says:

    @oga doziex, yes these weapons will be very suitable for defence of FOBs and hilltop positions. however, they cant be used on patrol as they aren’t self propelled. on hilltop positions, a single platoon of these hardware will be extremely lethal against advancing assailants.

    a combination of the 35mm AAA, and support weapons such as AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, and mortars (heavy and medium) will go a long way in holding fortified outpost deep in contested territories. add aggressive patrols to these outpost, and not a single base would be overrun. in fact, probing would be an arduous tasks for the terrs

    its a shame that NA orbat does not emphasize firepower. their doctrine gives more priority to numerical strength than firepower. one would think after LBR and SRL they would have revamped and overhaul their manoeuvre doctrine. there will never be enough boots on ground.
    a small country like LBR could easily swallow up half the NA strength should firepower be negated. unfortunately, it was exactly what happened in SRL, as there where never enough boots on ground, even after much begging by kobe and promises by NA HQ Lagos. firepower; utility helicopters, gunships, HMGs, mortars in abundance, mobile artillery, light assault rifles, LMGs and AGLs would have made up for the shortfalls in manpower. of course with tailor made tactics for the SRL countryside.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Well, that does not add up..does it, Camo? Or perhaps there were further deliveries? I say this because it does not take rocket science to deduce that if the NA took delivery for these systems in 1979, they could not have been anything other than GDF-01 types bearing in mind that it was the only variant in production at the time. The fact that the GDF-02 went into production wef 1980 makes this obvious

    The alternative could be that they are talking about the Chinese-built Type 90 35mm AA cannons which are variants of the GDF-02 with adaptations to Chinese requirements entailed.

    • jimmy says:

      There is no question since the army’s budget was increased they have procured some weapons Since GEJ assumed office proper 2011 election. What they procured has not been captured in sipri or UN logs this is becoming evident as reports continue to seep out of numbers of inventory not adding up i.e. scout cars, armored CARS AND TROOP CARRIERS. We saw that this week based on oga beegeagle pics that 10 BTR-3 are headed to the police we have no idea what the army is receiving.
      We just have to wait and see. at the NADCEL celebration in APRIL 2014 and the armed forces celebration of the centenary 2014..

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga beeg i think wat wiki was refering to was d Chinese version

    • eyimola says:

      Ordered in 1979 or delivered in 1979? The picture above does not look like the first edition GDF-1, which has been around since the 60s and did not have an off-gun weapons control system. The GDF-002 also appears to have been more widely exported than the GDF-1 variety

  5. beegeagle says:

    Assuming that the news report was flawed, I cannot find any Oerlikon deliveries listed for the 1980s on this list. Except there were unrecorded deliveries during the 1980s in which case they would be GDF-02 variants

    The GDF-01 apparently had the XABA sight as well

    GDF-001 / ‘2 ZLA/353 MK: XABA sight

    GDF-002: Introduced in 1980. Improved Ferranti sight and digital data bus. The gun has 112 rounds ready and 126 in reserve (238 rounds total)

  6. beegeagle says:

    AA weapons are priceless infantry support weapons in asymmetric warfare…from Sudan to Yemen, Libya to Chad, Mali to Sierra Leone, that has been the story.

    Since BH own no aircraft, I would rather fixate on what they can do for our infantrymen. The quad-barrel Shilka with its 23mm guns is the iconic COIN weapon of the post-1990 NA. It performed wonders for troops in Liberia and Sierra Leone and has already been deployed to NE Nigeria in the firm knowledge of its fearsome reputation. You can only imagine what the NA can do with its assortment of ZPU 14.5mm AAMGs. ZU/ZSU 23mm AA cannons, Vulcan 20mm AA cannons and the GDF/Type 90 35mm AA cannons. These number over 350 systems and whether truck-mounted for mobile engagements or used alongside 60mm mortars in defence of military outposts and vulnerable communities in the Far Northeast, when fired in flat trajectory in those open plains, they would prove to be devastating when providing suppressing fire or in outright offensives. The insurgents appear to use DShK 12.7mm and ZPU 14.5mm heavy MGs for mobile warfare.

    The Shilka has already laid down an eternal template for the NA. We could device methods of bringing the towed 20mm Vulcan and ZU-2 23mm cannons to bear on the altercations in the open countryside and in those camps which they NAF have done well to repeatedly devastate using A-Jet and Hind attack helics. Some of these should be mounted on Landcruisers to operate alongside VBLs, Otokar Cobra APCs and Panhard AFVs while others should be used to harden vulnerable targets.

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