A Nigerian Army desert warfare crew and gun-truck with a Browning M2

A Nigerian Army desert warfare crew and Landcruiser gun-truck armed with a Browning M2 12.7 mm calibre heavy machine gun

LAGOS, Dec. 19 (Xinhua)

Up to 22 persons were feared dead following an attack by gunmen who stormed the business place of some money changers in Mubi area of northeast Nigeria’s Adamawa State, military authority and eyewitness said on Thursday.

Military commanding officer of the
Special Battalion in Mubi, Lt.-Col. Beyidi Martins, told reporters that the special troops killed 12 gunmen who attacked Mubi Central Market on Wednesday. An eyewitness also told reporters that about 20 gunmen attacked bureau de change shops in the market, killing 10 people while they stole an undisclosed amount of local and foreign currencies.

Martins said the soldiers caught up with the escaping criminals near Digil village in Mubi, where a shootout ensued,leading to the killing of the 12 insurgents. He said some money and weapons were recovered from them. This is the second time within the year that the market has experienced such attacks on the bureau de change section of the market.

Adamawa State, located in Nigeria’s
northeast region, has frequently
witnessed attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram since 2009, when the militant sect launched its insurgency targeting churches, security facilities, schools and villages.

More than 2,000 people, including women and children, have been reportedly killed since the sect launched its four-year insurgency in Africa’s most populous country.

A state of emergency declared by
President Goodluck Jonathan subsists in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe all in the northeastern region of Nigeria.


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  1. Spirit says:

    BH is looking to acquire more weapons and train more terrorists. If banks are deploying soldiers/Mopol, where else to go than a ‘soft target’ like a BDC market? The BDC market should have soldiers stationed permanently within it.

    May the gentle souls of the innocent rest in peace.

  2. jimmy says:

    This is the type of RESPONSE that we should expect to see. When a soft target is hit with great on the ground intel. THE BH insurgents get put inthe killing zone in their haste to escape they practically walk right into it. This is a job not only well done but acts as a chilling deterrent to boko haram this is the language they understand dead terrorists lying in the street.This is how you win the war may the souls of the innocent rest in peace Amen.

  3. ozed says:


    Hind sight is the most perfect vision. Given the numbers of schools, Army installations, police stations, prisons, churches etc. in Mubi and environs, how in the world do you expect a permanent military presence at a market place?

    Bear in mind that the attackers will always have the benefit of surprise, so meaningful protection would require over a platoon of well armed troops. How many of those do you have to spread around all the soft targets that abound?

    The solution is to prevent infiltration (very difficult mind you) and where that fails, make the attack as expensive as possible for the the attackers (like they tried to do).

    In evaluating performance, it helps to put yourself in the subject’s shoes!

  4. rka says:

    Some of the softer targets just need better armed Police and Civil Defence Corp COIN trained personnel in direct communication to a SFs unit that can respond quickly.

    As @ozed said, there are too many soft targets for the military alone to protect.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Just to add a bit of perspective to the setting, Mubi is the second city in Adamawa. It is in the Mandara Mts range, borders on the Far North region of Cameroon and home to the biggest cattle market in West Africa. It is also a major node for the distribution of kolanuts and hundreds of traders come from Chad, Sudan, the CAR, Cameroon and Niger to trade (that is the reason behind the continuing interest in forex theft)…not to mention Nigerians. It is a very, very big international market and trucks from all the aforementioned countries can be seen on ground up there. The market is the livewire of all business activities in northern Adamawa and southern Borno. The market is MUBI.

    The town needs to have a battalion (and this Special Ops Bn is stationed there) and the market and its approach roads, not the least because of the transnational appeal of same, would need to have a FOB with no fewer than two platoons deployed. Not to mention a permanent MOPOL detachment and dutiful Customs, Immigration, SSS and Civil Defence units.

    The Sp Ops Bn would then concern themselves with raiding mountain strongholds and taking other CTCOIN actions in the general area between the Gwoza Hills and the Mandara Mts. The less said about this, the better.

  6. Colonel says:

    Posted By TheScoop on December 20, 2013
    Report: Boko Haram attacks army barracks yet again
    by Segun Odeleye

    Sahara Reporters is reporting that that Boko Haram terrorists attacked the 202 Army Battalion Barracks in Bama, Borno state in the early hours of Friday.

    According to the report:

    The Islamic sect, according to a source in the barracks, struck around 3am local time, firing heavy arms and ammunition.

    Our source, a soldier, said that troops of the Nigerian Army and Air Force repelled the sect using fierce air and ground attacks, resulting in the killing of many of the terrorists.

    He explained that some soldiers in the barracks lost their wives, children and relatives in the fight, which lasted until about 7am, during which time the sound of explosives and guns filled the air.

