Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah, Chief of Army Staff


Abuja, Nigeria

The Nigerian Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt.-Gen Kenneth Minimah, and his Air Force counterpart, Air Marshal Adekunle Amosu, Thursday ended a three-day operational visit to units within the 7 Division Area of Responsibility executing the ongoing military operations against Boko Haram terrorists and insurgents in the North Eastern part of the country.

The two Service chiefs visited frontline
troops in all the locations where the Boko Haram sect has attacked innocent
civilians in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa
States from 18-20 February, 2014. The
three States are still under a state of emergency. It is the first time the heads of the Army and the Air Force have embarked on such a trip.

Addressing the troops during the visit to
their different locations, the Army Chief advised the soldiers to make discipline
their watch word at all times and remain resolute in the face of security challenges facing the country. Gen. Minimah reminded the troops of their responsibility as soldiers, noting that as professional soldiers, they must rise to the defence of their fatherland and not yield any ground to the forces of evil under any circumstances.

He noted that the present security
challenges facing the nation are not insurmountable if troops are well led and remain vigilant while carrying out
assigned duties. He commended the troops for their hardwork and dedication to duty and promised that their welfare would remain his top priority, urging them to imbibe good maintenance culture to ensure the continued serviceability of their equipment.

Minimah charged the troops, particularly
those in the border units, to ensure that arms and ammunition were not smuggled through their Areas of Responsibility. He further urged troops to steadfastly observe the Rules of Engagement in the conduct of the ongoing operation.

Gen Minimah assured troops that training and provision of equipment would be given the desired attention and charged commanders at all levels to replicate this by ensuring that training and retraining of troops under command are accorded adequate priority especially in the current fight against terrorism.


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  1. triggah says:

    This new Top brass seems to know what they’re doing!

  2. Spirit. says:

    My Dear Lt.Gen,

    How on earth will these gallant soldiers ensure that ‘arms and ammunition’ are not transported through their AOR’? Are they gods? are they omnipresent? An AOR spanning thousands of sq km of desert and mountains with inadequate air support, hundreds of unmapped, illegal trans border routes, non-availability of a national form of identification, corrupt customs officials and a myriad of other problems?

    That our soldiers are fighting alone is a miracle!

    Common Gen, I am sure you just said that as part of the usual scrip and that you really don’t expect them to do it literally.

    I have kept quite for so long because my heart aches and burns for the country of my birth is gradually being ripped apart due to the selfishness and diabolic ambition of a few hundred people who have failed to read the handwriting on the walls.

    I cry myself to sleep daily because our rulers are so stupid and dumb that one would think there are awards for stupidity and they are bent on winning them! They are so blinded by their inordinate urge to steal that it has become a kind of completion, a kind of mental disorder!

    Cyber warriors, please explain these anomalies;
    1) A minister can afford to buy 2 cars at N255 Million
    2) More than N1 Trillion spent to subsidize kerosene in the past four years, yet kero cannot be found at fuel stations.
    3) N1.5 Triilion spent on fictitious petrol subsidy in 2012 alone!
    4) NNPC (the nations cashcow) account has not been audited since 2005!
    5) Between $40Billion and $10 (depending on who is talking) left NNPC headquarters but got lost before it could get to CBN! Meanwhile, the whistle blower has been suspended.
    6) N25 Billion pension fund got missing and all the culprit got was a fine of N750,000!

    And you think these people will fight insurgents?

    Host to God almighty, I don’t care who is at the top so far he can deliver! Over months of reflection, I have concluded that we cannot govern ourselves. If its a Ghananian, British, Peruvian, Martian, Venusian etc can do the job, please, let us swallow our pride and bring him in. I suggest as a matter of urgency that the UN should administer this country for the next 20 years, maybe by then, we would have regained our sanity!

    How on earth will a leader say “his hands are tied” when terrorist have made killing of the citizens he swore to protect a ‘past time’ and made the soldiers he command targets for RPG/AK 47 practice?

    Is it not shameful that;

    1) Insurgents can attack and breach the walls of our military formations?
    2) Insurgents can invade a village and operate for 5 hours without any arm of our military showing up? Does it take 5 hours for Mi 35, F7 and Alfa jet to travel from Calabar to Sokoto, Lagos to Maiduguri?
    3) Insurgents can invade the same village twice in one week?
    4) The major preoccupation of our political class is how to defect from one party to another, hold rallies, print posters, pay courtesy visits while ‘our house burns’?
    5) That we can budget N830 Million to fuel the generator at the Nigerian Embassy in UK, a country suffering from ‘glut of Megawatt’ (estimate similar amounts for other embassies) yet we deploy our troops in very hot, mine/RPG invested FOB in Toyota Hiluxes and Ford Rangers?
    6) That we can budget Billions for newspapers, lions for zoos and feeding of the residents of Aso Rock while soldiers are not equipped with radios because of ‘competing demands’?
    7) We just acquired the 11th presidential jet while even the Queen of England fly British Airways and our Air force is grounded (yes sir, our Air force is grounded!)

