Nigerian Navy SBS commandos on the deck of a naval warship

Nigerian Navy SBS commandos on the deck of a naval warship

15 January, 2014

IN a major crackdown, the Nigerian Navy has confirmed the arrest of 21 suspected crude oil thieves and seizure of two vessels along the waterway and creeks of Agbami Oil Field and Obi creeks in the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The two intercepted vessels were laden with 2.111 million litres of crude oil valued over N2.4 billion. The vessels were intercepted at separate points along the Ebi creeks and Agbami Oil Field between
December 26, 2013 and January 14,

According to the statement by the Flag Officer Commanding the Central Naval Command of the Navy, Rear Admiral Sidi-Ali Hassan Usman, the arrested oil thieves are Nigerians who lack necessary permits for the lifting of crude oil.

According to the navy, the documents
tendered were not the required ones,
“they were unable to tender relevant
documents such as Nigerian Port
Authority (NPA) bunkering permit and
the NNPC nomination for crude oil lifting. And they lack the certificate of
registration with the Joint Military Task Force and did not have the Naval
Headquarters approval for the
movement of petroleum products
within the command area of responsibility.”

The navy also vowed to sustain the
tempo of waterways and creek
surveillance in the Niger Delta,adding,
“it underscores the determination of
the Nigerian Navy and the Central
Naval Command in particular, to completely eradicate oil theft, illegal
bunkering and other illegality in the
Nigeria waters.”


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  1. jimmy says:


  2. rka says:

    This is why we need more long endurance OPV style vessels.

    Onward together.

  3. Henry says:


    President jonathan sacks service chief.

  4. Henry says:

    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has in the exercise of the powers conferred on him by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria approved the following changes in the nation’s Military High Command:

    Air Marshal Alex Badeh takes over from Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim as Chief of Defence Staff;

    Major-General Kenneth Tobiah Jacob Minimah takes over from Lt.-General Azubike O. Ihejirika as Chief of Army Staff;

    Rear Admiral Usman O. Jibrin takes over from Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba as Chief of Naval Staff; and Air Vice Marshal Adesola Nunayon Amosu takes over from Air Marshal Badeh as Chief of Air Staff.

    All the changes are with immediate effect.

    The new Chief of Defence Staff and former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Badeh was born on January 10, 1957 and joined the Air Force as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 21 Regular Course while the new Chief of Army Staff, Major-General Minimah was born on July 27, 1959 and joined the Army as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course. Until his new appointment, Major-General Minimah was the Commander of the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps, Jaji.

    The new Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin was born on September 16, 1959 and joined the Navy as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 24 Regular Course. Until his appointment as Chief of Naval Staff, he was Director of Training at Defence Headquarters.

    The new Chief of Air Staff and immediate past Commander of the Presidential Air Fleet, Air Vice Marshal Amosu was born on August 1, 1958 and joined the Air Force as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course. Until his new appointment, Air Vice Marshal Amosu was the Air Officer Commanding, Tactical Air Command, Makurdi.

    President Jonathan has briefed the leadership of the National Assembly on the appointment of the new service chiefs and will, in keeping with the provisions of the law, request the National Assembly to formally confirm the appointments when it reconvenes.

    Reuben Abati
    Special Adviser to the President
    (Media & Publicity)
    January 16, 2014

  5. doziex says:

    HMMM, Oga beegeagle has been predicting the ascendancy of one jumping general, I.e Minimah for some time now.

    I guess the air Marshall, still has the confidence of the president.

    I think rear admiral Ezeoba could have stayed longer.

    History would remember General Ihejirika favorably. I believe all his counterinsurgency policies are in good hands, when considering that general Minimah is a paratrooper.

    I hope we have got our very best in the new airforce and navy posts. I don’t know much about these gentlemen.

  6. rka says:

    I am sad to see Rear Admiral Ezeoba go. As to the elevation of CAS to CDS, I will reserve judgement.

  7. Henry says:

    Fact of the matter, whether we agree or not is, the CAS AVM Badeh has had a tremendous run in the airforce and he deserves to be promoted to the position of the CDS.

