Commander, Nigerian Army Corps of Infantry (now Chief of Army Staff) Major General Kenneth Minimah(l), presenting a certificate to the Best Student of Quick Response Group Phase 4 Batch 2, Lt. Abayomi Pedro at the graduation ceremony in Jaji, Kaduna on Thursday (28/3/13). With him is the Commandant, Nigerian Army School of Infantry, Major General Tukur Buratai (dressed in black Special Forces gear)(2nd left)

16 January, 2014

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has in the exercise of the powers conferred on him by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria approved the following changes in the nation’s Military High Command:

Air Marshal Alex Badeh takes over from Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim as Chief of Defence Staff; Major-General Kenneth Tobiah Jacob Minimah takes over from Lt.-General Azubike O. Ihejirika as Chief of Army Staff; Rear Admiral Usman O. Jibrin takes over
from Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba as Chief of Naval Staff; and Air Vice Marshal Adesola Nunayon Amosu takes over from Air Marshal Badeh as Chief of Air Staff. All the changes are with immediate effect.

The new Chief of Defence Staff and
former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Badeh was born on January 10, 1957
and joined the Air Force as a
member of the Nigerian Defence
Academy’s 21 Regular Course
while the new Chief of Army Staff, Major General Minimah was born on July 27, 1959 and joined the Army
as a member of the Nigerian
Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course.
Until his new appointment, Major General Minimah was the Commander of the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps, Jaji.

The new Chief of Naval Staff, Rear
Admiral Usman Jibrin was born on
September 16, 1959 and joined the Navy as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 24 Regular Course. Until his appointment as Chief of Naval Staff, he was Director of Training at Defence Headquarters.

The new Chief of Air Staff and
immediate past Commander of the
Presidential Air Fleet, Air Vice Marshal
Amosu was born on August 1, 1958 and joined the Air Force as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course. Until his new appointment, Air Vice Marshal Amosu was the Air Officer Commanding, Tactical Air Command, Makurdi.

President Jonathan has briefed the
leadership of the National Assembly on the appointment of the new service chiefs and will,in keeping with the provisions of the law,request the National Assembly to formally confirm the appointments when it reconvenes.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    ELSEWHERE two weeks ago, BEEGEAGLE predicted the appointment of General Minimah as COAS :


    December 31, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Oga Victor the PRECISE has dropped a
    subtle hint of an impending change at the level of COAS. I hope we are taking notes because it shall come to pass…..So who becomes the new COAS? Since 2012, I have heard that Maj Gen KTJ
    Minimah aka “Jumping General”, ex-GOC
    81 Division and incumbent Commander of the Infantry Corps was one of three senior officers interviewed for the job of COAS.

    Last I heard in H2 2013, Minimah ALONE
    was said to have again been interviewed for the slot. It appears as if the man is in pole position to emerge as COAS even as nothing is ever certain about these matters.



    “:) That is the man, KTJ Minimah, aka ‘the Jumping General’ who was still parachuting as a 50 year old Brigadier General in 2009. Impressive senior officer of the Infantry Corps.”


  2. Victor says:

    The Eagle landed today. Beegs remember my post on 31st December 2013? Congratulations to all new chiefs.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Oga Victor…I don dey fear you oooo. Which kind big man you be 🙂 ??

    During the course of these past twelve months, you have pre-signalled

    – the retirement of Maj General Johnson Ochoga, former JTF Commander (Niger Delta)

    – the formation of the 7 Division

    – the appointment of a new COAS

    and much more.

    It is my privilege to have you on board, Oga Victor. Your hand tough abeg.

  4. beegeagle says:

    ELSEWHERE, Oga Victor commented with uncanny precision


    Victor says:
    December 31, 2013 at 10:11 am

    Making room for the next COAS?
    ……….watch out


  5. beegeagle says:



    Victor says: January 16, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    “The Eagle has landed…..I said it. Beeg well done. Excellent prediction on COAS. I did not want to comment for reasons you will seem to know.”


  6. beegeagle says:




    Well, that has now come to pass. The new COAS is indeed a member of the Regular Course 25 intake which mustered in December 1978.

    Beegeagle’s Blog…a crystal ball made in Nigeria 🙂

    • jimmy says:

      oga beegs please give us a balanced view/ take on SOON TO BE AIRMARSHALL ALEX BADEH.
      Also the UNRELIABLE wikipedia has information on Nigeria under service chiefs that the attainment of 4 star generals is now retained only for CDSs Hence the imminent promotion see photo for Alex Badeh to Air Chief Marshall also COAS to LT. GEN.
      Please also check your inbox.

  7. Spirit says:

    Respects sir!

    Its so sad to have to let a very sound officer like Admiral Ola S’aad go. But, there is time for everything/everyone under the Sun.

    The former COAS Lt-Gen Azubike Ihejirika is a genius of a man! I hope and pray the “Jumping General” will keep the torch burning and raise the bar higher.