    Do you know what just one of these funds can do for the war effort?

    Of course we know the very things competing against the needs of the soldiers fighting to keep us safe. Rolexes, BMWs, choice building on Banana Island, Ibiza girls, private jets etc.

    The governor of Bornu state said and I quote him;

    “Boko Haram fighters are better armed and BETTER MOTIVATED than our soldiers”

    Please take that as the gospel truth, especially the motivation part of it.

    Our soldiers see/read the atrocities being committed by their commanders and politicians on a daily basis. So where is the basis for their patriotism? How many of them are willing to die for this country? Are they fools?

    Salutations to my commanders; the Beeg one, Henry, Doxiex, Peccavi, Igbi, originapato, giles and every other patriots on this blog. May your sun never set.

    I leave my ogas here with this quote;

    ” An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep” –Napoleon Bonarpate (Originally a Kenyan proverb)

    May God Almighty continue to bless Nigeria.


    • igbi says:

      “I am not a general, I am not a lion” -Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

    • igbi says:

      God bless you sir. I ask myself who is the biggest enemy Boko haram or FG ?
      I am starting to see reason in the words of Buhari. If I said what I would do if I were in the army, some might say it is anti democratic or even treason, but ask yourself who the real traitor : isn’t corruption a treasonous offense ? Isn’t lying to Nigerians about the war effort a treasonous offense ? Isn’t proposing an amnesty to boko haram a treasonous offense, isn’t slashing the military budget and stealing 20 billion dollars in the middle of a war a treasonous offense ? Just give me one instance in which mr prez boosted the moral of our troops. Democracy has nothing to do with thievery !
      My fellow Nigerians we have no democracy, what we have is thieve-cracy.
      Oga beeg, if you want to delete my account for this comment then you have my blessing.
      I wish all of you (even peccavi) all the best. I wish all the best for Nigeria and I hope we get the thieves out of office and strait to the death lane.
      I thank all of you guys for tolerating me all these years.
      God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians.

      • igbi says:

        I think I was not articulate enough, I hate boko haram to my very bones, but I think our FG is complicit to boko haram. I want boko haram dead in chapter 1 and I want real democracy in chapter 2. the problem now is that FG will not allow chapter one, because it is easier to steal while there is chaos. The eleventh prez jzt is probably in anticipation of his escape if things go sour. But my priority is death to boko haram.

      • igbi says:

        I meant “death row”.

      • beegeagle says:

        Stop latching onto false causes, my friend. Except you think it is courageous to stay in cyberspace and call for the overthrow of a government. Even when there is a clear attempt at making you aware of the implications of certain actions, you would rather adopt the visage of one who feels victimised or singled out. Sustain…you are bound to see and think differently at some point.

        Listen up…we have had issues with hackers on here before now. So if someone latches onto your personal details and fishes you out because you want to persist in ventilating the perfidious, that really would be your choice and your own lookout. To be sure, I really do not care if you choose to be self-willed to the point of diffidence but it is laden with implications for YOU, whether you know it or not. I hope you can live with the consequences entailed if push ever comes to shove?

        If your slant of implied reasoning tells you that railing against corruption and a call for the overthrow of a government are equally weighted on Nigeria’s scale of grievous offences, do the following and see what happens.

        First go to the Code of Conduct Bureau and weep about corruption. Chances are that you shall probably come out unscathed. Next, go to any military formation and try ANY idle ranting about any preferred form of government? Trust me, the outcome shall be different.

        The problem is that you have always tended to be inflexible and incorrigible – a “Caesar who is always right”. So feel free to sustain the stereotypical loose talk. At some point, experience should teach you to set bounds and limits for yourself.

        If my memory serves me well, I have asked you previously if you know how a loquacious and tactless Jonathan Elendu, basking in the supposed anonymity of cyberspace from America, somehow talked himself into a big date with the SSS at the airport of all inauspicious venues? Since you refuse to be dissuaded, go ahead and talk some more but rest assured that “water finds its level” at some point.

        “De facto” does not quite mean the same thing as “de jure”, bro. You can bemoan corruption, budget cuts in defence and whatever else but do not pretend that on some quirky scale, railing against corruption and stating a preference for or advocating for an illegal form of government are nearly the same thing. In Nigeria with her history of violent takeovers of government, the inflexible penalty for treason is death by firing squad. It is as straightforward as that. As far as I know, bemoaning corruption will not have you lined up before anyone’s gun sights. So
        do not mix apples and oranges.