    Boko-haram has been severely crippled despite a few attacks here and there because of the continuous bombings and sorties flown by the airforce. AVM Badeh has also, like his colleagues in the navy and army encouraged, supported local defence production, innovative ideas and in-country Maintenance & over-haul capabilities.

    Under his leadership we’ve seen

    I)The first in-country over-haul and PDM on 9 alpha jets and 1 C-130 transport plane

    II)F-7 PDM
    III) OLE
    IV) The Gulma series drone
    V) The hand-held glider UAV
    VI) EOD robot and a whole more I cannot recall at this time.

    He deserves to be promoted. It is however sad to see the CNS go. History would remember the COAS well. He should have left when CDS ola sa’ad ibrahim was promoted, but because of the faith the president had in him and his tremendous achievements at the time, he was re-appointed.

    We are anxious to see what the new chiefs bring to the table. Goodluck to them and nigeria in advance.

    • igbi says:

      Let us tell things like they really are: Jonathan gave the position to his close friend. That is a mafia style of ruling. The current CDS was the least qualified service chief. I guess merit is not that importantto jonathan. Or perharps he was paranoïd that the order service chiefs were wielding too much power for his apreciation.

    • jimmy says:

      I give you credit because you stood by your views even when people like myself where shouting from the roof tops for AIR MARSHALL ALEX BADEH to be fired.
      The news actually did not catch most of us unawares we knew something was going to happen actually we expected it to happen in December.
      Let me go down the roll
      CDS OLA IBRAHIM :Thank you for over thirty five years of meritorious service you will go down in history along the likes of ADMIRAL WEY AND OTHERS
      COAS IHEJIRIKA Thank you the army was blessed to have you it is to your credit that one of your principal officers will succeed you .Today the army despite it’s faults is in a much better position.
      CNS DELE EZEOBA wow what a short period of time i wish you had been kept however with the two opvs on schedule and the second made in Nigeria ship on schedule JOB WELL DONE.
      Air Marshall ALEX BADEH ( correction OGA HENRY) soon to be promoted to AIR CHIEF MARSHALL is now for better for worse welded/ joined at the hip to GEJ. this to me suggests that GEJ ( does have RELATIONSHIP) LET ME BE VERY CLEAR (capital letters mine for emphasis) CDS BADEH by seniority is one of the most senior officers @ reg course 21 that automatically is 30 years and counting,
      By appointing him the most senior officer it means that he believes in A.B.,
      By also appointing Air Vice Marshal Amosu past Commander of the Presidential Air Fleet, it means this being the third person to come from such a tree there is an advantage to coming from that branch of the air force.
      Lastly this represents at least on paper no attention being paid to ethnic balancing.
      It is now almost certain there will be airframes coming shortly to an airport or marine port near you.

    • giles says:

      sir henry gud evenin pls can u shine more light on numba V,in d achievement of CAf pls.

  8. mayorrules says:

    Why is the Nigerian press talking about sack where these people sacked?,bcos from this blog we new this changes was going to happen and some of the guys have put in 37 years or more

  9. rka says:

    I understand where you are coming from @Henry, although a lot of the achievements were started under other CASs tenures, but he at least saw them through.

    My big reservation is that he was CAS when the airbase was attacked and he is a reminder of that, as such, I find that difficult to swallow even though I understand that someone was supposedly relieved from their appointment.

    I anyway wish him and the others well and look forward to their contribution to the defence of the country.

    • igbi says:

      It seems that the less someone is qualified the bigger postion jonthan gives him.
      Should we also understand that the rule is to not let the army occupy the CDS position ever again ?

  10. rka says:

    I understand where you are coming from @Henry, although a lot of what you mentioned where started under the tenures of other CAS, although he did see them through.

    I just find it difficult to swallow that he was CAS during the air base debacle, although I understand someone was relieved of their command as a result. He is just a reminder of that incident, that’s all.

    I nonetheless wish him and the other appointments well.

  11. rka says:

    Apologies, my first entry didn’t post initially.

  12. Henry says:

    The 33 artillery brigade was also attacked, AFCSC jaji was also attacked in mid-2013. It doesn’t make any of the service chiefs any less-competent, when you take into account successes achieved by the military in the last 6 months @ RKA.

