Wed, Mar 05
By Felix Onuah

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan appointed an experienced former army general from the Muslim north as his defense minister on Wednesday, as he looks to combat an increasingly bloody Islamist insurgency there.

Jonathan is struggling to cope with
Islamist sect Boko Haram, which has
killed thousands in a four-year
insurgency aimed at carving an Islamic
state out of a country of 170 million
people, split between Christians and Muslims. Boko Haram fighters have been
aggressively targeting vulnerable civilian
populations in the northeast in recent
months and are over-running the army

Aliyu Gusau, who has a background in
military intelligence, will be expected to
play a key role in tempering Boko Haram’s insurgency, having previously
been national security adviser to both
Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Africa’s top oil exporter and the
continent’s second-largest economy is
growing as an investment destination
but persistent periods of instability often tarnish its reputation. Jonathan handed out portfolios to 10 other ministers on Wednesday, filling vacancies mostly created after he fired
11 ministers last September, a move
analysts said was aimed at making room
for figures who would be more adept at fighting what will be closely contested
elections next year.

The defense portfolio had been vacant
since previous incumbent Haliru Bello
was removed by Jonathan in June 2012
after a rapid deterioration in the security situation as Boko Haram stepped up attacks.

New ministers appointed on Wednesday included career diplomat Aminu Wali as
foreign affairs minister. Wali is a former
representative to the United Nations and most recently was Nigeria’s ambassador to China, a country with increasing ties to West Africa. Eight of the new ministerial appointees are from the mostly Muslim north, where southern Christian Jonathan will need plenty of allies to rally support if, as expected, he runs in a presidential election next February.


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  1. Akin Oges says:

    Doff my hat to members of this blog: the nomination and eventual appointment of Gen. Gusau as the minister of defence was first hinted on this forum by one of the Ogas. Na wah Ooo… Though he comes with a history full of heavy baggage in intrigues; I hope he would nonetheless put his ‘septuagenarian’ shoulders into the job and help to deliver our military from imminent shame.

  2. Yagazie says:

    Along with the appointment of a career diplomat as the external affairs minister, this is a good appointment Being a former milliary man and former NSA to both Jonathan and Obasanjo, he will have a good grasp of what is required for our millitary/security services and will hit the ground running. He will also command the professional respect of the CDS, the Service Chiefs and the current NSA (who also happens to be his son-in-law) as he is not a ‘career politician’. Most importantly, he has the gravitas and personality to ensure that the Presidency gives the millitary its due in terms of funding (due to the ‘competing demand’ syndrome and will tell the Finance Minister where to go with her views that the millitary is a ‘non-productive’ sector of the enconomy. I am sure that we all on this blog wish him all the best and God’s favour/blessing in his current ‘assignment’.

  3. Tope says:

    We pray the ” Fox” as he is Called in some Intelligence Circles does the Needful, a Co-ordination between MOD and NSA with DHQ and Service Chiefs will assure us Total Synergy, with this We are Able to work with Interior Ministry for a Full NSS as Discussed by Eeben

  4. jimmy says:

    I am going to speak directly to two of my OGAS on top OGA XNUR and OGA BEEGEAGLE because i hold them in High regard even when i have had difference of opinion i still regard them as friends who will tell me the truth HARSH BITTER BUT THE TRUTH.
    I have tempered my comments on the BH because i have been frustrated a lot by the direction of this administration way of pussy footing the fight.
    i have never in my life seen A COUNTRY fight a rebellion and have a non existent or token defence minster for almost a year.
    I honestly want to know and the fact that GUSAU and SAMBO are from the North TO me is irrelevant what is their HISTORY army CAREER WISE. are they COMPETENT can they STARE madam DOWN AND GET THE FUNDS necessary?.
    Can they / will they be allowed to think outside the box and realise this is going to be a very dirty war , much respect for PECCAVI BUT THIS WAR WILL NOT BE WON FIGHTING BY THE army manual for fair conduct.
    Climbing back into my cave your FAITHFUL SERVANT

    • xnur44 says:

      The Bermuda Triangle has relocated to Nigeria. How can one explain policies that breath more confusion than long term solutions, and funds are still being thrown at them; it is the military variety that is run up a flagpole. The entire world stand at awe and view us with trepidations, even to build a second bridge across the Niger is made to sound like a city dropping from the clouds and yet govt wishes to win a conflict by wishful and blank comments. My prayers to the innocent victims of tomorrow.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank your oga xnur love the bermuda triangle.@as a civil/structural engineer it is just baffling how long it willtakethem to build the second niger bridge. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  5. ozed says:

    Guys, i had previously ignored some of the comments here, but just reading this reference again from Jimmy above i just think it might be necessary to make some comments:

    Firstly, while i understand that this is a DefSec blog, and so understandably our focus is defense and security matters, it would be myopic to pretend that is all that matters.

    I sense that for many of our cybergenerals here, Ngozi okonjo iweala (NOI ) is the public enemy No. 1. In our view she has refused to release sufficient money for defense/security. However, i think we should bear in mind that that lady has the unenviable job of prioritizing the innumerable funding needs from various sectors in the face of severely limited resources.

    The truth is that every sector in Nigeria is underfunded, even from the starting budget every year( so please dont quickly blame corruption).

    We saw the huge demands of lecturers (whom were supported by most people on the streets last year), in spite of the protests of Government that other sectors would end up suffering.

    Speak to the healthcare people and see if the story is different, or is it roads? etc. etc.

    The sad fact guys is that our economy continues to lean heavily on our oil and gas resources, which is certainly not sufficient to support a nation of 170m persons, with a backlog in housing of 17 million units, poor healthcare, rotting school infrastructures etc..

