Former Chief of Army Staff, Lt General OA Ihejirika (left) hands over to his successor, Major General Kenneth Minimah at Army Headquarters in Abuja on Monday, 20 January 2014


20 January, 2014

Nigeria’s newly-appointed military
chiefs Monday assumed office following the respective handover ceremonies in Abuja, PANA reported here.

They are the new Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh, the new Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Maj.-Gen. Kenneth Tobiah Jacob Minimah, the new Chief of Naval Staff (CNS),Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin, and the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Vice Marshal Adesola Nunayon Amosu.

Last Thursday, President Goodluck
Jonathan retired the former chiefs,
including Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim
(CDS), Lt.-Gen. Onyeabo Azubuike
Ihejirika (COAS), and Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba (CNS).

At the handover ceremony at the Army
headquarters, outgoing COAS, Lt.-Gen.
Ihejirika announced that the Nigerian
Army procured a fleet of Unmanned
Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which are being deployed to the North East part of the country to aid the war against terror.

The new UAVs are part of the approved new Order of Battle (ORBAT) in 2013. With it, Ihejirika said, “there is no hiding place for the Boko Haram insurgents.”

Former CNS, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba, also announced that the Navy had concluded the acquisition of six new Seaward Defence Boats (SDBs) and two Inshore Patrols Craft (IPC) while eight vessels are currently undergoing life extension refits and three IPCs have been reactivated.

In the acquisition of the two Offshore
Patrol Vessels (OPVs) being built at the Wuchang Shipyard in China, Ezeoba announced that the first of the OPVs will be launched next week and would be delivered to Nigeria by the middle of the year. In addition, the second OPV will be completed next year.

Also, a United States Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Gallatin, a Hamilton-class high endurance vessel, will be transferred to Nigeria under a “hot transfer” by the third quarter of this year. In addition, he said, the Navy acquisition of five K-13 IPC will be completed by March this year.

These acquisitions, Ezeoba stated, is
“towards emplacing a fleet with the
desired capability to effectively
dominate the nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone and the Gulf of Guinea”


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  1. asorockweb says:

    A more detailed coverage of the end of year briefing by the outgoing CNS.
    It appear that NNS Aradu will be retrofitted this year (2014).

    The Nigerian Navy will take delivery of a number of new vessels next year as it attempts to reduce maritime crime, oil theft and attacks on ships, according to its recently released Strategic Guidance document.

    Vice Admiral Dele J Ezeoba, Chief of Naval Staff, said that on assuming office in October 2012, he was committed to repositioning the Nigerian Navy, improving capability for internal security and policing the Gulf of Guinea. As a result, a first Chief of Naval Staff Strategic Guidance document (CNS SG-01) was issued in October last year.

    According to Ezeoba, 90% of SG-01’s objectives have been completed. Significant progress has been made on fleet reactivation and recapitalisation, with the availability of operational vessels increasing from 35% to 70% within a year, according to SG-02, released late last month.

    Over the last year the Nigerian Navy took delivery of three OCEA patrol boats, three Manta Fast Patrol Boats and two Shaldag patrol craft. Construction is ongoing on two Chinese offshore patrol vessels, one of which will be built in China and the other to be completed at the Naval Shipyard in Nigeria. Nigeria’s naval dockyard is also building a 38 metre Seaward Defence Boat. The Navy is also refitting the NNS Ekun fast attack craft, NNS Ohue and NNS Barama minesweepers and will soon refit the NNS Yola and NNS Brass patrol craft. In addition, three inshore patrol craft will be reactivated.

    On the operational side, the Nigerian Navy continued with patrols and reactivated a number of Regional Maritime Awareness Capability Centres and is setting up new sites to improve its maritime domain awareness. Operational successes listed for the previous year up to October 2013 included the apprehension of 33 vessels and 2 278 suspects over oil theft, the destruction of 2 417 illegal oil refineries, 137 barges and 2 032 boats, according to SG-02.