    I hope the new CAS AVM Adesola N. Amosu will deliver the kind of war birds our nation needs. We need the fighters sir, not Flying Toys 7.

    The new CNS has no choice, the NN is the pacesetter, the pace must not be slowed down.

    May your road be rough.

    • Are James says:

      AVM Amosu has to sit up though.
      Alpha jet pilot, strategic studies masters degree. Presided over $200million acquisition of new jets for the presidential air fleet.
      We need to spend double that on acquisition of combat jets yearly for the next 3 years.

      • menatti says:



        According to the Air Chief “We cannot through the normal budgeting process make the Nigerian Air Force or military generally move without sourcing for fund; It happens in every country, and Nigeria cannot be an exception’’.

        Badeh further said that democracy has come to stay in the country but appealed to the political class to lend support to the military in order to aid it in the discharge of their constitutional responsibility.

        “I want to thank God for democracy” Badeh added. “Armed forces have always thrived better under democracy and democracy has come to stay in Nigeria.

        “Let us make the armed forces strong again; without armed forces, democracy would be weak since democratic leaders use the armed forces to enforce their decisions either at the national or in politics’’

        He also called on friends of the NAF to support to the force as his administration intends to take the force to the next level.

        According to him, “with your support, I am confident that we will continue to take NAF to a higher level.’’

        Also across the services the men seemed pleased, as per what I gleaned from the officers mess tonight. Just because some people go to the press at every small victory doesn’t mean they are doing the best job. Ihejirika and the former CDS didn’t get along. The CDS is the Coordinator for the JTF, not the COAS. I did mention that the Army were the ones guarding the airport when BH attacked but everyone here seemed to ignore that. The strength of the airmen in Borno are a mere fraction of the army.

        Although I was under the impression that Ezeoba was going to be the next CDS. Sometimes the more you see, the less you understand. Just my two cents.

      • The fact that “some officers” in the barracks are celebrating Ihejirika’s exit doesnt mean the man failed. One thing you cannot argue against is facts(except ofcourse if one is dumb). The facts on ground exenorates the former COAS of any failings. My 20kobo.

  8. freeegulf says:

    congratulations to our jumping general KTJ minnimah. he most deserves it. another great candidate was maj gen J Nwaogbo. it is really good to see minimah as the new COAS.

    quite sad that Vice Admiral Ezeoba had to go. he was extremely proficient as CNS and took NN to a higher height.

    well done marshal beegs

  9. ocelot2006 says:

    Again, Bee eagle’s prediction on the COAS comes true. This blog is truly one to watch.

    @ Marshal Beeg, what’s your take on Badeh’s appointment, cos I don’t feel to comfortable about it. I that Ihejirika was going to get the job.

  10. menatti says:

    Correction to my earlier post. All Amosu did was get a type rating on the Alpha jet. If you notice he flew at the AMG in Benin and back then the F27 MPA planes were grounded so he would have flown the Do128-6. Most of his operational flying was at PAF.

    If they wanted a fighter pilot you have AVMs Chukwu, Dillimono and Onyemaobi. Amosu was commander PAF while Goodluck was president, so if anyone should be close to the president, it would be him.

    • igbi says:

      Jonathan appointing his friends and ignoring merit, just as I said.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga menatti
      Much respect for your comments and i really appreciate the fact that your views are contrary to mine .OGA DOZIEX will bear witness to the fact that i will always ask for contrary views . i am one of those who have been most vocal about ACM ALEX BADEH and I have stated my reasons. you touched on a subject about SOME officers being very happy that the COAS IHEJIRIKA has been replaced. let us look at his record in context good and bad he also should of been held responsible for the attack on the mdgr base as you have pointed out. in the same context when assumed the post in sept 2008 NIGERIA HAD FIVE DIVISIONS none of which had a COIN vision NOW WE HAVE 7 DIVISIONS 2 of which will definitely be coin oriented.
      The CDS and the COAS not getting along is nothing new YUSUF AND DUMBAZU did not get along when you have two overachieving officers of near the same rank and seniority one was regular course 17 ( ibrahim) and the other was regular course 18 ihejirika separated by 6 months there is bound to be friction and add to that they both fighting for the same things funds for their turf army / navy that goes all the way back to the civil war.
      THIS IS WHERE I DISAGREE with you : ACM BADEH was appointed CDS even over what objective people thought was a contest for either Ezeoba or Ihejirika to lose. This is GEJ’S PICK( BADEH ) IS NOW WELDED AT THE HIP WITH GEJ There is no ethnic balancing act here he is from Adamawa state and one of GEJ ‘S core backers the south east will not take too kindly to Ihejirika being mistreated especially if we view it through simply through the merit angle. I had posted earlier as a premonition that the Helios that were supposed to of been delivered in 2013 9 of them (according to the pr of the NAF at the time ) will almost certainly be delivered before OCT 2014 bet on it.We can also bet on two more things happening 9 more Helios and the j-17s .
      And I say this with greatest amount of respect for your comments and me coming one of the richest states in the nation the money is there, They can afford it.
      Through back channels in early DEC I had reached out to oga beegs to state the CDS was contemplating leaving so this idea of them being fired is arrant nonsense.Amosun should make sure his passport is up to date because he will be traveling a lot . This is my last disagreement with you , Amosun and Badeh have to both leverage their relationship with GEJ especially Badeh ( WE CAN NO LONGER DENY THAT RELATIONSHIP EXISTS) to get the troop carrying Helios be them Hueys Chinooks or mi17s I don’t really care just get them for God’s sake!

