An array of Panhard VBL M11 scout cars at the Armoured Corps Centre, 14-5-2012

An array of Panhard VBL M11 armoured vehicles

Abuja, Dec 5, 2013

The Army Headquarters Garrison will be conducting a field training exercise nicknamed, ”Exercise Black Tiger” at Sabon Wuse area along Abuja-Jere-Kaduna expressway

This is contained in a statement signed by Col. Aliyu Yusuf, Deputy Director Army Public Relations, in Abuja on Thursday. The statement said the exercise would commence from Dec. 9 to Dec. 12. It said that the training exercise would mark the end of a 3-month rigorous cadre training for troops of Army Headquarters Garrison that started in September 2013.

“The exercise is designed to teach
soldiers skills and techniques required to deal with contemporary security
challenges in a counter terrorism setting, such as raids on terrorist camp, fighting in built up areas, identification and handling of Improvised Explosive Devices(IEDs) and several techniques of internal
security operations,” the statement said.

It advised the public not to panic due to movement of troops around the area. The statement said the exercise
would end with range classification in
Kachia and Keffi on Dec. 12.


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  1. OriginalPato says:

    Is this training being done, in preparation to being deployed to the NE?

  2. ifiok umoeka says:

    I would think that its in prep 4 Christmas

  3. jimmy says:

    I like the fact that they are constantly being trained over and over again in coin operations.

  4. gbash10 says:

    Great patriots,3 trainer jets flew into TAC,with the usual NAF markings of red nose and wingtips.They are either MB339CD or L-39 jet traininers both having wingtip fuel tanks.

  5. rka says:

    From previous photos in those colours, they should be L39s.

  6. gbash10 says:

    It is very unusually for NAF Jets to be flying around on a saturday,especially when they flew in from the south,what is happening?

  7. gbash10 says:

    @rka,stumble on a discussion on nairaland forum,are you and Henry members of that forum?If both of you are members,then what have you observed about that Afroarab?

    • rka says:

      @oga gbash10. Yes, for the life of me I am (although I sometimes don’t know why I bother). I will leave Henry to confirm or not

      I am not too sure about Afroarab, who claims to be female and always asking for Nigerian troops to withdraw from Sudan as it is Arabic land etc. Some of the South Africans on the forum think she is a Nigerian in disguise because she also praises the NA for fighting off the attack on their camp that happened a while back and their resilience.

      I have only been a member for a few months, maybe someone else has more insight.

      Keep up the good work re updates about what’s happening at TAC.

  8. Henry says:

    Yeah oga gbash10. I’m a long-time member of the forum.

    As for AfroArab, who claims to be a female, I don’t know if she is legit or not. Like RKA, I’ve also noticed in particular her praise singing of the nigerian military anytime she posts. The SAns in the forum think she is a nigerian impostor. Whether she is an impostor or not, I cannot verify that.

    However, she knows quite a few about the nigerian military, and she (surprisingly, I must say) was the first person to break the news of nigeria’s 40 million dollars surveillance contract with elbit systems of isreal, a couple of weeks before beegeagle’s blog ran the story. Question at the time was, how did she know that.

    I cannot say she’s an impostor, but she’s definitely a praise singer of the army.

  9. gbash10 says:

    @ ogas rka and Henry,thanks for that intel,I really appreciate.
    About the 6 L-15 jet trainers delivered to an unknown african country,na we get dem abi no b us nah?

  10. gbash10 says:

    That is too bad to for us!

  11. doziex says:

    CHAI!!! no L-15s for us. Now I ‘ve got to find some thing else about NAF to fantasize about. (LOL)

    But seriously guys, this is why Beegeagle’s blog is very necessary.

    What is the vision or purpose of NAF as an organization ?

    A parade ground air force ? A white elephant project ? Or a Nigerian defense outfit, to be taken seriously ?

