Nigerian Army Special Forces personnel

Nigerian Army Special Forces personnel

14 January, 2014

THE Nigerian Army yesterday
announced the establishment
of a Special Operations Command (NASOC) to take the lead in the fight against insurgency and terrorism in the country.

Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Onyeabo
Azubuike Ihejirika told journalists at
the ‘Counter-Terrorism and Counter-
Insurgency Lessons Learned Exchange between the United States (U.S.) and
Nigeria’ at the Camp WU Bassey, Abuja that the idea of the Special Operations Command is to have a special group of “highly patriotic Nigerians ready to make sacrifices in the face of extreme danger.”

Ihejirika stated that the new command, recently approved by the Nigerian Army Council, will boost the transformation efforts of the army. According to the army boss, “a lot of the performance of the command will
depend on skills and human efforts
rather than equipment. And what we
are doing is creating a unit of highly
patriotic Nigerians ready to make sacrifices in the face of extreme danger.

“Having the Special Operations
Command will make operations at the
long run less cumbersome and
expensive. We want a unit that will
have the ability to sieve the grain
from the chaff, to be more accurate in their target, therefore reducing the
incidence of collateral damages.”

Ihejirika confirmed that the U.S.,
through its Africa Command, Special
Operations Command Africa and the
Office of Security Operations U.S.
Embassy is providing training assistance towards the quick realisation of the NASOC. In addition, the U.S. has approved some training equipment for the command.

Chief of Transformation and Innovation, Nigerian Army, Maj Gen Ibrahim Sani explained that the NASOC would be a “low density high level strategic utility force capable of conducting direct action at low visibility operations. NASOC operation will be governed by precision of conduct, accuracy, timing, speed and execution, surprise to keep any adversary off balance while in special operations.”


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  1. peccavi says:

    “a lot of the performance of the command will depend on skills and human efforts
    rather than equipment”

    “low density high level strategic utility force capable of conducting direct action at low visibility operations.”

    Hmmmmmm……………….. sounds very much like something somebody in particular would say!

    • Special Operations demand special equipment

      • doziex says:

        Thank you Oga Gabriel. Oga peccavi is acting like they only use sling shots in the british army.
        Insurgencies like those seen in Iraq, Syria and increasingly in Nigeria, are so well armed, any special ops. unit would be on a suicide mission without the so called high tech backup.

        AC-130 gunships, Apaches, JDAM satellite guided bombs etc etc, are some of the high tech tools that make modern western special ops missions survivable.

    • jimmy says:

      wetin the grammer wey then dey talk in code she na delta force? sas ? which kin then dey talk? isaw his about an hour ago I POSTED ON ANOTHER THREAD I BEG INFANTRY MAN MAKE YOU EXPLAIN IBEG JO BIKO

  2. He said the army would also establish an Army Headquarters Reserve Battalion to be known as 101 Battalion.It will be lead by a colonel, supported by 25 other officers

  3. gbash10 says:

    Now the US government and its military is really stretching the hand of friendship,however,this gesture should be extend to hardward transfer for the NAF and NN also. Respect our sovereignty as well.
    Congrat to the NA for establishing a Special Operation Command,the Command flag is beautiful!

  4. Tope says:

    Well The US’s SOC will be helping us Train and will transfer Equipments to us, remember we already have a modified Electrical Shooting Range developed by the NA which Mr Beeg showed us I think it was last year or so, but what we Expect the SOC should look like going by the success of the Navy’s SBS should be a Mix of Doctrines from Royal SAS, US Rangers, SEALs and Airborne Unit and Delta Force and Isreal Pakistan and Russian Spetnaz this will enable us then have our own Nigerian Doctrine in the future but I also agree that the SF chaps will need to be Exceptional, the SBS has proved they can its time to broaden it across the Triservice.

  5. gbash10 says:

    The equipments the US military are to donate to the NASOC should include the MH-47G Chinook helicopters,Agusta-Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopters, Hummvee vehicles and other special weapons!

  6. cutievik says:

    @gbash10, I like your faith bro….lolz

  7. OriginalPato says:

    Oga Gbash10, all these equipment wey you list expensive to maintain ooo. Its better to go to the Russkies for equipments, theirs are more forgiving as regarding to maintenance.