      • menatti says:

        Ok a few things i need to correct you on. whether Yusuf and Danbazau didn’t get along wouldn’t have been of any consequense because Yusuf was never CDS, I wouldn’t expect Danbazau to challenge a sitting COAS so that’s a moot point.
        Ihejirika and Ibrahim fought because Ihejirika wanted to be CDS at all costs and even there were rumours in the barracks that Ibrahim was poisoned(It public knowledge that hes ill). In anycase, Ihejirika insurbordinated him, apparently he came to meetings late or didn’t turn up at all, The COAS isn’t the coordinator of the JTF rather the DHQ and the JTF is under the Chief of training and operations who reports to the CDS soo when you have a situation like Ibrahim and Ihejirika you know its not going to work well. Its also common knowledge that he get along with all the other service chiefs so I don’t see how he expected to become the CDS when there was so much in fighting. Its unprofessional .
        There’s no such thing as Him being mistreated, the president can appoint and fire service chiefs as he sees fit, no one from Delta is crying foul because Ezeoba was removed so I don’t see why the SE should complain. Lets not make this a tribal/regional issue.
        You said 9 helo’s were supposed to be delivered in 2013 and now they’re supposed to be delivered in 2014 yet you said/say Badeh didn’t push for more arms for the Airforce, Na wa o. So did the helo’s just materialize from thin air? NAF are getting new Mi 17’s and also NEMA are transferring their MI 17 to NAF, its actually undergoing maintenance. They wont be getting Chinooks or Huey’s. As for the J-17’s highly unlikely too. Most likely going to be the Super Tucano’s/T6/PC9 and that would make the most sense considering the kinda warfare they are engaging in now.
        Again I will tell you, If you ask most Army soldiers and officer they will tell you they are relieved that Ihejirika is gone and wasn’t made CDS. But don’t take my word for it, try having a drink at any officers mess.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga menatti Much respect for your comments.The cds has been sick and was in the states,and most probabley wanted to retire in dec this I knew in dec but I kept to myself and beegeagle.I stand corrected and respectful of your insight I did not know about the blatant disrespect the coas towards the cds. Let me clear up one issue about the procurement,in 2012 the naf through their pr at the time I believe it was yerima stated there were 9 helios, I believe 6 MI 35 and 3 MI 17. Don’t quote me on the actual setup.They were scheduled for delivery in 2013 never happened I do not blame him for that .I blame madam.The leverage part is where I have issues with him it is not personal we can now both agree on the very glaring need for troop carrying helios. We also know alex badeh did come as a surprise for the cds even with the seniority being in his favor classof 21. My last point is that by making him cds he has to play the diplomatic ,political game of procurement of not only the helios but also the tuscanos,this issue has to go beyond talk,talk and buy,buy. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  11. die9myte says:

    So sad that former COAS and former CNS had to go,was really shocked just when I was thinking Ihejirika would be given the opportunity of being the CDS. However kudos to the man and success to his future endeavors.

    We welcome the new chiefs.

  12. cutievik says:

    I would have loved it better if the former COAS Or d CAS was given d job of CDS to spearhead our military to attain great heights, these men fought for an improved military allocation and procurement,and would hv pushed for a rapid mobilisation of adequate resources for the tri-services in addition to maintaining amazing growth in their various fields with innovations and professionalism when they held their former positions they bore new marks in the NN and NA respectively….I welcome the new Captains to the ship,As for d “Oga at the top”….we dey watch.

    • ajboy says:


      Ihejirika did very well but his ambition got the better of him. In joint operations, the orchestration of various arms and services, known as operational art, produces joint effect.

      Due to his ambition he convinced the President to dissolve JTF in favor of 7 Division. But the division was yet to attain initial operational capacity. This fact coupled with the loss of joint effect is the cause of the reverses suffered at Bama and Maiduguri.

      Also, his bad relationship with other services saw them withdrawing their personnel quickly, especially SSS. Ibrahim and Badeh even considered resigning after the NAF Base attack. The President was disappointed with the outcome. That was how Ihejirika lost out.

  13. beegeagle says:


    16 JAN 2014


    ” And going by the appointments,
    President Jonathan may be trying to put
    his own stamp on the future and
    structure of the Nigerian military. The
    new appointments will entail a definite
    gale of retirements, redeployments and promotions. As expected, there would
    be reorganisation of the services –
    Army, Navy and Air Force, with the new
    service chiefs bringing in new people to
    fill vacancies that may be created by
    imminent retirements. Such retirements would be triggered by the rule that
    senior officers cannot serve under their
    subordinates. And the retirements will
    create vacancies within the senior
    officer ranks, which could also lead to a
    record numbers of officers being promoted at the end of this year.

