27 February, 2014

Scores of suspected Boko Haram Islamists armed with grenade launchers and explosives razed a town in Nigeria’s
embattled northeast, killing two people,
including a child, witnesses told AFP on

Residents in Michika, in Adamawa state,
said people fled to the nearby foothills
when the attackers dressed in military
uniforms stormed the town in four-
wheel drive trucks and motorcycles. Boko Haram gunmen have previously disguised themselves in military fatigues during the group’s four-and-half-year uprising which has killed thousands.

Michika resident Abdul Kassim said
militants arrived at about 9:30 pm (2030
GMT) on Wednesday, “armed with RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) and
explosives which they hurled
indiscriminately at homes and public
buildings”. The attack reportedly lasted for more than four hours.

Kassim said in an account supported by other witnesses that one boy was killed
while trying to run away and that a
security guard was shot dead as the
gunmen forced their way into a bank.The military in Adamawa declined to comment on the attack.

Adamawa is one of three northeastern
states placed under emergency rule in
May last year following waves of Boko
Haram attacks. The top military commander in the state last week ordered the complete closure of the border with Cameroon in hopes of blocking the movements of insurgents
and weapons.

The ongoing military offensive has failed to crush the insurgency and nearly 300
people have been killed in a range of
attacks already this year. On Tuesday, 43 people, most of them students, were killed in an attack on a secondary school in Yobe state, also in the northeast.

Michika residents said they believed the
attackers came from Nigeria’s Borno
state, the Islamist group’s stronghold, not from neighbouring Cameroon. “As soon as we heard a barrage of gunshots and blasts of explosives we ran out of our homes to the hilltops overlooking the town,” said Amos Buzu.

Various residents said the attackers razed four banks, hundreds of shops, a
police station, government buildings and dozens of homes. One witness, who requested anonymity, said Michika looked like a “war zone” after the raid that destroyed some 90 percent of all businesses.

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  1. beegeagle says:

    Well, we did mention the fact that the Gwoza-Kerawa axis of southern Borno and the Michika-Madagali-Mubi axis are one continuum as far as insurgent activities go. Here we find proof of what we were saying


    “Moving on, I am wondering how this is
    going to work out given the great
    proximity and geographical similarity
    (the Mandara Mts) which exists between
    the northern end of the mountain at the
    Gwoza-Kerawa axis in Borno and the southerly stretches of the mountains around Madagali-Michika-Mubi in Adamawa State.

    Adamawa state alone boasts a string of
    highland frontiers with Cameroon –
    Mandara Mts, Adamawa Highlands, Gotel Mts, Alantika Mts etc but at this time, the most volatile reaches of the mountainous frontier remain the. northernmost part of Adamawa State…the Mubi-Michika-Madagali axis which straddles the even more volatile borders in Borno.

    Will the insurgents simply not move north into nearby southern Borno and breach the border security effort from there?”


    Well, sure as can be they did breach the arrangement from adjacent parts of Borno.

  2. asorockweb says:

    The below article from the guardian adds more context to this post

    Abuja – The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) in Abuja on Thursday said that the military had embarked on specialised operation to flush out the Boko Haram insurgents from Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.The Director of Defence Information, Maj-.Gen. Chris Olukolade, made the disclosure when he briefed newsmen on the security situation in the three states under state of emergency.Olukolade said the new approach marked another phase in the operations which were designed to further curtail the terrorists’ activities.Air Marshal Alex Badeh, Chief of Defence Staff“The specialised campaign, which has commenced is being undertaken simultaneously in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa.“The operation is also in furtherance of efforts at apprehending the terrorists and ensuring that they do not escape out of Nigeria as they are now desperate to do,” he said.
    He said the seeming resurgent activities of the insurgents were at best a reaction to the renewed offensive against it.“In desperation for money and food, they looted and burnt banks, shops and filling stations along their way through Michika as they headed for the Cameroon border.“Six of their fighters were killed, two captured while nine of their vehicles were destroyed; one soldier and three civilians also died in the encounter.“It is believed that those involved in this latest attacks are elements that perpetrated the mayhem against students of the Federal Government College, Buni-Yadi, Yobe, and other places.“They have been holed up and are still engaged in suicidal fighting apparently with a view to attaining martyrdom status, as troops close in on the die-hard ones among them,’’ Olukolade said.

    He called on the citizens of the affected areas, particularly border towns, to assist security forces by reporting any movement of the group in their locality.
    He said that this would enhance military operations and assist in apprehending or eliminating the terrorists.Olukolade said that: “DHQ acknowledges, with grave concern, the recent mindless killings of innocent school children and other citizens in towns and villages following terrorist activities in some parts of the North-East.“The dastardly act has expectedly attracted the reaction of well-meaning individuals who have been condemning the senseless bloodletting.“Disturbing as this trend proves, the fact remains that the chilly episodes are simply typical of terrorists intention to intimidate the people into subscribing to their false claim to invincibility. (NAN)

  3. asorockweb says:

    beegs, you have to change the image for this article

  4. lordfej says: the video report about this new development

    • Are James says:

      This is not head turning news and the news conference itself – drab, ineffective laborious word slinging that does not properly paint the picture of the battle field. Also no Q&A was shown.