        Any streetwise Nigerian would advice you to toe the path of caution because not even hiding behind the right to free speech would guarantee a soft landing for you at H-Hour when trouble inevitably comes.

        Personally, I know that I am not as anonymous as you think you are and will most certainly not take the fall for you if you persist, freely opt to play loose cannon and ultimately get ensnared in the web of intrigue which you decided to weave for yourself despite well-intentioned attempts at getting you to show restraint…just because you refuse to be dissuaded from trifling with the profane.

        You must talk, so talk up a storm if you will. Even a compulsive talker would sometimes engage in sober introspection when intimated with the potential consequences of a perilous bout of verbal diarrhoea.

        Na you sabi. “Na fly wey nor gree hear word wey dey follow dead bodi enta grave”. Goodluck to you, on or off the board. It is a world of free choices and of RESPONSIBILITY for uncut action.

    • triggah says:

      How I wish GEJ sees the your post, it will move his heart and re-align his head. His head needs re-alignment.

  3. Oje says:

    I’m afraid its not that simple. Left to President Jonathan alone he will increase defence spending by 10 folds and wipe out this threat, but you have to realise this insurgency has been a ploy all along to discredit the Presidency and prevent him from winning in 2015, the closer it gets to 2015 the more intense the violence is, there is a parallel here. Those Northerners sponsoring Boko yeye are myopic. If Jonathan leaves or losses 2015 and a Northerner emerges president Niger Delta militants will join forces and do the same, the damage will be so great that oil production can be cut in half, this will and can bring our economy to a standstill. Action reaction I call it. To the sponsors of Boko Yeye, carry on o. Come 2015 the Niger Delta will take turn, Nigeria will be ungovernable for a Northern ruler just like its being made ungovernable for Jonathan now.

    • giles says:

      God bless u for sayin d truth,cos if i were to writ dis ur piece som pple wil call me tribalistic

    • ugobassey says:

      I think it speaks of ignorance if you are saying:
      1) Northerners support BH (who is dying the most out there?)
      2) Except GEJ is elected things will be worse.
      I don’t think any politician is indispensable. @ Beags well said sir. e should be mindful of our utterances. Im new here but I respect the blog.

    • ugobassey says:

      Notyou oga Giles, that reply was meant for oje.

  4. startrek says:

    thank you oje I ve said it and i repeat some gentle men on this blog are either ignorant or are playing disinformation game here ..

  5. Donian007 says:

    Igbi or whatever you are called, your case is really pathetic, and I will tell you, I have read a lot about boko haram which most are conspiracy theories, and my study have pointed to many issues. Young man, it’s all about Nigeria and her future and the man driving her wheels. Yesterday I visited a cameroonian news site, and someone wrote something like this, “Nigeria, the hope of Africa” and went further to say that this was how Pakistan was treated because she wanted to grow. Does that ring a bell? Don’t ask me to explain all I posed here. But if you want to toe the path you’ve chosen without caution, I can give you a platform where you will do your thing. The corruption you talk about has been buried deep in the system by those who are the celebrated saints today, why, because they were able to bury and pocket their dirts during their time and are seen to have also turned a pseudo new live as long as they can shout wolf today. “VESTED INTEREST”. And when a man stands up to tighten his fist and belt for the task they will stop at nothing to make sure that belt strangles you harder than you wanted till you loose your fist then they laugh back at you because there are people who will join the laughter. BH have a mission, and its clear to all. So Igbi, drink some cold water.

  6. Donian007 says:

    Igbi, read Femi Aribisala’s articles and free your self.

  7. Henry says:

    Instead of writing epistiles, @beeg should have done the needful, deleted @igbi’s comments and banned him from posting on this blog, until he starts to post like a mature, sensible individual he claims to be.

    • beegeagle says:

      🙂 Henro, sometimes, we lead people to the light by persuasion and the weight of reasoned thought. I sometimes imagine that Igbi is a lot younger than he makes out to be and might need to be properly advised.

  8. asorockweb says:

    Sticking to the gist of the article, as opposed to national politics and the 2015 elections, I believe one of the key shortcomings of the effort against Boko Haram is that there is NO ONE LEADER.

    Who is in-charge of the fight against BH?

    Is it Lt.-Gen Minimah, or Air Marshal Amosu?

    The fact that they had to undertake a “joint” trip speaks volumes.

    At least when we had the JTF in charge of the fight, there was one leader – the Maj. General that heads the JTF.

