24 January, 2014

Cameroon is on high alert due to the insurgency and political instability
in neighbouring countries, and has
therefore honed its strategies to counter the situation along its borders.

The terrorist activities of the Boko Haram Islamic sect in Nigeria as well as the political instability in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad have combined to threaten the security situation in Cameroon, PANA reported.

Within the last one month, the
Cameroonian authorities have responded in a multi-pronged manner, recruiting 6,850 people into its national defence forces, including 2,000 for the Presidential Guards, 2,750 for the Armed Forces (Air, Land and Sea ) and 1,100 for the National Police, and taking delivery of modern equipment.

This massive recruitment follows the
creation by Cameroonian President Paul Biya of new elite military units in regions where insecurity prevails in the Northern, Eastern, Southern and South-Western parts of the country.

‘The President seems concerned by the insecurity in Cameroon since the crisis started in CAR and the advent of the Boko Haram phenomenon,’ said Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, a socio-political scientist and university teacher.

Spokesperson for the Cameroonian
Defence Ministry Lt.-Col. Didier Badjeck, disclosed that Cameroon has recently taken delivery of military equipment that allow its defence forces to react rapidly to any situation. He, however, assured that the security situation at the borders and within Cameroon is stable.

Also in reaction to the growing insecurity along its borders, the Cameroonian Defence forces have engaged in military exercises in the locality of Akomdam to check the reliability of the Cameroonian system of information and communication, according to Pierre Njine Njonkam of the country’s Defence Forces.

Officials of the Cameroonian Defence
Forces have touted the country’s
experience in the management of trans-border crises, including in the Bakassi peninsula, to buttress their claim of the country’s readiness to contain any security situation.

On the regional front, the Cameroonian authorities have been working with their counterparts in neighbouring countries for concerted actions and strategies in the struggle against insecurity in central and western Africa. In that regard, Nigeria’s President Jonathan Goodluck is expected in Yaounde on Monday to discuss security strategies with his Cameroonian counterpart, Paul Biya.

Cameroon’s Defence Forces have already taken position along the border with CAR in the northern part of the country, and also at the border with Nigeria, in case of any eventuality.

Cameroon, which occupies a strategic position in Central Africa, shares a total of 3,148km long land border with Nigeria to the West, Chad and CAR to the East, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the South and a 504-km long maritime border with Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea in the South-west.


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  1. startrek says:

    must the president travel to Cameroon ?
    pls somebody enlighten me

  2. beegeagle says:

    Oga Startrek, let GEJ see Biya. Visit him since we are the ones who need help from Cameroon namely, to deny Boko Haram virtuoso BASING RIGHTS on Cameroonian soil.

    Even before the SoE was declared, we clearly pointed out that the increasing incidents of Nigerians in border communities facing Cameroon getting preyed on, suggested that they were using that country as rear base. The kidnappings of French nationals in adjacent precincts of Cameroon by BH has since borne out our conviction.

    If it is rogue elements among the ranks of regional officials in the Far North of Cameroon who are seemingly tolerating this unacceptable state of affairs, then let GEJ take the matter before the highest political authorities in Cameroon and let’s see if it engenders a paradigm shift.

    “All is fair in love and war” – William Shakespeare

  3. beegeagle says:

    Speaking of intra-African defence cooperation, 2013 was a great year for African alumni of Nigerian military training institutions.

    – – General (* * * *) Katumba Wamala of Uganda, an alumnus of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, was appointed Chief of Defence Forces of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (equivalent to CDS in Nigeria)

    – – General Patrick Nyamvumba(* * * *), 46, who enrolled at the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1987, got appointed as Chief of Defence Staff of the Rwanda Defence Force

    Like the Zimbabwe Defence Force whose pioneer crop of 100 officers were trained at the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1980, you would be amazed at how similar the structures, units and command appointments’ nomenclature are to those of the Nigerian Armed Forces eg the new Rwanda Defence Academy whose name was almost certainly recommended by Nyamvumba himself.

    – – Major General (* *) Delali Johnson Sakyi of Ghana, an alumnus of Nigeria’s National Defence College was appointed Force Commander of the UNMISS peace support mission in South Sudan

    Moving on, at the moment, there are students from no fewer than 17 countries training at the NDC while students from a total of about 15 countries are enrolled at the popular AFCSC Jaji.