    This government, (and truth be said, any government that comes hereafter) inherits a heavy backlog of mismanaged infrastructure, inadequately trained and motivated military/police etc. etc.

    I dont deny, what we do have can certainly be managed/optimized far better than it is today (as exemplified by the un-explainable decision to buy F7 fighters instead of other more advanced platforms of comparable price). However, if we are realistic we will understand that many of the expenditure we call for repeatedly on this blog are simply the stuff of dreams.

    I understand the occasional frustration at this fact, but dont let us demonize NOI, she may not be an angle, but i guarantee you most of us (and i include myself) faced with the job pressures she faces daily would not do a better job.

    — just my thoughts—–

    • doziex says:

      Oga Ozed, the money needed to turn this war around will not hurt any other competing interest.
      Now the funds to re equip the entire armed forces to say algerian standard is something else.
      However, beegeagle always posts an analysis of cheaper alternatives.
      She simply has to be sensitized to the issue.

      Her bragging in the company of westerners on how she stood down the intimidating generals and refused to give them one red cent shows naivete, or just lack of respect.

      With BH running a mock now, I wonder how many of her competing projects, in addition to irreplaceable lives, would be burnt to the ground .

    • triggah says:

      Who even suggested the purchase of the F7 sef? How does that aircraft fit in any tactical or strategic plan in the defence of our great nation? I just tire for this country.

      PS* anytime I’m in a sad mood I just remember our so called airGuard flopping about in the sky like an arrow. What is it guarding? Then I’ll just laugh.

    • jimmy says:

      oga ozed
      Much respect for your comments as you mentioned me by name I feel with the respect you showed me I will also respect you and reply in kind. First let us deal with Madam.
      Madam is not being accused of anything extraordinary, LAST DECEMBER the NSA admitted to the Tribune That the defense allocation for the beginning of the final quarter had not been paid. ON THIS BLOG WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR THE MOON WE ARE LITERALLY ASKING THAT MONEY THAT HAS BEEN BUDGETED sometimes two three years ago be released to the appropriate agencies so that they can do their constitutionally mandated duty to protect Nigeria .
      Second who is really served when Nigeria is weak? who gains? forget the oil who picks up the pieces? look at the Congo? where a weak willed president has given up half of his country to whomever has a gun?
      Third Oga Ozed for me I once admired her only to see that indirectly by not advocating materially , financially and physically ensure that the defense of this great country of ours is secured she is turning out to be Nigeria’s worst NIGHTMARE when fighting an insurgency. that is a tight- fisted FINANCE MINISTER WHO WILL NOT RELEASE FUNDS BUT ALSO CUT FUNDS.
      HOW MUCH IS Nigeria worth FIGHTING FOR $39B ? $1TR?.like many other Nigerians who are not quite clear this is a Nigerian problem not an ibo/ yoruba/ Hausa/Efik/ ijaw problem.
      When innocent kids are killed in school some as young as 14 years this should of been a major wake up call to her it is not.Her Children are hale and hearty and god bless them and her children. I wish them no harm but for the parents who sent their kids to school that pain will never go away THEY HAVE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.
      This is not a muslim / christain thing this is a NIGERIAN THING AND WHEN THOSE mfs who call themselves elders wake up and realize it then we will be on the right path.
      i am hoping that oga beegeagle will open a thread on the CAS getting back into the ALPHA JET so I CAN AIR MY FEELINGS.

    • CHYDE says:

      Oga Ozed, with due respect how can you say ‘ many of the expenditure we call for repeatedly on this blog are simply the stuff of dreams.’ If our defences as a nation fails, we all suffer. Brother CORRUPTION is a major problem ,( NOI is another problem too) . Somebody in a high place got busted for inflating money ment to purchase bullet proof cars, what does one person want to do with 2 at a time? We were just told a few weeks back how a certain organisation did not remit $20million, on this blog it has been suggested by a wise man that oil CAN be used for trade, in other words if you dont have the cash the oil can do the talking, we keep hearing each day how oil thieves patrol our waters.

      • beegeagle says:

        Not so many of the things which people have called for are unattainable?

        – Is it a US$500,000 GILA MRAP when we own US$1.2 million BTR-3 APCs/IFVs?

        – Is it US$70m Type 056 corvette which costs less than a one-seventh of what was forked out to grab the NNS Aradu thirty years ago?

        – Is it a used US$10 million Su-27 which Eritrea with a quarter of the GDP of Lagos State addition to MiG 29s?

      • CHYDE says:

        Sorry i meant $20 billion not $20 million

      • CHYDE says:

        Thank you Oga Beegs, well said

  6. beegeagle says:

    Madam Minister merely echoes the operational ethos of her mentors in the Bretton-Woods institutions…overly prescriptive neocolonialist enclaves who dominate the discourse with appalling human development indices to justify their stance that 3rd World governments should only concern themselves with economics, infrastucture and food.

    That is a tongue-in-cheek way of laying the 3rd World prostrate and open to be pulverised. Weak, impotent states which cannot stand up for their sovereign choices (Vietnam did, Cuba did, Iran did, Algeria it can and has been done). So typically, the Bretton-Woods institutions, frown upon defence and security expenditure which they term ‘wasteful’. To them, defence and security are unproductive and ill-affordable luxuries. It is this mantra that their minion, Madam Minister, mouths off like the Bible. So when you have a security crisis, you also call for help from the ‘rich’ countries, thereby facilitating the recolonisation of your country.

    She has her good points and her oversight has helped to curb wastefulness and increase accountability, cutting back on inflated contracts and dubious loans. However, her mindset as it pertains to defence and security is clearly injurious to national security. She cannot be allowed to have her way on that under ANY circumstances whatsoever.