    While Ezeoba said that the Navy can be proud of its achievements over the last year, there is room for improvement, hence the creation of SG-02. The Navy wants to clamp down on problems like oil theft, illegal oil bunkering, piracy, robbery at sea and attacks on ships. Ezeoba stated that solving these problems is necessary for Nigeria’s economic prosperity, as it relies heavily on its offshore and onshore oil reserves.

    Strategic Guidance 02 expands on the previous document’s objectives, notably improving Navy capacity and domestic and regional security. Short term goals to be accomplished in the next six months include acquiring five K13 inshore patrol vessels, ensuring operational availability of at least four Navy helicopters, establishing a Fishery Protection Patrol Squadron in collaboration with the agriculture ministry, Nimasa and other stakeholders, and improving Navy logistics and training.

    Medium term goals (over the next 12 months) include the acquisition of the ex-US Coast Guard cutter USCGC Gallatin, the completion and commissioning of the first Chinese-built OPV and domestic assembly of the second Chinese OPV, commissioning of the second domestic Seaward Defence Boat, completion of the refit of NNS Brass and NNS Yola and the refit of the frigate NNS Aradu, the fast attack craft NNS Siri, Ayam and Damisa. The refit of the fast patrol boat NNS Ekpe, Ekun and minesweepers NNS Ohue and NNS Barama are also expected to be completed in this period.

    “All hands must be on deck to ensure the attainment of the objectives set out in this Strategic Guidance 02 in fulfilment of the desired end state of defending and protecting Nigeria’s territorial integrity whilst contributing to the economic prosperity and national development of Nigeria,” Ezeoba concluded.

  2. beegeagle says:

    KUDOS to Lt General Ihejirika…you set a lofty standard, sir. God bless you and yours in perpetuity.

    Enter the Jumping General..KTJ Minimah. A defining moment in a man’s career..taking possession of the combat-savvy flag of an unrelenting Nigerian Army. Glory..GLORY. So I see fire in the man’s eyes. For BH, wahala comes to town then 🙂

  3. Are James says:

    Meanwhile, for 2014 this is the formula for the NAF:
    CAS SG-01 = CAS SG-02 = 0

  4. beegeagle says:

    For the NN, new vistas beckon in 2014


    – first 1800 ton stealth OPV coming in April

    – a second ex-USCGC 3,250 ton behemoth to be transferred in Q3, 2014

    – the second 1800 ton stealth to be brought into the Nigerian Navy Shipyard at Port Harcourt in Q1 2014 where about two-thirds of the construction/outfitting shall take place..a boon for local military shipbuilding

    – having completed a first-ever 31 metre Made-in-Nigeria patrol ship in 2012, NN architects and engineers shall also complete another Made-in-Nigeria 38 metre patrol craft in 2014

    – five 35 metre Sentinel Fast Multirole Vessels intended for the new Fisheries Protection Squadron and paid for by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture shall begin to enter service

    – two 32 metre OCEA FPB 98 Mk.II patrol craft, one of them paid for by the Nigerian Ports Authority, shall enter NN service

    – any number of new helicopters from the USA intended for the NN Air Arm expected


    – two sparingly deployed and long laid-up 50 metre 620 ton Lerici-class MCMVs being reconfigured as midshore patrol vessels to re-enter service…possibly 80% as fresh as they were in the beginning.

    – three of six Lurssen/Combattante III 58 metre Fast Attack Craft being upgraded for reinduction into the fleet

    – three of eight fitfully deployed 31-32.8 metre Abeking+Rasmussen/Brooke Marine patrol craft being upgraded

    – two sparingly used Westland Lynx Mk.89 anti-submarine warfare helicopters with which the NN Air Arm commenced operations in 1984, reportedly undergoing upgradation possibly for service as embarked helicopters on the incoming 1,800 ton stealth OPVs.

