15 metre River Patrol Boat of the Bolivian Naval Force

39 METRE JACO CLASS PATROL CRAFT (China Type 062 “Shanghai III’ design) of the East Timorese Navy

Two things struck me about these designs – their simplicity and spacious layout. I am looking at the 15 metre patrol boat and it looks more livable and geared towards crew comfort than 17m and 18m boats in the service of Nigerian military and paramilitary services.

Looking at our labyrinthine Niger Delta with her 3,014 creeks and waterways, not to mention the need to stay afloat and on patrol for days on end, it does look like a great design for the purpose.

For coastal patrols in the shallow waters of our EEZ and for the interdiction of pirates in midshore precincts out to about 40-50 nautical miles, whether it be for launching RHIBs or engaging for pirates from behind well-positioned gunshields, methinks the modified Type 062 design of the US$14 million JACO class patrol craft built by Poly Technologies of China looks easy on the eye, user-friendly and potentially effective as well and it can easily be replicated by our naval architects and engineers at this early stage of our commendable efforts in military shipbuilding.

Good morning, gentlemen.


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  1. to4shizzle says:

    Good Morning Gen Beeg,

    I agree with you, since our navy has made it clear that anytin below 60m will be done inhouse its time for us to be looking. At Different. Platforms
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  2. beegeagle says:

    Yes ooo, our people need to master the art by working at it consistently. The NN are constructing a 38 metre craft as we speak at the Naval Dockyard in Lagos.

    By or before the end of April 2014, in-country construction work (60-70%) on the second P18N OPV shall commence at the NN Shipyard in Port Harcourt.

    Let us hope that the FG can put out about N4 billion so that these Nigerian naval heroes can at least produce two of these modified Type 062 design and nine units of the PR-51 type.

    Again, I am looking at the Modified Type 062 design and its size and layout makes it soooo good for use as a small missile craft. I am sure we know that countries such as Egypt and Bangladesh own missile craft some of which are 25 metre platforms i.e the size of a Shaldag Mk.II FPC. Never mind this beautiful and roomy 39 metre JACO-type design.

    If we can construct this modified Type 062 design for N1 billion and add a four-cell C803 anti-ship missile launcher for US$3 million on that spacious aft deck, we could have firmed up a template for the production of 39 metre missile craft at a cost of about US$10 million. And that is very good, given the fact that a smaller, cannon-armed OCEA 32 metre patrol craft costs about as much.

    Such a new flotilla of 39 metre missile craft would replace the six 58 metre Combattante III and Lurssen FPB missile craft as the backbone of missile attack platforms at less than a quarter of the cost of the imported platforms.

    • drag_on says:

      Oga beeg, add C803’s?! Do you wan’t me somersault for you?Haba, that would be jolly good.The dream i have been having for our 38-meter patrol craft is to upgrade it from a gun-boat, to air-defence craft by adding CIWS or FL-3000N SAM. That to me seemed more plausible as a first step.One thing for sure we can use platforms of that size for singular anti sub,anti-ship or anti-aircraft duties,as a result, they can be the workhorse of the Navy defence.I like the design of the ships above,as long as they are built here, i don’t mind.Hopefully,one day we can Arm them with our own missile systems.

      • beegeagle says:

        I am dead serious about it. We spent way too much on the Lurssen and Combattante III missile craft. At 350-400 tons, even at 58 metres, they are still coastal combatants which will not do for us, what a 1500+ ton vessel will do in the deep offshore.

        In my view, our missile craft should be as cheap and numerous as possible. Ditto torpedo boats. Any 32-38 metre craft should be okay for the purpose.

        If I had my way and could firm up a contract for twelve 38 metre craft hulls at about US$84 million, I would install four-cell C803 AShMs on six units for US$18m and install six-cell 324mm torpedoes on the rest six units. All platforms will carry a 30mm CIWS.

        That way, each operational fleet command gets two 38metre missile craft and two 38m torpedo boats as well.

        The 58m craft which do not have the tonnage (necessary for good seakeeping) to venture much further than the proposed 38m craft, probably cost 4-5 times as much as the 38 metre craft which I am proposing.

  3. russellinfinity says:

    Good morning Beeg and fellow cyber generals. Its been a while. Sirs, I don’t mean to derail this thread but I think you should see this:

  4. russellinfinity says:

    Back to the post, I’m with you on suggested armament of these boats beeg. While the NN is on the right path with in house design. and construction of small vessels, it will be nice if due attention is given to the weapons on board these vessels.

