Nigerian troops in bullish mood get set for a trip into repossessed northern Borno


ABUJA, March 6 (Xinhua)

Twenty suspected Boko Haram fighters were killed in a military operation by troops in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, where the headquarters of the outlawed sect is located, local authorities said in Abuja on Thursday.

In a statement, spokesperson of the
Nigerian military headquarters, Chris
Olukolade said troops in the northeast
region of Nigeria also foiled an attack by
suspected members of Boko Haram, a
sect which seeks to enshrine the Islamic Sharia law in the constitution of the
secular West African country.

“Attempts by terrorists to attack Ajiri and Mafa as well as other communities in the outskirt of Maiduguri and Dikwa in Borno State towards the Cameroon borders on Wednesday were foiled by the security forces,” said Olukolade. “The ambush mounted by the terrorists to
enable them to unleash terror on the
communities unchallenged, was also
cleared by troops on reinforcement
mission,” said Olukolade.

According to the military mouthpiece,
apart from various arms and explosive
devices that were recovered from the
overpowered Boko Haram fighters, more
camps of the sect were destroyed during
the military operation at various forests and mountain locations around Borno
State and its sister state of Adamawa.

The Boko Haram, which has proved to be
a major security threat in Nigeria since
2009, has killed hundreds of people in the last three months in many village attacks across three states in the northeast region. Last week, more than 29 students of a local college were gruesomely wiped out in a horrendous attack in Yobe State, one out of the three states including Adamawa and Borno, where an emergency rule subsists.

President Goodluck Jonathan, during a
periodic media chat last week, said his
administration was intensifying efforts to end the insurgency as the military was particularly making efforts to chase the attackers to the fringes of the West African country. “For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby restated that the Nigerian military cannot by any standard be overwhelmed by the insurgents, neither will the devious antics of their sympathizers and sponsors demoralize the fighting spirit of troops,” Olukolade reiterated on Thursday.


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  1. doziex says:

    Yeah, mr. Military spokesman, I wonder what you call dead soldiers with bullet wounds in the back.
    They were being overwhelmed by better armed insurgents, and were killed trying to escape.

    So, stop saying NA cannot be overwhelmed By BH, it’s already happening.

    Let’s focus on the solution. Better armed and better supplied soldiers.
    There should be 1 gpmg per squad. 1 rpg gunner per squad. Kevlaar vests and helmets, promptly paid salaries.

  2. doziex says:

    To clarify my position, no force on earth should be able to overwhelm NA on nigerian soil.
    NA has the home field advantage even against indigenous BH.
    The sad problem is that we keep enabling extreme conditions, where the unthinkable would happen.
    Not supplying our troops in our own country. Ill equipping our troops in our own country.
    Withholding soldiers salaries ?
    Who ever is responsible for that has to be court marshalled and shot.
    Their greed not only deprived the affected troops, it demoralized them, and distracted them from their sacred duty of national defense.
    General Minimah, you must not suffer these fools. Spare no one.

  3. Spirit says:


    A situation where soldiers have to beg before high grade weapons are released to them to protect their own country, beg for replacement of worn-out combat boots, beg for food (garri and bread, not MRE), beg for their salaries and allowances to be paid, pls HOW ON EARTH WILL SUCH SOLDIERS BE READY TO DIE FOR THEIR COUNTRY?
    The government and the brass hats keep breaking the Military Covenant they made with the troops at the front, and you expect those troops to make the supreme sacrifice while you keep looting our treasury? Haba, cut them some slacks!

    I am awed that the soldiers are even fighting self! I throway salute to our gallant soldiers.

    To be able to fight on the battlefield requires MOTIVATION, TRAINING and TOOLS (WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT). I can say categorically that our soldiers are well trained, but what about the other two? Why are soldiers at the FOB wearing worn out boots? Why can’t we issue a USD400 arnour to protect the life of someone you have spent USD 100,000 to train to protect you, your properties and ensure that you can continue looting’ if not for any other reason? Could it be that you (politicians) stands to gain/loot more by this chaos? Kevlaf vest could be purchased and delivered in weeks, can you turn a man into a seasoned warrior in weeks? Can you buy soldiers off-the-shelve?

    I am happy to hear that a few of these demon-incarnates have been taken out, but I am sure that more than 20 BH trainees graduate from their camps daily, and many more cross into Nigeria daily.

    For this war to be successful, the NA must kill more BH daily than are being turned out. Their life expectancy must be measured in weeks!

    • asorockweb says:

      Corruption is a symptom, not a root.

      • Are James says:

        The roots of nigerian corruption is in the (western inspired) urban nigerian self and clan emancipation culture. Me and my people’s interest over the nation’s. It does not spring from greed because everyone is greedy. It springs from indiscipline andvthe weaknesses of national institutions caused by a lack of overall sense of nationhood and ideology.
        We seem to forget that the Armed forces were the main formenters of corruption in Nigeria for many decades during the military government era.We have democracy now and we suddenly expect that that culture has ended. DEAD WRONG.
        The solution is already happening, generals are being insulted every day for incompetence, they are watching men at the front lines retreat in the face of fire, questions being asked about procurement daily and the century old institutions are being dragged in the mud. Some change will happen soon.

  4. G8T Nigeria says:

    well spoken.

  5. doziex says:

    Oga Are james, if shame was a motivating factor in nigeria, things would have changed long time ago. However, you may be right.
    A continuous indictment of NA brass and civil authorities by all Nigerians may have an impact.

    That is why I will continue being a vocal critic, until they show and prove me wrong.

  6. Spirit says:

    Oga doziex, u have a twin brother in me. I will not relent, I will generously dish out criticism, until I see a positive change in the Military, which I am sure, will spread to the society in general. Corruption was institutionalized under their watch, probity and accountability will also start from there.

    Someday, the sun of righteousness will rise on Nigeria, with healing on its wings.

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