Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Azubuike Ihejirika inspects a guard of honour during a visit to the newly-formed 7 Division of the Nigerian Army at the Division’s Headquarters Garrison in Maiduguri


27 December, 2013

The Nigerian Army Headquarters has released its fourth quarter routine posting and appointment of senior officers. This is contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday by Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, Director of Army Public Relations.

The statement said some of the affected officers included: Maj.- Gen John Kwabe, now Chief of Logistics, Defence Headquarters and Maj.-Gen Ugo Buzugbe, Commander, Nigerian Army Armoured Corps, It also named Maj.- Gen. Ebiobowei Awala, Military Secretary (Army), Maj.-Gen. Olufemi Adeosun, Director of Policy, Defence Headquarters, Maj.-Gen John Nwaoga, General Officer Commanding 3 Division.

Others are Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade,
Director of Defence of Information, Maj.- Gen. Sunday Adebayo, Commander, Nigerian Army Education Corps and Maj.-Gen. Mohammed Idris, Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy.

It said Maj.-Gen Mobolaji Koleoso is
Director, Armed Forces Simulation Centre, Maj.-Gen Letam Wiwa, Director, Military Intelligence, and Maj.-Gen Patrick Akem is the Director, Legal Service (Army).

The statement also said that Maj.-Gen
Charley Okoro is the Director, Peace
Keeping Operations, Defence Headquarters, Maj.Gen Obidah Ethan, is now the Chief of Civil/Military Affairs, and Maj- Gen Junaid Bindawa, General Officer Commanding 7 Division, Maj.-Gen Modibbo Alkali is Commandant Nigerian Army School of Artillery, Maj.-Gen. Shehu Yusuf is now the Commandant, Depot Nigerian Army and Maj.-Gen Ahmed Mohammed,Commander, Nigerian Army Training Centre.

Maj.-Gen Iliyasu Abbah is Commander, Joint Task Force (Operation Pulo Shield) while Brig.-Gen Arinze Ebenebe is the Commandant, Warrant Officers Academy and Brig.-Gen Ebenezer Ogundana is Director of Army Reserve Recruitment and Resettlement.

Brig.-Gen. Kasimu Abdulkarim is Director of Physical Training, Brig.-Gen Enitan Ransome-Kuti is now the Commander, Multi-National Joint Task Force and Brig.- Gen. Ibe Nicholas is the Commander, 23 Brigade. Brig.-Gen. Ohifeme Ejemai is Commander, 9 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Bright Fibionumama, Commander 3 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, Commander 13 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Mustapha Onoyiveta, Head Nigerian Army Operations Monitoring Team, and Brig.-Gen. Lanre Bello, Commander, 34 Brigade Brig.-Gen Olajide Laleye is Director, Army Public Relations, among others.


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  1. ifiok umoeka says:

    Finally, heads are rolling, question is when will it reach the other services and most important, THE POLITICIANS?

    • beegeagle says:

      Looks like some officers who received the COAS Commendation for operational competence in COIN operations during the last NADCEL which held in July 2013 have either retained their lofty command appointments or have been rewarded with higher levels of command.

      At the time, the GOC 1 Mechanised Infantry Division, Major General Garba Ayodele Wahab, Commander Armoured Corps Major General JN Nwaoga and the Commander 3 Motorised Brigade, Brig. Gen Ilyasu Abba all got decorated for operational competence by the C-in-C

      General Wahab, whose AOR touches off on flashpoint cities such as KANO, Kaduna, Suleja, Zaria, Minna etc has retained his command of 1 Mechanised Infantry Division.

      Major General Nwaoga, who whilst still on the rank of Brig Gen and as Commander of the 23 Armoured Brigade kept a lid on insurgents’ activities in Adamawa during 2012, has gone from being Commander of the Armoured Corps to becoming the GOC, 3 Armoured Division.

      That in itself is a repetitive twist in the NA Armoured Corps. Ideally, and as is the case with the NA Infantry Corps, senior generals move from GOC to being Corps Commander. Lately, we have seen Major General MD Isah (now rtd) go from being GOC 82 Composite Division to being Commander of the NA Infantry Corps while Major General KTJ Minimah, the incumbent Corps Commander of the Infantry also attained his perch after having served as GOC 81 Division.

      In the Armoured Corps, officers have in recent history seemingly reversed that trend and gone from being Corps Commander to serving as GOC 3 Armoured Division. For example, since 2010, Major Generals AB Marwa, JO Nwaogbo, Ebi Awala and now, JN Nwaoga, have all gone from being Commanders of the Armoured Corps to serving as GOCs of 3 Armoured Division.

