An Otokar Cobra APC on urban counterterrorism counterinsurgency patrols

An Otokar Cobra APC on urban counterterrorism counterinsurgency patrols in Kano

Kano, Dec. 31, 2013

The Joint Security Task Force (JTF) in Kano says it has set up a monitoring team to check the conduct of its personnel at various checkpoints in the metropolis.

This is contained in a statement by the JTF spokesperson, Capt. Ikedichi Iweha, and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano on Tuesday.

“The need for the establishment of the monitoring team stems from the
determination of the JTF to ensure that road users are free to move about without unnecessary molestation. “This is also necessary in order to ensure that security is prevalent in Kano and its environs,’’ the statement said.

It said the Task Force had also
established additional checkpoints and increased patrols within Kano and its environs to enhance security during the New Year celebration. The statement warned road users and
other members of the public not to give any form of gratification to personnel of the JTF. It said both the giver and receiver of gratification would be arrested and prosecuted.

“The task force monitoring team will as part of its modus operandi arrest all defaulting personnel and road users as well as confiscate vehicles of violators of earlier directives on giving gratification to JTF personnel.

“Both the giver and receiver are liable. The command views this act seriously as one which is capable of not only compromising JTF personnel at checkpoints, but the overall security,’’ the statement said. It urged road users to slow down while
approaching any JTF checkpoint and
switch on the inner light of their vehicles at night.

“Searches at checkpoints may take a few minutes of the road users’ time. However, some road users, due to impatience, would prefer to part with gratification in an attempt to drive off at top speed,’’ the statement said.

While assuring of its commitment to
ensuring peace prevailed, the task force said it would continue to count on the people’s support and co-operation to effectively discharge its responsibilities.


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  1. tim says:

    We taking the war across the borders soon, not to only cameroon, all we waiting for is for the diplomats to tidy up,and get the GO-WORD….. Boko boys should better start embracing peace now.

  2. tim says:

    This african countries surrounding us, are extensions of the french economy……so we have to be careful when tickling them.

  3. Henry says:

    Cross-border raids into either Cameroon, Chad or Niger should have been common place by now. Although the French threat is substantial, we overrate it. The safety of Nigerians has to come first, and we are talking about a threat from a group that poses serious threats to the stability of the West African region and French interests in West Africa.

    An unstable Nigeria spells doom for the French and their economy . The talking point for Nigeria is the availability of assets to pursue terrorists.

    Are we going to start pursing BH with our F-7NI carton jets? We can only hope that our anticipated L-15’s get delivered to the NAF this year………….. We hope.

  4. peccavi says:

    Another good move to ensure correct behaviour and accountability

  5. jimmy says:

    Thank you Canada.This is good news to start the new year off with.

  6. G8T Nigeria says:

    Na wa oh, people around us are sleeping laughing it high that it is a Nigerian problem, People in far away Canada are coming out loud to state their ground. Cameroun knows for sure that some BH camps are in their territory but if they only attack Nigerians no problem. how can u claim to be taking steps in 2013 when the problem had been hovering around since 2009. Cameroun’s attitude on the MJTF is of concern, they are pretenders and only re channelling BH back to us and would rather have france pay to release kidnapped victims than persue any military rescue mission. I cannot continue to beg to become your friend therefore, they should rather choose to be friends with Nigeria and war against BH or otherwise. I would rather behave like Abacha who would have ordered the bombardment of terrorist camps in neighbouring countries. The lives of Nigerians cannot be traded for diplomacy that we hardly benefit from.

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