A NAF Alpha Jet prepares for AFISMA air recce/border patrol in Niamey, Niger

A NAF Alpha Jet prepares for an air recce/border patrol mission

(Translated from French)

When we went to press yesterday ,
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 , we
learnt through reliable sources of an air attack by elements of the Nigerian armed forces against the
followers of the Islamic sect which led to a chase.

According to reports , the Nigerian
Army helicopter fought a battle with sectarian Boko Haram who were forced to flee their Nigerian roots to Cameroon. Meanwhile ,
they find refuge in the distance from the town of Limani in the Logone and Chari region of the Far North. There would have been some subsequent bombing. No
source could indicate damage caused by these targeted strikes (? ) Therefore , the Messenger is not able to assess the losses.

However, other sources provide
informed that for two weeks, Nigerian planes have been flying over the territory of Cameroon by mutual agreement with the
Cameroonian authorities . For others, it is nothing . For now, no official information has filtered through from the Cameroonian authorities.

Our efforts to join the representative of the Defence Minister were unsuccessful . As a reminder, it happens more week
without Boko Haram does about her in the Far North .

This is the first family of Moulin- Fournier, who was kidnapped on
board motorcycles according to informed sources for an unknown destination . France, anxious to protect his brave children decides to use all “legal” means to release Tanguy Moulin Fournier and relatives, victims of kidnapping.
Cameroon is utilized. Elements of the national defense forces have returned to the scene to find the effect of traces of the hostages.

The “corridor diplomacy ” is also set in motion for that finish , these hostages are actually released, Friday, April 26, 2013 and then returned to their hexagonal home after a reception at the palace of the unit to the end and claps
immortalization of the last moments to Cameroon before returning to France . After three
months of captivity …

A base for terrorist …

After this settlement , languages are loosened to indicate that the regime of Paul Biya would have paid ransom demanded by the kidnappers. International Relations experts like Professor Jean Claude Shanda Tonme , supported the thesis of paying ransoms with billions . Argument previously
undermined by the Elysée and the Quai d’Orsay and not denied by Cameroonian officials.

The internationalist then indicated in the columns of your newspaper that the role of Cameroon ” is
ultimately limited to receive orders on the conduct in this case. We were almost more than passive actors , like robots guided by the real bosses . Fabius was
visiting to give orders , expedite
instructions .

” A few months after the terrorist Boko Haram come charging and
attacked a missionary. The priest Georges Vandenbeusch is kidnapped and released a month and a half later, still in Cameroon. The same arguments are brought up to date before colliding . Are
there had ransoms or not? Everyone has their own analysis.

Still, that Boko Haram seems to make Cameroon one of its bases . All things Cameroonian authorities do not hear the same ear . We will return !

© The Messenger


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  1. asorockweb says:

    “According to reports , the Nigerian
    Army helicopter fought a battle with sectarian Boko Haram who were forced to flee their Nigerian roots to Cameroon”

    The visuals of an armored helicopter gunship doing battle with militants on the ground is a sight to behold.

    Abeg, who do this translation?
    This is pretty close to unreadable.

    • beegeagle says:

      Google Translate is it.
      Anyone who understands French can help us. “Air Force” appears to be “Armee de l’air” in French so I believe they are talking about NAF Hind attack helicopters. The word “armee” occurs in French nomenclature for both army and airforce and that accounts for the mixup

      Bottomline for me is…and the report is explicit about that, NAF planes are entering Cameroonian airspace on CTCOIN/hot pursuit operations with the consent of that country’s govt.

      If it started 2 weeks ago, that makes it a 2014 vista.

      • beegeagle says:


        VOA NEWS
        17 Jan 2014

        Border villages in Cameroon’s north have been deserted following heavy fighting between the Nigerian army and the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in Banki, Borno state. About 30 Cameroonians and Nigerians are said to have been wounded in the attacks, and five are feared dead.

        The heavy firing between the Nigerian army and Boko Haram created panic in Cameroonian border villages, especially Amchide.

        Residents there said the Nigerian troops fired heavily and indiscriminately at fleeing militants. Businessman Halidou Alirou told VOA the shooting created panic. Many people fled the area and Alirou said he got separated from his wife. He recalled that the firing was so heavy, many in the vicinity were forced to escape to the nearby wilderness. Many may not soon return, and an atmosphere of panic persists.

        The Nigerian army used both its infantry and air force in the attack. Resident Ayang Kaina said some Nigerians who were escaping from the crackdown are among the wounded.