  4. startrek says:

    Gen Beeg Hope this doesn’t become a mutatis with every of our niebhours . thanks anyway

  5. jimmy says:

    I honestly believe the president Must travel to Cameroon. We on this blog sometimes seem to have a more serious grasp of this situation than both fed GOVTS. please let me land hold the emails.
    OUR f.g. needs to understand the seriousness and complexity of the bh situation and what unstable nations on our borders portend for us. I do not want to rehash history but it took our govt almost two years to …….. finally start to procure rugged task specific apcs we have had a clueless finance minister who ‘s claim to fame is her denying the transfer of legally sanctioned funds to the military while …… it is fighting an insurgency
    Meanwhile on the other side of the divide PAUL BIYA (P.B.) does not seem to get it really what is worse than being clueless……….” I don’t know” this is a president who has two raging insurgencies on his doorstep with the potential for one more down south and he still will not make nice with one of the most powerful countries in AFRICA GO FIGURE. I predict when CAR is pacified some of the remnants of both disgruntled rag tag militas will end up in Cameroon along the border. The longer THE BOKO HARAM crisis fester from a Nigerian point of view you attack the cancer- you go to the border areas of Cameroon,this is not” them say “a deputy governor has advocated PUTTING AN ARMY BASE smack dab on the doorstep. SF will AS LOGIC DICTATES BE ROAMING IN PLACES CLOSE TO OR OVER THE BORDER if we are going to blame them for intelligence failures we have to ….. yes we have to allow them to get it right.
    PB ‘S obsession even shows it’s ugly head in the recruitment exercise, oh well. he has to recruit more personnel for the….. presidential guard.
    What happens when Nigeria loses patience with Cameroon and another Nigerian president who is not as patient as gej steps in, or conversely is GEJ losing patience with PB as he did with GBAGBO say what you may about GEJ HE has demonstrated a streak of ruthlessness about him.
    In conclusion it is best that he go to Cameroon This is the calm before the storm because one is definitely brewing .

  6. chucks says:

    Oga beeg, just culled this from thisday newpapers….. Ernest Chinwo 

    There is tension in security circles in Rivers State as the state police command Sunday arrested about 320 persons suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect.

    THISDAY gathered that the suspects, men and women, were arrested in the early hours of Sunday in a convoy of 17 buses at the border between Rivers and Imo states

    The convoy was said to be led by one Bala Mato Dambam.
    The source also said the buses belong to a transport company owned by a former inspector general of police and took off from Jigawa State.
    Details to follow

    Tags: Featur

    • jimmy says:

      Oga I beg I know this is very important information can we not derail this thread we can put this on the thread concerning boko haram. Much respect for your comments. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • igbi says:

      Are you sure this is not a hoax ?

  7. Blackrev says:

    something tells me this Jonathan’s visit is preparation for something big. which will require Cameroon to totally seal it’s boarders when the time comes.
    I just feel it cos we can’t have a military that will not have a plan to end this insurgency when they know where the enemy sleeps and will like to deny them exit when it’s time to swoop in on them. only if they are serious in ending it.

    even though they made a very big blunder by waiting to declare a SOE before moving troops and material to those forests, they can still get it right if there is a plan.

    if the military has not learnt from that mistake and not planning what I’m thinking or better, then we are all sitting on a loooonnnnnnnnnnnngggg thing.

    • Blackrev says:

      although Cameroon is still host to boko haram camps across the boarder, we can’t ignore that they still have a number of camps in sambisa and other hills and forests around borno from where they launch attacks on soft targets(sometimes military installations).

      we need to deal with those camps within first before fully focusing on their foreign bases. this is how Algeria successfully dealt with AQIM.

      we can get it right if we have a plan. (of which I doubt is on the table)

  8. camouflage1984 says:

    The Police Commissioner of Borno State, Mr. Lawal Tanko confirmed the incident to Vanguard. He said: “I received an intelligence information that Kawuri town was attacked by Boko Haram sect members suspected to be on revenge mission on market day (Sunday), where many civilians were killed while several others were left with serious burn wounds before they set the whole place on fire. We have deployed our men to the area and very soon I will feed you with details”. Is that intelligence?

  9. Akin Oges says:

    …Jonathan to Service Chiefs: Work Together or Get Fired

    29 Jan 2014

    Font Size: a / A
    1002F02.Goodluck-Jonathan.jpg – 1002F02.Goodluck-Jonathan.jpg

    President Goodluck Jonathan

    •Says security lapses responsible for recent terror strikes
    •FG to arraign varsity lecturer, two others
    Tobi Soniyi, Jaiyeola Andrews and Senator Iroegbu and Grace Chimezie

    President Goodluck Jonathan has warned that he would no longer tolerate unhealthy competition or rivalry, especially amongst the service chiefs, stating that this had caused lapses which gave way to insurgents’ attacks.