    For the Army, all officers under Course
    24 who could not be accommodated at
    Defence Headquarters are to proceed on
    voluntary retirement. This is because
    the new Chief of Army Staff, Major
    General Kenneth Tobiah Jacob Minimah is a member of the Nigerian Defence
    Academy’s 25 Regular Course. Gen.
    Ihejirika is a member of Course 18.
    Because of this, there are Courses 21,
    22, 23 and 24 serving in Army
    Headquarters. They are expected to leave. In addition, some of Gen.
    Minimah’s coursemates may also have
    to retire, as there are not enough
    vacancies to accommodate all of them
    in Army Headquarters or their slots in
    Defence Headquarters.

    The same fate befalls members of Course 22 and 23 in the Navy. The new Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin is a member of Nigerian Defence Academy’s 24 Regular Course.

    The retirement options will also affect Courses 21, 22, 23 and 24 in the Air
    Force. The new Chief of Defence Staff
    and former Chief of Air Staff, Air
    Marshal Badeh is a member of the
    Nigerian Defence Academy’s 21 Regular
    Course while the new Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Adesola Nunayon
    Amosu is a member of the Nigerian
    Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course. The new appointments will also come
    with new ranks.

    In line with precedence, Badeh will adorn a full four-star general rank of Air Chief Marshal, the third Nigerian Air Force officer to be so elevated. The first was Air Chief Marshal Paul Dike in 2008 and Air Chief Marshal Oluseyin Petinrin in 2010.

    Minimah will be decorated with the
    three-star rank of Lieutenant General;
    Jubrin with the same rank equivalent of
    Vice Admiral and Amosun with Air Marshal.

    The appointments are also a novelty as
    this is the first time in the history of
    Nigeria that new CDS and the Service
    Chiefs will face a formal confirmation
    hearing in the Senate. The confirmation
    hearings will enable them to give a clue as to the direction of their services
    while enabling the senators to help
    shape the policy of the incoming leaders
    and stamp the civilian oversight of the
    military on the top commanders right
    from the outset.”

  14. ozed says:

    Am surprised to hear that many soldiers are supposedly happy the former COAS has gone. In my view as an Engineer he elevated the thinking aspects of the Army i.e. maintenance, innovation (resulting in the Igirigi APC etc), Barracks renovation etc. and oversaw the emergence of a proper COIN/SF specialty in the Army. However, i imagine the guys from the teeth arms (infantry, Armour, arty etc.) probably felt he a ‘rear-end charlie’ should not be leading the Army in a time of war (—– and who knows, maybe they are right).

    However, while i applaud the emergence of a core soldier’s soldier, i hope the thinking aspects of Army management are not totally discarded in favor of the ‘gong ho’, ‘kill em all’ ethos of the combatants.

    At the end of the day, what we need is balance.

    • igbi says:

      Indeed, that would be surprising ! So the soldiers would be happy that a man with 31 people senioring him in the army would be promoted to the rank of COAS. This defies every military rule and would surely destroy discipline in the armed forces.
      Jonathan is appointing his friends and goes against every rule. What is he trying to achieve ? I hope he is not thinking of becoming a dictator, he better not.

  15. rka says:

    @menatti, thank you for your insight re the new CDS. It has certainly made me feel better about it.

    One thing though I asked you on another thread, which you probably missed. Can you indeed confirm that the NFA have only 4 AW109 LUHs contrary to world Air Forces directory?
    Sorry to go off subject.

    • menatti says:

      Sorry I missed it. Well im not sure why it says they have more. Maybe they placed an initial order for more that 4 or as usual the planes never got delivered and the money siphoned but my friends fly the AW109 and they have 3 in enugu and 1 with PAF as standby because the 2 AW139’s in PAF apparently are always AOG.

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Eyes on the CALENDER

  17. gbash10 says:

    Those of you that are doubting the excitement by soldiers on the removal of Ihejirika as COAS have not had contact with NA officers and men that served Darfu and the NE.

  18. Triggah says:

    I sincerely hope that this new service chiefs knows what they are doing because Nigerian military have been held back for so long.

  19. Obix says:

    My ogas, the sacking of all the service at once might have nothing to do with their capabilities. There should be a political reason for that (probably the 2015 elections). “Some states should be appeased at all cost”. Again, do we remember that there’s a July 2013 court ruling proclaiming their appointments illegal unconstitutional and null and void?

  20. Obix says:

    And in a January 7 letter to Jonathan and national assembly leaders, Keyamo gave a 14-day ultimatum to the government to comply with the court ruling. Did the president act to save himself from blushes if Mr Keyamo had gone back to court?

