NNS Burutu P174, a 38 metre Suncraft Sea Eagle Offshore Patrol Craft

NNS Burutu P174, a 38 metre Suncraft Sea Eagle Offshore Patrol Craft

LAGOS, Dec. 8 (Xinhua)

The Nigerian Navy on Sunday said four pirates suspected to be behind the breach of maritime security in the West African nation’s waterways have been arrested in southern Rivers State.

The suspects were arrested by troops of the Nigerian Navy ship Burutu on routine patrol, spokesperson for the Navy in the oil-rich city of Port Harcourt, Lt.-Cdr. Abdulsalam Sani, said in a statement. Sani said the Navy patrol also impounded three cutlasses, four knives and pumping
machines from the suspects, adding that three hammers, cell phones, eye glasses and an undisclosed amount of money were also recovered.

The suspects were arrested while
operating in two wooden boats at about 1:20 p.m. local time at anchorage off Bonny Fairway buoy. Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects were responsible for various acts to breach maritime security which disrupts the nation’s economic growth.

The suspects had been handed over to
Bonny Island Divisional Police for further investigation and prosecution, Sani said.

Piracy and armed robbery in the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea have been increasing in recent years, causing serious concern worldwide.

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  1. Deltaman says:

    Gen Beeg how do I upload a picture of NNS Aradu – taken last Saturday

  2. Henry says:

    Nigerian President Endorses African Stand-by Force
    by African Defence Admin • December 9, 2013

    President Goodluck Jonathan in Paris on Saturday said the Federal Government would support the formation of Africa Stand-by Force to take charge of crises situation on the continent.

    Mr. Jonathan said this in an interview with France 24 television shortly after the end of a two-day summit on peace and security in Africa hosted by President Francois Hollande of France.

    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that one of the main resolutions of the summit is the formation of the Africa Stand-by Force not later than 2015 to enable the continent take charge of its own security.

    Mr. Jonathan said Nigeria as a committed nation to global peace keeping welcomed the formation of the specialised force to take control of the security challenges in Africa.

    “We totally support it because we also believe that by having a robust stand-by force, it is much better than the ad hoc contributions by nations,” he said.

    “They can mobilise very quickly whenever we have challenges, and there is the need to deploy them.

    “So, we support it and we thank the president and people of France for supporting Africa in this regard.”

    The president said a stand-by force dedicated to conflicts resolution would assist the continent in nipping any crisis in the bud before escalation.

    He said there would be no need to wait for other developed nation to send troops to crisis zones in the continent or waiting for UN Resolutions before troop deployment.

    “When you have this stand-by force, they now have an operational order covering the whole of Africa.

    “Anywhere there is conflict, it will not require UN resolution, but a host country’s invitation and an endorsement by the AU,’’ he said.

    Mr. Jonathan noted that the stand-by force should be elastic in its composition and contribution by member states of the African Union.

    He said: “Contributions should depend on challenges and resources. As we build up the resources, we increase the strength of the force.

    “You will not just have men and women wearing uniform, at least they must be equipped in term of arms, logistic and the force will be under the AU.’’

    Mr. Jonathan said Africa as a major trading partner with France and Europe, the peace in the continent should be of paramount concern.

    “You cannot have people to trade with if there are crisis. Though you can trade on weapon, but that is just a negative aspect of trade.

    “To have balance of trade and robust economic development, nations must be at peace.

    “Europe must be worried when there is always conflict in Africa because they will not want to invest in managing crisis but in development,’’ he said.

    The president called on France and the European Union to assist in the formation of the stand-by force through capacity building, training and provision of sophisticated equipments.

    Mr. Jonathan said that ECOWAS had a similar force which had assisted in responding to crises in some member states.

    “At the beginning of ECOWAS, it was meant to concentrate on economic issues, but we have seen that you cannot achieve that without interfering in the internal affairs of member states.

    “We realised that you cannot talk about the economy in a very unstable state. States must be stable before you can manage their economy.

    “So, whenever we have situation that we need to intervene, we intervene and that has brought some reasonable stability.’’

    Mr. Jonathan recalled that the ECOWAS Force had intervened in crises in Niger, Cote d’Ivoire and presently stabilising Guinea Bissau and Mali.

    NAN reports that President Hollande, at the opening of the summit on Friday, had challenged the over 53 African leaders that attended the summit on the need for the continent to take control of its security.

    Mr. Jonathan also said the Federal Government was not considering sending troop to the trouble region of the Central Africa Republic.

    He said the Federal Government would consider other forms of assistance that could be rendered to the troubled nation.

    The president said apart from the fact that Nigeria had troops in quite a number of West African countries, “it is facing its own security challenges of Boko Haram insurgence’’.

    • igbi says:

      The idea of the force is a good one. But as someone who knows france very well, I would say: “france helps nobody but france”. This force will be representing french interests only. This would become a part of the french armed forces like the french foreign legion which was initially created to be stationed in Algeria and across Africa.
      The idea is good, but you need to take france out of the equation. There is a reason why france still celebrates its colonial past.

      • doziex says:

        I agree, but if you want to limit the influence of france in say west and central Africa, Nigeria must be WILLING and ABLE, to step up to these responsibilities.

        Currently, the Nigerian establishment is not this ambitious. Our defense expenditure and posture tells exactly what we are or aren’t willing to take on.

        So, unfortunately, that leaves france in charge for better or worse.

        South Africa tried to step up in CAR, but after it’s casualties, found it too far and too costly.

        DRC with the UN footing the bill seemed more enticing.

