Former Director, Nigerian Army
Public Relations, Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim
Attahiru (L), decorating his successor, Brig.-Gen. Olajide Laleye,with the badge of the directorate during the handover ceremony in Abuja on Tuesday (7/1/14).


7 January, 2014

The Nigerian Army has appointed Brig.-Gen. Olajide Laleye as its new Director of Public Relations. Laleye, who hails from Lagos State, was
commissioned into the Nigerian Army on Sept. 23, 1989.

He holds a B.Sc in Physics from the
Nigerian Defence Academy and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy, Defence and Disaster Management from the University of Yaounde. Until his appointment, Laleye was the Commander, 1 Division Garrison, Kaduna.

Speaking on Tuesday in Abuja at a brief handing over ceremony, Laleye said that under his leadership, the directorate would focus attention on the achievements of the various sectors in the army. He said the directorate would key into the
vision of the Chief of Army Staff “to
transform the Nigerian Army into a force better able to face contemporary challenges’’.

He said that with the cooperation and
collaboration of the media, there would be success at the end of the tunnel.

Earlier, the outgoing Director of Army
Public Relations, Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim
Attahiru, urged the media to see the
army’s counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency efforts as a fight against a common enemy. He said the media had a fundamental role to play in the fight against terrorism in the country.

“I urge you to continue to partner with the army and other security forces in this onerous task of maintaining peace and the corporate existence of the nation,’’ he said. Attahiru appealed to the media to
cooperate with his successor to achieve the desired result.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Hopefully, we shall be getting a lot of content support from the new helmsman so we can tell the Nigerian military story with an even greater degree of precision.

    That said, the new the new DG of the NYSC, appears to be a member of the pioneer course intake for the DEGREE PROGRAM of the NDA which went into training in 1985. The NDA cadetship later became a 5-year program and that suffices till date. Never mind that between the time of its inception in 1964 up until 1985, the NDA operated a 30 month cadetship program leading to the award of the NDA Certificate of Education which was A’Level equivalent.

    Thereafter in 1985, the NDA became a degree-awarding institution. So the Brigadier General enlisted in 1985 as a pioneer of the degree-awarding phase and got commissioned in 1989.

  2. jimmy says:

    It is hoped the NA under his leadership will play a crucial way in the role of Social media and networking. I have been criticized in the past for not being as tough on the army as I am on the air force.The army of all three armed forces has a crucial role to play in the perception and minds of the Nigerian Populace. Like everything else in Nigeria society there are good and bad journalists.
    The NA can learn from their counterparts in the NN no operational detail or sensitive information need no to be disclosed what needs to be disclosed is that the NA speaks with one voice and they are attuned to shaping and developing public perception about security events.
    The NA as a matter of public policy should update their website at least twice a week @ the beginning ( Sunday) and in the middle( Wednesday). One of their goals should be to recruit some of the most highly educated kids both in Nigeria and Abroad specifically the America and the U.K.
    This is the era of the computer age public opinion and result oriented individual have more access within a very short period of time than at any time in our lives. The NA specifically the public relations dept needs be acutely aware of this.

  3. doziex says:

    Great move. Hopefully, nigeria is finally waking up to the age of information.

  4. ugobassey says: in Physics which happens to be my own field. I believe he will have a lot to offer the NA and the Nigerian populace in terms of technological enlightenment.

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