  5. Are James says:

    I have a suspicion that the ‘new approach’ they are talking about is the engagement of BH at ‘stand-off’ distances using a hastily concocted but unique mix of detection equipment and weaponry.

    I wish to say generally that both the insurgents and the Nigerian military are engaged in a mediocre campaign the likes of which has not been seen since the first world war. For the insurgents at least they seem to be achieving their objective which is to shock and awe the FG by committing the most dastardly acts on the civillian population. They do not have any overriding strategic objective beyond this and their modest aspirations is proof that their demise is just a matter of time.

    For the Nigerian military on the other hand we have to hope that a joker would be pulled soon to make up for what is going into history as a major disgrace to one of the few remaining institutions in the country that the country has been proud of so far.
    The problem we are seeing on ground is not related to an absence of TRADOC which has actually been a strength of the Nigerian Army in particular. I think we have a problem of ‘agility’ which is achieving on ground the situational awareness to BH activities and the quick reaction to same that interdicts their attacks and when they do successfully attack that extracts maximum casualties per operation this is assuming of course that a ‘ reactive ‘ approach has been decided upon in prosecuting this war because we don’t want to chase insurgents across borders.

    Any assertion that we should emphasise basic tactics over weapon platform acquisition is not considering the true nature of the Boko Haram sect fighters. The game has changed in this war, it is a collection of guerrilla warfare tactics that is constantly customized to each particular objective. There is no manual that has all the variations they may adopt..
    All we are sure of is that they will select their targets based on weakness and deploy overwhelming force on that point of weakness, taking out army guard units and armoured vehicles with suicide bombers or just plain old running of hundreds of men into machine gun fire.

    The way to counter all these is partially ‘stand off engagement’ which i suspect we are currently doing but this works only on a dense deployment of surveillance aircraft, UAVs and ground surveillance cameras on top of a backbone of C3I infrastructure, provision of single point daily command per sector (maybe colonel level officer) and proactive deployment of SFs across the borders.

  6. gbash10 says:

    Whatsoever the DHQs is to implement will not yield the desired results,if more attack and transport helicopters equipped with GPS,NVG and FLIR,combat RPAs armed with air-to-surface missiles are not brought in for the campaign in the NE.
    Our country is not poor for the sake of National Security,Mr President do something!

  7. gbash10 says:

    Nigeria must spend money to equip our armed forces to win this WAR,the FG should stop begging Western powers for assistance.
    The whole world know that we have billions of US dollars,British Pound Sterling and the Chinese Yua in our foreign reserve.
    Let us be frank,how much money has been voted for and used to celebrate our centenary?
    The hands of the C-in-C should not be tied when Boko Haram are kill innocent students in their sleep,they have already crossed the RED LINE again, and again,and would continue to do so until the President Takes The Bull By The Horn!
    Terrorist all over the world understand only one language; TERROR.

  8. doziex says:

    I have always said that NA and BH are in a race of learning adapting.

    This war has already been waged in iraq, it is being waged in Afghanistan, chad, somalia and mali as we speak.
    So how quickly NA learns best practices from these examples, versus how quickly BH learns from the same examples, will determine the pprogression of this war.

    So far, BH are adapting to the best insurgent practices faster than NA is adapting to the best counterinsurgent practices.

    Remember, this group started with cutlasses and bow and arrows, and now they are running roughshod over NE Nigeria.

  9. doziex says:

    One of the lessons NA has been slow to learn or adapt is in LOGISTICS and Force Protection.

    Our troops, mopol, and police should all be armed to win and survive in the battle space.
    If insurgents with rpgs and 50 kcal mounted technicals is their reality, then by all means, equip the police with the same.

    Arm the police with bmp-2s, rpgs,pkms to withstand this onslaught.
    Instead of having them only make sand bags for defensive positions, HESCO barriers should be made available for RAPID and EASY set up of fortifications.

    For instance, now that bh are attacking remotely located schools, a heavily armed police detachment, armed in the aforementioned fashion can be deployed to the location.
    Airconditioned trailers, would provide instant shelter, Hesco barriers would provide instant defensive positions.
    The aforementioned armament would enable the unit to hold their own against the BH until tucanos or mi-35s arrive on scene to decimate the enemy.

  10. Colonel says:

    We have NA officers trained in pakistan. One of the objectives of these trainings is to learn battle doctrines of the host nations and those around it. There has been a war on terror in afghanistan. Pakistan has had its own fair share of terrorist attacks. We can win this war. We just need a change of tactics, acquistion of weapons for the prossecution of this war and good battle planners who can study the situation on ground and make a good plan.

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