    Today it emerged that at US$39.72 bn, our Forex Reserves are at their lowest for 18 months. Yet none of that was used to acquire any meaningful assets with which to prosecute the War on Terror. So there are really no competing demands anywhere. What we have are “OVERRIDING DEMANDS”…nests which are feathered to the detriment of national defence and security.

    If it is indeed the case that the primary reason why the governments of the Federation exist is to provide security for lives and property, then this trend of robbing Peter to pay Paul cannot be allowed to stand. We must speak up vociferously against it.

    We commented extensively on this matter here

  7. Tope says:

    Oga Ozed, I disagree I am one of the people that always initiates her twitter handle ( if it indeed is. Really. Her tweeting) and she has not responded till date why she has refused to release more funds to military only shallowly saying the budgeted funds have been sent out.

    We on this. Blog know for a strong fact except the military are Doing Magic that we are grossly UNDERFUNDED. And Pack a lot of OUTDATED Arsenals in our ranks. We need to MORDERNIZE Asap.

    The Job of the Federal Goverment its Primary Role for Existence, the Job to which she Belongs as Head and Co-ordinating Minister is to Provide TOTAL Security.

    When There is Security. You can begin to talk of Power, Investment, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Social Welfare etc It is da BEDROCK annd FOUNDATION of Nationhood, Ask CAR and Mali and South Sudan if they have time for Education this moment that they are faced with Wars, We need to PLAN for Every and Any Possibility and not wait to REACT to things, we must stop comparing ourselves to any AFRICAN Army, Set our Bets much Higher to Western and European Armies please.

    Again in all this Democracies, We. Find out its not Govt’s job to create jobs but rather set POLICIES…..SOUND policies will mean having Strong Educational Policies and Instituition, Investments and Whatnot leading to Job Creation. When this Ministers Travel abroad do they actually go to their. Counterpart ministries and see how dey operate?. Besides is da Reserves of. Nigeria so small it cannot Equip its Armed Forces to Rise up to All and Any Challenge? I ask today if a Foreign Country decides to Attack Nigeria are we Ready to Defend Ourselves? What if they use Assymetric Warfare Tactics like Boko Haram can we stop them? How long will we see or say that Until the FG provides Funding to UPGRADE our military in procurement, R and D and Co we would be catching up. I commend the Army for Providing 100 million naira to be used by NAEME for production of more Igirigi’s but it wasn’t stated how many? Personally we need like 5000 of these APCs in our Country from Border to the Creeks.

    Let us Not Joke with Defence Spending, the USA never jokes with it, and we are not even 1 over 200th the Size of the USA in Defence Spending yet they spend more each year, Let us Leave Talk for Later. Spend Now and Secure your Future, prove the Foreigners Wrong and Develop your Army to be the Envy of Africa. An Army ALL Armies in Africa will look up to, that should be the Vision and Mission of our Military. We need to Totally Remove All Training Doctrines over 20years old, they are for the past……we need to always be on the go coming up with newer Strategies to Defend our country as the Geo-politics of the World gets Complex Daily…

    We have Screamed Enough, Analysed Enough….if madam doesn’t want to listen, then we keep mum and simply WATCH and hope its not Too late for people to Wake up and Rise to their Responsibility.

    Enough said.

    PS : I’m Very Angry at the Attitude The Finance Ministry has played in this War, Even the War Chest needs to. Have been formed, All Transactions from International to National Flagged, Partnerships with INTERPOL and other organisation to check movement of Cash in any form. Since most of these terrorist groups get funding using Couriers and Companies who are Fronts Set up we need to think like these terrorist and determine likely ways they transfer money from offshore and route it to Nigeria there must be a LINK..Follow the MONEY.

    • Are James says:

      I am surprised someone in government has not confronted NOI about her own recent personal experiences. Parents kidnapped not too long ago but thankfully released later within days….and how that picture is painted daily all over a country begging just for a rightsizing of DefSec government expenditure to support the current population, GDP size and strategic imperatives.

  8. Tope says:

    Meanwhile, I heard Obanikoro Musiliu is Minister for State for Defence, I don’t know if this is Accurate someone should please Confirm we need a Full Dossier on our Defence Ministers and Begin to Analyse best Strategies dey can adopt.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA TOPE No he is not just a token presence just to appease some ethnic balance in Lagos state.know the family well ,This is part of the stupid arrant nonsense stuff that still goes on we are fighting a godammmn war and we are still worried about balancing the ethnic card. SMH:(.

  9. Are James says:

    Obanikoro has Zilch (zero) defence and security exposure. A social welfare professional turned politician.

  10. ugobassey says:

    The best way to fight a bully and win is to beat him mercilessly to the point where he never thinks of starting another fight with you. That is what the US is currently doing with AQ; by hunting them down and killing them off starting with their leaders. It was recently estimated that the life expectancy of an AQ leader is less than 3 months from the moment he is given the unenviable position. The point im trying to make my ogas is that in order to mercilessly defeat BH, we have to operate from a position of superior advantage no matter what it will cost us in Naira and Kobo.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Madam Minister merely echoes the operational ethos of her mentors in the Bretton-Woods institutions…overly prescriptive neocolonialist enclaves who dominate the discourse with appalling human development indices to justify their stance that 3rd World governments should only concerns themselves with economics, infrastucture and food.

    That is a tongue-in-cheek way of laying the 3rd World prostrate and open to be pulverised. Weak, impotent states which cannot stand up for their sovereign choices (Vietnam did, Cuba did, Iran did, Algeria it can and has been done). So typically, the Bretton-Woods institutions, frown upon defence and security expenditure which they term ‘wasteful’. To them, defence and security are unproductive and ill-affordable luxuries. It is this mantra that their minion, Madam Minister, mouths off like the Bible. So when you have a security crisis, you also call for help from the ‘rich’ countries, thereby facilitating the recolonisation of your country.