  21. menatti says:

    An excerpt from The leadership newspaper

    ” As exclusively reported in LEADERSHIP Sunday recently, things had gone sour between the then chief of defence staff, Admiral Ibrahim and some of the service chiefs. This had led to the then chief of army staff, Lt. Gen. Ihejirika’s (who had been after his job) scheming against him and in the process, hijacking the prosecution of the war against terrorism.

    According to an informed source, when President Jonathan declared a state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, the CDS was mandated to preside over the prosecution. “But since it is the army that constituted most of the Joint Task Force operation team, the Army Council wanted to be in charge and this was allowed by the Presidency. The JTF was sacked; the army chief took over the war and set up the 7 Division of the army in Maiduguri. Although Ihejirika claimed setting up the 7 Division would bring the war to an end, it has not,” he said.

    A security source who craved anonymity said, “It was later that there came a crisis of confidence among the forces that are involved, including other security agencies, and the resurrection of the insurgents in the area was traced to the cold war among the service chiefs.

    Whenever there was a victory over the insurgents, the army, through the 7 Division claimed the victory and this did not go down well with other security agencies. The Nigerian Air Force is deeply involved in the operations, but there was never a time any credit was given to it, all to make sure President Jonathan would not consider Air Marshal Badeh for the CDS when the need to remove Admiral Ibrahim arises. You may be surprised that (Vice Admiral Dele) Ezeoba too has some powerful people lobbying the Presidency for the same office.”

    Another security source also disclosed that Ezeoba, though relatively new on the seat, was removed as a result of the seemingly endless oil theft in the Niger Delta where he hails from.

    “The president removed Ezeoba because of the oil theft, which he was primarily assigned to stop. Although he claimed the war was yielding its dividends, up until the time he was sacked, the oil stealing continued and not only that, none of the big thieves have been caught. The economy is not doing well as a result and some are alleging that the war against oil theft might not succeed as long as the one leading it hails from the zone. This is the reason why the new chief of naval staff is not from that zone and if the new man fails to end the oil theft, he too would go.”

    Read the full story here

    • jimmy says:

      I am not going to defend the cns. I will state some of the most obvious things.The navy repeatedly asked for speedy prosecution of those who were caught in piracy or oil theft ,this never happened in naijas creaky legal system. The theft and piracy we are still witnessing will continue long after ezeoba is gone till they prosecute those who are responsible in a timely manner and the need for platforms that can be out 100 to 200 nautical miles from our shore.Well he chose jibrin a former Foc so we shall since he is not from the delta. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • The report to me doesn’t make sense. Ezeoba did his bes possible to curb oil theft with the limited platforms that he had. Was GEJ expecting him to stop the theft with canoes? Then it can be said that they set him up to fail from the onset!!! The COAS has done well despites attempt to tarnish his image. Let no one try to color this issue with ethnic sentiments. If the SE feel that they have been robbed of a chance for their man to be CDS its no big deal. They have every right to cry about it and it ends there. At least it was done in a civilized manner. Internal rumblings within various arms of the armed force is normal. It happens everywhere. This is where proffesionalism comes in. Whatever squabbles should be resolved in a matured way and not allowed to fester into mud slinging and name calling. These two men COAS and CNS have perfomed exceptionally in their service to the nation and no one can take that away from them!!! Having said that I wish the current service chiefs the best in carrying out their duties.

  22. ugobassey says:

    My apologies Oga optimus….I didn’t know you had already posted that same link.

    • No problem oga bassey..we are on the same page. I hope the jumping general would continue and surpass what gen Ihejirika has done. He needs to make sure that this new army doesn’t go back to the days of darkness. We wish you well sir…and your other colleagues too

  23. Henry says:

    Oga menatti, your contributions have been very insightful. I for one have been steadfast in my support of CDS alex badeh. I knew the airforce has done more than has been reported in the media. I hope you don’t disappear from this blog.

    I do have a few questions, it had been widely reported in nigeria that we are one of the contenders of the JF-17, why do you think an order for the JF-17 is going to be un-likely, to put it bluntly, would not happen?

    II). I’ve seen in the past few years (4-5 years), When nigerian officers go to the U.S for trainings, they mostly fly the northorp F-5 and the AH-10 thunderbolt. Why are these platforms used in training nigerian officers when we clearly do not fly any of these platforms, and for the foreseeable future have no intentions of purchasing them.

    III). Again, this is the year when the L-15 falcons are supposed to be delivered. I’ve seen from multiple sources that we are supposed to get this light trainer this year. However from your more knowledgeable position, Did we even make an order for the L-15? Are the reports even closely factual?

