Cameroon and Nigeria: inexorably linked NEXTDOOR neighbours

Cameroon and Nigeria: inextricably linked NEXTDOOR neighbours

4 March, 2014

Seven people were killed when Boko
Haram fighters launched an assault in
northern Cameroon, a Cameroonian
security source and a rights group have
said. Six Boko Haram members and one
Cameroonian soldier were killed in the
attack on Sunday, the source told the AFP news agency on Monday. Two other Boko Haram fighters were captured near the Nigerian border, the source added.

The local rights group, the Os-Civil Droits
de l’Homme, also reported the assault to
the AFP and said there were victims,
without specifying a number. “On Sunday, Boko Haram Islamists entered Cameroon… there was a clash between them and the soldiers,” said the rights group’s spokesman, Mey Aly.

“Around 30 heavily armed Boko Haram
soldiers crept discretely into Cameroon. A villager saw them and raised the alarm,” she added. “The region’s populations have been terrorised by incursions from Islamists like Sunday’s. We call on stronger efforts from the authorities to reassure the population,” Aly said.

100 dead this month

Earlier Monday, an official said that
suspected fighters had killed 29 people in Nigeria’s embattled northeast on Sunday, the latest carnage in a surge of violence that has left more than 100 dead this month alone. The Nigerian military has launched a major offensive against the armed group, which has killed thousands of people since 2009.

Last Wednesday, Labaran Maku,Nigeria’s
information minister, said that much of
his country’s problem with Boko Haram
stemmed from its border with Cameroon
and called for “increased partnership” to
work against the group. Nigeria has alleged that the group has set up bases in sparsely populated areas of its northeastern neighbours, including
Cameroon, Chad and Niger, and flee
across the border after staging attacks to avoid military pursuit.

“They strike. When we pursue them, they retreat into Cameroon,” said the minister.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Are Cameroon now willing to quit dithering and finally confront the OPEN Boko Haram presence and use of their territory as safe haven? Is this an early manifestation of the ‘your struggle is our struggle’ as proclaimed by President Hollande during his trip to Nigeria last week?Are Cameroonians now tired of tolerating the BH presence on their soil?

    Interesting times beckon.

  2. Oje says:

    Armed robbers came to ur neighbor’s house, you said ‘let them rob him, he shows off too much. After all its not my problem’ now the robber has moved to ur house. Get ready to face it. CAMEROON, i’m talking to you o. At least ur gov’t will be too busy fighting BH and they won’t have time grabbing our land again. Hiuhiuhiuhiu!!!

  3. Tope says:

    @Beegeagle, It Seems Papa France has gone to talk to Son Cameroon to Listen, After all Brother Nigeria and Papa France Trade deal is now 128 billion dollars, Dat is not a Small Cash to Look Away……France will protect its Assets we saw that recently wen it came Snooping in our Waters to protect I tink it was an Elf Vessel Loading High Volumes of Oil….anywaiz Its Good Cameroon has Become Gingered to get them off…….We need da Hammer and Anvil Tactic ASAP. Blanket them, Nigeria Has Asked Let us Pursue them into ur country,,,,,What Cameroon should do is Deploy Soldiers at Border Areas so once NA gives Alert of da Area dey r running to dey can Capture them, because notice how quickly da Soldiers Quickly get these Fleeing Insurgents shows dey Know EXACTLY where dey reside.

    Recently DHQ noticed 12 Bases!!!! In Cameroon, 12! Nigeria should just go ahead, see what anyone will say……

  4. beegeagle says:

    Within the half-hour, BBC WORLD shall be airing a report on Nigeria.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Another lie by Senator Zanna of Borno Central. He says more than 100,000 people have been killed. Some count that but trust many of our people to wax moronic once international media microphones get thrust in their faces.

    The BBC, with her easy affinity for pushing the interest of one half of Nigeria, have become a part of the Nigerian problem. They need to pontificate a whole lot less. It is hollow sanctimony.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Borno are unfortunately paying the price for riding on the tiger’s back. Once upon a time, BH goons were folk heroes who were out to drive the outsiders and infidels in power at Abuja, out. The plot spiralled out of control and the monster is today consuming itself.

    The case of Cameroon is not much different..they played the lyre while their neighbour’s house was on fire. The fire is now aglow on their doorsteps.

    C’est la vie

  7. startrek says:

    Gen Beeg I have a gut feeling if bh is driven out towards Cameroon
    we may have an AfghanTaliban type situation next to us.
    I suggest Nigeria goes to the UN security for permission to occupy northern Cameroon for 5yrs
    that way BH or watever will be effectively destroyed…

  8. beegeagle says:

    I do not doubt that, brother Startrek. The degree of savagery exhibited by BH in our border precincts, if carried out in Cameroon, will overwhelm that sister republic EXCEPT the French intervene to shore up their defences.

    Remember that the BH goons’ leader recently wrote to the Cameroonian President warning of looming attacks if they extend any hand of fellowship to Nigerian DEFSEC forces?

    Anyhow e wan be, this looks like ACT 1 SCENE 1 of the unlikely movie, “wahala comes to town”

    • Oga Beeg this is the same point I was trying to make some days ago and one Igbi was spewing conspiracy theories. The savagery exhibited by BH is legendary. If BH should start a campaign in Cameroon I fear the conflict zone might become wider and bloody.

  9. startrek says:

    Beeg one that was hilarious.
    meanwhile I think Nigeria should start arming up cos it may soon be too late not necessarily for BH sake BT there is a diplomatic storm blowing towards Africa and we are right at the path of its eye. anyways a can’t be an alarmists
    may Almighty grant us leaders with vision for good.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Indeed, Camo, in the months ahead there shall be an upswing in violence in the border precincts of Borno+Adamawa and in the Mandara Mts which links both states and straddles the border with Cameroon as BH dart back and forth in sync with the degree of battlefield heat brought to bear on them by armies on either side.

    In the event, both countries are finally fated to cooperate as an exasperated Cameroon clutch at any straw to remain in the fight. Then, true hammer-and-anvil tactics shall push BH to the limits.

    Sadly, for many months, the Adamawa+Borno borderlands and the Far North Region of Cameroon shall greatly resemble the violent continuum which exists between the Helmand Province of Afghanistan and the Waziristans of Pakistan.

    To that extent, Startrek’s allusion to those anarchical Asian parts did not in any way amount to hyperbole. It shall first get worse and then, peace shall return to the embattled northern borderlands which lie between Nigeria and Cameroon.

    May God tide them over the troubles to come.

  11. beegeagle says:



    Tue, Mar 04

  12. Tope says:

    Nigeria Army Destroys Bases in Adaamawa and Borno, Kill 20 Boko Haram Members……Seems an Offensive Strategy is in Works…. Gbash 10 Just reported dat Never been used and Brand new Sophisticated Hardware have been deployed to the Battle Front. This is as a Result of da Synergy btw da CoAS and CAS……Let’s See how things go.

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