Storm troopers of the State Security Service keep a lid on proceedings in a conflict-ridden part of the federation

Sat, Feb 01
ABUJA (Reuters)

Nigerian police have rescued three Indian sailors who were kidnapped from a cargo ship off the coast of Equatorial Guinea last month, a rare
success story in its fight against piracy.

The Equatorial Guinea-owned MV San
Miguel was attacked by pirates on
January 3 and three Indian crew
members were kidnapped, the Nigerian state security services (SSS) said on Saturday.

“On 30th January 2014, this service in
collaboration with the military rescued three Indians … No ransom was paid for their release,” the SSS said in a statement.

Most acts of piracy in West Africa are
carried out by Nigerian gangs who
usually steal the cargo, often fuel, and rob or kidnap crew members. Nigeria is Africa’s largest crude oil exporter and also a major fuel importer,making it a busy and poorly secured shipping lane. Hostages are usually transferred to hideouts in the crime-ridden creeks of the Niger Delta before being released once a ransom is paid, security experts say.

Pirate attacks jumped by a third off the coast of West Africa last year, pushing up insurance costs for shipping firms operating in a key commodities export hub. There are signs that the capacity of hijackers is growing after pirates attacked an oil tanker off the coast of Angola and sailed it to the Nigerian coast last month, in what was the most southerly attack on record.


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  1. rka says:

    This is how we like it, efficiently going about their jobs unnoticed, but with effect.

  2. Tope says:

    Jst when I thought the SSS have been quiet they do something like this to make me give them a Standing Bravado. When Intelligence is properly executed you get Swift Response and a Mission Accomplished.

  3. jimmy says:

    job well done hopefully the kidnappers are now in the immortal words of the god father swimming with the fishes

  4. rka says:

    Nigerian/US Air forces partner for disaster relief seminar.

  5. Tope says:

    @rka dis tells us the Nigerian Military is using the Bilateral partnership spearheaded. By AFRICOM, I do like the fact that they are thinking of Disaster Management especially after the Niger Delta Flooding few years back, Now it would be good to have a Contigency Relief Regiment whose job is to provide Relief and Support to Nigerians anywhere they are! Not jst about being in Nigeria but anywhere jst like da CAR war its dis Unit who will spearhead Relief Efforts for Citizens and will be assigned other duties as fit. It should be Stocked wit Transport Helics, C-130s and G-222s and Even Antonovs and most importantly it would have the underground base planning for all eventualities

    • rka says:

      @Oga Tope, there is nothing like forward planning and being prepared. It would help a great deal if all the G222s and C130s are available again plus the addition of a heavy lift aircraft type would go a long way in ensuring greater capacity and reaction times.

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