      To be sure, we have one armoured division and that might be the reason why the progression between being GOC of the 3 Armoured Division and Armoured Corps Commander is the reverse to what obtains in the infantry.

      The trend in the Corps’ of Artillery and Engineers places effective command of these teeth arms in their Corps Commanders. For now, we have five artillery brigades and five engineers brigades but with the practice of having an artillery brigade and an engineers brigade deployed in support of each maneouvre division, now that we have a new 7 Infantry Division, it is clear that the NA with six maneouvre divisions, shall soon have new engineers and artillery brigades, such that in total, we shall have six brigades each of Artillery and Engineers.

      In Corps’ such as Signals, MP, Finance, Intel, Ordnance, Medical, Education etc, the Corps Commanders are also fully in charge of operations.

      One would not know for sure but the trend in the Infantry Corps appears to stem from the fact of having five large divisions of Infantry.

      * Major General II Abba held distinguished command of the 3 Motorised Brigade in Kano. Security incidents such as the sensational commando-style IED, gun and suicide attacks on Kano in January 2012 which hugged the headlines globally and led to the deaths of 185 persons in three days of brutal fighting across the second biggest city in West Africa with her over 5 million residents, have all but ceased to happen and now appear consigned to the realm of distant memories.

      For his exertion, the upstanding General Abba has been seemingly rewarded with the higher level command of what is the triservice JTF in the Niger Delta which draws troops from two brigades and has air and maritime components as well, not to mention large paramilitary and intel contingents.

      Last word on the Armoured Corps, gentlemen. The new Corps Commander is the brilliant Major General Ugo Buzugbe, who reportedly topped the Regular Course 25 which formed up in December 1978. He hails from the Ika area in the north of Delta State (as does the newly promoted Guards Brigade Commander, Major General Emmanuel Atewe). Buzugbe is rightly seen as an extreme high flyer, having attained the rank of Brigadier General at the youthful age of 44 in 2006. He was promoted to Major General at the age of 48 in 2010 and that, my friends, in itself is a truly remarkable feat in the Nigerian Army of this millennium.

      General Buzugbe is a career armoured corps officer who once served as Colonel-General Staff, 3 Armoured Division (I met the personable senior officer at the Octopus Officers Mess in Jos at that time in 2005) and as a Brigadier General, he commanded the 23 Armoured Brigade before becoming the Military Secretary(Army).

      The new GOC 3 Armoured Division, Major General JN Nwaoga is of the Regular Course 26 which mustered in June 1979. He is thus an immediate junior to the new Corps Commander, Major General Buzugbe.

      Moving on, how would you have known that for all his feral campaigns against military rule in the 1990s, the man had his flesh and blood in the Nigerian Army? Well, Brigadier General Enitan Alfred Ransome-Kuti, new Commander of the combat formation in the Lake Chad region that is the MNJTF, is the worthy son of the late Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti and by extension, nephew to the late musical genius of global repute, Fela Kuti.

      Gen Ransome-Kuti is an ex-boy soldier of the Nigerian Military School who topped his graduating class and was also the best cadet of his course intake at the Nigerian Defence Academy

  2. beegeagle says:

    Xmas was ‘just there’…pretty useless, bro. Bereaved…lost my only brother-in-law. Suddenly found myself orphaned a year before he wedded my sister so this chap was more like a guide, an uncle and a friend to me.

    Even now, I cannot describe the shock that I still feel…having to come to terms with the finality of his demise. Numb and dumbstruck is what it feels like. Reason why one has been rather switched off for many days now. May God give me the strength to support his young family.

    Thanks. I trust that everyone here is fine. Good morning all.

  3. Yahaya72 says:

    Excellent analysis, Oga Beegeagle. Merry Christmas to all and thank GOD it was quiet all over the country.

    • beegeagle says:

      Thanks, my brother. Yes, it was a quiet Xmas. Thank God for that. We appreciate the efforts of the defence and security forces as a whole. Not at all a mean feat in a massive nation of 170 million souls, whether or not our flippant detractors know it.

      Keep on upping the ante, guys. Terrorism shall be “phased out” in Nigeria eventually. Come to think of it, IED attacks have almost ceased relative to the wild IED-and-suicide bombing antics of 2012. The consistent raids on IED factories and demolition of same by army, SSS and police elements, so well chronicled on this blog, have surely paid off.