    She has her good points and her oversight has helped to curb wastefulness and increase accountability, cutting back on inflated contracts and dubious loans.

    However, her mindset as it pertains to defence and security is clearly injurious to national security. She cannot be allowed to have her way on that under ANY circumstances whatsoever.

    Today it emerged that at US$39.72 bn, our Forex Reserves are at their lowest for 18 months. Yet none of that was used to acquire any meaningful assets with which to prosecute the war effort. So there are really no competing demands anywhere. What we have are “OVERRIDING DEMANDS”…nests which are feathered to the detriment of national defence and security.

    If it is indeed the case the primary reason why the governments of the Federation exist is to provide security for lives and property, then this trend of robbing Peter to pay Paul cannot be allowed to stand.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,
      FOREX Reserves are not cash to be spent.
      Another way to put it is, the FOREX Reserves can be depleted, WITHOUT government increasing expenditure. The FOREX reserves may be depleted even if government is reducing expenditure.
      This can happen in the following ways
      1) Ordinary Nigerians start importing more goods from aboard
      2) Foreign investors start withdrawing monies or profits from Nigeria
      3) Nigerians start exporting less to other countries

      FOREX Reserves are a guarantee for future trade and investment – foreign investors will bring their money to Nigeria only if they know that they can take it out again in foreign currency. Foreign banks will lead to Nigerian Banks only if they believe they can be paid back, in foreign currency.

      There’s is no legal mechanism to “spend” your FOREX Reserves.

  12. asorockweb says:

    The criticism of the minster of finance has gone beyond the pale.

    I believe in January, the current CDS said that the Boko Haram issue will be over by April 1st 2014.

    For the CDS to come out publicly and state that the crisis will be over very shortly, gives one an insight into the kind of discussions that the CIC and his generals must be having.

    The defence budget for this year is smaller than the budget for last year; the reason for this negative change should now be clear to all – the political leadership and the military leadership believed that Boko Haram would have been crushed before any new equipment meant for the war arrives.

    Political leadership is not asking the right questions, and military leadership does not know the enemy.

    Defence spending is determined by the President, the reps and the senators.
    It is sad, but only the blood of Nigerians will increase the defence spending.

    Regarding the process of releasing funds, let’s not pretend that the Nigerian system is not corrupt.
    Somewhere on this blog there is a picture of multi-million dollars jets rotting in hangers, and several weeks ago, I posted a story about how the Aerostar UAV deal went down.

    Our defence ministry does not have the right processes in place to send 100s of millions of dollars.
    They don’t have the right personnel to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in these deals.

    If the entire budget for the army was converted into cash and driven to the CAS’s home, the Army will still not have the equipment that it is supposed to have.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria’s forex depletion is interestingly linked to Defence and National Security.
      Since the stupid hypes about a 2014 dissolution of the existing political structures by parochial half educated politicians and this new North East crisis, investors have been taking all their profit out in some kind of new dimension to foreign investment where an investor due to the host country risk rating, hedges and runs a lean, highly profitable but ‘under established’ operation in the host country stripping the bones completely whilst still holding down its investment with a wary eye on local politics and ever toady to bolt.

      To restore confidence, the armed forces should be seen as being within civil political control but powerful, resilient and well armed. The top most political leadership must be seen as confident, focussed and able to guarantee the foundational security structures that investors need. When we become strong in the DefSec arena we inspire investor confidence and we start attracting the right kind of sustainable investments from companies who want to stay and grow in and with Nigeria

  13. beegeagle says:

    You are right about the fact that a spike in importation can deplete the Forex Reserves. So can local demand for Forex Reserves. Indeed, the most common allusion to the use of forex reserves anywhere on earth has been the ‘ability yo finance imports for so and so number of months’. So what has Nigeria been importing which whittled down the Forex Reserves to the exclusion of much-needed defence equipment?

    Even REUTERS in a report which I posted yesterday on the NA supposedly losing grip of the Northeast, stated that the troops out there need equipment and they did refer to the presence of 3,000 insurgents EACH in the Sambisa Forest and on the Mandara Mts, quoting a security source.

    However, whether our Forex Reserves were ‘spent’, ‘depleted’, ‘wound down’..people, it is the same thing to me. If it is not there, it has been spent. What is new? Do banks not do round tripping till date? Procure forex under false pretext and make dubious declarations to justify same, even after it has been brazenly sold to dollar mallams? I do not believe that the FG cannot simply take what it needs from those reserves.

    Nigerian history records that Abdulsalaam’s FMG drew US$5.7bn from the Forex Reserves in 11 months. I assume that means it was spent.

    Again in November 2011, REUTERS reported drawdowns to the tune of US$2 billion for ‘special projects’ from the Forex Reserves by the FG. How do we reconcile that with the detailed explanation posted above, Oga Asorock?

    Lest I forget, did a certain African President not deplete his country’s Forex Reserves which were worth less than US$2bn in 2011 when he took out US$740 million to acquire Su-30MK2 jets and T90 tanks?

    • asorockweb says:

      “Nigerian history” records a lot of non-facts.

      There is another reserve, it is called the Excess Crude Account. This is where surplus government revenue, mostly from the sale of crude oil, is kept.

      If Abdulsalaam drew money, this is where he got it from.

      When the budget is made each year, it assumes a certain price for oil, usually close to $70 per barrel. But in most years, crude oil sales for higher, usually about $100 dollars.
      The extra revenue that accumulate from this price difference goes into the Excess Crude Account. The size of the account went from $5.1 billion in 2005 to over $20 billion by November 2008. but nowadays, I believe the account hold about $3 billion dollars.

