An operative of the Police Counter Terrorist Unit stands in front of a Landcruiser truck

22 December, 2013

The Nigeria Police have set in motion comprehensive operational strategies to boost security effectively during this year’s Christmas season and beyond, a statement by the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba said on Sunday.

The statement issued “reassured
Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora, that massive security measures have been put in place to ensure a hitch-free celebration nationwide”.

It noted that “Accordingly, all the strike forces and specialized units of the Force, including the Police Mobile Force (MOPOL),Counter Terrorism Unit, Special Protection Unit, Federal Highway Patrol and Explosive
Ordnance Department have been adequately mobilized to join forces with the conventional Police Force in
providing water-tight security”.

It added that “the Inspector General of Police (IGP), MD Abubakar has directed all Assistant Inspectors-General of Police and Commissioners of Police in all Zonal and State Commands of the Force to retool their security infrastructures in line with international standards, taking into
consideration their local environment and peculiar security situation in order to protect the citizens adequately”.

The statement also disclosed “that covert operations, round-the-clock surveillance, and robust vehicular patrols are being intensified, while
particular attention is now constantly paid to strategic public places, including places of worship,recreation centres, shopping malls, business plazas,motor parks, strategic highways, government installations and other important locations so as to
forestall any possible criminal activity and guarantee the safety of the citizenry”.

IG Urges Nigerian Christians To Practice The Virtues of Jesus

Meanwhile, the IGP, on behalf of the officers and men of the Force, heartily rejoices with Christians in Nigeria as they celebrate this year’s Christmas, and “enjoins them to practice the virtues of Jesus Christ by propagating peace, demonstrating love and forgiveness, as well as promoting harmonious coexistence among fellow citizens, irrespective of religious, ethnic or political leanings”.

The IGP promised increased better service delivery in the coming year as a reward for the continued understanding and renewed cooperation of Nigerians with the police.

He “therefore calls on Nigerians to strengthen their partnership with the Police and other security agencies by providing pre-emptive useful information for them”.


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  1. Obix says:

    My ogas, another legend is dead! Mikhail Kalashnikov the inventor of the AK47 rifle died today at the age of 94.

  2. Henry says:

    Posted: 2013-12-24 04:25:17

    The Nigerian Navy (NN) 38m Seaward Defence Boat (SDB) project is a bold attempt at self-reliance in local construction of naval platforms. Since the Presidential directive at the commissioning of NNS ANDONI, the CNS, V Adm Ezeoba has left no stone unturned towards the construction of SDB 2.

    The 38M SDB is presently under construction at the Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL). The project started with the construction of the inverted hull as a single unit, while the superstructure is being built as a separate entity. Upon completion of both units, they will now be welded together to achieve a single compact unit. The various segments of the superstructure have been fabricated and welded together.

    On 22 Dec 13, history was made in the NN, when upon completion of the hull, it was turned from the inverted position to the upright position and placed on keel blocks. This is the first time this evolution has taken place in the history of the NN, and this was executed with a 100 percent Nigerian Team. The boat is now ready for the next stage of the project which includes; the welding of the superstructure, construction of tanks, piping systems, electrical installations and installation of propulsion machinery amongst others. The vessel is expected to be commissioned into the NN fleet in 2014.

  3. Henry says:

    With the way the navy is currently going and hopefully the availability of funds, I envisage that by 2017, we would see the navy’s first 90 meter craft with a helipad enter service with the nigerian navy.

    The CNS already told us the navy would no longer import crafts that are from 10-50 meters in length. With the increasing capacity of mondant marine and other local suppliers, the navy’s rapidly increasing technical ability we would soon be self-sufficient in 10-100 meters craft manufacturing. The second OPV to be built in port-harcourt would act as a rough sketch for the incoming OPV to be built in nigeria by 2017.

    All in all 2013 has been a good year for defence manufacturing in nigeria. As a nigerian the joys of seeing so many locally manufactured equipments is immeasurable.

    The highlights for me:
    I) Igirigi APC in desert camo ( just beautiful)
    II) PROFORCE PF2 MK.II (metallic grey)
    III) GULMA drone

  4. Henry says:

    Wrong thread. Oga beeg, please delete my posts.

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    Merry christmas brothers.

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