        The shooting was from all angles, including from vehicles and helicopters, Kaina said, adding that houses and property were destroyed and many people were wounded.

        Many of the wounded are in hospitals in neighboring villages. Five who were seriously wounded were evacuated to a specialized hospital in Maroua, in northern Cameroon.

        Suspected Boko Haram members tried to escape into Cameroonian territory with their arms but met heavy resistance from Cameroon’s military.

        On a visit to the area Thursday, Cameroonian Defense Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o assured people the government has deployed troops to fight Boko Haram members who may flee across the border. He said that enough forces have been deployed, and pointed out that the border with Nigeria is one of the most secure in Cameroon. Some economists think the country could become an emerging economy by 2035.

        It was not the first time Boko Haram has crossed into Cameroon. The militants have abducted a French family of seven and recently released a French priest they had kidnapped in northern Cameroon.

        Boko Haram has launched attacks in Nigeria’s Borno state several times in the past two months. Its leader, Abubakar Shekau, has claimed responsibility for a December 20 attack on a Nigerian army barracks in Bama, south of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

      • beegeagle says:

        Sounds like concerted action. Hammer – Nigeria, Anvil – Cameroon.

        We attack, they halt any terrorists seeking to escape to rear bases in Cameroon. Way to go

      • peccavi says:

        armee de l’air is air force. Na end of December the thing balance

  2. Henry says:

    Google translate, I believe.

  3. ugobassey says:

    Am I wrong in saying this is the first constructive cooperation we are getting from the camerounians? Be it as it may, it is a welcome developement.

  4. tim says:

    I remember saying last year, that soon, we would be going over, that we were just waiting for the diplomats to put finishing touches,everyone thought I was talking for fun, same way they thought I was talking for fun, about the jet ranger choppers.

  5. to4shizzle says:

    Good news, it seems the Airforce is getting more serious let’s see how the new service chiefs act.

  6. ifiok umoeka says:

    If we hadn’t been cool headed, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. My Oga Igbi no be french Speaker? I think he could help

    • igbi says:

      Yes, I do speak french.
      Indeed “armée de l’air” means air force. A literal translation would be “army of the air”.
      Once again I want to emphasize on the need for every Nigerian to be able to read french.
      I do not have the time to translate the whole thing right now, but I promise I will do it tomorrow or next tomorrow.

  7. gbash10 says:

    That is what would have been done long ago.Lets hope that the new CAS would turn things around in terms of procurement.

    • Are James says:

      I second your observations on procurement.
      We are currently the worlds’ s best users of these two platforms – Alpha Jets and MI 24/35 helicopters. However, depending on the number of missions per day currently being undertaken, are probably eating deep into the design life of the airframes especially the Alpha Jets.
      Someone should start thinking of an asset strategy for uniform usage across existing inventory to and replacement program for these jets now.

      • Oje says:

        Sometime this year the airforce is expected to announce procurement plans of at least a squadron strong size fleet of retiring Italian Tornado GR7 Models and the Navy another Hamilton Class warship from the U.S Coast Guard.

      • jimmy says:

        Can you expand on this in terms of the tornado the naf has had no experience dealing with such aircraft. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  8. G8T Nigeria says:

    wonderful. This is a very strong diplomatic achievement with Cameroun.

  9. Oje says:

    We saw how France wowed the world by having the press in on some live action. Images of Raphaels and Mirages in action was a great propaganda boost for France. Nigeria could follow similar routes. The world and us Nigerians by and large do not seem to realise that the Nigerian miltary is today is the only military in Africa and one of the few in the world that has been able to effectivey subdue terrorists/extremists with minimal damage to economic infrastructure. The fact that they now launch attacks from Cameroon speaks volume on the strenght of our military allbeit with limited assets.Credit is never being given, though risky but having a couple of Camera men and war correspondent on some operations will bring to light the effectiveness and success against a new kind of enemy.

    • ugobassey says:

      Oga Oje
      I suggest we do it like the Isrealis. No publicity. Let the combatant skills of out military boys speak for themselves.

  10. beegeagle says:


    16 JAN 2014

    Officials say Cameroonian forces got involved in fighting between Nigeria’s army and the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram in a
    border town in Cameroon that killed at least one woman on Cameroonian soil and wounded five other people.