    – activated/reactivated more RMACC coastal radar stations

    That, among others, represents the lofty standard set by Vice Admiral DJ Ezeoba in whom we are well pleased. Sail on, First Sealord.

  5. Tope says:

    Oh my Lord do we take notes of what da CNS and COAS have given Nigerians as Party gift?

    COAS : Fleet of UAVs now that could be any number could we in this lifetime know what type of drones will be operational? Meaning we would see more of SF chaps nna dis is eerily similar to wat we hv been saying could it just be……………I would end it there, as for the Jumping General da way he has been hyped all over the Army shows he has the Rank and file trust and also is super capable so its time to clamp down on the BH menace hard,

    As for Ezeoba cheiii I fit cry ooo! In one year dis man has transformed the Navy, he said 90% I say 100% completed for his SG-01, na SG-02 if all is well and its followed we would see the largest haul of IPCs, FPCs, SDBs. Numbering 30 I would do my calculations and lay it another time.

    A Refit of Aradu, Hamilton 2 and Chinese OPVs will mean 4 OPVs will be In Operation in Nigerian Waters nw dats Gulf of Guinea Projection at its Strongest considering all can have a Continous at Sea Presence, infact the projects for Navy too plenty so we go jst dey watch.

  6. camouflage1984 says:

    There is a rumor that Tukur will be the new defense minister

    • beegeagle says:

      No need..Minister of Industries would be more appropriate for him.

      LOOK to retired generals with solid pedigree such as the coursemates of the NDA Regular Course 1 such as Lt Generals Joshua Dogonyaro and Salihu Ibrahim if they need military thoroughbreds and effective commanders.

      If they need slightly younger men, Brig Gen Adetunji Olurin of the NDA Regular Course 3 and Major General MC Alli of the SSC Course 2 seem to be great options for strong, effective and disciplined helmsmen.

  7. beegeagle says:

    To add to that, Tope, between the time in October 2012 and January 2014 that Admiral Ezeoba manned the naval turf, the following assets were commissioned

    – nine 17 metre Manta Mk.II ASD Littoral Interceptors

    – three OCEA FPB 72 Mk.II patrol craft

    – three Shaldag Mk.II Fast Patrol Craft

  8. beegeagle says:

    General Ihejirika served as COAS between September 2010 and January 2014.

    Among many other achievements, he

    * retrained no less than 15,000-20,000 soldiers for CTCOIN operations

    * uparmoured and upgunned 50 of an estimated 500 Pinzgauer ATVs

    * gave us a Made-in-Nigeria APC manuufactured by NAEME

    * masterminded the largest ever intake of 9,000 recruits into the NA as he moved to boost the NA’s strength from a little over 100,000 men to 150,000 men

    * acquired made-in-Nigeria Modant Marine gunboats and TP Marine K38 combat catamarans for NA amphibious forces

    * established the new 14 Infantry Brigade, 35 Artillery Brigade, 5 Brigade, 12 Brigade, 17 Brigade, Special Operations Command and the 7 Infantry Division

    * set up the 178 Special Force Bn, 101 Reserve Bn, 344 Arty Regt at Ezillo and pencilled down/started new battalions for Ibodi-Ilesha, Doma, Mubi, Kafanchan, Azare, Serti, Damaturu etc

    * trained 40 pilots for the Army’s Aviation Corps

    * commissioned new barracks projects and rehabilitated dozens of administrative and barracks accomodation across Nigeria


    – the Chieftaincy of Civil-Military Relations

    – directorate of Transformation+Innovation

    – the NA Composite Ration Factory

    – Nigerian Army Training Centre

  9. Obix says:

    Fantastic news! But my ogas, where’s the Air force in all these? Air Marshal Badeh should have given us a view of what he left behind and what to expect.