    Apart from boosting troop strength to about 50,000 by mid-year, creating a JTF-like structure, headed by a Lt.-Gen, is the second best thing we can do to take back the initiative.

    The Air Force components in Borno and Adamawa states must be part of this new structure, as well as the already existing multi-national MJTF.

    I have a question: do the soldiers guarding villages in the border regions of Borno have individual radios?

  9. Oje says:

    Soldiers without radio’s? They have radio’s. Communication is not the problem. Russian soldiers resorted to cell phone GSM calls in its war with Georgia. This is 2014 not 1914.

    • Are James says:

      I won’t even use radios in internal COIN. Simple GSM technology its add ons will encrypt voice, call IDs and text messages. Specialized phones will self erase when the wrong person tries to use it. The phones themselves are good tools for tracking, misinforming and confusing the enemy if they are carefully set up and deliberately ‘misplaced’.
      Our intelligence agencies can deploy a wide variety of ‘very wicked’ tricks and the enemy if they want to. Don’t ever fight a fair fight with terrorists is the motto.

    • asorockweb says:

      This is 2014. Resorting to personal GSM cellphones is a sign of an ill-funded military.

      Command, Control and Communications does not work well if soldiers under fire have to use their personal cellphones to call their commander’s personal cellphone.

      some terms:

      If an authoritative person know the answer to the question, I will appreciate it.

      • AreJames says:

        The phones won’t ever be personal. A GSM provider allocates a dedicated series of secure lines to a battalion say, C3I is implemented via dedicated software, access controls, and authority levels et.c on that platform. Many functionalities are possible, single button activates a protocol that calls air support for instance. The cameras on the phone, GPS apps and MMS introduce other levels of support to the I (Intelligence). As I said only for internal COIN. Terrorists don’t have the technology to hack them yet.

      • Agee says:

        @areJames Gsm service provider is a bad bad bad idea, it leaves the military communication prone to serious sabotage (human sabotage) apart from the obvious DoS issues which Oga Peccavi highlighted.
        how about the guys at signals work on a secure encryption scheme that is indigenous to us, radios too

      • triggah says:

        The issue of individual combat accessories is a complicated one because new gadgets comes out quickly. Personal secure sat phone is a must have for a 21th century soldier.

  10. Are James says:

    Everybody in this forum has only one motivating spirit, PATRIOTISM. One does not become a military buff by mistake, its usually coming from an unconscious yearning for national greatness and excellence. I think the blog is getting a lot of notice, thanks to the efforts and connections of the Beeg himself.

    The President will change gear this year for legacy protection reasons and the military services will re invent itself for professional pride reasons and worries about how they are being looked upon amongst their colleagues throughout the world.

    I think the intense criticism online and in the print media are having the desired effect. It was the high number of civilian deaths of a few days ago that got things really ugly here on this blog but I think the shock and anger are abating and self regulation is taking over.

  11. ugobassey says:

    Ok guys here goes….there is an elephant in the room that every one here has refused to see let alone address so how about I take a stab at it? Generals IBB and OBJ did not have any problems containing and eradicating the insurrections that happened during their time and the question here is why cant GEJ?
    1) These were military chaps that had no problem closing down an entire community and violently suppressing every form of opposition.
    2) It is much easier and quicker for a northerner (especially military) to deal with these type of problems in the north because they know and understand the culture and more so because no one will read any ulterior motives in their action.
    3) We currently are in a democratic dispensation and as such even an elected president must deal with all forms of interest group and cannot unilaterally do what the former military leaders used to do.
    4) GEJ is a southerner and must thread very carefully in the way he tries to go about ending this terrorism in the north east. There are political implications to what he does and how severely he does it. Even here in the US were I currently reside politicians are very mindful of different geo-political/ideological camps and walk the fine line talk of our democracy that is less than 20 years old.
    the point guys is ….its not as simple as what we say on this blog and how we say it. if anyone of us was in Aso rock today, the we will quickly find out that the contributions we are giving here cannot apply in that place. its complicated. I know thousands of lives are being lost as we speak but democracy is a very complicated thing. Its not my way or the highway. Let me ask us this question; how many lives (military and civilians) did the US loose in Iraq before they were able to contain the wanton destruction that was going on there and how long did it take them? and yet we expect this sudden miracle as a third world country.
    One final thing @ Oga Igbi
    Please sir until we have evidence that a certain $20 billion was stolen, then it behooves us not to begin throwing unfounded accusations at people and our leaders. I’m not saying you are wrong I’m just saying there is currently no evidence to back your accusation that the money was ‘stolen’

  12. startrek says:

    Corruption is one issue in that stares every nigerian in the face like age … But notwithstanding the Nigeria military even with her so called outdated equipments will overrun the NE and the entire northern Cameroon in three days and hold ground indefinitely sans outside intervention… however the. Nigeria military from its very beginning was never trained or positioned for coin ops until one year ego. now most countries of south, central and west Africa and many countries outside industrialised nations would have fallen to pieces. the military & security hierarchy know wat to do and how to do it… the CinC knows all it takes is the “GO” order. But leadership is maturity and maturity is restrain in the face of deliberate and intense provocation. BH is history already… I say this with a degree of certainty. God bless FRN

  13. chucks says:

    Oga Beeg, pls I beg u to be a bit calm with Oga Igbi. I appreciate his patriotism, though he does have the tendency to go overboard (not a fault of his) but to him, to you Oga Igbi, I suggest u tread cautiously.

    Sirs, I was shocked and excited to know that a ‘VIP’ that makes things work in this country visits this blog almost on ‘daily’ basis and every comment posted is forwarded to our DEFSEC agencies. From my interaction with someone that knows someone up there, a lot is being packaged for our country and for the military. Some of the hardware proposed here are seriously being discussed on the highest political and military level. Guys I bet u, in one year BH activities will be reduced to the lowest level. I have never on this blog commented so strategically, but believe me this is on point. This blog is a ‘Bible’ to our security and INT agencies and I tell you every comment and advised military acquisition is carefully analysed as I type this.

    Guys,I am not a soldier but a patriotic Nigerian that wants the best for our dear nation but to the Glory of the Almighty, I have an insight to certain things being done to reposition our DEFSEC agencies. Be a little patient cos most all these issues will be a thing of the past.

    As regards you Oga Beeg, I don’t know what or how you did it for the powers that be to go thru this blog all the time, whatever it is you did, pls don’t give up as your blog and personality is being ‘seriously’ mentioned and I bet you, in no distant time your positive attention will be needed, mark my words!

    The truth is, this blog and its quality is a threat to certain people that want to maintain the status quo, but believe me @ the highest level this blog is being defended and appreciated.

    Dear bloggers, my final advice.. refrain from implosive and controversial statements as they are not helpful. God bless you all. SHALOM!

  14. rka says:

    @chucks. thank you for info bro, it is very helpful even though we know the blog is read is certain circles. It is good to know they analyse things before coming to an informed decision.

    So I will would advise fellow bloggers to think carefully before writing.

  15. Oje says:

    “Tread carefully?” You cannot bring about a fast and effective change to the endemic corruption and nonchalance that prevades our military institutions today by being “politically correct”. Call a spade a spade and let them know. We in the South are oblivious to the carnage going on in the North against civilians but they are Nigerians too.

    • rka says:

      So what are you going to do, take to the streets? Corruption didn’t start with this government and won’t end with it. Corruption is also rife in the western world. It is not a matter of being politically correct but constructive criticism are the bywords.

      What is happening up north is terrible, but is being carried out by the terrorists and that is what they do. This happens in an insurgency. Look at Iraq and other countries suffering the same. For Iraq, all the sophisticated equipment hasn’t stopped the bombings even though they have most of what we have been clamouring for on the blog.

      Barring clearing the Populace from the North and having a general sweep with the military through the North East, it isn’t going to be easy. There are cells embedded and locals passing on info to the terrorists. You can’t legislate for that.

      Yes, mistakes have been made, this country has had to learn, but sometimes adapting takes a bit of time as you cannot have knee jerk reactions to everything. You will only make further blunders.

  16. peccavi says:

    Using a GSM phone as your method of comms is not just bad but very bad. GSM depends on masts, if the masts are taken down what happens? If there is a power failure? If there is no coverage in the area.

    Radios are used for this reason. There is nothing wrong with having GSM as a last resort back up but only as a last resort. The radios in this case do not need to be that sophisticated, basic scrambling and encryption is commercially available, backed up by satphones and GSM or landline but radios are a must

  17. Colonel says:

    Oga beeg thank you very much for your response to Oje. NA is a well trained army and i believe they are capable of winning this war against Boko Haram. Apart from more land and air assets, the President most be precise in his orders. Looking at our political scene, it is obvious that there are lots of divergent interests. Most dont understand how military operations are carried out. That is why Shettima can make the kind of statements he made. We know that officers and men of the NA are already performing miracles on the battlefield but more needs to be done to improve their firepower, coordination and operational efficiency.