    Col. Tatang Francis, a military police
    commander in northern Cameroon, said Thursday that civilians from the Nigerian town of Banki fled across the border on Wednesday to escape heavy gunfire, and that Cameroonian forces responded to repel Boko HHaram attackers who also tried to cross over.

    He said officials arrested scores of people including suspected members of Boko Haram, which has been staging attacks in northeast Nigeria. State radio reported that one woman in Cameroon was killed and five other shooting victims were taken to hospitals. Buildings and vehicles were damaged.

  11. Spirit says:

    Now the heat is on.

    We have been canvassing for a second front for so long, thank God it finally happened.
    I never thought Cameroon will summon enough courage to allow this. What did we offer (threatened?) them? I am sure Father France must have played a key role in this ‘cooperation’.
    Anyhow, its good.

    BH camps should be constantly surveyed from land (by SFs) and from the Air by drones. This is where laser designation/guided munitions come in handy. If not for the disadvantages of cluster bombs…….. they won’t know what hit them until they see the virgins.


  12. Oje says:

    No more Virgins, they’ve all been taken. They are running out of suicide bombers and now resort to dastardly cowardly attacks against market women and children.

  13. Solorex says:

    I am happy that good reasoning as prevailed in this issue, now we are all feeling better with the negotiated solution that is devoid of confrontation with either Cameroun or France. The results have spoken loudly-Unilateral action would have been a disaster, a precursor of an evil whose magnitude is not known( an action we would have surely regretted in some way), sometimes you get more from calculated talking than calculated punching!

    The next step now is set up a joint Air response/ patrol station/team (on our side of the border) with Cameroonian Military (Using Mi 35 Gunships) with mandate to hit within described areas along the borders as necessary without recourse to military high command. Cameroonian Military does not have the Air power and tactical ability to deal with Boko Haran like we do and they will need some guided/managed assistance.
    You neighbor might not be a great guy, but it should not be difficult to work together when your neighborhood is been raided by Armed Robbers

  14. Oje says:

    Same neighbor that flooded the Southern part of Nigeria a few years back disguising it as a mistake. With Superpower wannabe France as her Mentor we should proceed with caution as regard coporation with Cameroon. Our Fighters and Helicopters breach Cameroonian airspace on a daily basis to hit Boko Haram camps, half the time they don’t even know we were there as its total radar coverage but civilian and military covers less than %10 of its airspace. With or without their help we can and should flush out these extremist anywhere they might be. We have the backing and support of the most powerful nation in the world, we have 5 sattelites in Space, now have Drones and of course the good ole Russian Helicoter gunships, no other country in West. East, Central Africa even comes close in terms of military capabilities.

  15. Tope says:

    Oje wich of da Variants? IDS, ECR? We now have the following rumoureOje wich of da Variants? IDS, ECR? We now have the following rumoureOje wich of da Variants? IDS, ECR? We now have the following rumoureOje wich of da Variants? IDS, ECR? We now have the following rumoured jets:

    1. Sukhoi 23 or 24
    2. JF-17 Thunder Block 2
    3.Hongdu L-

  16. Oje says:

    It will most likely be the IDS Variant, The Tornado fighter is a ground attack aircraft/ interceptor not an air superiority fighter, suitable for low-altitude penetrating strike missions. Its not a rumour, what most of us don’t know is that the Italians are leading the way when it comes to modernising the Nigerian airforce. Two years ago we aquired the highly advanced maritime surveilance aircraft from them. A fleet of 10-12 J-7’s, 15 Alpha Jets and 10 Panavia Tornado Fighters, more than 15 Mi Russian heligunships and logistical assets like the Hercules C-130 will in one stroke make the Nigerian airforce amongst the most potent in Africa.

    • Henry says:

      Oga oje, pardon me. Are you been real or sarcastic?

    • rka says:

      @Oje, It will take a lot to keep the Tornados airworthy as they cannot cut corners regarding maintenance. The RAF had a lot of problems with maintenance at one stage and they are not cheap to keep airworthy and available for missions.

      I really hope if true everything has been thought through properly.

