Cameroon and Nigeria: inexorably linked NEXTDOOR neighbours

Cameroon and Nigeria: inextricably linked NEXTDOOR neighbours

10 February, 2014
By Yerima Kini Nsom

The Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram, has threatened to strike in Cameroon if it continues to meddle in its conflict with the Abuja Government. The warning is contained in a strongly worded letter reportedly written in Arabic by frontliners of the Islamic sect.

According to the French language weekly,Le Septentrion, that covers the three Northern Regions, the letter states that Boko Haram does not have any problem with the Cameroon Government, but would be forced to strike if it continues to detain their members.

The threats came in the wake of
allegations that elements of the sect
were entering Cameroon at will because of the porous border between Cameroon and Nigeria in the Northern Regions. That is why it was easy for elements of the sect to kidnap French nationals in the Far
North Region last year at very short

In a reaction to the press, the Lamido cum Mayor of Banyo in the Adamawa Region, Mohaman Gabdo Yaya, said the threats from Boko Haram are real. He remarked that the Northern border line Cameroon shares with Nigeria is very porous. To him, the situation is even more complicated because there are tribes in Cameroon that extend across the borders to Nigeria.

He said it was time for religious leaders in the Northern Regions to mobilise and ward off the infiltration
of Boko Haram within the local
communities in the area. The Lamido took exception to the Boko Haram philosophy, saying what they are
doing has nothing to do with Islam. He took exception to claims that Islam is a religion of intolerance, violence and extremism. Nowhere in the Koran, he went on, is it stated that force be used to convert people into Islam.

Meanwhile, a source that spoke to The Post on condition of anonymity from Mokolo in the Far North, said there are many Boko Haram elements in the Region. “When they are chased away by the Nigerian police they run across the borders to live with their relatives in Cameroon. And it is usually very difficult for their relatives to expose them to the administration,” he stated.

In an exclusive interview with The Post recently, Far North Governor, Augustine Fonka Awah, admitted it will be an uphill task identifying Boko Haram elements in the Region because the people don’t wear any uniform and they do not have any identification marks. He appealed to the local communities to remain vigilant and report any suspicious
individuals to the administration.

The Governor said the fight against the infiltrations of Boko Haram depends very much on the collaboration and good faith of the local population.

Meanwhile, many Boko Haram suspects are said to have been caught in the dragnet of the security around the borders in the Far North. The Post learnt that many of such elements were arrested in Maroua and Amchide border area in the Mayo Sava Division of the Far North.

Boko Haram that has wrecked havoc in neighbouring Nigeria is fighting for the imposition of Islam in the country. They have been spreading the fallacy that Western education is bad in all aspects. There are disturbing reports that the sect is gradually making Cameroon their refuge and hub centre


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  1. beegeagle says:


    • camouflage1984 says:

      I read a report this morning on efforts made by Cameroon to stem the tide of Boko Haram and also Boko Haram threat letter to Cameroon. My fear is that what if Cameroon end up not been able to hold out against BH?

      • igbi says:

        As I said earlier the question is misplaced since Cameroon won’t be fighting alone against boko haram, Nigeria will fully support Cameroon, and I am pretty sure that france will as well. And first of all, for their own sovereignty and to respect international laws they have no other choice than to fight the terrorists (if not then a war with Nigeria is only a matter of time).

  2. rka says:

    @Igbi is right. If no co-operation from Cameroon, then Nigeria will have little alternative but to continue to cross the border and this time en-masse and if no attempt by the Cameroonians to join forces, they will have to get out of the way or face a full blown conflict with Nigeria, which I think they would want to avoid.

    It would also not be ideal for us as we do not want to open a second front of sorts.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga rka I was not really talking about Cameroon cooperating with us, I am asking if they have the manpower when shit starts going down looking at the size of the county? You knw hw many years it took us to adapt. Can Cameroon withstand the ruthlessness of BH, do they have the strength to absorb casualties? and other sacrifices? A chain is as strong as its weakest point!

      • rka says:

        I hear you Oga camouflage1984. The French will probably help them. I was thinking more along the lines of the Cameroonian military blocking BH escape routes while we attack them. I wouldn’t actually put my trust entirely on the Cameroonian military. No offence intended to any Cameroonian, but this is a Nigerian fight.

      • igbi says:

        It seems to me that you are actually trying to discourage the Cameroonians into accomplishing their duty. I live it to the next guy to guess your motives. And just answer this question: how should boko haram be crushed if it should be allowed by the Cameroonians to stay on cameroonian soil and to launch attacks on Nigerian villages from Cameroon while Nigeria is to respect Cameroonian sovereignty ? The only people your comment seems to support is boko haram.

      • igbi says:

        My message above was adressed to mr camouflage.

      • igbi says:

        What I mean Ogas RKA and Camouflage is that, you have got it wrong. If you are to tell Cameroon that this is a Nigerian fight, then they might as well tell you that this is cameroonian land. You have to open your eyes, we need Cameroon and Cameroon needs us, so let us check the arrogance a little bit. Let me repeat again: the reason we haven’t killed all boko haram members yet is because they run across the border and the hosting nation (Cameroon) was not cooperating. So if their host is changing its stance then why try to discourage it ? Why ?