      The problem is that the state governors are much more strident about there financial “rights”, and each month they may demand that the FG dips into the Excess Crude Account and share additional funds.

      By the way, the $12 billion supposedly taken by IBB, also came from this account.

  14. beegeagle says:

    LOL..personally, one has for so long copiously and jointly referred to the Forex Reserves and Excess Crude Acct that it seems like singing to the choir when you say that, sir. Yes, I am aware of the existence and utility of the Excess Crude Account.

    It is indeed the case that the Excess Crude Acct takes in monies which accrue in excess of the benchmark price upon which a budget forecast was predicated. So if the benchmark price is US$78 per barrel and oil is selling for US$110 at this time, the US$32 differential goes into the Excess Crude Acct, a distributable income pool for all three tiers of govt. Lately, proceeds therefrom have been ploughed into the new Sovereign Wealth Fund with a startup investment of US$1 billion.

    What Abdulsalaam ploughed into was the Forex Reserves and we had only US$12 billion in the FR at that time. After the Gulf War, oil mostly sold for between US$12-18 a barrel and there was hardly any boon after 1991. Infact, oil prices dipped to as low as US$9 at a point during the Abacha regime.

    Remember that the spike which was the 1991 Gulf War it was which brought about the said windfall of US$12.8bn between August 1990 and February 1991 as Iraqi and Kuwaiti supplies became disrupted.

    I lived through those times and am not necessarily quoting from any history books.

    • asorockweb says:

      The Excess Crude Acct. is part of our foreign reserve.

    • asorockweb says:

      I am trying to make a difference between money that is part of government revenue and monies that are not.
      FOREX Reserves or different from Foreign Reserves.
      The first is about balance of trade, the second is excess government revenue.

  15. beegeagle says:

    To respond to your earlier post, do you really believe that BH will be a spent force by April 2014? That is almost unbelievable given the undercurrents on ground and the likelihood that they are on the cusp of opening another front in Cameroon.

    • asorockweb says:

      I don’t believe in anyway that BH will be a spent force by April 2014.
      But the current Chief of Defence Staff believed it – that’s why he said it.

      My point was, if the CDS believed BH will be defeated by April, he must have told the President so.

      That means that the presidency planned the defense budget for 2014 with this in mind.

      The statement of the CDS regarding the defeat of BH by April, tells me that the generals at the very top do not know the enemy they fight.

      To win the war against BH, we have to do much more than we think is required, then scale back when it becomes clear that we are employing too much resources.

      • Deway says:

        Oga Asorock, this is not the first time a high ranking military officer will tell Nigerians that BH will end at a certain date/time/month. If what MOD officials and the CDS have in mind is the Mi 35Ms being expected and may be somehow these helicopters will make BH disappear overnight, then I’m sorry to say they must be cracking an expensive joke.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Aso rock, these are not responsible people, so they make wild claims, knowing that irresponsible nigeria would not hold them accountable.

        Many a time, they have pounded their chests, claiming that NAF as is, can defend our air space.
        If it weren’t so seriously, I would laugh at the joke.

      • doziex says:

        If it weren’t so serious.

  16. beegeagle says:

    For the avoidance of doubt, what we are all moaning its no-deployment towards the actualisation of possibilities is our FOREIGN RESERVES..denominated in foreign exchange, be that Yuan or US dollars πŸ™‚

    Make no mistake about that abeg, Oga Asorock

    • asorockweb says:

      But it is not the Finance Minister’s personal account.
      If the president, the reps and the senators say “re-equip the military – each branch should get $1 billion each year for capital projects, for a period of 5 years, starting this year” then it shall be done. πŸ™‚

  17. gbash10 says:

    Fellow cyber generals,sophisticated hardwares have been taken to the frontline,these are stuffs that have never been used by the NA before,crated weapons,brand-new.
    However,the boys are requesting for more cavler jackets.Pleasefor the doubting Thomas,do not ask me,confirm from the NE,morale is very high!

    • jimmy says:

      oga gbash
      You have proven your worth in the past I have no doubt about it I am beginning to get a faint sense that some people in the “upper chambers ‘ are just now realising we are in a war. As recently as last week one of the pon’s flunkies disclosed to the media that we are at war. Yesterday the AIR CHIEF said the same thing. on this blog we said this a year ago it is comforting that they now share our views
      OGA ASO ROCK MUCH RESPECT FOR YOUR COMMENTS I say that honestly with no rancor towards you however this is not a personal attack on N.O.I .. Let me state that.
      based on previous performances the finance ministry has delayed/ not released funds or simply not even obeyed Supreme court judgement OBJ was the originator of this concept and that is something i lay squarely at his door.
      i would have to be corrected if the army /airforce/ navy are given $1b each whether they would see it all my thinking is based on the budget implementation of 52% they will each see $520 million each.
      Nigeria has friends in high places China, Israel, Russia come to mind and to a lesser extent the UK and the US. The UK has had extensive experience in fighting unconventional /unorthodox wars ditto the US and Israel.
      Procurement of the task specific equipment combined with putting the right people in the right places and jettisoning Ethnic sentiments we will begin to see a turn around.
      This war when it will be won will be because finally realization that political will must match what is going on in the ground military wise.The question will not be if Nigerian troops will enter Cameroon but how often.
      OGA PECCAVI much respect for your comments and i want you to believe that i often pause before I disagree with you. THIS WAR IS NOT GOING TO BE WON BY PLAYING NICE by the queens bury rules of fair play that died a very violent death when kids were murdered in their sleep and just maybe someone wakes up a slumbering administration.
      We used $2B between December of last year 2013 and late February 2014 to defend the slide in the value of the Naira this money would of been better spent by not having a short sighted policy of not allowing dollars to rise in value during its weakest period the time when Nigerians come home from holiday he EXCBN GOV decided western union and other forex operators couldn’t exchange any currency except for the Naira as a result and other factors the Naira continued to slide.
      Nigeria also has enough credit to bargain , borrow or buy on credit FOR TASK SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT, INTELLIGENCE, REAL TIME SATELLITE IMAGERY none of this has happened on a consistent disciplined basis we keep treading water, praying this bh will somehow go away. it will not because Heaven helps those who help themselves.

