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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. beegeagle says:

    Accept my most sincere wishes for a fulfilling, productive and glorious year ahead. May our God preserve and protect us in all our undertakings. We shall neither weep, gnash our teeth nor mourn.

    Happy New Year, brethren.

  2. Henry says:

    Happy new year all. It had been a bumpy 2013, we must work together for a more stable 2014.

    Welcome to the new year!!!!!!!!

  3. CHYDE says:

    Happy new year, Gen beegs and to all my fellow bloggers

  4. Makanaky says:

    Happy New year Field Marshall Beegeagle, fellow bloggers and lovers of the blog. May you all have a very productive and rewarding year.

  5. peccavi says:

    Happy New Year to all and peace to Nigeria

  6. Die9myte says:

    Happy new year to all beegeagle family and well wishers……….a wonderful year ahead.

  7. Akin Oges says:

    Happy New Year to all Beegeagle family. All our failings and setbacks ( be it by the unwitting function of our own conducts or brought on) in 2013, terminates with 2013. God’s protection and grace in 2014. Be Blessed.

  8. Donspony says:

    Happy New Year to the Beeg family. Wish you all a fruitful 2014.

  9. drag_on says:

    Happy New Year to you all.Wishing you the best of 2014.

  10. Obix says:

    Happy New Year 2014 to you, Marshal Beag and to all cybergenerals! С Новым годом всем! 🙂

  11. cutievik says:

    Happy nw year to all fellow bloggers,it’s been fun hanging out with this blog knowing that the impeccable wealth of knowledge has been motivating and self expanding,the facts that makes this blog stand out are so numerous but one standing is our maturity in a disrespectful society such as ours today, on several issues we trash though our views might be divergent but in all we approached situations with calmed nerves even as we grabbed at each other throats. Please let this feat continue. We have many individuals with pride and dignity on this blog to protect the dignity of us all cannot be over emphasised. Happy new year General Beegeagle for your patriotic inputs,Henry,Jimmy,Chucks,Optimus Prime, Igbi, Camouflage,Xnur44, Solorex, Peccavi,Donspony,Makanaky, Chyde, dye9mite, Freegulf, Obix, Akins,Yagazie and many all whose names I couldn’t mention I hold u all in high esteem…..wishing you all God speed for the new year.

  12. Donian007 says:


  13. rka says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I am quite excited and optimistic about our military prospects this year, so please FG, don’t let me down lol.

  14. jimmy says:

    happy new year to all my brethren We have been through the hills and the valleys we are non the less weather beaten and wiser for it.We can see now that we are in JAN 2014.hopefully GEN BEEGS CAN SET UP THE MECHANISM as we have pledged we must continue for the sake of our great nation . GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE THAT OGA CUTIEVIK mentioned and the ones we all forget to mention God bless Nigeria AMEN.

  15. mayorrules says:

    Happy new year

  16. gbash10 says:

    Though I am late,am wishing all Beegeagle’s Bloggers a Happy New Year!

  17. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- here is wishing you all a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2014. GOD BLESS.

  18. demola says:

    i wish all beegeagle bloggers a happy, blissfull and prosperous newyear

  19. wocon45 says:

    Happy new year to all beegeagle bloggers . Wishing every a prosperous new year and more pragmatic developments in our geopolitical sector.

  20. xnur44 says:

    Happy new year to you all and most especially to our men and women in uniform who bleed daily so that our generation and next might live in peace & freedom.

  21. Deltaman says:

    Happy New Year to our esteemed General Beeg and all bloggers! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

  22. Deway says:

    Happy new year everyone!

  23. ifiok umoeka says:

    May BH and their patrons be forever defeated, may our leaders put our interest up in front where it belongs and may our boys and girls who stay awake so we can sleep get the tools the need and the honour the deserve. May this blog stay alive. God bless Nigeria! Happy new year.

  24. startrek says:

    Happy new year …..and GOD speed to you all

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