    • menatti says:

      I honestly have no idea why they report that Nigeria is interested in fighters. From what i’ve heard from a few instructor pilots who were part of the evaluation team for the Tucano’s the Airforce are presently more interested in the Tucano’s and variants and have always been since the early 90’s but politics brought the F7’s. The airforce never wanted them but it was forced on them by powerful friends of the then president(Obasanjo)
      The Nigerian pilots that trained in the USAF did their UPT(undergrad pilot training) Flying the T38 but not the F-5 or A-10 while others trained @ Flightsafety and there are currently some there too who got sent as soon as they left NDA last year. I can say with the utmost confidence that the didn’t fly the A-10. Most of the young pilots that trained wit the USAF are the ones flying the Alpha jets, again I know this because most of em are my class mates and are Flt Lt’s.
      The L-15’s yes they are interested in them but haven’t made any firm commitments as they are trying to reactivate more L-39s. They are still battling Aermacchi to send back their MB 339s from Italy, Again, Nigeria got shafted on the purchase and the deal to reactivate them.

      • Are James says:

        I just need to make the point that I am highly disappointed in the ‘modest expectations’ of the entire leadership of the armed forces.
        From what I have read so far, the most sophisticated platforms the NAF have on their horizons are the Super Tucanos which admittedly would meet and exceed all requirements for NE COIN and Niger Delta economic zone protection.
        However vital and pressing international geo political threats are not mitigated by these proposed acquisitions. Sudan has those SUs and Angola is developing potent force projection capabilities into the Gulf of Guinea, Alqaeda backed forces might soon be forced to relocate from the Cameron border to ungoverned areas in the Maghreb from where they can stage attacks across the NW and N Central borders.
        We need the capability to project force into all those geographical (North and South) from the air using deeper penetration platforms of at least 4th generation capability. The way this is done in most third world countries is to keep the acquired numbers down but ensure adequate spending to support availability and pilot training for these ‘strategic national defence assets’. In this regard, just one squadron of SU 30MK2 or JF 17 block 2 fighters backed with maintenance facilities,spares and robust certification and re certification of pilots would be enough.
        The impression have I have of our military leadership is one of individual empire building, myopia, self seeking orientations that is not bothered about credible threats we are likely to face as a nation.

  24. gbash10 says:

    That was vry insightful,OGA Mennati,thank you sir!

  25. Henry says:

    Oga menatti, I’d be lying if I say your post hasn’t come as a disappointment to many of us on the blog and a rude shock.

    Time and over again, we keep reading this rumours of an impending evaluation of an SU-27 for purchase by the airforce ( infact the latest was only 2-3 weeks ago). True, the Tucano would fit our current COIN threats assessments, it is a capable plane, with an exemplary record against FARC guerrilla’s in Colombia, but threats change quickly. There’s the subtle threat from france, wouldn’t it be wise to have a capable deterrent just like the Algerians do? The Tucano cannot give that deterrent, neither can the F-7’s or the L-39’s give us the deterrent a capable multi-role fighter can provide. Please your thoughts on this.

    II) In 2013, we discussed at length about our JAG’s and the possibility of re-activation abi na resuscitating and up-grading them with the help of HAL of india. Just like they( india) did with their Jaguar jets. By your assessments, any hope of this happening? Would we in the closet future see our JAG’s in the sky? The last time I read about our JAGs, one agent was auctioning them online. However, these are virtually new planes. Is selling the best for them. Even if we re-activate 8-10 of the total 18, it surely would give our airforce a massive boost.

    III) Can we talk army aviation. The former COAS (ihejirika) had in 2013 talked about the setting up of an army aviation unit, and infact, 40 pilots were (at the time) currently undergoing training. However, since then, we’ve read nothing else on the army’s air arm. Question is, have we made any head way in the establishment of the army’s air arm? Are there any procurements in the pipline for the army’s aviation wing?

    IV) For the navy’s air arm, are we going to see any new procurements of helicopters for the navy? A top brass of the navy hinted that helicopters would be sent to the navy’s new air-command in warri and with the imminent delivery of 3 ships, would we be seeing any new helicopters for the navy?

  26. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Menatti, sorry but that leadership report is absolute nonsense! I hope I have time later, I will with little logic trash the 7 div and oil bunkering gibberish!

  27. Obix says:

    @Oga Menatti, the report sounds so ridiculous. By now you should know that we here on this blog already don’t quote media houses like PREMIUM TIMES, SAHARA REPORTERS AND THE LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER, who are all out on a mission!

  28. Are James says:

    I made the point a few weeks ago that the L 39 ZA and MB 339 upgrades were probably mired in some unbelievably mediocre ‘contracting issues’ which has now been confirmed by @Menatti.
    Overlaying Nigeria’s entire defence procurement system is provincial orientation and archaic bureaucracy that has not changed from the ’70s. Imagine dull civil servants and a few professional but commercially illiterate military officers negotiating an upgrade deal with the sales team from an international aircraft manufacturer. The issues are price, payment schedule, delivery schedule, quality assurance, warranty. How do you think this team will fare? Do we even have in the defence establishment, people who have the indoctrination to defend our ‘value for money’ on these issues if even if we concede that we have people with the qualifications who understand what they are doing.