    • doziex says:

      Oga gbash, you provide this blog what it needs the most; Inside information.

      Events on the ground points to a confused, chaotic situation.
      But I hope you are right, and moral is great on the ground.
      I wonder what crated equipment is being delivered.
      I wish the citizens of Nigeria could know more, or be better informed by our government.

      As for kevlar vests, helmets, boots etc
      NA could provide that, if they properly liaise with the US for excess afghan items.
      Air conditioned trailers, Hesco barriers and much more could be given to the 7th division for very little money.

      Amisom, gets them, so does other US allies.
      The iraqis got theirs, and turned around and sold them on the streets.
      Very ungrateful of them.
      I believe the 7th division in maidugri would put every bought or donated article to good use.
      When AFRICOM comes calling, these are the things our military brass should be talking about.

  18. Are James says:

    Any specific details on hardware would help us on this forum.
    Kevlar jackets are $250 a piece, if we don’t have enough of these then I dig myself a hole and sit inside it.

    • asorockweb says:

      Start digging.

      The only things we have enough of are AKs and boots.

      Body armor that can stop a 7.62mm round cost more than $250 a piece – unless you are quoting the price without the ballistic plate inserts.

      • Are James says:

        Kevlar is still very affordable for Nigeria even at $500.00 per piece.
        Some cheaper vests (non Kevlar) are also made in Nigeria so someone should be asking questions of the Nigerian Army S & T corps. Nigerian troops on oil personnel escort duties in the Niger Delta all have their full kits ostensibly paid for by multi national oil and gas companies who have Safety performance indicators to manage.
        Even that fact has learning opportunities for Nigeria on the way we respect life of our serving men and women – if a Nigerian armed forces rating dies in the Niger delta on duty for an IOC, a senior manager is called to head office in Europe to explain.
        We need that kind of culture of respect for human life here so that are men and women in uniform will be motivated to do their jobs.

      • asorockweb says:

        A round from an AK 47 will easily penetrate a Kevlar vest.
        And very easily kill the man wearing the vest.
        Kevlar vest can only stop sub-sonic rounds.

  19. asorockweb says:

    The FG colleges in the north east have been closed.
    Belatedly, somebody asked the right questions and finally acted.

    • doziex says:

      Oga as I said, we are a very irresponsible nation.

      • Are James says:

        What a responsible government does is move the colleges down south. Teachers and students accommodated in shiny new temporary structures; classrooms, hotel facilities and messing easily done with $3 million per school. I have links to beautiful, well appointed buildings easily deployed in 3 months at very cheap prices.
        When you close down schools because of Boko Haram (“western education is a sin”) you hand victory to just 15000 misguided young men only half of which are actually Nigerians.

        So now we regret to announce that the next batch of BH recruits are ex-pupils of Federal Government Colleges who just lost their colleagues.
        God help Nigeria.

  20. startrek says:

    I ve been told by a retired insider ( No independent confirmation yet) that Nigeria has already acquired a squad of 5th gen aircraft and are being used to train our own pilots discreetly in a small nation outside Africa.

    • asorockweb says:

      I believe that there’s only one 5th gen fighter in production.
      Maybe your insider meant 4th gen?

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Startrek, i still believe it ia 3rd or 4th generation aircraft if at all the story is true. But then, try and get details from your contact.

    • asorockweb says:

      I can only imagine this being the JF-17 or the Brazilian Tucano

    • doziex says:

      Oga star trek, please don’t be like some of our kenyan brothers, talking about Phantom F-15s and the like. LOL.

      As stingy with information as our MOD is, even they can’t con seal such a sale.

    • Are James says:

      I have also been informed that some Nigerians in fits of despair about the state of the NAF have started inventing FANTASIES about some phantom acquisition of unnamed 4th and 5th generation aircraft being used secretly to train a new batch of pilots in an unnamed African country. LOL

      • rka says:

        I wouldn’t mock o! lol. With all these stories floating about, somebody has got to be right, abi?

  21. startrek says:

    I that was his own word I could not press for detail given the environment we were in at that time… BT I will follow up .

    • rka says:

      It may relate to SU-27s because a member of the armed forces on a nairaland thread called DEATH MACHINE said in January that he heard through a source (an officer I think) that the rumour was that we are getting the Su-27s.

      We we will just have to wait and see and hope they surprise us.

    • CHYDE says:

      Maybe he wanted to say fourth, cos the Americans own then only 5th Gen Air crafts that i know of, while the Russians and Chinese are still developing theirs. Lets hope and pray, nothing is impossible

    • doziex says:

      Oga deway, I don’t even know where to start.

      Kudos the NAF pilot for complaining to the press.

      Kudos, to the punch correspondent, for making this known to all.
      And being specific not vague.

      Of course, many of us on this blog have been screaming MRAPs and helicopters for a long time.
      When an alphajet pilot zooms over a target, the vegetation below appears to him as a carpet.
      I don’t know why our L-39s, are not seeing combat.

      The SU-25, a heavily armed attack jet, and mi-24/35 attack helicopters are some of the easiest and cheapest systems to acquire in africa.
      And yet, NAF and our mod always finds a reason, not to purchase these aircrafts.