  8. Blackrev says:

    well, it’s likely we are going to see the SBS kind of spec ops unit in the army. both in training, gears and equipment. (hopefully)

    if it’s for professionalism, I trust the army on that one. they won’t fail. Godspeed.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      The Army already owns a seasoned Special Forces Unit stationed with the 72nd Airborne Battalion, Markurdi (pls correct me if I’m wrong). But I must admit that the Navy’s SBS loooks better kitted than the Army’s.

  9. Henry says:

    Another round of AK-47 wielding special forces from the army. The army never disappoints. The flags bears a striking resemblance to the flag of the pakistani SSG.

    Oga gbash10, na your kind of faith wey bible say the move mountain.

  10. gbash10 says:

    In the mean-time,the NN SBS outclass the NA and NAF special forces!
    Since the advent of democracy in 1999,the PDP-led government have put too much focus on jointery,by enhancing a strong joint HQs to oversee and coordinate all military operations,this in turn has reduced the 3 services(Army,Navy and Air Force) to being simple service(force element) providers for both military and civil operations.
    Hence, the fundamental tenets and core capabilities of land,sea and air power have been downgraded too much.The adverse effect of these changes on professional military competencies of the 3 services,particularly the two high technology services(air force and navy),as well as the ethos that once characterised the Nigerian armed forces in the late 70s and early 80s,has been deep and pervasive now.This situation has gone so bad to the extent that Nigeria’s strategic planning,force structure,and capability development,procurement and sustainment functions are ill-advised,disjointed and in shambles,leaving us in an extremely vulnerable position which,if not correct urgently it is been done now gradually,would lead to military mediocrity and strategic irrelevance over the next two decade or more,God forbid!

  11. gbash10 says:

    Thank you all fellow compatriots!

  12. gbash10 says:

    Oga Original pato,for the sake of our National Security Interests,Nigeria can buy and maintain most of the high performance defence and security hardwares in service around the globe.Has the FG not been maintaining all the aircrafts and vehicles in the Presidential Air Fleet and Aso Rock?
    Money is not our problem,but the political will and vision.

  13. peccavi says:

    Oga gbash10: calm down oh, unless you sabi perform signs and wonders, that ish ain’t gonna happen! But some cool toys and training will be coming our way methinks, those in the know I’m sure will let us know

    Oga Jimmy: my happiness is due to my conclusions that the only way to win this war is to take the fight to the enemy.
    This is a low tech war against a low tech enemy and the only way to defeat the enemy is to fight the enemy.
    To do that we need specially trained, long range infantry patrols deep into the enemies safe area’sThus the fact that it is emphasised that it will be specialist troops not specialist equipment that will make the difference gladdens my soul, equipment can be bought and abandoned, skills remain, traditions remain.
    The Rhodesians had more success with their outmoded equipment than NATO with their high tech toys.
    The average FOB/ CP in Afghanistan has more technology than a Nigerian university, for radars, cameras, bullet proof glass, etc, yet insurgents still plant IEDs outside.
    Nigeria’s biggest and most endurable asset is our high quality and abundant manpower and if used correctly will end this faster than high tech fighters and tanks.
    Certain specialised pieces of kit will be needed such as radios, counter IED kit, jammers, NVGs but at the end of the day it will be strong men going into harms way who will win the war.
    The way it should be.
    So I am happy

    As an aside certain conversations I had offline in which this topic was thrashed out leads me to the conclusion that alot of what we have said here is listened to. The more intelligent and convincing our arguments the more likely it is that those who are of a similar viewpoint will win the debat,

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Peccavi thank you for the explanation, this is exactly what they need you recall that the well respected S.A.S. when “sand was not put in their gari ” always did their job with deadly efficiency in London Derry and also in IRAQ. This will be very good news. I have a lot faith in the Nigerian Soldier when they are given the task specific equipment, the training and the clear headed task ahead.
      I also want to say big ups to all of us on this blog if the big wigs in the military do not only follow our blogs but have that level of understanding that our ZEAL is real and unwavering in support.

