National Security Adviser, Colonel(rtd) Sambo Dasuki (right) discusses with Minister of the Interior, Comrade Abba Moro at the Presidential Villa after a security meeting with the President which held mid-year 2013, following the declaration of a State of Emergency in three states hitherto blighted by insurgency.


Nigeria plans to buy at least three
surveillance aircraft to check cross-border activities of Boko Haram militants and other crimes.

“In my recent visit to the Czech Republic, we inspected the surveillance aeroplane facility in Prague and proposals to the relevant agencies of government for the
procurement of at least three of such
surveillance aeroplanes,” Interior Minister Abba Moro told reporters in Abuja Sunday. “When we get the nod we will be able to provide them,” he added.

Moro did not mention the cost of the
aircraft and whether such purchase is
listed in the country’s 2014 budget. “The combination of plazas [border
facilities to screen people coming into the country], border patrol vehicles and the surveillance technology will reduce incidents of unwarranted entry into the country of persons and goods,” said the minister.

He described the decision to purchase
such aircraft as “part of the strategies to check terrorism and insecurity posed by the influx of illegal immigrants and members of Boko Haram.”

Nigeria has reportedly been negotiating a security agreement with Cameroon to grant its troops access to Boko Haram settlement in the former French colony, which officials claim has become the new
haven for the insurgents.

Following months of counter-insurgency measures by the Nigerian military, Boko Haram fighters are believed to have sought refuge in border towns inside neighboring Cameroon from which they had reportedly launching surprise raids on villages in Nigeria’s northeastern

Boko Haram, a hitherto peaceful
organization that had preached
against corruption, suddenly turned
violent in 2009 following the murder of group leader Mohamed Yusuf while in police custody. In the years since, the group has been blamed for thousands of terrorist acts, including attacks on churches and security posts across Nigeria’s northern region,
especially the three northeastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

Although it claims to want an Islamist
government in the region, Nigerian
Muslims – most of whom reject
Boko Haram as un-Islamic – have also
been targeted by the militant group.

By Rafiu Ajakaye – Lagos


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  1. triggah says:

    One of our major issue in Nigeria is porous borders, undermacated borderlines, lack of patrols on the border and no real time surveillance. So anybody can come into the country without proper planning. We need all the surveillance gadgets we can get.

  2. Akin Oges says:

    Oga triggah, I second that, Sir.

  3. Are James says:

    There are no Czech surveillance planes that we know off except the L159 which is actually a light combat/trainer aircraft that we were offered on a platter and were going to buy but changed our minds.Maybe the picture will get clearer soon, maybe a new type of aircraft just developed.

  4. triggah says:

    Mr beeg what is the air assets of 79 composite group and the 75 strike group? which squadron is in charge of the F7N fighter?

  5. menatti says:

    Guys, 6 F7s are serviceable now. 2 are in Yola and also the MI-17 that used to be with NEMA is now in Yola and is serviceable.

  6. Are James says:

    That’s a worrisome availability level on the F7. I still think they are too fast to chase insurgents in any case except in open lengths of country (no man’s lands) around the Cameron border.

  7. ifiok umoeka says:

    Good morning guys, the L410/420 and EV- 55 are very probable but the Czechs themselves will use the Casa 295m as the platform as these other platforms are small and short legged!
    So, why not integrate the sensors on our ATRs and increase the size of that fleet?

    • Are James says:

      Thank you very much for this post. Having the ATRs (now fully ELINT capable) suggests duplication of capabilities when you now set out to acquire a new set of aircraft for border patrols. It’s a semantics issue talking about surveillance versus combat aircraft, the F7NI for instance has a powerful camera and onboard sensors to monitor ground movements. Me thinks which we are just avoiding the issue as far as acquiring 4th generation multi role aircraft are concerned.

  8. Tope says:

    Oge Are, ur right let us get newer platforms if we cannot get Surveillance planes let’s get drones in dia Squadrons.

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