  3. WachanGuy says:

    Generals I was cruising through Sahara Reporters and saw this. Politically motivated but tells the truth about our military situation IMO.

    • igbi says:

      Let us try not to quote politically motivated people who see through the lenses of partisan politics. I have noticed for a long time that the aim of sahara reporters is not very different from that of boko haram : they both crave for power and want to use chaos to obtain it. Sahara reporters is encouraging rebellion in the army civil unrest in the public. Sahara reporter is also famous for broadcasting a 12 minute long boko haram propaganda video. Read their article with a critical mind, then you will see how they are trying to push junior soldiers to rebel, and of course they know that such a thing would be very helpful for boko haram. Of course they will put somethings we all agree with in order to gather support, but don’t be fooled. Look at their body language and their antecedents.

  4. triggah says:

    Personally I believe the Cameroonians will do just fine. They are not weaklings you know and they are quite good in what they do. They might not be are strong as us but they can hold their own pretty well besides the uncle France is always there watching over, my problem is how much France might want to get involved since we all know that there is always friction when we and France work together. If it was Niger it would have been a different story all together! I foresee a future where BH will leave Nigerian soil all together and conduct guerillas type. Warfares from Niger or Camerroon into Nigerian soil. Just my two cents

  5. igbi says:

    The only thing I can say is that boko haram has its way with twisting words and telling lies.
    How can boko haram say it is fighting the Nigerian government while its main target is innocent civilians, school children, university students and teenaged girls, church goers and mosqs goers and traditionalists and all other innocent unarmed civilians. So definately it is rather the entire Nigerian people they are fighting against, but unluckily for them we have am plenty (175 million) and we are very resourceful. Boko haram also claims that “Cameroon is meddling in a matter that doesn’t concern Cameroon”, this is the biggest lie ever, boko haram has practically invaded Cameroonian soil, doing away with Cameroonian sovereignty and using Cameroonian soil to launch terrorist attacks on the citizens of a powerful neighboring Nation, which creates friction between the two nations and could easily lead to a war between the two. So this is highly Cameroonian business, and you silly boko haram.

  6. Tope says:

    We on this Blog predicted when the Heat is on them they were going to use desperate tactics n Attack “Soft Targets” we also adviced da Military to protect this Border Towns and Villages Adequately or have a strong Response time using QRF forces of da NAF but it seems dey forgot, did not listen or ignored us and now its happenin, dey r killing like Crazed Dogs n issuin Threats cos dey are desperate. Even dia Attempts at PyschoBabble isn’t working, Everyone knows dey r locked in only in Borno-Adamawa-Cameroon Axis and Virtually dia IED supply is Dried up plus dey r hungry, supply and logistical routes hv been decimated, they are holding out hoping for Re-inforcements slowly building we need to increase da Air Raids immediately and continue bombing Day and Night….Sleep deprivation and Hunger Strike won a War in Old times how much more so now in Recent times. Also All Border Towns must have a Platoon inserted wit weapons right now! Dey r driving wit Cars So immediate Car Searching For every 1km must be done at Fortified Check points

    • igbi says:

      I don’t think that is wise, instead crack policemen should be put in those villages. We shouldn’t forget that the aim of the military is (a) to crush the enemy, not to (b) serve as body guard. (b) will distract from (a) and would put the troops in a position they are not supposed to find themselves. Let us stop seeing the army as a body guard agency.
      Some villages could also be evacuated temporarily and defense walls and a quick response team put in place by the army but in which the main actors will be the police and NSCDC would be great. But if we keep using soldiers like bodyguards then boko haram will use that as a strategy to hambush our soldiers and to remain alife.

    • igbi says:

      But I agree with the rest. The only thing I disagree with is using the soldiers as bodyguards.

  7. igbi says:

    DOUGLAS KWABENA YEBO has just written an article in modern ghana in which he makes up facts and numbers, here is the article:

    • Are James says:

      The numbers are made up but why is the army that defeated trouble makers in two countries thousands of miles away finding it difficult to contain less than 10000 murderous young men here?. And why are we even discussing BH as if they were ever a credible military threat.?

    • igbi says:

      Is that not the same senator who has been proven to be a supporter of boko haram ? And who is currently facing prosecution and who recently said he was targetted by the air force ? Is this the most credible person BBC could find ? I am tired, and if the readers are not intelligent enough to see this then I don’t care.

    • beegeagle says:

      “The senator for Borno State???”. Is that that a lame attempt at making his offering sound categorical and unquestionable? Is there now only one senator from Borno or is there a moot point in trying to make him what he is not?

      Last I checked, each Nigerian state, including Borno, had three senators in the National Assembly while the FCT has one – which is why Nigeria’s 36 states and the FCT are collectively represented by 109 senators?