      Nigeria ended up in bloody, costly stalemates in LBR and SLR, because our authorities refused to spend a few million usd, and provide NAF with some real teeth.

      Now BH is seizing territory inside nigeria, they are standing and fighting, and even overwhelming our troops because our authorities have allowed NAF to remain a joke, in equipment terms.
      Niger has these aircrafts, chad has them, equatorial guinea has them. So does several financially challenged African countries.
      But our airforce or our authorities stubbornly refuse to acquire these game changers for our pilots.
      Inspite of it’s affordability and availability.

      • doziex says:

        Let’s not kid around here.
        Whoever is preventing NAF from buying these cheap aircrafts such as the Mi-24/35s, and the SU-25s, is also directly responsible for the slaughtered and displaced civilians in the north east.

    • xnur44 says:

      Alphabet pilots ARE NOT COMPLAINING, this is a fabricated report and should be expunged. It is strange for squadron pilots on missions to grant vague interviews, and so-called correspondents have no clues on A-jet capabilities and pilot pro-efficiency on that platform. Posting incidious articles on national news papers doesn’t denote credibility.

      • rka says:

        Agreed @oga xnurr44.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you for the clarification. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • doziex says:

        Oga xnur 44 I beg na alphajet, no be alphabet. LOL.

        Well even if the story is false, we as enthusiasts, know the deficiencies of the platform, it flies too high, and too fast.
        One needs a jet that handles well at subsonic speeds, to ensures accurate strikes.
        Especially since we are using dumb bombs.
        The su-25 frogfoot, is better as an attack jet, in every way.

  22. ugobassey says:

    my apologies oga Beegs, I wouldn’t put this link if it wasn’t good news!

  23. startrek says:

    I hear you bro Doziex .
    BT my source is 90% on the mark the only draw back may be the Generation since he is not an air force Tarky.
    let’s give it a week or so …

  24. Nnamdi says:

    For some reason, I am “glad” with the recent losses Nigerian armed forces are suffering in hands of boko haram, why?….simple, there’s no surer way to make those laggards and blind bats who felt all is well with keeping underfunded and ill-equipped military in present age and environment come to their senses. We all here and other patriotic fora have shouted our larynxes off clamouring for these things, they fell on deaf ears, and even when they get to the right persons, they most probably just shoo it off. Now that darkness has descended, and the night is long, even the dumbest and greediest of them all will give in to survival instincts. May our ways be rougher and journey harder, if that’s what it will take to be responsible. What a glorious generation we had in the first republic when foundations for Navy and Air force were laid, and better when Alhaji Shagari led government equipped the military like never before (unfortunately his government was the first victim). We still live under the shadows of misplaced policy of crippling our own military introduced by a self serving dictator

  25. Nnamdi says:

    Few years ago, I made a post on Nairaland and I’m putting it here for your perusal. It looks like a bad prophesy in making. Please read on…

    “the yoruba s hav s a saying dt ile t’o ba to, omo ale ibe ni ko i ti d’agba , meaning when a community is peaceful, its because the scoundrels there r yet to grow muscles.

    one only need to knw d prevalence of almajiri and horror of its miseducation to know dt we r yet to see d full potential of wild wild north.

    let me also add, recently i thought about d north in another 10 to 15 years and my mind cringed at some of possible dangers we may b looking at:

    the entire north-east of nigeria actually sits in an old basin of ancient greater lake chad; in other words, it used to b under d largest freash water lake on earth in ancient time called greater lake chad, wc has shrunken to a dot i what it currently is in present time.

    d entire basin is rich in many mineral resources including hydrocarbons: d black gold. currently its being explored in Chadian oil fields and axis extending into Southern Sudan. I dont need to tell u about d lignite coal deposits in maiganga in Gombe state and d age long oil exploration works of Nigerian govt in “lake chad” basin. using d big picture of commonality of geological history, huge oil and gas deposits may just b sitting under NE – Chad – Niger corridor, only to be discovered and proven soon.

    when ds black gold is porven, think of politico-economic change dt will come wt it, just imagine,

    already there is a major rebel group operating east of Chad/ dafur – sudan dt nearly toppled d govt few years ago. there is strong presence of Taureg rebels and AQIM roaming wild in Niger Republi. Boko Haram in NE already and Nigerian government dt has established a weak presence along d boundary.

    d moment oil is proven, dt place will almost definitely implode from sudden swift descent of every vile groups of warlords vieing for control. unfortunately, d nigerian govt has shown little proof of competence over control of the region as she has never really been tested by d real desert jackals. even d rag tag band of boko haram caught her much unaware, think abt d situation wt ample supply of millions of roaming almajiris who r already inductrinated to b anti nigerian govt establishment. if u are wondering about the most probable next hot spot, welcome to “hell-mand” province of Africa.”

    • Are James says:

      There is oil in that place and AQIM is joining forces with elements in Chad, Niger and South Sudan who have actually been involved in a LIC since the late 70s. So think of a whole generation of fighting men who grew up fighting, sometimes switching sides in an unclear manner in that region for more than 25 years.
      The sad situation is when the Nigeria DefSec agencies were doing their work, these groups were under constant watch. Now politics, corruption and unintelligent leadership has blunted the spear.

  26. rka says:

    It looks as if John Campbell has a personal score to settle with Nigeria as he keeps smearing this country. I don’t know whether giving him a riposte gives him free oxygen of publicity.

  27. Obix says:

    My ogas, I’m beginning to think that the schools were closed due to an imminent all out offensive by the military. Oga Gbash mentioned that the troops in NE are getting fresh sophisticated equipment. Also on another thread, Oga Oje mentioned that he saw six Mi 24 Hind helos with afterburners taking off from PH, which sir Beag and Oga Are James said they could be heading to the NE . Maybe a major offensive is around the corner and the government decided to close the schools so not to give BH a lot of soft targets!

