NNS Andoni P100, crafted with pride in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

NNS Andoni P100, a 31 metre patrol ship crafted with pride in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

23 December, 2013

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Adm. Dele Ezeoba, on Monday said that the Nigerian Navy destroyed
1,556 illegal oil refineries and arrested 1,646 suspects in 2013.Ezeoba disclosed this at the launch of the Chief of Naval Staff Strategic Guidance (SG) 02 in on Monday in Abuja.

“The Nigerian Navy destroyed 1,556
illegal oil refineries, 103 barges, 69,606 auxiliary equipment and 1,443 large wooden boats. “ Between October 2012 and September 2013, more than 1,646 suspects were arrested and handed over to either the Nigeria Police Force, EFCC or the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps for trial.’’

He said that the incidence of piracy and sea robbery in waters had been reduced considerably. “For instance, between January and September 2013, the Nigerian Navy received 91 alerts of suspected sea robbery and piracy within Nigeria’s maritime space,’’ he said. According to Ezeoba, the Nigerian Navy responded to 64 cases of sea robbery and is currently investigating 22 of the remaining cases.

The Chief of Naval Staff also said that the two hijacked vessels, MV CROW and MT NORTE, with 17,000 metric tonnes of gasoline were successfully rescued by the navy.

“Currently, two offshore patrol vessels are under construction, one to be fully built in China and the second to be completed in the Naval Shipyard Limited, Port Harcourt,’’ he added.Ezeoba also said that the navy had
acquired a U.S. Coast Guard Ship, USCGC GALLATIN which is expected to sail into the country by the second quarter of 2014.

“Following the achievement of the
aforementioned milestones, which was the essence of my SG 01, it has now become necessary to issue my SG 02,’’ he said. Accordingly, the Chief of Naval Staff SG 02 was duly promulgated on Nov.1, 2013 to ensure that the directives contained therein are carried out.

Ezeoba said that the Flag Officers
Commanding, Commanders and
Commanding Officers, would be required to sign performance contracts. He said that it was expected that all hands would be on deck to ensure rigorous implementation of all the short and
medium term projects deliverable to
enhance the operational efficiency of the navy.

He commended the President,members of the National Assembly and Supervising Minister of Defence for the ceaseless support given to the navy.

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  1. eniola says:

    Wat about d other navy ship mcdonnel dat d navy was said to acquire? Dey hav nt said anytin about it. Do u hav any clue oga beeg?

  2. rka says:


    The Nigerian Navy (NN) 38m Seaward Defence Boat (SDB) project is a bold attempt at self-reliance in local construction of naval platforms. Since the Presidential directive at the commissioning of NNS ANDONI, the CNS, V Adm Ezeoba has left no stone unturned towards the construction of SDB 2.

    The 38M SDB is presently under construction at the Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL). The project started with the construction of the inverted hull as a single unit, while the superstructure is being built as a separate entity. Upon completion of both units, they will now be welded together to achieve a single compact unit. The various segments of the superstructure have been fabricated and welded together.

    On 22 Dec 13, history was made in the NN, when upon completion of the hull, it was turned from the inverted position to the upright position and placed on keel blocks. This is the first time this evolution has taken place in the history of the NN, and this was executed with a 100 percent Nigerian Team. The boat is now ready for the next stage of the project which includes; the welding of the superstructure, construction of tanks, piping systems, electrical installations and installation of propulsion machinery amongst others. The vessel is expected to be commissioned into the NN fleet in 2014.

  3. Henry says:

    With the way the navy is currently going and hopefully the availability of funds, I envisage that by 2017, we would see the navy’s first 90 meter craft with a helipad enter service with the nigerian navy.

    The CNS already told us the navy would no longer import crafts that are from 10-50 meters in length. With the increasing capacity of mondant marine and other local suppliers, the navy’s rapidly increasing technical ability we would soon be self-sufficient in 10-100 meters craft manufacturing. The second OPV to be built in port-harcourt would act as a rough sketch for the incoming OPV to be built in nigeria by 2017.

    All in all 2013 has been a good year for defence manufacturing in nigeria. As a nigerian the joys of seeing so many locally manufactured equipments is immeasurable.

    The highlights for me:
    I) Igirigi APC in desert camo ( just beautiful)
    II) PROFORCE PF2 MK.II (metallic grey)
    III) GULMA drone

  4. rka says:

    The Navy has definitely re-positioned itself and in prime position to move forward with local manufacturing/content and are trend setters.

    Hopefully, the other services will catch the navy’s coattails.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA RKA
      It is my hope that the RED NECKS in the army will in the year 2014 ask their teenage children the role of the social media, as it plays in the perception of the Nigerian Armed forces.
      For the Nigerian Air force they need to honestly start to up their game in terms of public perception they need a media guy.Because 2014 and 2015 will see them have many challenges.

  5. Tope says:

    The Navy is soaring to heights in da Cloud. Apart from the Navy that have a Carefully Well Articulated Plan wit Strategic Guidance and I must say a Very Strong Leadership Standard I don’t know if the others Emulate this especially Airforce, From da CDS who handed over to Ezeoba it seems a proper innovation and “stick to the plan” mode has been activated, SG-01 is 100% complete albeit Slow due to funds but SG-02 will be equally done given how the Navy are aggressively working, Highlight for the year.

    1. 70% SDB 2 Completion
    2. 8 Tower Maritime Awareness Center with central fusion for Maritime and Vessel Identification of Vessels in Gulf of Guinea
    3. Constant Piracy Detection and Nullification most recently da Navy SBS killed pirates off lagos waters.
    4. Destruction of Illegal. Refinery plus War on Oil Theft and Social Media And PR integration
    5. Foundation for a Deep Blue Navy
    6. Maintenance and Upgrade of all NNS Warships we heard Aradu will be Refitted soon in UAE
    7. Officer Welfare so very important
    8. NNS Thunder Sail round the World for IFR
    9.NIMASA Joint Agreement wit Navy
    10.Upgrade of da Puma’s and of course our Incoming Loads of 4 OPVs 2 from China 1 from US and 1 Hydrographic Ship from US.

    Apart from this Gen Beeg has analysed that at least 20 ships will be bought, refitted and Refurbished for the Navy in 2014 so let’s watch and see.

  6. jimmy says:

    I sincerely believe if the powers that be continue to allow the most INTELLIGENT and INNOVATIVE Naval officers to be given the opportunity they work hard to achieve there is nothing stopping them from soaring to even greater heights. ONWARD TOGETHER.

  7. ifiok umoeka says:

    Merry christmas brothers.

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