      And why they did not add the usual unsolicited footnotes in this case to read that the senator has previously been arraigned in court on suspicion of colluding with Boko Haram or they want to make him ‘an authority’ in this case and as such, his antecedents can afford to be glossed over?

  8. Oje says:

    Airborne paratroopers and special forces unit should be inserted into Cameroonian jungles to hunt them out, that’s what the Americans do. You cannot use conventional forces on guerilla units without risking civilian lives, especially if its on Cameroonian territory.

  9. igbi says:

    OK, it seems the news papers are becoming crazy lately. Their little mistakes are snowballing.
    First it was the very frequent use of the expression “suspected insurgent” which created the impression that anyone killed by the military was a civilian who some “idotic” soldier just suspected for one reason or the other to be a boko haram terrorist. Then it was the common use by journalists of the term “Nigerian army uniform” which they used as a substitute for camouflage , then the frequent use of the word APC as a substitute for armed pickup truck (which also led some other journalists to be thinking that the terrorists often supply themselves on the Nigerian military stocks), and then you get the “sophisticated weapons” which they use in such a disturbing manner and which has no meaning. Then add that with the more than obvious cluelessness of the journalists who don’t know what they are talking about and create lies upon lies to make their writeups interesting. I am fed up ! Some of these journalists have good intentions but I can not tolerate so much lies and inaccuracy.

  10. rka says:

    @Igbi, what I mean by “it’s a Nigerian fight” is simply that we do not expect Cameroon to take them on, just to deny BH use of their land and assist in containing were necessary while the NA attacks BH. Nigeria can even volunteer troops to be stationed in Cameroon if they fear the backlash from them if acceptable to them.
    It has nothing to do with arrogance, just common sense as we have the larger army and more capacity than they have in trying to contain and then extinguish this insurgency.
    All everyone is trying to help contribute to is the eradication of BH and not trying to point score as to who is the most patriotic. Nobody has the perfect solution.

    • igbi says:

      I fully understand you now. I hope you know i meant no harm by my comment. I am just tired of all and I wish i could do more. Keep the good work.

      • rka says:

        @Igbi, I fully understand your concerns and know you mean well for the country and I am equally frustrated at the international media and some of our media outlets that are hell bent on discrediting the Government and the military just for political reasons.

        These lazy journalists don’t realise what harm they are doing to the reputation of the country especially as they don’t even know the colour of the soil in NE Nigeria.

        Anyway, keep the fire burning. Nothing spoil o! lol.

  11. igbi says:

    NIAMEY (Reuters) – Niger has arrested about 20 Boko Haram Islamist militants from neighboring Nigeria who are suspected of planning attacks in Niger’s south east, Nigerien security officials said on Monday.

    The alleged plot to strike Diffa, a Nigerien town that borders Nigeria’s Borno state, highlights the cross-border threats following a Nigerian army offensive against militants that has pushed thousands of refugees and some insurgents across the porous border into Niger.

    Niger’s army chief General Seyni Garba told troops in Mali during a visit that the militants were preparing attacks on markets and other gathering places in retaliation for Niger’s stance against extremists in the region.

    Niger has emerged as a firm ally of France and the United States in the fight against al Qaeda-linked groups in the Sahel. It is a base for French and U.S. surveillance drones and Niamey has deployed 650 troops to neighboring Mali to back a French-led campaign against Islamists there.

    “The bloodbath planned by the terrorist organization to punish our country has fortunately been avoided,” Garba was quoted as saying in Monday’s edition of Le Sahel, a Niger state-owned newspaper.

    Garba, speaking while visiting Nigerien troops in the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali, said the arrests took place in Diffa. He did not say how many militants were held or when the detentions took place.

    A Nigerien security official told Reuters that 20 Boko Haram militants, all Nigerians, were arrested in the sweep late last month.

    “It was a cell that was planning attacks on Diffa and the surrounding areas,” the officer said, asking not to be named.

    Another military officer said the cell was identified by Niger’s anti-terrorism unit and placed under surveillance as soon as they entered Niger’s territory.

    While much of the Western security focus is on Niger’s vast northern desert zone that borders Mali, Algeria, Libya and Chad, officials say the spillover from the conflict in northern Nigeria is equally worrying for the Niamey government.

    (Reporting by Abdoulaye Massalaki; Writing by Bate Felix; Editing by David Lewis and Catherine Evans)

  12. jimmy says:

    This is a first for me. i have literally refused to write. I am in siddon look mode. I guess i know how oga TIM, DOZIEX, YAGAZIE AND XNUR feel.

  13. drag_on says:

    This is off-topic but, is it possible that the US Navy Survey Ship John McDonnell which we are expecting has been strategically chosen to aid our future submarine force in ocean mapping, or is it just going to be another patrol ship? Is it possible it will end up having a dual role? I guess it will depend on what is or is not stripped from the ship when it is handed over. I see it was Launched, 13 December 1990, just 24 yrs old,not bad.