  18. jimmy says:

    i want to thank OGA CHUCKS for his most timely and appropriate comments. Please understand oga chucks All of my comments come from an area of deep seated and intense loyalty to THE defense an security and integrity of our Country called Nigeria.
    The NIGERIAN airforce needs to be upgraded to meet the challenges of this war and other security challenges of the 21 st century we can not save our way out of if
    NAF as it stands needs FOUR different types of helios
    ASSAULT HELIOS that are coin specific no bones about it.
    MARINE adapted Helios for security and anti piracy activities in the Niger delta.

  19. chucks says:

    Oga jimmy, points well noted. Have you guys thought of international conspiracy against Nigeria?? Kindly consider this; ‘keep Nigeria busy….mistakes made as regards china shouldn’t be repeated with Nigeria’! I end my case

  20. Tope says:

    @oga Chucks, We are patient Sir, but as a blog we must always point out da Egg from da Chicken, If we keep quiet and allow status quo it would mean we won’t get wat we want delivered.

    In the Wake of your Revelation I want to humbly ask our DEFSEC Agencies to consider all we have been saying from Strategy to Procurement on;

    1. Airforce : Sukhoi 27,30, Tucano and Lots and Lots of UAVs, JF-17 Block 1 and 2, J-10, Yak-30 and Air Refuellers and we want some in Double Squadrons of 24. This Assets will be assigned for : Air Defence, Border Patrol, Quick Response, Utility, Maritime Patrol and Surveillance and Intelligence and Finally Deep Strike, Interdiction and Bombardment and Air Support. We have mentioned an Exhaustive List plus amounts and even countries wit Excess.

    MB-Bo5s, Mi-24Vs, Mi-35Ps we Expect da 15-19 Helicopters to be quickly be sent to Nigeria if da 9 promised by Russia is. In da deal then let’s quickly get it done, plus more harbin Z9 for our Navy for Patrol and AT-42s for more intelligence using TRACON and Dedicated Satellite C3I module.

    We also expect our SF Forces to have a Standby Force that moves to block Any Fleeing Boko Haram member wen dey try to attack villages. We need to begin Registering All Villagers near da Border and do Head Count Daily to make sure the number of people remain the same and any NEW Visitor be Queried since boko haram insert themselves in da Village and den relay info to the attacking team.

    2. Army : Replace our Tanks with mordern Tanks, Increase our artillery and Orbat, Increase Troops so we can have a Double Intake for year 2014 to about 50,000 recruits. Upgrade DICON and let da Proforce deal come through, We need MRAPs asap plus Nigerian Army Aviation Wing needs to be up and Running. We need an SF Division and at least 2 new Divisions due to our Ever increasing Size and Large AORs. We need to use Tavlors and Keep da Ak-47 or newer Version of da AK’s as Last Defence. Encourage Local Manufacturing of Weapons operating under Army needs. We need APCs numbering in dia 5000s for Every Platoon Sized, We have Different Selection plus we need our Armys to have Sniper, Recon and Bomb Units for every platoon or Unit. Arm them to the TEETH. We need continuous COIN development all Fighters who have been on Battlefield communicate Experience and its used to develop Counter Strategies. Our Military Police needs to be active to weed out Soldiers who are giving intel to BH or other criminal 2. Army : Replace our Tanks with mordern Tanks, Increase our artillery and Orbat, Increase Troops so we can have a Double Intake for year 2014 to about 50,000 recruits. Upgrade DICON and let da Proforce deal come through, We need MRAPs asap plus Nigerian Army Aviation Wing needs to be up and Running. We need an SF Division and at least 2 new Divisions due to our Ever increasing Size and Large AORs. We need to use Tavlors and Keep da Ak-47 or newer Version of da AK’s as Last Defence. Encourage Local Manufacturing of Weapons operating under Army needs. We need APCs numbering in dia 5000s for Every Platoon Sized, We have Different Selection plus we need our Armys to have Sniper, Recon and Bomb Units for every platoon or Unit. Arm them to the TEETH. We need continuous COIN development all Fighters who have been on Battlefield communicate Experience and its used to develop Counter Strategies. Our Military Police needs to be active to weed out Soldiers who are giving intel to BH or other criminal 2. Army : Replace our Tanks with mordern Tanks, Increase our artillery and Orbat, Increase Troops so we can have a Double Intake for year 2014 to about 50,000 recruits. Upgrade DICON and let da Proforce deal come through, We need MRAPs asap plus Nigerian Army Aviation Wing needs to be up and Running. We need an SF Division and at least 2 new Divisions due to our Ever increasing Size and Large AORs. We need to use Tavlors and Keep da Ak-47 or newer Version of da AK’s as Last Defence. Encourage Local Manufacturing of Weapons operating under Army needs. We need APCs numbering in dia 5000s for Every Platoon Sized, We have Different Selection plus we need our Armys to have Sniper, Recon and Bomb Units for every platoon or Unit. Arm them to the TEETH. We need continuous COIN development all Fighters who have been on Battlefield communicate Experience and its used to develop Counter Strategies. Our Military Police needs to be active to weed out Soldiers who are giving intel to BH or other criminal 2. Army : Replace our Tanks with mordern Tanks, Increase our artillery and Orbat, Increase Troops so we can have a Double Intake for year 2014 to about 50,000 recruits. Upgrade DICON and let da Proforce deal come through, We need MRAPs asap plus Nigerian Army Aviation Wing needs to be up and Running. We need an SF Division and at least 2 new Divisions due to our Ever increasing Size and Large AORs. We need to use Tavlors and Keep da Ak-47 or newer Version of da AK’s as Last Defence. Encourage Local Manufacturing of Weapons operating under Army needs. We need APCs numbering in dia 5000s for Every Platoon Sized, We have Different Selection plus we need our Armys to have Sniper, Recon and Bomb Units for every platoon or Unit. Arm them to the TEETH. We need continuous COIN development all Fighters who have been on Battlefield communicate Experience and its used to develop Counter Strategies. Our Military Police needs to be active to weed out Soldiers who are giving intel to BH or other criminal gangs.