    We as Nigerians, need to know these things, perhaps they will tell us something we don’t know. Perhaps, our quest for knowledge and exposure of the Facts would encourage the brass at NAF to sit up.

    We are fortunate that Beegeagle is willing to go knock on doors. And I am grateful for the opportunity to add my 2 kobo, to help facilitate this mission.

    We have been asking why the traditional Nigerian press, or the military themselves are not interested in properly disseminating defense sector related information.

    I guess we are it. Beegeagle’s bloggers have to make it happen.

  12. Are James says:

    I think the MDGR incident as woken everybody up in the defence/security establishment. I see us finally finding the money for combat new jets in ’14 – if Goodluck does not, the House and Senate will force his hand. I also expect more planes and UAVs in the air on patrols as a permanent feature from mid next year. Finally on a lighter note – maybe the CAS gets to shed a few more pounds to enable him fit inside a fighter jet cockpit..

  13. Henry says:

    Lol…….. @arejames, I no follow oh.

    Funny thing is, the nigerian airforce are hosting their air expo in april of 2014. Question is, which helicopters would be used?

  14. wocon45 says:

    Bahahahahhahaa Oga Are James, leave our able CAS alone, the gain a few pound for Naija no be moi moi.

  15. ifiok umoeka says:

    Ha ha ha ha, una dey OUO (on una own)

  16. beegeagle says:

    🙂 hand nuh dey ooo..shud in case Air Police com use padlock pin una mouth to dat una laptop

  17. tope says:

    abeg una don hear of 7 years in prison for criticising of GEJ and other politicians soon to be passed by the senate abeg close….. on a serious note this is as performance indicator stands for the military.

    NN: 60% efficient plagued with few platforms and no money to buy getting 20 refurbished, new and hand me down mix of vessels as adjudged by Mr Beeg Eagle by end of 2014. Focus is on Welfare and Fleet Replenishment

    NA: 50% efficient, need to upgrade ALL weapon systems to mordern day warfare from artillery to weapons, fund is too low, innovation and morale is high amongst rank and file, focus is on training and COIN.

    NAF: ermmmmmm….. i dont know how to rank them seriously, let me say 30% due to the very impressive record of the NAESTL and the Alpha Jet harangues against BH, caught napping seriously, needs to upgrade and BUY emphasis on the BUY new hardware ASAP. Focus is on R and D but a little limited.

    DIA,NIA,SSS: intelligence gathering has gotten better, still need to do more analysis and planning to forestal occurences of boko haram disloding and forming cell units and attacking out of the blue, i give them 40% as i know its not easy but we await the Fusion Centre for Central Database and Info sharing.

    NSA: have been very silent, infact ive not heard anything from Dasuki save his jibe at Okonjo iweala recently but maybe what goes behind the scenes will help shed light on what he has been doing so far. 20%

    CDS: very vibrant, has been clamouring with the senate to get more arms and funding for the tri service, hope his cries doesnt fall on deaf ears 53%

    Senate Committee on Defence Matters: i wonder why they havent marcherd into Aso Rock and dragged Okonjo to jonathan and show her in terms of economics what we lose daily due to oil theft and terrorism and negative impact it gives to investors…. save Anyanwu no one has been voiceferous on this matter they need to say it as it is…. the defence sector needs to be funded heavily me think a 5 billion dollar emergency fund or defence tax should be created to solve extra budgetary spending…..that said 20%

    C-in-C: he holds the final say and what ever his advisors have been cooking up to make sure he doesnt see the need to equip the Military he needs to wake up… im very sure the attack on Maiduguri will speak volumes if he doesnt handle it immediately, his recent poll rating grew when he ordered a partial SOE, nigerians want him to take authority and fight the BH menace bullet for bullet, so i live it there to all to judge performance.

    DHQ: well i give them 30% cos they have failed in procurement end of discussion

  18. ifiok umoeka says:

    Interesting to say the least. As for TPFRN, I think he is seriously under performing with regards to security.

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