  14. igbi says:

    At this very moment the web media is buzzing with a lot of boko haram propaganda and rhetoric with the code name “Nigeria can’t win”, a lot of words are being thrown around. It seems boko haram backers are amplifying their propaganda efforts, my advice: follow the flow of cash.

    • drag_on says:

      We should expect more as the elections approach, certain people will want to show the president as incompetent where security is concerned.They will attempt to cower the masses into voting the president out.

  15. Tope says:

    Well If Niger can single out 20 Boko Haram Member Cell n Capture them it shows how poor our Intelligence Gathering is, Our Neighbours are doing the Mop up for us. I keep sayin this, This Boko Haram members have a Route into Camerooon identify it and Block it or them n Crush them once and for all.

    • stanley says:

      Tope do u think that is all there is to .bh in Niger!20insurgents? What of the hundreds that have been arrested by or own security services.intelligence gathering is a continuous thing and am sure NIA !DIA ,DSS are doing their best.truth is .bh is waging war against NIGERIA so Niger is a lesser target

  16. igbi says:

    GEJ, if you do not stop this corruption going on now and do not equip the armed forces sufficiently in a very short period of time, then I think you might not even be able to run for office in 2015. My advice to GEJ: fund the military, buy jets, give them what they need, give them a real budget, or you personally will soon be in trouble: (…).
    And it is in this period of time that 20 billion dollars go missing !
    GEJ, you are killing Nigeria !

    • igbi says:

      At this very period of time, perhaps it is best A General leads the nation.
      Which kind of person reduces the budget of his nations military in the middle of a war ?
      Perhaps we should execute a politician or two so that they will start taking their jobs seriously.

    • igbi says:

      By the way, we could do without the misquote, Shettima meant that if we don’t change the way this war is being prosecuted then it will go on forever.

  17. ugobassey says:

    My ogas
    I’m getting confused by some of the impatience that is presently being shown on this thread. Not too long ago it seems all of us were congratulating the government for the increased investment in military platform in the 3 tiers of military and just about every one had something positive to say about the recent appointments of the new service chiefs. In less than 3 weeks we are already complaining and calling for a military dictatorship. Some things take time and the least we can do is give the present service chiefs as well as GEJ some time to implement their strategies before we condemn. I understand that Governor Shettima is presently frustrated and rightfully so because this is taking place in his state but holding a press conference and throwing GEJ under the bus (which is pretty much what he did) only goes to strengthen BH resolve as they are already smelling blood in the waters.

    • asorockweb says:

      The people that are making references to military rule are just frustrated.

      As you call for patience, remember that Nigerians are dying. Scores of innocents have been killed in just a few days.

      The state of emergency started well, but was not willfully executed.
      The Sambisa forest is still not cleared.
      We are still using only 10% of our army strength against BH.
      We still don’t have 24hr close Air Support available – if this is not possible than the army should consider using artillery to fill the gap.
      AND, nobody has made any moves to evacuate are most vulnerable citizens.

      Last but no least, we appear leaderless as our C-in-C remains silent.

      • WachanGuy says:

        If we are leaderless, the MoD and defence chiefs can show some inspiration. Having identified Sambisa as a key location for BH, it should be subjected to a tri service brigade level assault alongside simultaneous heavy(airstrikes and artillery) ops in at least 2 other key locations. Those 3 ops total about half our army strength and sound realistic to me. Allow our soldiers do the job they are very capable of doing, as seen in so many instances, and neutralise BH, simples

  18. asorockweb says:

    The Defence Headquarters has assured the public that the military will not be deterred by the terror activities being carried out against troops and innocent civilians in the North-east by suspected Boko Haram insurgents who are currently on the run.

    The statement was made yesterday by the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, who said the terrorists, who had been moving from village to village attacking innocent civilians, were those escaping from the military onslaught against their makeshift hideouts along the border and entry points from neighbouring countries.

    He added that air and land assaults had been stepped up in the forests and hills of the affected areas and other parts of the North-east where the Boko Haram terrorists were hiding.
    According to him, the security forces will continue to employ the necessary firepower to enhance the effectiveness of their mission until the terrorists are duly curtailed.

    “Meanwhile, locations that are prone to attacks are being reinforced while the general area is now under heightened surveillance and patrols. Some suspected perpetrators of the recent assault have been apprehended and weapons recovered from them,” he said.

    While appealing for the patience of the general public, the Defence Headquarters called on the citizens in the affected areas to provide the security agencies with timely information to forestall the activities of the fleeing terrorists whose attacks on soft targets were intended to provoke fear and create a false sense of invisibility.

  19. Oje says:

    The military might have to come back.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Please lets stop this talk. PLEASE!

    • beegeagle says:

      Gentlemen, let me state once again that the ground rules here make it ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL to, directly or by implication, call for the overthrow of the legitimately constituted government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That is treasonable and the anonymity of cyberspace should not be used as an excuse to turn this blog into an emotional dumping ground. The blog is registered in somebody’s name and I certainly do not feel the need to bear any responsibility for loose talk.