    3. Navy: We need New Fleet made up of Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes and of course Subs to form Battlegroups who will protect our EEZ and Gulf of Guinea, Work on our Coastal Defence, Upgrade. All NNS Bases and FOB Bases, Integrate RMAC wit Rapid Response Units, Increase Size of our SBS Team, Develop a Marine Unit under da Navy. We need LPDs and Fleet Support Groups. Increase Navy Aviation and let us be Armed wit ASW Capabilities. Create a School of Submarine Warfare and Begin Deep Sea Port Projects for Future Subs. Work on Naval Intelligence Via plotting all waterways, creeks and underground charts to provide protection from Anti-smuggling, piracy and terrorism and kidnapping and Oil Vandalisation.

    4. Police : Re-Train All Police Unit to Mordern Police Training we can start wit Batches, They Leave for UK or US academies or option 2 we get Very Experienced Police Admin to develop a Robust police academy training using FBI Tactics. Work on our Response Rate to Crime and Violence , Fund police and also focus on professionalism and great PR Image of Police. Focus on Developing Support Structures for them and Intelligence Gathering.

    5. FG : Have a Dedicated Budget. Our Military Funding should start with 4 trillion Naira and den will be increased or decreased based o

    • Oje says:

      The Nigerian airforce is one of the largest users of helicopter gunships in Africa and 9 more are expected to be delivered sometime this year. For effectiveness I think the Nigerian army aviation should be the one operation the Gunships not the airforce.

      • beegeagle says:

        Okay, so let them deliver the airframes already and make a public show of it. It would engender a mollifying effect on people in the blighted communities now that their talkative governor is yapping loosely about nothing.

        After the attack on the 479 Composite Group, the ex-CAS (now CDS) said that even more airframes have been delivered. We have to have the propaganda instincts of a force at war instead of keeping everything “codified” in a cryptic and self-destructive way.

        As of 2011, Sudan had amassed 30 Mi-24V/Mi-35P and 33 Mi-8/Mi-17s. That is why they could attack in the Red Sea, Abyei, Kordofan, Darfur etc. As we speak, they just placed a US$200 million contract for 38 MORE factory refurbished units of Mi-24V/Mi-35P/Mi-17 combat and transport helicopters, including training,armaments and spares. Of course, they bought FIFTEEN Su-25 Frogfoot COIN jets during the late 2000s after haven acquired TWENTY TWO MiG 29s during the early 2000s. As you can see, we really need to wake up. I kid you not. When you are in faraway Borno, you would realise that Sudan are just as real as far as neighbours go as are Togo.

        So how do you reconcile that impressive and appropriate Sudanese? Are we the most stingy republic at war? Does Sudan with 30+ million people earn one-sixth of what the FGN does? What are we thinking exactly…sowing weeds and expecting to harvest maize?

        We are led to believe that the NAF placed an order for six Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helics and three Mi-35P attack helics in 2013. A Russian document posted here confirmed six Mi-171Sh and four Mi-17 helics. Now, a 2014 Budget Office document says the NAF are also lined up to receive six more advanced Mi-35M attack helos (a first-ever haul of this airframe which incorporates features of the Mi-28 and the Mi-35 in one bird)

        So from those SIPRI, Budget Office and the said Russian reports, we should see the NAF buzzing around in

        – three Mi-35P attack helos

        – six Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helos

        – four Mi-17 utility helos

        – six Mi-35M attack helos

        The NAF should not be shy to take delivery of these NINETEEN airframes. It is the most commendable haul of rotary wing combat airframes in 35 years and a break from the appalling norm of buying combat helics in annoying pairs and triads.

