A Bofors FH77B 155mm field howitzer
of the Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery

Thu, 16 Jan 2014

The new Commander of 302 Artillery Regiment, Onitsha, Col. Jibrin Fagge, has solicited the cooperation of members of the public and media in fighting crime and vices in Anambra.

Fagge spoke in Onitsha when he took
over the command from Brig.-Gen.
Taritimiye Gagariga, who has been
redeployed to the National War College, Abuja. He said the doors of regiment would be open to public complaint and enquiries.

“I remain grateful to the media and the general public for their support and cooperation to the success of this
regiment, especially to the outgoing
commander. “I would, however, plead that you extend the same gesture to me as I am prepared to put more sacrifice for the nation as well as the good people of Anambra.

“We cannot do it alone, we shall count much on your support and cooperation to enable us uplift the status of the Army and image of the regiment,’’ he said. He enjoined officers and soldiers to be more dedicated to their duties, adding
that “whatever you are doing, do it well’’.

The outgoing Commander had thanked the public, especially members of the media for their support during his tenure in office.“You people have been wonderful,
starting from the public, the journalists and even the state government.

“I know how I met this place when I
assumed duty and the great changes here today. Even as I am about leaving, am grateful to the state government,’’ Gagariga said. He appealed to officers and soldiers to
extend the same hands of friendship to the new commander.

“You must not forget to obey civil
authorities and ensure you carry out your internal security operations duty
professionally,’’ he advised.

In a related development, both the
outgoing and incoming commanders,
decorated 33 newly promoted soldiers from various ranks.

Reports indicate that Jibrin was formerly the Deputy Chief of Staff Operation in 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Maiduguri.


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  1. doziex says:

    These Bofors guns and the self propelled Palmaria guns or even our 130mm guns should be dug in, in well fortified fire bases along our north east border with Cameroon.
    These fire bases should fortified by military engineers, using the latest best practices. Hesco barriers, mines, barb wires, sniper towers etc.

    Vulcan and Shilka anti-aircraft guns should be made available for defensive horizontal fire.

    With drones and spec ops reconnaissance, these guns can target BH activities on both sides of the border.
    India employed their Bofors guns in this way in the Kargil War against Pakistani-sponsored insurgents.

  2. Bola David says:

    Wow, Gen. Thanks for bringing back to me the sweet experience I had as a Youth Corps Member serving at 302 Artillery.

    I can’t forget the fatherly approach of the two Commanders – first, Col. Lokogwoma and by the time I was leaving the then Col. Ikpeme. Not sure of their ranks today or if they are even still in service.

    The 2iC was the then Lt. Col. Feyi Kayode, who I understand is now close to the rank of a Brig. Gen.

    I remember working under 3 different Adjutants: the then Capt Charles Zebere, Lt. Sanni and by the time I was leaving the then Lt. TY Addo.

    302 Arty has always made me feel like a soldier.

    Welcome on board, the new Commander. Wish you the best, sir.

  3. peccavi says:

    What weapon system does 302 Regt use?

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry, I keep hearing this vulcan from time 2 time, does the army have vulcans?

    • beegeagle says:

      From as long ago as the late 1980s when I first saw a Nigerian Army inventory on paper, possibly acquired earlier in the 1970s, they have owned 60 units of Vulcan 20mm AAA towed guns.

      Coincidentally, the National Air Defence Corps of the NAF also appear to field that weapon in the main. One can be see very near the MMA 2 in Lagos.

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    The American M167 VADS? Thought it was the M163 VADS SPAAG! Thanks 4 clearing that up sir!

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