      Subsequently, such unguarded and illegal statements shall be deleted without recourse to the opinion of the commenter whose status as a commenter would also be immediately withdrawn. This is a DEFSEC blog and not a conclave of political activists seeking regime change under whatever obtuse reason.

      Rights go with responsibilities, gentlemen. Free speech does not grant us the latitude to make very serious statements which amount to incitement and are decidedly treasonable in content and effect.

      Thank you.

  20. camouflage1984 says:

    Oga Igbi I have no motivation or duty to answer your question. The way(s) you infer conclusions from peoples statements is bewildering!. All I will say is that I was only raising a concern- that ultimate concern was the FRENCH and people who understand me knew what I was talking about. Your opinion is only your opinion!

  21. ozed says:


    I would like to urge caution regarding the insinuations that a military government would be more capable in addressing the challenges of the current insurrection. Without talking about the deleterious effects of military rule to other areas of human life, let me just say that history in Nigeria does not bear out that assertion.

    – We are all witnesses of the incompetence in the leadership that attended our campaigns in Liberia and Sierra Leone. To counter this brave men had to put their lives on the line to mitigate the damage done and salvage some pride for the Country.

    – Worse still it is now apparent absolutely nothing was learnt from those wars. We have only not instituted (under a civilian govt.) formal COIN tactics and doctrines in our armed forces
    – The morale of the armed forces were at an all time low when the civilians came back in 1999 what with poor career management, even poorer accommodation in the barracks etc.
    – The conditions and quality of the armed forces equipment was at a most deplorable state due to the conscious demobilization and dis use of military equipment to prevent planning of coups (recall how IBB emasculated the Air force after the Vatsa coup attempt)
    – Only recently the army rehabilitated close to 80 APCs and other heavy vehicles grounded at the Ojo cantonment after the Orka coup, those equipment were de mobilised just to prevent future coups.

    I think we should leave the idea of military rule behind us in our history where it belongs. ABEG ABEG!!!!

    Let all sleeping dogs continue to lie OOOOOH!!!!!

  22. ozed says:

    Sorry in my second point i meant —- we have only just instituted (under a civilian govt.) formal COIN tactics and doctrines in our armed forces

  23. freeegulf says:

    oga oje please careful with this unguarded utterance about military and politics. they don’t go hand in hand in any defsec conversation and you should be aware that the intelligence agencies do frown on info like these. they do provide unnecessary stirs from the wrong direction.

    as for the statement alluded to the DDI, just like oga camo said, it is truly medicine after death. now we don’t know the geopolitical situation at stakes. sometimes these security agencies start playing their little war games.
    i sincerely hope that some FACTIONS OF BOKO HARAM ARE NOT BEING RUN BY THE SECURITY SERVICES. because whenever these guys start playing little pawn and kings, everything can be tendered in their little twisty games.

    BH is going after soft targets with maximum casualties and also maximum publicity. this approach also ensures maximum fear, and it works both ways – to the benefit of the terrorists and the benefit of the state, depending on the angle they are working on – who knows. like i said, lots of geopolitical games, both internal and external concerning this country nigeria.

    • Are James says:

      Supported. Frustrations should not lead to suicide.
      Being a citizen is a little like being the wife in a marriage, sometimes your husband takes decisions you don’t support but still you buckle down and pray for him. Let us pray for our leaders.

  24. Yagazie says:

    @drag_on – Regarding your enquiry about the survey ship USNS John McDonnell, so as not to derail the theme of this thread, please go to the February 2014 naval thread entitled: ‘New Platform for the Nigerian Navy. NNS Dorina P101, a 32 m OCEA FPB MK. II Patrol Craft’ – I have answered your querry there.

  25. drag_on says:

    Please, please, please, saturate the North eastern axis with surveillance drones equipped with Night vision systems and forward looking infrared/thermal sights. Ramp up patrols with composite (Armoured/ soft skin) units. By now we should have a good idea of the villages and town at high risk of attack, and set up a well Armed and Trained Mo-Pol presence there. Set up multiple, small,very remote, well trained, surveillance units with excellent surveillance and communication equipment.Their fall back point will be remote posts capable of funneling the Murderous bandits(thats what they are) to a choke point and for quick response to emergency. CAS should be 10 minutes from these forward bases. All these near/ahead of the most vulnerable towns and villages.Lets stop counting pennies where BH is concerned,we are losing lives. We also need to be decisive with the definition of BH, they are enemies of the state, period!

    • Are James says:

      Let us learn from Algeria. Break open the bank and fund the military and adequately. Stem corruption in the defence sector. Close air support for young soldiers.

      It is a scary scenario to be faced with death at your position, running low on ammo insurgents taking up ever advancing positions all around you and no helicopters are coming to your aid. Very very scary.

    • Number one says:

      I will also advocate the use of combat trackers

  26. Oje says:

    What sort of goverrnnent cuts defense spending when we are at war? Heck they don’t even admit the survival of this country hangs in the Ballance.2015 is what matters to most people up there.