        The NAF will be FIFTY in 2014. We need to do something different for the Air Expo 2014.

      • peccavi says:

        I kind of agree with you but can you see the airforce agreeing?

    • CHYDE says:

      Tope you done well , pls permit me to alter your third paragraph, Instead of SU27’s why not go for SU35, as for the JF17 thunder, i have started having my reservations about this plane, dont you think that the SU34 would be a more better option?
      @Oje, there is nothing wrong with the Airforce operating Gunships, for me if the NA are interested in Gunships, fine and good, you cant have too much of a good thing.

      • Oje says:

        The Army is at the forefront in the war against Boko Haram, the gunship is more suited for tactical ground operations against rebels, more so that supersonic jets. You do not have to radio the airforce at far away Maiduguri or Lagos to scrample air assets, its a logistic nag on operations, allow the army full control of the gunships. Soldiers need air support they can readily call on to support ground operations. The Air force can suplement this with Alpha light attack jets and the supersonic J-7 fighters.

    • triggah says:

      Mr Tope I salute you sir for your comment except for one thing. “5000 APC’s per platoon”. Haba oga who u wan invade? The whole world? Na wa oo its too much nah.

  21. rka says:

    The Army should have a dedicated attack helo like the Agusta 129 Mangusta or similar type with the option of anti-armour missiles. This should be the plan for the coming years. The Mi-35s should remain with the Air Force as they have plenty of experience flying and maintaining them. It takes years to become proficient and the Army with zero experince in flying helos will take a few years to ramp up to IOC.

    • Oje says:

      How do we hope to win this war if the Army lacks an air wing? This loophole has made it compulsory for the Nigerian Army to rely solely on the Air Force for air support. You are fully aware of the inter service rivalry between the army and airforce right? An Army air arm will make it possible for the Army to plan its operations and execute them speedily without relying solely on the Air Force for such support. There were instances where soldiers had been endangered in 2013 when an expected air support was called off when troops had advanced especially at the Sambisa Forest.

      Our Nigerian Army has people trained as helicopter pilots but they don’t have an air wing or Army Aviation. Even the paratroopers, who could be used in some battles, cannot be effectively exploited, how long can we continue like this?

      • rka says:

        @Oje, nobody is saying we shouldn’t have an air wing, just that it doesn’t happen overnight even with the best will in the world. It takes more than just having army pilots trained as basic helicopter pilots.

        It takes years to set up an air wing from training the pilots to initial operational capability, which can take a long time when a helicopter has been selected, to running an air wing operationally.

        The role of the air force is to provide air-lift and CAS to the army when required and there should be no inter-service rivalry. Who can even say there will be any difference in response times if the army has an air wing as I type? The main problems are communication and lack of adequate operational platforms.

        If the air force and army had Forward Air Controllers trained and there is a tri-service culture of co-operation, then it wouldn’t matter who had the air wing as things stand.

        In the long run, I hope the army air corp will be up and running. I even suspect the pilots that have been trained so far are being further trained for UAVs. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  22. freeegulf says:

    @oga chucks, mighty thanks and praise for your appropriate response. i have indeed in various threads, mentioned the foreign angle to these BH destabilization, albeit in a political correct and subtle manner.

    just looking at the little fires in different parts of Africa, it is not hard to see a pattern in all this. there’s is the big picture. like i have mentioned before, try understand the impact of INTERNATIONAL HIGH FINANCE.
    these guys are now more powerful than SOVEREIGN NATIONS. lots of countries will be facing real challenges if they don’t readily line up to the ambitions of the internationals.
    may God deliver us from evil.

  23. freeegulf says:

    oga marshal beegs, my fear is that if the FG do not procure hardware and war materiel now that oil price is at an all time high (over $100pb) when will they buy? when the price of oil slumps and they start screaming competing demands?

    we have the casus belli and we have the financial muscles, lets kit up our boys now!! it would be difficult to find a more opportune time for acquisitions. we shouldn’t be acquisition shy.

    Mil-24s, SU-25s, factory refurbished, all stopgap measures. for the long term, we can then start planning how to procure newer platforms after inducting these war winning machines into our arsenal.

    we cannot win this war without NAF. they are the sharp tip point of the spear. without the army, the spear is broken, but also, without the air force, the spear is blunt.
    army aviation can continue in stage development, albeit, fast tracked. but the air force need to haul massive numbers of these needed birds. COIN is tough and painstaking. as a result mobility, firepower, medevac all need to be married up to produce an effective counter guerrilla action results.

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