    • beegeagle says:

      Here is the scorecard of the former CAS, Air Marshal Badeh

      * Bomb disposal robot

      * Made-in-Nigeria GULMA UAV

      * an order for three Mi-35P attack helics, six Mi-35M attack helics and six Mi-171Sh assault helicopters

      * a new hangar at 81 AMG

      * upgradation of an Alenia ATR 42-500 MPA to the more capable ATR 42-500 ELINT Surveyor plane (NAF 931)

      * acquisition of a Boeing 737-500 troop transport plane(NAF 916)

      * upgradation of a Lockheed C130-H30 and nine Alpha Jet ground attack aircraft

      * NAF Air Warfare Centre

  10. ifiok umoeka says:

    I’m sure my Oga Menatti has something 2 say, waiting…

  11. Are James says:

    Any indications what UAVs were acquired?
    I suspect the Hermes 450.

    Elbit Systems are already chopping a $60mln internet surveillance contract as we speak and Jona has gone to Israel personally to see the politicians. So they should have even given us for free.

  12. Oje says:

    Navy and army leaving the airforce behind? Crazy

  13. drag_on says:

    A slightly off topic question for those in the know.
    1. In terms of days at sea/ miles covered, exactly how old do you think Aradu is?I suspect the hull integrity should be pretty good considering the German heritage.

    2. Our communication sattelite (NigComSat-1R) is geo-stationary over Somalia.
    If connected to the GULMA using sattelite data connection,surely the drones range should only be dependent on the fuel? I understand it needs a secondary back up connection,but at least it should be possible.

  14. Oje says:

    Yep. Googled the NTA report and found nothing on google. Even the rumoured SU-25 is not on google.

  15. Tope says:

    See da Army and Navy are all pushing for forward thinking, the Airforce is looking inward. Da Truth is all dis Air Arms are also Doin R and D but we are seeing Dem BUY Platforms well until da 15 attack Helos arrive na Big Zero I give them.

    Yes we know they hv a Contract wit some Universities to build our own Jet but any progress interms of something actually starting even if na paperwork sef and yet again we want da Airforce to BUY new Airframes so AVM Amosu and Badeh pls we kneel down beg una jst get us new Airframes and continue ur Upgrades wit oda platforms and I would personally raise a campaign for u on dis blog.

  16. drag_on says:

    I’d suggest we start developing our own Jet engine. Trust me, we have enough brains home and abroad to develop our own engine. Once that is done, we switch to developing jet trainers for our Air Force while joining up with Pakistan to develop their JF-17. We should remember that the JF-17 is for export too, so we can invest in it knowing it can have possible ROI . NNPC is finding it hard to account for $10 billion. I am sure Pakistan wont mind accepting $2 billion to make us a partner in their JF-17 R & D. That way we get tech transfer. The only other way is espionage.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you very much, I thought no one noticed. NNPC stole $10bn as operating expenses from Nigerians in 9 months. Guess how much Pakistan spent developing the JF17 – $500 mln. I am sure half of even that came from scrimping from US annual military aid of $1billion which the US might take away any moment.
      Pakistan also had about 1500 mid size foundries as far back 15 years ago.
      Way to go for us is to establish five R&D institutions within AFIT – propulsion, aerodynamics /airframe design bureau, avionics, digital flight controls and high speed data processing and make them go into partner programs with universities with a mandate to do ‘copy engineering’ while at the same time buying our way into collaborative programs with Pakistan, China, Brazil and South Africa.

  17. Tope says:

    Just In, President Goodluck Jonathan Nominates Gusau and others. So there you have it barring any delay……Aliyu Mohammed Gusau will be Defence Minister.

    • jimmy says:

      wow you guys are very , very good on this blog. i am at work right now and my new year pledge is not to say anything negative about the NAF or the CDS although OGA DOZIEX you dey try me o! with these sly comments. i am tempted but i will resist the spirit is stronger than the flesh lol.

  18. drag_on says:

    That does not mean we should not get the Air-superiority/deep strike platforms we need though.

  19. ugobassey says:

    UAVs was one of the instruments I remember mentioning in other to get an upper hand in COIN. Glad to see that the Army procured some.