  27. Oje says:

    Foreign powers fund Boko Haram, why can’t we identify them and if need be broaden the war on terror, if it meansh invading Cameroon fine. The senseless loss of innocent life is getting depressing.

    • Stop this crazy talk about invasion abeg!!!!! Na mouth dem dey take invade???? One thing is glaring here…..there has been a failure in the current tactics used by our military against BH. The top brass needs to sit down and constantly formulate tactics to end dis latest threat. Lest we forget, where are the drones Ihejirika bought?

  28. ugobassey says:

    Once again I urge for patience and calm. I wish some top government official is listening in on our comments so that they can know the minds of its citizen and take our ideas and constructive suggestions to the politicians for consideration. Oga Beeagle given that this is a DEFSEC blog can you possibly create an apolitical defense blog still with us as contributing members with the goal of bringing pressure to bear on Abuja to meet our military’s needs? My apologies please if I am way out of line here.

  29. igbi says:

    The Nigerian military said it has stepped up surveillance in areas recently affected by Boko Haram terrorists.
    A statement by the military spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, said air and ground patrols have been stepped up in forests and hills of the affected areas.
    He said the military will continue to enhance the effectiveness of its mission to curtail the terrorists.
    “The fighting patrols by air and land are being stepped up in the forests and hills of the affected areas and other parts of the north east where the Boko Haram terrorists are hiding. The security forces will continue to employ necessary fire power to enhance the effectiveness of the mission until the terrorists are duly curtailed,” Mr. Olukolade said.
    The spokesperson also said the recent attack on civilians by the insurgents will not deter the military from its onslaught on the outlawed group.
    Over 100 people have been killed in different Borno villages by the Boko Haram, who spend hours in each village burning hundreds of houses.
    Brig-Gen Olukolade explained that the terrorists attacking the villages and killing innocent civilians were those escaping from the military onslaught against their makeshift hideout along the border and entry point from neighbouring countries.
    He also said the locations prone to attacks have been reinforced while the affected areas are now under heightened surveillance and patrols.
    The spokesperson said some suspected perpetrators of the recent assault have also been apprehended and weapons recovered from them.
    He appealed to the general public to exercise patience and encouraged Nigerians to provide useful information to curb the activities of the fleeing terrorists.

  30. peccavi says:

    Nice to see the mad people have taken over the asylum again.
    Please understand insurgency, wars etc are not football matches, it will not be over in 90 minutes.
    Its awesome to call for military rule when living under liberal democracy abroad
    Because military rule in Nigeria was marked by peace and progress shebi?
    There is no such thing as 24 hour air support. Aircraft will not fly in bad weather, bad light, if the pilots are fatigued or the machines unserviceable.
    Are there ways this can be mitigated? Yes but its not magic and some of it costs money most of it is training and leadership.
    You can make the defence budget 100 trillion Naira, it won’t change a thing. Be intelligent in your observations and outlook.
    I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, the army I served is one of the best trained, best led and equipped in Europe if not the world and was allied with the best equipped and resourced military on the planet, in all of history and in both theatres failed to achive victory. I personally had more firepower on me in grenades, anti tank weapons and ammo than I have seen any Nigerian section much less soldeir carry.. The technology in a single 8 man section to communicate, stop IEDs, detect IEDS, take biometric dates, check for evidence of bomb use would make your eyes water, make I list am for you
    ! x GPMG
    1 x LMG
    2 x rifle with underslung grenade launcher
    6 x rifles
    2 x 66mm
    each soldier has at least 2 HE grenades, red phos, and smoke grenades. 8 magazines, machine gunners will have at least 800 rounds linked of 5.56mm and 7.62mm machine gun ammo. Each soldier will carry 100- 50 rounds of machine gun ammo as well. Flares, small and large. Each soldier has water and his personal radio, section commander has a radio for communicating with platoon commander. Vallon mine detectors. jammers for IEDS, handheld mine detectors. This is just the stuff I can think of and mention.
    The smallest base has at least 4 machine guns surrounded by claymore, barbed wire etc, the slightly larger ones have cameras, drones etc surveying the area 24/7. Air support in the form of AH, fast jet are on call. All bases are supported by mortars and arty.

    And we still didn’t fucking win.

    So stop crying about money, equipment, Ngozi, military dictatorship and all that crap and understand the nature of war.
    Understand what it is like to see people die and be part of the finest fighting force known to man and still not win and hopefully you will understand that war is not as straight forward as who has the biggest tanks.

    Remind me again when was the last car bomb in Abuja or any city outside the North East? Yet Kabul with all the American signs and wonders there still gets attacked regularly.

    I got paid regularly, got 2 weeks leave and I am well appreciated by the society I live in. A Nigeria soldier will fight and be injured and be left to fend for himself in a teaching hospital, he will retire a queue for hours for a non existent pension. Yet they still wake up and face the enemy in these conditions. A Nigerian policeman has to buy fuels for his own vehicle and is left in an isolated village, yet still fights and dies to defend churches and markets.