      • Are James says:

        You might be surprised to find the Tornado has a lower maintenance and overall life cycle cost compared to all existing Russian and Chinese fighters because they actually were designed from the ground up to achieve that. It has to do with the technical details around the engines and airframe, number of cycles before fatigue, creep, lubrication design, airframe fatigue strength and so on…
        You might also be surprised to find for instance that America’s latest frontline fighter aircraft the F35 would eventually be 100% less expensive to maintain and operate than the F15.
        Such are the advances in reliability engineering that newer aerospace assets have better reliability and maintainability built into them. I don’t think the Russians and Chinese have caught on yet as far as these techniques are concerned.
        Which brings me to another new Italian fighter – trainer called the M346. This aircraft has not had a lot of mention on this forum but as far as maintenance cost, ruggedness, adaptability and rapid deployment goes, the Chinese Hongdu L15 does not light a candle to it. Add to this the deep and long lasting relationships with the manufacturer that gave us the MB 339 and who now own the makers of the L39 then it is a no brainer where we should be going for aircraft procurement.
        The JF17 block 2 was developed and is currently being produced ‘on a shoestring’ by Pakistan and they look set to make lots of money in the next 10 years. The Chinese are looking beyond this toy for their national defence airations. A preferred strategy for Nigeria should have been to offer about $800million to buy our way into access to the technology, profits and overall capability to play in this strategic industry and build our own local aircraft design and manufacturing capabilities.
        So putting it together our medium term procurement strategy should be as follows:
        Buy = European & US aircraft.
        Make = Collaborate with Pakistan on existing programs
        Train= Europe, US

      • Sideways&smilling says:

        @Are James I thought the M346, YAK 130 & Hongdu L15 were basically the same Aircraft?

  17. Oje says:

    Oga Henry? What is sarcastic about my post?

  18. Henry says:

    What I meant was, the tornado is a high cost and a high maintenance fighter. When we take into account our maintenance record and the fact the pakistanis had to be called in to salvage our F-7’s, would the tornado be a reasonable path to follow?

  19. Oje says:

    NTA News. In the same news they featured a 30 minutes exclusive on heads of militaries from Ghana, Mali and other West African countries in Abuja’s new National Space Command, it focused on how with military cooperations Ecowas countries can benefit via intelligence gathering and Sattelite photo’s.

    • Are James says:

      I need to say that I still don’t believe your story about the Tornados. Its low level fighting ability, 4th generation technologies and weapon load is just what we need dont get me wrong. Its just that these funny Europeans don’t like us that much and are too myopic to understand the changing african regional geo politics.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Oje, do we have a GR 7 tornado? Thought the GR 7 is a Harrier!

    • rka says:

      The GR 7/GR 9 were the Harriers when in RAF service. The Tornados are GR4s in RAF service. The Italian ones are Tornado IDSs and used to have ADVs in the air defence role before the Typhoons took over.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Back in November 2010 on CE Forum, some of us (Freeegulf, Igbanibo, RussellInfinity, Ocelot2006 et al) prescribed a joint swoop on a mix of used Alpha Jet (dedicated attack variants) and the Tornado IDS. From what we wrote at that time, the cost implications are as follows:


    We can actually get TWENTY-FOUR units of the Alpha Jet 2 PLUS FOUR trainer
    variants for a little less than US$50m!


    Alpha Jet A
    PRICE: $1,654,181
    WEIGHT: 8.09 tons
    CREW: 1
    COMBAT EQUIPMENT: Radar Warning
    Receiver, ECM
    TAKE-OFF & LANDING: 550/495m Hardened Runway
    WEAPONS STATIONS: 5 Hardpoints

    Alpha Jet ACAS
    PRICE: $1,695,173
    WEIGHT: 8.11 tons
    CREW: 1
    COMBAT EQUIPMENT: Radar Warning
    Receiver, ECM, Inertial Navigation
    TAKE-OFF & LANDING: 550/495m Hardened Runway
    WEAPONS STATIONS: 5 Hardpoints

    OPTION C WINS IT..for cost and configuration for combat missions
    Alpha Jet 2
    PRICE: $1,753,226
    WEIGHT:9.02 tons
    Radar Warning Receiver,
    ECM, Inertial Navigation,
    TAKE-OFF & LANDING: 550/495m
    Hardened Runway
    WEAPONS STATIONS: 5 Hardpoints