    • Are James says:

      I think this is going to be a collection of teams of grim, autonomous, highly mobile, lightly armed, night vision enabled snipers and machine gunners.
      They would probably have better communication equipment able to call in air strikes with greater reliability than hitherto.

  14. gbash10 says:

    For the new NA SOC and its equivilant in the NN and NAF,and the Defence HQs in particular,here are some advice the great chinese philosopher,Sun Tzu,in his book ‘The Art of War’ have for you:
    *”To secure ourselves agains defeat lies in our own hands,but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”
    *Thus the highest form of General-ship is to balk the enemy’s plans;the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces;the next in order is to attack the enemy’s army in the field;and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.”
    *”Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand.Thus do many calculations leads to victory,and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that one can foresee who is likely to win or lose.”
    Let me close with this wonderful one,
    *”If you know the enemy and know yourself,you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy,for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    You can take this to the bank people.


  15. gbash10 says:

    An aside,I read a report that Lt Gen. Aliyu Gusau has been pencil down for minister of defence.

    • igbi says:

      This is a very good news, this position should always be occupied by retired officers.
      The belief that we can just put someone who knows nothing about the military in that position is an inconsistent one. You have to put the best qualified candidate in each position. The recent reshuffling of the generals is probably a good example of finally giving appointments according to merit. I saw many fat generals lose their lose their positions to better qualified and more battle ready generals and colonels. The army and the country is moving forward.

    • jimmy says:

      I sure hope not. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  16. rka says:

    I think oga pecacavi is right as to the equipment spec of the Special Operations Command which will obviously assimilate the Spec ops operators we have at the moment.

    There will be need for some high spec equipment especially in the communication and hopefully targeting of insurgents so I am hoping that we will also see the training of FACs that can direct precision strikes when needed.

    A large part will also be blending into the local populace as the British SAS do and these obviously are low tech operations, but need highly skilled and versatile operators.

    It would also be beneficial to include the much bandied about army aviation which could provide scout helos and utility/CSAR helicopters, afterall the army has trained these pilots, why not integrate army aviation in the Special Ops Command?

    The 101 Reserve Battalion will probably be under this command and are have the personnel in place but only 50% of their equipment.

    Just my thoughts.

  17. Yagazie says:

    Oga gbash10 – if your ‘report’ is correct, then that will be very good news.

    More than ever before, our millitary need a no-nonsense man who can stand up to the Finance Minister/President and fight the millitary’s corner as far as budgetary allocations/defence equipment procurement is concerned.

    Hopefully being a former high ranking millitary officer, he should have the confidence of our millitary and would have a better than average understanding of what their operational/welfare needs are.

  18. rka says:

    It is good news if the retired Lt. General is appointed, although it is the Senate and co that need educating as per what our defence requirements are. He can make the suggestions, but how far will it go?

    • Are James says:

      Aliyu Gusau is bettet known for his capabilities in the intelligence/security fields – CIA, MI 6, MOSSAD stuff. His contacts with these security agencies might help but is his experience profile useful in ‘re positioning the military in terms of hardware and training?
      I am not so sure. We just need somebody who can fight for funds and give good advice to the president in council.

  19. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gr8t news. That said, I would have wished that this be revealed by some crazily outstanding ops and when asked, its ‘leaked’ that the 101 was responsible! The fear factor and reputation would be priceless!
    They still need equip and training, lots and lots of the later! However like someone pointed out, they need special equip as well as special training, that’s where the special in their name comes from! I was posted the open source bullet expenditure of the SEAL and how it was more than the rest of the US navy and had 2 keep quiet 2 avoid a fight with my brother Igbi! These guys must be trained crazily so they don’t end up like the police counter terror unit (was baffled when I saw them mount a road block on my way from Asaba early last year), we must define what we use them for and not send them on assignments that are not special!
    2ndly, they need support, over time perhaps they get to have their own support so as to keep spec-ops under tight rope! However, they get 2 depend on the airforce for air transport!