    I am the greatest critic of Nigerian stupidities military and otherwise but understand that we have made great strides in this offensive. It is far from perfect and is being massively mishandled in some ways but do not insult Nigerians by calling for dictatorship in as much as I despise civilian politicians.
    Not one person I have met has not touched on the bravery of Nigerian soldiers in the fields, despite their misgiving about leadership at the top and the greatest service we can do is to review this issue with intelligence and moderation.

    I don talk my own

    • igbi says:

      I will rather become mad because I can’t stand to see my people being slaughtered than be a heartless psychopath disguising as a military analyst and an ex british soldier (we still don’t know the supposed rank) who is above political correctness.

      • Oga Igbi na wah for you ooh. Oga Peccavi’s comments is on point. He gave us his points referencing his personal experience to butress his point. No need to go personal in that. We should learn to control our emotions especially as regads BH. No need for calling for extreme measures (thats exactly what calling for military rule is). It beats my imagination that we can still be talking about military rule in this day and age!!!! ! havent we all bashed the past military junta on this blog, blaming them for the woes of our military and nation? Abeg let’s get serious and leave childish things. Na only you love Nigeria pass?

    • Are James says:

      Supported. This is the only way to go.

      • Are James says:

        The take away for me from @pecavvi is to always give a thought to that man at the frontlines making the ultimate sacrifice. I can’t remember how many flights I have taken within the US where we were not made to acknowledge the presence of their men in uniform and clap for them. I also, want the average Nigerian general, politician and especially the CIC to feel this sense of sacrifice form the poor private at the facing the enemy. Maybe as Robert Gates used to do also do the symbolic penance of hand writing every letter to the family of a fallen man. Let us use this post then to also highlight the sacrifices being made.

    • giles says:

      God bless u sir for dis write up.

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  31. igbi says:

    THE Presidency explained, yesterday, why the nation’s security forces have found it difficult to completely flush out from their hideouts, members of the Boko Haram sect, who have massacred innocent people and massively destroyed property in the North Eastern part of the country. It admitted that the situation was a complex one.

    It said the security forces were constrained by international conventions which prevent them from pursuing terrorists to foreign countries, while the civilian settlements are also co-located within the vicinity of the insurgents’ hideouts, making selective engagement tenuous and difficult.

    The Senate on its part, argued that the war on Boko Haram must be won by the security operatives.

    Addressing journalists in Abuja, yesterday, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, who was apparently

    reacting to the claim made by Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, that it was impossible for the military to defeat the terrorists, said that what is in place today is a guerrilla warfare and not a conventional one.

    Okupe, who noted that it was not true that the insurgents were better armed than the Nigerian armed forces, however, accused the international community of fuelling the continued actions of the insurgents in some parts of the country, adding that it was wrong for anyone in the country to say that the country’s military cannot face the insurgents.
    Soldiers equal to the task
    Dispelling the notion, Okupe affirmed that the Nigerian armed forces were up to the task of fully containing the Boko Haram guerrilla warfare even though it has been constrained by international conventions.

    It would be recalled that Governor Shettima, while answering questions from State House reporters after a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, said that the terrorists were unstoppable as they have more sophisticated weapons than the military which he said enable them to operate at will. He, however, absolved the military of blame, insisting that it was a case of leadership failure.

    Okupe called on all national leaders to co-operate with the government and the military in solving the problem.

    According to Okupe: “We note the recent attacks by Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State and some comments about them in the media by some leading Nigerians. For the avoidance of doubt and with ample evidence on the ground, we state that the Nigerian Armed Forces and security agencies are on top of the situation.

    “The orchestration of mayhem by the insurgents is the result of their dislodgment from their strongholds and hideouts in the mountainous forest areas of Borno State.

    “In recent times, these areas have been heavily bombed aerially by the Nigerian Air Force and combed systematically by ground troops.

    “If the insurgents have not been completely routed, it is due to the fact that our Armed Forces are severely constrained because of the fact that civilian settlements are also co-located in this vicinity making selective engagement tenuous and difficult if heavy civilian casualty is to be avoided.

    “The public will note that following serious dislocation of the insurgents from their hideouts, the new trend is for them, after sporadic attacks, which are usually launched at night, to quickly cross over to neigbouring countries for safety.

    “The Nigerian military is prevented from pursuing them into these foreign territories by law and international conventions and this obviously gives continuous respite to the insurgents.

    “We must note that as far back as over 12 months ago, the fighting machinery of the insurgents had suffered major decapitation. They have, therefore, resorted almost exclusively, to attacking soft targets such as schools, women and children and sleeping communities in the early hours of the morning.

    “Most of the villages attacked are those like Kauri, Izge and Konduga, which are generally situated along the foot of the Gwoza Mountains, which stretches from Nigeria to the Cameroon.

    “The obvious location of these villages close to the mountains affords the insurgents opportunity and facility to launch strikes at night and sneak back across the border into neighbouring countries. But the Nigerian military and security agencies have taken up this challenge and, like every facet of this struggle, will put an end to these incursions in the shortest possible time.

