Nigerian Navy SBS commandos on the deck of a naval warship

Nigerian Navy SBS commandos on the deck of a naval warship

19 December, 2013

The Nigerian Navy says it is planning a joint naval exercise between countries within the Gulf of Guinea for the first quarter of 2014.

The Chief of Plans, Naval Headquarters,Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ogbor told newsmen that the exercise would kickstart a diplomatic visit of Nigerian Navy warships to countries within the West African Coast.

“The Nigerian Navy ships will from 2014 commence their diplomatic duties by conducting flag showing exercises within West Africa”. Admiral Ogbor made this statement during the return of the Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS THUNDER, from a four months
trip to Australia after taking part in an international fleet review.

He said that the force remained
overjoyed that the vessel was able to
travel to Australia, representing the
country in an international sea exercise. He said that the trip made by Thunder, was in line with the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba’ s Strategic Guidance 01 which is to ensure that the force’s traditional and diplomatic roles
are fulfilled.

“We have just spoken about Strategic
Guidance 01 and Strategic Guidance 02 is out. In this, it stipulates that all the country that we have not visited for a while,we will begin to visit them in 2014.

Also we are planning a joint exercise between Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo and Ghana. The first planning meeting for the exercise took place at the Naval Headquarters and it is going to reassure the nation that Nigeria has a navy that they can be proud of,” he stated.

Fighting piracy

Rear Admiral Ogbor said that the
Nigerian Navy is committed to fighting piracy within the country’s territorial waters, stressing that the force will continue to put its vessels at sea to police the territorial waters to rid it of criminals.


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  1. jimmy says:

    This is what we are beginning to see is the very thing we have advocated the BLUE / DEEP BLUE NAVY. . More naval exercises means more ships are at sea learning training do what they should be doing. ONWARD TOGETHER!!!

  2. beegeagle says:

    Hopefully and unlike the very painfully missed OPV Conference, we shall be on board for this one. This should be a thriller for this board.

    I trust that there are Ogas on board who shall facilitate our attendance at this ‘mouth watering’ event and I am sure that the NN will show them the difference between homebound seamanship and intercontinental navigational skills.

    Go NN..Onward Together.

  3. Henry says:

    Oga’s please go down to that drone thread and post your questions. I invited one of the UAV pilots to the blog and he assured me he was going to answer all our questions.

  4. G8T Nigeria says:

    I really wonder what is happening, with so much great news springing up in sports, local technology, progressing contracts on roads, dockyards, seaports and even rehabilitation and construction of new airports, people still think GEJ is worse off. I must state, GEJ is a blessing for Nigeria. I cannot even imagine if he had continued with the usual status quo, what would have happened to our military. God bless GEJ

  5. Colonel says:

    Apparently an attack on MJTF Bama by Boko haram on friday has been rebuffed….
    Any more info on this??

  6. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen and fellow Cyber Gens, – sincere apologies for absence -‘family bereavement’.
    At last the Nigerian Navy is beginning to undertake it’s natural leadership role within the Gulf of Guinea/West African sub-region. In my humble opinion,the proposed Naval Excercises should also include Equitorial Guinea and Benin (our next door neigbours). Am particularly happy that Ghana and Cameroun are participating as they together with Equitorial Guinea have naval capabiities of some sort. ONWARD TOGETHER!!

    Finally with ALL DUE RESPECT to my fellow and highly esteemed bloggers, could we please ensure that our comments /postings are relevant to the thread/topic on which they are posted. Thus naval matters should be put on any thread with a naval theme, Army matters on a thread with an army theme and Airforce matters posted to a thread with an Airforce theme- otherwise what we’ll have will be a disjointed and confusing blog which will be difficult to follow in a logical manner. Please I mean no offence to anyone.

    • beegeagle says:

      It is not about taking offence, Mighty Yagz. Sorry about your bereavement.

      Every thread has a caption and so does the weblink which we intend to post. If this is a DEFSEC blog, we should project an expected sense of order. Please let us try and post content in related threads. Rather than have disarrayed content, we shall delete content which falls short of this basic guideline.

      I recall that a thread lately got derailed by 75 unrelated comments. We had to move the story in its entirety which threw folks accessing our content from Twitter and Facebook off balance and creating extra editorial work for us.

      The derailment of threads in the quest to gain maximum visibility for our comments is not acceptable.

      Abeg oooo.

  7. igbi says:

    You might want to follow up on this:
    “The Nigerian army, on Friday averted a planned attack on 202 Tank Battalion, by suspected Boko Haram sect members, DailyPost learnt.”

  8. Solorex says:

    At this moment, there are two stories, one of a successful Boko Haram attacked that decimated the barracks ( difficult to believe because we expect a state of high alert given the recent occurence) and was fended off by Air attack after much success and Another of an Ambush of the Attacking forces by the military leading to serious decimation of militants! The Military is yet to give a meaningful press conference ( several hours after), this gives the press an oppurtunity to report and conclude as they please. This show that Bad Military PR habit die hard!

    • igbi says:

      Will Ross, the journalist who falsely declared the same base to have been burnt down in may is back at it declaring once again that it was burnt down. I think that for sure, all the news papers claiming to quote soldiers are certainly not quoting soldiers, they are just trying to buy themselves credibility by telling that lie. AFP as usual is quoting some “anonymous”person/(boko haram). Once again the news contradicts itself. Two opposing stories, no pictures! That is “good” journalism right there ! Even in Syria good journalists manage to take pictures, but don’t count on our lazy “journalists” to act like professionals. All they do is publish rumors.

  9. igbi says:

    The press department of the armed forces should be headed by young officers, not old generals.

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