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    Meant to say I had posted the open sourced…
    Then again, those drones and other airborne/spaceborne recon asset are needed now, that way, the boys get a head start and don’t waste time in time critical missions

  21. rka says:

    I am more confident now that it will be a full spectrum of capabilities because the COAS has stated that they aim to get it to a Special Forces Brigade.

    There may well be more than meets the eye and the COAS is keeping it low key.

  22. Oje says:

    The Nigerian military is gradually gaining ground and positioning itself into one of the most professional and advanced fighting unit in Africa. I hope the government this 2014 procures more hardware.. We have Drones and 4 Satellites in Space .MLRS and a 4th Gen Fighter will suffice. T

  23. jimmy says:

    I have just seen the video on another thread. The presence of the US AMBASSADOR at what is really a strictly high level military event is a turning point or imho A GAME CHANGER.
    Let us go back briefly to the time when the LIBERALS IN THE state house ruled over the approach to BOKO HARAM with the johnny carsons of this world openly clamoring for economic aid as the succor.
    It appears with the current SEC FOR African affairs ( Trust me i will include her name next time).
    Within a span of less than SIX MONTHS has :
    * BOKO HARAM has got the dreaded and well deserved label of FTO
    * The US AMBASSADOR is speaking at a high level armed forces us AFRICCOM EVENT
    * More specifically and what I have said continuously This aid that is coming from the us has one very good term it will be classified AS LETHAL AID REGARDLESS OF WHAT SHAPE IT COMES IN.
    * Oh one of the US army officers was wearing a red beret of the paratroopers which is like to be the 81st division or the battle tested SCREAMING EAGLES 101.
    LASTLY THIS IS GOOD NEWS especially on a day when 17 people lost their lives may their souls rest in peace. AMEN.

  24. G8T Nigeria says:

    well, we all wish to err our views but sometimes this line of though (ACCUSING US) always attract negative response. The SOC is a good initiative but partnered with a wrong nation. The United States African Command (AFRICOM) was framed to include a Special Ops Command in some African states code named, SOCAFRICA. The aim was to insert pockets of troops in disguise, Training African troops for combat operations. Nigeria never wanted AFRICOM or other elements of AFRICOM to be sited in Africa and most especially in Nigeria. Painfully and suddenly, We have seen increase in oil theft, sea piracy and robbery, militancy and terrorism e.t.c US therefore limited its assistance to training which in the long run results to occupation. This is what AFRICOM is all about. DOMINATING FUTURE LINES OF COMMUNICATION AND TRADE IN THE MIDST OF CRISIS. APS, drone stations and SOC only make them relevant to AFRICANS and in the long run achieve their ulterior motive. US CIA predicted that Nigeria would break up before 2020, a senior US official predicted 2015, US is also planning to slam Nigeria for signing a law against same sex marriage, ( expect same antics from France) US president refused to visit Nigeria, US Cables News Network (CNN) never says anything good about Nigeria, US embassy issue travel warnings to its citizens every time to embarrass Nigeria and so many issues to say later. My friends, speaking the truth doesn’t make one a terrorist especially when one begins to notice a man having TWO FACES in his dealings with thesame people. Victor Malu knew something more and refused this attempt long ago. We have drone stations and ships of APS around us. We may say they have been training us long before now but setting up a Special Operations Command in Abuja is no joke. NON OF YOU HERE WOULD LOVE TO BE A FRIEND TO A PERSON WHO COULD STAB YOU IN THE BACK ANYTIME.

    One big question in view of this SOC, was it the initiative of Nigerian Army Hq to set it up and called on US to assist or that US initiated it to assist NA troops. Either way, SOCAFRICA (Nigeria) is achieved.