  29. Victor says:

    Very interesting discourse. Has any one wondered why we have 25th Regulars as COAS and CAS? Don’t we think Ihejirika has been compensated with an extra year as COAS? Although he was very interested to become CDS but his latest postings in the command positions was part of his undoing. It is believed he has started losing touch of the sensitivity and he may carry this lack of sensitivity over as CDS. Also if you give a SE or SS CDS, then COAS will need to go north for a balance. The NSA is already from the north. Just a bit of the game play.

    • beegeagle says:

      Oga GENERAL Victor, looks like this dispensation shall favour you as per influence and clout. Abeg, leverage for us ooo…na beg I dey beg. I want to cover workshops, field exercises and events etc on a triservice basis such as are open to media coverage…starting from “EXERCISE TSARON TEKU” slated for February.

      Man don dey taya..morale low. Don’t like to go AWOL but can one one really continue to analyse news stories alone without field trips and still operate at the top of the game? I want to make and write the news with panache by frontal observation – ala the expose on the SBS commandos and my trip to PROFORCE. That is what we do best.

      I am hoping that high-level gladiators such as Oga Victor, Colonel and Asorock ‘go press button’ for us. Press it now abeg, sirs. The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak.

  30. beegeagle says:

    LOL..Sam Nda-Isaiah and his posse of free-spinning micronationalist zealots at LEADERSHIP have gone berserk again. What is this…wild conjecture or brazen distortion?

    Since when did it become fashionable to be ‘posted upstairs’ to serve as CDS? The only perk that I see up there is the prestigious four-star rank. Real power and control lies with the service chiefs still?

    Reality check. Be it from the perspective of resuscitation programmes for ships large and small, new acquisitions, new FOBs (five or six more..for a total of 11 FOBs and an Outpost in the Onitsha area), radar stations, another naval air station etc, the NN gained the most mileage under Ezeoba. Fact of the matter.

    I do not expect LEADERSHIP who thrive on North-South brickbatting to see that since Ezeoba is an outsider.

    And yes, the AOR has quietened down even further since 7 Division took charge in August 2013. Under the JSTF, the gun battles, rural ambushes, attacks on police stations and urban warfare were daily events.

    All these trashy platforms such as PREMIUM TIMES, SAHARA REPORTERS, LEADERSHIP need to raise their mediocre game beyond angling for spoils on behalf of narrow-minded regional interest groups and the APC. They should write the news and cut out the spin..baggers.

  31. Tope says:

    Once Again Beegeagle Bloggers have Scored according to Very Strong Nitbits I’m gettin it sees General Aliyu Gusau will be New Minister of Defence, he had agreed to Goodluck Jonathan’s request and will be confirmed by the Senate so da Bamanga Tukur Rumour is False hopefully, Now according to this source Gusau’s primary focus will be Containing and Repressing Boko Haram and Providing The Necessary Equipments to reposition the Armed Forces using his Vast and Versatile Contacts.

    Well da Combination of Gusau +Badeh+Minimah+Amosu+Jibrin is Wonderful….let’s wish it can Do Wonders but also we need a Shake up in the Police,SSS, DIA, NIA and Military Intelligence also to make sure our Security Agencies are all in da Same page, da SSS for a while hv been silent and not aiding the Army which isn’t supposed to be the Case.

    Anyways could we get more antics on da Man please?.

    • jimmy says:

      Interesting,interesting never a dull moment.For Gusau this will be emerging from the shadows to work in the publi glare.What kind impact will he have is unknown,he will have to work with someone whom he will see everyday no not gej ,the nsa,can anyone shed light on their relationship? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  32. igbi says:

    So once again the Nigerian media was there to deceive. Thank you Lt Gen Ihejirika and thank you Punch for not letting the public to stay in darkness.
    The former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Azubuike Ihejirika, has refuted media reports on the number of generals expected to go on compulsory retirement as a fallout of the appointment of the new service chiefs.

    The newly appointed service chiefs are Chief of Army Staff. Maj.-Gen. Kenneth Minimah; the Chief of Air Staff, Rear Admiral Adesola Amosun; and the Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin.

    The three took over control of the three services in Abuja on Monday.

    Ihejirika, who commended the media for effective coverage of the activities of the Nigerian Army, warned against stories that could heat up the polity.

    The former Army chief spoke while handing over the leadership of the Nigerian Army to his successor, Gen. Minimah, in Abuja on Monday.

    Ihejirika said that sensational report involving the Army should be avoided especially at a time political activities were getting to an intensified stage in the country.

    Ihejirika refuted media reports (not in the PUNCH) that 31 generals who were senior in rank to the new Army chief were to be forcibly retired.

    He said that only five officers were senior to him.

    He said that most of the affected five officers had already submitted their retirement letters to him (Ihejirika) in order to make it easy for the new chief to do his job.

    He appealed to the citizenry to give the expected support to the men of the Armed Forces to carry out their statutory security responsibilities in order to pave the way for development.

    “I want to thank the media for fair coverage of the Army. But let me remark particularly now that politics is present that you should seek clarification before you publish anything about the Army in particular so that you don’t heat up the polity.”

