Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet pilots receive a pre-flight briefing from Air Component Commander, Air Vice Marshal Tayo Oguntonyibo(2nd right)prepare to take off to Niger from Abuja

Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet pilots receive a pre-flight briefing from AFISMA Air Component Commander, Air Vice Marshal Tayo Oguntonyibo (2nd right) prepare to take off to Niger from Abuja

6 January, 2014

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in line with the modernisation and transformation efforts of the military services to effectively tackle the ongoing security challenges, especially the outlawed Boko Haram insurgency has established a new Air Warfare Centre in Kainji, Niger State.

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Alex Badeh, announced the establishment of the new NAF platform yesterday, during the redeployment of some senior officers of the Service.


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  1. ifiok umoeka says:

    This ‘should’ mean that the L15 should be on their way! However, does anyone knows if we have alpha simulator and the state of our jag simulators

    • Are James says:

      Don’t really understand the connection. Why would a new air warfare center necessarily indicate the impending acquisition of new aircraft?

  2. beegeagle says:

    I am not aware that we have Alpha Jet simulators. I am aware that we own Jaguar simulators, commissioned in April 1989 when Flt Lt JJ Rawlings was special guest for the NAF’s 25th Anniversary at Makurdi.

    That was when the likes of the Numan-born Diley brothers, AVM Martin Diley and the late AVM Sunday Diley (then Wing Commanders) piloted MiG 21s for Nigeria with panache.

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    Thanks sir, then again I’m wondering what this air warfare centre is all about as I know that other such facility has led to things like the USAF redflag and USN topgun! This were all practical stuff and demanded all kinds of air frames and tactics! While I know that this is going to take a while 2 get proper footing, I dare say that if we do this right, the NAF is well on it way 2 not only regain but surpass it past glory! But we need new airframes across the spectrum and we need 2 start training to master the airframes and then start tinkering with tactics! Cheers

  4. Henry says:

    Is the Air Warfare Center a CQB training center like we have at JMSTC and the army? This piece of news very shallow.

  5. Are James says:

    Air Warfare Center = Training + Development of new tactics + Operational and tactical doctrine improvement.
    It is essentially a think tank / new tactics development center for combat pilots.

  6. gbash10 says:

    My fellow cyber generals,NAF HQs has been following this blog in detail,somebody is now listening.
    I would not want to speculate but I do not think the new Airwarfare Centre would just have only the Alpha jets station there.Where the NAF and its leadership does something good,we will hail them and where they err,we will criticise constructively,well done to the NAF and its leadership!

    • jimmy says:

      My hope and prayer is that someone who is READING IS SOMEONE in the know at the NAF. We have to have this inherent that we are better where we started from and our best days most especially when it comes to the NAF are ahead of us.

  7. die9myte says:

    @Are james u right on point.
    My question/concern is that will it be virtual simulator centre or air assests will be physically employed for training,if airframes will be used do we have these required assests.

  8. Tope says:

    I see no reason for establishing a new Air Warfare Centre and not have NEW airframes. It is possible new airframes like the JF-17 and L-15 are enroute. This would need training in da 4th Gen jet setting plus new maneouvres and use of BVR and BVRAAM and also new avionics systems. So simulators shouldn’t be used rather a transfer of training with top gun pilots of top military partners in Pakistan or China should be arranged to get the boys in shape quickly. Good work NAF. Finally, the Sleeping Dragon begins to awaken.

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