  25. G8T Nigeria says:

    France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, China and many others including US citizens (Edward Snowden) have accused US of just one thing Nigerians would never accept.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA GT8
      I respectfully completely disagree with these conspiracy theories, they are not new. We walked through this blog about the proposed breakup since 201o andas far back as 1983 the cia came out with these predictions and then disowned then it shifted to 2014 now it is 2015 what happens after 2015 oh 2016?
      i just want to know please tell me whether America does not buy Russian weapons.
      i just want to know whether when we are offered equipment and manpower from America namely ships , information, communication intercepts whether we should turn it down.
      i just want to know the information from the coastal radar stations which by the way is classified we should view people at night stealing oil is it illegal. or legal which one is it?
      i just want to know when we are offered the technology under license for nvg we should turn it down the two ships coming i guess we need to turn down to since it is coming from the enemy because the propulsion engines come from Germany that will be in our two opvs from china definitely will be used to spy on NIGERIA .
      IN FACT BOKO HARAM I GUESS BY YOUR LOGIC CAME FROM AMERICA. When does this line of thinking stop ? I am all for criticizing with the facts.
      Fact Nigeria and the rest of AFRICA never wanted AFRICOM THAT IS WHY IT IS BASED OUT OF STUTTGART Germany.
      Fact Nigeria at the time MALU was shouting in the wind Nigeria was severely under procured as a military force with crippling sanctions FOR 10 STRAIGHT YEARS 1990 -2000 AND NEEDED THE US to help repair her C-130S NONE WERE WORKING.
      Fact NIGERIA like it or not needs to train and reform her armed forces to train with countries who have had current on the ground experience fighting coin and urban warfare there are two countries that fit the bill ( US and Britain).
      Fact every country acts in their own interest whether it is Nigeria South Africa or china do you honestly the CHINA WOULD SINK BILLIONS INTO Nigeria just because they love Nigerian women, OGA GT8 I BEG O.

  26. startrek says:

    oga G8t I believe u should know better than to base Ur argument on this blog from such sites such as that … how about the claims from similar sites that the Edward snowden thing is actually a CIA grand plan. which side of the truth a we to follow then? I humbly advice that we consider the highly place individuals both local and foreign. otherwise this blog may become a scarecrow to many

  27. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gusau for defense minister? I don’t think so! Don’t get me wrong, as intelligence chief or NSA, he’s distinguished himself! That guy is perhaps the most respected Nigerian intelligence of all times, but he has POLITICAL AMBITIONS! That not a bad thing in itself but when u play ambition in a security environment, that a bad mix

    • Are James says:

      Unconfirmed reports also affirm that the appointment will come with sweeping powers (that Gusau himself asked for) over the entire defence and security establishment including weapons procurement and the ‘re- organization of the military. Recall also that his son-in-law is the current NSA.
      When GEJ wants to get it wrong, he really gets it wrong.

  28. (@lordfej) says: a video on the spla attack on reich maschars rebels forces. this looks like a ragtag undisciplined army.

    • peccavi says:

      Well thats what you get with untrained undisciplined armies, only good for looting and chanting.
      Its a pity all those boys have to fight and die because two stupid greedy men can’t settle their differences in a civilized way

    • Are James says:

      First off, for African armies at South Sudan’s level of maturity, officer corps training and indoctrination should be number 1.
      Secondly, don’t procure equipment without doing a comprehensive analysis of threats and doing a quick template of strategies to defeat them.
      Three, doctrine training is just as important as tactical training for the NCO cadre. Soldiers who have been properly indoctrinated can develop tactics to fit any battle situation on the fly..matching weapons to tactical developments to achieve advantage on the battle field.
      Four, air power is the most important capability in contemporary times and the advent of the small 4gen CAS platforms and cheap UAV s are going to make a big difference to the battlefield in the immediate future.
      Most times I am proud that the Nigerian military got it right in terms of following these steps compared with armies in central and eastern Africa who are just wasting money on platforms to the neglect of other capabilities.

      • peccavi says:

        With or without air power, just train your troops and commanders.
        Let them live, train, work and fight together. Just giving weapons to civilians is so fucking stupid that I can’t quantify.

