CTCOIN troops on patrol at Baga

A Nigerian Army Special Forces commando leads CTCOIN troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force on patrol in the Far Northeast district of Baga bordering on the Lake Chad

27 February, 2014

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) in Abuja on Thursday said that the military had embarked on specialised operation to flush out the Boko Haram insurgents from Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

The Director of Defence Information, Maj-.Gen. Chris Olukolade, made the disclosure when he briefed newsmen on
the security situation in the three states
under state of emergency. Olukolade said the new approach marked another phase in the operations which were designed to further curtail the terrorists’ activities.

“The specialised campaign, which has
commenced is being undertaken
simultaneously in Yobe, Borno and
Adamawa. “The operation is also in furtherance of efforts at apprehending the terrorists and ensuring that they do not escape out of Nigeria as they are now desperate to do,” he said. He said the seeming resurgent activities of the insurgents were at best a reaction to the renewed offensive against it.

“In desperation for money and food,they looted and burnt banks, shops and filling stations along their way through Michika as they headed for the Cameroon border. “Six of their fighters were killed, two captured while nine of their vehicles were destroyed; one soldier and three civilians also died in the encounter.

“It is believed that those involved in this latest attacks are elements that
perpetrated the mayhem against
students of the Federal Government
College, Buni-Yadi, Yobe, and other
places. “They have been holed up and are still engaged in suicidal fighting apparently with a view to attaining martyrdom status, as troops close in on the diehard ones among them,’’ Olukolade said.

He called on the citizens of the affected
areas, particularly border towns, to assist security forces by reporting any
movement of the group in their locality. He said that this would enhance military
operations and assist in apprehending or eliminating the terrorists.

Olukolade said that: “DHQ acknowledges, with grave concern, the recent mindless killings of innocent school children and other citizens in towns and villages following terrorist activities in some parts of the North-East. “The dastardly act has expectedly
attracted the reaction of well-meaning
individuals who have been condemning
the senseless bloodletting.

“Disturbing as this trend proves, the fact remains that the chilly episodes are
simply typical of terrorists intention to
intimidate the people into subscribing to their false claim to invincibility.


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  1. rka says:

    Let there be no let up this time. A chance to corner and annihilate them. I hope our neighbours have been made aware, otherwise they will flee ACROSS OUR BORDERS ONLY TO RETURN AND THE WHOLE OPERATION WOULD BECOME MEANINGLESS.

  2. Henry says:


    The italian navy’s aircraft carrier is in nigeria. She was escorted by 3 other frigates. While in nigeria, the italian navy would conduct joint training exercises with her nigerian counter-part.

    Pity, the nigerian navy hasn’t updated her website for quite a while.

  3. Spirit. says:

    ‘Defenses”? where? Its all gaps. You should have said “they’ll see enough defenses in our gap

    I am sure the Italians are here for naval manouvers, MOB etc, not to really test the defensive capability of our Naval aviation or the Air Force.I keep saying it, we do not have an Air Force yet.

    We say a big welcome to the Italian Navy.

    • triggah says:

      A country where we have more pilots than airplanes, more sailors than ships. One US navy Nimitz class with her escort can overwhelm us and cause enough devastation in our country. No wonder Nigeria is viewed as a peaceful country. Who dem fit beat?

  4. Tope says:

    Dat Cavour 550. From the pictures has 10 Gunships…5 Helicopters 5 Fixed Wing Aircrafts, if dey wouldn’t mind let them borrow us their Ships for dis Week so we hit Boko Haram HARD!, da Italians like Beeg Eagle Rightly predicted are leading the European and Western and Eastern Nations in providing Military support to Nigeria as. Far as I’m concerned this is the Table.

    1. Italy
    2. China,Isreal and USA [share this spot]
    3. Pakistan,Russia, Ukraine and Belarus[Hardware. And Training]
    4. Britain and France[ ermmm……RMACC and oda Stuffs]
    5.Fill in the Other Countries here.

  5. Yagazie says:

    I note that the ship will not be open to members of the pubic to visit- a pity. As a school boy growing up in Lagos I have wonderful memories of going on ship visits to then West German Naval vessels when they came on visits and were moored at the Marina . Hopefully the visit of this Italian aircraft carrier will highlight the need for our navy to quickly obtain helicopter landing dock platforms and ‘proper’ naval vessels like frigates, corvettes and eventually submarines as well as upgrade our naval air arm to operate fixed wing aircraft like the Orion P3, or Dornier -228 for Maritime Patrol duties.

    • Anas says:

      Typical propaganda video frm desperate terrorists trying to tell any one who cares to listen that they r still relevant but d amount of hardware in the hands of these guys is worrying GPMGs mounted on a technical ,rpg weilding men that can wreck havoc in combat they look intimidating but they can be defeated infact they r losing d war! A well prepared ambush by our boys using mines and explosives can wipe them out in one fell swoop .

    • Are James says:

      Okay. So I counted more than 30 RPGs in this formation march alone …..but this is besides the point, somebody is feeding and training these misguided young men and we need to do away with pedestrian notions of this being a northern Nigerian governors’ sustained insurrection. What is going on here is an attempt at something more geo politically significant and our egg heads in DHQ need to do the math.
      Someone told a journalist last week that these guys even wear night vision goggles.
      Nigeria needs to forcefully carve out a buffer zone covering North Western Cameroun, Southern Niger Republic and Lake Chad
      Urgent need to quadrupule the size and capabilities of the air force + establishment of a new offensive division to enter into those regions and hold territory backed by the heavy hammer of at least 30 4th generation attack jets. When we hold this territory for a year, we negotiate from a position of strength with our neighbours on what to do multi laterally to eradicate this group which is actually possible in less than one year with the right sustained firepower.

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