  4. peccavi says:

    Oga, any gist on Gen Bindawa? Was gen Etihan moved from 7 Div because of Bama and Maiduguri?
    CIMIC is actually a crucial job in COIN if the Army is taking it seriously so is this a promotion, move sideways or demotion?

    • beegeagle says:

      I am actually holidaying at some military barracks surrounded by lush hills as we write this and the impression I get is that it is just a lateral shift. GOCs in the infantry mostly go on to become either Corps Commanders or branch chiefs at AHQ/DHQ. That is what has happened to General Ethan.

      The realignment is just one of those hinged on strategic reasons. Without prejudice to competence, you might not realise that there are geopolitical and ethnoreligious interests which have to be balanced so that formations project that semblance of neutrality in complex AORs.

      You might have noticed that most JTF Commanders in the Niger Delta have been of northern extraction. By the same token, most STF Commanders on the Jos Plateau (covering Plateau State and parts of Bauchi State) have been of southern extraction. The now-defunct JSTF in Borno and Yobe States only ever had two Commanders who were of southern origin – Generals Nwaogbo and Ewansiha.

      So take it that strategic considerations relating to getting a right fit for the prevailing times and cultural environment, have most likely influenced the choice of the new GOC 7 Division. That, without prejudice to his professional competence. So the change at 7 Div NA is not necessarily a vote of no confidence passed on the battle-tested ECOMOG veteran, General Ethan.

      As for General Bindawa, we shall come to that in the days ahead.

      • Akin Oges says:

        My condolence Oga Beeg. God grant you and the family the strength to manage through this. (At the risk of a faux pas) Wishing you a fulfilled New Year. Be Blessed.

      • peccavi says:

        I guess reality demands this ethnic balance, national character dance however distasteful. Curious to know if Gen Bindawi will bring a new game to the table, all indicators point to 2014 being very hot for the naughty boys

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Beegs, I’m so sorry for ur loss. ur loss is our loss. May God grant u and the family strength.

  6. Tope says:

    Sorry for ur Loss Beeg, Death is a painful thing to experience we pray God gives ur Sister the strength to be comforted.

    As for This Shake up,don’t we think its High time we have Special Forces Bn Permanently Housed in Borno since its da Hotbed and Area of Terrorism Heaven with a Strong Mission ” Comb Every Nook and Cranny of Borno” from Bush to Mountain and Flush Boko Haram…with that MNJTF and Hopefully Cameroon Soldiers followed by Strong Aerial Bombardment and Surveillance can Corner them in one Hole and in one Sweeping Strike Break them, and Mr Beeg. In ur opinion do you Feel Shekau is dead? Since da Last Youtube Statement of someone like him claiming to have attacked NAF Base in Maiduguri we still haven’t concluded if such person is him, for me I think he is dead and da group leadership want to make da splinter cellfighters believe he is Alive.

    The SSS, NIA, DIA need to now focus on how Boko Haram get Foreign Assistance using Couriers and Merchants cos its obvious that’s one route they use to. Send money for Arms secondly Border Tightening and Protection need we say more.

    As 2014 draws near We Salute our Gallant Soldiers, Was at the Port Harcourt Barracks recently and you could see that they shared da pains of their brothers fighting in maiduguri and I almost cried, this War on Terrorism will end come 2014 let’s focus on this Vision and Work towards this. More Arms, Intelligence, Security Strategy and of course The Will to Squash them once and for all. God Bless the Nigerian Armed Forces your Works are not Forgotten and will always be Honoured.

  7. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz, May GOD give you and your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Stay Blessed my brother.

  8. doziex says:

    Oga beeg sorry for your loss.
    Rest assured that he is in a better place.
    May God grant your family at this time, his peace which passes all understanding.

  9. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, Accept my sincere condolences. I’m sorry for your loss.

  10. rka says:

    Oga Beeg, accept my sympathy. What a great loss. God Bless you and your family, Amen.

  11. gbash10 says:

    I am speechless,Gen Beeg,please ooo,accept my sympathy for your lost!
    I spent my xmass and boxing day in my village,where we had bad network,did not notice until now that I wanted to get an update of all the posting.

  12. ifiok umoeka says:

    Fight corruption. Don’t tell me that u honestly believed urself! She told u her hands were clean? Abeg! What we have are polithiefcians either with or without uniform! And for the records, we’ve had civilian rule for 15 yrs( by May 29), so enough of this corrupt military horse…t!

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry wrong tread

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