        But this is the unfortunate things with African Armies, the leaders undertrain their soldiers and believe giving their Generals air conditioned jeeps makes them special. The reality is an overpaid, overweight General in his air conditioned jeep while his men are in pick ups is as vulnerable as anyone when the reality hits and no one has basic counter ambush drills.
        The S. Sudan rebels are using classic insurgent tactics. The attack force will be tiny in number yet defeated several battalions simply by using infiltration and surprise and exploiting their poor command and control.
        It is criminal to send soldiers to war in these conditions particularly when they are not even fighting for a good cause

  29. jimmy says:

    OGA BEEGEAGLE, FREGULF, Some 411 on LT . GEN GUSAU. I do not want to cast aspersions/ besmirch a man’s honorwhat do you guys know about him ? this is what I have heard about him : Rose through the ranks very smart you do not get to be a three STAR BY BEING STUPID. Viewed as being one of IBB ( not boys but peers, he abacha, ibb).At the time of the IBB COUP of Buhari is when he name started to come to the surface. Unconfirmed allegations have it that he was enmeshed in a scandal with IBB and his name was penciled down for retirement.
    He is known to been in the shadows i.e military intelligence, but his well known ( ironic isnt it that a man who spent half his life hiding his face and identity wants to be the PRESIDENT.
    GUSAU is also known to have a relationship with Baba SEGE who made him his NSA once or twice?
    I struggle to think GEJ would want to make him Minister of defence unless he has shelved his ambition to be President.Anyway there are more deserving Candidates with integrity AIR MARSHALL PETERIN ( SP) or DIKE or Gen ISHOLA Williams come to mind.With the defence posts being made apolitical ( i.e you don’t have to be a card carrying member of the pdp).
    The better qualified candidates can be chose regardless of ethnic balancing acts choose the best candidate with a well versed Military background that has integrity for once.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Sir, I would add Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (rtd) to that list: absolutely forthright, not given to clannishness, and a true Nigerian. I hear he was a good soldier as well.

  30. die9myte says:

    Just in : Alex Badeh is the new CDS,services chiefs changed,announcement coming later.

  31. Are James says:

    What we are seeing in the latest reshufflement at the top level of the military is some serious political ‘higgy haga’.
    The Obasanjo/IBB/Gusau political group seem to be in ascendant now over the country’s political landscape and they may also have made successful overtures to Danjuma. Their common opponent being this disciplined, spartan, unbendable guy called Buhari.
    Forget what you read in the papers,they have taken over the security establishment. Alex Badeh is obviously remaining at the insistence of the Jonathans who seem to be in a ‘trading mood’ just to stay another 4 years and have decided to hand over the entire defence and security establishment to these seasoned operators.
    Lets leave all the PDP, APC politicians out of it, they are all kids playing cowboys and indians. The parties are just ‘dump containers’ for disparate economic and geo political interests.
    The American influence is going to get more visible in the coming months and with the IBB angle, we can expect faster acquisition times for Israeli defence and security platforms in particular
    Whether Jona will achieve his plan of another four years with this new alliance is up for debate but it is instructive to note that the North also complained this week about Nigeria heavy weaponry being moved to the south and ex BH sponsor Sheriff (he has since lost control of the group) moved out of the shadows to join the political establishment last week. He almost got killed by an angry mob alongbthe way.
    Where all this is going?.
    2014 is going to be an interesting year, Nigeria may not be the same again but Boko Haram will be completely decimated, the armed forces will finally commence a long phase of re armament and capability development and i humbly reserve my predictions of the results of then 2015 elections if there indeed would be ome.

  32. freeegulf says:

    sweeping change at the top. kenneth minimah has emerged as the new COAS brilliant!! the jumping general thumbs up.
    for me, that is the only impressive name in this musical chair. very disappointing that the erstwhile army boss didn’t make CDS. among the lot, he deserves it the most. moreover, it should have been the army’s turn to hold the defence baton. the navy and air force have been rotating this post since late gentle general azazi was replaced by paul dike.

    @OGA JIMMY, aliyu gusau was a first class officer and intel chief. however, like all intelligence peeps, he is too politicized. he sponsored the generals’ coup of ’83 and IBB’s coup of aug ’85 (from the army angle. there where other prominent civilian financials that sponsored the ’85 coup) and just like you mentioned, he was penciled down for swift retirement. in fact, the process was already in motion, and had to be turned up side down by IBB when he assumed leadership at dodan barracks.

    Gusau is quite a formidable general and served as defence intel boss and later NSA during the IBB regime. a full henchman. he is an RC 1 officer, along the likes of dogonyaro, salihu ibrahim, oladipo diya. more of a henchman than the likes of lawan gwandabe, marwa, john shaghaya, dasuki, who where IBB boys.