  3. Henry says:

    The presidency through the Office of the National
    Security Adviser (NSA) has opened a crisis management
    room to enable President Goodluck Jonathan respond to
    disasters and other security challenges from any part of
    the world.

    It is headed by the director, presidential
    communication, Command and Control Centre (PC4),
    Gen. T.T. Waya.

    The centre is equipped with audio and video facilities
    that enhance communication between and among all

    NSA’s special adviser on media, Karounwi Adekunle told
    LEADERSHIP Weekend yesterday that, on assumption
    of office, the NSA (Col. Sambo Dasuki) felt the need to
    create a rallying point for the president and his strategic

    “Prior to this, there was no control point for crisis
    management and emergency.To put it modestly, no clear picture of operation. When the NIGCOMSAT infrastructure was de-orbited, crisis management system collapsed,” he stated.

    He said though the project was initiated by the late
    NSA, Gen. Andrew Azazi, Dasuki built it with a state-of-
    the-art infrastructure that was consistent with the
    British Cabinet Office (COBR) and the American
    Situation Room, adding that work on it commenced in
    December last year.

    Noting that work started principally with civil
    infrastructure and ICT components, Adekunle added
    that much time was spent on construction due to its
    complex nature to enable real-time information with
    secure audio and data video clips.

    “Project was completed in August 2013 and
    commissioned by President Jonathan on September 2,
    2013 for which the NSA was chief host and Brig-Gen.
    T.T. Waya (rtd), director, presidential communication,
    Command and Control Centre (PC4), was host. This
    crisis management centre would enable the president
    and his strategic aides to arrive at informed decisions in
    accordance with global best practices,” he explained.

    On the advantages of the centre, he said it would
    “enable real-time communication by audio and video
    data communication between and within stakeholders.
    This is an area the NSA is very much interested in”.
    It would also enable table-top and simulation exercises,
    he added.

    “The facilities underscore the importance of giving the
    president a clear view of any crisis, be it natural or

    The capability of forecasting on the direction and
    outcome of crisis in future, such as drought, famine …
    so that the country can make adequate preparation.

    “Strategic stakeholders, ministers, heads of security
    agencies can ask for footages and other relevant

    It is quite instructive to note that, with these facilities,
    the president has the capacity to contain or mitigate
    disasters anywhere he is,” he said.

    • igbi says:

      General Andrew Azazi, the best NSA Nigeria has ever had. And Jonathan dared to fire him ! That I will never understand.

    • doziex says:

      Great news. So if we buy the isreali drones, they can get live feeds from the battle field, as it happens.

      For example, they could have watched the attack on the maidugri air base live from Aso rock.

      This may be a game changer.

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    Finally we get a command and control centre, maybe the PFRN will get to see combat 1st hand and equip the boys and girls properly. However, this is just on arm, to make it work (it should be C5ISTAR), data, video etc must be collected so I expect those Israeli UAVs and sat feeds and perhaps the 42 to be looped into this. It will take a while b4 our lads start wearing video capturing devices to the front.
    Finally, I hope that we establish a smaller spin off for the NE (in theatre) so as to cut down on response time. This is good news afterall.

  5. cutievik says:

    This is a welcome development!!!

  6. Deway says:

    Good development, but if you don’t have the right brains and capabilities in that room to make quick accurate/near accurate decisions, then it may just be a waste of time.

  7. eniola says:

    wow!!! dis z d best news i hav heard in recent time. I can picture hw dat place wud b lik. d man said its lik d British and American own.

  8. Henry says:

    It’s the same as what the brits use. When david cameron paid us a visit last year, he said, he had already began talks with president jonathan on the establishment of a COBR facility in nigeria. Same as they have in the UK.

    Like JMSTC, we must appreciate the efforts of the brits in the establishment of this facility.

    On the issue of a standby force, i agree 100% with president GEJ position. It is shameful that, time and time again, africans have been slow in reacting to emergency situations in africa.

    Oga doziex, I agree with all you have said, apart from the slight “Jab”, you just had to sneak in on nigeria. We cannot be everywhere in africa. For our defence budget( like you rightly pointed out), we are handicapped. The nigerian current defence budget is only suited for nigeria in peace time. It is miraculous that we operate on such a budget in war time. In addition to all our engagements across africa. At the moment nigerian troops are currently deployed in at-least 5 African countries. It is criminal, in my opinion to now expect nigeria to deploy troops to CAR.

    Where are south-african troops in all of this? Weren’t they previously deployed in CAR?

    The french have done well in africa. It would be unfortunate for any african to brandish them as neo-colonialist. The question Africans should be asking their leaders is, where were they when CAR was/is plummeting deep into sectarian violence.

    For example, in mali, The original AFISMA mandate was to send in african troops in october/november of 2013, instead of the january quick deployment we saw. Just a won’t ago…………….. Mali would have been a full blown jihadi republic if the original mandate was seen through.

    In all Kudos to the french.

    *Off-point, the destruction of nigerian airforce MI-24 gunships in the maiduiguiri attack is very tragic……………………. However, I’ve chosen to look at this “blessing in disguise”. The downed helos would have to be replaced, and like we all know, we don’t do “two”. So I’m looking forward to another batch of 6 MI-35 gunships to replace our downed helos.

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    I join my faith with urs in prayer.

  10. cutievik says:

    when your military and intelligence apparatus of a country is powerful,peole would think thrice before killing your citizens………..enough said.

  11. ifiok umoeka says:


  12. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Cutievik, got a response for u @ d Aradu tread, sorry it took a while.

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