    • beegeagle says:

      First time someone whispered to me that the NA were using tactical drones in-theatre was 2011 and the chap is one of the bigwigs on the satellite projects. He was on ground in China for the launch of the NIGCOMSAT to be sure.

      • ugobassey says:

        Oga Beags
        Can you shed light on if the telecommunications ministry has allocated any of its satellite transponders to the Nigerian Military. This would allow for a complete integration of various strategic platforms to enable real-time gathering and sharing of data; an indispensable asset in COIN.

  20. doziex says:

    Former spy boss general Gusau may be what the doctor ordered for our military.

    Notice, he asked to do the job, under certain conditions.

    I believe one of them is to put the budget in his hands, and remove all constraints from the finance minister.
    I am hoping the man is disgusted with the status quo, and maybe trying to do a very un nigerian thing.
    Like leave a LEGACY.

  21. (@lordfej) says: cyber generals and fellow ogas at the top here is operation several by the french in mali am sure you would like it

  22. (@lordfej) says:

    @ oga doziex lol like leave a legacy.

  23. Are James says:

    While I see the need not to be too critical of our service chiefs working night and day to secure the country, I still take issue with your record keeping for the air force.This is what I have, even for upgrades and maintenance which we are arguably just routine stuff.

    * 9 Alpha jets were not upgraded (merely PDMed)
    *MB 339 upgrade to MB 339CD (not completed since 4 years ago)
    *L 39ZA (No information but generally this project is in the dogs)
    *MI 35M and MI 171sh helicopter order (not done for lack of money)
    *F7 Ni (crashed)
    *F7 Ni (crashed)
    *FT 7 (crashed)
    *Alpha Jet (crashed)
    *MI 35 Chopper (destroyed on the ground by hordes of half educated BH miscreants)
    *MIG 21 jets (destroyed on the ground by BH)
    *Boeing 737 Acquisition (everybody’s head is still spinning from this one, meanwhile the plane is not operational as we speak.
    * New Presidential Fleet Expansion (Very well funded, new jet expected soon. $57 million annual maintenance budget. New CAS described Presidential Fleet pilots ‘ the elite of the NAF)
    * Hangar construction. (of debateable value in the absence of new attack craft, probably informed by strategic scattering of combat jets or whatever. In any case the project was not extended to the NE. Boko Haram rewarded Nigeria for that slip by damaging an unspecified number of aircraft.
    Overall Appraisal
    The impression one gets is that of a service obsessed with the ceremonial aspects of their duties to the exclusion of air protection service delivery to the motherland. The dis proportionate funding of the NAF vis a vis the Presidential air fleet is a case in point. Current estimates put the number of private jets in Nigeria including Presidential, State governments and Businessmen at
    well above 250 aircraft with a book value of $6bn.
    The force also lacks the capability to adequately project power in defence of vital National interests in the Maghreb, Niger Delta Economic zone and the Gulf of Guinea thereby making sister arms of the Nigerian military sitting ducks in the event of the break out of hostilities.
    Capabilities exhibited during very well funded the Air Shows and Expos (which they seem to do better than other services) are not sustainable given current level of funding and availability.
    Of particular concern is the fact that the air forces of Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda now exceed the NAF in the quality and firepower of deployed platforms. It is instructive that the Nigerian Army currently leads the NAF in the deployment and usage of UAVs.
    Way Forwards
    1. Re orientation from ceremonial mindset (the Israeli air force has the ugliest uniform for instance)
    2. Articulate a Strategic Guidance Vision (do not be modest in aspirations while doing this)
    3. Develop Backbone technology development training program (60 engineers, radar scientists, electro optical scientists, and data scientists / year)
    4. Sustain tempo of advanced fighter pilot training and re certification (15 pilots per year)
    5. Acquire 6 nos. 4.5 generation fighter for air superiority
    5. Acquire 1 squadron of SU – xx 4th generation aircraft for deep strike capability.
    6. Immediately acquire the SU – yy ground attack fighters for relatively low tech anti BH operations
    7. Acquire Super Tucano for anti BH operations and ND economic zone patrols
    8. Develop air warfare centers into top gun flight schools.
    9. Create a culture of excellence based healthy competition among pilots and engineers within the force.