    The stuff which we seek is comparatively
    so affordable. Why are we dilly-dallying so
    much? Surely cost cannot be one of the
    issues!! We can actually get TWENTY- FOUR UNITS OF STRIKE TORNADOES PLUS
    FOUR TRAINER VARIANTS for less than
    US$180m! Tornado IDS Notes: This is the strike version of the Tornado multirole aircraft. It was a joint
    venture of Germany, Britain, and Italy, and
    is in service with those countries and with
    Saudi Arabia. The Tornado is a variable geometry aircraft with automatic sweep;
    the wings change their angle of sweep in
    response to changes in airspeed. The
    crew has ejection seats and the aircraft is
    capable of in-flight refueling. Up to 4 of
    its hardpoints may be used for drop tanks. This is the strike version of the Tornado multirole aircraft. It was a joint venture
    of Germany, Britain, and Italy, and is in
    service with those countries and with
    Saudi Arabia. The Tornado is a variable geometry aircraft with automatic sweep;
    the wings change their angle of sweep in
    response to changes in airspeed. The
    crew has ejection seats and the aircraft is
    capable of in-flight refueling. Up to 4 of
    its hardpoints may be used for drop tanks.

    PRICE (used): $6,395,577
    WEIGHT: 27.95 tons
    CREW: 2
    NIGHT VISION: Radar, FLIR, Thermal

    Flare/Chaff Dispensers,
    Radar Warning Receiver,
    Deception Jamming,
    IR Uncage, TFR,
    Look-Down Radar,
    Track While Scan,
    Laser Designator,
    2 x 27mm autocannons
    9 hardpoints

    IF ACQUIRED in 2011, these jets will serve the NAF for a MINIMUM of 10 YEARS. It is interesting to note that we acquired 15 units of brand-new F7 jets for US$251 million whereas we could ACTUALLY have obtained a total of FIFTY-SIX jets for US $230 million, namely 24 units(attack) and 4 units(trainer) of
    IDS Tornado 24 units(attack) and 4 units(trainer) of Alpha Jet 2 ..

    There would have been NO COMPARISON
    as far as the number of platforms, value,
    more comprehensive national airspace
    coverage and multitasking capabilities
    are concerned.

    Even if acquired over a period of two
    years (at an annual commitment outlay
    of US$115m for each of those years) ,
    the NAF will receive 14 IDS Tornado (twelve strike units+two trainers) AND
    14 Alpha Jet IIs (twelve strike units+two
    trainers) in one fell swoop for each
    annual outlay of US$115 million!! Even that could have LONG SINCE been paid for from the SECURITY VOTE ALONE (never mind the defence budget)…and we play the fiddle while Rome burns? What have we been doing or thinking really?

    Generals this morning, I weep for Nigeria o! Something must be wrong somewhere. I kid you not.


    (Beegeagle writing 8-11-2010 on the CE Forum…FOTORAMA Page 82)

  22. rka says:

    @Oga Are James, I know things have improved with the Tornado, but I was just recalling the problems the RAF had especially when the maintenance was handed over to a private contractor. I can’t remember off the top of my head what availability rate the Tornado achieves generally, but I suppose if Italian stock is bought, I will assume it will come with an initial maintenance contract with them.

    The tactics of using them as they were designed for low level strike missions was abandoned during the Iraq war because they were vulnerable to Iraqi SAMs in favour of high level precision strike missions, so if we do go for it, we have to make sure the aircrafts are not stripped of the avionics suite and should be supplied with the required targeting pods etc.

    I am with you on M346 which the Israelis have bought as a replacement for their A4 Ahit as a LIFT.

    I also would like a mix of Western and Chinese/Russian aircraft as well as transfer of technology which would most probably come from the Pakistanis, but I have been reading an article in Air Forces Monthly where the head of the JF-17 programme was interviewed and not a hint of any sales to Nigeria, but mentioned the Middle East, Venezuela, Egypt, Argentina, Serbia as potential customers, although they seem more focused on the Middle East.

    We will just have to watch this space and wait for the NAF to surprise us.

  23. ifiok umoeka says:

    The 346 master is based on the Yak 130 mitten with variations in engine and avionics and of course price! I don’t see the master doing anything that the mitten can’t do! We also expect it 2 be reliable and cheap 2 operate!
    The L15 is something else ( I hope I don’t inherit the whirlwind) its Chinese, though it saw inputs from Yak and bears some similarity with the mitten, its variation is vaster than the Mitten/Master’s! Eg, the dimensions are not the same nor the engines (in the sense that the mitten and co are sub/trans sonic and have no after burners while the 15 has (thus cost of operation and maintenance will favour the former).
    Then when u add, strategic diversity, the Yak is the winner all round, but who ever gives us the ability to maintain these birds in country should win!
    I remember asking why we don’t muddle (with open eyes) up with the Italians especially in this austerity, we would win!