    Meanwhile, Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, has warned the Northern Elders Forum against dragging Ihejirika, to the International Criminal Court.

    Bishop Chukwuma, who is also the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in South-East zone, gave this warning in Enugu, on Monday.

    He was reacting to moves by the Northern Elders Forum to drag Ihejirika to the ICC over his role in Army operations within the North-East zone.

    Chukwuma told journalists that people of the zone were “totally prepared” to resist such moves from the NEF.

    The cleric berated the Northern elders for keeping quiet when Igbo people were being slaughtered on a daily basis in the area.

    “Northern elders should be warned, otherwise they are calling for another tribal war. I want to tell them that they should drop the idea of charging Ihejirika to ICC,” said Chukwuma.

    On the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party, the CAN leader said Tukur’s exit as the national chairman of the party was belated, and called on the chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih, to follow suit.

    He said, “Dropping Tukur by the President is too late. Things had already gone bad before he was dropped. Even his exit now will not solve the problem. Anenih and all the elders that are above 70 years should also go. They should play advisory roles. They are analogue and can’t work with digital devices.

    “Now on Tukur, whatever position they want to give him, I am not interested, but nobody should be made minister as a way of settlement.”

  33. Obix says:

    yes Oga Igbi. And the picture is even clearer here- New military structure as service chiefs take over

  34. Are James says:

    1. Gusau is reportedly very close to IBB who is Nigeria’s largest defence contractor (don’t quote me) and many other commercial interests. So re-equipping the military will be done with the expected downsides of conflict of interest, lack of transparency and some corruption.
    However a lot will get done within even one year, every one is pretty sure of that.
    2. There is a need to keep Ihejirika around as adviser on defence industry, maintenance and technological capability building.
    3. @Tope is right about the SSS. The service has become a rudderless body badly penetrated by diverse political tendencies and even BH. Lacking in strategic direction, they even have internal departments chasing oil thieves, kidnappers and armed robbers which is diverting from more serious national security issues. Employees’ details and photos of interrogation chambers have been posted online disgracefully and a few fatalities in the field has resulted from all these. So some very strong, hard core leadership is required at the DSS to move it from its civil service orientation to a more proactive and agile security organization. Synergistic practices with the military also need to be put in place.
    To summarize this guy is perhaps the only Nigerian with the personality and seniority to weld all these objectives together and achieve them.

  35. ifiok umoeka says:

    POLITICS AGAIN, let’s see where this leads!

  36. ifiok umoeka says:

    POLITICS AGAIN, let’s see where this leads! Is it keep my friend close and my enemies close philosophy or some definitive security or political maneuvering? We’ll see

  37. Tope says:

    The Security Agencies have raised a Valid point, let the Minister of Defence not have powers of the C-In-C but if they go to the USA the Secretary of Defence has the Pentagon under it who co-ordinate all military meanwhile the Homeland Securtiy co-ordinates all intelligence units so let us have such structures and Also the Senate has hit another point what will a 70yr old man want to do in Power? Especially close to elections but I still maintain that jst maybe this Men are Afraid of Gusau and what he plans to do and are trying to Slow down the process so expect sabotage even

    Honestly apart from the military the Police, SSS and the other Security Agencies have been acting on their own, Look at Rivers State and you can see how Unprofessional the police have become. This must stop they are to protect lives and property and not delve in petty politics.

  38. (@lordfej) says: a video on colonel mamodou ndalla the congolese colonel responsible for the defeat of m23. this is a video of that battle if. so please enjoy watching. ps the colonel was recently assassinated

    • jimmy says:

      any chance of a translation.
      THIS COLONEL was in my opinion assassinated by the buffoons in powers surrounding KABILA
      this is a guys who in this homage showed how fearless he was. it is probable that those old dogs who would rather sit in the capital doing nothing while this young man was winning the war.
      You got the idea he knew where the battle was and how to contain it and make sure his flanks were not exposed, there is a rap song that says where he moved we moved that is how the men moved it is like they knew with him around the battle was won. Now the congo will revert to its old self , for now the m23 err the rwandan expeditionary force like the tortoise has withdrawn back into its shell, humilated yes but with this colonel now assassinated no doubt by the buffoons surrounding kabila they will wait till the un gets tired or another useless war breaks out CAR? THEN THEY WILL BE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE.

      • Are James says:

        The DRC government follows the old African template – weak, dumb and corrupt. Thid was a guy who actually did not pay salaries of soldiers for months but kept utting private deals on his country’s unbelievably massive mineral deposits. When M23 was boosted by defecting soldiers and were advancing to the captal he practically withdrew, abandoned an entire part of the country almost equal to southern Nigeria and went with tails between his legs to beg Paul Kagame
        No wonder our Obasanjo had interesting words to describe him on BBC.

  39. Are James says:

    Blood and gore infantry work in one of Africa’s largest countries.
    His death was no doubt an inside job although the M23’s real owners, Museveni and Kagame would be happy.

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