    It’s guerrilla war
    “We are certainly not involved in conventional warfare but are rather engaged in guerrilla warfare with all its unpredictability. However, it is heartwarming that our military, which has participated in numerous international peace keeping operations where they helped to quell insurgencies, has acquired the sophistication and necessary capacity to adapt to the ever changing modus operandi of the insurgents.

    “It is, therefore, wrong for anyone, Nigerian or foreigner, to assert that our armed forces cannot defeat the Boko Haram insurgents or to insinuate that the insurgents are better armed. We believe strongly that the statement made by the Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima that the insurgents are better armed than our military is based purely on a civilian perception of the situation at hand. It is clear that Governor Shettima does not have the expertise to categorize or classify the effectiveness of any weapon.

    “We state categorically that the Nigerian military is one of the best equipped in Africa and that in 2014, the Federal Government made budgetary provision in excess of N1 trillion for the military and other security agencies, an amount, which is about 22 per cent of our entire national budget for this year. This definitely belies the suggestion in certain quarters that the Federal Government is not doing the needful in prosecuting this war.

    “The statement on low morale and lack of motivation is equally unfair and misplaced. Whereas insurgents are usually motivated by ideological fanaticism, on the contrary, well-disciplined militaries like ours are spurred by patriotic sense of duty, national pride and strict adherence to professionalism. Therefore, the morale of troops engaged in this war is high and ought not to be dampened by unsavoury and certainly untrue comments of low motivation.

    “We enjoin all our national leaders and stakeholders across political and religious divides to close ranks with government and our valiant troops defending our territorial integrity and support the Federal Government to rout out the scourging menace of insurgency rather than speaking at cross purposes.

    “We want to reassure Nigerians and members of the international community that though it is in the character of insurgents to create maximum fear, their sporadic attacks on soft targets is being contained and will be halted.

    In conclusion, we state authoritatively without any fear or equivocation whatsoever that Nigeria is already winning the war against terror and the activities of the insurgents will be terminated within the shortest possible time.”

    War on Boko Haram must be won—Senate
    Meanwhile, Chairman, Senate Committee on Defence, Senator George Sekibo has said that the war Boko Haram has declared on Nigerians must be won by the security operatives because “it is a mad war”.

    Senator Sekibo, who was reacting to the recent killings by the insurgents in Borno State said that the Islamic sect was facing their darkest moment because of the bombardment of their camps by the military and while running away for safety, decided to carry reprisal attacks on innocent citizens.

    He said that the Boko Haram members were running away because the country was after them, adding that with the appointment of new service chiefs, there were new strategies to flush them out of the country.

    According to him, “I believe the military is putting together a new strategy to face it. The strategy being put in place now by the security agents is different from what they were doing before. Now they (insurgents) are on the run and when somebody is escaping, he wants to do what he can do to escape for safety.

    “The military has carried out much bombardment on them, most of their camps are destroyed, I believe with the efforts they are putting together and the new Service Chiefs we have on ground, this war must be won.”

  32. igbi says:

    Finally we have a real soldier giving his comments here, courtesy to CHANNELS:

    • asorockweb says:

      The expert seems to be saying that the Armed Forces are being actively restrained by politicians.

      I don’t think so.

      I believe the problem is that the political leadership has not asked the military leaders the right questions – how else can you explain the troop numbers in the North East (NE)?

      Why are we not immediately sending two additional brigades to the North East with a third to follow?

      To win this war, we have to do more than what we think is required.

      Send troops from the west and the south to the North East.

      For the North East, let’s aim for a troop strength of 50,000 by the middle of this year.

  33. Are James says:

    Very articulate professional.
    The roots of BH are apparently rooted in local political posturing now gone out of control.
    Lack of political will is restraining the army. I still see an indictment of the political leadership here.

    • peccavi says:

      Interesting piece, the general gist that it is a lack of political will that is the problem I agree with but some of his observations were off key to me, there is a difference between soldiers reacting swiftly to deal with unarmed civilians and reacting quickly to deal with insurgents. You can’t compare the two. Its not a matter of being leashed, its a matter of having the political will to unify all the different agencies, under a single command, make total use of our armed forces to end the crisis once and for all. Other than that we are just doing one by one. A single battalion has been sent from 82 Div, wetin that one do? Its better not to commit your reserve than to commit it piecemeal

  34. freeegulf says:

    well for the likes of oga doziex, and their PMC advocates, you have heard the same truthful line once again; lack of political will.
    without the political leadership, even the top brass will lack the fire needed to defeat this terrs

    • jimmy says:

      i have kept quiet not for a lack of things to say having seen part 1 and part 2 of this interview, this imho confirms that this war will come to end when the political will at the apex is forged with solid backbone and is pulled like steel from the fire.

  35. Number one says:

    I will also advocate the use of combat trackers

  36. triggah says:

    Mr number one please enlighten me. What is combat tracker?

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