NNS Siri P181, a 58 metre Combattante III missile Fast Attack Craft on patrol

NNS Siri P181, a 58 metre Combattante III missile Fast Attack Craft on patrol

20 January, 2014
By Chiamaka Ikechukwu,

As the Nigerian military experience
changes in its leadership, the Western Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy says it will increase and sustain its patrol efforts in the region.

The Flag Officer Commanding,Western
Naval Command, Rear Admiral Ilesanmi Alade made the statement while taking over the mantle of leadership from Rear Admiral Ibok Ete-Ibas at the command in Lagos.

Rear Admiral Alade gave an assurance to build on what his predecessor had
achieved in terms of welfare, security for staff and facilities.

Safe maritime environment and trade
He promises to also increase naval patrol presence at sea as a means of enhancing safe maritime environment and trade among coastal communities within the region.

“Obviously we are going to improve on it and we are going to increase or
sustain our patrols at sea. That is the
best way to curtail illegalities in our
maritime domain.”

According to the former Flag Officer, Rear Admiral Ibok Ete-Ibas one of the major achievements of the command within his one year tenure was the ability to tackle the challenge of insecurity for staff and facilities which was an issue of national concern.

“Basically, I keyed into the national concern which was insecurity;insecurity for the men and for our facilities. By the grace of God we were able to surmount and protect lives and property in the Navy.”

Safe maritime domain

Rear Admiral Ete-Ibas explains that the Navy has also tackled the challenges of insecurity by ensuring that naval presence was constantly maintained at sea to deter oil thieves.

The command also participated in
multinational joint military exercises and trainings aimed at ensuring a safe maritime domain for legal trade and transactions.


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  1. doziex says:

    Somebody wake me up when the Nigerian Armed Forces as an institution gets serious with itself.

    We have so lowered our expectations vis a vis our armed forces, that we applaud mediocrity and incompetence. All this stems from just the atrocious PR awareness in our military. Everybody but our military seems to know this.

    How hard is it to post a Youtube video of our paratroopers training ?
    Our artillery or maneuver units in training? How about anything to showcase themselves as a potent, professional organization ?

    I know I will be told they are busy dealing with an insurgency, but even counterinsurgency requires a sound PR disposition.

    If a picture speaks a thousand words, how much more a motion picture ? A typed press release is not going to cut it in this day and age.

    The Commander of Operation Pulo Shield has consistently released such progress reports in form of a letter. In turn, Beegeagle has posted those letters in their entirety. But as much as I want to know what the general is taking about, I never got past a paragraph of any of the letters. My point, is that this is an ineffective way of communication.

    Just browse Youtube or Google and see what other militaries and their proud citizens with access to their photos and videos are posting. But not so for the Nigerian Armed Forces.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with protecting secrets, cause I know some ignoramus would try to make that excuse.
    Besides, if is good for every other nation out there, it’s good for Nigeria.

    My suggestion is that our CDS select some bright computer savvy junior officers, some university students, give them cameras and video equipment, and set them loose.

    Also, the Soja Magazine is a great platform, but their content should be easily accessible online.

    Beegeagle bloggers have been making appeals for cooperation with our military press. We have even pledged to fund b
    Beegeagle’s mission to cover our military and showcase the best of our armed forces, cause we are all patriots here.

    But with all due respect NA, you have got to meet us halfway.

  2. ifiok umoeka says:

    Who says they are dumb, maybe they are just afraid that they’ll just show off incompetence! Maybe not

  3. doziex says:

    Oga Ifiok, even an attempt to show what’s good and hide what is bad would be appreciated.

    Just an honest attempt to put one’s best foot forward.

    For instance even the F7s that we loathe so much, we see very little of the aircraft even after our Pakistani friends helped resuscitate the squadron.

    Oga Xnur I believe mentioned some ace pilots performing aerobatics recently. How come NAF didn’t film and upload that performance.?

    A static display of the 12 remaining jets with weapons on the hard points, would be an impressive sight. A tour aboard NNS Thunder. A display of our tanks, static or dynamic. And so on.

    We have got to make the best of what we have already.

  4. doziex says:

    Every occasion, every training exercise, should be seen as a photo/film opportunity.

  5. rka says:

    You mean no photos of Ogas and wives/girlfriends lol?

    We have a long way to go to change attitudes. Even the Nigerian military press photographers are conditioned to photograph the ogas at launching ceremonies.
    Journalists don’t even bother to ask relevant defence questions when the opportunity arises.

    Other than the above, everything is honky dory

  6. drag_on says:

    They want more funding but they don’t want us to see what they are buying. I tire o! They need to work on their PR department. Our Armed Forces don’t know how to excite people at all. Our Government also does not understand the importance of national projects to the sense of nationalism and patriotism. The building of military hardware has always been a unifying force for nations. and their leaders knew this. Be it the building of capital ships, nuclear subs, tanks etc.

    Other ventures like the space program united Americans and gave them a sense of pride in their country.

    The best unifying force we an hope for is the Golden Eaglets, Super Eagles and the Falcons. When they win the flags pop out.

  7. ifiok umoeka says:

    Do u remember ‘FIRE AND GLORY’ in the late 90s some worth around ‘EAGLE RING II’, Mig 21 flight, I think Alpha strafing and rocketing and C-130 with land rover assault! It was something else on NTA, why that can’t be replayed with some modification beats me!
    I don’t want 2 talk about our recruiting publicity, its just horrendous!
    However, with younger people in command, those days are numbered…I hope!

  8. Yagazie says:

    The First Lady is now in China where she is due to launch/christian the 2 OPVs being built for the Nigerian Navy today- Monday 27th January 2014.

  9. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen our navy’s latest OPV has today been launched in China. Pennant No. F91. Onward Together !

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