    • beegeagle says:

      🙂 🙂 short, the outgone CAS gets a perfectly round zero in your assessment then? If not upgrades in conjunction with Sabena Technics of France, does he get any credit for the reactivation of nine jets..mainstay for COIN operations at this time? Our first ELINT aircraft nko? OK, to each his own.

      I have to say though that I like the targets which you have set for the NAF

    • doziex says:

      Oga Are james bravo ! Well said.

  24. startrek says:

    oga best what does hot transfer mean

  25. startrek says:

    oga beeg what does hot transfer mean

  26. beegeagle says:

    Oga UgoBassey, in 2012 or thereabouts, there was an outlay of about US$100+ million for ground control infrastructure in favour of the ONSA which was supposed to optimise the security applications of the satellites. Dunno how far that has gone but I also recall that 100 military personnel were trained on the security applications of the satellites


  27. startrek says:

    thanks oga beeg

  28. Oje says:

    Before you castigate the airforce please let’s realise one thing. South Africa has just 16 Griphen Fighters and a dozen or more support crafts yet they suffer from manpower shortages, there are just not enough train pilots to fly their Jets. It takes years of training for pilots to operate and fly a new type of combat aircraft, that’s why its cheaper and quicker to upgrade and modify our existing fleet of Alpha Jets because we already have the manpower and skill to operate such aircrafts in a combat enviroment. I believe a handful of Nigerian pilots are currently in Romania, Italy, China or India undergoing training for whatever aircraft the Nigerian airforce is fielding next. Supersonic jets are tricky.

  29. Yagazie says:

    Oga Oje- nice wriite up. With respect, some points of observation.

    Firstly South Africa has 26 Grippen C/D fighter aircraft and not 16. These are it’s frontline 4th Gen fighters . In addtion the SAAF also has a number of advanced trainers/light attack aircraft. South Africa has a much more advanced industrial/aeronautical industry than Nigeria but still recognised the importance purchasing good fighters for aerial defence/attack.

    Secondly the manpower problem it currently faces is self-inflicted due to the ANC Govt’s silly policy of ‘Affirmative Action’ – which in practice means that qualified whites who finish top of the airforces training programme are not allowed to proceed to fighter jet training – which is why most of them joined the airforce. There is a quota as to how many of them are allowed to join the fighter jet training programme.

    Thirdly with proper planning, the NAF can dovetail training of fighter pilots with the purchase of 4th Gen air-superiority fighter Jets. Case in point, Ugandan pilots fly the SU-30MK2s in their aiforces inventory. Ethopian pilots fly the SU-27s in their airforces inventory. Algerian Pilots fly the SU-30MK2s in thier airfoces inventory and Eritrean pilots fly the SU-27s in their airforce. Oh lest I forget, Sudanese pilots fly the Mig -29s in their Airforces inventory. None of these countries have a bigger GDP than Nigeria and they all have their internal problems and ‘competing demands’.

    Its just a question of having the political will (and not seeing the mililtary as a ‘non-productive’ sector of the economy) as well as having a dynamic, innovative and forward thinking CAS at the helm of affairs.

  30. asorockweb says:

    Here a Janes Defense link on the launch ceremony for the Gulma UAV.
    It also mentioned that the Aerostar UAVs were bought for maritime security in 2005.
    3 units of the Aerostar UAVs were bought.

    • Are James says:

      Let’s remember that the Aerostar UAVs only worked fitfully and are now probably just in minimal operation if at all. Many unresolved legal issues between the suppliers.
      What is not clear as at now is what UAV type/model/manufacture is currently in operation alongside the locally developed Gulma.