    • doziex says:

      Oga obix, hinds with after burners ?

      • triggah says:

        contrary to what u said sir obix helicopters are not equipped with afterburner. About the 4th gen aircraft, I highly doubt that because if its true they’ll definitely put it on NTA and use it improve their image in this upcoming election.

        (Me and my party people have manage to buy you 2 new jets (clueless on the type and role), this will be use to protect our national interest and bomb BH. Vote PDP so next year we’ll buy more) *in GEJ voice*

      • Obix says:

        @Ogas Doziex and triggah, i beg ooo, while writing, i was admiring a jet with after burners at an airbase. I wanted to write “external fuel tanks” on the Hinds. LOL πŸ™‚

      • jimmy says:

        heheh oga obix your imagination was running wild O

      • Obix says:

        @Oga Jimmy, don’t blame. I’m in Ukraine in the middle of the crisis and I’ve seen enough to make my imagination run wild! πŸ™‚

      • Are James says:

        Aeronautical Propulsion 101:
        Afterburners are secondary ignition devices that ignite jet engine exhausts to get even more power from the engines so as to achieve and sustain supersonic (faster than the speed of sound) flight.
        Most 5th generation combat aircraft do not however need afterburners to attain supersonic speeds, the engines being large enough and of such improved design that ‘super-cruise’ is achieved. Super cruise is like being able to achieve supersonic speeds without pressing the ‘accelerator’.
        The absence of afterburners therefore means that the normal engine external hot surfaces are cooler making infra red and heat detection of the aircraft almost impossible. This enhances overall stealth profile of the aircraft when combined with radar detection reduction.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Triggah, let us not enter politics now. Can you name one Nigerian president that bought any combat aircraft knowing the type and role of such aircraft? Was it not the same military that deliberately underfunded and destroyed the armed forces particularly the airforce and navy during the period of military rule? Was it not a past military leader turned civilian president that went ahead to purchase F7s at inflated prices? Please lets keep party politics out of this issue. We have always had incompetent folks at the helms of affairs, no exception.

  28. doziex says:

    Hey, Oga beegeagle, you get any info on NASOC ?

    National special operation command.

    The christian Science Monitor, is saying that the US may be sending us over a hundred spec ops advisers, to stand up this 850 man battalion from scratch.
    You know the US cannot train any human rights violators.

  29. lordfej says: general beegs sorry to do this but i wanted to share and i think it was a press release.

  30. jimmy says:
    Let the reorganization begin. i have found quite a few of molly’s reports to be credit worthy , however I just do not like the unnamed military officer quotes , however i do like the fact that the coas has moved to do specific things as laid out on this blog by oga peccavi as one infantry grunt to another as the Yankees will say.

  31. doziex says:

    NASOC is supposed to be nigeria’s version of JSOC, joint special operation command.
    The umbrella grouping for america’s various tier 1 special forces.
    Eg seal team 6, delta force, airforce pararescue, marine force recon and so on.

    • jimmy says:

      oga doziex
      i beg make you expand on this right now we are led to believe these will be ARMY? rangers but will the overall command encompass ARMY/ AIRFORCE/ NAVAL UNITS?
      Also since already have to ARMY SF : 72 ND paratroopers and the 172? will this be a SF battalion based on the Green Beret or more secretive like the Delta force? this will be interesting.
      The Christian Monitor a conservative MAGAZINE as you and I know, here is hoping that they got their information right from the stateside end.

      • doziex says:

        Yeah, oga Jimmy, US rangers, will be setting up an 850 man ranger battalion, as a part of the NASOC group.
        NASOC will govern how, where and when these forces are used, to prevent multiple redundancies.
        It may end up being a brigade sized unit with 1 battalion embedded with 7th division in maidugri, 1 battalion in the niger delta, 1 to focus on internal counter terrorism and 1 to support expeditionary peace keeping ops.
        That’s all I could glean from the article.

        I am worried about US and their tendency to cross link issues with african countries.
        Would US abandon it’s vast investment in the UPDF, because of uganda’s anti gay legislation ?

        In nigeria, some of our politicians are messing around with similar legislation.
        Also, the author of the article says the US would rather raise the battalion from scratch, so they can avoid dealing with “tainted” troops.

        If we remember, this was an issue, when president Obasanjo was elected, and General Malu was army boss.
        US spec op trainers were in country, but nigerian soldiers had to pass a human rights smell test, before they could commence training.
        Many soldiers were sent away, and not allowed to train,, this infuriated general Malu who kept butting heads with the trainers.

  32. jimmy says:

    Sorry i meant to say we have two SPECIAL FORCES battalions
    the 72nd and the 172nd.

    • Are James says:

      I have a really stupid question for every body; do we really need American help to train and stand up a special forces division?. I thought a country’s Special Force Command was all about in house innovation and customization and the methods should be indigenous to the country.

      • doziex says:

        Oga are james, when the US wants to be generous, the can be really helpful.

        Nigeria would have to swallow a lot of bull shit for any rendered assistance though.

        They would probably train the unit, and equip them with M-16s, SAW GPMGs, mortars, hummvees, and a few trucks.
        Given nigeria’s laziness about troop build up and re equipment, such help is huge.

        NN doesn’t need the NNS Thunder either, however, buying a new warship is like pulling teeth in nigeria.

  33. jimmy says:
    ALLEGEDLY this was copied from the New york Times by one of our own lazy journalists. i will admit do not know how far this is true.

    • AreJames says:

      No info in that article. Just expanding on the local stories floating around Gusau and speculations of what it means for the war in the NE and general security intelligence strategies.

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