    According to him, accurate details of actual casualties are unavailable, and there is tension and confusion within the military.

    • igbi says:

      The Nigerian army, on Friday averted a planned attack on 202 Tank Battalion, by suspected Boko Haram sect members, DailyPost learnt.

      It was gathered that the attack was foiled as the military acting on a tip-off ambushed the insurgents, killing several of them.

      A traveler, Garba Jibrin, who made a u-turn to Maiduguri after learning of the attack while in Konduga town, said that on his way back to Maiduguri, he saw troops and equipments heading towards Bama.

      “I was already at Konduga, when a good samaritan told me that the road ahead was not good. When I asked further, he told me that, Boko Haram came to Attack Army Barrack in Bama but that they were ambushed and killed by the soldiers.

      “From what he told me, the insurgents came since Thursday afternoon but settled around the road to Gulumba town”, he said.

      Also, some of the indigenes of Bama who resides in Maiduguri, were informed by their relatives on phone that, over 300 insurgents stormed the town at about 2:30 am where they attempted attack at the Mohammed Kuru Barrack.

      A Maiduguri resident, Ajia Alamin told DailyPost that his brother, who resides in Bama confirmed that the foiled attack claimed scores of insurgents.

      According to him, the attackers came purposely to attack the Barrack and not civilians, as there was no report of attack on the civilian populace.

      When DailyPost spoke with the acting PRO of the 7 Division Nigerian Army, Captain Aliyu Danja, he also confirmed the incident, but said he had no detail yet.

      “It is true there was an attack in Bama, we are still on it and the detail would be made available to you when our troops return from the field”, Captain Aliyu Danja said.

      • beegeagle says:

        Kur Mohammed Barracks (named after one of the earliest generation of officers, Colonel Kur Mohammed of Borno extraction wich was killed in the coup of January 15th, 1966)…not Mohammed Kur Barracks.

        Otherwise, a useable report. Let me look around for less sensational reports.

  7. Are James says:

    Need we say more to this government?. Break open the bank, procure choppers, fighter jets and UAVs for surveillance, procure ballistic protection fencing for army outposts and take the battle
    to BH. If the Minister of Finance continues to block security procurements then re-assign her.

  8. Are James says:

    Hesco is just $300 per unit, does not stop completely RPGs but would provide some level of basic protection for remote outposts, enabling engagement of the enemy whilst air support is being called in.

    • Obix says:

      The C-I-C said it all ““So you have seen that for quite some time, probably, we at the leadership level of this country have not been doing things the way we suppose to do. I believe that the number of things that the Armed Forces supposed to have gotten over these periods, they don’t have”. I hope he keeps his word about providing the necessary firepower for the armed forces!

  9. jimmy says:
    OGA BEEGEAGLE can you tell us what is really going on? this is the first time we are reading that most of the vehicles used by the boko haram were decimated .
    This to me seems to be KIDNAPPING and using these women and kids as human shields . This is a fluid and a extremely dangerous situation let us keep these women and kids in our hearts and prayers..

  10. freeegulf says:

    Hmm the state of alertness of the troops is really poor! nothing new here though, this has always been the great weakness of the Nigerian armed forces. they don’t plan comprehensively, neither do they anticipate. always reacting to situations.

    if these abduction story is in fact true, it means the terrs actually penetrated the security of the barracks, razed some buildings and had time to kidnap and cause more mayhem. obviously, the confusion within the ranks of the barrack defence must have slowed down the pursuit, which should have been top priority. even a small unit infiltration can be quickly outwitted and destroyed in follow up actions, how much more a large invasion force with lots of dust trails as target marking.

    this same barrack has been attacked in the past, wonder why their defences where still thin skin. the forces in borno where even more aggressive as a task force, now that they have settled to normal divisional organisational structure, they’ve gone back to their less aggressive stance.

    i still maintain the opinion that the state governors shouldn’t have been kept in govt house. it makes the war seem like a side show. GEJ was obviously been political sensitive. but with this existential threat, they are obviously playing with fire that they cant seem to contain or control, he should have gone for total SE and let the military control everything there, martial law. of course, with retired military officers as govs in the tri states.

    these terrs are now able to carry out roll on roll off attacks in the tri states, why keeping the military on a back foot. where is the SSS in all these? the war is been fought seriously by only one party, and that is BH. the other side are just being reactionary. let them continue to play the music, the political implications for the country will be totally cataclysmic

    • Are James says:

      Thank you for the comments in Para. 4. The state of emergency with full civilian governance structures kept intact is something history is going to laugh at and its costing too many lives.
      It’s a particularly dangerous development that BH has captured relatives of combatant soldiers, this can cause demoralization and all manner of passive aggressive actions akin to mutiny after this particular storm blows over.The government should adequately fund the procurement of high tech fencing and force protection equipment for the men in the theatre of war.

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