    IBB’s parting gift was to make him COAS (joshua dogonyaro was CDS. and gen sani abacha was defence sec. ibb and his wayo ) in ’93. all three, the COAS, CDS, and sani abacha, where all flirting with the idea of HOS after IBB’s ‘stood aside’. however, abacha beat them to it and had the gusau and dogonyaro immediately retired. he stayed in the shadows throughout the abacha years and knew enough not to ruffle any nest and was not bothered much either.

    He has also served as NSA twice since ’99. but like i said earlier, he is too politicized and still nurses a presidential ambition. being a good shadow officer is one thing, being a dramatic politician is another thing completely. so how far can he go with his ambition….
    another thing, can he shred off his northern establishment image? i would rather have a straight shooter like col Umar as defence minister than all these cloak and dagger politcal generals who’s interests are always tied to just one section of the country.

    gusau ranks very high in intel circles with the likes of baba attoh and mc alli.

  33. peccavi says:

    Oga Gabriel and Oga DOziex: abeg let me know which special forces unit in the world tests or selects its members by their ability to call in JDAMs or AC-130s?
    All units emphasise mental and physical toughness of the individual and their ability to endure hardship.
    AC130s belong to one country, JDAMs belong to a few countries. Yet every SF unit depends on rigorous low tech training.
    I’ve said it once, twice and will say it many times. All those things are toys, nice toys but toys all the same. The measure of a military is in its soldiers.
    And Gen. Ihejirika said it clearly they will depend on skill and not equipment.
    You can give a farmer an AK or a Tavor, it wont make him a soldier, you can give a soldier an Ak or a Tavor, it wont give him a better shot. You can give a SF soldier a slingshot and he will still find a way to complete his mission.
    Equioment is never as important as the men who use it

    • Gen Peccavi…I am with you on this one. The only equipment needed by the SF ops is a mind that can move mountains. Once their minds can be conditioned through training the rest is history. Lets see how it goes.

      As per acquisitions, I think GEJ has pacified the USA. I was expecting a serious backlash with GEJ signing of the anti gay bill. But all we have seen so far is just a smack on the palms. Maybe some serious horse trading has taken place behind the scenes.

      This is going to be an interesting year no doubt.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga cutevik maybe we should thank Egypt for that . Relations having cooled considerably the Egyptians threatning to buy weapons from russia things have cooled down considerably so far the only real punishment has been the delayed shipment of 4 F-16s. I honestly do not know what is in this new agreement but I would hope realistically it contains meaningful task specific equipment not meaningless non- lethal aid equipment.Till then I will keep my hopes and excitment in check. I am more optimistic that russian helios will be here before Oct 1 2014. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • peccavi says:

        Na realpolitik, nothing go happen but it was still a stupid move, not just because its a pointless law but it wlll piss of US lawmakers in a US Congressional election year.
        Some right wing ant gay person will cite it as an example and then some left wing pro gay pone will pick it up and it will become a political football.
        a strategic rapprochement with the US has been achieved,so there was no reason to ruffle feathers like this.
        But lets see what the US’s move will be in terms of assistance

  34. Triggah says:

    The US of A only looks out for her own interest. They dont do anything if they wont benefit.

  35. ifiok umoeka says:

    My Oga Peccavi, me and u on this equipment matter! U seem 2 4get that the slingshot is also an equipment! I’m not arguing that we match seal team 6 on equipment, I’m saying get the boys what the ‘NEED’. If they need comm, give them comm, if the need eyes in the sky by God give them, if the need air assault and medevac, give them. By the way, what will they be training with? Isn’t it their equipment on how 2 accomplish missions? Except we want them 2 be ninjas or some kunfu warriors (who still have their own equipment) thus we need 2 send them 2 some Japanese or chinese monestary otherwise we get them what they NEED!
    By the way, training takes a while! Equipment flatterns the curve some!

  36. tope says:

    hey guys, just heard that Bamanga Tukur is being considered strongly for the role of Defence Minister, after leaving the spot vacant are we seeing some things lurking?

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