  31. Oje says:

    Nigeria is the largest user of operational Drones in Africa as well as having the most advanced and ambitious Space program.

  32. Are James says:

    Talking about UAVs, lets remember that the engines are essentially wankel type 2-stroke engines. The kind we use for lawn mowers. Airframes, flight controls and radio control technologies for the lower tech drones can also easily be mastered. So we should even now have in-country manufacturing of these things for all branches of the security forces.

  33. ifiok umoeka says:

    Well said sir. More so, from what I know, the gripen is even an easier plane 2 fly! So, if SA has those issues, they can solve it if they want, perhaps its the near zero threat that the face, let Angola get a little belligerent and u’ll be shocked at how combat ready those gripens would be!

  34. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen, a lot has been said on this blog on the need for light reconnaisance/armed helos to be deployed in the COIN-CT operations in the North East.

    Any word/update on our MB-105s that are currently in storage? Since the Airforce under the last CAS placed an emphasis on R&D as well as re-activation of dormant platforms, is there any chance of having these helos re-activated and deployed to assist our troops in their opertions?

    If it will take too loing to have these airframes re-activated, any chance of the NAF getting surpolus ex-army MB-105’s from Germany? Airforce experts on this blog over to you…

  35. asorockweb says:

    Some “dirt” on Nigeria’s Aerostar UAV deal.

    After read the article, it became clear to me that we need a federal government holding company with some very good lawyers to handle defense procurement.
    Bitter agents, suspected bribery

    On October 11, 2005 Avi Leumi signed a contract, committing at least 21% of each transaction conducted by Aeronautics in the country to two Israeli businessmen operating in Nigeria. According to sources working in Africa, the commission rate was unusual.

    The two Israelis who signed the deal are Alon Nalkan, an Israeli who has lived in Nigeria for the past 25 years, and Amit Sadeh, who worked as a shooting guide in Angola; he moved to Nigeria in the past decade and imported armored vehicles from Europe, forging ties with the country’s leaders. Leumi admits to signing such a deal with the two, but claims that a new deal was signed later, annulling the first one. This fact does not contradict the odd way events unfolded.

    Three days after signing the original agreement with Sadeh and Naklan, and deal was signed establishing Aeronautics Nigeria, held by Sadeh, and Aeronautics Enterprises, formed in Cyprus.

    On March 8, 2006, an agreement was signed between Aeronautics Enterprises and the Nigerian government, according to which Aeronautics would provide UAVs valued at €215 million to Nigeria. The signatories were Dr. Abiye Skibo, Nigeria’s Transportation Minister, Avi Leumi and Amit Sadeh. Three weeks later, on March 29, the first half of the sum – €107.5 million – was transferred to the Aeronautics Enterprises bank account, as an advance.

    Following the money transfer, the Leumi-Sadeh-Naklan triumvirate disintegrated. According to sources familiar with the transaction, and according to media reports, Naklan was given a small sum of the money, while Sadeh was given the significant sum that he had been promised, making him wealthy. In the meantime, parliamentary sources in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, and journalists began to investigate the affair, concluding that the sale was at least 100% more expensive than the market value of the products. This, as well as the fact that Aeronautics got the contract without a tender, raised a great deal of criticism.

    Nigeria’s president fired Skibo and and senior military officials on suspicion that they were bribed by the Israeli company. The second half of the payment was not transferred to Aeronautics. According to sources involved in the transaction, Aeronautics did not supply most of the systems that it was obligated to provide for the sum that it had been paid.

    These details are important because the Nigerian transaction is still considered to be what elevated Aeronautics to a different league, but mainly because members of the Shaked family were not familiar with most of the details garnered from documents signed by Leumi. They heard about a €215 million contract and that was enough for them. Had they thoroughly researched the foreign shareholders who had agreed to sell control of the company at a price that seemed ridiculous compared to the huge Nigeria contract, they may not have gotten all of the information at the shareholders’ disposal, but they would have learned something.