    He deserves the post of the CDS, he has been able to manage his meagre resources, develop innovative ideas in-line with our current threat requirements, re-activation of crafts, improve in-country maintenance and capacity building of both machine & men. Has carried out his duty in a professional manner, as such, I see no reason why he should be fired from his position.

    • rka says:

      My point exactly, they have been retired, but he remains. I am not questioning his competence, but sometimes you need to fall on your sword.

  13. ugobassey says:

    I would like to appeal to all incoming service chiefs to cultivate a policy of CONTINUITY. What ever projects, policies and military doctrines your predecessors have laid down, continue implementing them that way the long term objectives of each service branch will be gradually realized. In light of BH and the ongoing COIN policy, I think all incoming SCs should draw up and put in place a rapid response tactical strategy to anticipate and foil any future attempts at attacking military formations and have base commanders implement these tactics as regular drills.

    • WachanGuy says:

      Oga Ugobassey has without criticising anyone pointed out Nigeria’s key problem, CONTINUITY. Every leader has their own pet projects understandably, but we should also try to maintain the momentum started by their predecessors. I congratulate and fully support the new chiefs including AM Badeh whom I criticised heavily when the air base was attacked. Posterity is the best judge, we siddon dey look una. Onward together Nigeria!!

      • ugobassey says:

        Oga WachanGuy na so!
        I hear there are some big wigs that frequents this blog. I think we ought to let them know (like you said), ‘we Sidon dey look una’.

  14. drag_on says:

    Sad to see the CNS Rear Admiral Ezeoba go. You sir, made me proud of our Navy. I salute you.Same for the COAS, as for the New CDS, goodluck sir, i have my reservations about the direction you led the air-force, but you did bring it back from the brink,make it self reliant and increased the number of attack helios for Close-Air-Support .

  15. G8T Nigeria says:

    quite sad to see quality officers in the likes of the former CNS and COAS leave. May God bless them for their good work. The only issue which seems to be a Nigerian problem is continuity.

  16. G8T Nigeria says:

    It seems the navy is about acquiring some naval helicopters from US. This will be good for her operations considering the increasing number of platforms.

  17. rka says:

    Oga G8T Nigeria, abeg you need to expand on this o!

  18. Henry says:

    Oga giles, the EOD is the bomb disposal robot currently under development by the airforce.

  19. drag_on says:

    Has anybody seen this

    The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) and the Northern Traditional Rulers Council (NTRC) rose from a meeting in Kaduna Wednesday alleging that ahead of next year’s elections, the federal government has masterminded the mass redeployment of heavy weapons from the Northern part of the country to the south for the purpose of rigging the election.

    • ugobassey says:

      Just my humble opinion by I think our so-called elders (be the north, south, east or west)
      are steeped in the old ways of how they see this country. They will always see things through the eyes of ethnicity and tribalism but I pray the new generation of Nigerian leaders will come to see this nation as indivisible and united on all fronts.

  20. G8T Nigeria says:
    Niger Republic has acquired the first batch of French Reaper Drones.

    • peccavi says:

      They are French drones based in Niger not Nigerien drones

      • G8T Nigeria says:


      • Are James says:

        This portends something for the region and we should not overlook it.
        A superpower deploying 30% of its newly acquired American unmanned assets to its former colony just north of our border says something about the their future projections for the region that should not be lost on our defence policy makers.
        I personally long for the ’80s when we had intellectuals in government and the MOD, Foreign Intelligence Service and the NIIA worked together seamlessly to craft strategy and implement actions that kept Nigeria safe and respected in the committee of nations.
        The big question is what has France observed in the region that is informing this deployment?. What should Nigeria be doing in terms of a holistic strategy to complement these efforts and protect its people from terrorist groups who are ever looking for territory.

  21. beegeagle says:

    I do not see the change as an indictment on the capabilities of the outgone chiefs. They were very long serving officers all

    – Adm Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, ex CDS, Regular Course 17, enlisted December 1974

    – Lt General Ihejirika, ex COAS, Regular Course 18, enlisted June 1975

    – Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba, ex CNS, Regular Course 22, enlisted June 1977

    There is no gainsaying the fact that the Army and Navy were competently and productively led by the immediate past chiefs.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Message for aspiring commenter , “CAPTAIN”.

    Check your given OVI email. Thank you.

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