    Jonathan read the riot act yesterday while commissioning the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Comprehensive School in Yola, the Adamawa State capital.

    He directed the armed forces to, as a matter of compulsion, work in harmony or face the consequences of their inability to cooperate.
    He said: “I urge you to cooperate, but sometimes you hear of unhealthy rivalry amongst service chiefs and personnel. This will no longer be tolerated, as any unnecessary competition that will not bring progression to this country, so I charge you to work together.

    “If this country is to move forward, the defence industry is key. With the resources we have in the armed forces, we must encourage them to go further in terms of scientific and technological innovation. We cannot move with other developed countries of the world if we do not venture into innovation and creativity in science and technology.

    “We will work with our traditional rulers, governors and senate to see that we elevate the country to a different level.”

    Jonathan recalled that a few years back, Nigeria was ranked with countries such as Brazil and India, lamenting that “these countries have left us behind”.

    Accordingly, the president commended the prudence exhibited by the newly appointed Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Marshal Alex Badeh, which he said had set him apart and had influenced his present position.

    “One of the reasons that made me uplift the present Chief of Defence Staff from Chief of Air Staff was because I noted very carefully that in terms of managing resources he was prudent.

    “And I believe that with him in charge, after being briefed properly by how their work is being conducted, that the armed forces will be different,” he stated.

    In the same vein, Jonathan commended the NAF’s efforts at research and development, using the meagre resources at its disposal, saying: “Not long ago, I commissioned the first Nigerian inmanned ariel vehicle, Gulma 1, in Kaduna.”

    He added: “The impact of this project will not only be felt in the state but also in its surrounding communities, as you know any country that is not planning for the future is planning to fail.

    “Furthermore, it will help fight insurgency and improve the welfare of the servicemen in general. We are expecting that we produce men and women that will be the pride of our country.”

    Earlier, Badeh said the commissioning of the NAF project had brought the long awaited development to the North-eastern part of the region.

    “This is in fulfillment of our corporate social responsibility and an enhancement to the welfare of the people of Adamawa State,” he added.

    Also, during a courtesy visit to the Lamido of Adamawa, Mohammadu Zakindo Mustapha, the emir thanked the federal government for its efforts to return peace to the troubled region.

    He however pointed out that the state of emergency imposed on the state was crippling the economy of Adamawa.

    Meanwhile, an Abuja Federal High Court has fixed February 3 for the arraignment of three suspected members of the Kogi State Boko Haram cell, including Dr. Nazeef Yunus, an Assistant Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Kogi State University.

    Those to be arraigned alongside Yunus are Umar Musa and Salami Abdullahi.
    Justice Gabriel Kolawole fixed the date after it emerged that the charges filed against the accused persons by the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation had not been served on them.

    The judge ordered that the charges must be served on the suspects before February 3.
    The suspects will remain in the custody of the SSS until the arraignment.

    The lecturer, Yunus, who was alleged to be the spiritual leader and coordinator of the Boko Haram sect in Kogi State, and the two others have been in the custody of the SSS since their arrest in October 2013.

    The SSS had accused the suspects of planning to carry out an attack on parts of Kogi State before they were arrested at a mosque in Zuba, a town near Abuja, while on their way to Zambisa in Maiduguri, Borno State, for training.

    Three other suspected members of the Kogi State Boko Haram cell – Mustapha Yusuf, Ismaila Abdulazeez, and Ibrahim Isa Hayafu – were freed by the court since no charge was brought against them.

    Also yesterday, the court adjourned to February 7 to rule on an application filed by one of the suspects, Salami Abdullahi, to enforce his fundamental rights.
    In the application, Abdullahi accused the SSS of illegal detention, and urged the court to intervene by setting him free.

    But the SSS has opposed the application, arguing that a magistrates’ court in Lokoja, Kogi State, empowered it to detain the suspects.

  10. jimmy says:

    This represents the first very personal act of support from GEJ to ALEX BADEH
    1) This also confirms one of my earlier threads that this is GEJ’S PICK ethnic sensibilities be damned, that is why the economist ARTICLE was so patently irresponsible
    2) I will comment further on this thread stay tuned….. duty calls.

  11. WisePaul says:

    I stumbled across this site sometime around December, 2013 and ever since have always come around here to read about Nigeria Defence, Security and Strategy and I must commend the effort of Gen beegeegle and other bloggers here for their objective analysis of issues. Keep it up the Elite Think Tanks

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