    “The board of directors was never presented with a model of expenditures and revenues in Nigeria, what the money was for, what the profits were, what actually needs to be provided,” one of the people who served on the company’s directorate prior to the acquisition by the Shaked brothers told Calcalist Supplement. Another shareholder from that period added, “I didn’t see any documents and did not know what was going on.”
    And if that wasn’t enough, last week (Jan 21 2011?) an Israeli businessman who was involved in the Nigerian deal received an unusual phone call. On the other end of the line he heard someone speaking English with an African accent, introducing himself as a representative of EFCC, a Nigerian organization investigating corruption. He also got an email from the same person. The Nigerians, it seems, are still investigating that transaction, and its associated corruption suspicions. The representative asked the Israeli businessman to provide documents linked to the transaction. “Their documents will provide them with information missing and needed to file an indictment against everyone involved in the deal, which is highly publicized in Nigeria,” says the businessman. The reverberations from the Nigerian deal, he believes, will be felt in the future.

    Leumi breathed a sigh with relief. Aharon and Avi Shaked were pleased. They believed that Aeronautics would continue to grow and garner huge contracts in Africa, surpass its veteran competitors and sell UAVs around the world, and dreamed of a huge stock issue, like that of 888, which was issued for $1 billion. To garner a dignified image for their new investment, the Shaked brothers turned to Dan Halutz, who was concluding his tenure as Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, offering him the post of company chairman. But Leumi didn’t like the notion that someone aside from himself would appoint a senior official in the company, and thwarted the move. He leaked that Halutz was a candidate for the position of Aeronautics chairman, but traveled to Nigeria with a group of other businessmen, to an acquaintance with ties to the media. Halutz was crucified in the media, and was no longer a candidate
    Some suits against Aeronautics and Leumi were filed over the Nigeria transaction. Eran Ron, a former Air Force pilot who is an agent in African countries, is suing Aeronautics, claiming that he was not paid 2% commission for mediating the deal in Nigeria. Colonel Paul Obi filed a suit in Nigeria, claiming that he is eligible for some payments from the deal. Aeronautics has not responded to the case there, and a Nigerian court ruled that Obi should receive $2.6 million in compensation, which Aeronautics has not paid.

    According to Obi’s representatives, he is currently considering filing a similar claim in Israel, because Aeronautics does not recognize the authority of the Nigerian court. Arnon Har-Lev, one of the owners of Gal Aviation, helped mediate the deal. He sued Aeronautics, a compromise was reached and he received NIS 1 million.

  36. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Asorockweb, oga Menatti mentioned this a while ago, if true, its very sad and I keep wondering what self interest would make successive gov one after another 2 deal in security matters like this! What ever happened 2 gov to gov dealings? Why all these 3rd, 4th and 5th party dealing? Commission after commission! Reminds me of the jags and vicker mk 3s of the 70/80s and those motor cycle helmets for ballistic helmet! The list goes on and on! I hope EEFCC catches up with them!

  37. gbash10 says:

    Criminals and traitors,throw them into Nguru prison!

  38. jimmy says:
    hmmm. I just wanted to pop this beaten- to- death topic.

  39. jimmy says:

    These represent the first service chiefs ever to be confirmed by the senate.

  40. Victor says:

    Breaking……..Changes in Army hierarchy…..Details shortly.

    • beegeagle says:

      General Victor the Precise…u don com again with your cherished, privileged insights 🙂 ? Welcome sha, I am waiting patiently.

      Do you think the Armoured Corps Commander, Gen Buz of RC 25 and a coursemate of the COAS, will now takeover command of the 3 Armoured Division from the equally competent Gen Nwaoga of RC 26?

  41. Victor says:

    Gen Zaruwa replaces Gen Nwoaga, New GOCs appointed…..more coming

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