    • rka says:

      Yes, the Master is an off-shoot of the joint development between Russia and Italy. Italy pulled out and Russia continued with the Mitten while Italy moved forward with the Master, hence similarities in the design.

      As with anything Russian/Chinese (L15) when compared to Western products, it is cheaper to produce etc.

  24. ifiok umoeka says:

    If the tornadoes are coming, then the future is bright for us

    • rka says:

      If Menatti’s comments are anything to go by on the other thread, we won’t be seeing the Tornado very soon. There is the distinct possibility that Oga Oje may have misheard and thought they said Tornado instead of Tucano, or it was misrepresented on NTA news.

      Well, we wait and hope.

      • Are James says:

        :….or we get them with vital capabilities removed.

      • beegeagle says:

        Please, if that is the gameplan, we are in for another Jag-type gaffe yet again. I dunno why our people like to get mauled in the process of hankering after Giffen goods…almost like sadomasochists. You forego the attainable and hanker after the elusive. We have been hankering after elusive F16s and Mirage 2000s since the late 1980s whereas gettable MiG 29s and Su-24s were on the rack.

        In the end, our hangars are today bereft of befitting aircraft today since we came away empty-handed from our wild goose chase.

        If the Tornadoes are to be sold stripped down, we should just look elsewhere…even if it is to the JF17 Block 2, I would be a lot more comfortable with that. The Russians and Chinese sell far more full-featured jets any day and aftersales puppeteering is not one of their interests.

        Comparatively,Western partners are either trying to sell a dud or want to tell you when and how to fly your plane.

        If there are any strings attached, we should just opt out of it. Period. I want to stay hopeful because of the quantum of useable air assets which have come through Italy and which have not caused us a lot of headaches

        – Alenia ATR 42-500 MPA Surveyor

        – Aermacchi MB 339

        – Alenia G222

        – Agusta A109e Power

        – Agusta AW 139

        Compared to the rest of them, the “corrupt” and streetwise Italians 🙂 are not so antagonistic towards Nigeria. I hope we can do serious military business.

  25. Henry says:

    Thing is, both the JF-17 and SU-27’s have all been speculation, rumours that’s it. The only firm orders the government has confirmed are those of the MIL helicopters and the Super Tucanos.

    @RKA, I don’t believe Oga Oje misheard what was reported in the news. I don’t believe the Italians fly the Super Tucanos. We’d just have to watch and see.

    All of these are speculative. Until we see planes on the ground, I’d rather remain sceptical.

    • rka says:

      @Henry, I kind of agree that we don’t really know, afterall, only a select few in the top echelons would know about plans for any fighters (apart from pilots who are meant to fly them).

      I don’t think Oje did either, I was just speculating as the Italians don’t use the Tucanos. You know what our jounalists are like sometimes. What surprises me is, if true, none of our journalists bothered to pick it up and run with it.

      @Are James, I don’t think it would be worth it with the capabilities removed. We might as well push for the Su27/30/35.

  26. Tope says:

    5 different Platforms have so far been rumoured to be coming Nigeria’s way.

    Sukhoi 27

    JF-17 Thunder Block 2

    Tornado GR4 IDS Variant

    Super Tucano

    Hongdu L-15

    I say let’s get them all and see if we can get Aermacchi to help us get da L-39ZA and da MB309’s working again and Lastly HAL of India for our JAGs imagine if we can get dis Airframes up and Running…….Internal Strife will reduce to 0. Meanwhile we need to Get 3 more Advanced Surveillance Airframes while our Drones support to gather intelligence.

    I trust da RC-25 Heads will actually Focus on Procurement this time around and please for those of us who speak to Armed Force Chaps just keep layin dis info to them it would definitely reach da Top of the Pie soon, if we are already known to Top Brass in the Army, Navy and Airforce let’s push for Defence HQ especially dia Procurement Unit to check da blog out.

  27. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Beegs the great, thank you sir! We have 2 look @ it with ‘what’s best 4 the country eyes’ and the deal must be gov 2 gov with no middle men!
    But then again, say they remove what they call sensitive equipment and sell it cheap enough for us 2 replace those equipment with something as good or even better yet cost effective, I think it would still be good 4 us! What we mustn’t compromise is our ability 2 keep it serviceable with or without outside help. That 2 me would be a win. Look @ Iran, almost 40yrs on and the complex tomcats are still flying in spite of the Americans , that deserves a reserved spot in the annals of military history

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