    In my opinion, skinny 12mm MGs don’t suffice. We should have at least 50mm HMGs or Singapore kinetic HMGs and grenade launchers. The Navy should have a utility view of its platforms in mind. I hope that the forth coming OPVs from China will be adequately armed .

  5. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen I apologise for going off thread- but the CAS leading an assault on BH by personally flying an Alpha Jet on a combat mission , whilst ‘morale boosting’ is not what he should really be doing. I say this with all due respect to his person and without in anyway trying to sound churlish or belittling what he has done.

    However, by the CAS embarking on this sortie, a young pilot has been denied the opportunity of gaining ‘further combat experience’. The CAS should concentrate on strategic matters such as ensuring that the NAF is really combat capable by procuring 4th Gen air-superiority fighters (like Su-27/Su-30MK2), trainer/light attack aircraft like the Hongdu L-15 Falcon or Yak -130, attack helos in decent numbers. the reactivation of our long laid- up light recon/attack helos (MB Bo-105s), ensuring that our Mobility Air Command has a decent number of tactical/strategic transport planes (C-130s etc) as well as ensuring that any aircraft purchased can be maintained/over-hauled in-county etc . Tactical matters such as flying combat sorties should be left to the ‘young flight jocks’. In any event kudos to the new CAS.

  6. doziex says:

    So while our CAS is playing fighter pilot, I hope folks have not missed the slight shift in BH’s tactics.
    they have attacked 4 towns in 3 days, while NA is supposed to be on an offensive, flooding the area with troops.
    Hopefully this will lead to their destruction,
    But those who said BH will never take and hold territory in nigeria, raise your hands.

    Anyway, I am glad that our new CAS, is a capable pilot.
    I wish he was leading a squadron of SU-25s though.

  7. triggah says:

    Does the new CAS have prior knowledge on how to fly the Alpha jets? I thought he flew only the presidential fleet or is the A jets that good a plane that he should easily learn it. Just now?
    The CAS flying the planes with the air to mud guys is a good morale booster he should do it more often.

    • Are James says:

      The CAS was type rated on the Alpha Jet years ago.
      He did actually have a successful sortie against BH during this recent episode and what he did was actually impactful,on the ground in terms of insurgents killed and young pilots motivated.

      He now needs to fly another ‘combat jet’ with metaphorical bombs against institutional and financial opponents of NAF growth without fear or let up until his proud service achieves the required growth.

  8. Solorex says:

    What the Navy needs is to have a “Naval Architecture/Engineering Design Center” affiliated to an higher institution with huge amount of intellectual resources ( CAD/simulation software-SSI/FORAN/NUPAS and a very large hydrography laboratory also) here you can churn out designs and simulates them, carry out modelling tests with the know how of several egg heads of civil and military minds; till you have a satisfactory design. A concise knowledge pool will be available where everything from cost,project viability to armament can be analyzed by the best mind available locally/internationally.

    overtime, efforts should be made to stimulate local military ship building by soliciting designs and fabrication partnership from existing local ship yards. There is no serious Navy in a capitalist economy that builds all its own ships of any particular class. We must understand the power and importance of civil intellect and funds to the development of local defense sector. Naval Shipyard does not posses the capacity to manufacture more than a few (one or two)of this ships yearly and a thoughtful country is careful not to burden the military with what civilians can do cheaper and better.

    We buy military boats,small ships from South Africa,Singapore,Malaysia…. private civilian shipyards. We should consider setting up a sustainable model for the country.

    • Are James says:

      I am quite sure you realize that Nigeria does not have any thing on ground in terms of local universities capability for intellectual support to the Navy. Aside from the absence of any Naval architecture and Marine engineering faculties in Nigeria, there are also no hydrodynamic laboratories and local ship systems integration capabilities outside industry.
      What we should be talking about is actually a backward integration thing whereby the Navy and Industry tries to support the building of faculties in local universities in these areas.

  9. Tope says:

    Oga Solorex,

    I honestly agree with you,

    The Naval Design and Engineering Center is Highly needed ASAP. Plus I think our Naval Engineers are apt to develop a platform of 38-60m at the moment……we need to further develop from 60-120m or so and da OPV from China Presents a Decent Model… promote Local Shipbuilding we can then have Naval Shipyard Men train our Local Shipyard Guys to Develop Proper Efficiency besides Foreign Operators are now springing up daily so if we have a Standardized Design Center which gives out modular designs I’m sure we would have Shipyards that can take them on provided they have the Experience.

  10. jimmy says:
    Can i get anything on the NN ARADU Wikipedia is now listing the Aradu as being ACTIVE don’t think it is true but can anyone confirm whether her refit has been done quietly?

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