23 January, 2014

Six suspected members of the Boko
Haram were on Wednesday arrested by the Vigilante Youths Group at a petrol station while buying fuel for the sect’s operations in the Sambisa Forest.

Another three suspects were arrested by the vigilante youths on the Maiduguri-Biu road, while attempting to sneak into Maiduguri metropolis to buy food items and fuel.

According to a vigilante youth, Yakubu
Isa, the terror suspects came in two
pickup vehicles with empty drums to buy fuel at one of the petrol stations on Bama road. “I took courage to mobilize some of our members to the petrol station because the three suspects were in military uniform taking fuel at the station, but the soldiers patrolling this road do not
refuel their vehicles at any of the petrol stations, but at a single designated point in the Government Reservation Area (GRA).

“When we confronted them, one of them said that the fuel is for their generating sets. When their explanations were not convincing to us,I alerted the soldiers in that sector, and we handed them over for further investigation”.

On how the other three suspects
were arrested, he said: “they
sneaked into Maiduguri last night to replenish their food items and fuel at a shop on Damboa road. They used two vehicles, before we intercepted
and arrested them on this road. With the evidence we found on these
insurgents, we handed them to
soldiers for further investigation”.

A military officer attached to one of
the Joint Task Force (JTF) sectors
in Maiduguri,who spoke in confidence,
confirmed the incident to DailyPost.

Prior to the arrests, gunmen suspected to be members of the sect attacked the border village of Wala in Gwoza council area of Borno State, killing three residents. Four villagers were also injured in the attack which also led to the setting ablaze of houses and shops.

Confirming the incident, the former
council chairman, Dr Ibrahim Bulama said the insurgents came on two motorcycles from the Sambisa Forest, before attacking the village in the early hours of Monday. He said other property destroyed in last Monday’s attacks included five houses and three shops, located on the Maiduguri-Gwoza road, adding that with the arrival of soldiers to the village on Tuesday, the villagers are going on with their daily activities.


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  1. camouflage1984 says:

    Kudos to this brave and vigilant young men though I wish they were just left alone and trialled to their hide outs!

  2. Akin Oges says:

    Thinking-on-his-feet. Smart Yakubu Isa. Thumbs up to to him and the VYG for not doing jungle justice on the twisted thugs. They are valuable alive than dead. Trust the security outfits to harvest valuable life saving details from them. Their war is over!

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    Say it again, their war is over!

  4. rka says:

    This is an area we need spec ops guys in civilian clothing monitoring petrol stations, retail outlets etc to stave off another incident of VYG getting killed.

    Kudos to them, but it isn’t ideal.

  5. Are James says:

    This is what a state of emergency is all about. Gas station s, hotels and political wards should have reports and records of transactions which should be monitored by security agencies. You need to go Stalinist in those states. BH is subsisting on supplies bought, stolen and extorted from the same communities they terrorize.
    Fueling of their operational vehicles is a case in point. They can’t get them in Niger, Chad or Cameron so monitor all gas stations and local markets don’t apprehend immediately. Track and follow. You will soon get the logistical networks down to a tee.

  6. Edidiong Idiong says:

    We need to explore the possibility of shutting our borders with Cameroon. It is clear that Boko Haram have safe havens in Cameroon where they use to launch attacks against soft and hard targets in Nigeria and it appears the Cameroonians are unwilling to exert themselves in any manner to help Nigeria curb this menace. We have the capacity to put an end to Boko Haram but it will require the concerted effort of neighboring countries to ensure that Boko Haram’s capacity to wreck havoc is severely curtailed. The youths of Borno deserve kudos for the extremely dangerous work they do in supporting the military to bring peace to that State. We shall surely overcome, it is only a matter of time.

  7. gbash10 says:

    The situation is getting tough for BH in the NE,special ops guys the ball in your court,God bless our soldiers.

  8. victt says:

    All wat we need is intel gathering

  9. Makanaky says:

    I keep wondering, the simple rules of engagement of cutting off supplies, ambushing the enemy, monitoring of simple activities that lures them out of their hideouts is not adhered to ? Gworza, Damboa, Biu,Benisheikh, Konduga etc are we saying we cannot lay ambush for BH in this areas ?

  10. igbi says:

    Perhaps we should arm the civilian JTF and unleash them on northern cameroon with few NA special ops officers leading them.

  11. ifiok umoeka says:

    U also get a lot of dead civilian JTF, arms 4 BH and complications in 2-5yrs time. No thank u

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